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Paint With your Pet

This is a social event where you may bring your pet to walk, waddle, slither, slink, hop, step, or run through paints. Have you ever wanted an original painting done with your pet? Well here is your chance. A donation upon entry is welcomed but not necessary all paint and canvas will be supplied, Doorprizes will be available and a special bottle of Blueberry Pie Cider will make its debut to the winner of the most original painting. Samples of the cider will also be availble to participants.


Jan. 9, 2021, noon

Hosted By



Braxas Giada Rosalind Rowenova Svoli Branwen



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Gardens

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

As the event here gets underway Braxas comes in holding a small but extremly fluffy kitten. grim mews as she is stroked softly by the giant dressed in umbra studded with amethyst gems. He smiles looking to see who is present here at the moment standing at a fairly central position so he can be social.

Long legs bring Giada into the garden, a fat raccoon waddling along in her wake. When she spots Braxus, he gets a polite nod. "Afternoon." Her butterball starts padding over the man, purpose in every black pawed step.

There's a paint! There's--animals! So why wouldn't Rosalind be here?! And here she is, her bright red flyibg behind her as she whooshes her way in the garden. With her caribou and guard dog. "Hi,"the pleasant northern greets with a big smile abd noticable accent.

Braxas smiles to Giada and bows politely with Grim. He grins at the butterball raccon eyes softening. "Well aren't you handsome. My lady, you have a fine companion there. I'm Braxas, an apprentice Whisper. This is my companion Grim. Might I have your names?" he looks to the redhead with a gentle smile as Grim mews that way. "Hello. Might I know your name as well?"

Already here amidst the shade of a tree, Nova and Flop peek toward all those who show up. Seeing the little kitty, Sir Floppington wags up to Braxus with those soulful eyes gazing up to Grim. "He loves kitties." Nova explains while following in the wake of Floppers.

Astride her palomino stallion, Svoli arrives in the gardens with a curious gaze swept about to look for an event she heard might be happening. Upon seeing others gathered with animals, she slips off Alban's neck and walks towards the group, her horse following along behind her, grazing lazily on grass as he goes. "Is this where the thing is supposed to me?" She asks with a still nod of greeting.

Braxas beams happily as he spies first Floppers then Nova. "Why Sir Flop. It is a great honor to see you and Nova today. Might I pet you?" He smiles petting Grim on the grass who runs circles before going to explore. The kitten dodges the horse and rider Svoli's boot deftly and heads for Nova's lap with a POUNCE! Braxas pets the sweet Sir Flop with gentle hands. "Thank you kindly good Sir Floppington. How are you today.

Giada snorts in amusement. Her Lenosian accent is from the back alleys if anyone is familiar with the nuances of Lycene intonation. "Sister Giada Morello. Never been a m'lady, kiddo." Her olive eyes sparkle. "That's Trouble." The adorable chubster rears onto his back legs to put paws on Braxus' leg.

Poor man. Trouble begins to scale him until he's on a level to inspect the kitten. "Fuck's sake, you fat pest," Giada snaps at Trouble. She steps over to detach the animal from Braxus. "Sorry. He has no conception of personal space," she mutters, glaring at the raccoon.

Branwen arrives, staff in hand and raven on her shoulder, though at seeing people gathering and paint supplies, she raises a brow. Still, she spies Rosalind and gives her friend a bright smile. "Hello, Rosalind. Had I heard the garden was being invaded I might have stayed home today. What's all this, then?" She spots Svoli as well and gives her a nod of acknowledgement, but seems to think better of saying anything, at least just yet. Lilith, for her part, stays perched on Branwen's shoulder, her black head twitching as she looks over the other animals assembled, perhaps for anything small enough to qualify as prey.

When the question about pets comes up, Sir Floppington happily provides his long ears toward Braxas's hands as those soulful eyes gaze up at the man. Being asked how he is, Sir Flop wags his tail as if to suggest he is well. Meanwhile, Nova crouches somewhat and happily catches that fine feline Grim after she has bounced onto a thigh before drawing her up even further to hold against that double-breasted doublet that Nova always sports so fashionably. "Aww, how are you today, little kitty? You are such a sweet kitten!"

