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Invocation of the Pantheon

` `/dMMMh/
.mMhosydmNNy- `/dMMNmmdyNMs
`mMd` ``` ..``` /MM+
`-:+smMm. oMN/-`
smNNNmhyo. Pantheonic Miracles smNNNdyo/`
hMm-``` `.-/sdMM:
yMN His Most Holy, Voice of the Gods oMM`
sMM` Dominus Fawkuhl yMN
`+NMd` and Acolyte of the Thirteenth dMm.
.omMd/` Princess Isolde Velenosa :hMmo.
+mMm/` `/dMmo`
.hMm- Cordially invite you to attend the `dMM+
`yMN/ Invocation of Healing Miracles `yMN/
`sMN/ a celebration and supplication to the -dMd-
sMN- Pantheon, reflected and magnified yMM.
:MM+ by the Reflection of the Thirteenth -MMo
`mMm` to bring Healing to His Majesty sMN.
-hNNdo-` King Alaric IV `-sMMs
./hNMds` And to the whole of the Compact ./ymNNh+-
`+MM/ `mMms:`
NMy O O O O /MM:
yMN. O O O O O hMm
.--:://sMMs` `:o:` +NMdyssssso`
`yMMNdo/. -+yNMMMy`
:- .+:


Sept. 15, 2016, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Isolde Fawkuhl


Niccolo(RIP) Darren Acacia Tobias Donella Audric(RIP) Dagon Nadia(RIP) Joscelin Lydia Kima



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Comments and Log

     Joscelin Arterius slips in with the many people filing in, and takes a seat at the commoner pews, waiting until then to look up and around at this sacred place.

    The Acolyte stands in front of the altar, in front of the display of finery and ritual. Dressed in a cowled robe, one that all but disguises the true identity of the feminine figure, especially with the simple, full faced mask of silver, polished to a mirror shine. She stands there, hands folded before her, only her distinctive bracelet visible, indicating what the extremely uncharacteristic clothing does not. The Acolyte watches as everyone filters in, taking note, but remaining motionless, a sole figure in the darkened cathedral, ominous, expressionless, and regal.
    As the Dominus arrives, she dips into a curtsey that almost puts her on her knees. She lifts her hand, guiding him to stand in the center of the platform in front of the altar, clearly the place designed for his elaborate greatness. And, just maybe, to stand there and look pretty while the Acolyte does all the work.

Fawkuhl stands silently by the altar, the Voice of the Gods nodding with austere dignity towards Isolde while gesturing with a hand to give her leave to continue the proceedings.

It is with quiet footfalls that Darren enters the Cathedral, escorting Nadia. His eyes will sweep about, lingering just for a moment upon the Acolyte and Fawkuhl, before he'll guide Nadia over to the pews where Lydia sits. Murmured words are offered to Lydia as he seats himself beside her.

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Nadia takes in the architecture of the Cathedral with a quiet air of appreciation, trailing Darren as the prince leads her the pews where Lydia has already found a seat, a small smile gracing her lips with quiet words in greeting.

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Acacia steps in within Niccolo's shadow, keeping just a half-pace behind his left shoulder. Wordless for the time being, her hands are clasped behind her, formal aside from the meager slouch with infiltrates her demeanor. Taking cue from him, she simply follows through the entrance, inclining her head once, before splitting from him for the pews designated for her own station. She gingerly takes a seat not too far from Joscelin.

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Lydia is sitting quietly in the pews, dressed somberly for the occasion and looking just as serious. When Nadia and the Prince join her, she leans over offering words to both of them and a smile that is present for only a moment but is nevertheless warm in its greeting.

Niccolo enters the Great Cathedral with his usual group of guards. Guards that the moment they step in, make sure to stay far to the back, respectfully so. Even the good old Lydus, who enjoys perching at the duke's shoulder most of the time. The Velenosa arrives with his protege, and he inclines his head to her once when she splits to join the commoner pews, while the duke steps towards the ones designated for the nobles.

Dagon slips into the Cathedral, though the 6 Thraxian guards that follow him in do little to hide his entrance. The guards take their seats in the commoner pews while Dagon slips into a small alcove, content to watch the proceedings, his eyes more on Isolde than the older man beside her.

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Audric saunters into the cathedral, his usual grin fixed firmly in place despite the, well, somber mood. He heads towards the commoner pews and flops down onto them.

