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A Spectacular Spectacle: A Blackrose Theater Performance

The Blackrose Theater presents: A Spectacular Spectacle!

A show of daring preformances from fire-breathers, tight rope walkers, sword jugglers and many other diverse and amazing talents! Come see the wonderous and wonderful! The bold and the bizzare!

And for his legendary debut of illusion and thrilling danger, suspended upside down in stnadard Inquisition stocks and shackles over a pit containing something too shocking to give away, Orland Amadeo will a never before seen stunt to escape before a live audience! A true defiance of the odds!

OOC: Live Action! Performances will be pre-written and @emitted at a reasonable pace. Audiences are welcomed to attend and show the performers love! Performers DO NOT have to @check! This is for FUN and people have the benefit of the doubt that they have the skills they're signing up for in their +sheet! Audience, you're encouraged to bring presents to throw on stage for your favourite performer!

**** If you'd like to perform and haven't already done so, Page Orland with your act request. Once confirmed, write your pose and @mail it to Orland.


Nov. 12, 2021, 8:15 p.m.

Hosted By

Orland Auda


Rook Monique Gianna Alistair Cesare Thea Macda Sira Mattheu Evelynn Ilira Savio Natasha Lore Duarte Yuri



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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Comments and Log

Lore puts black leather boots with metal clasps in Miscellaneous Clothing.

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A slow glance around as all indications appear that the event is due to start, and Rook looks towards Sira. "We should find a seat." he mentions. He heads along towards one of the ushers guiding to seats, and nods his head. "Can you please assist my protege Sira and I with locating some appropriate seats?" There is a slight jingle of silver accompanying the request.

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The Blackrose Theater is sold out for the first performance of the Spectacular Spectacle! There's some big names in the audience as the Theater company reached out personally to ensure some of their biggest contributors would be in the audience! A young woman comes on stage, she's your host! We're calling her Jula. However, she stands aside once people have taken their seats and the musicians performing in the stage pits get the attention of all to quiet themselves! She nods to Savio when he's ready.

Monique peeks out from the backstage area, emerald eyes glimmering with anticipation. Wicked, deadly anticipation.

Gianna leans back in her seat, draping her arm over the back of it as she watches. She's sitting in the commoner seating, naturally, one leg crossed over the other and a calculating look on her face.

Alistair is kind enough to not show up in Inquisition colors or with a giant cadre of Confessors to arrest the deviants that are... theater actors. Shudder. Simple Lyceum affair that is subdued for a supposed noble/royal of Velenosa. He joins without fanfare and takes in the noble's section, although a few confessors linger to deliver messengers and the like.

Savio appears as he often does with mandolin in hand, and a grin toward the audience. "Who gave you permission to be so beautiful?" he wonders, but of course there is no answer to this. They are all criminally beautiful. Both brows lift and then he introduces the evening with a song:

"Here you are! And here are we,
To entertain and please
But are you sure that you're prepared
For the wonders you will see?

Beauty, danger, scandal!
All of this awaits
For you our lovely audience
We tempt such risky fate

A beautiful seductress
Dances with the strangest friends
An exquisite fire-dancer
Risks an immolated end

Twirling through the danger
A pair braves wicked blades
And our Ravashari charmer
Dances a whirlwind as he plays

Last, not least, a daring act
Not to be revealed yet --
Come sit back and join us here
For a night you'll not forget."

A bow follows, and then he disappears to let the show begin!

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Actor?! How dare you. Cesare is no actor. He's something much worse: A bard. Though he could be mistaken for an actor, or a tumbler, considering he's doing cartwheels just offstage, and stretching in preparation for the act he's part of. It's probably best that he didn't catch the look in Monique's eyes.

Thea shows up a bit early. She HATES being late. Being a bit quite, she slips into the noble seats--siltently.

Rook applauds as the show commences, settling back in his seat to observe the impending chaos.

Macda's company filter away to join other guards and attendants in standing along the sidelines, while the blonde bruiser does a piss-poor job of finding a seat quietly. But the audience is still shushing at the time so it fits right in, and she drops down with a deep-dimpled grin to those with the luck to be sitting near her.

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Following the usher, and Rook, Sira finds a seat and composes hersef neatly to watch the show. Once Savio has sung the introductory song, she applauds politely and then leans to say something quietly to Rook.

"Lovely lovely! Thank you," Jula bobs her head to Savio, then outstretches her arms, "We thank you for coming to enjoy the Spectacular Spectacle! We advise you stay in your seats for the entire show to avoid being injured or miamed during the performances. We aren't responsible if you do! Be prepared to be amazed! Be prepared to be awed! Be prepared to see things you thought you could only see behind a mask or in dark corners of the world! We hope you enjoy our illumination on the Spectacular talents of our performers as the entertain you to gasp and squeal during their Spectacles! First up, the Blackrose Theater Proudly Presents, The Red Lady that Ignites a Room with her Blazing Spectacle!"

A voice echoes and drifts from behind the curtain as if there's bits of a conversation taking place.

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "Did you shave the whole horse? I mean, thank you. But if a naked horse is out there...""

Nina, dressed in red and with her red hair tied up in a knot, has practiced an elaborate dance act that manipulates flaming torches. Spinning first one, then two torches around in her hands as she spins and twirls, red fabric and red light all blurring into a bright wave.

