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Cairn Valardin Carnival

Join House Valardin and its vassals in a celebration of the renewed health of King Alaric Grayson IV and his marriage to Queen Symonesse Grayson at the Cairn Valardin Carnival! Indulge in the splendors of Oathlands cuisine, be regaled by riveting tales of heroism and bravery for all ages. There will be a raffle for prizes, as well as an opportunity to win additional unique items from some of Arx's most artisans and smiths.


Sept. 3, 2017, 5 p.m.

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Caelis Victus Vanora Ida Alarissa Aiden Yasmine Rook Monique Alaric Aksel Edain Desiree Titania Cambria Kael Alis Merek Artorius Wash Shae Zortan Aislin Lark Alexis Reigna Petal



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Cairn Valardin

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Comments and Log


Ah, the carnival was such a joy to attend! I don't often spend time at the larger social events, perhaps obviously, but I certainly could not miss one thrown by a princess of House Valardin. Truly, I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed speaking with old friends as well as new people that hopefully will be future friends. I hope the weapons I made for the event are well received, especially after seeing the stunning contributions so many people gave! Princess Katarina's vision truly came to life and so beautifully. I didn't get to speak to as many as I had hoped, nor linger as long as I might have wished, but the time that I was there was genuinely fantastic. I'm very glad I went!


The festival was quite an event. I got to be a whiskered pirate and fight with snowballs. I've had time to think recently and I think sometimes I view the world as it isn't meant to be viewed. Sometimes things are necessary and sometimes they aren't. I sometimes wish some things were not necessary, I wish we could discover new exciting ways to solve issues. In any case, I've learned a lot recently. That said all the white journals seem to be a mix of happy and angry people. I wish everyone could be happy.


The Cairn Valardin Carnival has been an experience! Not only did I get to meet the brand new Princess Ellara Valardin (can't wait to babysit!), but I also got to partake in a hair-styling contest, and. Well. I think I owe master Aksel booze and an apology. I tried for a Kraken, but it became closer to a storm-draggled tree in the water.

The Snowball fight was interesting, as I somehow found myself wagering with master Aksel, and I let Lady Desiree dictate the terms of it. Which I think may have been subconsciously trying to let him get one back at me.

Which means I'm now awaiting a surprise gift as, well. Honestly, the King's team was the safe bet.

I didn't see the kiss coming, though.


It fills me with exceeding joy to see many of my friends and family out there today at the carnival, enjoying themselves as they took part in the games and explored the tents. Such events are hard to pull together and I could not have done it without the help of the Keatons, Lady Monique, and everyone else who were patient and supported me during some of the more complex games.


I attended this Valardin carnival. Well, I showed up and watched the festivities and had the pleasure of having Dame Alexis touch my face with this weird smelling thing that made my beard behave in ways that a beard should not behave. I don't know what I looked like, she seemed to enjoy making me look "better"

I also lost another bet. Thankfully this one isn't going to see me in a dress, but it is presenting an unique set of challenges.

I don't think a kiss counts as a gift. So I will just have to come up with something that will suprise her.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet arrive, following Monique.

Nyx, a black falcon, Willen, Aurora, a small puppy arrive, following Aislin.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, following Rook.

In times where the common man and nobility are often strained with threats of strife and conflict from all corners of the Compact, relief and light-hearted moments are in high demand. As such, in honor of King Alaric Grayson IV's awakening and recent wedding, House Valardin has a cultural festival to represent some of its best aspects of its traditions, while bringing the city together to celebrate and cherish life and one's fellow man.

Lantern light and festive music draws one's attention toward a series of stalls and tents themed after the Great House and its vassals, sharing unique foods, treats, and games with guests.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Katarina drops Pierce The Dragon.

    Merek has shown up because who doesn't like a festival. He has on his cloak and his hood is up, because there's snow and that means it might be chilly. Either way he looks around and seems to consider the place, while he nods a bit at various things, his scarf adjusted about his face.

Aislin makes her way in to Cairn Valardin, though hangs near the edge of the crowd. Huge social events are not, after all, the Ashford's preferred venue; it's perhaps unsurprising that she sticks to the sides where the press of people isn't the thickest. Still, she offers nods or waves of greeting to some of the familiar faces she spots among the crowd.

Wash showed up with his wife, but she had to beg off early, not feeling well, which leaves him at loose ends, wandering the grounds and trying his hand at the games. He's not bad at them, but by no means a shark.

5 Grayson Guardsmen arrives, following Lark.

Alexis enters, dressed rather unusually in a gown and slippers, though she still carries Wyrmstooth strapped across her back. White silk and golden jewellery adorn her, and blue gems sparkle in her ears, as she hums quietly to herself, watching, wide-eyed, and once she spots Aislin, she raises a hand in greeting to the Ashford Voice. "Lady Aislin. Well met."

"I love a good carnival!" Edain says to Caelis as he arrives for the event alongside his fiance. "Oh Cornhole!" he says pointing to the boards that have been set up. "I will get a chance to avenge my loss..." he rubs his chin and says, "Hrm.. or we could get a team game going...." he looks then in the direction of Lady Aislin who is trying to creep in, and Dame Alexis that has just greeted here, "Lady Aislin, Dame Alexis, would you care to play Cornhole with Lady Caelis and myself?" He calls out across the pitch.

This thing called courting? It means beign seen in public and attending things in the other persons fealthy. So when the festival is in swing, Alarissa is there, on the arm of the Thrax High Lord. Over a good foot smaller than him, the woman wrapped in her rabbit fur coat with it's wide leather belt to keep closed, gloves and hat, is smiling at seeing how the area has been brought to further life. "She worked very hard on this. A few did. And, you can get a chance to play cornhole again." Alarissa points out to Victus. There's a pause. "Or make a dragon fly."

With the press of a boot into the hardened loam of the winter park, Rook cuts a corner of a path, moving onto the main flagstones that lead him to the Cairn. Chin tipped upward, proud bearing complete with a spine straight, the prince courtier moves with his apprentice in a steady bee-line for the main gathering. "Honestly," he's saying, "you're impossible. It's one-step, two-step, one-step, two-step. If your bearing is off, you're ruined," he claims of his retainer's own motions. It's like catwalk 101.

The rigid approach of Zortan says 'knight' and it would be a bit shocking to find that he was a knight of Fidante origins and not an Oathlander. The man wears common clothing that carries no special flare. He leans on a spear and its butt taps on the ground and precedes every step. What is remarkable about this greying knight is that he has seen his share of violence. His face is extremely disfigured and often shocking to behold. His missing eye is folded over with skin and had been cauterized. His jaw is exposed and tendons and flesh can be seen through the tear of his mouth as if he had taken a sword slash across the face. He has a hand that has been mostly amputated; only his thumb and index finger remain. He approaches the tent having recently returned to the city. He had been left in charge of Fidante holdings and their security during the siege. But now matters have drawn him here to Arx. His remaining eye scans the area and he attempts to avoid letting children or those that might have delicate sensibilities the view of his face. Not self-conscious but more a considerate behavior.

She's alive!!!! Though, one might consider it ominous that Fiachra isn't there. Did she really crush his hand? Is he still at home nursing 'battle' wounds? Nevertheless, Alis walks at a fairly sedate pace in from the grounds of the manor with both herself bundled in a cloak and the newborn in a sling-wrap and a blanket tucked around her too. And obviously, Edain shouting about cornhole is the first thing she hears! So she heads in that direction with a nod to those she recognizes along the way.

Clad in a new silver fox fur overcoat, Reigna arrives, cheeks pink from the chill air, her dark eyes bright as she walks alongside Kael, a hand resting on his forearm. The pair come in from the Northeast, unsuprising given that is the direction of their lands, and Reigna's eyes are darting from place to place, pointing to this or that that catches her eye as she walks in a circle, looking for familiar faces. She catches sight of Edain and Caelis, lifting a hand as she and Kael move in their direction, "Prince Edain, Lady Caelis, congratulations on your announcement! Dame Wyrmfang! Always nice to see you too!"

    Merek moves around and tries some of the games. It seems besides his personal guards he is here to himself. He takes his time to toss some balls at some cups to see if he can hold them in there.

Desiree arrives with her usual cheerful demeanor as she smiles to those she sees. As she notices Alexis she walks toward her. "Dame Alexis, hello!" She looks to Aislin as well. "Hi!" As she sees Edain and Caelis. "If you're going to be playing I'll watch and cheer for you. Oh hello Reigna and Count Kael."

Aislin glances over as Lark arrives, offering her High Lady a friendly wave and one of her vanishingly rare smiles. But then she turns her attention back to Alexis, offering a nod. "Dame Alexis; it's been quite a while. I hope you've been well?" Edain's offer of 'cornhole' earns a slightly bemused look; being well-traveled, she's familiar with the game, but it still seems to strike the Ashford adventurer as an odd pastime. "Of course, your grace, Lady Caelis." A nod to each half of the couple. "If Dame Alexis is up for it, I'll play one round."

"There is going to be free food, right?" Victus mused straight to his wife to be the moment the two had set foot within the Valardin ward. The man's fashion sense does not seem to change often and for an occasion such as this, has remained rigid in just how 'Thraxian' he still presents himself. Blood-black leathers, the colors of his House's banner that makes a stark contrast to the rest of the white ward. Much like an ever present and mobile bloodstain. "I'm gonna just keep my mouth tight and pretend I know what the fu- what the he- what, is, going, on." Yes, he did have his manners today! "Just don't lead me into a weird, vaguely innuenodish game."

Chuckling, Caelis nods. "Very wise your grace. I can't possibly beat you if we work together." She tells Edain warmly. Lifting a hand, she waves to Reigna. "Thank you. We're very excited." She looks to Aislin at her acceptance and glances to Alexis. Catching sight of Alis she gasps. "Oooh Princess Alis!" She smiles and looks to Edain. "You're an uncle, why didn't you say?" She asks, nudging him lightly.

Alis is overheard praising Victus for: Good save!

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

Katarina gets a Coldrain Crafts precious item voucher from a simple delivery pouch - RETURN TO SAMEERA.

"You're in the Oathlands, your grace," Rook calls to Victus - perceptive ears pricking at the inference of innuendo. "Innuendo is not something you'll find terribly easily, unless it's the Lycene trying to corrupt the West." The Minister of Coin bows for the one he speaks to, then his eyes scan over the Grayson troupe. A hand given for former liege, the Crown Princess, Lark. A bow given as well, as is proper.

It's an amusing sight to witness, the cloak-shrouded frame of Princess Katarina flitting from tent to tent, and stall to stall, dragging her Champion behind her. Quiet's made to tote all manner of things upon his person while last minute arrangements are taken care of neatly.

When she she spots many familiar faces in the tide of visitors approaching, she makes use of her rarely heard 'Admiral' voice to call everyone to her attention. "If I could have everyone's attention for just a moment? I have but a few words to say, before everyone gets to enjoying the festivities."

Without much pageantry of her own, Lark can be spotted wandering into the cairn, bundled up in petal-pink and wool today, her regular retinue of guards paced behind at a casual distance - evidently confident there's not much of a likelihood the crown princess will be dramatically assassinated at this particular event. She pauses to take in the present carnival-goers under the lanterns, and seems to recognized a fair number of Valardins - Alarissa and Edain most readily. Rook's bow is met with a polite dip of the princess's head.

While Reigna is walking most properly on his arm, the look on Kael Keaton's face is most assuredly that of mischief. He is eyeing her sidelong, his lips quirked just so, and he looks about to break into a boyish grin at any moment. He might refrain. Might. There's a sidelong look to that freshly fallen snow, and he begins to veer vaguely that-a-way before Reigna is casting forth congratulations. Kael looks on, catches sight of Edain and Caelis before greeting them with a humble low inclination of his head. When Desiree greets them, Kael inclines his head to her as well, appearing in a ridiculously good mood. Behind them trots a well behaved pair of juvenile bloodhounds. Whoops, and there's Kat's announcement. Kael spins his wife about so that they can face her.

Yasmine arrives to carnival, gazing about with a bright eyes and a wide smile, as if she simply just delighted to be here. She starts to weave her way through the crowd, about as inconspicuous as a Ravashari can be. If people are a little less than subtle about placing their hands near their coin pouches as she passes, well, she at least pretends not to notice. She moves with easy grace, betraying her occupation as a dancer. When she hears Katarina raise her voice to address the crowd, Yasmine stops in her tracks and ixes her green-and-gold eyes on the Princess as she brushes her dark hair over her shoulder.

Alexis blinks, and raises her hand in greeting, then sketches a bow to Edain and Caelis - to Desiree with a bright smile and a bow and to Reigna as well. "Well met, well met." Raising her voice, just a little, to be heard, as she greets her friends. Looking over to Aislin and giving her a nod. "I have. It's been interesting." Exhaling softly, and giving a small nod to Caelis. And Aislin, really. "I'll give it a go," She suggests, moving towards the cornhole field. "Though I don't know if I'm the best cornholer in the realm." And, upon spotting Alis, she lets out a cheerful little noise. "Princess Alis! Congratulations. And I am so delighted to met your little girl, too. I'm expecting formal introductions, you know." She declares, with a bright grin. Pausing at Katrina's call, turning her attention to the Princess Admiral.

    Merek turns his attention to the front when Katarina speaks. For the time being he pulls his cloak to him, and juggles a few of the balls while he listens.

