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Women's Spa Day

The Nightgold women invite the noblewomen of the city to join them in celebrating the delights of Northern spa and bathing traditions. For the women, this will be a day of luxury and culture.


Sept. 11, 2016, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Nadia(RIP) Lydia Larissa


Deva Reese Margot Jaenelle Kima Dawn



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Nightgold Estates - Equidistant Conservatory

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Comments and Log

(OOC) Lydia waves. Nadia and I are getting the set ready, will have it up in one minute!
(OOC) Larissa says: ok!
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Deva before departing.
The solarium has been set up for a day of pampering. The normal furniture has been carried out and replaced by circles of low, comfortable looking chairs and padded massage tables with piles of plush towels and trays of refreshments waiting, but the woman who enter the solarium don't get the chance to enjoy any of this. Instead, As women enter, they get surrounded by servants. A few begin to help women out of their clothes, while others offer them trays of food and glasses of water.. Every one of the northern servants is very reassuring for the noblewomen assuring them that this is customary, they even offer a towel to anyone who seems shy enough to want one.

Once the women are undressed, they are ushered into the small, steamy sauna where more glasses of water await the women along with the heat. Lydia and Nadia are already inside, lounging naked on the wooden benches and sipping from cups.
This is not easy-going, jovial Deva, not like usual. No. Today, she's a tense bundle wrapped in a towel, red hair loose and a stark contrast to pale skin and fabric. "Please tell me there's something stronger than water to drink," she begs of a servant in a hushed whisper while padding into the sauna area.
Reese arrives.
It is not that Grayson is shy, or even half as modest as those of Valardin. But for some people, letting a bevy of strangers surround one and strip them of all clothing is simply not done. Dawn is one of these people and though she might smile for the servants, she is also confident enough to ward off their attempts to fashion a bear out of half a griffin. Her hair is twisted up off of her neck with hairsticks, and she wears not a towel but rather the sleeveless, knee-length undershift of fine summer-weight linen as she walks in Deva's wake. "If there isn't whiskey at a Northern event, I will personally be sending a sternly worded letter to your High Lord," she murmurs to the princess.
Larissa arrives a bit earlier than the event starts, so she may be prepared to help whenever the other guests begin to arrive. She grins at Deva and Dawn both, as she offers them each a glass of water. "I would be more than certain that you'll be rewarded with libations." she promises. "Though I wouldn't be so sure drinking them while sitting in a hot, steamy sauna would be as enjoyable as one might think." she guesses, dampness having strands of hair sticking to her neck as sweat trickles down her body.

It is naught but the briefest of moments after Deva's hushed plea that a broad selection of alcoholic delights are unveiled by the servants for the guests' perusal. Fruity and full-bodied wines, white spirits, and the rare bottle of brandy and rum float about on elegant wooden trays alongside scrumptious displays of confections that encompasses the favorites of the Great Houses.