Attendants at the doors close them, not barring late entries, but to cast the entire Cathedral into darkness, save that single candle.

    Tonight, the Great Cathedral remains dark, with only a single black candle burning in the center of the altar, in a mirrored candlestick. When the Invocation begins, even the large doors close, leaving the vast sanctuary bathed in near absolute darkness. Somewhere in those shadows, quiet music plays, reverent and somber, soothing or unsettled, depending on each attendant's mood.
    Several large objects stand behind the altar, draped in jet black fabric, each with a pair of mirror masked attendants, Silent and single handed. In front of the altar, Twelve candles stand, in groups of four, with the tallest standing behind the group of three. The three arrangements then surround a raised platform, large enough for one man to stand, the centerpiece of the elaborate affair.
    At each bench, a basket of candles sits, each in an elaborately decorated holder, surrounded on three sides by mirrors slightly taller than the candle itself, an offering for each that wishes to take one.

Kima arrives, nondescript, and takes a seat in that very last row of pews meant for the nobility. You know, so she can also turn around and whisper with her lower class pals. And she seats herself before the doors are closed and all there is to light the place is a single candle!

A few moments after Audric, a man in steel plated and leathered armor with a Sigiled Tabard comes in, red cape flowing behind him. Behind the bald, green eyed 6'1 man comes in a number of similiared dressed men sans cape. They all go to their appointed seating.

(OOC) Tobias adds his name to that.

Nadia falls silent when the cathedral is cast into perpetual darkness save for that lonely flickering flame. She struggles to make out the ceremony's set up, gaze drifting from the altar down to where her slender hand gropes in the dark, presumably onto Lydia's hand, anyway.

    "The World, dark and terrible, bears the burden of the coming chaos. The signs can be seen in every day, every tragedy, every word and deed. The Chaos will crush this Compact and leave us in darkness, a destroyed people, at the mercy of those who seek power over us."
    The Acolyte, her rich, smokey voice taking on the bell tone of absolute faith, lets that sit there, hanging on the air, a proclamation of despair and hopelessness. She moves, then, to take up the black candle from the altar, holding it in front of her as she returns to the center, standing before the platform. "A single light, all that keeps annihilation at bay. A light, offered to us, with only the expectation? of Faith." She lifts the candle high, slowly, the flame flickering, but not going out. "And we, gathered here, offer our faith, our worship, and we call forth the Pantheon, to guide our hearts, and to heal our King, our Compact, and our very souls. Through the Thirteen, we will know salvation." The candle lowers once more, and she moves to the set of four candles behind the Dominus.

Silently, Darren will take a candle from Lydia, though his focus is wholly on the altar now as the ceremony begins. He's watching rather intently, though perhaps because its far harder to see in the darkness that envelopes them all, save for that single candle.

Niccolo claims a candle for himself, his dark brown gaze remaining on the Acolyte as she speaks. The man turns pensive, lightly dipping his head as he listens to the words. Slowly, he raises his gaze, letting it return first to the Acolyte, narrowing his eyes as he tries take in as much as possible in the darkness that surrounds the gathering.

There's a slight clink of armor against armor as Tobias stands from his seat and heads for the candles himself. In this near absolute darkness, the only real thing that can be seen of him is that Tabard and the cape catching the light on occasion as he takes one candle himself. Some of the others similiarly dressed to him also come up to take a single candle.

     :has her candle and is making sure the others in her pew have on as well.

The baskets seem to have made their way in slow rotation about the commoner benches.

Lydia folds both hands around the base of her candle, bowing her head slightly at the words of the prayer. Her expression apparently one of dutiful observance.

