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Archlector Aleksei Morgan

Other matters never take priority for you, Aleksei. You see people, and you love them, fiercely. They want to confide in you. You make those you come into contact with want to be better people. That is never a liability.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Surprise God-Botherer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Paladin of Freedom, Archlector of Skald

Description: The brightness of fair skin and clear blue eyes provide an air of youthful energy that seems to highlight and encapsulate Aleksei's spirit. The straight slope of his nose suggests he hasn't had it broken nearly as often as he deserves, and he has lips well-suited to smiling which are generous in their frequent curves. His gaze remains eloquent when his wits fail; fringed with black eyelashes, set beneath dark eyebrows, his bright blue eyes are expressive and lively. Their suggestion of energy is echoed in the rumpled tousle of short, dark hair and the coiled strength of his body. His air is one of poised grace and easy athleticism that has come from a lifetime of physicality. While he sports fewer visible scars than his appearance of martial competence might suggest, there is a small but clear line, white-pink and slightly sunken, across the hollow of his left cheek, partially obscured by the close crop of a well-trimmed full beard across his jaw

Personality: It's a wonder that Aleksei hasn't been throttled yet. Bright and gregarious, he can be the life of the party, but he has a remarkable habit of high-level obnoxiousness combined with a frequent inability to even know what he did to piss someone off. That said, he can be quite charming, and there's a draw to his energy. A natural thrill-seeker, he's certainly not a coward; he's just spent most of his life allergic to responsibility. While he likes to eschew his Oathlander roots and all of the stereotypes they involve, he has a core of morality and honesty that belies his protests.

Background: Aleksei was born a middle-child to a well-respected commoner family serving in Sanctum which a long history of service for House Valardin. While his father had earned a place of trust and respect as Captain of the Guard in the city, and several of his children siblings seemed certain to follow in similarly honorable footsteps, Aleksei was -- a bit of a trouble. He took to the sword with a truly obnoxious amount of skill, but by the time he was sixteen he had grown too restless under the pressure of potential honor; he packed his things and left.

Over the years since he traveled up and down Arvum, serving as a mercenary, man-at-arms, random muscle, and general adventurer. As luck would have it -- and luck often seems to have it where Aleksei is concerned -- he was back in his homeland of the Oathlands when he rather inadvertently ended up saving the children of one of the smaller noble houses there. It was their gratitude that had them thrusting a knighthood upon Aleksei; it was not long at all after saying the vows (vows?!) that he was making a break for his next adventure, heedless of whether he'd be confirmed by the high lord or not. It was Arx that he eventually made his way to; it had enough diversity and diversions to satisfy his cravings for a few years serving as a duelist, Champion, and occasional instructor for those with less skill and more money than him.

It was something of a shock when he decided to take his vows and join the Faith as a Godsworn seemingly out of nowhere. Sir Aleksei became Brother Aleksei, despite all previous evidence of irresponsibility and general distraction from any matters of the divine. There were even some rumors around the end of the Siege of Arx in 1006 that he served as some sort of Paladin against Tolamar Brand, leader of the Silent Army, but what exactly that entailed is less than clear. It wasn't long after the siege ended that he was named Archlector of Skald, one of the three newly-returned Lost Gods of the Pantheon. To a lot of the senior Faith, the appointment came rather ridiculously early in his career -- particularly for someone who wasn't exactly known for his devoutness before taking his vows -- but they couldn't exactly refuse the decision from the Dominus himself.

He's taken to some parts of the priesthood...more than others.

Relationship Summary

  • Holden - Obnoxiously Responsible Oldest Brother
  • Warrick - Unfortunately Unlucky

  • Parent:
  • Hardwicke - Reliably Disappointed
  • Symanthe - Bright and Hilarious

  • Friend:
  • Orazio - Pretty Much The Best
  • Samantha - Responsible But Relatable
  • Cassius - Very Occasionally Smiles
  • Zhayla - Tiny Hero, Big Sword
  • Luca - Favorite Shirtless Dueling Partner
  • Jasher - Smarter Than He Looks, Could Be Smarter
  • Mae - Lil Ball of Affection
  • Ainsley - Endlessly Passionate
  • Tristan - Prefers Horses
  • Ferrando - Big Bouncer, Great Kisser

