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Vassal of Wyrmguard

Words: "Heavy Hearts, Heavy Steel"
Sigil: A Black Dog Towers over a White Wolf on a Field of Gray
Nicknames: Dogs of War

To see a Steelhart smile is a rare thing, more commonplace are their somber frowns and cold eyes. While not Valardin's oldest vassal house, House Steelhart has served dutifully from the day they bent the knee to the Valardin kings of old. A history of warfare follows this House, against shavs, House Valardin's enemies, and tragically, even amongst themselves. Highhill Hounds is their chief export, a breed of mastiffs that are as large as wolves, known for their gentle attitude towards their masters and their fierceness in battle, earning the Steelharts their nickname. A unique tradition is found in Steelhart's lands, if one member of the House, soldier, knight, or family, draws their sword against another, they are honorbound to fight to the death. This has led to many civil skirmishes and at one point in ancient times, a bloody war.


Name Rank Title Description
Frederik 1 Count
Gregor 3 Noble Family
Sara 3 Noble Family
Seth 3 Noble Family
Maylis 3 Noble Family
Jasper 3 Noble Family
Col 3 Noble Family
Tesha 4 Trusted Ally

Ruler: Frederik

Land Holdings


Description: A large town overlooked by the Steeltower, Highhill is located on the bluffs of the Oathlands, west of the Telmarch and bordering the sea. House Steelhart has faced constant raids from shav pirates, and little fishing villages on the coast the bluffs overlook owe their protection to the rulers of the Highhill. The Steeltower itself is a tall single tower surrounded by walls reinforced with steel shields. It acts as a lighthouse during the night, and is easily seen from miles away.

Landmarks: The Great Road.