    "I invoke the Triad of Creation."
    The Acolyte lights the three front candles from her single black one, the lights brightening exponentially, illuminating the pair at the altar. Each candle is lit in time with her invocation.
    "We invoke Mangata, Goddess of Sea, Air, The Daytime Sky, the very Light in this world. Each breath we take, we glorify you, honor you, and beseech you to shine your light upon us, that we may see the answers, we may see through the shadows of those that wish to destroy us, and, above all, we invoke thee to be the light to guide our King back to health. Blessed Goddess, with the passion of the maelstrom, we invoke thee.
    "Mighty Petrichor, God of Forests, Soil, Mountains and all Nature, we invoke thee. We beg thee to accept our reverence and faith, that your hand will guide those that seek cures and balms to our souls, and for the King. We place our trust that your bounty will provide for us, nourish us, and bind us to the very land, to serve thee. Petrichor, we seek to serve thee, and we invoke thee.
    "We invoke Lagoma, Goddess of Seasons, of Change, of Growth, and of Fire. We beg of your true Mercies, to channel all the glory you possess, to bring a healing change to our King. As the turning of the seasons approach, we sing thy praises, and meditate on the fires within, and without, to know and worship thee. Blessed be, we seek to grow in your wisdom and mercy, and guide our hands to change to our Complete selves. Holy Lagoma, we invoke thee."
    The Acolyte slips around to the candle behind, lighting that one as well. "
    "We honor the Lost known only to us as the Broken Twig, as we invoke the Triad of Creation. And so it is." The Acolyte moves then to the candles situated to the right of the Dominus.

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Nadia takes a candle into her possession, holding it within her lap. With a lingering glance upon Darren and Lydia respectively, the young duchess then raises her head to cast a pensive look upon the Acolyte with her rousing, bold proclamation. When the invocations begins, her eyes lower with a subtle tuck of her chin in silent reverence.

Dagon glances around as the Cathedral falls into darkness. He smiles, his eyes moving back to the altar and where Isolde was standing. Standing alone in his little alcove he takes no candle, though the six guards he brought along with him seem to each be holding one now. The only part of the prayer that he bows his head for is the invocation to Mangata. He murmurs a response under his breath. "Calm seas and strong winds." He looks up as his sister joins him in the alcove and murmurs something to her.

    "I invoke the Triad of Art, Science, and Knowledge.
    "We call upon Vellichor, God of Knowledge, Learning, and History. We fall to our knees before thee, mighty one, and beg of thy mercy, to forgive all that we have lost throughout the ages. We renew our pledge to record, for all time, the sum of our learning, and honor thee with all the knowledge we rediscover. We ask thee, most of all, for enlightenment, the path to the answers that will heal our King, and heal our very people. We sing thy praises, God Who knows, and we invoke thee.
    "We invoke Gloria, Warrior Goddess, who guides us to chivalry, strategy, and honor. Let our efforts, our plans to defend the defenseless, and protect our people be pleasing to thy sight, oh Gloria. Let us be the shield against who would destroy us, and the sword to lay low our enemies. We lift up thy praises and call upon all warriors, great and small, to defend those that seek to heal the King. Gloria, we invoke thee.
    "We lift our voices in song, and invoke Jayus, god of artistry, crafts, music, dreams, and inspiriation. Let our minds be open to the beauty you call us to create, let our dreams guide us and inspire us to find and heal our King. Let us know joy as we revel and celebrate thee, to not fall to despair. Great and blessed God, who makes our hearts sing, Jayus, we invoke thee."
    And as before, she moves to the candle behind the others, lifting the black to light it. "And we light the candle for the Single Star, whose name is lost to us, as we Invoke the Triad of Art, Science, and Knowledge. And so it is." She moves, then, to the final set of candles.

There's a respectful bow to Darren's chin as well, the candle held in either hand. He remains quiet, solemn and somber, ever watchful of the Acolyte throughout the invocations. There is though, a curious arch to his brow towards the end.

Tobias says nothing... at least, not overtly. His eyes just watch the ceremony in silence, his usually expressive face neutral as he sits back down at the noble pews, his cape muffling the armor as he does while his candle is held in his lap.

    "I invoke the Triad of Concepts.
    "Limerance, God of Love, Marriage, and Fidelity, we invoke thee. Let our hearts burst with your greatness, and the unions that have made our people great strengthen us. Let us be ever Faithful, in your name, with the direction and courage to love, to love freely. Let us find the freedom we need to heal our relationships, and in so doing, our very people. Limerance, we invoke thee.
    "God of Justice, of Law, and of Order, The one we name Sentinel, we invoke thee. We beseech thee to be our bastion against the Chaos. We revere thy will and follow our laws, so that civilization may overcome barbaric practices. We ask thee to stand with us, as we heal our King, and our Compact, unifying in discipline and in Order. Sentinel that watches over us all, we invoke thee.
    "Blessed Gild, we invoke thee. Goddess of commerce, travel, and civilization, we ask for thy blessings. We offer up our wealth to assist in finding the answers to what malady has struck down our King, and his people. We ask that you guide those that search for answers, as they travel to all ends of Arvum, if need be, and we beseech thee to let our bounty flow, in thy name. Gild, golden goddess, we invoke thee."
    Once more, the Acolyte moves to the final candle. "We light this candle for the Skull, whose name is lost to us, as we invoke the Triad of Concepts. And so it is."