Alis has a bright, broad smile for Alexis. "Of course. I know you would expect no less." she intones, in as stuffy a voice as she can manage. "Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, may I introduce you to Princess Ellara Valardin? Please forgive her silence. I'm sure she will grace you with the sounds of her lungs soon enough." For the time being, she will stand next to her protege, as it's conveniently also a good place from which to hear Katarina speak. Her arms, of course, remain quite firmly tucked around the baby. No innuendo-ish games for her today!

Edain picks up a one of the bean bags for the cornhole board and says, "Those were my exact thoughts...." He turns back to Aislin and Alexis, but is distracted by Alis, "Alis! oh and the little Princess...." his eyes twinkle with excitement to see his little neice.. but when Katarina calls for attention, h e quickly tucks the beanbag behind his back and turns to give Princess Katarina his undivided attention for her announcement.

Wash comes to attention to hear Katarina's announcement.

Reigna is just about to greet Alis and the baby -- the BABY! -- when Kat's announcement comes, so Reigna simply waves with furious excitement towards Alis, before she turns to watch Katarina, though Alexis also gets a bright, cheerful wave as well.

"Prince Rook." A smile for Katarina's husband and his getup. "Speaks the truth." Alarissa assures Victus, a lifts of her finger in greeting and a dip of her head to Lark at the sight of her oldest sibling. Alis and her baby are regarding with no small amount of delight but she doesn't head to them, not wanting to get caught in the crush and instead, heads for Rook, Victus lightly steered that way. "Your wife does a lovely job." And speaking of wife, Katarina is speaking up and she turns attention that way.

    "It's with great honor that I welcome everyone to the Oathlands festival. I wanted to give special attention to the various houses and my family who've come together and helped make this festival possible," Katarina says, a bright smile cast toward the Keatons, Monique, and several of her family members.

    "During the festival, there will be chances to win special prizes and gifts from many of the carnival games, as well as defeating my brother, His Grace, Prince Edain Valardin at a special duel. And, of course, the snowball fight towards the end."

    "With that said, have a merry time and I look forward to watching some of you at the games!"

Rook smiles a faint touch at the Crown Princess' nod his way, though his attention drifts after a moment, with nothing more to give. "Your grace," he says, drifting into the vicinity of Edain, plucking the beanbag from those hands hidden and lightly jostling it in front of him, juggling it with a mild effort. "Are you up to mischief?" he stage whispers, before offering it back - palm up - green eyes aglimmer. When they turn to the crowd, as if in search of a target, he tilts slightly as if to gain a new angle in his view. When Alarissa arrives nearby, he allows both princess and prince of Maelstrom a deep, worthy bow. "Your grace, your highness, how do you do. I always speak the truth. It is of my word that I am made a man, should I break it I am but nothing."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Katarina drops Flying Dragons.

Sir Zortan turns to listen to the announcement. He is at the edge of the crowd and his brow knits curiously. He offers a smell to those that happen to be near him. The tendons and musculature in his mouth work visibly at one side when he speaks. "Good day to you." He offers Edain, Alis, and Alexis. "Light favor you." He offers with a sincere if not difficult to see smile. The Fidante knight leans on his spear. Despite being in his fifties he still seems muscular, fit, and ready for service. At the end of the announcement his mutilated hand claps against the palm of the other. It's a shallow sounding clap but honest and true.

Merek is overheard praising Edain for: He loves duels. Way too much. But that's great.

Aislin offers the little princess another of her rare smiles -- two at one gathering! -- before offering Alis a nod in greeting. "She's lovely, your highness." And then she turns her attention back first to Katarina, and then to the rest of those engaging in a game.

"Does he ever /not/ have a duel in mind?" Merek asks amusedly, while he moves to a tent and finds something to drink. Coffee perhaps should it be around, which he takes a drink from, then he moves towards one of the games. He has no one to play with, but he sees the alleyway game thing and decides to play himself at it.

Plucking the beanbag from behind Edain, Caelis smiles. "Special duel? You're lucky I have Alis to congratulate or I'd be challenging you." She teases and shakes the bean bag lightly, looking to Katarina and raising a hand to wave to her once she's done speaking.

Merek checked dexterity at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Merek has rolled a critical success!
Merek checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

Victus stays tethered to Alarissa like she were a life raft in a sea of uncertainty. To be fair that's basically what she was, the High Lord was far out of his element being anywhere near this part of the city. Certainly not at a carnival no less, but he was content to be the arm-candy of the smaller woman. His unfamiliar gaze slowly moving onto Rook when they approached him. His lips crack upwards in something that vaguely resembles a smile, but is closer to a half-hearted grin than anything. "Wait, did I hear duel?" He perked right up at that.

Merek is overheard praising Katarina for: Great host, often has great events. Very wonderful person.

Yasmine listens until Katarina is done speaking and then meanders her way tthrough the crowd, somehow ending up close to Zortan. She gazes sidelong at the man before she moves a little closer to murmur with raised brows, "Do you have any idea what game they are taking about?" Her voice is richly accented, tongue gliding over and softening the Arvani words until they roll off her tongue much as her hips roll as she walks.

Wash searches the grounds for something to catch his interest but his mind seems continually wandering.

Alexis applauds Katarina's speech, then turns and sketches a bow to Princess Ellara. "Well met, your highness. I look forward to helping safeguard you through the coming years." She pauses, and then adds to Alis. "And by safeguard, I mean babysit." Giving the woman a wink, and exhales softly, looking to Caelis and Edain. "Lady Caelis. Well met. I am Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier." She offers with a bright smile. "Will you be offended if nobody challenges you to a duel to prove your worth and so on? I seem to recall there was some of that going on when the Southern nobles got married." She's joking. Or trying, at least. Maybe she's a little too straightfaced.

There is a bright smile for Katarina when she looks towards Reigna, and the Keaton lady waves to the Princess Admiral. But there is Alis, and wee-baby to gush over, and Reigna is headed that way, "Your highness!! You are on your feet already! Congratulations! I was so delighted to hear of the arrival. Eirlys was talking about her last night before the tea set in." Reigna beams at Alis, trying to get a glimpse of the newborn. "Kael look! Isn't she so precious and tiny?"

"Likely you heard duel. But not in a manner of swinging swords Alarissa points out. "Cornhole duel." A gesture to Rook's beanbag. "You should duel Prince Rook." Releasing her arm from Victus' so he can be turned loose for the moment. "I woudl dearly like to see this."

"Thank you." Alis smiles a bit impishly at Aislin, and beckons toward Alarissa and Reigna before turning back to the companions closest to her. "If you get too injured at the duel, I will be most upset." is directed at her brother with one of those dangerously mild voices. "You'll get babysitting duty the first time Ellara has croup." She has even MORE ways to get back at her bro now. It's like a holiday with presents! "And this is Caelis, who you will be calling Auntie Caelis." she coos, probably disgustingly, at the baby. "Countess Rsigna, Count Kael. Thank you. And Alexis, I could scarcely think of anyone better to help safeguard her."

Desiree takes a moment to listen to Katarina. "I won't be challenging Prince Edain or anyone else to a duel, but this does all sound fun."

When the Keaton's are acknowledged, Kael is inclining his head toward Katarina with that smile of hers. It's a humble thing, and thereafter he is turning back toward his wife but she has her sights already set. Thus, he is brought over toward the Princess and the newborn, inclining his head politely to the former. "Your Highness," he greets her, before turning to regard the baby. "" That, it seems, is his singular response, his brows drawn together and his head tilting to the side. From his expression, it's a pleasant 'wow' at least!

Ida may not be seen terribly much on the social circuit, but when House Valardin throws such an important event, the knighted smith is sure to make an appearance. So it seems since, y'know, she's making an appearance. No trace of the forge clings to her person and even the runted elk that is oft her companion has been left dozing in some straw in a nice warm stable someplace. The lights and music draw her further in and she starts perusing some of the various stalls, nodding respectfully where due.

    Merek manages to make the ball roll up and work! But his speed and technique are not too wonderful. All the same he smiles. He then looks over and offers up some words of praise to some festival-goers about the host. "Who had a kid?" he asks, "Congratulations!" he offers over in a direction, hoping that it is heard by the right people!

Katarina gives a bright laugh when she overhears Caelis. "I think it would be an exciting thing to see, you going up against Edain when his demonstration comes," she enthuses, meanwhile sliding in beside Alis to offer a soft-pitched squee for the littlest Valardin. "Oh, I have the most beautiful niece ever," she coos, a kiss to her elder sister's cheek and she's off into another tent.

Katarina has joined the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

"Oh." Victus audibly and near physically deflates at hearing that, but regardless keeps his chin up. As high as it goes, that is. Though with his newfound freedom, the giant of man is stalking off to one of the far corners of the festival. His first priority being to secure himself a plate of sweets, something warm, and of course a bottle of something strong.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Magnolia, a precocious pygmy goat, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd puppy arrive, following Shae.

Alexis has joined the House Laurent regulation cornhole set.

"A cornhole duel?" comes Lark's curious voice in an echo - eventually she drifted over to settle by the familiar figure of Alarissa, her sister. Most of her is hidden under a weighty cloak, save for gloved fingertips peeking out to hold the neck shut better than the hood's ribbons can do alone. One of her guards returns to Lark's side to present her with a cup of coffee. All signs point to the insubstantially-built princess suffering the cold a little.

The announcement made, Edain, tosses his bean bag over to land on the cornhole board, and he leans over to murmur something to Caelis, and then he moves to get all mingly, He stops and plases a hand gently on Alis' shoulder and says, "I'll let you show off the little princess to everyone, but I want somet itme with her later, I found something I wanted to read to her..." And then he's making the rounds, bowing to Aislin and Alexis in a more proper greeting and then eventually finding his way to Lark, "Crown Princess Lark, it is good to see you again."

Smiling, Caelis wiggles her fingers at the baby princess before chuckling at Katarina as she passes and offering Alexis a shrug. "Well, some are more keen to large dispays of worth. I think it's enough that our families embrace each other as family." She offers and smilies at the lady knight.

Alexis has left the House Laurent regulation cornhole set.

Rook pats himself down gently, looking over his fine linens, divine as they might be but rather pointedly without weaponry. "Duel, me? Oh, no, I'm not in my armour. I need my gilt blade, in glory to Gild, for a duel such as that. Perhaps you might consider the services of another?" The suddenly chesire smile, the utter charm resonating about him, it's obvious he's deflecting - and yet, so incredibly easy to permit without scrutiny. To Victus, he looks him up and down, inclining his head at the smile. "I do trust the graicous princess Alarissa has been nothing but a boon to you of late? We'll sorely miss her, if she is to set sail outwith our care."

Wash doesn't know many people in Valardin ward, but he ends up at the booth with darts and watches others play for a bit, getting a feel for the game.

Shae puts a champagne silver keepsake pendant in a festive favor bag.

Sir Zortan moves on and starts to look around. After a time the knight takes his leave after offering the hostess a kind 'thank you' and smile.

"Cornhole duel. two people side by side, playing to see who emerges the victor." Alarissa points out to her smaller sibling, offering a polite embrace before coffee is given, smiling to Edain when he comes to settle with them adn Victus is running for the food. "Prince Edain." She doesn't need to introduce her sister who like her, doesn't bear the cold well.

The smile on Alexis' face brightens. "Well, I did tell both Princess Alis and Prince Edain I would ask," She assures, before sketching another bow. "You seem like a wonderful woman, Lady Caelis. And I think you will make a fine consort of the Oathlands." She decides. Then she wiggles her fingers to Alis and baby again, and gives a small bow as Edain leaves. "I guess the cornholing is postponed." She murmurs, to Aislin.

    "Do you suffer from the discomfort of dry and chapped lips? Is the winter far too harsh upon your delicate skin?" comes the bellow of a feminine voice from within the Laurent tent, amidst a fit of giggles that undermines the severity of their pitch.
     "Do you wish to be the most dapper gentleman of all the Compact with a beard or mustachios that puts your fellow peers' to shame? Then visit the Bee's Knees Tent!" More girlish titters resound.

"Lady Desiree! I hope you don't mind, but I miiiight have used the family recipe for the Hot Chocolate bar." Reigna looks to Desiree and offers the other lady a hug before she looks back to the departing Alis. She looks around and then eyes the various games, "Okay, who wants to play a game? I *definitely* want to try the sled race. And -- who is going to teach me how to Cornhole?"

Katarina checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Aislin shrugs to Alexis. "That's fine," she remarks, with a laugh. "Honestly, I was more going to humor a friend by playing than anything else. I'm not staying terribly long, as I'm being sent from the city on Grayson business as it is; I need to leave very shortly. Plus, I need to go meet with my brother and bring him up to date on things, now that he's back in Arx."

Desiree shakes her head. "I don't mind as long as it's delicious of course." She grins. "Oh yes you really should play something." She looks toward the Laurent tent. "What's that?" She goes to take a closer look.

It's the 'Pierce The Dragon' booth that causes Ida to slow her steps and eventually stop to watch as festival goers attempt to pierce the inflated pig bladders. Two fingers tap at the center of her lips and she takes a couple more steps to put herself in line, it may appear, to give the game a try when a turn allows. "Now this, I think, I may manage not to embarrass myself at," is remarked with bit of a self-amused chuckle.

Lark's expression seems to warm fondly when Edain greets her, extending her nonverbal greeting to those in his proximity and quickly returning Alarissa's embrace aside. She returns to Edain, "And it's good to see you as well. I am remiss in letting it go so long between my return from Bastion and visiting." Catching snippets of others' conversations as well, Reigna prompts her to glance over towards the games with some measure of subdued Larkian interest. "How does one cornhole?"

