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Mirrorguard: General Meeting

Word spreads around among the ranks that the Mirrorguard will be holding a general meeting to check in with its membership, and maybe discuss a few other things. Members of the Mirrorguard are encouraged to attend.


Jan. 8, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Esme Vitalis Agostino Luis Alantir




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Mirrorguard Tower - First Floor

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

There are table arranged around the room so folk can congregate Quenia is settled at one of them. She appears to be waiting for fellow members of the Mirrorguard to arrive before getting started, with only a few notes jotted down into the notepad. It does not look like it will be an exceptionally long metting.

Is that... Lady Esme Fidante?! She has been noticably (or maybe not) missing from court since winter was in full effect. Her emerald green eyes survey the tower thoughtfully as she sort of skip walks in. A vibrantly beautiful smile is given to any in the room that would look at her (sorry Vitalis).

Vitalis arrived early so he could ensconce himself somewhere to be both, out of the way and positioned well to hear the proceedings. Injuries have taken their toll, and the Shield of the Unseen is now Unseeing, though he sits with little change to his usual posture. Attentive, thoughtful, lips pursed. Brow furrowed. All that. He rubs the breast of bright-colored bird with a crooked finger as folks file in. It's a game to see who he can identify by their voice, or tread, or scent.

Agostino arrives more or less on time, doing his best to slip into the room unobtrusively in case the meeting has already begun. He relaxes when he sees it has not, though Vitalis' scars do draw a brief, curious glance. Saying nothing, he makes his way to one of the tables to take a seat, dipping his head toward Esme before turning his attention fully toward Quenia.

Quenia checks composure at easy. Quenia is successful.

Quenia had not known that Vitalis was injured, so she's somewhat surprised at his condition when he arrives for the meeting early and unseeing. She does her level best to hide any reactions with regards to that and acts normally toward him. "Lord Vitalis," she greets warmly, certain he's already talked the injury over with the Archduchses. She likewise greets Agostino and Esme one they arrive as well. "It seems we will have a light crew this evening. If you would all be so kind as to share tonight's proceedings with others, it would be appreciated. Do please be seated, should you wish," she tells those newly arrived, looking curiously to the door once more to make sure no one else is coming.

Vitalis smiles at Quenia, head swiveling her way when she greets him. "Shield Quenia," he returns. His head swivels to Agostino when the man enters, the Clement lord staring that direction before rumbling a quiet, speculative, "Unseen Agostino." Esme's presence is simpler, preceded by a bouquet of scent as she is. "Unbroken Esme." He nods at Quenia's declaration that it'd be a small group and takes a deep breath, prepared to listen.

Esme moves over towards Vitalis as she arrives in and her eyes take him in as she sits down at his table. There is a look towards the others. Perhaps a nod of her head. Perhaps a wink here or there. She taps her fingers on the table to seemingly announce their movement before she will attempt to touch Vitalis hand in greeting. No massive hugs yet. She settles in to listen to what is about to transpire.

"I figured it's been some many months since we had a meeting, and that it was probably time that we settled down and did something." Quenia says after folk get settled, watching everyone's interactions with Vitalis with a quiet expression. "At the very least, find out what everyone is working on, seeing if they need help, and also maybe explaining why it is that I'm researching the Eater of Stories. I can go first if that makes it easiest, with regard to the Eater of Stories," she says with a touch of a grimace.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle have been dismissed.

Aspira have been dismissed.

"Of course Marquessa," Agostino responds to the request to share with those who are missing the meeting. Settling into his seat, he then responds to Vitalis, "Good evening Lord Clement." He then falls quiet to listen to what Quenia has to say. He frowns some at the mention of the Eater, but he nods and tells her, "I haven't really been up to much of late, just work for house Malespero. So if you have a specific direction for us, I'd love to hear it."