    The Acolyte moves back then, to stand in the center of all things, in front of the platform where the Dominus stands. She still holds her single black candle, and her voice raises, a fanatic, holy sound, with all the weight of her will behind it, to shake the world to its core if need be.

    "I Invoke the Thirteenth!"

    At that instant, the attendants behind everything in the shadows move their charges forward, the draped objects, and situate them around the pair, leaving only the very center open. The drapes are ripped off and thirteen mirrors surround the Dominus, the candles, with the Acolyte just at the edge. The light reflects and refracts and suddenly the Dominus is aglow in a light as bright as daylight, amplified exponentially, bathed in holy light, the centerpiece complete. The Acolyte, herself, is bathed in her single candle's light.
    "I invoke the Thirteenth, whose name we know and hold in reverence, too powerful to pass through our mortal lips. We invoke thee, Dark Reflection, and Master of our Completion. Amplify that which shines upon us, reflecting it back to us that we may know greatness. Let us be our True selves, embracing the light and the dark, that we may not be blinded by either." The Acolyte lifts a hand, indicating the divine Dominus. "Let all see the glory and greatness of the Pantheon, as the way to heal our glorious King, through the Voice of the Pantheon, Closest to the Divine. Reflect your blessings upon us all, that we may be stronger than ever. Let us revere thee and accept thee in your place amongst the Pantheon in truth, and may your glory be known to us, greater with thee, than without thee. Glorious Thirteenth, I invoke thee!"
    The Acolyte whispers, barely able to speak, "And so it is."

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People begin to shift within their seats, uneasy at this last invocation.

When the Acolyte invokes to the Triad of Concepts, Niccolo dips his head respectfully. He listens, with his head bowed and his hold around the candle tightens. And then the Acolyte invokes the Thirteenth.
    Slowly the duke's gaze rises, and it finds the Acolyte. She looks from her, to the Dominus and back to her. While his features remain schooled, his eyes are attentive and it's only when the Acolyte finishes, that he inclines his head, fairly at ease himself with the invocation.

Lydia snaps back to attention when the final invocation is made. She leans over to murmur something to Nadia, before looking towards the front, brows knitting together uncertainly.

Fawkuhl says nothing as the Thirteenth is invoked, watching on with a calm, dignified reverence. It is not objectionable within his eyes, and the Voice of the Gods raises a single hand as if to reassure any unnerved, though his eyes cut towards Isolde briefly.

A murmur or three, faint, a struggle with what's proper and what is known. Discomfort, slight.

The final invocation causes a stir to Darren, who purses his lips into a thin line. His gaze upon Isolde remains, but is wary, his brow furrowed.

    The Acolyte falls to her knees and she calls out, looking over the gathered once more. "And now, I call upon all ye faithful, to come and bask in the greatness, light, and Completion of the Divine Pantheon. Offer yourselves to this path, which will bring our King back to us. Prostrate yourselves before the Pantheon, and receive their blessing, their wisdom, and their strength." She sets her candle beside her, holding out her hands, offering any that come forward her blessing. She looks up, her mask unreadable, because it's a mask, but her eyes reflect reverence in the candlelight.

In the alcove, Dagon's voice raises enough to be heard slightly. "...bastard pirate I will show him the fury of the storm." It's not loud enough to carry across the entire cathedral but certainly can be heard by those nearby. The Thraxian Prince seems to quiet down as he murmurs something else, completely oblivious to how people feel about that last invocation.

Nadia remains as she has throughout the ivocations, the corners of her mouth tightened as she watches on in contemplative silence, reverence perhaps, even when the Thirteenth is invoked. Her fingers tighten around the candle in her grasp, though the slip of words from the aclove draws a curious look toward its dual occupants distractedly, lips quirked wryly.

There's a small snort from Tobias in his seat after a few moments. Who's he to judge, given his past? He doesn't move up just yet, watching the proceedings.