Alexis nods back at Aislin. "I've also talked to Princess Reese. I'll be joining as well, at some point." She notes, with a small smile. "Though not wearing her dress. I'll bring my armour." She assures the adventurer. Considering the various stands and games. "I do want to try my fortune here tonight."

Shae makes her way into the area, her gait as ever plauged by the slight limp that affects it. Followed by a baby pygmy goat, a rather large puppy, and of course a raccoon that was perched on one shoulder and half tucked into her fur coat. Little bugger using her body heat to stay warm. Speaking of warm, the baby pygmy goat had a sweater on it's self, that has a few holes chewed into it. Amber eyes slowly drifting about at the festivities as she slowly walks around checking the festival out.

Wash nods to Dame Ida Ferron. "Better you than me. I'm not eager to prove I can't throw a dart ten meters." He jokes.

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"It's true, she did. I told Dame Alexis I wasn't sure it would ne becessary since you'll be marrying into the Oathlands instead of another Lycene house." There's a bit of merriment in Alis eyes at that, and she nods towards her brother. "Of course. I'm sure she will love whatever you read to her." Even if it's a treatise on battle tactics. "... I am almost afraid of what might be going on in the Laurent tent now." is murmured. "I would ask if you want to hold her, Lady Caelis. But then I would have to unwrap her. And you have no idea how long it took to figure out this wrap-sling ... thing. But are we going to watch Cornhole? Or no, wait, you're participating in the cornhole aren't you. And Lady Reigna, I promise it's quite easy! Once you get it in the first time, it's smooth sailing I find."

    Merek continues to look at the various games, then he moves to the races area. He considers for a moment, before he shakes his head, then he moves towards something simpler. The snow field where he packs up a ball of snow and then starts to throw snowballs to see if he can break some unseen record.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

"The whiskey however was of her own addition," remarks Kael in turn toward Desiree as his wife is hugging her. He looks somewhat amused at that, shaking his head and turning toward the Laurent tent with that little announcement. He snorts softly not to the commentary made, but rather his wife's own announcement. "Are you off then?" he asks her, voice vaguely amused.

"Thank you Dame Alexis. I would be happy to cross blades in the spirit of sparring." Caelis offers and smiles to the lady knight before looking to Alis. "I'm sure there will be time enough to hold her later, perhaps when you're tired?" She offers to Alis and nods. "I'm sure his Grace and I will get about to cornhole later. In truth I was about to go find him and myself some cider. He'll be thirsty going about greeting people."

Katarina s

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Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl leave, following Katarina.

Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Ida tugs her attention from those already attempting the game and dips her head politely to Wash. "Truly," the smith half-wonders in reply, glancing at him a moment. "You appear athletic, respectfully meant, of course. I suspect I may not be /terrible/ at throwing things, but I suppose we'll see when my turn comes. Dame Ida Ferron," is then offered kindly enough. "One of the smiths for House Valardin."

Katarina has joined the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

Katarina is still in the middle of her soft fit of giggles with several volunteers, cheeks rosied when she looks up to spot Desiree coming inside. "Oh, Lady Desiree! Hello, have you come to see about some of the wares House Laurent has graciously put out for samples?"

Rook catches sight of Yasmine within the crowds in amongst the discussion with others, a hand raised, a sudden polite smile given to his protege even though his eyes gleam. "Ah, Mistress Yasmine, do come over. Let me introduce you to his grace and her highness, High Lord Victus Thrax and Princess Alarissa Valardin. Your grace," he shares with the former, far more masculine of the pair, "my protege, Yasmine Rovashani. A belly dancer of growing repute, you'll find none who move like she. Captivating, I promise. Also, a wit and a talent like none I've known. Your highness, if you've ever one who knows how to practice Eurusi, you might learn from her. Fascinating, truly."

"Wash Kennex of House Kennex." Wash says. "I make a living avoiding having things thrown at me though, so I've never practiced much throwing. Not outside a tavern dice game with the Kennex brothers. But I'll throw first if you like."

"That'd be delightful - and have you tried the Gauntlet yet? It's a rather invigorating excercise run," Alexis offers to Caelis, excitement gleaming in her eyes. "I'm a record keeper, alongside Lord Ansel and Lord Percephon," She explains. Sketching a curtsey to Reigna and Kael and Desiree. See, she knows how to do more than bow.

1 Grayson Guardsmen arrives, following Aiden.

Ida checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Desiree nods to Katarina and smiles to her and the volunteers. "Of course! I do so love samples. What is it that's being sampled." She gives them a curious look.

"I don't know! There are so many things to do I cannot figure out what to try first!" Reigna offers a bright smile to Lark as the Grayson Crown Princess looks her way, "Greetings and good day Your Grace!" She touches a hand to her chest and says, "I am Countess Reigna Keaton, this is my husband, Count Kael Keaton. As for the cornholing, I think it involves deftly slipping those little pouches into the board holes. I think. There may be more to it."

"We're not staying too long, I don't think. I worry over the cold." Alis admits, already displaying overprotective tendencies. "Go, take care of my brother." It just seems to make her happy that there is something who cares to do so, her smile full of contentment. Even moreso when she hears a familiar voice. "Dame Ida!? IDA, I have not seen you in forever!!!!!" Excusing herself so that they can all mix and mingle and whatnot, she sidles up next to one of her favorite smiths. But of of beanbag reach, cause it wouldn't do to interrupt cornhole. "Lord Kennex." she also greets.

Ida checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Ida checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

"Think nothing of it your Grace." Edain says to Lark, "We make visits where we can. Just know you are always welcome here." His tone is assuring, "But I can tell you all about cornhole. It is a very simple game. You throw a small bag, filled with seed corn usually into a hole. It is a simple pastime but a very fun one. Lady Caelis usually beats me at it..." he pauses to consider this, "Well as she does at most everything really." He bows to Reigna and Kael as well as they introduce themselves to the Crown Princess, "Count, Countess. Good to see you goth."

"If you like to run over and around and up things," Aksel says appearing out of the crowd nearish to Alexis. "Though, if you make enough faces you can usually trip up the Dame, here when she runs it." It's like the man was there the whole time, even.

"How one cornholes, I will leave to Prince Edain to explain." Alarissa replies, a look to Edain as if prompting the man to do just that but he's already doing it. "I should go say hello to some people that I have not seen in some time and ensure that Prince Victus isn't drinking all the hot chocolate." Though the man isn't that far and Alarissa stops a few steps away when Rook is introducing her to someone else. Alarissa smiles, regards Yasmine with great interest now. "Truly? well, when I am more polished, I shall be sure to do such Mistress Yasmine. In fact, I look very forward to that. Would you both excuse me?"

Monique arrives with five Greenmarch servants carrying a massive tree trunk over their heads, easily seven feet long, whittled smooth with several hand-hold notches. There's another carrying a long, thick coil of rope. The Minx of the Marches herself is laden with three rolled up carpets, leading the servants to a wipe-open space to set up. She gives an apologetic wave to Katarina as she arrives, if the Princess is within sight.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Monique gets Purple Shag Rug from a leather and wool map case bag.

"Good luck at the games then, Dame Alexis," Aislin offers to the woman. She offers a friendly enough nod to Aksel, as well, though doesn't interrupt his commentary; she turns to look around the rest of the Carnival, perhaps looking for any other peole she should greet before she departs.

Monique gets Diamond Scroll Azure Rug from a leather and wool map case bag.

Monique gets Diamond Scroll Purple Rug from a leather and wool map case bag.

Returning with a plate of baked goods and a bottle of wine tucked into his belt, Victus rejoins Rook and Alarissa with a skulking gait to him. It seemed he was doing his best not to be noticed, as impossible of a task as it actually was. Though now it seemed they were joined by another, Mistress Yasmine. He's also being introduced! "Oh, uh, hello." He stammered out quickly while rejoining Alarissa's side. She made a fine raft with all of these strangers at such a grand social gathering. "Did you know they got hot chocolate here? It's chocolate, but melted and hot. We don't have this in the Isles, it's pretty great."

Katarina presses her mouth into a dimpled smile toward Desiree, her fingers resting lightly over a small chest painted in pretty shades of blues. "Lip balms in two scents, I believe. Rose and strawberry. They have quite a pretty tint upon the lips and keep the moisturized for some hours yet. I tested the strawberry just now," she explains, delicately touching her red-stained lips.

Yasmine lifts her brows and emits a soft chuckle as the man she'd been trying to make conversation with wanders off. A shrug lifts her shoulders as she moves on, peering at the tents as if trying to decide which game to try and which to avoid. Rook's voice grabs the dancer's attention and she offers Victus and Alarissa bright smiles as well as a graceful curtsy, tucking in her chin before she cuts her eyes up to gaze at the couple through the curtain of her dark hair. "It is a pleasure, your highnesses. While Prince Rook is very kind, he might be overselling my skills just a bit, hm?" She responds in accented Arvani as she holds her thumb and forefinger apart in emphasis before a bubble of laughter spills from her lips. "Are the three of you thinking of trying any of these games? There is much talk about this 'corn holing' but so far I see no corn."

"Dame Alexis, a pleasure to see you as always," says Kael, most easily. There's an undercurrent of amusement audible in his tone, perhaps left over from the commentary of his wife. He is on the cusp of saying more, but Reigna, she is off and making introductions. He turns toward Lark, bowing low and remarking, "A pleasure to make you acquaintance." His head remains low for quite the time, though when chin lifts, it is a brief thing for he is tipping his head down again with Edain's greeting. "Good to see you as well, and fine congratulations to you and your lady!"

"I confess I haven't tried the Gauntlet yet, I've heard much about it." Caelis tells Alexis. She nods to Alis at her words and moves off to get those ciders. Appearing at Edain's side she'll hand one off to him. "Here you are your Grace. Might as well keep from getting parched." She offers and bows to Lark in greeting before moving off. Circulating a bit on her own.

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Alarissa gets a small tincture of strawberry-scented lip balm from a merchantile chest of Lady Laurent's Lip Balm.

Crowds and Aiden Grayson don't usually get along, although today he's walking with a subtle confidence to attempt wading through to find out what's going on. He lacks any animals for the sake of not wishing to lose track of them or get them riled up, though a singular guard does follow in his wake. It happens that he ends up near to Yasmine and the group around her, not interjecting but casually pausing long enough to see if he can grasp what they're talking about, with the mention of 'corn holing' getting his attention.

Desiree looks at the samples. "They both sound good, but I think I'll try strawberry too. I do prefer the more tasty scents for my lips." She continues to smile as she looks at Katarina. "And I think your lips look very pretty!"

Ida makes some throws and manages to genuinely not embarrass herself! Not bad for a weaponsmith who has no skill with weapons. Throwing punches? That, sure, which apparently works well with darts and pig bladders. That done, she inclines her head again. "A pleasure, Lord Wash Kennex," is said and followed by a laugh. "My dodging needs work. Perhaps we could give each other pointers." Hearing her name, though, from not only a familiar voice, but one that apparently causes the knighted smith great joy, she turns to find the source. And there she is! The princess may be small, but the closed distance soon leads Ida to dipping her head deeply in respect. "Your highness, Princess Alis, it has been dreadfully long and I owe you many belated congratulations, it seems!"

Reigna gets a small tincture of rose-scented lip palm from a merchantile chest of Lady Laurent's Lip Balm.

Desiree gets a small tincture of strawberry-scented lip balm from a merchantile chest of Lady Laurent's Lip Balm.

Alexis shoots a grin after Alis, and gives a boww as Caelis leaves. Exhaling softly, waving to Aislin as she moves on, and offering a small smile to Aksel. "Master Aksel. Well met. How are you doing tonight?" She inquires. "You've met Lord Kael and Lady Reigna Keaton?" Gesturing to the pair, not quite daring to make introductions of anyone else and interrupt. "Lord and Lady Keaton, may I introduce master Aksel, the Sword of Stonedeep."

Wash applauds politely when Ida succeeds at the pierce the dragon game. "Well now I feel obliged to throw now." And he steps up to take the darts for himself. He tips the dart collector a silver just for handing him the darts. "Princess Valardin." Wash returns the casual greeting.

"You are, of course, excused," Rook replies to Alarissa as he permits her freedom to roam as she sees fit about the Cairn. To Victus, in his brief awareness of them both, he raises his brows somewhat. Then they fall as he speaks of hot chocoloate. Turning aboutface, he moves to draw Yasmine away, saying audibly enough: "It seems they are both excited about hot chocolate and busy socialising, Mistress Yasmine - come, come. As for corn holing, I am terribly unsure about the name and would avoid it at all costs." When he spots Aiden not too far, his eyes light up with recognition. As a former vassal of the Grayson, a servant of them too, he smiles warmly and invites Aiden across. "Prince Aiden, how do you do. You look awfully interested, either in our discussion, in me, or not last or least, my company. Corn holing, do you know what it is, what it isn't?"

Wash checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

    Merek moves over to where he sees lip balm, while he decides to look. "Oh! What's all this about lip balm then? I like the stuff myself," he offers, with a smile.

Wash checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Wash checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

"I think, I will be passing on any of the games Mistress Yasmine. They will require removing my gloves and it's so very cold. I shall have to hope she throws this event again in the future though. But Prince Rook speaks highly of you and so, I do not think that he exaggerates." Victus and his food is regarded, slipping her arm in his, murmuring in his ear as she draws him away and toward other parts of teh ward.