Quenia seems to wait for some time before going into her own story. "The long and the short of it is that the Eater of Stories, for some time now, has been plaguing me with dreams. Nothing overtly threatening or anything, but it's been enough times now, three or four, that I've cause for concern. I haven't, to my knowledge, done anything to gain his attention specifically, but yet he still plagues me. The last time it happened was during the Eclipse of Mirrors; a waking vision. I believe I shared the contents of some of them during a past meeting. I wasn't for sure it was him then, but I am certain now based on confirmations from others as well as the contents of other things he said. So, I've been researching him asa result to maybe find a way to block him or to see what might be done to maybe stop him." Even saying that much unnerves Quenia, as well it should considering the content. "I welcome anyone that wishes to participate in that research."

Esme looks around at the others as they speak and then she offers low words to Vitalis at his table. Her sparking green eyes dance from one to the other. "I've been traveling. There was something in Tor that I had to handle with some people found there. Then I found myself lost in my own wanderlust for a bit of time. I fear that I have not really done nor sought anything since I last helped with the research." She offers towards Quenia. "If you have a direction, I can perhaps seek it. The occult is not lost to me and those that walk the opposed and destroy that which they should not, are not quite yet done with me. Just let me know." Her eyes move towards Agostino and Vitalis to hear what they have been up to.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard, Tamsin, 1 Scarlet Phoenix Guard, a stoic Ostrian gelding arrive, following Luis.

Micana, an efficient assistant arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

Pushing himself away from the wall, Luis looks about the room, almost as though he just woke up from a nap, silly things, naps. But oh so wonderful. "Right, candy cakes!" he smacks his lips before pulling a bottle from his belt and unstoppering it, drinking quickly to rinse his mouth. Bottle returned, he blinks a few times as he rubs his eyes and takes in the current occupants, "Sorry, how... why... yes... Mirrorguards," he notes before joining the table and settling down into a seat, swords casually leaned against his side. "We solving the Shield's mysteries tonight?"

Quenia raises amused brows at Luis's end of 'nap time' and she smirks a bit. "Cousin. I was just telling everyone about how the Eater of Stories is still plaguing my dreams," she tells him. She notes to the others. "Does anyone have any insight that they may share that might be helpful in that manner?" she asks. Not asking about clues, but ideas or suggestions on how she might rid herself of the attention of the neighborhood friendly Herald.

Vitalis tips his head at the tick of fingernails near, no question that the scent of rose heralds Esme and her fingers on his bring a smile. The bird on the arm of his chair fluffs, makes a low raspy gravel sound, though Vitalis mostly ignores it. "Ruminations on lore. Some insights about the designs of a fractal that may dovetail nicely for our war with the Horned God. Zircon. I'm not certain of it... I think he may mean to end the Horned God. And revive Destiny." A cough, "And kill Skald." Lips quirk, troubled crease on his brow.

Agostino's expression turns thoughtful when Quenia explains what is going on with the Eater of Stories, but then shakes his head slightly when she asks about anyone else's insight. "I am pretty sure that what I know of Him is information that you shared with me, Marquessa. But I'm willing to help out with your research going forward," he offers her. Then Vitalis speaks up about the Horned God, Zircon, and a plan to kill Skald, and he frowns yet again before speaking up again, "That sounds...particularly bad, even amidst the pile of bad that is already surrounding us. Any ideas on how we might be able to stop them?"

Quenia's brow raising then turns to Vitalis. "Could you elaborate that a bit more? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the issues with the Metallic Traitor." Her tone is as much imbued with her curiosity as her expression. "The only things I know of about Zircon are things my cousins have passed along to me, which isn't much," she says apologetically. "However, I do have a number of assistants available that can help with any research into him," she offers.