After a moment, Joscelin Arterius stands, and approaches the Acolyte, eyes on that mask, drawn forward.

At the Acolyte's words, Niccolo rises. He walks forward, and approaches. His steps aren't urgent, but rather firm and confident. He watches Joscelin approach, and allows her to go first, patiently waiting behind her, a few steps behind.

Donella sits stonyface, looking as though she has sat down upon a sticker-bush: very uncomfortable indeed. She glances to her brother, briefly, says something in response with a furrowed brow, and then becomes strangely fixated on the movement of the jewelsmith, forward.

Acacia isn't far behind Joscelin, the hook of her hand falling from where it had rested upon the female's arm. Clad only in black leathers, she shifts through any who might've remained seated from the commoner benches, her candle in hand to arrive just behind Niccolo. She slides a look his direction, but it's doesn't last longer than silent acknowledgement.

Darren will, for now, remain seated, though his eyes will shift to those who do stand and join in the line. He murmurs something to the women sitting beside him, while keeping his eyes trained on the altar.

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    "Kneel." The Acolyte motions to the step below her as Joscelin approaches, clear approval in her voice, even if she's still something in the throes of religious fervor. She lifts a hand as the woman gets to her knees and she lifts a hand, laying it on her forehead, murmuring. "Blessed child, favored of the Pantheon, receive this blessing and go forth, as a servant, to heal the world around you, to offer wealth and aid to those that seek to heal the King, in Faith and in medicine. Glorify they, in whom our direction lies." She draws a symbol on the woman's forehead with her thumb, then touches her cheek. "Go forth, blessed one." She motions for Niccolo, then.

Kima rises, and joins the solemn procession of those who seek to prostrate themselves before the gods - humbly seeking that their king's health might be restored. Her own countenance is sombre, resolute, even.

     Joscelin closes her eyes and takes a long, slow breath. She stands carefully, pensive, quiet, and reclaims her seat, brushing Acacia's arm as she walks by, and then squeezing Kima's shoulder when she walks by her.

After hushed words exchanged with her Redrain counterparts, Nadia gracefully rises from her seat. She falls into line after Kima into the solemn procession, eyes cast forward ahead to the altar where the Acolyte receives each faithful guest one by one.

Once the Acolyte gestures him close, Niccolo approaches. His eyes look right into the Acolyte's, and there is perhaps a small hint of a smile on his lips. He falls to one knee first, slowly, then takes down the other. He holds the candle in front of him with both hands, his head remains tilted up, intense eyes studying the robed figure in front of him.

Darren will, after another few thoughtful moments, rise to his feet. There will be a soft smile to Lydia, before he'll turn and join the line leading up to the altar. Still, he hangs back just a touch, allowing a good bit of distance between him and the last person in line.

    The Acolyte lays her hand on Niccolo's head as well, murmuring softly for a moment, before speaking her blessing allowed. "Servant of the Pantheon of Completion, be blessed in the light of those who will heal our King. Take this light, and use it to guide others to Faith and strength. Use your blessings of wealth and voice well, that our King and Compact may be whole once more." She makes that same symbole on Niccolo's forehead, before touching his cheek as well. "Go, and be in strength, blessed one." She nods slightly, before motioning for Acacia to come forth next.

Unlike the rest of the northern contingent, Lydia stays in her pew. However, she does bow her head in silent prayer or the approximation of it.

After the blessing, the duke rises. Niccolo inclines his head to the Acolyte one more time, and turning around looks over at Acacia. His eyes linger on her in silent acknowledgment before he continues his walk away from the front, passing by Kima and inclining his head to her. He repeats the gesture for the Redrain group, and reclaims his seat.

The mirrors are watched for an extra second or two longer than may have been necessary, the reflections of those who might potentially be seen beyond the candlelight noted. The brush against Acacia's arm has her transferring a small smile towards Joscelin aside, short-lived, but reassuring. But she then lowers herself into a deferential kneel before the Acolyte in a manner which had suggests at least minor familiarity with the solemn rite.

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Donella rises from the alcove, and strolls for the queue, with a few soft words for her brother, and a pat for his hands.

(OOC) Isolde points to the list

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As Donella comes to join the queue, presumably behind Darren, he will twist a little and motion to the woman, a silent gesture that she can go ahead of him. After all, there's enough space there, given the distance he's left.