Nadia lifts her head, green eyes alive with thinly veiled mirth at a quiet joke shared with her younger sibling. "Ladies," she calls in beckoning to the newly arrived guests, a thin towel draped around her frame as she rises from a lounge to greet them personably. "Thank you so much for coming out to indulge in a bit of relaxation with us."
Jaenelle arrives.
"There will be whiskey. I just didn't think it was wise to start drinking right as we're about to get all dehydrated. There will be some after!" Lydia reassures the women who enter, she doesn't rise, but she does shift her position on her bench to offer a hand to both Deva and Dawn. "I'm so glad to see you both!" She greets cheerily before reaching for the bucket of water and sending some onto the stones to get the steam going again.
"You absolutely should. I'd punch him, myself," Deva replies to Dawn with an easy smile, as steps take her forward in search of an empty spot to settle into. "I always enjoy a good drink, don't worry," she insists to Larissa while accepting the glass of water anyway. She doesn't hold onto it for long, not when bottles of stronger things arrive. "Thank the gods," she breathes a sigh of relief. There's a polite, wordless nod for Nadia and Lydia before she steals a sip.
Reese, it would appear, is comfortable with these arrangements. She's pleasant to the servants who appear to assist her, of course; she's pleasant to nearly everyone, as a general rule. In no time at all her garments have been set aside and she's joining the rest of the group in the sauna, a glass of water in her hand, and settling down onto one of the benches with a sigh.
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Dawn takes the glass of water from Larissa and offers a smile in return. "Thank you, Mistress Whisper. So good to see you again." Grayson's Voice inclines towards quiet this evening-- no surprise, perhaps, for those who might have heard of or attended the conference earlier this day. But she also seems more inclined to smiling at least. The lady moves to take a seat on one of those benches. "Duchess Nadia, Lady Lydia... I can't begin to tell you how much I've been looking forward to this. Thank you so much for arranging the event." And though she might give Deva a wistful look, she contents herself with water for now. Small sips taken, and then another smile sent winging its way to Reese. "Cousin. How is this for pampering, mm?"
Late, perhaps purposely so, Jaenelle looks a bit confused. She points outside, head tilting and a blush touching her cheeks as she asks the room as a whole, "I was lost, but His Grace Darren escorted me over. He was halfnaked. I don't think I have ever had a more interesting escort to the next estate over than that. Did he do that for all of you?" Because either she is special, or not. She isn't quite sure which she would prefer.
Deva stares uncomfortably at Jaenelle.
Larissa grins at Jaenelle and wanders over to hand her a glass of water "Or there is whisky if you prefer, the sauna is awfully warm already, however." she warn before nodding and sending smiles in return to Deva and Dawn "Well certainly, Highness" she grins at the former. "I would never have it said that Larissa Whisper ever stood between anyone and their whisky. I would be shamed forever." she teases and sends Dawn a warm smile "It is always lovely to see you Lady Dawn. And their Ladies Nadia and Lydia have truly outdone themselves. I think you are all in for a truly delicious treat."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nadia before departing.
Lydia is just beginning to lean back and reach for her glass again when more people enter. "My ladies! You made it, I'm so happy!" She truly does look happy too up until Jaenelle speaks. She tilts her head quizzically at the woman and then leans forward as eagerness sits in. "Really? What did he say?"
"This," Reese says, returning Dawn's smile with one of her own -- slightly hazy, perhaps! -- "is delightful. I can feel tension just /draining/ out of me." What, exactly, there is in her life to cause her tension is left unaddressed. She does look across at Jaenelle curiously, saying: "Not I, at least, though of course I can't speak for anyone else ..."
Dawn is less affected by the heat of the sauna than Reese, Her posture remains upright, her bearing collected. But her smile is softer as she nods to the Grayson woman. "It is," she confirms. Then pale eyes turn to mark Jaenelle's arrival. The young woman's puzzled query causes the lady to tuck her chin low and lift a hand. Disguising some mirth, perhaps. "I was not told an escort of half-naked High Lords was even an -option-!" she remarks.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.
Larissa drops an extravagant teardrop vase filled with a half-hundred immortalised lillies glazed by glass.
Nadia presses a well-humored smile upon her lips at Jaenelle's words, a servant immediately beckoned for to deliver a hushedly spoken word. "He swears you interrupted him during enjoying his dinner alone, without a shirt on, for an upcoming bear fight," she posits in helpful explanation to Janelle, swirling the golden-pitched whisky in her glass about delicately. "Either way, I'm delighted you managed to make it here without incidence. There was a time Talen suffered a similar scenario of being lost on his way here, the ending really quite humorous. I should tell you about it some time."

Green eyes turn toward Larissa and Reese now, a vibrant laugh leaving her. "It was Lydia's idea to re-enact the effects of the hot springs from our estates from home with the heated stones and water for the steam. It truly does have a way of just … siphoning all the stress from your body. Doesn't it?"
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Nadia presses a well-humored smile upon her lips at Jaenelle's words, a servant immediately beckoned for to deliver a hushedly spoken word. "He swears you interrupted him during enjoying his dinner alone, without a shirt on, for an upcoming bear fight," she posits in helpful explanation to Janelle, swirling the golden-pitched whisky in her glass about delicately. "Either way, I'm delighted you managed to make it here without incidence. There was a time Talen suffered a similar scenario of being lost on his way here, the ending really quite humorous. I should tell you about it some time."