As the act gets bolder, she puts a torch in her mouth, eating the fire as she snuffs it out with her lips. The bardness then lights several nodes on a ring, spinning a ring of fire around her hands, arms, and hips before raising it behind her as a frame. The final step of the act is a talent she calls the "breath of a dragon," which involves taking a sip of potent rum, and blowing it out upon the flames to cause what looks like, indeed, like legendary fire breath, a brilliant flaming spectacle that's over in a red-hot flash.

Emerging from the curtains, though clearly not part of the production, Alessia hops off the stage with an odd amoung of ease and takes a seat near the front.

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Rook offers a loud applause at the conclusion of Nina's fire dancing. "See, I told you. Danger. Excitement. And perhaps, disaster. What more could you ask for?" he murmurs to Sira.

Ilira flounces out from a dressing room backstage to peek past the curtain alongside Monique, putting a hand to her mouth over a gasp at Nina's blazing performance.

Gianna raises her hands to applaud Nina, going so far as to touch her fingers to her mouth to blow a sharp and loud whistle.

Alistair raises an eyebrow at the possibility of being injured or maimed. Where are those waiver forms? He is possibly considering possible legal violations, but alas, he does not make it an issue.

Thea watches Nina with big eyes. "Shite. You know--that's amazing, but imagine if she accidentally caught someone on fire!"

Savio is safely offstage after having introduced the acts in the song -- now he gets to appreciate them! Applause follows Nina's bold act, cheering as she sips the rum and makes the FWOOSH of flame! "I love that, I love that for her."

"You did," Sira murmurs back to Rook, her eyes wide from Nina's performance.

Natasha applauds with the rest of the crowd when the various performers take to the stage, seated somewhere to the left of Alistair and blanketed by the shadows cast by the dim lights of the theatre. She then turns to reply to something he has said.

"Wow! I don't know about you but after that act, I'm parched! Phew! That was hot!! Did any of you get scorched?! And don't worry, we won't burn the house down yet!" The announcer smiles at the audience, "How about we cool off with a little air? So let me next introduce to you, the Rhythmic Chimes of Ravashari Lord who Dances with Wind, an act that will surely steal your heart!"

Somewhere from the commoner section calls out a voice that says, "Too soon!" after the joke about burning down the house.

A bright burst of blues and greens walks out of the wings with a soft rythmic jingling of bells singing out as the tall and muscular man steps carefully to center stage. A leather backpack is placed to the ground, then a wooden case is pulled out and knelt in front of as the case is opened carefully while the man's lips move silently. A deep cherry red violin with a particular stain on the left bridge that is much darker than the rest of the instrument is brought out of the case and the man stands up, jingling in each movement. As he starts to tune the instrument a group of equally brightly dressed and jingling men and women gather just behind him and set down their drums. A quick tuning where the middle 'C' sings out just off key, and he nods to the crowd. "I am Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, and I'm here to share a little tune of happiness from my heart with you." A nod to those behind him, and he turns to face them with his back to the audience. A low thrumming of the drums begins, building slowly into a tribal melody creating a heartbeat.

Mattheu's foot gives rise upon toes then holds there, hips sway lightly to the opposite direction and hold as well. Bells start to chime out then are silenced with sharp motions. As the heartbeat of the drums rises quicker, each motion that Mattheu takes is perfectly timed to the beats. With a hop and spin as all his bells sing out at once he faces the crowd and upon landing on his toes, rising hips and moving with calculated precision he pulls the bow across strings of the violin. That out of tune 'C' fits nearly perfectly to the music, a low a long drawn out note followed by quick plucks giving rise and a playful sense to the music. Followed with long draws until the violin is singing of its own accord in tune with a heartbeat, and bells singing in each motion of hips, rise of feet, stomach curling back as if the wind itself is his dance partner. Mattheu stops bouncing, with the drummers dropping to a low rolling sound, that of a heartbeat slowing down from a fast run, then stopping as each of Mattheu's bells slowly quiets in the cascade of rainfall. A nod while closing his eyes and bow is taken to the strings in a long soft pull. Notes drawn out, leading slowly into more quick plucks before a shift in semitone and returning to another long draw. Drummers pick up slowly, mimicking the same heartbeat. Slow to build as Mattheu continues to build a pattern of upbeat followed by slow, long, and low saddened notes sing out in each tap, draw, and bounce. Mattheu incorporates each bell and tap to fit within the song. Only opening his eyes as the last note sings out in its echo off of the walls of the theatre. Drums slowly fading off only after Mattheu removes bow from strings.

Savio's applause doesn't come right away after the end or Mattheu's performance -- such sweet sad notes are to be savored for a moment, which he does with eyes closed. The bittersweet parts appreciated just as much if not more than the cheerful notes. After others begin to clap though, he adds his appreciation to the audience reaction, cheering for him, "No one does that like Ravashari, I am jealous!"

Ilira applauds in utter delight at Mattheu's performance.

Gianna tilts her head at that slightly off-key C and keeps it tilted throughout the whole performance, watching with bard blue eyes. She raises her hands to applaud the Ravashari's performance.

Sira gives an enthusiastic round of applause for Mattheu's performance, seeming both surprised and pleased by his talent.

Jula's beating her hand against her chest, "Thump Thump Thump! Be still my heart!" She fans herself, as she walks across the stage, "I don't know about you, but I'd say he can come back and jingle those bells at me night or day, if you know what I mean. Hahaha!" She whistles loudly, then spins back toward the crowd, "I've seen nothing like that before. I think it slashes through all my expectations! Say, speaking of slashing, this next act will be sure to drive you back into your seats and teetering on a knife's edge. Remain seated. For your safety!" She snickers and then, flourishes a hand, "Blackrose Theater presents our next act: The Band of the Blade performing the Dance of Daggers!"

