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Princess Lou Grayson

The best thing about being an explorer is getting confirmation that all your nagging fears about terrible horrors lurking in the world are completely justified!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Pragmatic Explorer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: rich brown
Eye Color: blue gray
Skintone: tanned

Description: Her brown waves and curls are rarely tamed or coiffed, lightened at the ends from sun exposure. Her fair skin, likewise, has been thoroughly loved by the sun and it gives her complexion a permanent cocoa hue. Her sky-pale eyes are a stark standout - a flash of crystal in a warm, sun soaked visage. She's on the lean and rangy side; sleek feminine contours often hidden and usually ignored. Her grins are wide and wonderful on her heart-shaped face, revealing the most fetching dimples.

Personality: Most people would call Loucia 'no-nonsense', and while that's not inaccurate, the truth is (usually) more complicated. She tolerates - and even enjoys - all sorts of nonsense. She just has little patience for the nonsense one often encounters at court. Her sense of humor is both sharp and dry, and she says what she thinks or nothing at all. Like many, she struggles internally with the question of what makes a good person, and whether or not she conforms. "Lou knows what to do" is another phrase one might hear from her friends, and she usually does. She just isn't always sure what to feel.

Background: Few of the royal blood could claim to be as pragmatic and down-to-earth as Lou. Lou, who tends to glare at anyone who calls her by her hated pretentious fullname and title of her highness Princess Loucia Grayson, has always been drawn to what, in her opinion, truly makes House Grayson the greatest. When Lou was a child, she read about the boldness of her ancestors, the dauntless courage of Graysons who continually set out to make sure every inch of Arvum was safe for their people, and how many Graysons were among the greatest explorers and pathfinders of all the great houses. Since the carnage and decay of the Crownbreaker Wars, so much of the land of Arvum has grown wild and been ceded to the Abandoned clans that recognize no lord. Lou has observed to her great annoyance many nobles that bemoan the plight of the common people and the state of Arvum, declare that something simply must be done, and then promptly go right back to their salons. The princess that hates being called a princess isn't really capable of the same self-delusion, and follows the proud Grayson tradition of being an adventurer on behalf of her house. Lou rolls up her sleeves and is determined to get it done, exploring old lands so it can be reclaimed by the Compact.

Not that she has to do it alone. While she might internally wince at annoyance whenever anyone calls her Princess Loucia Grayson, and she isn't fond of giant honor guards, she thinks only an idiot would slap away hands trying to offer help or fail to take advantage of the embarrassing good fortune of her high birth. So it was one of her first adventures in the Gray Forest, trying to remap the lands for one of the more minor vassals for House Grayson, when she first met her constant traveling companion Mason who just happened to be running screaming and literally fell into her camp and brought a dozen also-screaming shavs with him. She knows Mason isn't really how he pronounces his name, but she figures saving someone's life gives her the ability to mispronounce his name as much as she damn well pleases, and they've been fast, close friends ever since. Along the way, the fearless pair (well, full of an incredible amount of healthy fear truth be told, but everyone says they are fearless) has established quite a reputation as stalwart Grayson adventurers, in the finest traditions of Grayson courage. More than one bard has sung about 'the beautiful and bold Princess Loucia Grayson.'

Lou, of course, is mortified.

Relationship Summary

  • Reese - Best Sister Ever!, General of Grayson Army
  • Sabella - Sister, Socialite, Actress, Playwright

  • Spouse:
  • Mason - Husband, Loyal Support, Companion, Love of My Life

  • Friend:
  • Cadenza - Friend and Fellow Explorer
  • Viktarkim - Adventuring Companion
  • Aislin - Best Friend, Missing Pathfinder of the Explorers

  • Family:
  • Luca - Reese's Husband, Target Practice
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