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Wyvernheart Family and Friends Dinner

Just a nice event for friends and family of the Wyvernhearts to come and chat socially. Drinks will be plentiful and discussion encouraged.


Oct. 20, 2021, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Drake Thea


Mattheu Theophania Caprice Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Wyvernheart Mansion - Dining Hall

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Comments and Log

The time is late afternoon, and Drake is making sure the staff has properly prepared all the appetizers and fixings for a casual social dinner. As the guests are invited in, the room is full of the smell of butter and freshly baked bread, with the promise of roasted birds coming right around the corner and being set out in platforms and carefully carved by attendants.

Count Drake has now gotten used to a seat at the head of the table, but he's not seated yet, even though his whiskey glass is present and full. He's greeting guests at the door first, gesturing that they should seat, or take a bit of time to mingle if they're so inclined. One lucky staffer is holding the house heir, Calo, who has already gotten big enough at this point that he's quite a handful to carry nearing six months of age.

Thea is naturally standing by Drake, but not before she herself was checking on things. Mainly her son at first, who can now smile and---drool. With a glass of whiskey in hand, Thea greets everyone with a nod and slight smile. "Thank you for coming. It's good to see you."

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "I will fight you and then you'll see the -- oh, that's a door. heh...""

The cascade of jingling bells echo through the hall then into the dining hall with a loud crash of bells all singing out at once from a soft melody to something horrific as Mattheu nearly walks directly into the frame of the doors leading into the room. Nearly bouncing off of the frame then stumbling into the room while he says something to inanimate object, possibly apologizing to it(?) Turning with a light blush to his cheeks to see Count Drake, where the young Ravashari lord then gives a flourished bow with flaxen cloth and small pieces of silk both barely floating upon him in his movement and their bells chiming out together in a soft melodic song. "Count Drake, it's good to see you again. Might you know where your sister is?"

Theophania enters quietly with a small, excited smile on her features. Even as she walks her bright eyes dash about the room soaking up as many details as possible. Avoiding getting a drink for now, she greets Drake and Thea with a curtsey and a dip of the head. "My lord and lady Wyvernheart, it's really delightful that you've put this together. I see only a happy evening!"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Smokey, a High Hill Mastiff arrive, following Kiera.

Drake gives a bow to Mattheu as he comes in with a greeting. "She should be on her way. I don't think she's likely to miss a family event," he says. Seeing Theophania next, he offers her a hand, and though he doesn't kiss it exactly, he at least holds it as if he is about to, nodding his head toward her. Being that she's a good ally to the house, it's not as if she's being considered a lowly commoner where it comes to a visit. "Now I intended to ask you about some leather perhaps, but I've gotten busy with the gardens. So we should put that on our conversation agenda. But first, eat, not work."

Caprice arrives fashionably on time, warmth in the smile she directs to Drake and Thea. Her curtsey is a formality, the offer of cheek kisses equally as traditional if more common from those of the Lycene persuasion. "Lord and Lady Wyvernheart, good evening," she greets. "Thank you for opening your home to all and sundry."

"She should be around soon,"Thea tells Mattheu, looking at his bells. Her eyes flick to Calo, amused as she watches him search for the bells. "She wouldn't miss Calo or you I'm sure." Seeing Theophania, Thea skims her. Teasing. "No work today I hope? Try the wine, I heard it's good." Not to say she had some. She's clearly drinking the whiskey. Kissing Caprice's cheek, Thea smiles a moment. "Messere Caprice. How are you? I've heard from you, but not SEEN you! Not really, that wedding was too busy."

Kiera enters into the room a tad behind but with a smile "good evening everyone. Please forgive my slight tardiness. She nods in turn to mattheu, Theophania and Caprice "That wedding was a bit crazy. lovely but crazy"


Mattheu smiles softly to Drake and Thea, a little waggle of his fingers towards the child. "If I had known the wee one would be here, I could have brought a larger bell for them to play with. Alas, my bells are too small and would be a terrible choking hazard." He slips over to the table picking at some cheese and bread. With a bite of food in his mouth, then nodding to Caprice and Theophania. A bow to both of them, in each the bells tied to his hair sing out softly. "Lord Mattheu Rivenshari. It is good to meet you both."