Green eyes turn toward Larissa and Reese now, a vibrant laugh leaving her. "It was Lydia's idea to re-enact the effects of the hot springs from our estates from home with the heated stones and water for the steam. It truly does have a way of just siphoning all the stress from your body. Doesn't it?"
Kima arrives.
(OOC) Kima crashes.
So far, Deva doesn't seem to be relaxing. At all. The rum doesn't seem to be helping. She glances from face to face, shoulders tense as the hand without a glass keeps the towel held around her. "Smoke bomb," she declares abruptly, rising, and then-- then she just leaves, padding off to go throw her clothes on and depart.
Deva is leaving Arx - Ward of Redrain - Nightgold Mansion - Solarium, heading for Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Nightgold Mansion - Main Hall.
Jaenelle takes the offered glass of water from Larissa, needing a sip already without being there long. "Well. I highly recommend the offer should it be presented to you all in the future." She listens to Nadia's explination, "it all certainly makes sense now. There was a lot of growling when I came upon the High Lord. Maybe he was practicing Bear as his second language. Or simply enjoying his dinner. How am I to know." She moves the glass from one hand to the other as she is helped disrobing for the sauna. "I have spent a lot of time in this Ward, but never within this estate, it is lovely."
Larissa pauses and speaks quietly as a messenger arrives, and she laughs at what she finds "My Ladies!" she grins "It seems as though you all have an admirer by way of one Master Rook of the Whisper House." she calls out, setting the vase of glass dipped Lilies on a nearby table "He sends his highest regards and.. a bottle of champagne and would like me to extend his compliments and an invitation to call upon him if you wish to hire the company of a sophisticated Courtier.." she offers with another little chuckle "He is wickedly clever, our Rook. And these are gorgeous!" she grins and wanders over to present Lydia and Nadia with the bottle of champagne.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nadia before departing.
"Ooooh, that is lovely! We'll have to have some when we get out, but first, let me show you this. You see, my sister gives me too much credit. I didn't think of this all myself, I heard of it by some people who live in the mountain and don't have access to hot springs and they have this trick to get the blood flowing..." Lydia looks around the sauna idly, continually dropping more steam onto the stones so that the entire room is near suffocating. Then her eyes land on the pile of slender rods next to the steaming stones, and she perks up excitedly. "Nadia, can I demonstrate on you?"
Kima arrives prepared, which is to say she had come dressed in a loose, silken robe displaying an elegant floral pattern. Upon entering, she extends her arms out to either side, allowing the servants to remove the robe and thus reveal that the lady-knight had literally traversed the city with nothing underneath. Oh, she wore sandals, of course, who wants to walk all that way bare foot!? These she kicks off and allows the servants to take away along with her other personal item - which just so happened to be a sword belt and attached sword. Not shy, this woman. Padding her way towards the sauna, Kima gives her greetings to the two hostesses.
The heat in the sauna has begun to plaster wisps of red-gold hair to Dawn's neck. Honey-hued skin begins to grow slick and her freckles slowly fade as her skin flushes. Sipping the water helps somewhat but there is only so much water can do, when she is surrounded by steam. But when Larissa displays the artful arrangement of glass flowers, it takes no energy at all to find a compliment. "He has such exquisite taste," she murmurs while tilting her head to study the piece of art. A fleeting moment: her attention is tugged away by Lydia and the rods.

Up go her eyebrows.
"Very clever," Reese says to Nadia; "and indeed it does. Are the springs that are counterfeited here truly as hot as this, then? Or have you improved upon the model which you emulate?" She sips water steadily, though not quickly; a little sip or two at a time. Larissa's explanation for the messenger brings a smile to her face. "What a charming idea! And they are indeed beautiful."
Nadia quirks her lips at their named admirer's tactful advertisement through Larisa. "I'll have to send a token of my appreciation to Master Rook for his gifts and kind words," she supposes, her eyes drifting aside to Lydia when the slender rods are collected. "Of course," comes her willful submission, draining her glass of the last of its water. She drapes herself carefully over a cushioned table, her lips tipping upward in a small smile at Dawn. "Have you had the pleasure of making Master Rook's acquaintance as well, Lady Dawn? He's really quite an interesting man, and alarmingly capable with his hands."

When Kima arrives belatedly to the scene, she raises her glass in welcoming reception, "Lady Kima, is that you? Welcome to the party; you're just in time to see Lady Lydia demonstrate a rather obscure technique from deep within the mountains to assauge discomfort from the muscles through proper blood flow." Her brows knit in brief contemplation of Reese's words, bowing her head once, "It was rather difficult to emulate the atmosphere of the hot springs, but why don't we save that topic? I wouldn't want to bore everyone with the minute details."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dawn before departing.
Margot arrives.
2 Thrax Guards arrives.
When Nadia's back is exposed,, Lydia lifts the rod, and then lowers it again to let it strike against her sister's back. The rapping is done firrmly, but not hard enough to make a welt. This repeats several more times until she pulls back and smiles. "See? Just like that. It's surprisingly refreshing." She then turns to Dawn and holds the rod towards her, "Would you like to try?" She asks before indicating the rest of the pile, and the rest of the guests, "Please, give it a try."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nadia before departing.
In the same moment Lydia is offering Dawn a rod with which to beat their hostess, a messenger slips into the room to press a little scroll into the woman's hand. She's caught while saying, "I would agree, Duchess Nadia, I find him most interesting as well. But I would say his wit and intelligence is a greater gift than mere hands. We all have our own preferences, however."