Alistair claps once. Thats all you get. Which is more then most anyone can ever say. He certainly doesn't smile. Smiling at the Theater? Gods forbid.

Cesare and Ilira appear from opposite sides of the stage, two figures, one draped in white and one in black, their contrasting clothing set further apart by the difference in their height. But despite the ways in which they are opposed, they are helplessly drawn to each other: quick, flurrying steps draw them both to the center of the stage with arms outstretched in longing, while their previous positions have been replaced by two masked figures, one in crimson and one in gold, watching from the shadows. Cesare and Ilira clasp hands center stage, forming an elegant archway as they raise their arms and then duck beneath them, repeating the maneuver several times so their arms describe an intricate shape with each fluid movement. Their eye contact never breaks. They straighten and Cesare draws Ilira close, twirling her to face the audience as she lifts one foot in an exquisite pirouette, her aeterna skirts rippling. She gazes outward, stars in her eyes and a lovelorn smile upon her lips, when a dagger whistles *just* over her partner's shoulder, shredding his umbra, and past her pointed ear. Startled, both lovers look up with wide eyes to the source of their assailant, the form in fiery red who watches malevolently from stage right as the golden goddess stage left plucks the soaring dagger neatly from midair.

Cesare and Ilira's dance becomes faster, frantic - arms twine together, back and forth, as they bend their bodies to try and avoid the cunning blades flung their way. Always, the daggers fly close enough to whisper by the skin, sometimes through a gap in a lift, sometimes between the legs of a graceful jump. Every time, the gilded figure catches the blade, sometimes going so far as to intercept it just before it can plunge into one of the lovers. Desperation begins to color their expressions, and it is as if some unseen force is pulling them apart. They separate, inch by inch, until their fingertips barely brush, one pulled toward crimson and the other to gold. But suddenly, in a show of defiance, they run toward each other again, bodies pressed together in embrace, and Cesare lifts Ilira with hands around her waist, as if she weighs nothing, to sit upon his shoulder.

Bartolomeo, protege of Signora Lauretta Tessere arrives, following Yuri.

Yuri has joined the Noble Seating, House Right.

This evokes a sharp whistle of approval from Rook, as he settles back to watch the dangerous drama unfold upon the stage.

It seems a moment of triumph, Ilira lifted high and Cesare holding her up, but a final glittering dagger slices at them from the darkness and neither are quick enough. In a motion perfectly in time to the music, Ilira reaches down, too late to stop the point from piercing the heart of her lover. She grips the handle as it does and Cesare wavers beneath her, sinking to his knees with one arm still steadying her. She slips to hers in front of him, reaching to cup his face with shaking hands and a look of utter heartbreak on her lovely features. Cesare slumps in her arms, crimson pouring from the wound. Is it real? It certainly *looks* real. Ilira gazes at the audience a moment, lamenting her fallen partner, chin to her chest. The golden figure steps forward from the shadows to brush fingertips ever so briefly against Ilira's shoulder. Slowly, Ilira's head lifts, a new resolve in those fiery eyes. The melody quickens as, with lithe celerity, she wraps her hand around the dagger hilt and withdraws the blade from Cesare's unmoving chest while the golden figure steps back again. She whips around to throw it in a high, deadly arc toward the fiery red figure who, stunned, sinks to the stage, hands around the hilt jutting out from her breast. When Ilira turns back to the audience, her eyes flash with defiance and just the barest hint of victory as she rises to join the glorious figure in gold and they depart together.

Gianna watches with two fingers touching her lower lip, thoughtful.

Savio, big fan of Arvani theater and drama in general, watches the performance in a way that seems tense and enthralled even if he was briefed on what was going to happen. It's an exciting thing to watch! The dancing, the music, the flying daggers! Who wouldn't love that? Appreciative cheering follows the conclusion as the audience also applauds. "SLAAAAY!"

Instead of clapping, Mattheu bounces as many small bells all sing out at once as he cheers over top, "Amazing!"

Gianna raises her hands and joins in the applause. Her chin tips up at a regal angle.

Alistair has crossed a leg over the knee as he sits at his seat. Further accenting his demeanor of being unimpressed. Although he at least leans forward slightly at the possibility of witnessing a murder, and contemplating the paper work that would follow.

"I'm pretty sure that I'd be dying in your arms too, oh love, with that face! Such tragedy, such vengeance! Take me with you!" Jula gets up on her toes in a little comedy act, skittering to the side of the stage, before she wheels around, hearing the audience this time, "Slay they did indeed! If there's any Inquisition in the room, don't get up. We have it under control." She smiles and winks before she continues, "The next act, oh, she's a mysterious one ladies and gentlemen! I can guarantee you'll be slithering in excitement! Blackrose Theater welcomes our seductress all the way from the South, arrived especially for us by boat this very day, to charm you with the slide of her hips and the flick of her snake's kiss, please welcome Saffron, the Snake Dancer!"

Alessia applauds what she says, her features rapidly spreading into pure mirth, as she looks around the room. Her gaze drifts to the left before she studies the front yet again.

As the dazzling performance of Ilira, Cesare, and two others - who are they? She may know one - plays out on the stage, Sira sits rapt. At the end, i takes the seamstress a long moment to process it and offer applause. "That was incredible!" That's said a little louder than she'd intended.