    Like those before, The Acolyte puts her hand on Acacia's head, murmuring quietly, before offering her blessing. "Even the least of these are blessed in the sight of the Thirteen gods. Walk in strength amongst the masses, and bring them these words of hope, that their King will know health and prosperity through their blessings." She draws whatever that symbol is and nods to her. "Go forth, blessed one, and bring the word of the gods to the boroughs." She nods to Kima then, motioning her forward.

Acacia's head dipped, lashes veiling her eyes for that short moment. Fluidly, she rises back to her feet, stepping aside to allow the progression to continue. The wick of her brought candle is set aflame from Isolde's own, so that her return to the pews allows her to walk away from the Acolyte with newfound illumination.

(OOC) Tobias says: Tobias will be joining, I'm posing.

Kima strides forward, and kneels before the Acolyte. Her manner sure, her posture at ease.

It takes a few moments more than the others... but eventually Tobias stands, his features bald head in the light. The red cape flows behind him, and armor clinks as he moves into line.

(OOC) Tobias says: features and*

    Just to change it up a bit, The Acolyte draws the symbol -first- on Kima's forehead, before resting her hand upon it. "Blessed are those who seek the strength offered in the Pantheon. Be a warrior and champion for their light, and strength in their purpose. Protect those that seek to heal our glorious King." She dips her head. "Go forth in greatness and Faith." She nods and motions for Nadia to come forth.

Kima bows her head as she gets to her feet, and then returns to her seat.

Just as before, when Tobias enters the queue, Darren will twist to the side and motion for the man to step in front of him.

Nadia allows her gaze to linger briefly upon Kima as the Saik rises and moves to take her seat. When she is beckoned forth, the duchess advances forward upon the Acolyte in silence. Slowly, she lowers onto her knees in a kneel upon her own, her chin tipped up just-so to allow her to gaze upon the hooded figure before her.

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Following his sister's lead and considering her words, Dagon leaves the alcove and joins the queue, slipping behind Tobias, or Darren, or whoever is now taking up the rear.

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Tobias indeeds takes the place offered by Darren, his boots carrying him the few steps in front.

Darren will let Dagon move in front of him too, intending on maintaining his rear position.

Dagon pauses, gesturing for Darren to go ahead of him with one hand, while gesturing that he's thankful for the offer with the other.

     The Acolyte murmurs quietly to the woman before her, resting her hand on her head and speaking the blessing reverently. "Blessed are those that seek answers. Be blessed by the Divine and use this to seek answers, that the King may be healed by your faith, and the faith of others." Her thumb brushes Nadia's forehead and she nods. "Go forth, blessed and faithful." She motions, then, for Donella to approach.

Donella is not one to cower behind the menfolk. And being who she is steps into the place being dickered over, with the side-eye given over her left shoulder. As though to ask, what are you DOING? Instead, she strides forward with a high chin, until she comes before the acolyte, sinking down over her boots to touch both knees to the coldness of the floor.

Nadia rises from her kneel, her chin dipped the slightest as she turns on heel to make her retreat down the aisle once more. Her eyes catch upon Darren and Dagon, lips twitching in fleeting bemusement on her way to her seat.

Darren will just flash a brief, cool smirk to Dagon before shrugging his shoulders. He appears resolute in hanging out at the back of the blessing train, but he at least has the grace not to fight over the position. He won't step forward, but his eyes will drift up to what remains of the line.

    As Donella approaches the Acolyte dips her head, resting both hands on the Thrax Voice's head. "Blessed be, for those who speak with the voice of millions, to be heard. Use your voice to bring word of your Faith, that they may be inspired to join in lending theirs to the King." She draws the symbol and touches Donella's cheek. "Go forth, in strength and Faith." She motions then for Tobias to come forth.

If Tobias was paying attention to the non-verbal exchanges around him, he sure wasn't showing it. Instead, he only gives a smirk as his steel plated greaves smack down onto the floor below him as he kneels. He stares straight ahead, his expression now neutral as his cape settles behind him as the estranged Lord takes position.

(OOC) Dagon says: What's the current queue looking like?

(OOC) Isolde says: Tobias, Dagon/Darren

Dagon returns Darren's smirk with a wide smile, though none of it touches his eyes. He stands across from the man, and then digs in his heels, staying put. He quietly murmurs something meant for Darren's ears alone.