Alban whuffles softly at the little ball of fluff that dodges around his hoof, but quickly establishes that it is not edible and looses interest. Svoli just blinks a the little streak of kitten before turning back to those gathered. She bobs her head in Rowenova's direction with a smile of recognition and then repeats the process to BRanwen if she can catch the woman's eye. "I heard there was some sort of event happening here, and when Alban heard that it was going to involve pets, he begged me to come along." She gets headbutted against the back with a golden nose for that comment.

Rosalind sees Branwen and darts already to her friend,"I would NEVER have let you stay home anyway,"grinning widely. She waves too to whoever asked for name,,"Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Voice and all those things. You can call me Ros or Rosa though!" There's an eventually catch of her breath as she waves to Nova too. "Hi Nova! Hi Flop!"

"A pleasure to meet a lady of the faith Sister Giada. My apologies for the mistake. Hi Trouble. He is fine fear not. Does Trouble accept pets?" He looks curious. He looks to Svoli and admires her horse with a smile and bows his head to both of them in respect. "Hello. And hello to you as well magnificent steed." he greets the horse and woman both. To those I have not met I am Braxas, Apprentice Whisper." Grim purs and rubs against Nova's cheek as Braxas pets Flop's ears with a gentle scratch. "Your eyes are so lovely Sir Flop. So deep and thoughtful, I want to write about you one day, may I? I'll put it to music?"

After catful hugs around the fancy feline and happily accepting the kitty rubs against her snowy-white cheek, Nova hefts up Grim to set herself atop her wolf-framed/shaded noggin. Between the wolf ears is where the kitty can be, where she can see all and have a pelt to claw into and hang on (if need be). Without moving too quickly, Nova turns to look to Svoli and Rosa with a grin before she pipes up. "Hi!" When Braxas speaks of writing about Sir Floppers, that good boy wags more and gently noses into those petting hands. A yes if there ever was one, right?

Branwen smirks at the vivacious Voice's retort and gives a single nod of acknowledgement. "I suppose not. And well met, Svoli. And... Alban!" She gives the horse a warm smile, seeming to let down her guard with animals easier than with people. Just then, Lilith launches off her shoulder to inspect the paints.

"Trouble accepts petting, especiallyif food is involved," comes Giada's wry answer to Braxus. The raccoon drops to the ground and returns to the man, a hopeful string of surprisingly melodic chirps, churrs, and chirrups.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

With everyone introducing themselves, Svoli offers up a simple. "Svoli Volkov, Lady if you're fancy." She does a slightly awkward bow as well that sets her hair adornments to rustling. "And that's Alban." The stallion lifts his head to whinny at the assembled group. "He says hi." she adds. The horse moves over to Branwen when he's addressed and whuffles at her in greeting.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

Emberly drops A Sparkling bag.

"Alban. Nice to meet you and your human. You are most handsome. I have never ridden horseback but I have always admired your kind. You are graceful and elegant, I bet you are fast to yes?" he talk to the horse in a deep soothing voice then looks to Svoli. "I enjoy speaking with animals too, you can build a good relationship with them too you just need to communicate." he grins. Grim Mews happily and swats a wolf ear from her perch tail flicking as she watches the goings on. Braxas loks back to Flop petting with one hand and offering the other to Trouble. "I will compose something for you soon good Sir Floppington. Would you like a pet Trouble, you look soft."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

Braxas reaches out to pet trouble stroking his back gently.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Rosalind hugs Branwen, laughing. Oh! Horse! "Hi, youre really handsome,"going to scratch his ears. "Hi Svoli. Hi Braxas. Nice to meet you!" She looks over at her animals and grins, trying hard to sit still. "The guard dog there is Conall and the caribou is Honeymare."

Emberly enters a little late to the event she is carrying the supplies and everything with her. "Feel free to get a pawprint from the bag!" she calls to those already here, "Sorry we ran out of paint so I ran to get more." she laughs as she looks from one person to the other. "thank you all for coming!"