The silence breaks with a woman appearing on the stage. She is tall, exposed skin is golden and she is dressed in verdant shades of green. Wrapped around her body, she holds a large snake. It is pale in colour, it's hard to say from a distance if it is real or not. It could be sleeping, it could be awake, it certainly looks real. Maybe.

The woman herself, has long blonde hair, left loose down her bare back. Wearing a scant top, resembling a serpent coiled around her chest, it's reflective with a plethora of tiny pieces of shimmering metal that clings and clangs with every movement. Loose silk skirts rest low on hips with high slits up each side, revealing long legs. Her face is hidden behind a mask of gold metal with dark green netting, giving her a sense of mystery and anonymity.

There is a distinct air of confidence as the woman moves with the creature she entertains. The snake is held carefully in her arms, but there is no hesitation, only comfort. Her body moves sinuously, hips swivelling, arms raising, her bare stomach demonstrating the detailed work that her muscles do to entertain the dance. Bare foot, she glides across the floor, shimming and shaking, bring this exotic dance to life.

The music that accompanies her is sultry, smooth and brings together the beat of a drum and the hypnotic lull of a hand flute. It's southern music, jungle music and it allows her body display embrace the dangerous dance, an obvious display of practiced talent mixed with raw spontaneity.

Alistair rises from his seat and then stumbles forward briefly, catching himself on the seat infront of him. If someone is disturbed, he doesn't apologize. Perhaps the High Inquisitor has had a bit to much to drink. He peers though at the latest performer. Maybe he doesn't like snakes.

Gianna sits up a little straighter at the arrival of the snake-clad woman. Her own eyes narrow, and she watches with a critical air about her. Then there's a little nod.

Natasha rises just as the High Inquisitor does, her right arm moving in an attempt to steady the taller, broader man as he seems to appear ill where they're seated; she is unable to do the same with her left, which is presently in a sling. Her words to him are lost in the din, but dark eyes wander towards the stage.

For anyone wondering if the snake dancer is actually just Savio in drag, regrettably NO, it is not, as evidenced by the fact that he's still here off to the side of the stage, the place from which he watches the other performers each have their turn! He seems to like snakes just fine, or maybe he just likes everything. He's an enthusiast, not a critic. "GET IT, SAFFRON! Yesssss!"

Lady Monique Greenmarch has appeared in the crowd during the last act and she stands to applaud it. "I need an outfit like that," she murmurs to the spectators nearest her, looking green with envy.

Rook nudges Sira gently in the side, nodding towards Monique. "There you go," he murmurs to her.

"My oh my, I'd be plenty happy to be wrapped around those one's coils," the hostess declares with a light laugh, "It'd be a nice squeeze." By now the audience is familiar with her antics and she parades forward, "But now we come to our final act of the night!" She sees people standing up and points out, "You can't leave us yet! Don't even try, the doors are locked! You'll need the help of our next act to escape." She waits for a moment then puts a hand on her hip, owning the stage as if it were her playground, "But the Blackrose Theater welcomes to our stage a young dapper man that claims he can slip the bonds of any chain! Here he is, our fast fingered master of tricking your eyes, the Grand Illusionist!"

Ilira stands close to Monique in the crowd, regarding the snake-charmer with glimmering eyes and open admiration in her smile. She claps joyously and murmurs agreement to the Greenmarch.

Lore emerges moments later, after Monique, catching her words and grinning, "Oh do I have someone to introduce you to... come! You can meet her now. She's utterly -divine- in her work." Hooking an arm through Monique's, she starts towards the commoner seating.

Sira glances at Monique, but then refocuses on the stage.

Alistair motions idly for his trio of Confessors that stand nearby, "Request that Inquisitor Thomas make an appearance, if he is avaliable." He says to one. The other two are dismissed, the High Inquisitor making a vague gesture to the back of the theater. For the moment he seems to have gained control of his balance and awaits the next show.

Thea silently sneaks out, as work calls.

Thea has left the Noble Seating.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Monique links arms with Lore and grabs Ilira to drag her along for the ride, all the while watching the stage with decided interest.

Monique has joined the Commoner Seating.

The act begins with a dramatic reduction of lighting as the curtain remains drawn and stage sconces are snuffed. Darkness overcomes the theater save for the lighting at the exits. Sounds on stage are masked by the musicians that play to the dangerous atmosphere. As the suspension grows insurmountable, the curtains are furled back by the use of pulleys. In view, a wooden tank with a glass feature front and back walls, set in a town square, with a gallows suspiciously beside it. The tank itself is made consistently like barrels save for the square shape and two panes of thick glass so the audience can see through it. It's filled to the brim with water.

Stepping on stage with a dancer's waltz with minimal clothing of shirt and pants, with painted eyes and lip, is the performer of the grand finale, calling himself the Grand Illusionist. It is of course Orland Amadeo. Orland begins by performing a series of small sleight of hand tricks - like he releases a crow into the audience! He slips into a skit with other stage performers - his role as a thief! From sneaking, to pickpocketing, to conning the other actors out, it's clear he has angered the mob. BOOM! With the help of a drum and a pipe, Orland throws a whole bunch of feathers like someone popped a chicken! A chase begins ... and the actors all scurry off stage! A large wooden structure that could be said to 'hang' people from is rolled onto stage.

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Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from a simple leather backpack.

Gianna purses her lips and bats at a feather that wafts her way.

