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Tournament of the Hart - Archery - Round 1

Lady Emily and Lady Zoey bring to the Arx the Tournament of the Hart a competition for the Compact's archers. The top two who pass round 1 will compete in the final round along with the two best competitors from round 2. If you can not make this one look for the event hosted at Kennex Hall.

Restrictions: Nothing higher than a high quality steel bow may be used to even the playing field for all competitors. There will be one on hand as a loaner to use if you do not have an applicable weapon. We are focusing on skill.

Prizes to be awarded.


Nov. 29, 2020, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Emily Zoey


Ember Galatea Rowenova Rosalind Quintin Griffin Merek



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Deepwood Manor - Manor Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior arrive, following Rosalind.

Rowenova is overheard praising Tarik.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The grounds already dressed in their usual vibrant green have been expounded upon by the use of wildflowers in large urns and vases. The bounty of the woods around Deepwood have turned up old antlers that have been kept for hunting parties and are set within the displays of flowers to harken back to the name of the tournament. The tents have been set up so that they flank the archery range that has been lightly manicured and set to rights with the targets in a line down a lane with various marked distances for the participants. Seating and shade are ample. One tent sports tables laden with food and drink, all of simple fare and easily consumed by hand. Cider is most prevalent but should there be a request for something particular the waiting servants will be glad to take it.

Each lane has an attendant to run and gather the arrows as well as assist the archers if need be. The first year of the Tourney of the Hart has begun.

Emily stands ready to receive participants and spectators alike. A blouse and pants topped off by a long sleeveless coat left open. All in soft creams and earthen tones accented by rich greens. "Welcome," she greets those that arrive, making a motion to the tents, "If you are a spectator please feel free to join ---- tent. Those of you participating please let us know if you will needing to borrow a bow and join --- tent." The smile she offers is friendly enough as her freckled nose wrinkles and her cheeks dimple.

She glances to Zoey and steps closer to the Kennex lady so that they may greet everyone together.The beauty of the decorations is all in the colors of the natural wildflowers easily found around Arx or even on the manor grounds.

Zoey seems to have finally recovered enough to no longer need the sling, but standing still it is more difficult to gauge how well she walks. She stands beside Emily, likewise to receive guests. In the hands of her aide, Ruslana, are a pair of humble cloth pouches, one purple and the other green.

Griffin has joined the Left Pavilion Tent.

Ember has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Rosalind has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Galatea has joined the Garden Maze.

Galatea has left the Garden Maze.

Galatea has joined the Left Pavilion Tent.

Baroness Ember Redreef arrives, and when she does, she more or less beelines right to Zoey, to curtsy deeply to the Kennex Lady. "Lady Zoey," Ember says. "To see you out of that sling is a welcome sight to behold." She doesn't smile -- the Baroness rarely does -- but her tone is definitely tinted with warmth. When the call goes out for people to organize by tent, Ember wags her brows to Zoey: "Wish me luck?"

Galatea almost certainly isn't here to compete. If the lack of musculature wasn't evidence enough, there's the simple fact that it's awfully hard to pull a bow in heels. "Hmmn." She spends a moment surveying the contest grounds, before heading on further to the spectator seats. "Good luck," she offers to Ember, whom she apparently recognizes, as she steps past.

"The best," Zoey replies to Ember, her own smile warm. "I am glad that you came."

Already here (within the shade of the apple tree) is Scout Rowenova with her half-refined/half-wild recurve bow as well as a back quiver of dark leather with sereaphinite beading and precise arrows with crimson/black coloring. Within the frame/shade of her wolf pelt, too, Nova also wears what is her double-breasted doublet and fancy pants (which both obviously matches her beaded quiver). Dark gloves with white ruffs in turn match her wolfy pelt, so there does seem to be some coordination to her current outfit. She steps away (after a few pets) from Sir Floppington the soulful hound who is lazy enough that he does not seem to be inclined to move from the apple tree shade and simply rests whilst his soulful gaze watches the scout move to join up with those who intend to participate in the competition. "Goodwoman Galatea, good to see you here today."

Rowenova has left the beneath the honeycrisp apple tree.

Rowenova has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Rosalind hurries in, red hair flying behind her. Bits of branches may be found in said hair, stuck to her clothes. "Am I late,"Rosa call out with a large smile on her scarred and freckled face. Her northern accent obvious and friendly.