She gives a small shake of her head to Lydia in polite refusal of the rod. A glance at the message just received sees her rising. "Unfortunately I must take my leave of you ladies. It was a pleasure. I quite approve of this Northern custom. A good evening to you all."
Larissa waggles her eyebrows as Lydia begins explaining about the sticks. As the Nightgold speaks she moves around to stand next to Kima, sending the outrageous blonde and equally outrageous smile as she hands her a glass of water "This will cool you off in the sauna, there's whisky after." murmurs quietly, quite approving of wandering through the city in nothing more than a beautiful satin robe. "You had mentioned something about this being similar to a tradition to you as well?" she prompts. "It just amazes me how alike we all really are, truly." though as falls silent to listen to the demonstration she grins and simply adds "Truly... " with a little giggle. "Well. Lady Kima, shall we make a go of it?" she asks before curtsying to Dawn "It was so lovely to see you, my Lady."
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"So soon?" Reese says, dismayed, to Dawn; the smile momentarily dissipating into dismay. "But we've hardly had time to start to relax." A sigh. "I do wish you success in whatever matter requires your attention." Pausing a moment, she admits to Nadia, "As you like; it would be rude to try the patience of those not interested in such matters. But I hope you will not mind if I request a longer explanation at a later date."
"Ah, to have missed you," Kima opines to Dawn as she makes her departure. "Another time, perhaps. Do be well until then," this by way of farewell before Larissa has stolen her attention. Or rather, redirected it back to the rods. "Oh, we do indeed have a similar custom - though I confess, this part with the rods is not something I have experienced." She delicately takes the water from Larissa, and takes an equally delicate sip.

"Tell me, Larissa dear, should you like to be the refreshed or the refresher?" She gestures to the rods while wearing a too-innocent grin, allowing the Whisper to make her choice.
For a Thraxian lady, getting naked in public is simply something not done even amongst members of one's own gender, and so it is that Margot when she arrives in the sauna is still wearing a short shift that comes down her her mid thighs and has a shallow enough nect to over all of her clevage. More that most Lyceum ladies wear in public often but far less than she's likely ever seen in by anyone but her maid. Margot looks around the room and draws a slow breath of the heated air. "Forgive me for being late my ladies..."
Lydia's face twists up in dismay as Dawn readies to leave. "Oh, I'm so sorry you must go so soon. Thank you /so/ much for coming." Then Lydia's bright green eyes settle on the other Grayson in the room. "Lady Reese, would you like to give it a try?"
Nadia grasps hold of the table's edge as she takes her beating with grace. "Of course not," she promises to Reese, after seeing off the departing Voice of Grayson with a close-lipped smile and token words of parting. "Who am I to deny a princess her fascinations?" She slants a green-eyed wink at the Grayson before plucking up a slender stick to stretch in offerance to Jaenelle with a slow-growing smile. "Shall I give you a demonstration as well, Your Highness? Or, perhaps, would you like to be the refreshee?"
As she listens and watches the rod's movements, Jaenelle's brows lift, "that is quite interesting." As she is offered the rod when Dawn takes her leave, she grins slightly and reaches for it. She lightly taps Nadia, not as strong as her sister did, for fear that she might accidently hit her and leave a mark. Once, twice, then she hands it back to Lydia, and turns to look at Margot as she enters, "Margot!"
Laughing, the Grayson princess inclines her head to Nadia with mock gravity: "You are indeed a gracious hostess," Reese says, gentle humor in her tone, "and I promise I shan't abuse your agreeability too much." Hearing Lydia mention her name, she turns slightly: "Oh! Well, I confess to a degree of curiosity, and it would never do to have the family decline a challenge twice, would it?" She gets to her feet, reaching out a hand for the stick.
Larissa laughs outwardly at Kima and takes the stick "Wouldn't you like to know." she grins lasciviously complete with requite eyerow wiggle before she would lightly rap Kima's back.. just enough to get blood flowing, not enough to cause any sort of discomfort. She was competent, as though she had practice. "There we go. Feeling good? It does, doesn't it? Especially being so flushed and hot. "Your turn." she giggles because you couldn't NOT do this and giggle. It was just impossible.
Lydia graciously hands the stick over to the princess and then turns her back to expose it to Reese, while simultaneously reaching up a hand to sweep her hair over her shoulder and out of the way.
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Margot smiles with notable relief when she spots Jaenelle. "Your highness! I am so glad to see you." She heads straight towards the familiar face, typically comfortable in almost all social gatherings but surrounded by naked people.... well she has no point of referance for how to behave in this situation.
Nadia pitches out a tinkling laugh. "Your words are far too kind, Your Highness," she coos to Reese, her head tilted to watch the Grayson princess at work on Lydia before her gaze drifts to Jaenelle. "O-Oh, you're quite the natural at this," she compliments the princess with genuine vigor as she endures a second beating.