"The log goes there," Monique points to an empty grass patch and the servants grunt and grumble as they place the cable down. "And the rope, can go about ten lengths away, careful with the scarf in the middle." She begins to lay out the carpets, carefully, one beside the other, a riot of colorful thread against the snow.

Aiden gets a small tincture of strawberry-scented lip balm from a merchantile chest of Lady Laurent's Lip Balm.

Monique drops Purple Shag Rug.

Monique drops Diamond Scroll Azure Rug.

Monique drops Diamond Scroll Purple Rug.

Reigna is nosing about the Lip Balm display, and is talked into trying the rose-scented kind when she looks to Alexis and from her to Akel. "Well met, Master Aksel! Are you faring well today?" She smiles, looking from Aksel to Alexis, "I trust the day is good to you as well, Dame Alexis?" She slips her arm through Kael's once more, smiling to Alexis and Aksel.

Alarissa is overheard praising Katarina for: Fantastic party!

Katarina laughs brightly at Desiree. "That is exactly what I was thinking as well, my lady. I should go and find my husband soon to see what he thinks of the the strawberry later," she muses, leaning herself upon the display table carefully. "Oh, my lady! Are you up for a bit of mischief?"

Alarissa is overheard praising Monique for: Fantastc party

Alarissa is overheard praising Alis for: FOR POPPING OUT A BABY!

Rook is overheard praising Alis for: But she's so little.

Alarissa is overheard praising Caelis for: For marrying it, and saving the rest of us from a perpetually chaste Edain.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon leave, following Victus.

Maxene, Camille, Elegance, Pellinor, Horse, Victus leave, following Alarissa.

When the introduction comes forth, Kael is turning to regard Alexis and Aksel, inclining his head to the gentleman. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance," he offers forth, his voice betraying curiosity that is voiced not even a moment later, "Stonedeep -- north, yes?" With that half-question, half-statement, there is keen mark of interest.

Lark perhaps surprisingly looks a little intrigued as cornholing is explained to her - she tells Reigna and Kael, "It's lovely to meet you both, then," as well, and returns Caelis's bow with another polite inclination of her head before she heads off to mingle about on her own. "...And that sounds simple enough," she adds, making more of a bold claim than she realizes about cornhole, "Would you care to cornhole-duel now, Edain?"

She overhears Rook greet Aiden, and it's enough to pull her attention to the latter. "Prince Aiden," comes a fond greeting.

"Far too long, Dame Ida. But I am so glad to see you again. I will have you making weapons for Ellara before you know it." Alis teases, watching both the smith and Lord Kennex as they engage in the game being played. "I... oh dear, what did I just hear Alarissa say? Did I just hear that?" Not mad, but definitely trying not to laugh.

Artorius enters the celebration of House Valardin, wearing more casual clothes this time around, but still wearing his cloak and greatsword, he waves at everyone, knowing full well he's fashionably late....again. "Hello all.." he smiles wide though!

Cambria, though late, arrives to Cairn Valardin. She is without any company, either in the form of guards or family. As she wanders through the crowd, the Marquessa looks both for faces she might recognize as well as the various booths and games being played. Though not engaged with anyone or anything yet, she begins to smile.

"The day is young, Countess" Aksel replies to the woman as he's addressed giving her a slight bow. Not over elegant and formal, but respectful,"but it fairs well, so far." He nods his head politely to Kael, "Ayup. Stonedeep. Way up north, nestled in the mountains." At least it is on the map.

Wandering about, Caelis falls in near Aiden and offers him a wave with a crooked smile. Catching sight of her brother she grins more brightly and waves a hand hi to flag the older Malvici down.

Monique is overheard praising Katarina for: The hostess with the mostest! Valardin couldn't have been honored better!

Desiree nods to Katrina. "I'm sure he'll like it very much your highness." She tries out her sample. "I think I like this very much." She lets out a laugh and nods. "I'm always up for mischief."

Wash throws each of the darts with his left hand. Monique's preparations have him craning his neck to look in that direction. "Popping out a baby? Not as easy as popping pig bladders I expect." Wash says, having gone three for three.

Aiden's grin widens upon seeing Rook in the crowd he mingled up near to, "Oh Rook! How're you? It's been since the wedding that I've seen you," he says cheerfully with an impish glint in his eye, laughing some, "YES... The name of that game... please tell me what it is? It sounds well, first of all, why would anyone want to put holes in corn?" But oh hey there's goodies over there and he Prince is not going to be sheepish in going to grab a little gift from the lip balm chest, so he sends his guard to grab one for him, to keep him in the conversation with Rook and Yasmine. His gaze spots Lark and immediately his grin is larger, "Cousin!" There might be the need to move over to Lark and offer her a greeting Hug. A wave for Caelis to as he meanders over.

Ida hears the congratulations of the booth tender once Wash makes his own three throws, a dip of her head following. "It seems you are not bad at throwing after all, my lord," she remarks and offers some applause of her own. Her attention soon returns to the Valardin voice, head bobbing again, this time in apparent agreement. Laughing first, the smith then says, "I would be beyond honored to forge weapons for Princess Ellara, your highness. Excited, actually! I am looking forward to seeing this next generation grow up. The time is passing so quickly. I will tell you, they will be grown before you know it, just like my own."

     "If I could get a few bearded or mustachioed volunteers, it would be most appreciated," Katarina shouts from within the Laurent tent, pushing back the flaps to peek out into the crowds on the search of vict-- volunteers.

"If you'll excuse me." Alexis offers to Kael, Reigna, and Aksel - though she casts a curious glance at the lip balm display. "I heard Dame Ida mentioned, and, well, his Grace has insisted that she is someone I should meet," She explains. Moving along, after Alis, and sketching a small bow to Ida. "Dame Ida? I am Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier. Well met. His Grace, the High Lord, speaks very highly of you and told me you were someone I should meet."

The continually increasing crowd is clearly beginning to press in on Aislin; the adventurer prefers open spaces, or at least the forests of her home. With no tree to climb -- or treehouse to ensconce herself within -- the Ashford Voice begins to edge through the crowd towards the exit. Still, she offers a nod to a few more familiar faces as she passes by.

"Excellent," says the Keaton Count, his voice quite amiable in fact. Indeed, his expression warms somewhat as he continues on with, "I have met some of the most interesting people from the north. Have you been within Arx for long?" Now, that cry for volunteers of the bearded variety? It has Kael moves a hand up to his own beard rather self-consciously before peering back toward Katarina's direction with lifted brows. "Wife?" he murmurs, though his words are meant for all, "--I think I may be shaving soon." Now, with the name Ida mentioned? He is glancing about, but not leaving their area just yet.

    "I have a bit of a beard," Merek mentions, moving to the tent. He pulls down his scarf and he does have a beard which seems to be coming in more from the stubble it was into a medium amount of hair that's kept trimmed.

Aiden looks aside to Rook once he returns to them, offering to Yasmine, "I don't believe we've been introduced. I'm Aiden Grayson," he offers to the woman, since the atmosphere is one of a carnival, he leaves out his title.

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Lark isn't one for overt displays of enthusiasm, but those who know her could tell her affection is sincere when she returns Aiden's greeting hug, subdued as she is. "You don't put holes in corn; you put corn in holes," she then goes on to explain to her cousin, adding, "I've just challenged His Grace, Prince Edain to a duel of cornholes."

Attention shifting towards the tent at the call for bearded or mustachioed men, Reigna peers up at her husband and laughs, "Only if you must. I do like your beard. But you should see what they need help with, yes?" Nope. No help from the wife.

Artorius happily moves to Caelis when he catches her happy wave! approaching her, he also manages to find Aiden and Lark! "Hello dear sister." he greets her with a light hug, he smiles wide to Lark "Good to see you out and about, Princess." he says with a wide smile, happy to see one of his closest friends again, also moves to reet her with a hug after Aiden, then to Aiden "Prince Aiden, always a pleasure." hebows his head to him in greeting.

Better late than never, Lady Vanora Pravus arrives, her green eyes search for someone familiar or fascinating.

"Have you, My Lord?" Aksel asks with a tilt of his head to the Keaton Count. "And yes. I have been here." he pauses in consideration. "For some time now. Long enough to miss home, but not long enough to go back." When Kael rubs his beard, Aksel does the same. Doom maybe in his future.

Katarina gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

"Dame Alexis is my protege." Alis adds, sounding proud of the fact as she steps back to give Alexis room for the introduction. "I am sure this little one will grow up far too quickly." is agreed, as it seems tiny eyes have popped open and are trying to look around curiously. Wailing might commence soon. "I THINK COUNT KAEL JUST COLUNTEERED, KATARINA." she calls out, having heard him say something about a beard of course. And trying so hard to be helpful. See that sweet smile of hers? With -both- dimples? Hi Kael!

Aiden considers Lark's explanation to the whole game and he laughs, "Oh I ... I ... well that's..." He laughs some more. Come on, he's a teenager here, he can laugh a little at it, right? "I will watch you compete against Prince Edain then? All the best, cousin!" He smiles to Lark, having enjoyed the moment of quick affection. His eyes turn to Artorius, "You as well, Lord Artorius. Are you going to compete against them? With the corn in the holing?"

(Lark has been hugged no less than three times since she arrived, and though she slightly resembles a cat that doesn't want to be held each time, she seems to be able to appreciate the meaning behind the gesture enough.)

Hugging her brother, Caelis makes a face at him before letting Artorius greet others. She wiggles her fingers to Aiden. "Nice to see you your highness." She offers and resumes gingerly sipping her hot beverage.

Shae moves from activity to activity. Eyeing the fresh battlefield of snow. Glancing around the area before moving on to another area. Spying Artorius, she waves brightly to him. A wide beam of a smile accompanying her greeting, "Hello, Lord Artorius!" And then she is craning her head around, spying her cousins, Kael and Reigna, she begins to make her way over towards them. Offering just as bright of a smile she had to Artorius, to them as well, and those gathered near them. "Count Kael, Countes Reigna!"

    Katarina gives a vibrant laugh, stepping aside to allow Merek into the tent before turning her gaze toward Aksel and the Keaton Count respectively. "Master Aksel, Count Keaton! It looks like you're volunteering as well? Come over!" Not even Artorius is exempt from one of her lady's maids pointing him out for his beard. "You too, mi'lord! I promise no harm will befall your beard!" It probably will.

Whatever Wash may think of darts, he is always happy to meet new people. "Ah. The woman with a sword that might actually be longer than her own body is tall." Wash greets Alexis. "We run into each other again. And who is this little one? She's smaller than my own Cirella." Wash seems enthused to meet a baby at this event, new parent style.

"It sounds to me, Master Aksel, that you are precisely where you need be then," remarks Kael with a hint of amusement. One that only grows -- even if there is a slight chuckle when he is volun-told. His head tips toward Alis, she is flashed a grin, and he steals a swift kiss from his wife before continuing on to the gentleman, "Especially so since our beards may come into question. Shall we? There is whiskey at the hot chocolate bar for thereafter." With that, leaving it to Aksel if he shall follow or not, he begins to tread toward the Laurent tent where Katarina has sought volunteers. On the way there, he reaches out to clasp his cousin Shae on the arm and mouth, "do not laugh too hard at me!' toward her in passing.

Yasmine looks at the goings-on with no small amount of confusion. Her brow furrows as she finally turns to look at Aiden and Rook, utterly bewildered. "I do not think I understand what Arvani carnival means, hm? All of this seems very strange to me." Her eyes widen as Aiden seems to share her confusion. "Corn in holes? That seems a strange game, hm?" She shrugs her shoulders and lets them drop. Then, that expression shifts into a bright smile ad she curtsies, offering, "I am Yasmine Rovashani. It is a pleasure to meet any friend of my patron." She slants a glance at Rook before return her gold-flecked eyes toward Aiden once again.

Desiree looks to Katarina as she shouts for volunteers. "What are the volunteers for? Do you have samples of some sort for them as well? Or perhaps you have something else in mind?" She turns to Merek. "There are so many surprises here!"

Artorius glances to Caelis with a slight smile, knowing why she probably gave him that look, but he's more than happy to see others! "Hello hello!" though he's snatched up by one of Katarina's Lady maids "Ah! it appears I'm being whisked away. We'll speak later!" he waves

Ida turns to offer another quick dip of her head, this time to Alexis as the other well-known smith introduces herself. Ida smiles wide at the words. "A true honor and pleasure, Dame Alexis. I have heard a bit of you and know the Marquessa Dominique a bit. We've sparred and I forged a sword for her what feels like a lifetime ago. Alis' words lead Ida to make a bit of a drawn-out 'aaaah' sound. "Wonderful! Truly, my time as a smith for House Valardin have been some of the best of my life. Grateful will truly never cover my feelings to His Grace, Prince Edain, for his patronage of me." Princess Alis' call to Katarina makes the knighted smith turn in that direction, a grin on her lips as she does so.

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Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

In alabaster tones, Rook's outfit is a remarkably flattering hue to his flesh, which remains marble white. "I actually have no idea. I don't really know what they're doing with corn, or holes," he says to Yasmine at her confusion, perhaps with totally oblivious intonation. As Aiden is ready to slink off, he wriggles his fingers, claiming: "I get awfully busy between such events, as you can understand. In the mean time, take care of yourself, yes?" Then his attention drifts, over to Yasmine now, guiding her aside and away from Aiden as he busies himself with others, toward one of the-- alleys? Who knows, who knows. It seems the minister and prince has a word or two to speak with the Ravashari gypsy.