If Trouble was a cat, he'd purr. However, he is a trash panda, and pretty churs and a happy nrrr in his chest. However, he twists and takes hold of Braxus' hand to pull it to his head.

"Giada Morello," she introduces herself to the others. Much easier to do after calming a renegade raccoon.

Giada gets A pawprint Sculpture from A Sparkling bag.

Rosalind takes A pawprint Sculpture from A Sparkling bag.

Braxas is petting two furry things, Trouble and Sir Flop. He moves his hand to Trouble's head as guided and gently strokes and scratches a bit while scratching Flop's ears. Emberly gets a warm smile. "Oh! Our hostess? Welcome. We are early you are not late. Thank you for hosting. I am Braxas. I am an Apprentice Whisper." He bows gracefully then keeps petting. "I love your happy sounds trouble. And I like your tail Flop when you wag it it lightnes my heart."

Braxas looks to Alban longingly. "I wish to pet you too Alban if thats okay. Let me finish giving these two some love then its your turn okay? Unless you or Svoli have an objection that is."

When Braxas speaks of enjoying speaking to animals, Svoli gives him a curiously narrowed look for a long moment. "That's true. It does help." She replies carefully shooting a look in Alban's direction. For his part, the horse is revelling in the attention, his head lowers at Rosalind's ear scratches, lids drooping a bit over warm eyes. Then to Braxas, she offers a bit of a shrug. "If ya like, but all this attention is going to go straight to his head." She scoffs. This triggers a snort and hoof stamp from Alban. "You know it's true."

Branwen smiles and pats Alban on the nose, finding an apple from within her robes to offer him. Then when Emberly arrives, her brows raise. "Ah, the hostess." Lilith raises her head, fixing her beady raven eyes on the new paints Emberly's bringing.

Alban eagerly, yet also rather delicately, plucks that apple from Branwen's hand and munches it happily.

Welcome to the paint with your pet event! I have here a sample of the Blueberry Cider that could be yours for the most original painting. Feel free to let your pets put their own identity on the paper as thats what this event is all about, I wanna see how creative you can be in using your pet in creating an original painting! There is paper on the ground and tied to trees, all to help your pet with technique. (rolls will be Dexterity+artwork at normal, and then a Manipulation + animal handling roll at easy)

Emberly drops Bubbly Blueberry Pie, a summery cider.

Giada checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Giada marginally fails.

Svoli checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Svoli is marginally successful.

Rosalind checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Rosalind is marginally successful.

Giada checks charm and animal ken at easy. Giada is marginally successful.

Branwen checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Branwen is marginally successful.

Rosalind checks charm and animal ken at easy. Rosalind is successful.

Branwen checks command and animal ken at easy. Branwen is successful.

Svoli checks command and animal ken at easy. Svoli is successful.

Giada's approach to art is all very haphazard. She looks at the paint

Giada's approach to art is all very haphazard. She looks at the paint. She looks at the paper. "Right," she says. Paint is plucked up and poured in random places. It looks a -mess-.

However, Giada reaches into her bag and pulls out a small sack of scones. "C'mere, fatty," she says as she produces the treat. Trouble abandons Braxus without a backward glace. Soon, a scone is set in the middle of the mess.

Braxas checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Braxas is marginally successful.

Rosalind starts to grab two canvases and paints and well. TWO OF EVERYTHING! Setting one down for Connal, she starts to dip his paws in the colors and carefully guides his paws. She laughs at he starts running around. Honeymare is next. Getting an easel, Rosa puts a paintbrush there in his mouth. "Okay, so lets see,"and dips it in paint. She watches as she shajes her head side to side, making strokes on the canvas.

Rosalind checks intellect at normal. Rosalind is marginally successful.

Braxas checks charm and animal ken at easy. Braxas is successful.