Margot's belated arrival does not go amiss by the Duchess of Stonedeep. She rises from her lean against the table, setting aside Jaenelle's rod nearby and lifting a glass of iced water to extend to Margot in warm reception. "Lady Margot, I'm so glad you could join us after all. You're just in time to witness a secret technique of we Mountain Men for relieving tension in the body and increasing blood flow when one is without proper access to a hot springs in the frigid cold. Would you like a demonstration?"
At least as far as Reese is concerned, the way to behave when naked and surrounded by naked people is more or less the same way as one would behave when clothed. Minus the occasional concession to practicality. She accepts the stick from Lydia, and waits for her to turn: "Now -- not too hard, yes? Just a light bit of -- refreshment, I belive was the term." Humor laces her words, and she's smiling. Her first attempt is probably somewhat over-gentle, hardly enough to count as a light tap. Well, it wouldn't do to inadvertantly injure one's hosts!
Jaenelle reaches for Margot's hand that Nadia does not place the glass of water into, squeezing it with reassurance as she urges her to sit in the seat beside. She giggle at Nadia's comments, shaking her head, "my father was a Redrain, perhaps I am wise to your secret northern ways!" She turns to Margot, "I am glad you came, truly! Are you well?"
Kima's eyes cut to Margot, the lone woman in the room (after the departure of Dawn) to have refused to give up her dignity. Not that Kima saw it that way, of course. Naturally, as Larissa began to whack her flesh with the rods, Kima ceased to really think about whether or not someone else wanted to enjoy the singular pleasure that is just being naked. "I have to say," she manages after several seconds of savoring the sensation. "I could get used to this."

Then it was Larissa's turn, and Kima tested her rhythm lightly against the Whisper's exposed back a few times before determining it was good and picking up both pace and firmness. "There are also plants," Kima begins, voice taking on the air of a teacher. "Of a...stinging sort...that are smacked against the body in a similar fashion. It takes a certain sort of perverse mind to find pleasure in it, I don't deny."
Margot's brow lifts at the dutchess, dipping into a curtsey, "Thank you for the warm welcome Your Ladyship. I ah... You must forgive me this is extremely alien to me, I have never been to even near such a gathering. But of course I suppose so..." She eyes Kima and Larisa with the sticks as she taeks the glass, sipping from it... oh water not wine." To Jaenelle she smiles faintly, "Very well thank you Your Highness, I have missed you greatly."
"Exactly!" Lydia encourages the Grayson princess, and doesn't even seem disappointed at the lightness of the taps. After a few hits, though, she rises from her bench and turns to the assembled group. "My ladies, we shouldn't stay in here too long. If you'll join me outside the sauna, Mistress Larissa has arranged for some additional pampering and, of course, the promised whiskey and refreshments await - all after a cool bath."
Larissa bent over slightly for her turn and had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling too loud. "Oh, that does feel nice... " she gasped a few times as Kima picked up her pace. She had to clear he throat a few times before she managed to speak without giggling "I'm finding myself thankful that you and your brother don't take after each other overly much.." she confesses to Kima as the raps come to an end. "Or that might have been awkward." she teases. "But! Yes! Onwards my Ladies, we are only just beginning!" and she would wait until the others were finished and ready to go out to the cool bath waiting for them.
A bit of disappointment shows on Reese's face. She swings the stick with a bit more enthusiasm, this time just at the air rather than at anyone in particular. All the same, she has to admit: "As much fun as this is, I think I may melt if I spend too much longer in here, and a cool bath sounds /just/ the thing."
"Oh, Larissa, just be patient, you'll find that what Eos and I lack of superficial similarities, we share at heart. Now," Kima ceases with her ministrations, setting the rods aside for a servant to no doubt clear away. "What's this about whiskey and further pampering? You needn't lure me with more, I do so solemnly declare."
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"And I you" Jaenelle tells Margot with a warm smile. As the party is to be moved, Jaenelle bounces from her seat and tugs at Margot's hand to get her back up again if she had sat. "Just think of it like you are being dressed. Without the dressing part" she tells the thraxian ward. "Its very liberating to be naked" she assures her with a nod of her head, even though she reaches for a silken sheet to wrap around her form as they begin to move from the sauna area.
Nadia allows a short laugh to bubble up from her. "It is perhaps the fun of attending foreign events, no? You have a chance to indulge yourself in the new and exciting," she poses to Margot with an infectious smile. Jaenelle's revealed Redrain relative earns a look of genuine interest from the duchess. "Oh? That is rather interesting, Your Highness. You'll have to tell me about him some time, won't you?"