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Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

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Merek steps into the tent with an incline for Katarina in respect. Once within he does take a moment to look around.

Merek steps into the tent with an incline for Katarina in respect. Once within he does take a moment to look around. He pulls down his hood also, making his face more accessible. He looks to wait for the other volunteers as he just looks around.

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"It is," Aksel responds to Kael. The Northman's eyes, however, turn towards Katrina as she's calling out his name. He just gives a shrug of his shoulder and follows after Kael to his apparent beard doom.

Aiden nods to Caelis, "As it is nice to see you too, Lady Caelis. Are you going to play in the game?" He nods to the corns and the holes and the things, unable to keep from snickering behind an up lifted hand. His gaze reverts to Yasmine and Rook, although there's some interested at this beard thing being called about, "Oh I do hope they won't take their scruff... Good thing Si isn't here." He sighs a little then crooks his chin absently toward Yasmine, "Strange to me too. Bastion had a few carnivals but I wasn't keen on going when I saw the mass of people." For the greeting his eyes light up, "Yasmine, pleasure to meet you. And you're a protege of Prince Rook? How fortunate!"

Reigna kisses her husband and his beard a hopefully brief goodbye and laughs, as he heads to his fate. Shae is appearing and she must be hugged by Reigna. "Thank you for trusting me with Lady Eirlys. She is doing well and I believe was taken back to her home this morning. She's healing very well."

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Alis fully expects some kind of payback at some point, but for now she giggles as Kael plays along. "I am so glad the two of you could finally meet." she glances between Ida and Alexis once more, and then inclines her head towards Wash. "It was nice to meet you, however brief, Lord Kennex. I must go see Lady Shae a moment." Thus excusing herself yet again, the princess, who is obviously starting to flag a bit, turns to walk over to Reigna and Shae. "Lady Shae. I'll be going back in soon, if you wanted to stop by when you are done so you can say hi to Fia."

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Alexis bows her head in greeeting to Wash, but lets the proud mother actually introduce the new princess. She does beam very proudly at being introduced as Alis' protege, and that only grows at Ida's words. "The Marquessa is a fine liege to have, and I'm curious to hear about your experiences with her." She admits, taking a step closer to her fellow smith - so as to not interupt any beardcalls. "I've heard the High Lord speak so very highly of you, Dame Ida. I hope we will get to know each other well - and you are of course, welcome to the Dragon's Hearth, be it to talk business or pleasure."

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Cambria, who is quite beardless (thank all the gods), approaches the tent where Katarina had called for men with facial hair, watching from the sidelines to see what would happen.

"Perhaps. I tend to save my finesse for cornhole for crushing Prince Edain." Caelis smiles to Aiden and lifts her shoulder in a shrug. "Though he did suggest a team up later." She tells Aiden and crinkles her eyes a little as she enjoys her cider. "What are your thoughts on this bracing Oathlands sport?"

"I am very fortunate!" Yasmine responds, laughing and waggling her fingers at Aiden as Rook guides her way toward a more private spot, likely to have a word or two. She doesn't exactly look anxious at the moment, so that might be a good sign that the Prince isn't about to reprimand her for some breach of etiquette. Or, perhaps, she simply is unaware that she has failed to live up to her patron's high expectations.

Reigna sees Alis' fatigue and while it looks like she might unleash doctor voice on the new mother she bites her tongue. She simply smiles, looking from Alis to Shae and peeking some more at the baby. She inches a bit closer to the Laurent tent, trying to keep an eye on the goings on as pertains to the beardy hijinks and her husband, though she does say, "Oh, could you like Prince Fiachra know that Lady Eirlys returned to the manor this morning? She is going to be just fine with some time taken to let herself heal."

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"Dragon's Hearth." Wash asks curiously. "I think that's a Valardin tavern, isn't it? Is it a family holding? I spend most my time at the Ebb and Flow if I feel like drinking. Which I don't lately."

    Once Artorius, Merek, Aksel and Kael have stepped into the tents, Katarina turns her attentions toward the four gentlemen and Alexis and Reigna. "In the spirit of merry making, I thought we could demonstrate how well House Laurent's mustache an beard pomeade works in a contest to creatively style a man's facial hair."

    "Ladies, if you could take a pomeade out of this display case and pick a gentleman to pair up with, we'll begin!" She points to the display case on the table behind her, stepping aside and inching her way toward Kael. He's got a nice beard, man! "Winners will be gifted a special prize, and the gentlemen get to take home the pomeade for being such gracious volunteers!"

Dipping her head to Alis as the princess departs, Ida then grins wide at Alexis before noting, "She nearly handed me my ass in the training center, though I managed to squeak myself back with a few well-timed shots." An amused laugh follows. "The Marquessa and I had plans to train a few more times, but then things in the city started getting...well. I left to be with my children near Sanctum during such, even though they are apprentices in their own rights. I've not seen her since my return. Ah, His Grace is far too kind with his praise, though I remain both honored and humbled by it. I imagine we could be good friends, Dame Alexis, and do promise to visit your shop. I've not been out enough. Do you drink whisky? If so, I shall bring a bottle."

Aiden waves to Rook and Yasmine as they head off to somewhere private, his eyes glinting with mirth still as his attention pivots back upon Caelis, "I've never played before. How do you play? It sounds like something best left to the imagination rather than an actual game..." He notes with the most immature grin on his face. When asked his opinion, he shrugs, "I would have to play it first before I gave it my overall thoughts. So far, the name isn't doing much for me taking it seriously."

Reigna is of course hugged back! And Kael is offered a little wave as he is dragged off, a faint laugh as she sticks her tongue out a moment at him. Turning to nod back at Reigna. "Oh, just glad you were able to help her. Dame Leola was hurt badly too, but she disappeared on us. I have not been able to go check on her yet. I was planning to though. I don't want something horrible to befall her for helping Gaston and I." The smile shifting softly to a sad worried frown there for a moment. And then Shae is smiling again as she hears Alis call out of her. "Oh Princess Alis!" Head already bobbing up and down. "Yes, I would like that very much. I have missed seeing him. How are you all doing?" Leaning in to hug Alis and then spy at the baby! "I told Gaston to have you see to his wounds, but he is likely off in the forest somewhere, enjoying not being attacked by animals."

Cambria raises her hand to volunteer herself!

Artorius glances to Katarina with a jovial laugh "Oh dear...." he strokes his beard a few more times before it may be doomed. "At least it's all for good fun! Now then, who'll be my partner..." he ponders, waving to the other gentleman involved "Gents, this should be amusing." he chuckles

    Spotting Cambria lingering in her periphery, Katarina turns her head to look toward the Marquessa with a smile of the warmest reception. "Please, come join us!" She reaches out to offer her a pomeade.

    Merek takes a moment to adjust his cloak and then nods to Katarina. "Well, I am quite satisfied that this doesn't involve removing my beard at least," he states, with some amusement in his tone. He then waits for whomever would like to style his rugged but trimmed beard. "Hopefully I look regal," he offers aside to the other men.

Alexis appears to have been voluntold as well, and blinks a little. And she's not about to argue with a Princess. "I do drink whisky, and I will look very much forward to your visit - and, uh. It appears I'm needed. So if you'll excuse myself." Alexis sketches a small bow to Ida, and to Wash. "The Dragon's Hearth is my shop, my lord. I make armour." She explains. Then hurries over to the pomeade stand. Accepting her weapon and giving Reigna a rueful smile. "Well. Creative..." She decides. Looking over the menfolk, to see who she might be given to style.

Cambria steps forward when Katarina calls upon her, reaching out her hand to take the offered pomeade.

Wash catcalls. "Give him a unicorn horn!" From the back.

Reigna takes a tin of the pomade and starts towards Kael, only to find Katarina paired up with him. There is a brief flutter of her lashes and then she's laughing and shaking her head, a pointed glance to Kael before she is looking to the other bearded men. She returns Alexis' look with another laugh before moving towards Merek. "Well hello again, my old correspondant! We meet again. Now... what do you think of ringlets?"

Alis sees that look, Reigna. And appears appropriately sheepish. Even leans over to murmur something to the Keaton Countess before she staightens and returns Shae's hug one-armed. "She has her father's eyes." is whispered to Fia's best friend. And they're wide open too, rapidly blinking as there's the attempt to figure out what all these bright colors and strange amorphous blob shapes are supposed to be. What she does know? Hungry! And the mini-Alis face' starts to scrunch up. "Welp, that's my cue. Nobody wants to hear the wait. Trust me. Have fun!!"

Katarina gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

Rook looks up from the alley, turning his eyes onto the main road of the Cairn festival, before he glances back down and continues to speak to Yasmine with a serious knit of his brow.

Ida offers Alexis a few 'of course' sort of bobs of her head and watches the other smith make her way toward the volunteering stage, as it were. Wash's remark makes her laugh once again, though she then quiets to watch the unfolding.

If you ever never seen a Northman suddenly standing around like a deer with its pants down in the forest, well check that off your bucket list. "Promaanade?" Aksel stutters a bit, "What in the f.. " he bites his tongue suddenly and literally his green eyes dubious as to what is about to happen.

Desiree gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

Alexis gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

"To our beards," says Kael in a most solemn sort of voice to his new companion, Aksel, even as he eyes Katarina with her approach. He looks a bit bemused with Katarina's approach, but nonetheless plays the role of the good sport. Especially so after he casts a stray look toward his wife -- not that she helped him earlier. That being said, when Cambria is approaches to help with the merrymaking, he is calling forth, "A pleasure to see you again, Marquessa Mazetti." Then, more loudly to his Valardin comrades, "Have you all met the Marquessa? She is most pleasant."

Lark's attention drifts over to the pomeade shenanigans for now; a hand creeps out of the voluminous folds of her winter cloak to brush the side of her face and attempt to mask a guilty sort of amusement evident in her expression.

Alis is overheard praising Katarina for: Party time!

Desiree looks to all the men. "Is there anyone who would like to pair with me? I'm not picky at all." She goes to take a pomeade.

Alis is overheard praising Monique for: Winter parties are the best, of course!

"I am picky but not in this matter." Alexis offers, with a rueful grin, looking to the gents as well.

"In truth it's a simple game. Opponents take turns throwing weighted small bags at a hole cut into the board. Getting it in the hole is worth points, landing it on the board so it sticks is also worth a point." Caelis explains to Aiden. "As I understand it anyway. I could be mixed up and Prince Edain is letting me win." She tells Aiden with a warm chuckle and looks to the beard styling with some curiosity.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight leaves, following Alis.

Desiree looks to Artorius. "Do you want to pair up with me?" She reaches for his hand.

Monique is around, visiting booths and enjoying the amazing winter wonderland. The Greenmarch Games are out and ready for Katarina's amazing organization.

"I can't say that I've ever had them, but they look nice enough," Merek tells Reigna, while he chuckles a small bit. He then tilts his head a bit while he considers, "Can't say I've ever had my beard styled ever."

Cambria smiles towards Kael, waving to him, and then looking for his wife, Reigna, to whom she also waves. "So good to see you again," she tells them both. Noticing Merek, she also calls out in greeting to him. "I hope you're all excited, now..." She looks between Aksel and Artorius, though when it appears as though Desiree is making a move on Artorius, Cambria waggles the pomeade at Aksel. "What do you say about that unicorn horn?"

Given Desiree has decided on Artorius, Alexis shoots the man a little smile, then looks over at Aksel. "Looks like it's us two Swords, back to back, together against the world. Shall we make Duchess Lydia proud?" She suggests, with a bright grin, and steps closer, wielding the pomade not entirely as a weapon.

Reigna is overheard praising Katarina for: You throw the best parties!

Squire Serad Iron Foot have been dismissed.

Artorius is overheard praising Katarina for: party time!

Kael is overheard praising Katarina for: A most excellent festivity!

Katarina gives a vibrant laugh at Aksel's reaction. "You have a rather fabulous beard, Master Aksel. I'm sure your partner will do you proud," she says, before turning her eyes up to Kael with a cheek-dimpling grin. "Are you prepared to be turned into the most dapper man of all the festival, my lord?" The pomeade is opened, her fingers generously delving into it to bring up to Kael's bearded face.

Artorius smiles to Desiree and accepts her hand "Sure! It'll be fun." he chuckles softly, but he smiles warmly to her "Lead the way! Though I'm curious as to what your creativity will decide for my facial hair..." he chuckles.

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Once Aiden takes a look at the game, shuffling forward to peer around those clustered around it he ahs softly, "Well it seems simple enough doesn't it?" The explanation from Caelis is appreciated, his eyes skimming the other gaming booths, before he settles back and murmurs thoughtfully, "I should've had some plushies made for prizes, had I thought to donate. Next time."

Wash comments in a loud voice once hands are placed alongside faces and pomeade and beard become one. "Oh. Ouch. That's going to leave a mark." Someone has to be the peanut gallery.

    "If anyone wishes to take up the snow battle challenge, please step out onto the fields so we can take an accurate tally of everyone," comes the announcement of a young man running the fields. "We'd like at least three people for the two teams! Please let us know who you pair up with."

(Page Kat w/ your teams.)

Desiree gives Artorius a grin. "I suppose you'll just have to wait and see! I'll try to do something that you'll be impressed with." She opens the pomeade.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Titania arrive, following Petal.

