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The Crown

Words: "We stand."
Sigil: A flame-wreathed fortress under an elf-bone crown.

The Crown of the Compact is not just the Elfbone Throne, or the physical crown worn by the King or Queen. It is an institution composed of hundreds of ministers, dignitaries, diplomats, councillors, and the staff which allows these worthies to perform their duties to the realm. While the atmosphere and focus of the court tends to be set by the person who sits on the throne, it is every other soul in service to the Crown who ensures that Arx continues to function as the capital and crossroads of Arvum.


Name Rank Title Description
Alaric 1 Sovereign of Arx ---
Gabriel 2 Voice of the Crown ---
Symonesse 2 Voice of the Crown ---
Rook 3 Crown Minister ---
Silas 3 Crown Minister ---
Leona 3 Crown Minister ---
Jaenelle 3 Crown Minister ---
Calypso 3 Crown Minister ---
Samantha 3 Crown Minister ---
Laric 3 Crown Minister ---
Khanne 3 Crown Minister ---
Calarian 3 Crown Minister ---
Selene 3 Crown Minister ---
Octavia 3 Crown Minister ---
Calista 3 Crown Minister ---
Tristan 4 Palace Staff ---
Kieran 4 Palace Staff ---
Ailith 4 Palace Staff ---
Aiden 4 Palace Staff ---
Cara 5 Highlords ---
Victus 5 Highlords ---
Freja 5 Highlords ---
Alis 5 Highlords ---
Lark 5 Highlords ---
Darren 5 Highlords ---
Edain 5 Highlords ---
Isolde 5 Highlords ---
Eleyna 5 Highlords ---
Alarissa 5 Highlords ---
Saedrus 6 Favored at Court ---
Tessa 6 Favored at Court ---
Tikva 7 Deputy Minister ---
Magpie 7 Deputy Minister ---
Eirene 7 Deputy Minister ---

Ruler: Alaric

Minister Category Title
Laric Loyalty Minister of Loyalty
Khanne Farming Minister of Agriculture
Rook Income Minister of Coin
Jaenelle Upkeep Minister of Infrastructure
Calypso Warfare Minister of Warfare
Samantha Population Ministry of Civil Development
Calista Productivity Minister of Productivity

Land Holdings


Description: The capital of the Compact and the undisputed greatest city of Arvum, Arx has grown as both the key center of trade and governance for the entire continent. While many now see its legendary history as the bastion that halted a 'demonic invasion' as nothing but fables of a long forgotten past, the city is nonetheless an exceedingly difficult military target in the unlikely event a great house should decide to wage war upon the rest of the Compact. Built on top of two plateaus joined by the Bridge of the Sovereign with but a tiny strip of land allowing approach around the cliffs emptying to the Bay of the Thrax, most forces would be forced to attempt to storm its gigantic walls from easily predicted landward approaches.

The enormous size of Arx and the relative security presented by the Iron Guard often is said to lure travelers into a false state of confidence, not expecting that shav forces can sometimes be found within the Gray Forest within several days ride of the capital despite occasional attempts by the Compact to root them out once and for all.