When Lydia announces the end of their time amidst the heated mists, a humored grin crests her lips in quieted aside to Margot and Jaenelle, "You'll have to try this bottle of champagne an 'admirer' gifted to us earlier, once we've had our baths."
Margot choes a little as she's pulled back up to follow Jaenelle, "I do not think it is particularly liberating to be honest Jaenelle. But yes as you say Dutchess Lydia, I shall stive to experience your ways as best I can."
As the women exit the sauna, they are greeted by quite a surprise. As soon as they are out into the fresh air, chilled water rains from above as the women are doused by the prepared and waiting servants outside. After being drenched in cold water, servants again press in around the noblewoman, scrubbing their bodies with a rough, grainy sponge. Undergoing the chilled water and then the scrubbing comes with a reward, though. The cold douse is refreshing after the time in the sauna, and the scrubbing removes dead skin, leaving the women's skin feeling softer. The women rinsed again and wrapped in thick, luxurious towels. Equally plush robes are offered them, along with trays of pink salmon and delicate cakes and tall glasses of bubbly champagne sit next to bottles of fine whiskey, and they are guided towards the circle of chairs and low massage tables where more traditional pampering will take place.
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Lydia shoots a grin over at Jaenelle as she stands and allows herself to be thoroughly scrubbed and doused, not seeming to mind the cold water as much as the southerners might. "It /is/ liberating, I think, but only when you're around people you feel comfortable with." She gives her sister a grin as well and then shrugs on a robe and grabs a glass of champagne as she pads over to a chair and settles down.
Larissa inclines her head to Kima with a playful grin as they head out. "I am sure there many things that I will be surprised to learn about the two of you." she murmurs, just before cold water is doused upon them all "But not that you are both equal parts of trouble." she chatters out just as she's wrapped in a fluffy towel. And as the Ladies begin drying themselves off and heading for the lounge chairs, Larissa moves off to the side and calls someone over and after a brief word, a small army of Whispers troupe into the Solarium and take up their stations.

They are all women, and all dressed in modest white shifts. A few take up places at the massage tables, and others move around with trays of make up pots, creams, paints for toenails and the like. Larissa takes a moment to direction them around so that those who wish to have facials may have facials, and those who wished to be massaged will be. Each Lady has her own attendant and soon the air around them is perfumed with light spices of various ointments, lotions oils and creams "Please enjoy this next bit of pampering, whatever your choice may be it will be seen to with the utmost attention." she assures everyone
Getting rained on -- that's a surprise. At least, it's a surprise to Reese, who wasn't expecting any such thing, although she is, alas, not quick enough to avoid getting thoroughly soaked. She does, at least, take it with good humor, pushing wet hair back from her face and peering upwards to smile at the servants. "I cannot help but think," she says, amused, "that that must be a particularly satisfying job to hold, from time to time." She stands without objection to be scrubbed and dried, even extending her arms to make sure she gets throughly clean. A robe, a chair, a glass of champagne; life is good. Life is /exceptional/.
Margot is thrilled with rinsing, scrubbing even and the best part is the soft towels and warm robes. Still even this more clothed pampering is somewhat more than she is accustomed to and she glances side ways to Jaenelle as she settles into the the seat she's given. "Oh next time someone tries to convince me life in the north is savagery I shall have to tell them that they could not be further from the mark."
As she is doused, Kima laughs. It is a laughter born of pure, unadulterated happiness. She spreads her arms out, hands with the palms up as she turns her face upwards as well. Her blonde hair becomes plastered to her scalp, then against her neck, shoulders and back. Darker now, for being wet, and her lashes lump together, shedding water droplets like the morning dew upon grass. Skin tanned by the summer sun has taken on a pinkish hue, and then somewhat red when the servants come to scrub her.

"Oh, Larissa, is this not like I told you?" She exclaims, laughing yet. "It does not matter where you live, good is good!" Her hand reaches out to take a towel, which she uses to daub much of the moisture away before accepting a robe to wrap herself in. Only then does she take a glass full of champagne.

"Lady Margot, perhaps one day you will find comfort in your own skin, but until then, seek ye what happiness may be found. As Larissa summons her Whisper attendants, Kima gestures to her own before saying, "Take, for example, what this wonderful woman can do. With her hands, she creates beauty. A facial, if you please." And then Kima lays back, but not before taking a hearty sip of her champagne.
"Salt water tends to have wonderful effects on the skin as well" Jaenelle says as they walk unknowingly to an ambush. She screams in surprise as the water is dumped on them, dropping the silk covering she stole from the sauna area. While refreshing, the woman shivers slightly, and watches as she begins to to get scrubbed down. This is new. Definitely new. She remains still, not wishing to cause the servants to rub off anything important, and when the next wave of water is tossed, she can't help but giggle, informing Margot, "I don't understand any of this, but it is interesting, is it not?" The Thraxian born Velenosa takes the offered fluffy coverings and wraps herself within them, the tiny woman almost lost inside.
Nadia sucks in a sharp breath as she's drenched thoroughly in frigid waters, the stark contrast of temperatures jolting a muted yelp from the duchess. Sodden rose gold curls are shoved from her face, her exfoliation and thorough cleansing taken in delighted strides as she soaks up the collective reactions of her guests. "Oh, wouldn't it," she agrees with Reese. "Though it does one well to remember not to treat their servants too terribly, lest you want a nasty surprise in the water they toss on you." She looks to Margot, a humored smile gracing her lips. "I'm quite pleased we've convinced you otherwise, my Lady. My sister and I regularly enjoy exploring our own culture and finding these obscure beauty rituals to partake in. We happened across this during an account of our father's exploits deep in the mountains from when we were children."