"I'm glad to hear it went well. It seems like they had a spectacular event, but I know the weddings can get awfully crowded," Drake says. "Sometimes a bit too much to meet everyone before you've gone around." He smiles at Mattheu. "A bigger bell for next time, eh? He'll still be interested in them for a while." He clears his throat. "Ah, see, I'm forgetting my manners, not everyone can sit until I've been seated, so I will do just that." He goes to the table, having his chair pulled out for him.

"Can't be helped, can't be helped, my dear Lady," Caprice answers Thea with a(n over-)dramatic sigh. "Masquerade season, you know. But I heard about the dinner and decided I could put off beadwork for an hour or two." The others arrived and arriving earn a smile, but she's moving to the table so as not to hold things up overlong. "Caprice Artiglio," she offers in turn to Mattheu, "Guildmaster for the Crafters Guild, Voice for the Disciples of Jayus. Lovely to meet you. You're well-acquainted with House Wyvernheart already, then?"

Thea exhales at Mattheu. "He has been spoiled. I'm sure the bell would be just as loved,"giving a smile to Kiera. "Hello Kiera,she greets her sister in law. Going to have a seat, Thea chuckles at Caprice. "I can't imagine how busy you must be. I have half a mind to just sit home and drink those days, however I can't miss the Blood Moon--even though I know it makes others uncomfortable,"her eyes drifting a moment to Drake. "The wedding was large and very---informative I think. Giada was great officiating it. I've never seen a Mirrormask perform a wedding before." Thea promises Theophania with a laugh,"It will be, I'm sure. The food is good. I was picking at it as the cooks were preparing. They may have wanted to boot me from the kitchen."

Kiera hms "If I'm not mistaken Lady Eshra has a small daughter just about Calo's age. We ought to arrage a play date" Messere Theophania is wyrmguard's minister of coin but has been away and I bother Lord Mattheu with my presence on a regular basis. He's giving me dance lessons

Mattheu begins to nod to Caprice in the middle of stuffing another slip of cheese and bread into his mouth, then grinning towards Kiera as she explains. He makes a quick swallow of his food, "Guildmaster Caprice. It has a nice ring to it. I'm simply Mattheu." He pauses shortly, holding up a finger, "I suppose it's Lord Mattheu these days, I'm still getting used to that idea. Spent too many years looking at silks with a tilted head, and now I'm supposedly one of them." He smiles softly at his joke at himself. Turning to Thea and Drake, "I'll be sure to bring him a bell that is not a choking hazard, one that you can tie into hairs and then be able to find him where ever he might crawl off to." Looking to Kiera, "Lady Kiera has been proving a wonderful student."

"Oh, that would be a good thing," Drake says. "Can we... have the staff set that up?" Play dates? This isn't something he ever had to consider before. Plates are prepared, to the taste of those sitting around of course and with their preference of meat. "A mirrormask wedding. I suppose that's not common even in the Lycene then." He looks at his sister with a raise of his chin. "What have you been learning? Dance?"

Theophania gives Drake an affirmative nod at his mention of business with leather, gives nods of greeting to Kiere and the other guests then does her best to subtly slip to the edge of the conversation, content to take it in from the sidelines.

"I think I met Lady Eshra--once,"Thea says, taking a bite of food. "I think Martino gave up giving me dancing lessons a long time ago. Now Kaia insists and tries." A grin appears as she asks Theophania,"How have you been adjusting since being back? I'm assuming busy and such." Looking around, Thea asks too,"How is everyone else? Any sort of new news? I've been so busy lately, and I'm afraid--laid up at the moment, I may be missing some bits here and there." And it's true. Thea IS looking a bit more worn and pale this evening than she usually is.

Theophania says, "It took me a few weeks to get accustomed my lady, but things are going well now. Most of house Blanchard is still in Chevalle however so I am finding myself somewhat lonely and directionless, in truth."