Mattheu puts Vantuluimea in Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

Mattheu puts Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest in a simple leather backpack.

The skit continues, as his assistant, Savio, plays a parody to that of a member of the Inquisition capturing the Illusionist and bringing him back out on stage, captured! The masked assistant, puts shackles and chains on the obtained Orland - these look very suspiciously like Inquisition tools. "Your chains will never hold me! I refuse to tell you anything!" Orland pronounces outward to the audience, while Savio puts a potato sack over him and secures it with belts. Orland is then forced to his stomach, as his assistant reaches for the lowered chain from the gallows apparatus, to clip it into the ankle shackles. With some wheel hand cranks, slowly the chain is drawn upward, and upward, and upward -- until Orland is hanging upside down over the tank of water and slowly lowered into it! His form is squirming and wiggling!

The music increases sped and tempo, suggesting limited time! Savio gives a menacing laugh to play his part. The lights flicker and catch the fact that there's water moving and splashing over the sides! The audience can see the shadows form of the submerged man wiggling like a fish! But wait?! It looks like trouble! The chain is stuck! It won't go backup!! Did something go wrong?! Even the musicians pause to gasp, making their musical instruments squeal with the abrupt halt. The submerged Orland thrashes and water spills out of the tank! There's panic! There's screams and shrieks! Everything goes DARK! Lights are all snuffed again!

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Alistair narrows his eyes at the antics that Orland puts on, seeming to have recovered enough to return to his typical featureless expression. That gaze does flick to his little props and he seems to be doing an inventory in his head of all the missing cuffs and shackles. Hmmm.

Notably he doesn't react to the chaos and the lights going out. Maybe he just expects a thief got what was coming. Besides, the Iron Guard stops crimes. The Inquisition investigates.

Suddenly there's a burst of flame spat out from center stage! More chaos! Nina has returned to bring the light with the help of others! There's still darkness in the tank! OH NO. No movement! Savio and a few other stage performers runs forward to the tank! The end of the gallows chain is grabbed and hauled at, only to find it empty! Shackles are opened and freed but still attached! They pull out the soaked potato sack out - EMPTY!

The audience members see it first and start to point! Savio dramatically looks up and points to direct those who don't see it yet! There he is! Orland perches on the top of the gallows, waving his hands at everyone, grinning, soaking wet!

Lore takes Miscellaneous Clothing from Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

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Mattheu has joined the Stage.

Ilira twirls to applaud the performance with delighted enthusiasm and a broad smile.

Rook extends a hearty applause to the performance engaged on the stage, although no element of his attention appears to be truly on it.

Orland drops Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Sira is briefly distracted from the stage, but the arrival of Nina with her fire pulls her attention back quickly. She offers applauce for the escape.

Monique applauds the final act, her bright gaze studying the set pieces and the tank with the deepest interest of all.

Natasha takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

"That does not look like a good way to bathe! I wouldn't suggest it! You could drown, and then we'd lose a fan! We can't have that. We only want you to drink at the reception where you can meet all your favourite performers!" She thumbs up toward Orland then with a hand on her hip, "I can't explain it folks! But maybe they can!" She waves the rest of the performancers to come on stage then! "Please take the time to show your appreciation for this legendary spectacle! Performers come take your customary bow! Audience members, this is where you're invited to throw things at your favourite performers! Unless they're rotten fruit, we charge double on the exit ticket for those who throw fruit!"

Monique gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Alistair views the gallows for a moment, and then peers up at the grinning and free Orland. He manages a snort. Which is also more then most people get from the High Inquisitor. "Actors..." he says with a clear sense of distaste.

Sira takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Cesare takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Gianna gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Savio's plot to drown his new husband in front of everyone has CLEARLY FAILED, as Orland has - somehow?! - escaped captivity and certain doom to appear from the tank at the top of the gallows. Damp but un-drowned. "Curse you, grand illusionist!" he fistshakes, and then laughs, gesturing and beckoning to the other performers (and to Orland), "Come, everyone, all of you, let's have a bow!" he invites along with the hostess Jula!

Mattheu takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Lore takes strappy mermaid dress from Miscellaneous Clothing.

Savio does also look poised to dodge rotten fruit. You never know.

Lore takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

As the performance ends, Mattheu bounces with a flip, the loudest the bells have sung out all night.

Rook takes Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Ilira gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Gianna tips her chin up and applauds. She says something more quietly to those around her seating area.

Duarte whistles loudly with two fingers, "THAT'S MY BOY!!!!" He shouts and points repeatedly at Orland.

Monique is overheard praising Orland: Truly Spectacular

Cesare skips back onstage, applauding warmly for all the other performers, still stained with the red paint "blood" from the dramatic end to their dance. He whistles loudly through his teeth, a piercing sound that rings out throughout the theatre.

Savio is overheard praising Orland: Thank you for not actually drowning

Mattheu is overheard praising Orland.

Duarte is overheard praising Orland: THAT'S MY BOOOOOYYYYYY!!!!!

Orland slides down the chain like it were a rope and then hops off as he smirks smugly toward Savio, then hooks his arm around Savio to drag him forward so they could bow with the other performers! We hair and all, he bows and then turns to the other performers, clapping. Jula takes a little bow her self, and Saffron keeps her mask on, but the others are joining up stage too! Jula goes into thanking a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE: Including the Inquisition and of course the performers, and the Blackrose Theater, and the musicians, the stage hands, and all the creatives that were used in the creation of this production!