She happily drapes herself across a lounge, a flute of bubbly clutched in one hand, while an attentive servant sees to the buffering of her feet in oils. "Is that true," she asks of Jaenelle about the salt water. "About the salt water? I haven't had much experience with it, admittedly, aside from the occasional jaunt across the shallows at the beaches."
Lydia is sitting in her chair for only a second before she's up and laying down on one of the massage tables and waving towards a waiting masseuse. She lets out a happy sigh as the woman begins to work. "I want to try it more. The sea I mean. I often wondered what it was like as a child and now that I've gotten to see it, I think I'm quite enchanted!"
Larissa laughs to Kima and grins "I did say they were 'similar'! Not exactly the same. And yes!" she turns to Margot, her eyes warm with affection "I quite think the North have absolutely shown that they are every bit as luxurious as all the other houses. I just feel like I could walk right out of my skin and not be any happier about it." she dimples, taking a moment to scan the crowd. She saw Kima being treated to a facial, a series of creams and masks that would be applied one after the other - and would leave her skin impossibly smooth for days. Nadia had the pleasure of a particularly delicate Whisper who was famous for her light touch as she was given a pedicure, complete with a warm parafin treatment. Lydia's Whisper was also known for her sculptures, often provocative and rarely seen by the public - her hands would be more than suited to rub out any lingering tension. Larissa hersels made herself comfortable on one of the seats and watched, now and then getting up to help one of the other Whispers if they needed a second pair of hands for a moment.
"Yes, quite," Reese says to Nadia, laughing. "After all, one never knows when one may find the tables turned, does one? And it costs nothing to be pleasant, if not kind." She remains seated, sipping at her champagne, for a short while, before electing to join Lydia on one of the massage tables, stretching herself out to complete the task of relaxation.
Margot looks to Nadia and sighs softly as one of the whispers unpins her long, golden curls and starts to comb them out. A soft sligh leaves her. "Indeed Dutchess Nightgold? It is no wonder the north boasts so many legendary beauties." Her eyes half closed. "Do these rituals need to be practiced regularly?"

She glances sideways to Larissa. "Indeed...." Simple pleasures seem to please Margot, her head leans back into the hands of the attendant, content to have her scalp and neck rubbed.
Jaenelle nods her head towards Nadia, "it has a healing quality to it, and can be used to clear pores and keep your skin glowing and young. It is the sun that affects the sailors and not the spray of the water, which makes them look old and weathered." Taking two glasses of the champagne, she hands one over to Margot who looks to be in the well practiced hands of the Whisper. She turns down any extra pampering, looking to enjoy simply being there, wrapped in the robe beside Margot. To Lydia, "when I steal my ship, you can come aboard, it will be fun. There is nothing quite like the sea than from the desk of a ship."
Kima is the sort of person that has her cake and eats it, too. She will not only indulge in a facial, but she'll take that mani-pedi and the massage, too! Life is meant to be lived to its fullest. Most especially when you could have your guts torn from where they nest so contentedly within your abdomen.

"I once read that your skin is 'renewed' once every month in some old treatise regarding age, beauty, and how we might capture youth." Her brows knit somewhat, if only to capture more of the memory. "It was inconclusive, of course, but very interesting all the same. So to answer your question, Margot, I actually have no idea. But once a month certainly sounds nice."
"Wise words anyone would do well to remember, now and then," Nadia opines to Reese with a bubble of laughter. She sips from her glass of champagne, angling her feet to allow her chosen Whisper unhindered access to her toes. "They do not," she tells Margot then, her words aligning with her sister's. "They could be, if only truly wished it, but then the novelty of the rejuvenating effect would wear thin after some time." Her gaze drifts to Kima as she lives her life to the fullest with mani-pedis and massages. "Lady Kima, you seem quite relaxed over there. What scent of oil did you go with for your massage? The aroma makes all the difference in your indulgence, I heard."
"Really? I would love that!" Lydia's head pops up from the massage table as a flash of an eager grin across the room at Jaenelle. "Do you know, that I've mentioned to Prince Dagon twice that I like the sea and he never once offered so much as a boat ride? Men." Lydia's disgruntlement is of the good natured sort and is accompanied by an expressive roll of her eyes beore she stretches back out on the table.
Larissa smiles as she watches the attendants do their best. They are Whispers and of course the care they give is exemplary. Margot will be treated to a massage of her scalp and head and shoulders before her hair is brushed out in loving strokes and braided with ribbons and a few bits of rhinestone jewelry. Reese too would find an attendant waiting, one of the often used masseuse's of the house who harbored a strangely light touch but left the body feeling loose and languid in her wake. And as Kima makes her wishes known, another pair of Whispers will come out, one attending to her feet and the other to her hands as her nails find themselves oiled and buffed "Perhaps I can fashion a straw out of a reed for you Lady Kima, so you may lie back and enjoy the chamagne as well." she suggests with a grin
Margot mmm once a month sounds amazing indeed, and beyond the scope of Margot's iagining really if on were to be entirely honest. "You are stealing a ship Jaenelle, from us or the Lyceum navy?" Her head tilts towards Lydia, "The Thraxian sailors believe bringing women aboard a war vessel is bad luck. Well noble women. Thralls and pretty girls at port do not seem to count to that so much." She mutters lazily as her scalp is rubbed, almost purring with content.
"I haven't decided yet" Jaenelle tells Margot with a shrug of her shoulders, taking a sip from her glass. "I used to sneak on board the ships before they would set sail, just to watch the sailors prepare. I found the perfecting hiding spots so they wouldn't know I was there, I am lucky that I managed to always get off and not venture out with them. Well, all but that one time, but we don't talk about that." She beams over at Lydia, "it seems we both need to learn how to sail then."
"Vanilla and sandalwood," Kima answers Nadia with a happy little grin. "With a touch of lemon." Thank you, Lush, for your wonderful bath products. Fourth wall thus broken, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. "Oh, you are a wickedly clever woman, Larissa. I will, however, politely decline." One does not drink champagne through a straw!