"Have you tried praying? People should never underestimate the power of a well crafted, sincere prayer," Luis remarks and the cadence, the way he shares these words, it's clear that he's reciting something that he's committed to memory in such a fashion, not his own words. There is a nod to Vitalis, "First he seeks to corrupt the dreamer, bend the dream to what he would like it to be, then wake the moon so that his version would settle itself upon the world," Luis confirms and smirks at the last, "And away with Skald to finish off the last of the ability of Choice..." he notes and sighs, "Have you sought out the one previously known as Emerald? Her custodian likely would have some answers, though I can serach through my own records to see if I have something. If you know what has spawned this attention, be it a written text, or something, I can help you remove their interest as it were..." he appends. Agostino's question draws Luis' attention and he quietly comments, "Tolv Mora, if you can find him, knows well about that, and would likely be able to fill you in with a lot of the details, should you seek him out, as to how to stop the Horned one..."

Esme glances at Luis with a bit of interest in those emerald eyes. The mention of actual Emerald causes a mixed reaction. Sadly, they all play upon her features and those telltale eyes. Like the written word of every thought and emotion. There is a moment of sadness there before she listens. Tolv's name gets a curious look. "I have not seen Tolv since he was in the temple. I should perhaps send word to him. Prism has given him a name now, so I'm not sure how he has evolved from that."

The knight, upon entering the Mirrorguard Tower, certainly sticks out like a sore thumb -- and yet this does not seem to discourage him in the slightest. He strolls confidently toward the nearest bench after gaze explores the structure's luxurious interior, offers a respectful dip of chin toward the nearby gathering of peers, and sits. His posture is so immaculate that it appears uncomfortable; back straightened at a perfect ninety-degree angle and shoulders aligned with hips.

Vitalis corrects himself, squinting, "I've got to think on it more. The beings that weave around us laying millennia long traps for one another and us caught between are difficult to discern." He shrugs, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Irritable, he waves away attention to the matters he raised.

Luis seems to fill in some of the blanks for Quenia and that seems helpful. "Those all seem like bad things." She looks between her cousin, Esme, and Vitalis. "I do believe the Archduchess was interested in Tolv Mora at one point. He's with Prism you say?" This draws her brows down a bit. "Do you think she would let someone talk to him?" she wonders. "Get a feel for what might be going on? Would he remember? Would it be of use? And this Zircon? Does anyone have a read on what he might be doing now and how to stop him?" She tilts her head at Luis. "I try to save the big prayers for important things. Right now, I think figuring out what to do about my particular situation is the better idea than asking help from the Gods. Though I am at least speaking to the Archscholar about the Eater of Stories. They have first hand experience with them."

Quenia notices a newcomer entering the meeting. She did leave it open to the public for those that might be interested in the group, though she seems a bit abashed that he wandered in when they were discussing such dire topics as Fractals and Heralds.

Esme is never this quiet. Ever. However, her silence extends as she looks around. There is an interested glance at Luis. As if she's seen his face but does not know him. It is, however, the knight that gets the most interested look. This is not the interest of the courtship ritual, but more of a knight to a knight. Her eyes slide down to his sword and then she watches him. If anyone should look at her, she gives one of her best Limreance gifts, her smile. It lights up and holds all the happiness of someone that just has a bubble of happy at most times. Then she looks back towards Quenia. When Vitalis is irritable. Her hand flicks over his again. She does tap her fingers. "The last time I spoke to Tolv, I just messaged him. He responded to me. He was very aware of things. I .. it has been awhile. I have been away from the city."

Luis turns to watch Esme as she speaks, not missing the glance, which only causes one of his own brows to loft slightly in intrigue. He does not add more to the conversation however, merely nodding as answers are given back and forth. A look to Alantir before giving the knight a friendly nod. "Oh, they've had some wonderful experience with it and other things..." Luis smirks, having been drawn out of his quiet by Quenia's final comment, enough so that he cannot bite back the retort.

It is indeed an intriguing conversation. For a moment, Alantir considers offering an opinion -- until anxiety rears its ugly head. This acute fear manifested in the form of a thousand unpleasant thoughts, each louder than the next, speaking at a volume which deafened the rational mind. No, he was an outsider. Perhaps even perceived as eavesdropping on a private exchange between persons of great significance. Esme's smile and Luis' nod do diminish a portion of this unfounded dread. After mustering the courage for a formal introduction, he reaches his right gauntlet upward, fingers grasping the visor of armet, and... sneezes. It's a hollow sound. Metal. Grip upon helm is released and arm returns to his side. Perhaps later.

