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Vassal of Thrax

Words: "Fear is the guardian of hate."
Sigil: A Cross by the Sea
Nickname: Grims.

Though the name 'Grimhall' is said to come from a bastardization of Grihem the Explorer, a legendary figure who led the Arvani to the bountiful isle in the Mourning Sea now known as Grihem's Point, much of the house's bloody history has justified a dark cloud at the mention of its name. While a handful of Dukes of Grimhall have been respected, or even loved, the majority have attempted to 'out-Thrax the Thraxians' by demonstrating a callous brutality of their vassals and attempting to rule through fear. Rivals of House Tyde, the destruction of that ancient house did very little to restrain the violent excesses from House Grimhall.


Name Rank Title Description
Harald(RIP) 1 Duke Duke of Grihem's Point
Sivard(RIP) 3 Noble Family
Max(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Ford(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP Marquis of Stormward
Sameera(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP Minister of Coin
Oliver(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP Trusted Policy Adviser to House Grimhall
Alarie 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Torstein(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Darrow(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP Voice of Darkwater
Elara(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Sheena(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Anton 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Ximun 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Eugine(RIP) 10 Disfavored
Dmitry(RIP) 10 Disfavored

Ruler: Valdemar

Minister Category Title
Sanya Productivity Minister of Productivity and Efficiency
Faelan Warfare Warlord of Grihem's Point
Iseulet Income Minister of Income & Trade
Lilia Upkeep Minister of Infrastructure and Development
Vanora Population Minister of Civil Welfare and Population Management
Orchid Farming Minister of Agriculture

Land Holdings

Grihem's Point

Description: Grimhem's Point is possibly among the richest among holdings in the Mourning Isles. However, the prosperity is very unevenly distributed across the population, with quite possibly one of the greatest disparities of any domain in the Compact, and enough even some of the most conservative and least egalitarian of nobles find it distasteful. The life of the average citizen is one of strife - expensive and degenerate living conditions. It also possesses the highest ratio of thralls in the world which drives down production and labor costs to almost nothing.

Landmarks: In mid 1007 AR, House Grimhall funded the construction the Hall of Fallen Heroes in honor of the Queen of Endings, a somber place for burial of the honored dead. In addition, they also constructed a Hall of Justice for the Sentinel, a place of recording law and training for many of the women of the Isles who become lawyers and judges.

Anneke's Amphitheater - This building is stunning. Arched stone columns, intricately, painstakingly chiseled with beautiful patterns. The dome of the ceiling is perfectly arched for the ideal sound, and the seats are actually in a circle - the performance stage is in the center so that the music goes up and echoes perfectly through the room. Built by Harald Grimhall for his wife Anneke, this is a little-known cultural stop: The people of Grimhall rarely share their vocal prowess with outsiders and few even know of the amphitheater's existence.

Harald Grimhall Naval Academy - In AR 1011, Duke Valdemar Grimhall established the Harald Grimhall Naval Academy. Named in honor of his late father, the Grim Duke, the naval academy trains sailors in the vaunted traditions of excellence that Grimhall is known for. Some of the finest sailors, captains, and admirals are there teaching at the Point, and it is expected to produce fine students for naval endeavors.

Grim Seminary- Established in 1012 AR, the Grihem Seminary and Philosophy School is a massive marble institution created to train new godsworn, one of the largest such schools in Arvum.

Part of the Seacoast Watch of the Mourning Isles, built in 1013

Trends: As the most socially conservatives of all the Isles, there's pronounced mix feelings about the construction of the two new monuments to honor the gods. Most of the Grimhall vassals believe it is right and proper to honor the gods, though they want it to be on their terms, and strongly object to other pilgrims trying to impose their values upon Grimhall. Despite more progressive figures in the Isles pushing egalitarian ideals embraced by the rest of the Compact, men visiting the Hall of Justice find a cold welcome by the traditional Islander view that law is a woman's domain, and similarly they find it difficult to accept female warriors being buried at the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.