"I think what they mean to say is: the women who are our wives and sisters and mothers are bad luck to bring aboard a ship, as they would never allow the antics we do so love to get up to. Create your own navy, Jaenelle, full of women and tell the men they're all bad luck, except for the ones you say aren't bad luck, of course - courtesy of Mangata." And there, a content sigh escapes her.
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Larissa glances over at Lydia and grins "Oh? Well. Men are curious creatures - I'm convinced it has something to do with how their ears and brains must be connected differently than ours as it seems, to me, that no matter what you say they only hear what want to hear and only understand what is convenient for them to understand at any given time." she quips and grins "And yes, I think an all woman navy is exactly what we've been missing out on. Just think of all the conquering we could be getting done."
"Huh." Lydia's head tilts so that she can look over at Margot. As the massage ends, she pushes up and reaches for a glass of champagne. There's a spark of renewed interest in her eyes, though, when she turns them back to Jaenelle, "Oh, but you /must/ speak of it. It sounds like there's an exciting story behind those words."
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Margot gives Jaenelle an almost envious look. "You are so much braver than I am. I've always wanted to go out on the water but it would be immodest." Which is Thraxian code for 'on the list of things ladies are not allowed'. "But Prince Edain gave Prince Dagon a lovely trained Osprey recently and I am hoping I can convince them to take me out so I can see her hunt."
Kima, having experienced the height of luxury pampering, sits up, knocks back her champagne, and gets to her feet. "Ladies, Duchess Nightgold," to Nadia she gives a fluid bow. Another, though not quite as deep, is given to Lydia as co-host to the lovely event. "You have provided me with a most wonderful evening, but it is with great regret that I must make my departure." As she turns to leave, Kima winks towards Larissa.

"If you tell my brother about this, I am certain he'll react as if it were silly, but I promise you, it will only be because he is exceptionally jealous that he couldn't attend."
Jaenelle laughs lightly at Kima, "I have Acacia as my captain, so my female navy is slowly progressing. I expect to see you all there when it is time to go on grand adventures. The ocean might not be ready for us yet, though." She shakes her head at Margot's words, "oh I am not as brave, as perhaps ignorant to the disasters that are precariously perched above my head at all times. I simply choose to ignore it all, and hope for the best." She turns to Kima, calling out to the departing woman, "Lady Kima, your brother snores, has morning breath the reaks of death, and is compltely covered in hair. I urged him to see a healer for his ailments." Finally back towards Lydia, she waves her off with a giggle, "I had to jump, I was so distracted that the ship pulled from port and I had to run and jump." She lifts the robe, exposing her knee and the faint scar, "I landed on the dock, it was not a pleasant hobble home."
Kima blinks owlishly at Jaenelle, considering her words for a moment. One finger is held aloft, mouth opening ever so slightly, then the finger is slowly lowered, and Kima shakes her head with an amused laugh. "I won't ask how you know, your Highness, but you are only too accurate." A giggle, and then Kima disappears in order to retrieve her clothes, such as they are, and make her ultimate exit from the Nightgold Mansion.
Larissa laughs at Kima's words and nods "I think he will enjoy his own variety of pampering at his leisure. I shouldn't waste too much time feeling bad for him my Lady" she grins, lifting her champagne glass in salute. "And you look radiant!" she exclaims.
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"Oh, that is an adventure! I think if I tried that, my sister and brother might strangle me!" Lydia's eyes widen as she listens to Jaenelle, but then drift towards the departing Kima. She rises from her seat when Kima begins to take her leave. "of course. I hope you will join us again soon. I'm so glad that you could be here tonight." As she settles back, she crosses a hand over her heart. "And I promise. No word to your brother!"

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