Ember turns toward Galatea and gives the woman a deep nod as she passes by. "To have you on my side, Messere Galatea, inspires more hope than I can say." Ember lets out a little snort of breath that might be mistaken for something like the larval stages of a chuckle, and then she touches Zoey on the shoulder, so gently that it's barely a touch at all. "I need to go see about borrowing a bow," she says, and then moves to the right tent, to do exactly that.

Quintin strolls and takes a quick glance around. His appearance is slightly dissheveled, though if this bothers him, he makes no outward sign of it. He turns and heads towards the pavilion containing the participants of this little tourney, and offers a smile and a wave. "Good day everyone, and good luck to us all! I can't wait to see how far my arrows decide to miss the target today." Then he takes a seat.

Galatea pauses at those words from Ember, letting out an airy laugh. She bows formally, in the style of the most ostentatious oathlander courts--an arm to one side, legs just so. If she had a hat she'd probably be doffing it. "My lady is ever so gallant," she declares lazily as she straightens herself. "Do you think you stand a good chance to win? Oh, ah--don't let me keep you."

She turns her attention then to Rowenova. "I just so happened to be out and about when I heard word of the contest. Actually, the timing is fortuitous, as I promised to purchase someone a bow. Perhaps here I might be able to find someone who could help me with that."

Quintin has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Emily gives a nod as she watches the participants take their places and those that came to watch fiilter into the seats near the food and the refreshments. "Welcome to you all," she remarks warmly. "For those of you that do not recall, we are prohibiting the use of bows that range beyond that of high quality steel. Should you need to borrow a bow, I have one presently that is steel. If there is more than one of you that need its use, you will have to take turns by handing it off to each other."

Emily departs from Zoey's side and moves over to lift the bow in its dark earthen tones, wrapped in leather. "I will be offering my own bow for such use. Will the participants please line up on the mark and those needing to borrow speak with me."

Griffin watches from the left pavilion, keeping to himself. Smiling at any and all who notices him, but otherwise is qiuet.

At a moderate pace, Nova smoothly spins her own bow (with no arrow in it, mind, and making sure not to thwack anyone in the process). "I am not in the know on bows which are for sale, but this one was made by Brother Felix. I think he is probably one of the best bow makers in Arx right now." Nova steps forth to the shooting line and then suddenly stops the lazy spin of her recurve bow with a firmer clasping of the bow's grip. "I bet you will do fine, Lord Quintin."

Rowenova says, "and hey Lady Rosalind, you aren't too late!"

Merek makes a way into the place while he finds a place to settle in and participate.

"Brother Felix made my sword," Ember notes to Nova as she waits for an opportunity to speak to Emily about borrowing the bow. "His work is beyond compare. Before the Blood of Redreef -- that is, the sword he crafted -- I thought nothing would compare to the scythe I had grown so accustomed to wielding. The weight balance of the sword he made... it is like an extension of my fingertips, rather than... ah. I'll spare you." Well! It seems a topic that can make the Bloody Baroness downright /chatty/ has been found.

Rosalind waves to Nova with a grin. "Oh! This one was made by Felix. And I have one from Apollo." Rosa chatters away, introducing herself to everyone she doesn't know. "Hi! Im Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. But you can call me Ros or Rosa if you want."

Glancing to Zoey, Emily nods but is lifting the bow and offering it to Ember. "Shoot well, my lady," she offers Ember with a bright smille. Her attention shifts to the others. "We will fire in pairs and trade bows. The first pair to shoot will be Lady Rosaline and Baroness Ember, if you would take your mark. The closest one to the target and make your shot, we will then go to the next two who will be Sir Merek and Lord Quintin. Scout Rowenova you will bring up the last shot. Those of you who pass will go onto the next round and so forth. Progressing further back until we have our last two standing."

She glances then to the particpants. "Baroness Ember, Lady Rosalind if you would take your mark and shoot." She motions for them to do so.

As the competitors line up and Emily goes to them, Zoey announces, "I would like to remind our competitors that in addition to the materials, the bows in question must be of mundane origin, crafted by human crafters, and not blessed by any gods or similarly enhanced." She looks to the three and smiles. "Perhaps it is mad to think it could be otherwise, but let us not take our chances with it, right?"

Galatea lets out a low, thoughtful hum. "Well. It seems Felix is quite the popular weaponmonger. I've met him before, and know full well how extraordinary his work is. If truth be told, I sort of expected he would have no time for a common woman such as myself, on account of his skill and popularity." A 'common woman' like herself wearing two kinds of star iron, but there you go. "Actually," she tells Ember and Rowenova alike, "I've been sitting on a bit of alaricite for a while. Been thinking of getting my own blade commissioned, something slender like a rapier perhaps."

