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Duel: Fairen Leary vs. Talen Velenosa

A duel issued by Grand Duke Consort Talen Velenosa to Marquis Fairen Leary over the supposed aspersions cast upon Grand Duchess Eleyna Velenosa's beauty and claims of a breach of etiquette of dueling conduct by a Peer of the Realm. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather acting as Champion for Fairen. Aleksei Morgan acting as Champion for Talen.


July 18, 2018, 4 p.m.

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Talen Aleksei Fairen Jeffeth


Talen Marian Aureth Aleksei Vanora Fairen Lucita Grazia Orelia Jeffeth Appolonia Josephine Coraline Amanda


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

6 House Velenosa Guards, Vanora arrive, following Talen.

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The arrival of the Archduke Consort is one that looks incomplete without the Archduchess upon his arm. Instead, today, it's a Lady of Grimhall who attends him as a companion. With a steady motion in the clank and rattle of steel armour which can't at all be comfortable, he finds them a place before hailing his Champion to the sidelines. "Master Morgan, a moment." There's a bow to Fairen, then a nod to Jeffeth, at first greeting.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, delivering a message to Talen before departing.

Aleksei is here in leathers that can use an update. The black leather is marked with Skald's sigil -- eh, still pretty normal -- as well as the sigil of the Faith in some places, which is probably a bit odd, given his status now. But he's stretching out his shoulders a bit on the field, testing the fit of the leathers that he possibly hasn't pulled out from his closet in quiet a while. Twist around. Tug at this trap, adjust this other one. When Talen calls him over, his brows sweep up, and he strides over to him. "Aleksei's fine," he says with a wry, crooked smile.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Arriving vaguely from the direction of the Traders Tavern comes the infamous frame of Marquis Fairen Leary, along with his assortment of guards. Perched on his shoulder is a Northern Hawk Owl, staring out into the world with a harsh, judgemental gaze.

Binky, an asshole crow, Gregory, an unassuming disciple arrive, following Aureth.

Aleksei drops Toddler Fitzcarraldo.

Vanora does not even imagine in her deepest heart of hearts that she makes the same striking picture on Talen's arm as the Archduchess, but she makes -a- picture at least. She speaks to him in low tones on their way across the city to the proving grounds, but she hangs back when the Archduke-Consort calls Aleksei over for commisseration of whatever sort, taking the time to skim the rest of the crowd curiously.

Grazia enters to watch the duel with perfect posture: spine straight, shoulders back, head held high and proud. In a word, she moves like a duchess. She seeks out somewhere to sit so that she can most properly observe.

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Aureth takes a seat at the Judges' Booth. It's probably because he's judging you.

Amanda Whisper steps onto the grounds, dressed in understated dove grey, with a warm cloak over her shoulders and a smile on her red-painted lips. Playing escort is a toddler - Fitzcarraldo - dressed in equally warm and dapper looking clothing. Amanda makes for the stands, near as she can get. "Do you see your father out there, looking rather ready to stare down that giant?" she asks, with a sweet smile. "Let's wave, if he looks this way-... Oh, and the giant is a friend of mine. Sir Jeffeth! He's a Knight of Solace," she explains to the young boy.

Marian is sitting in a quiet boot, having a chat with Princess Coraline who is sitting with her. She looks quite comfortable as she sits there, her keen eyes looking in interest as the Champions arrive.

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Sir Jeffeth Bayweather approaches the field, a bright smile tugged up on his lips. His wrist is wedged in between the pommel of his blade and the sway of his hip. The behemoth of a man saunters towards the field, bringing up one hand to wave at the crowd with a radiant smile. The large man gives a bow over to Fairen and then Talen once he arrives at the center of the field, then finally a bow in Aleksei's direction with a bright smile.

Lucita gracefully makes her way into the area, a signal given her dogs to remain back at the entry with a guard to watch over them, well out of anyone's way. She lifts one hand to give a little wave to some of the people she knows, a little smile accompanying the gesture. She approaches Grazia. "Might I join you, Duchess?"

Cora is equally comfortable chatting to Marian, rather happily watching people arrive.

Still cutting a somewhat dark figure as she moves onto the grounds, Appolonia gives a curious glance around before she silently makes her way toward a place to seat. As she passes any familiar faces there are nods or stiff approximation of a curtsey if station demands such formality but largely she looks for a seat not covered in snow or wet and then settles in to watch silently.

Josephine is slipping in, that grand old lady with a handful of velvet bagsn fresh from tge market and regarding the people who have arrived before starting to make her wsy in.

Aleksei speaks quietly with Talen, glancing over at Jeffeth and then looking back with his brows swept up for whatever Talen says. His smile quirks, and then he nods before looking back at Jeffeth with a responding bright smile.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Emerging from the beverage tent with a glass of dark liquid - rum, probably - in one hand and a flagon of ale in the other, Orelia Stonewood finds herself a decent vantage point in the stands, settling in with some of her fellow Champion prospects. With considerable use of her elbows, that is. And without spilling a drop! Once seated, the blonde knocks back a hearty mouthful of rum, stormy eyes settling upon Jeffeth with a smile quirking her lips.

Receiving the bow from Jeffeth, Fairen nods his head at the man in response, giving him a soft and friendly smile. "Good to see you again, and so soon." He observes, making his way over towards where Grazia is seated and inclining his head at her as well, positioning himself on a seat next to her. Though he then does spy Talen, inclining his head at him as well. "Prince Talen."