Wash jerks his head toward someone in the crowd. "Would you like to join my cousin and I on the snowball field? Better to have someone I know can throw than a stranger." Wash directs his question at Ida good naturedly.

Kael squares up his shoulders and lifts his chin as it is guided thusly. "I suppose that this is a fate that I shall need to suffer with," he remarks, chuckling softly. That being said, there is something slightly awkward to his motions as the pomeade is worked in. Yes, beard styling is something that the Keaton Count has evidently not suffered before. He peers, sidelong, over toward Reigna once more when she works on Merek.

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It would likely help her task if Reigna were watching what she's doing, rather than watching Katarina and Kael. Poor Merek's lower lip gets swiped with a glob of the pomade as Reigna sneaks another look towards the Eurusi princess and Kael. After her third such glance, Reigna tries to focus on Merek, fingers running through the man's stubble, smoothing it to a sleek sort of style, attempting to curl the longest bits into little twists. Her efforts are mildly rewarded, though the overall thing is mildly distracted. She offers a somewhat apologetic smile to Merek as she backs up, looking for something to clean her hands off with.

"There is always next time." Caelis agrees and wraps up against the chill. Looking to Aiden, she smiles. "It was nice to see you, but I think I should take my leave, find somewhere to heat my poor bones back up."

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Rohm the Blackguard leaves, following Caelis.

Petal arrives while adorned in her common cloth clothing and wrapped up in a woolen shawl. Her hound is close to her slender legs and her sewing basket is upon her right arm. She peeks over to Titania who she is arriving with, giving her a smile. "Oh, lots of people here."

Artorius rolls his shoulders a little bit as he prepares himself to be mansculped. "I am at your service!" he chuckles, prepared to move his head about so he can make Desiree's job a little easier.

Katarina is nothing but a fit of giggles as she takes the liberty of grooming Kael's beard to her delight. A little tuft tugged here, and some smoothed there. At the very least, his face and jaw will be very well moisturized from the winds!

    Merek makes a face as it gets on his lips, and then makes a face as he shakes his head a bit. He coughs, then lets her style his beard up further into ringlets. It definitely looks quite... Interesting on him as she works on him a bit.

Aiden has joined the a battlefield of freshly fallen snow.

Alaric might be a little (or a lot) fashionably late to the carnival, but nonetheless the King of the Compact arrives with his plethora of guards, attendants, and general retinue. "Seems to be in full swing," he remarks to Zelda as he pauses to look around.

Aiden hears something about a battlefield as he watches Caelis go off, making his way over with a glance back as to what's happening with the beard contest thing.

"Gods. Creative, huh?" Alexis decides. Still, she begins smearing the pomeade into Aksel's hair, moustache and beard. Furrowing her brow thoughtfully. She's starting up top, and she does seem to have -something- in mind, as Aksel's locks are being smoothed and styled, and, yes, curled. No unicorn horns here, though there's spiraling limbs of some sort. Is it a tree? Is it abstract art?

Ida dips her head once again toward the Kennex lord. "I believe I will sit that one out, my Lord Wash, though will certainly watch to see how it goes. I suspect I had a bit of beginner's luck with the darts. Besides, I've yet to sample some of the food! Unforgivable, really. Thank you for asking and maybe we'll cross paths at another game later. Best of luck to you and your cousin, my lord."

Titania nods her head walking in with Petal her cloak is wrapped about her to keep the chill off the best she can, "Yes there is." she says softly to Petal looking around to see who is here.

Merek asks after a moment, "Can I join the snowball fight after this?" he asks aside to Katarina, with a small blink, as he looks back to Reigna. "Sorry I haven't been writing you much lately."

Desiree is very focused as she uses the pomeade on Artorius. She does her best to be gentle as she makes his beard look the best that she can make it while using the pomeade. "I think you're looking very handsome my lord."

Wash nods gratefully to Ida and heads in Aiden's direction. "Cousin. If only Calarian were here, we could team up for the snowball fight. You know that King Alaric has basically taken an oath to participate in one before the winter is over."

Petal seems a bit shy about all the people here or maybe it is the cold. Her cheeks are pink and everything. "I don't come to these very often often, generally so busy sewing, but it I think it is time to change and get out more." She says to Titania.

There is a smile flashes to Merek and Reigna says, "I too have been neglectful on that score. But I pledge to rectify this, old friend." She finds a cloth to wipe her hands on, and then laughs, "You are free to join the snowball fight, dear Merek. You are released!"

Artorius s blushes lightly...what? he just got complimented by a beautiful woman! He's careful though not to move as she shaves him. "Thank you, my Lady." he smiles to her very softly.

adds "You like nice yourself." he hated being complimented and not returning it. He's a nice guy!

Kael tilts his head from this side to that, snorting softly when Katarina is giggling. This? Does not bode too well. Nonetheless there is another glance toward Merek and Reigns, his brow quirking mildly when there is mention of writing. Nonetheless, when it seems the styling is complete, he asks, "Is there something to see this vision that I have turned into?"

Reigna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 20 lower.

Katarina checked luck + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

Aiden glances over to Wash with a faint lift of his brow, "Hey Wash," because today was about being informal, "Yeah, I think he's busy getting ready for the long expedition to the Gray Forest. I should be as worried and getting as prepared, but I thought to blow off some steam a little first and come see what was up. Have some fun. Throw a snowball at my favorite cousins." He grins a little.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Desiree checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 12 lower.

    "Of course," Katarina tells Merek, drawing back from Kael's face once she's absolutely done her best to groom the Count's beard to hilarious perfection. "Alright, ladies!" she calls. "If you'll step back from your partners, so we can judge who did the funniest?"

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    Merek's looks... Well, it looks. He lifts up a hand to try and adjust it a small bit. It's not making it look too much better. Alas, all the same he smiles to Reigna and backs up from her, and has... Ringlets of... Well it's sticking out like whiskers now a bit. Piratey! Who knows.

Alexis works with razor and pomeade. The indignities of life that the Sword of Stonedeep must endure are many, and being styled by a woman whose attitude to hair has been "Short, so they can't grab it effectively" is... Well. Showing. He might want to get rid of it all, afterwards. And so it is she steps away, and reveals... The Kraken. Locks of hair have become spiraling, if a little listless arms that can be considered tentacles, and Aksel's short beard has been whorled into wavy curls - and where that wasn't enough, shaved into wave-patterns, to clearly emulate the sea. Why he has spiky eyebrows and how that fits into Alexis' seaside motif is anyone's guess. "I made him Thraxian for a day," She declares, proudly.

"Well, are your favorite cousins here yet?" Wash asks Aiden, craning his neck and looking around. "I'll bean on of them too."

Alaric steps up to the snow field with a very contemplative expression. "Did somebody mention throwing snowballs at their cousins?" he asks smoothly.

Alaric has joined the a battlefield of freshly fallen snow.

Aksel stands there taking it like a man. I mean he's a man who's got a woman who's touching him, of course he's going to, allow it. Duh. When Alexis is done her looks down at her. "I have never been touched like a woman, like you just did now. I do not think my life will ever be the same." He lets out a breath of air. "Huh. Arrrgh?" he tries to call out all piratey and stuff.

AKatarina steps aside to engage in a brief chit chat with the gaggle of beautiful ladies, an erruption of giggles resounding after a long, hard look at every other one of them. "I am going to have to say that Lady Reigna ... certainly outdid herself, while Dame Alexis and Lady Desiree..." She really can't hold in her giggles, quickly dispensing gifts and prizes to the three. They're all winners!

Kael moves a hand up, but resists the urge of actually touching his beard and messing up whatever it has been formed to be. He does however turn forward, facing the group as a whole and attempts to make sportingly funny faces to go along with his beard. There's a wrinkle of his nose, a lift of his brows, and in the end just smiles. That partially formed smile that serves as his whole one.

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Lark remains with most of her attention dedicated to the beard-styling competition (still with that same shamefully amused look on her face), but drifting from time to time to her family members; casually eavesdropping on Aiden and Wash - well, she certainly doesn't seem like she's going to actively participate in the snowball fight, but she looks as though she might watch.

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Reigna blushes brightly at the result of her 'work' and laughingly places a hand on Merek's shoulder, "I am so, so sorry." She backs away, moving towards her husband and examines his face. "Very slick, Princess Katarina. You made him quite handsome." She slips her arm through Kael's and glances towards the snowball fight about to begin. "Hot chocolate?"

Ida does stand near the field of snow on which there apparently will be a battle, once she has procured some wine and a plate of fine Valardin festival fare, of course. "The best of luck to you all," she calls cheerfully, perhaps vaguely considering changing her mind depending on turn out. Wine and food, though, currently winning that battle it may seem.

"What's that Aksel? Did you say you've never been touched by a woman?" Wash calls from next to Aiden. Then, when eyes shift his way he steps sideways and points at Aiden.

    "Well done, m'Lady!" Merek offers to Reigna, and offers a pat on her shoulder. Then with his pirate whiskers he twirls around and takes his cloak off. He has on a vest lined in umbra with a belt across it. "You all look wonderful," to the other men, and women,.He moves over to the field to participate afterwards. "Who needs a team mate?" Arrrgh.

Desiree smiles to Artorius. "That's so sweet of you to say! Thank you." She steps back as she looks over her work. Other than giving his beard a little bit of a dragon's tail which isn't all that noticable it's not such a bad attempt.

Alexis shakes her head, and grins to Aksel, handing over the tin of pomeade. "A small memory of our time together," She declares to him. Grinning brightly over at Katarina and Reigna and Desiree too. "Well done, ladies. And well suffered, my lords."

Aiden notes to Wash with a bit of humor, "They are. I'm looking at one of them." He leans in to murmur not so quietly, "That is, if you're not going to just stand by the wayside." Challenging tone.

Artorius at the sounds of giggles and Katarina's call for the ladies to step back, Artorius wonders how he actually looks, not wanting to touch his face and mess it up! He laughs a little when he has a good idea of what it looks like, he rises "I knew this would be fun." he smiles to Desiree "Thank you." he says. What a great sport.

Titania smiles to petal and moves in further spotting Wash she heads in his direction a small smile on her lips.

Aiden gawks a little at Wash's call, before he breaks into a laugh and points back at Wash, with enthusiasm.

Wash has joined the a battlefield of freshly fallen snow.

    It's a truly humorous sight to watch the tactical-sized Katarina flitting out of the tents to chase after the bodies amassing towards the fields. Rosied cheeks dimple with the warmth of her infectious smile toward Aiden, Alaric, and Merek on the field. "All one team?" she asks curiously, before looking behind her to check for more participants. She drifts aside to Lark on the sideline, curtsying before the high lady. "It is a pleasure to finally see you, Your Grace. I hope you're enjoying yourself here at the festivities?"

Kael lifts his brows when Reigna approaches him, looking somewhat bemused still before he shakes his head and rises up to slides his arm around his wife. "You will have to restyle it later," he remarks, idly, "for your own amusement." Then, with his beard full of pomeade, he is leaning in to brush his whiskers across her cheek before stealing her lips for a swift kiss. "Hot chocolate over a snowball fight?" he asks, but nonetheless starts to lead her over toward the little slice of Keaton, the hot chocolate bar with the hearth.

Aksel looks over to Wash and calls back, "Never in that way!" He grins down at Alexis, "I will try to put it to good use." Which is likely never, though he does pocket it.

Desiree continues to look at Artorius with a cheerful smile. "You're welcome. It was fun. Not everyone would want to participate. Are you going to play any of the other games because if so I'll definitely cheer for you."

Kael gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

Merek gets Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade from an elegantly carved display case of mustache and beard pomeade.

Aiden thumbs toward Wash, "I'm sticking with him."

Alexis moves to rinse her hands off in whatever water is provided, and she does look -longingly- at the snow-battlefield. But she also looks at her gown, and bites her lip, and, after careful consideration, she instead begins looking at the lip balms.

Artorius smiles warmly to Desiree "I think I'd like to join the snowfield competition over there...should be fun!" he smiles. "I'd be happy if you cheered for me..always love having friends and meeting new people." he bows softly to her.

Alexis has joined the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

    With no teams it seems that Merek is with at the moment, Merek decides to take a moment to flip a coin. Afterwards he then asks of Alaric, "Your Majesty, would you mind having me for your team?" he asks.

Alexis gets a small tincture of strawberry-scented lip balm from a merchantile chest of Lady Laurent's Lip Balm.

Wash sidles up to Alaric, following Aiden and kicking snow. His boots could be better for this environment. "Your highness." He says when he finally gets there, puffing lightly to catch up. "I think if anyone decides teams but you, it might count as treason."

Desiree grins. "It really is nice to meet new people, and I'm sure you'll do your best over there. Oh here you can use the rest of this." She hands him the pomeade.

Artorius has left the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

Artorius has joined the a battlefield of freshly fallen snow.

"Princess Katarina - I am, thank you. You've done very well," Lark replies to Katarina as she returns the curtsey with a polite inclination, still content to stand on the sidelines where she can stay bundled up and relatively warm. Coffee's put roses back in her cheeks and she's not over-eager to stomp around in the snow.

Alaric glances towards Aiden and Wash before nodding to Merek. "Of course, Guardsman. I can't properly throw some snowballs at my cousins if they're on my team. That wouldn't be sporting at all," he declares regally.

Titania has joined the a battlefield of freshly fallen snow.

Artorius smiles to Desiree and accepts her gift "Thank you. I'll put it to good use." he bows lightly and gives her a friendly hug..before running off to the snow field! "Here to join the fun!" he laughs.