  • Family:
  • Aureth - Bestie and Brother Archlector
  • Fortunato - Distractible Artist
  • Saedrus - Positively Remarkable
  • Name Summary
    Aiden He is a man who has exceptional knowledge of the Gods and one who has knowledge of what goes on in the world. He's well educated on subject matters not commonly known. He's apparently Ainsley's good friend and while he didn't relate to me any good stories for a wedding gift, I can forgive him that for his intimate knowledge of Skald and for sharing that with the world. It's important knowledge is not kept locked away and I think he understands that.
    Ainsley Aleksei Morgan was one of my first friends when I came to Arx as a newly knighted officer of the Iron Guard. He's been by my side for almost as long as I can remember. Pulling my head out of my own ass on more than one occasion. But doing so with laughter and friendship. I know that if I had any need, Aleksei would be there for me.
    Alaric The new Archlector of Skald looks more knight than priest still, but he's a go-getter and the Compact needs men like that with some authority to wield. The composure and dignity will come with time, hopefully.
    Alarie The finest ass in all of the Compact. Nice to see an Archlector getting out and about and not stuffy in their shrine.
    Alarissa He is a man, with a lovely smile, and hard job. It is always a delight when we meet, regardless of what others may think.
    Ann Aleksei has grown up since the last time I have seen him. The difference is drastic, but he's still the same ole Aleksei at heart. I'm proud of him. And I know he's happy. And I'm happy for him. He's still my friend. A dear friend, even though we haven't seen each other in ages. I know I lean on him now but he can always lean on me if he needs to.
    Apollis A very handsome Archlector. He seemed to crave my kisses and I was happy to oblige. I hope to kiss him again soon.
    Arianna Kind, hilarious, and brilliant. I like this man and I am sure we will see one another in the coming days.
    Arik A man more forthright as me. It is a shame I have a sister who would stab me in my sleep if I were as free spoken as he, it would be more interesting.
    Armand His passion for the First Choice is evident and honest, as befits the Archlector of Skald. Different outlooks, but we'll see where one is right and where one errs later.
    Astraea The Archlector is real nice like, he kicked major arse on the sands. Any man that can put down a beatin' like that has my respect. When he came to speak to me and my siblings though, his manner was so kind and easygoing. He's very humble for someone with such a legacy behind him already. The world needs Paladins more than ever before, I hope he's there at the end.
    Aureth The first time I met Aleksei ... was it the first time? Can't remember. Pretty early on, anyways. I gave him a reading in Gisele's bookshop and decided to hit on him. Best decision of my life, really. I've got to call him my best friend. Anything else I say will probably be sappy and gross.
    Avaline The Archlector of Choice is apparently also a very skilled fighter! Who would've known? Very personable and enjoyable company, even if I spent most of it watching him attempt to run Prince Luca through with an alaricite blade.
    Brianna A man of his word. I have been meaning to speak with him in person, soon, about the ideals of freedom.
    Calaudrin It's a pity he couldn't do my wedding ceremony to Magpie. But there's always divorce. He still has a chance.
    Caspian I know him better as a fighter then a man, and I can tell that he is a REALLY good fighter. He should've remained a duelist!
    Clover We don't run in as many of the same circles, but I remember very clearly first meeting him and wanting to see his sword-- his alaricite sword. It was the first one I had ever seen, and it is a thing of beauty.
    Cristoph What a coincidence that Sister Gisele brought someone to our dinner party from the Oathlands! He seemed like an interesting sort of man, broke free of being stuck at Sanctum with all the rest of his family. Sometimes a man has to follow his own path, good for him.
    Darren A good friend who offers good advice on all matters (especially divine one-liners.) Evenings in Farhaven have taught me the value of good conversation by a fire, and I am glad I have people in Arx who I enjoy spending time with like I do Aleksei.
    Delilah Aleksei is incredibly knowledgable, has a cute dog, and seems to be quite relaxed. I should've expected such things from the Archlector considering who he serves.
    Echo He's apparently an Archlector but he's more than that: Some sort of crazy good duelist, and he does it all with a smile! Oh, how charming!
    Ectorion Cheerful and humorous, and incredibly skilled with his blade. Not what I might have expected of a priest, but exactly what I'd have expected of a Paladin.
    Eleyna Eleyna didn't want to like him. He's exactly the sort of person that generally gets on her nerves, yet, despite herself, she finds herself quite enjoying Aleksei's company on the occasions that they end up meeting.