After Alban's gotten his full of all the attention, and apples, the others want to give him, Svoli clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she moves to grab a few pots of paint and brushes and moves over to a large piece of paper attached to a tree. The stallion perks up upon hearing that click and moves over to join the horsewoman. She dips a brush in a pot of red paint then turns to Alban. "Ok, you're gonna take this brush into your mouth, they you're goonna move it around on that piece of paper, got it?" She asks matter-of-factly. Alban just nickers softly and nonds his head sending his flaxen mane to rippling. She holds the brish handle first in his direction and he delicately takes it between his teeth before stepping up to the tree and starting to try to put the paint to paper, although the bark gets a lot as well/

Giada has a long suffering look on her face as paint-covered animals run around.

Braxas leads Sir Flop back to Nova and reclaims Grim. Selecting paper and paints in various shades of blue and purple he tries to get Grim to roll on the papper in the middle an make little circles around the outside. The effect is simple but abstract purple and blues mix into a wirwind in the middle where cat hairs brushed haphazardly over it. Tracks of a tiny cat give a cute vibe around the inner choas. Braxas then cleans grim with a damp cloth.

Emberly looks over to Giada and she laughs deeply as she walks around to check on the progress of the paintings she serves up the blueberry cider to any that want to try. "Great job!" she says as she passes people "very original." she calls out to Alban and his handler.

Braxas checks charm and performance at normal. Braxas is successful.

Branwen checks intellect at normal. Branwen is marginally successful.

Honeymare is busy shaking his head side to side, making all these amazing swishes and swooshes. Her feet stomp in appreciation as Rosa goes to check on Connall. She giggles at all the large paw prints. Which is fine until he rolls over in the paint. And all over canvas. The tall Ravenseye bursts into a fit of laughter.

Branwen gathers a mix of green and brown paints, then picks Lilith up, eliciting a croak from the raven, before dipping her feet in the forestal mixture and letting her loose on a piece of paper on the ground. The raven flaps her wings and dances over the paper, leaving scratchy paint marks like the tangle of branches in trees.

Lifting his luteBraxas plays a soft gentle melody, a bit slow but still happy and soothing. A deep voice rich and soothing blends with his music perfectly singing about the event. "I never dreamed I would ever get to see
So many wonderful creatures filling me with glee
Around and about and over the grass they scamper
My ill thought flee and my worries they hamper
Oh how the furry ones fill me with joy
Trouble, Grim, Alban, and Sir Floppington the god boy!"

Lifting his luteBraxas plays a soft gentle melody, a bit slow but still happy and soothing. A deep voice rich and soothing blends with his music perfectly singing about the event.

"I never dreamed I would ever get to see
So many wonderful creatures filling me with glee
Around and about and over the grass they scamper
My ill thought flee and my worries they hamper
Oh how the furry ones fill me with joy
Trouble, Grim, Alban, and Sir Floppington the good boy!"

Giada checks charm and animal ken at easy. Giada is successful.

Svoli checks command and animal ken at easy. Svoli is successful.

Giada checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Giada fails.

Svoli checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Svoli marginally fails.

Rowenova gets A pawprint Sculpture from A Sparkling bag.

After swapping animal catpanions with Braxas, Nova leads Sir Flop over to the paper and helps him set paw prints on the sheet in various colors by holding the saucers of paint for him to dip his paws. It looks like he has done this mayhaps before, since he does not seem confused at all about the process.

Rowenova says, "Such a great song!"

Trouble waddles onto the paper and plucks up the scone. pretty soon there's raccoon eating crumbly food, the small pieces falling into the paint in fitting tribute to a raccoon. Giada just pours more paint on the paper. A second scone is produced to lure the glutonous thing into waking around more.

It works.

Emberly smiles to Braxis as she looks about, she laughs and serves the cider to the human companions of the pets. She smiles as she looks around as the pets move with the paints and the owners help them .. "I love what I am seeing!" she laughs a bit "are you all having fun?" she asks as she moves from one to the other, eyeing sir Flop as he seems to know exactly what to do

Giada looks at Emberly, lips in an amused smirk. "Hail, Jayus," comes her deadpan quip.