Mattheu makes quick work of the plate put down in front of him and looks to the servers with the empty plate in front of him requesting more of / well / everything, as if he doesn't get enough food at home, or is simply used to many small children stealing from his plate. A happy smile as a new plate is brought over covered in a heap of both chicken and duck with a healthy amount of mushrooms piled on the side. "My sister is a hard one to pin down, though if you send a missive you might be able to catch her. She has five little ones now." Mattheu makes a brief mention about Eshra as he prepares to dig into the new plate.

"Would you like an additional job?" Drake asks Theophania. Now's as good a time to ask, as ever. "High Hill is on the expansion, as soon as our new military academy is finally constructed." He lifts his wine glass to his mouth. "Kiera handles our coin but I think we could use someone good at other matters of population and etiquette... what are your other interests right now?"

Theophania tilts her head to one side, considering and weighing Drake up with her eyes. "I'm not sure what you mean my lord, or what that would entail."

Thea blinks at Mattheu. "-Five- children,"she asks with a slight tone of shock. She swallows that shock with whiskey, clearing her throat. "My--appreciation to your sister,"the Countess murmurs, looking at her own son, who may already have his mother's bright eyes.

"Well, let's start with the basics, do you want more work on your plate? If not, I'd happily let you be. And did you happen to have a patron lined up already?" Drake asks Theophania.

Kiera nods "Aye. We started with a simple box but we've done waltz, some dances from the Rivenshari culture, and a few I don't the name" She blushes for a moment However, her expression changes as her sisterin law mentions being injur, looking from thea to drakkd and back again, clear concern written there. " she hms listenining to the exhange between theophania and drake "If theophania's skill with figuires equals or exceeds mine i wouldn't mind ceding the role

Theophania says, "I am open to more work, my lord. I've actually found my schedule drying up somewhat recently. and, no, I do not have a patron beyond my liege of Blanchard."

"I am sure anyone within Valardin house would be happy to have you as a protege, so don't make a rash decision, but if you're interested I also think Kiera or I could offer," Drake says. He scoops another fork full of meat a second later, letting that settle out on its own. Then he considers Mattheu again. "Five is QUITE a lot. Martino is up to around that many now, but that was sudden." Maybe not a fun thing to talk about, but the amount of kids, that's sort of fun. As long as it's not HIS problem. "We wanted no more than three, but one is already exciting."

Thea still has that drink in hand, murmuring,"Six. He has three of his own, then Dom's." Clearing her throat, she mentions,"I would too, but I wouldn't push anyone." She squints at her husband and chuckles.."If you think I'm giving birth to five or six chilren, your absolutely crazy. You'll be having your own bed chamber." Thea is joking. Sorta. But still---

Mattheu looks up from his second plate, nearly empty. / Where he's putting it away to... / "Eshra's husband comes from a family that has plenty of twins." He starts off in explaining the small sailing team his sister has. "The oldest are six now, then another set of twins are three, and finally Kaeleia. I don't know if they are done or not." He laughs lightly as he finishes off his drink as well, "Though they've done a fine job at our attempts to rebuild our family." Mattheu looks to Thea as she jokes with Drake, then back to his food to finish off the plate. "They're all amazing, I was in Riva for many years before coming back to the city. And meeting nephews then teaching them how to steal cookies, or a plate of fish has been fun. Even more so to watch them grow and change from their large don't stick these in your mouth bells to their smaller more permanent bells." There's a nod to Drake, "Your sister is mostly light upon her feet, we're getting better, only a few slips where toes have been stepped upon."

Caprice remains quiet while conversation flows around children. Her plate consists of small portions of everything, variety apparently more important to her than volume, and she contents herself with sampling while she has nothing to contribute to the topic at hand. Mention of work, patrons and proteges does draw her attention, and Theophania earns a curious glance or two.

Kiera hms to Theophania "I would be please to but think about how you want to expand your skillset and connection within arx and you'll be able to choose the appropriate patron" she grins at Mattheu "given that your sister was publicly extolling the benefits of tea, i think they'll be a break at least

Seeing Caprice take interest in the patronage conversation, Drake looks over at her for a second to include her. "At one point," Drake says, "I was aiming to sponsor a crafter, but it's very tough sometimes to find someone without a patron. Do you happen to have any others looking that you know about?"