THIS IS WHERE IT TURNS INTO A SOCIAL. Feel free to pose to the room.

Cesare is overheard praising Orland: Fire, wind, water, danger - all the elements of a magical evening, brilliantly managed!

Ilira runs back onto stage and takes a deep, flourishing bow, her curls dusting the floor before she straightens with a great big happy smile. Eyes twinkling, she presses her fingers to her lips and flutters them outward toward the audience, then puts her hands together for her fellow performers.

Cesare is overheard praising Monique: Did not actually stab me!

Natasha is overheard praising Orland.

Cesare is overheard praising Ilira: The loveliest partner in a tragic dance

Cesare is overheard praising Mattheu: Fleet and lively as the wind

There is a delighted smile on Sira's face as she applauds the performers again, her head dipping to say something to Rook.

Rook is overheard praising Orland: A truly spectacular spectacle.

Cesare is overheard praising Savio: Needs to work on his breath control

Ilira is overheard praising Cesare: Ditto. You were immaculate, friend!

Alistair whispers with Natasha, still seeming a bit unbalanced, but has mostly recovered. He seems to motion towards the stage and the performers. Perhaps they are discussing what laws can be invoked to arrest an entire theater of actors? Defense of Public Welfare?

Savio sweeps a bow along with Mattheu, Orland, Cesare, Ilira, Nina, and the Mysterious Masked Friends, and any of the performers that are too slow to avoid him will get a kiss on the cheek as well. As the audience is no longer audience but getting up to mingle, he joins them to thread his way amongst them!

Orland is overheard praising Savio: A solid partner to have in life and on the stage!

Ilira is overheard praising Monique.

Yuri caught himself mid-clap with a resounding whistle, to add to the acclaim for the spectacle. He rose slowly, head scanning the crowd before meandering to pluck a pamphlet from out of the adorned box.

Ilira is overheard praising Lore.

Cesare is overheard praising Lore: A golden delight to combat the night

Cesare is overheard praising Nina: I am going to learn how to do that.

Ilira is overheard praising Savio.

Ilira is overheard praising Orland.

Sira is overheard praising Lore.

Cesare is overheard praising Cassiopeia: Snek

Ilira is overheard praising Nina.

Monique comes up on stage, daggers drawn. She points them out at the audience and sweeps a bow. For a moment, it *almost* seems like she's going to throw them out into the crowd.

Sira is overheard praising Monique.

Ilira is overheard praising Cassiopeia: I KNEW IT WAS YOU.

Natasha falls in a quiet discussion with Alistair, though she does eventually move with him, falling in a step next to him and her hand secured at the crook of his elbow.

Sira is overheard praising Ilira.

Savio gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Yuri gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

Mattheu continues to bounce while the rest take a bow, smiling to the audience, then landing in a deep flourished bow to the all. Bells singing out in each movement before he stands back up. The kiss upon his cheek from Savio causes him to blush a little.

Cesare is overheard praising Alistair: The most unimpressed person I have ever seen. More impressed even than Prince Noah.

Ilira tilts her cheek for Savio's kiss and smooches him back on both of his, grinning with all her dimples.

"Wonderful." Alessia says as she rises from her seat with a huge applause her features shifting from pure mirth to impassiveness as soon as she stops. She moves from her seating and heads for the exit.

Cesare /licks/ Savio in response, like the gremlin he secretly is.

Rook stands up slowly, adding himself to those having risen to the salute of all the performers. "Well done, all of you. Well done."

Alistair sucks in a breath and looks around sharply. As if he heard a particular brand of Inquisition insult, or someone from the audience chucked something at him. He seems to be whispering under his breath slightly.

Orland steps off the stage, towel around his neck and drifts from Savio to let the man have his light too. Instead he moves toward Alistar and Natasha, because he saw them from his perch.

Orland has joined the Noble Seating, House Left.

Ilira snickers at Cesare and Savio. She gives them two thumbs up, then dashes off stage to mingle with the crowd again.

Alessia has left the Noble Seating.

Macda claps! She pounds on a seat for emphasis! It doesn't even damage the person sitting in the seat at the time! So polite a princess.

As Orland approaches the noble section where Alistair stands, the High Inquisitor peers at the man. He holds a hand out. "My cuffs and shackles. And the name of the Confessor you lifted or bribed them from." Is all he says.

Despite what Jula said, the doors are unlocked! Escape is possible. But why would you escape when there's cake and goodies and drinks! There's all that available at some buffet style tables near the back of the theater and people have been hired to drift around with drinks served on trays.

Savio is threading his way through the crowd to come and bother Gianna! The area is quite crowded over there at what was the commoner seating while all were seated, now perhaps the commoner standing. "Gorgeous Nightingale. What did you think?"

Ilira has left the Commoner Seating.

Mattheu hops down from the stage and grabs at his backpack throwing it over his shoulder. There's a look out to the crowd, maybe some of the Ravashari came?

"I did say no fire on my stage," Gianna tells Savio with arched brows. "And I don't think I would have liked a tank of water up there, either. So it's for the best this show was put on here, wasn't it?"

After a conversation among the commoners' seating, Sira is looking around the theater to see all she can of the audience. She gives Mattheu a polite wave, then gives a nod to Rook.

Rook rises up from his seat and makes his way over towards Mattheu, offering a wave. "Splendid performance!" he calls out.

Savio grins broadly at Gianna, "Yes, all completely true. I really was fishing for compliments, though. I'm such a convincing villain, right?" Even he knows he's not.