Talen leans back from speaking with Aleksei and then looks to Vanora, saying mildly, in answer to whatever she says, "You're not wrong." Then, for Fairen, "May Gloria decide the right of our minor quarrel, my lord. Good luck to you and your Champion."

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The big man takes out his blade and sets it on the ground, bending over to gingerly lay it on the grass. Jeffeth then takes a step back, bows to the crowd before doing a backflip. A quick and simple thing, which has his cloak and hood whipping around and trying to strangle him, but he lands all the same, Jeffeth delivers another bow to the crowd before tucking his toe under the blade and with his foot flicking it up, before catching it with one hand. Then he turns to Aleksei and gives a nod. He's ready. "May we honor Gloria today."

"Thank you. And to you as well, your Highness." Fairen offers simply back to the Velenosa Prince.

Passing byn Josephine looks to Vanora and then down to the pendant that hangs around her neck. "Not bold at all my Lady" There is a brief curtsy to the younger woman and a smile. "Would my Lady like it? It is a trifling thing made some time ago."

Aleksei checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 58 higher.

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Aleksei laughs aloud at Talen's response, grinning at him a bit, and strides back onto the field. He catches sight of Amanda and Fitz, grinning brighter and waving over at them, which just has Fitz telling Amanda very seriously of Jeffeth, "He beat Papa last time." RUTHLESS. Aleksei watches Jeffeth's display with warm humor before he unsheathes his plain steel longsword. He gives it a few testing twists in his hand, and then he swings wider in a figure eight before loosing the sword up into the sky in a brilliant arc, watching it carefully, and then -- managing to not get his hand cut off! That is: he catches it by the hilt on the way down, moving with the momentum of it, to bring it back up and to a ready position as he grins at Jeffeth.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"By all means, Baroness Lucita, do join us," Grazia says politely to Lucita.

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

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Aureth shouts from nearby, "Spank him on the ass, Lucky!"

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Lucita gives a curtsy and quickly takes a seat so she is not blocking anyone's view.

"Yes, sweet boy..." Amanda says, to Fitz. "But each duel is different, and each done in honor of the Gods. Today, your father represents Archduke Talen. That's him over there," she says, with a polite, whole-handed gesture. "And Sir Jeffeth represents Marquis Fairen, over there..." Another gesture. "And today they duel over-... well. The reasons are vast. But have a lot to do with-..." And her lips purse. "Etiquette and perceptions," she decides. And she whispers a few more words to Fitz. Nothing that needs to be said aloud!

The fight begins, Jeffeth heads out onto the field with his blade in hand. Circling Aleksei for a few moments, nodding to the other man. His smile slowly fades as he starts to focus on the task at hand, gripping his blade. When they finally engage, Jeffeth steps forward with a strong instep, trying to take ground from Aleksei. His blade swings in a short, precise jab which goes wide. The big man's brows arch as Aleksei is nowhere near where he struck and instead coming at his side. A bellowing grunt is let out as Aleksei's blade connects with his side and Jeffeth doubles over the strike. He reels backwards, stumbling a few steps before holding up his blade quickly to ward off any followup strikes. There's no blood, but the first strike definitely /hurt/ Jeffeth. He takes a few moments, breathing deeply as he prepares for a second engagement.

Cora nods, "Oh yes, I don't do show. I also prefer efficent killing. Actually I am having a boarding ax made as my primary weapon because it is easier to kill with one strike with a pick or a nice ax than a sword a lot of times, at least I think so. I don't go for the flashy myself. And yeah I can't really understand using weapons in this way." She laughs, "Oh yes, Luca seems to be /on/ every second of every day. I don't think he stops the show does he?" She shakes her head, "I agree we are on the same page as far as this goes." this is indicated with a hand wave to the sands.

The momentum of Aleksei's sword falling from its arc and into his hand follows through all the way into their circling and his first attack. He twists out of the way of Jeffeth's, and he almost seems surprised to have managed such a lucky hit so early. He shifts back and around again, clearly wary of reprisal from Jeffeth and with a more than healthy respect for his opponent's skill -- he's not leaving himself within easy range -- before moving in again to try and strike.

Marian lets out a shout at the skilled way that Aleksei is managing the fight. It's clear she's rooting for Prince Talen's champion.

Leaning forward, resting her elbows on her knees, Orelia watches the initial strikes of the bout with uncharacteristic focus. Even her ale is forgotten.. for now. The rum is gone. It always is. But the still relatively full flagon is clasped idle between both hands in favor of paying the duel the attention it deserves. Yes, the blonde with the troublemaking reputation /can/ focus on something other than bawdy songs and banter, when it's warranted. There's a roar from she and several of her companions - the sort of sympathy and muted outrage only an audience can muster - when Jeffeth takes that blow. But the young lady's blue-grey eyes, in contrast, are alight with interest, following every motion avidly.

Appolonia seems focused intently upon the duel, her gray eyes moving from one man to the next. When Jeffeth stumbles she tenses but otherwise the Seraceni woman is still and quiet, watchful.

Amanda gives a soft gasp at the strike. Fitz looks curious, but not shocked. The child does not seem easily impressed or surprised. "When we represent someone else before the Gods... it is more than a person's skill with a blade that matters," she tells the child, quietly.

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