"I lost Duke Malcolm as my patron. He went back to Graypeak,"Thea explains. "We were an--awkward combination, but it worked. I miss him." She then leans back, looking a bit excited as dessert is put in front of her face. "My last protege was Lady Medeia. I never really put thought into what I who I choose, just if I can help them in some way...."Thea confesses.

"They're in high demand," Caprice agrees with Drake, a tiny smile flitting briefly into view. "I don't know of anyone actively seeking a patron at this time, though I do keep my ears open. What interests you, particularly, when it comes to supporting a Crafter?" she floats a question back to the Count - though Thea's comment distracts her.

"Just skill, talent, creativity, and the occasional whim to make gifts for my family every now and then." Drake laughs. "I like giving gifts when I come across them, being weapons or jewelry, though Thea is also very creative in that department. Of course I'd pay the going rate. This house has expanded a bit here and there."

Mattheu settles upon a renewed glass of drink though has slowed down upon the plates of food. That is until the desserts are being served and now he's requesting more of the vegetables over the sweets. He listens closely to the discussion of patrons and proteges, "I'm still a little lost upon what the relationship is. Is it a contract between the Patron and Protege?"

Kiera hms "I didn't sign anything akin to a marriage contract in that there our specific things they mus to do but the patron is supposed to better the protege giving them opportunities to integrate into arx society. in return the protege acts in a way appropriate for being associated with the patron

The invitation -did- mention discussion! Caprice leans in a little, clearly intending to share her thoughts on patronage - but, as is often the case, duties call just when off-duty things are getting good. A message on a folded note is discreetly passed to her and soon the Guildmaster is quietly excusing herself. "Ah- pardon my early departure. Thank you again for the open invitation, and please pass my compliments to the cooks, everything was lovely. I'll look forward to future opportunities to share a table, my Lords and Ladies, Messere."

Theophania gives her a small genuine smile. "It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I hope we can share it in future."

Thea flutters her fingers to Caprice, telling her,"I owe you stories. We'll have to do that soon." She smiles at her as she goes to leave. Looking to Mattheu, Thea considers. "It's not a contract really. More like a--,"hearing Kiera. "Like that. A way to help the other..."

"Thank you very mch for coming," Drake says. "And for those of you still working on dessert..." A pause. "We can always retire to the library or the garden as needed after dinner, but I think I'll simply move over to the couch with one last drink."

Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne leaves, following Caprice.

Mattheu nods softly with chimes singing out from the bells in his hair. "That makes some more sense. Thank you for the definition."

Kiera hms "It was a challenge coming to arx from blancbier . i like helping others adjust and i learned as a scholar we all...ahe have something to give and teach other' she smiles at Mattheu and then turns to theophania "patron or not let me know what i can do to help

Theophania favours Kiera with a thankful nod, "I'll keep that in mind my lady."

Mattheu checks composure and performance at hard. Mattheu fails.

A small shower of bells sing out at the same moment as Mattheu puts down his drink with a small jut to where he was aiming to put it. Smiling softly to Drake and Thea while trying to hide a glance at another. "The meal -- has been excellent. Thank you for the open invitation. I'll be sure to let my sister know that you're interested in a play time with my nieces and nephews."

"We absolutely are," Drake says. "May as well get the boy socialized before he's all on his own in a drafty house." It's weird thinking of him as 'the boy' when he's still just a sack of baby, but ... "Maybe as soon as he's properly crawling." He gives a nod, and wipes his mouth. "Thank you for coming out tonight."

Thea thanks Mattheu with a smile. "We'd appreciate that. I'm sure he doesn't want to grow up just knowing my cousins. That would be--,"she starts and shakes her head, likely thinking of her and her family. "Yes. She may need more play dates." Thea says too, nodding,"Thank you for coming. It was an enjoyable dinner. Hopefully we can start doing these monthly or something..."

Kiera nods "It was both enjoyable and informative

"Next one will be in the garden," Drake says, looking at Thea with a nod. "In the gazebo, drinks only. If we do it before the end of summer the weather will hold. Look forward to it, eh?"

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