    Esoka While not a typical priest (whatever that is), Aleksei has impressed Esoka with his commitment to the Faith and bringing back knowledge of Skald to the world. She hopes to learn more of the formerly lost gods from him. Also, his dog is ADORABLE.
    Ferrando Nobody's more enthusiastic or well-intentioned around Arx that isn't named Ferrando! So naturally we ended up friends. He's more of a joiner than I am, but I don't hold it against him. Fortunately, I don't expect becoming an Archlector is going to cramp his style all that much. It wouldn't be very Skaldian! Skaldish? Skaldesque? I'll have to ask him with the proper term is sometime.
    Fiachra When I first met him, he seemed something of a mouse, unsure of how he fit into his own skin. He has now come into his own and discovered his path, and I believe that it sits well on his shoulders.
    Flora Never meet your heroes. (Or people you hear vague rumors and tall tales about, anyway). They're probably not six foot eight nor wide as a bear.
    Fortunato Aleksei, Aleksei, the wild knight who whines about responsibility has shouldered more than I can quite comprehend, but it's no surprise. There was always a deep core of compassion and support under all that desire for freedom. I trust him. I'd sooner mistrust the sky.
    Galen I wish the circumstances could have been better, but if I know nothing more than Aleksei and these others stood by Sorrel, they are alright in my book.
    Gisele Larger than life and twice as bold, everything he said and did at first seemed designed, deliberately, to make an impression or cause waves. But under all of the big and the loud is a lot of tenderness, and vulnerability.
    Godric He mostly listened to instructions. What good fortune. Stay out of fire.
    Hana A scandalous flirt who hit on Hana before realizing she was the daughter of the man he was already sleeping with. AWKward! And yet, despite that, he's become a valued -- treasured, even -- part of Hana's family.
    Harald He intends well, despite being another smug Churchman.
    Holden There are sometimes no words to describe my brother. But no matter our differences, I trust him more than most, and I would do anything in my power to protect him. Even if sometimes it feels as though he must be protected from himself.
    Holden Brat. But one I would lay down my life to protect.
    Itzal Though dread was in his heart, he stood before the oncoming avalanche, heartened by the knowledge of his purpose. Here he would make his last stand. Here he would face the tide, and beat it back! He answered questions very well!
    Jael Not what I expected. Not even sure what I expected but he's not it. Still, I'm glad Gisele brought him. Clearly has some feelings about thralldom that we were unable to unpack. Perhaps in a less tense situation.
    Jeffeth Let me borrow a sword. Helped me refine how I use it. A good teacher. A good man.
    Joscelin Too loud, too flamboyant, too... well. But he can't be what he isn't, and that's definable. You can't ever limit this man by a label or a box. It's rather refreshing.
    Katarina Archlector of the First Choice, and an interesting face that Katarina has brushed paths with now and then in her time in the city. He carried himself with a light-hearted demeanor once, she's seen it at a dinner party they both attended some time ago. Now? Far more weighted, and grave, when she does see him -- perhaps her time is just awful.
    Killian FREEEEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMM! No seriously, Aleksei is a strange bird but Killian likes him a lot. As a fellow Paladin, he trusts the man, but beyond that he's always known Aleksei to be honest and decent in his dealings with people. It's strange perhaps how quickly he's come to trust Aleksei, considering they first met at the duel between Ainsley and Tristram, which wasn't really that long ago. On the other hand, the Knight turned Paladin turned Brother turned Archlector of Skald came recommended by people he trusted to begin with. It's a help.
    Leola The Archlector of Skald. Paladin of Freedom. Family to those I call close. We have fought together in defence of this world. We would do no less for one another, I am certain.
    Magpie Meeting Aleksei was a treat. Easy on the eyes. Intelligent. He could see why Aureth was interested in him. Of course, then when Aleksei kept flirting and Aureth gave his blessing? Well, Magpie has been crushing some on the priest ever since. He also sees him as part of the family given how much he's gotten involved in Grayhope affairs and been there for them. Magpie has NOTHING BAD to say about Aleksei. They've had too much fun in the hammock for that.
    Margerie A thoughtful teacher willing to entertain questions even before he has completed his morning coffee. Quiet shifts in emotion, veering from humor to deep philosophical dives. Also, I am not sure if he has a dog or a small pony in the Shrine.
    Mason Mason and Aleksei are both Seekers in the Explorer's League, but they first truly met at the Shrine of the First Choice not long after it's miraculous appearance in Arx. Given Mason's distaste of slavery as a whole, the man is very interested in getting to know the Archlector of Skald and wants to assist him in his work. He finds Aleksei's eagerness refreshing and encouraging. Here is at least one person he does not have to fear evil designs from.