Yuri sifted off toward a familiar face, bridging the gap from his stance over at the pamphlet box to spy Natasha within the crowd. He approached at the princess's side, giving a gentle settle of his hand at her forearm; with a gentle maneuver as not to disturb whatever conversation was at hand. "Highness..."

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "Cousin! You're here! Is Yasmine about? Don't tell anyone but Violeta /might/ have given someone's carriage puller a haircut.""

Mattheu smiles and holds his arms wide for Rook as he offers the wave, yelling back to him. Then with another hop the young Rivenshari lord heads towards both Sira and Rook.

Mattheu has left the Stage.

Mattheu has joined the Commoner Seating.

Monique catches Alistair's words to Orland and her green-eyed gaze turns that way. Was that a snort of amusement from the Minx? Surely not. She clears her throat.

The Thraxian princess' expression as she watches Alistair's deadpanned delivery and Orland's beaming grin is one that tugs around the fringes of overt amusement. While there is no visible smile, mirth flares around dark eyes. Lips part to reply, perhaps to both men, until someone touches her forearm; with her attention diverted to Yuri, his familiar visage subtly brightens her own. "My lord Tessere, did you enjoy the show?" she wonders. Gesturing to her companions. "And have you met Prince Alistair Velenosa and Lord Orland Amadeo?"

Moving rather fluidly through the crowd, Rook covers a good deal more than half the distance en route to Mattheu. "No, I am afraid her travels have continued overlong." He greets his cousin, favoring him with a hug. "I shall have to relay the tale of your fine performance to her when she returns."

Alistair at least speaks quietly with the performer. he doesn't seem the type to raise his voice. Its hard to tell if he is angry or joking. And hard to tell if Orland is talking his way out of a night in a cell. Its a lot of short words and uncomfortable staring from the hulking prodigal man.

"Of course," Gianna tells Savio. "I'm dreadfully frightened right now." It's all delivered deadpan. "It was all very spirited, which I liked. It reminded me of street shows but with a much, much better budget."

Savio gets Blackrose Theater Presents - Spectacular Spectacle from Spectacular Spectacle - Pamphlet box.

While everyone is distracted with their merrymaking, Cesare takes the opportunity to quietly slip out.

Orland puts up one of his hands in a defensive gesture toward Alistair, his expression folding back into a proper polite grace as he looks almost apologetically at the High Inquisitor - not without an edge of mischief left in his eyes however appeasing he's trying to be. Natasha is given a favorable look when she introduces him to Lord Tessere, "Oh yes. It was a few years back and we've not been in the same circles, but I do recall meeting Lord Yuri. How do you do? Did you enjoy the entertainment?"

Cesare has left the Stage.

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Savio laughs as Gianna replies, delighted and resoundingly un-villainous. "As you should be!" he agrees that she's right to be dreadfully frightened! "Me too. I like street-shows, and I liked feeling the same way about this one. Thank you for attending, lovely one, I am always so glad to see you. If, maybe, slightly self conscious about my singing technique."

Mattheu nods to Rook, "I understand." Clapping at his back, "How long have you been in town? We should grab a drink, find something to chase, eh?" A silly grin as he shifts his shoulder with the sack.

"I have just returned myself a few weeks ago," replies Rook. He favors Mattheu with a warm smile, and nods. "We should. There is much to catch up on." He flashes a grin. "And as always, much to chase!"

Gianna sniffs once. "You should have had more time singing, I think," she tell Savio. A faint sigh, and she shakes her head. "I'm still annoyed I can't make you a Mockingbird one day."

Sira, suddenly standing somewhat alone, looks around and puts herself at Lore's side. "Introduce me to someone."

"I fear I arrived a tad late, but I was able to catch the second half of the performances. Lord Amadeo, it is a pleasure once more. It /had/ been quite some handful of years, but not so many as to considers ourselves old, just yet, hm? A wonderful display." Yuri remarked first along to Natasha before settling his gaze upon Orland with an amicable smile before settling his gaze to Alistair, introduced by the Princess, " not believe I have had the pleasure, actually. A fair meeting to you, your Highness. Did you enjoy yourselves, as well?"

"More time singing! Nooo this was Orland's event, I am here for support role only!" Savio insists to Gianna, and then lets his grin gentle into a smile, cheeks a bit colored at what he perceives as praise, perhaps. "I know, I ruined everything. It is a habit of mine. Forgive me someday?"

Lore tucks her arm into Sira's and smiles, "Of course! Lets see..." She glances around the room, then chuckles, "Would you like to meet a Lycene lord?" THen she's drawing Sira over towards where Yuri is conversing with others.

"Maybe. If you keep the compliments coming," Gianna tells Savio with a very solemn look.

Macda Off Macda goes at some point, talking with Thistleton, "Of /course/ a barrel tank has practical uses, why would they object to my ordering one for my rooms?"

Alistair turns away from Orland, perhaps giving him an opportunity to escape without spending a night in an Inquisition cell for procurement of Inquisition resources. He stares at Yuri with a gaze that does not blink and lacks any sense of etiquette. The concept of 'pleasure', especially in regards to the Theater, does not seem possible to this man. "It was a show." he admits. "Performed on the stage." A glance to Orland. "With actors." A good summary, yes.