Donella receives her blessing with half-shuttered eyes, and palm-warmed cheek. She rises, and goes forth. To capture Darren Redrain's previous seat like a smooth criminal.

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    The Acolyte gives Tobias a long look, only her eyes visible beneath the mask, and she lifts her hand to rest on his head. "None are so lost to Darkness that the Light can not bring them back. Be that Light for others, that they may know hope and comfort as the Pantheon of Thirteen brings healing to our King, and our Compact." She draws the symbol with her thumb against his forehead, nodding to him. "Go forth, Strong in the Complete faith." She then looks to Darren. And Dagon. She lifts both hands, motioning for both of them to kneel together.

Dagon exchanges words with Darren in hushed tones. Finally, he turns and approaches the altar, murmuring words of his own to the acolyte while kneeling in a single, fluid motion.

After a quiet murmured word to Dagon, it would appear neither of them would win in the end. As they are both motioned forward, Darren cannot help but smirk ever so subtly, and offer a light nod to something Dagon says to him. And so, he'll stride forward, presumably together with Dagon, and kneel before the Acolyte.

Lydia sits quietly in the pews until the pair of dueling princes kneel for their blessing. When they do, she glances at her sister briefly, and flashes a brief smile that disappears as soon as she is on her feet. She moves forward slowly, taking her time. It's just as the blessing is ended that she comes to stand behind the two men.

The words give Tobias pause before he stands again, but eventually the Crimson Blades Sigil is eye level for Isolde again as he starts to move back to his seat on the Noble Pews once more, this time with a very, very unreadable expression.

    The Acolyte brooks no posturing during her ceremonies it seems. She leans her head down between the two men, murmuring, before placing a hand on each of them. "So often the strong forget why they possess strength. I bless you both, reminding you, that your strength comes from the Completed Pantheon, and they will strengthen the King tenfold. Be blessed, that you both may lead your peoples in faith, to Completion. Be the strength when others cannot, and for one another." She draws the symbol on each of their foreheads, the presses the lips of the mask to each in turn. "Go, as leaders in Faith and Strength to all who behold you." She tilts her head slightly, as Lydia finally steps forth, and motions her foreward.

Dagon receives the blessing, remaining motionless as it is given. Once it is over, he stands and tanding, Dagon gives the acolyte a small smile, turns and then takes a seat in the Noble Pews, deciding to spend the remainder of the service amongst the other nobles, deciding to keep quiet and not cause further disruption.

Lydia lowers her head and eyes dutifully as she slips into the place that the noblemen leave, although she does let a brief smile pass her lips when she meets their eyes, before she is all seriousness again as she is kneeling.

Darren will bow his head, accepting the blessing and whatever is murmured, before rising to his feet, the acolyte offered a warm smile. He'll turn in the same direction of Dagon, patting the man on the shoulder in good humour, as they both head back to the Noble Pews. He does note that his seat has been taken, though he's all good-natured grins for Donella, whom he'll now sit beside without hesitation.

    "No one is more blessed than the reluctant. For when they finally come to Faith, they are the greatest of all of us. For those with little Faith, and act of devotion means tenfold the devotion of one who lives it every day. And the Reluctant will bring others of their ilk, and glorify the gods. It is through this hesitant faith, that the King will know wholeness, completion, and return to us, strong and healthty." The Acolyte speaks all this with her hand on Lydia's head, before drawing the symbol on her forehead. "Go, now, to the others reluctant to be Faithful, and bring them to glory with you." She nods to Lydia then, before standing.
     "Brothers and Sisters in Faith and Blessings, I beseech you all to give of yourselves. We cannot be healed without each one of us. I thank you for coming, and I am heartened to know that so many have come to accept the Completed Pantheon. Go forth, my Faithful, and be blessed."

Lydia receives her blessing in silent and then rises, hands still clasped before her and returns back to her pew, sliding in beside Nadia.

Joscelin stands after a long, thoughtful pause in reverence and prayer, and squeezes Acacia on her way by.

Joscelin has left the Commoner Pews.

Donella bows her head forward with a smile, and taps her fingers together thoughtfully.

The Acolyte stands there, and assuming the Dominus does too. She doesn't -quite- wave buhbye, but it's clear that it's over.

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