Lark is overheard praising Katarina for: For organizing and hosting a fabulous carnival.

Aiden's grin goes wide at hearing Alaric's polite declaration, "It's not everyday you get to throw things at your King." A beat, "Cousin-" he calls over to Alaric, "I think you'll need to tell your King's Own to stand down huh? Less they rush and tackle us."

Desiree moves over to just outside of the battlefield of freshly fallen snow. She's only going to watch and not participate, but she looks eager for the event to get started.

Katarina tentatively counts out the bodies gathered upon the fields, excluding Lark and herself. "If you'll all separate into teams of three, we'll begin shortly!"

Ida is overheard praising Katarina for: For hosting such an outstanding and exceptionally enjoyable event!

Alexis slips a strawberry-scented tin of lip balm into her sleeve, then moves on over to Desiree. "My lady," She offers, cheeerfully. "I trust you're enjoying yourself?" She inquires. Hooray, vantage point to watch the fun. Murmuring quietly to her liege-lady.

Alexis has left the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

Titania comes out onto the of snow looking between everyone she knows, oh what side to be on this is hard! her gloves hands are tucked under her cloak for the moment looking between everyone.

    Merek takes a moment to nod towards the King and bows to him, then stands up. "That'd be interesting to be certain," he muses at Aiden's words, imagining the King's Own defending Alaric from snowballs. He looks to Aiden, almost wistfully, and then he decides to line up where the team he's on is for now, clawed gloves flexing as he tests the snow.

Artorius smiles at Katarina's declaration! He messes with his dragon-tail beard, and smiles to all present "Alright! who's team am I on?" he questions, looking quite excited for this actually. He loved games! "

Alaric beckons over Artorius to join Merek and himself. "If we need one more, then we'll take the lad in the House Malvici crest over there! You look like a fine snowball warrior."

"What's the fun in that? Let them form a wall and be his fortress. We shall lay siege to the King's living fortifications!" Wash gestures to the King's guard broadly before turning. Wash hurries to one end of the field where he starts balling snow. "Aiden! Lark! You heard his Majesty."

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Artorius does see the king and he waves at him "Good King Alaric! I'd be glad to" he smiles, approaching with a bow to the King. "Consider me honored, my King. Let's have some fun yes?" he glances to Merek "Good to see you!" he smiles, cracking his wrists.

Desiree nods to what Alexis says after murmuring back to her. "I am enjoying myself. I didn't expect to have so much fun, but it really has been. I liked the styling you did." She laughs happily.

Alaric waves a hand reassuringly at Aiden. "I'm sure you won't get tackled for snowballs," he declares confidently. "Probably. It might not hurt to miss by just a little, to be safe." He turns back to his team and pauses, looking from Merek to Artorius with a slightly uncertain look. "What in the world happened to your beards, if you don't mind my asking?"

Reigna laughs and makes a sound of playful dismay at the smearing of pomaded beard on her cheek. She takes Kael's hand and moves with him towards the chocolate bar to watch the snowball fight in progress.

"Lord Malvici! It seems we'll have a proper Velenosian contingent for the King," Merek offers amusedly aside, while he waits for the teams to settle in. He smiles easily enough even if he seems a small bit in his thoughts. He then blinks, looking down at his pirate whisker beard, "Uh, women styling contest," he offers.

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Reigna has joined the Keaton Chocolate Bar.

Aksel moves over to the side of the field and watches with a curious expression. "Snowball fight. Interesting."

"Good luck!" Lark pleasantly calls over in Team Wash's direction with muffled clapping of her gloved hands (carefully maneuvering with her now-cold coffee), blandly pretending she didn't understand she was being recruited just then.

Merek puts Gentleman's beard and mustache pomeade in a backpack made of black leather.

Aiden smirks and seems to be quite willing to have fun. His grin remains boyish and cheeky as he bounds along behind Wash to start readying their ammo for the events to come, "So are you storing the castle gates?" He side glances to Wash, then hears the rebuttal from Alaric. That makes him laugh heartily, crouching into the snow and piling up snow into his gloves, deerskin that he slides on from where they'd been tucked in his belt. He spots Titania and turns to Wash, "Looks like we get a do-over, but this time no water. Alright, what's the plan?" A little huddle before gametime maybe?

"Titania, Aiden. Together again. If someone has to be resuscitated after this, then I'm going to assume we are cursed." Wash confides as he packs snowballs.

Ida continues nibbling on various goodies collected from around the festival, waiting for the snowball fight to begin. "I haven't thrown snowballs in years. Too many, I suspect," is mused while her glance seems to size up the teams about to do frozen battle.

Reigna has left the Keaton Chocolate Bar.

Kael has left the Keaton Chocolate Bar.

Alexis crosses her arms under her chest, canting her head as the combatants ready themselves, and glancing over at the other competition booths. Giving Aksel a nod as he joins them. Then shaking her head and laughing a little. "Gods." She declares. "I really did a number on you. I am so sorry. I'll get you some Wyrmguard whiskey as a sign of my contrition."

    Once everyone upon the battlefield has separated themselves into some semblance of a team, Katarina steps out gracefully into the middle of the field with them. "Welcome to the Battle Royale, Snowball Edition," she officiates through a brief fit of giggles.

    "Team one, your domain will be the west side of the field," she dictates Alaric's team toward one end filled with ample snow and absolutely no trees or large rocks for natural cover. "Team two, your domain will be the east end," she points Aiden's team to the east side of the field where they have the advantage of two trees and a boulder near the middle of the field.

"The objective of the game is to capture either King Alaric or Prince Aiden, and bring them to your respective sides of the fields. If you manage to hold them and pelt the offending team for five minutes, that team will be declared the winner."

Titania comes over to where wash and Aiden are. she looks across at the other team with a grin, "Oh this is going to be fun." she looks back at Wash and Aiden as she starts to make snow balls as well she leans in to listen to Aiden and Wash nodding her head in agreement to whatever was said.

"Oh. There are rules." Wash says thoughtfully. "I like it."

Petal quietly slips out, just about as quietly as she first slipped in. She seems to be rather shy.

    "So, we're kidnapping royals no matter which side we're on? Ok!" Merek calls back, with amusement. He then takes a stance in the snow like he's about to battle in the first fight of a fantasy.

Aksel looks down towards Alexis a smile forming on his lips "Only if you're going to drink it with me." He peers between the two teams, "Who you got in this thing?"

Alaric faces Artorius and Merek commandingly. "All right men, our battle plan is simple. Once we've built up our snowball arsenal and been given the go-ahead to begin, you're all to aim for Princess Lark and start throwing. She'll never see it coming," he declares, looking directly past his team to Lark over on the sidelines. "Or we -could- play the game as intended. Hmm. Does anyone have a falcon I could lure Aiden over here with?"

Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Alaric checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

    "I mean, all I have is a fox, not the same thing," Merek offers to Alaric, while he takes his time to consider the battlefield. "I can do that," he then adds, to the plan mentioned with a nod.

Artorius nods at Katarina's words, seeing the immediate advantages on the other side in terms of cover. He laughs lightly at Mereks words. and looks to Alaric with a listening ear

Lark obliviously continues to wait patiently for the snowball fight to begin, completely out of earshot of Alaric and company, tra la la.

Wash gestures to Titania and Aiden, huddling up momentarily while still packing a heavy snowball. Why he keeps spitting on it is anyone's guess.

Aiden looks confused for a moment, "Why am I team captain?" He lifts his brow at Wash, "You should be..." Although he moves into the huddle with Wash and Titania, looking back at the other group as he mutters toward them.

"The King," Alexis decides, wwith a small smirk, nodding over at them. "I'm more familiar with his teammates than Prince Aiden's. So I feel less guilty not cheering for Prince Aiden's team." She decides. "And... Sure. I'll drink it with you." She offes to Aksel. Leaning in now and again, to continue a whispered conversation with Desiree, smiling at that, too. Sticking index and little finger into her mouth, and giving a shrill whistle of a cheer. "I'm freezing and want to get some of that hot chocolate - Countess Keaton said it was made with the family recipe - but I am terrified to miss out on the great bits." She admits, hugging herself. "This is great."

Titania moves into the huddle nodding her head, while she still packs snaow balls listening.

The trio at the south end break their huddle and take up a triangular formation. Because there are only two options for three points on a plane, triangle or line. Aiden is in the center, naturally.

Desiree speaks with Alexis while she watches the snowball fight. "That hot chocolate does sound good. Reigna told me about it."

Alaric begins pacing out a ten-foot line back and forth, hands clasped behind his back. "Men, our time has come. All the hours of preparation, the blood, the sweat, the tears, everything you have worked so hard and suffered so much for, is for -this- moment. Our time is now! Seize your moment, such that in the years to come, whenever anyone sees snow, they will think of your names," he declares inspirationally. "Maybe we'll even rename 'snow' after us. Now go forth and do the Compact proud."

Wash tucks his heavy snowball into the pockets of his cloak and packs two light ones, one for either hand. "Heeeeeeere. Duck." Wash says, grinning at Artorius.

Aiden starts filling his hands with snow and prepares a whole pile of packed down snowballs behind a rock, the fortification he's going to stand behind. Poking his head up from where he was making his rallying point, he listens to Alaric's rallying words and smirks, "What he said. Go throw snow."

Aksel glances to Alexis a moment whispering softly a second before his eyes going back to the field. "Yeah, that's who I would have picked. But, I'll choose the opposite. Name your terms, Dame."

Alexis nods to Desiree, then leans in to listen to Aksel, shaking her head at whatever he said. "Screw it. Keep them from being too exciting until I'm back." She decides. Then blinks to Aksel. "My terms? Ah... Gods, I'm terrible at that. I name Lady Desiree as my champion while I go get us all hot chocolate." She declares, hurrying off.

    Merek nods to Alaric and offers him a salute. "We'll call it... Alatoric, the white blanket of peace, upon our stand," he states. Why not. He then reaches with his clawed gloves to pull up some snow into his hands and forms it into a ball.

Merek says, "Alatorek."

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Maybe the draw of hot chocolate piques Ida's interest as well; the knighted smith reluctantly moves away from the snowball pit and starts heading toward that tent, but something else catches her attention. Diverting her path, some other delectable treat draws her in that direction.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Wash checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Artorius checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Aiden takes aim from behind his rock and lobs a snowball toward Merek! It seems that the royal on this side of the fence is not going to just hide!

Alaric checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Desiree keeps her eye on the field as the event gets started. "Huh? Champion? For what?" She shakes her head and keeps her eyes on the fight.

Alaric throws a snowball at Lark. He'd need to be a lot closer for it to get to her, it seems.

Aksel looks over at Desiree. "My Lady." He says giving a little wave, "Oh. She picked one side. I picked the other. So, naturally a bet has been made. But the terms she as left up to you, it seems."

    Merek takes a moment to break off from King Alaric, and then he moves around, before he swoops in low and then tosses a ball of snow right at Lark! Well that was not a target that was expected. He also attempts to swivel dodge from the snowball Aiden is aiming at him.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Wash throws snowballs at Merek. He keeps a sideways eye on Artorius though. He doesn't use the snowball in his pocket, preferring to save that for emergencies. Instead he gathers and packs like everyone else. But when the snowball leaves Artorius' hands, he quacks loudly.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 48 higher.

Alaric checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

"The enemy is attacking civilians!" Aiden calls out toward his team mates, "FIRE at will! Fire at will!" He laughs good naturedly though his voice has a surprisingly sharp command ring to it, as he makes another ball of snow and lobs it, this time for Alaric!

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 24 higher.

Alexis is quick on her feet, even in cold weather and wearing silk slippers. So it is that she returns with three large and steaming mugs of hot chocolate, retrieved from the Chocolate Bar. Offering the first to Desiree, and the second to Aksel, and keeping the third, taking a sip, and letting out a happy sigh. "What'd I miss? And did we decide on terms?"

Titania moved out and chucked her snow ball at Artorius but it comes up short it seems she is going to need to be closer, she hears Aiden's words and moves to grab two more balls of snow to chuck at Artorius again.

Wash presses closer on the left flank, staying between Merek and Aiden for the most part. Though far enough that he can't hope to interrupt a good shot from Merek. He slips in the snow, going down on one knee.

Lark checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Katarina looks between the two teams as they start to formulate their plans, lips quirked in soft amusement. "This could go either brilliantly, or very hilariously," she predicts sidelong to her co-onlookers, only to give a girlish squeal when a snowball comes flying in their direction.

    Merek takes a clean hit from the snowball even if it grazes him. He then dodges another, as he backs up, and then looks to Alaric, "They're going for the King!" he calls out. He then does a twisty turn and then scoops up another snowball and aims this time at Wash, "DOWN WITH THE TYRANNICAL EMPIRE OF ICE!"

Desiree nods. "I don't usually make gifts, but I suppose whoever loses can gift the winner with a surprise gift." She grins as Alexis returns. "Thank you! I was just thinking about that."

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Wash checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Alaric checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Wash checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Artorius looking at Titania, he grins devilishly and lobs a snowball at her! "For Alatoric!" he laughs at Mereks made up name for their little empire.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Artorius checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Lark notes Alaric's betrayal, and she straightens up a little stiffly as she watches the wad of snow fluff out in mid air and fall into so many useless little piles at her feet. She takes an indignant sip of cold coffee.

Aksel takes the offered mug from Alexis with a smile of thanks. "I agree to those terms." Aksel says with a nod. Win or lose, he's likely to come out a winner here folks!