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Savio gasps at Gianna and touches a hand to his chest like clutching pearls, if he had pearls to clutch, which he does not. "How could I do otherwise, when one so beautiful and talented such as yourself draws out compliments as naturally as dawn brings color to the world?" A laugh follows this, warm. "I should go and make sure Orland behaves himself. Be well. You are appreciated."

Orland is overheard praising Alistair: He didn't throw me in the clink, cause he knows I can get out.

"And you as well," Gianna tells Savio, briefly gripping his upper arm before releasing.

Savio blows Gianna a kiss and then disappears into the crowd, presumably to go save Orland from Orland, but let's be real, has Savio ever possessed the ability to save even himself from bad behavior, much less anyone else? NO.

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Yuri met Alistair's stare with a polite nod, settling his gaze gently upon the ceiling, the stage, and then to Orland as Alistair rattled off the summarization of the evening, "Yes, indeed, your Highness." The lord glanced off to Natasha a moment, before letting the pamphlet in his hand settle into the confines of his lacquered leather doublet.

Rook spares a brief glance over his shoulder, and spotting Lore and Sira heading off, turns his full attention back to Mattheu. "

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Alistair turns away from Orland and Orland visibly seems to relax and takes a few steps back, until one step is frozen when Alistair again look at him, which earns Alistair another CHEEKY grin. But also a backward escape, saying to Yuri, "Thank you very much my Lord, for the compliments." But oh there's Savio and he does curl his arm around Savio, "Where's the cake?"

With Yuri, Orland and Alistair engaging one another in pleasant conversation, Natasha's barely-there smile starts faltering, a ripple over her pale features visible for a moment or two. Closing her eyes briefly, by the time she unshutters dark, steady eyes, the look and tone of her are apologetic. "Forgive me, High Inquisitor, my lords, but I think the time for revelry is over, and I should be heading home. I'm starting to feel unwell, myself." To Orland, she dips her head. "Congratulations again, my lord Amadeo - it was a wonderful show and I hope to see more like it."

Alistair pauses for a moment, "There is to be cake..?"

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "Don't let me keep you, if there's a minnow you're after.""

Mattheu says something to Rook, then nods in a similar direction. Smiling and looking around, "There's ought to be another other than Violeta."

Approaching Yuri and Alistair, Lore pads up to the men in bare feet and a golden robe that denotes her part in the production, and offers a warm smile of greeting. "Lord Yuri Tessere, High Inquisitor Alistair Velenosa? I would like for you both to meet Mistress Sira. A master of cloth and design." Her glance flicks teasingly to Alistair, "Not so much something you might care about, Your Highness. But, etiquette demands."

Savio is pleased to be captured by Orland's arm, and beams at him, having a keen sense of confectionary directionals. "Cake is this way!" He takes the Grand Illusionist by the hand, and leads him that way. To cake!

Orland looks back to Alistair, "Yes sir, there's to be cake. It's practically traditional after a stage show!" His eyes shift to Savio and then he finger fan waves at the other folks he's being dragged away on, yelping back, "Thank you Your Highness!!"

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Alistair turns to regard Lore and the introductions she makes. The man doesn't seem like the type to have a sense of fashion. Even if he wears Lyceum colors and style, it seems bland upon his form. The High Inquisitor peers at Sira, perhaps trying to remember if she has any kind of tax violations or other illicit transactions that the Order has been keeping track of. Alas, he simply nods in greeting. His gaze snaps back to Orland as he ponders the possibility of cake.

Rook casts his gaze slowly around the theatre, along with Mattheu. "It was truly a fine performance. You did your family proud." He clasps him on the shoulder.

Gianna has been tempted by cake as well. She slinks over in that direction and conjures herself up a piece.

Yuri glanced off with a bit of concern Natasha's way, canting his head but at the announcement of her departure, he nodded gently with a smile, "All is forgiven, no need to set out to apologies on our account. I will write to you. Do you need a bit of refresh on that care package I had sent, perhaps?" He let loose a charming smile as if to hold a question laden there before his skylit blue eyes settled off toward the approaching Lore and her companion, Sira. His brow rose invitingly, glancing along toward Sira with a polite bow, "Mistress Sira, a pleasure to meet you. If Signora Artiglio has deemed you 'master', your skill must be in high esteem."

Sira dips a curtsy to Alistair and Yuri. "Your Highness, my lord. A pleasure to meet you both." The woman doesn't shrink under the prince's scrutiny, instead giving him a faint smile. "Perhaps you might help me, High Inquisitor. You're a man who can find things out, hm?" She doesn't try to engage him on the subject of clothing. To Yuri, she gives him her own scrutinizing look - and then giving a bow of her head. "You seem the type who might actually visit my shop. Though I can certainly do outfits in umbra to hide the blood stains." Her uniquely colored eyes flick to Alistair in amusement.

"I think I still have your bottles of wine, but I better refrain before you spoil me too much," Natasha tells Yuri softly, but fondly, her smile threatening to reveal a glimpse of teeth. With Lore and Sina's approach, she dips her head in quiet greeting, and parting, to both women once they start engaging Yuri and Alistair in conversation, and after stepping away, she slips out with the rest of her guards.

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The cake arrives and it is spectacularly made! Of course it would be! There's some heated candy to be made to look like fire, there's sugar pathways to make it look like water, and fluffy spun candy on the top to suggest air. It's well decorated in the elements of the production. It's a nice light spice cake as well. There's enough to go around for the audience and the cast! There's drinks and boozing and partying. It's the opening Night and the cast will likely party to all hours if they can! Small celebrations matter in the bigger picture!

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