    Merek %bMerek has one word to describe Aleksei, and that would be 'curious'. He seems to not be a social master, and when he first met him, he thought the man could be funny, and kind, but he believes there's a lot more to him than he shows most people.
    Mia I would say that I had no choice but trust him, but given what we both know, it would ring a hollow lie, wouldn't it? There is always a choice -- a fact we know better than most. So I'll say instead that I decided to trust him, out of need and out of hope, and out of gratitude for his patience with all of my questioning. And besides, I adore that dog of his.
    Mirari Any friend of Benjamin's has got to be a friend of mine. Though I suppose he isn't very dignified, like he says!
    Mydas Despite rumored inexperience, I found the new Archlector of the First Choice to be able to offer wisdom and enlightenment on the tenets and ways of the First Choice. Had the patience to hear all my questions. That's not always a given.
    Nierzen I hate when people try to answer my questions with questions as though I were some boy in school. If I'm asking, just tell me. Otherwise, he's not an idiot, so there's that.
    Orathy He used to be one of us. He got out. He got free of it all.
    Petal Everyone is talking about his ass! He seems like a rather popular man. I don't know him well at all, but he is always surrounded by admirers. There must be a reason.
    Quenia Archlector Aleksei is a very patient man of the Faith who listened to my questions and gave me honest answers. I feel he is a good representation of the Faith, and I may seek him out later if I have any further questions.
    Reese Reese didn't take Aleksei too seriously at first, but she always did like him. At first meeting of him, she even found him to be kind of silly, but in a likable way. She started to take him and more seriously with time. Her relationship with Luca really got her to notice him because well Aleksei is close to Luca as well. Reese is all about getting along when possible and when she is isn't charged up to fight and duel - so she wanted to get along with Luca's friend/lover and reached out to him. She hopes to know him better with time. With him being a paladin she sees him as one of the saviors of compact and worthy of great respect. She also sees him as quite wise and tonight's meeting only enhanced that feeling as he seems to know so much about what is going on. She appreciated how he shared his knowledge with everyone present.
    Rook Seems pretty relaxed as an individual, despite the fact he has the tasks of ensuring the world doesn't end on his mind. Probably has an exhaustive lists of way to vent that stress. Note to inquire further.
    Samael Brash and gregarious and seemingly concerned with true justiced. I'll take any ally in the pursuit of justice. I like him.
    Samantha I know that I am not someone who takes up a great deal of Aleksei's life, but regardless, I regard him as one of my dearest friends. There are so few people who permit me to be my truest self in their presence and without judgement. Sometimes he is a what-if, but mostly he is like a brother. I trust him with all of my secrets. I trust him with my life, and the life of my family. And he is always welcome in my home.
    Sebastian The Archlector actually got Shard to laugh, which was an impressive feat. He seems pleasant, and has the aquaintance of a number of the Pravus family. Intriguing.
    Sorrel A friend of Tikva's who protected us at the incident on the beach. It was not the best way to meet a person, but he seems very level-headed and nice, and maybe we'll have the chance to interact soon when I'm not covered in sand and weeping about abyssal horrors.
    Talen Aleksei took up the challenge from Eleyna to put Talen in the dirt for a 1,000 silver. The man asked about using House weaponry to train, which normally some swords are fine with, yet Talen's elitist snobbery came out to play.
    Thesarin He seems a learned man, and a good one. He has the trust of people who have mine.
    Tikva I first met Archlector Aleksei as a charming young Champion who permitted my son to crawl all over him. He's been very good about letting Tiber crawl on him ever since. I'm so pleased that he's become a priest of the Faith, I know he's going to be great with all the little ones, and also he's kind of stupidly attractive which isn't really relevant but it's definitely true.
    Valery We usually don't talk much when we meet, but he's an interesting man
    Vayle Patient, kind and knowledgeable. I have already learned much from our first meeting and I look forward to further philosophical discussions.
    Vayne I find him amiable and interesting. I look forward to learning more about how his theology forms his view of the world. There's a great deal of overlap in the foci of our faiths, I believe.
    Victus Fancy as fuck Archlector I call him now. Got on my nerves, but they all do. At least we're on the same page.
    Warrick I always thought Aleksei would end up being a Big Damn Deal, maybe even a Big Damn Hero. A Big Damn Respectable Hero-Priest, though?