Katarina is overheard praising Lark for: Not even King Alaric's snowball treachery seemed to faze her.

Artorius is overheard praising Lark for: Stone Cold! fearless in the face of such cruel playful betrayal

Aiden's turn of a snowball on Alaric, may very well keep Alaric busy and distracted enough to not successfully lob them further at Lark. "We will protect the innocent!" RAWR and stuff. Alaric might get BEANED in the head if he doesn't DODGE.

Alaric points to Lark. "That first one was just a warm-up!" he says, then promptly throws another snowball at her that falls well short. As far as the team he's supposed to be playing against goes, Aiden plunks him square in the chest, though.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Titania checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Desiree lets out a cheer for Artorius like she told him that she would as he doesn't makes a decent throw.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Titania is a quick one, she spots the snow ball coming and steps out of the way looking over at the Malvici with a grin on her lips, she playfuly blows him a kiss.

Aksel peers curiously as the snowballs start to come wizzing in this general direction. "I think we're trying to be goaded into this conflict." He glances down the line towards Lark, "Do you wish for me to open fire, Princess? Just name your target."

Wash can't dodge as easily down on one knee and a snowball solidly clashes against his collarbone, spraying snow up in his eyes and making him look away. "Ack. Too good. What is that?"

And while Lark may have gotten lucky when it came to dodging Alaric's snowballs by standing completely still, she was tragically struck dead-on by Merek's snowball. Though she's well wrapped in her cloak, it still nets a somewhat feather-ruffled swatting of her hands as she tries to brush snow down off herself - "Avenge me," she beseeches Aksel.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Aiden has rolled a critical success!
Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 33 higher.

    Merek does some kind of move where he ducks as his snowball flies, and then leans back before he leaps back up and then points at Wash, "Wooo! UNITE MY BROTHERS, WE CAN WITH THIS WITH THE KING'S GUIDAN-- Oh shit," he looks over to Aksel when he sees his snowball hit, "I'm about to have a bad day." He then leans back into his stance.

Katarina checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Artorius manages to dodge any snowballs coming for him! Though he attempts to go around the field all stealthy like! His end game? Get Aiden!

"Those Barbarians are attacking our people!" Aiden calls again to his soliders, not without some serious laughter behind it, "We will defend them! And you--" he aims a snowball at Merek, "Barbarian HOARD! You will surrender or you will be pelted to death!" He pauses, then adds, "Come join our side and fight for the righteous! We who do not attack defenseless men, women and children!" He signals then for Titania to move, while firing his own snowballs at the guardsman Merek!

Aksel nods once to the Princess and hands his mug to Alexis, "Since the rules are about to be changed, Dame, I do not mind conceeding that you've won." He gathers up snow as a man spent all his life in the north can and lobs one at Merek.

Alexis gives a small nod of thanks to Desiree, and sips her chocolate some more. Blinking at the amount of snowballs going for the High Lady of Grayson, she offers a hand to Aksel to hold his mug. "Lord Artorius is handling himself well," She offers, conversationally to Desiree. Grinning a little at the banter - but sure to stand ready to throw herself into the line of fire should a snowball head for Desiree.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Wash waves to Aiden, "Charge!" He shouts, getting the heavy snowball he was packing and closing to melee range to smash it on Merek's head.

Wash checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Artorius checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 36, rolling 16 lower.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 36, rolling 8 higher.

Desiree drinks some of the hot chocolate and nods to what Alexis says. "I do think he is, but I should be going I'm afriad. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy yourself."

Artorius just keeps on sneakin' around! Even if he does so poorly...He still keeps goin! Although an idea does come to mind when Aiden invites those from the other side..or the HOARD! to join them...but he goes with this plan for now! Just keeps poorly sneakin' about.....yup....just gonna keep 'er goin'...and pray nobody finds him and pelts him with everything.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Merek checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Aksel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 9 higher.

Titania moves to hit Art with a snow ball and then move past him moving in on her target! Dun Du, Dun Du! her eyes are on the king!

    Merek is hit with the snowball that Aiden throws even as it seems Wash chases him around to try and hit him yp close with one. "Ahhh!" he exclaims. He holds where the snowball had hit, then he sees that Aksel is aiming at him, and /somehow/ he manages to dodge that, even as he tries to feign defeat, while running, it's not too effective. "Alas, by the gods, there are too many my King!" he exclaims. "But I'll fight to the last!" He's now in melee range with Wash and begins to roll up another ball.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Wash lands in the snow rather than on Merek, but rather than give up, he's laughing and pointing as Aiden comes pelting in from behind.

Artorius checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 36, rolling 10 higher.

"Are you guys going to capture the captains, or what?" Katarina shouts to egg the teams on when all she manages to see is snowballs pelting each other and no kidnapping going on. She glances sidelong at the King's Own. Just to make sure they're cool peeps.

Alaric observes the entry of a few random spectators into the contest and folds his arms with a satisfied look. Which turns into a squint and a scrunched up face as Titania's snowball splatters against him. "Phtoo," he comments as he wipes some snow off his lips. "-Now- this is a proper snowball fight," he declares approvingly.

Aiden checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Alaric has rolled a critical success!
Alaric checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 108 higher.

Aiden watches as Artorius tries to flank him and the Prince takes the opportunity to scramble up onto his rock, a few snowballs in his arm, "Charge!!" He yells out and slides down the other side of the boulder. At least his snow ball struck Merek! He watches where Wash lands in the snow and snickers, his eyes flicking toward Titania, then checking on his not-so-sneaky opponent. "Titania! NOW!"

Alexis nods, shooting a smile to Desiree. "It was good to see you again, my lady. And if we get a chance, I'd like a chance to speak with you at the Estate in the near-future as well." She offers, with a little smile. Ruefully shaking her head at Aksel's concession. "Thank you, by the way." She adds to Desiree. "For this." Gesturing between the three of them. Giving another sharp whistle to the combatants on the field.

Desiree has left the The Bee's Knees, House Laurent Tent.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

    Merek takes a moment to back up and then looks to wash while he takes a moment to consider his actions. He then calls to Artorius, "Go for it!" And then he's swooping up a snowball to distract Titania in the hopes to give

    Merek takes a moment to back up and then looks to wash while he takes a moment to consider his actions. He then calls to Artorius, "Go for it!" And then he's swooping up a snowball to distract Titania in the hopes to give him the chance to get Aiden perhaps. He is inspired by whatever Alaric is gonna say before he says it.

Alaric has gotten the crowd involved, and apparently the first two rounds were just total diversionary tactics because he claps his hands together and points to Aiden. "Well done men, we've lured them into a false sense of security. Now we have them -right- where we want them! At their exposed flanks! Bring me the head of Prince Aiden! And make sure it's still attached to his body!" he says dashingly, or at least as dashingly as one can with a few lingering slush marks from snowball strikes.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Wash positions himself badly, between the King and Merek instead of between Merek and Aiden. He keeps looking over his shoulder to see if the King is planning something, coming for him or something like that. He makes an aborted attempt to throw snow at Merek, not even taking the time to ball it.

Artorius matrix dodges her Snowball with relative ease! and just keeps on trucking right past her! though he leaves his back completely vulnerable, his eyes lock onto Aiden like a wild lion pursuing a gazelle as he rushes for him!

Her being Titania!

The Northman peers as his snowball sails past the dodgery dooings of Merek. Vengence not yet achieved he bends down and starts to pack another one. "I will avenge, Your Highness." He says to Lark. Maybe? Who knows! It's the thought that counts.

Aksel totally throws at Merek.

Wash checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 99, rolling 72 lower.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 99, rolling 56 lower.

Aksel checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Aiden checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 99, rolling 44 lower.

    Merek notices Aksel has taken another toss at him, and just to let him have the win, he makes a small motion with his hand... And steps back in front of the snowball. He takes Lark's vengeance dramatically, as he holds his stomach, then he calls out to his teammates, "It's all up to you." His ball flying at Titania manages to hit the snow, and he allows himself to fall into it. The bit of snow Wash threw, he takes and pulls over himself. Then he takes some cloth off his belt and places it atop the small snow mound, and salutes, before he falls back.

Artorius checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Artorius bull rushes Aiden like a madman! His eyes looking like death was coming for Aiden as he charges him in a 'surpise muthafucka!' kind of way...even though Aiden probably saw him coming...either way! He tackles him like he just found Waldo.

Aksel looks over at the Princess a sad sort of look knowing his throw is going to miss the target. But his eyes narrow a little as Merek allows the strike to occur. "You have been avenged, Princess!" Aksel says suddenly chipper. Then turns to Alexis, "So, suprise gift huh? Give me a week?"

Aiden ends up taking a good old slippery fall, like one might see a gazelle do trying to change course before a hungry lion! It must have been Alaric's commanding authority ringing over the battlefield that made him lose focus and trip. The young Prince tries to scramble around in the snow and get his bearings. He will just sort of flick snow at his pursuers, by the way of his feet digging into the snow and comically scattering it up at Artorius. And then suddenly Aiden grunts from the impact... in a ball of snow tumbling over and over!

"Your memory will be rightly honoured," Lark calls to her newly-appointed champion; what are six floundering in the snow against one northlander? "Aiden, look out!" she then calls to her youngest present cousin, defaulting to cheering for whatever team Alaric isn't on.

Bending at the knees to scoop some snows into her hands, Katarina craftily sneaks her way onto the field while Merek and Artorius are busy running the field, strafing the sidelines until she has a clear shot of Alaric. Then, without warning, she takes off in an agile sprint to try and close in to smush a snowbal in his face.

Alexis laughs, shaking her head and sipping her cocoa, holding Aksel's cup out for him. "Sure." She agrees. "Though - well. I'm willing to call it a draw. Given the changes in the rules." She offers graciously, even as it looks like Alaric's team are taking the win home.

Titania checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 99, rolling 86 lower.

Alas, Lark was late, and actually called out to Aiden about the same time he was hit.

"Your willing to call it a draw is denied." Aksel says to Alexis as he sifts his drink. "You have won." He looks out to the field. "Either with my forfeit, or with those on the actual field." He chuckles softly, "And I always honor my bets."

Titania moves over at a quick clip to find Alaric, "Your Majesty......" she stands there looking at him her hand goes out to take his arm to tug him with her but she moves and looks back to him when she does not seem to be able to budge him..

Alaric observes poor Titania's unsuccessful attempt to capture him and gently pulls -her- closer to -him- instead to start brushing some snow off of her nicely. "Well, hello there Lady Titania. I have to say, you're far too lovely to not be on my team during this little contest," he notes charmingly. "What do you say, how about switching over to my te-mmfff" That's about as far as he gets at the end before Katarina runs up and shoves some snow in his face.

Alaric has rolled a critical success!
Alaric checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 64 higher.

Alexis shakes her head again. "If you insist." She tells him. Raising her free hand to cheer as Artorius grabs Aiden, and starts giggling at Alaric's battlefield seduction. "Oh, gods. This is the best snowball fight ever."

No! Lark is not having this. When it looks like Alaric is going to steal Titania off, she passes off her empty cup to whichever of her guardsmen happens to be nearest, and delicately gathers cloak and skirts in either hand so she can trudge out awkwardly into the snow. "I pledge myself to Prince Aiden's cause!" Reinforcements!

"For Aiden!" Cries Wash, frantically balling up snow to throw at Artorius.

With a vibrant laughter, Katarina quickly draws away from the King once his face is thoroughly caked in snow to her liking. Golden eyes sweep across the fields to take notice of Artorius hulk-smashing Aiden and effectively winning the game. "It looks as though King Alaric has officially won the game, but Her Grace has declared a snow war!"

Aiden checked strength + brawl at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

"I will never surrender!" Aiden can be heard declaring in the tangle of Artorius' limbs, as he tries to fight him off. BUT, well, so much for that idea... Maybe if Aiden resorts to biting.

    Merek rolls around on the snow and then scoops some up, as he arises to toss one more snowball at Princess Lark in an attempt to protect his King!

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Artorius, with a vibrant "Ahah! Gotcha." he smiles, now attempting to haul Aiden back across the field to present to Alaric! totally not headless and all! "For Alatoric!" he cries out putting the young Prince on his shoulders to make a run for it!

Lark checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Wash checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Titania is pulled into the king her blue eyes looking to his face as he cleans the snow off her, she nods her head as something seems to tug at her, "Yes." she says softly, there is no telling the king no right? right?! She turns to look at Wash and Aiden and moves to pick some snow up and starts to chuck it at Wash.

Artorius checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Snow mutiny! Lark rushes out into the field, stopping after a moment to bend at the knees and gather snow into a ball, which turns out to take a bit of time because she's insistent on making it perfectly round. Which means she's not looking up when Merek chucks his snowball at her, and she takes it clean to the head. She tosses her perfect snow sphere at Alaric in retaliation.

Alaric wipes snow from his face with a laugh and then a noise of dismay. "Gaah, I've got snow in my nose," he reports to Titania. "But congratulations, you won! Your sense of timing for when to switch sides is superb," he says complimentarily. "Well done!" he calls over to Artorius. "For Alato--" He gets interrupted again, this time by Lark's snowball hitting him in the shoulder and splattering him with even more snow.

Titania checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

In her confusion, Katarina's snowball ends up spattering onto the snowy grounds as she struggles to keep her footing beside Alaric, falling back on her rear with a vibrant laugh.

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