When Alban finally manages to get a few wild strokes of red across the paper, Svoli switches his prush out for a wider one, this one coated with a bright orange paint, and then she taps on the paper where she wants the color to be. "Come on Alban, put it right here." And he does... well sort of. He manages a wide swath of paint along the paper, just over the red, but instead of stopping on the paper, he continues over that pointing finger and then halfway up her amr before she can pull it away. "Alban!" She grumbles as she points, from a distance this time. "On the paper, not on me!"

Braxas flashes Emberly a charming smile and bows his head in respect as he finishes the song. "You have arranged a wonderful gathering here, Grim and I are having a wonderful time. But forgive me. I don't know how to address you properly. That should be fixed yes?"

Branwen checks luck at normal. Branwen is successful.

Giada says, "Lady Emberly."

Giada is helpful.

Emberly looks to Braxas as she closes in on his direction "I am Professor Emberly." she tells Braxas with a little smile, "I am..." she looks over to Giada "not re-enstated as of yet as a lady my friend."

Giada ahhs. "My bad."

Rosalind checks luck at normal. Rosalind is marginally successful.

Branwen laughs as she watches Alban's efforts at painting, then notices Lilith trying to run off with her paint-covered feet through the garden. She hurries after her bird, picking her up to some protest before guiding her back to the paper, sending her marching back across with a lighter tint on her feet.

Braxas smiles to Emberly. "A pleasure professor Emberly. I don't know I I told you but I am Braxas, I am a new member of Whisper House. I wish you the best of luck on being re-enstated if you are seeking such a thing. It is a noble goal. Oh my. Please tell me that wasn't a pun.....terriblly sorry Professor."

Giada steps back quickly when Trouble advances on paint covered paws. "Get off, fatso," she warns.

Emberly gets Bubbly Blueberry Pie, a summery cider.

Trouble stops dead once of the paper, finding that dirt is stuck to his paws. Dismayed noises leads him to waddle off to find the nearest water source.

Emberly has had them painting near a stream for easy cleanup! She laughs a little as she looks about "and it looks as if we have a Winner!" she finally announces as she moves over to Branwen, "Lady Branwen!" she calls out handing over the cider to the lady. "there are only four bottles of this in all the complex, please congratulate her!"

For Emberly, Nova explains, "We once did something like this once before, at a Whitehawk charity event back when Lord Jyri had his art space west of the central markets." Then, "Congrats Lady Branwen!"

Rosalind hears the winner and well--she very well may be cheering the loudest. "Yay Branwen! You and your raven did great!" Rosa may be bias toward ravens to begin with.

When the winner is announced, Svoli looks up too quickly and Alban's brush gets her across the face, leaving her sputtering for a moment before offering her congratulations to all the others for Branwen.

Braxas claps for the winner and smiles warmly. "Congradulations my lady. Your raven is amazing." Grim mews along in agreement as well. "Professor? if ever you need company or an investigator to help your research or an entertainer for parties let me know. Did you mention that you were taking donations today? What is the cause?"

Braxas gets A pawprint Sculpture from A Sparkling bag.

Branwen looks up in surprise as she receives the cider. Lilith, meanwhile, flaps off to the stream to clean off her talons, croaking and ruffling her feathers as if complaining of the indignity of it all. "Oh! Well, thank you!" She receives the cider and her eyes go wide as Emberly explains how rare it is. Then she looks over all the other works. "This was an interesting exercise, and it was fun seeing how everyone guided their pets." Lilith flaps back to Branwen's shoulders, her talons perhaps clinging a little tighter than before. Branwen winces and strokes her bird's head with a finger. "I'll make it up to you later, okay?" Turning to the others, "You all did great, as well!"

Branwen gets A pawprint Sculpture from A Sparkling bag.

Emberly looks to Braxas "any donations will be going to the school for Alchemy, if you wished to donate. But that was not the goal of the event".. she assures to Braxas

Braxas smiles and nods offering some coins. "Here. Its not much but its what i can afford right now. Anyway I like to support the pursuit of knowledge and crafts..."

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