Vitalis can hear the clanking of a new entrant, brow furrowing, trying to place who in the ranks wears armor that sounds quite like-- a sneeze. "Gods bless you," he offers.

As conversation seems to die, and attention goes to the newcomer, Quenia puts in a few final thoughts. "Those that wish to focus on this new threat are encouraged to do so." New to her at least. "In the meantime I'll keep slogging along in my own research. If you find anything actionable, or you have something you might want to do to act against agents of the Abyss, do not hesitate to talk to either Vitalis or I. We can see that you are equipped with the resources necessary to carry out a mission." She leaves commentary on that there for now, and by her demeanor that seems to conclude the meeting.

Quenia's attention is then driven back to Alantir, "Welcome to the Mirrorguard Tower. I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, Shield of the Unreflected and this is Lord Vitalis Clement, Shield of the Unseen." Unseen, not unseeing. "How might we help you today?"

Introductions! Even if this isn't the exact time and place. There is a vibrant smile and everyone is saved from her over the top introductions by Quenia. Gods bless her. "You are .. Luis?" She offers to obviously Luis. "I have seen your portrait but I have not met you that I am aware of. Esme." She neglects her own title of Lady or Knight or Devotion. Then she looks towards Alantir.

Quenia remembers something after addres0s2i

Quenia remembers something after addressing Alantir. "Also, I will be putting together a group of people who might be interesting in learning the ritual to cleanse magic, sooner than later. It's far time that start working on mine, as I've known the ritual for several years now. House matters always kept me embroiled, but things there have finally started to calm." Which makes for a happy Quenia. "So if you or someone you know is interested, do please let me know and I'll be happy to draw them into the ritual and teach them what must be done."

"Ah, right, forgive me, had we not done that yet? I was... asleep," Luis sheepishly admits the latter while grinning. He gives a nod to Esme, and then smiles, "Yes, that is who I am, Lord Luis Igniseri, husband, father, stabber of many things, etcetera," he waves his hand as though that should explain everything before he nods back to Quenia, "Let me know when you'd like me to help you out with any of these things, and should someone wish to discuss further something that intrigued them this evening, I'm always welcoming of random messengers visiting me," he offers, picking up his swords as he rises from his chair and goes to look for something more to drink in the room.

"Marquessa Igniseri, the pleasure is most certainly mine," the knight replies, carefully rising to his feet. "Forgive the intrusion. I was wandering the city and spotted light reflecting from the tower. A beautiful sight, indeed. Rather than pass up an opportunity to explore further, I took initiative and -- well, here we are," he concludes, voice muffled by helm. "A truly breathtaking structure. As are most constructs of the Lyceum, artificial or otherwise." Whoever the man was, he'd certainly been brought up right. Words were sincere and carried a genuine sense of wonder.

Someone new here? Vitalis murmurs his presence when Quenia introduces him, and nods. A voice of the Oathlands, and a high station accent to boot. Vitalis' attention sharpens in the man's direction. "Who here still has need to perform their Cleansing Rite?" Vitalis' brows rise, as if he could see any show of hands.

Vitalis leans to Esme, murmuring, a curious look stitched into his brow.

Quenia gives Alantir something of an amused look when he says he's there checking out the architecture. "So not spying on the Mirrorguard meeting then?" she quips lightly, in a manner that suggests she's joking. "Not that you could be spying since I set the meeting open to the general public that might be interested in our organization," she adds, just to make sure he understands her quick was light hearted. She flashes him a bright smile. "Might we have the pleasure of knowing your name?" she wonders, having not caught it as yet from the knight.

Esme drops a whisper in Alantir's direction before she's speaking low towards Vitalis. There is a feeling as her eyes move over the knight that she's probably given him an impression of the man. There is that vibrant smile for Luis though. "I do adore random messages. You will have to excuse the over the top compliments that come with them."

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