She gives slight bow towards Rosalind. "Lady Ravenseye. May you prove as keen-eyed as your family namesake."

Ember checks dexterity and archery at easy. Ember is marginally successful.

Rosalind wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Ember wields a short bow.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rosalind is marginally successful.

"We shall see!" Quintin says with a bit of good humor as he glances towards Rowenova, smiling. "It'll still be enjoyable though, no matter what happens." Another nod and then he glances towards the field as names are called to watch the first two competitors take their shots.

Ember checks dexterity and archery at easy. Ember marginally fails.

Quintin wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Quintin wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Spotting the fire that Ember has for her weapon, Nova wolfishly grins to the bloody baroness. "You do not need to spare me, but it does sound lovely." Then, she waves back to Rosa with a nod before turning toward the targets after her name has been spake concerning the 'order of operations'. "I have never known Brother Felix to be too classist in his work." She soon grins to Quintin and curiously watches him shoot before getting ready to let an arrow loose of her very own toward the yonder targets.

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rowenova is successful.

Quintin checks dexterity and archery at easy. Quintin is successful.

Merek wields a short bow.

Rowenova wields steel reinforced recurve hunting bow.

Merek checks dexterity and archery at easy. Merek is successful.

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at easy. Rowenova is successful.

Merek lifts up the bow, while he begins to pull on the nocked arrow. Afterwards, the man takes a shot, firing it into that target, while he nods a little bit as well.

Ember takes Emily's borrowed bow and prepares herself for her shot. She steadies herself and waits for the signal to fire... and then lets an arrow loose. While the Baroness has the form of someone who's received at least some archery training -- it might as well be part of a noblewoman's curriculum -- she clearly hasn't spent as much time with it as she has her sword or her scythe. Her arrow zooms through the air, and sinks into the target... nearer to its outer edges than the bullseye. She lets out a snort of disappointment, but does the proper noble thing of nodding to Rosalind: "Good luck, my lady," she says, and then walks to hand her borrowed bow to Sir Merek.

Quintin takes a long look at the bow that he's handed to use and he nods appreciatively. "I truly love the ravens on this bow, perhaps it will grant me some measure of fortune!" Waiting for his turn, he then steps up to the line and takes his shot. The arrow hits its target and he smiles. "Good fortune indeed." He steps back to let the next participant have a go.

When it is her turn, Nova aims one of her crimson arrows with black feathers quite true and it sinks close to the center ring (but not quite dead center). Then, she draws out a new arrow from her fancy quiver before stepping aside, nocking up the recurve bow once more.

As the shots are made, Emily looks aside and over at the particpants as they cycle through, a smile upon her face. Her hands lift to clap together for each shot and then she shoots the Baroness a look. "Sorry Baroness. A good try." The encouraging sound is there as the bows are traded off. She cheers for the rest as well. "Very well shot sir, my lord, scout." Emily does not forget a wone as she stands aside and looks once more to Zoey.

Arrow after arrow is let loose upon the targets, with varying levels of success. Once they have hit their marks and four of the five competitors remain, Zoey steps forward. "And that concludes the first round! For the second, we will be moving the targets further out. Please take a moment to prepare yourselves, then fire on my mark." She holds out a hand toward Ember to beckon the Baroness to her side, then tells the other four, "Draw... Nock... Loose!"

Rosalind wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

When Zoey motions, Ember walks over to where the Kennex host stands. She clasps her hands behind her back and stands with her feet apart and her shoulders squared, looking like a stern bodyguard in an umbra gown.

Rosalind grins at Quintin. "It's great isn't it? It represents my family and me really well,"hurrying back to stand, lifting her arms and bow with practice.

Merek checks dexterity and archery at normal. Merek fails.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at normal. Rosalind is successful.

Quintin wields a short bow.

Quintin checks dexterity and archery at normal. Quintin is marginally successful.

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at normal. Rowenova is marginally successful.

Merek would try to take a shot at the next target, firing upon it. He misses, then he nods a bit, while he offers the bow to the next person.

"It represents it well." Quintin says in response to Rosalind, nodding and offering a smile. He then turns back to watch the second round begin and when it's his turn, he goes to the line and draws back the string. Narrowing his eyes as he sights in at the target, he looses the arrow and hits the target. Barely but a hit is a hit!

Not as lucky as she was with the first target, Nova still sinks an arrow into this second one but it is wide of center. It is still good enough to continue, though, not a complete miss. She looks over her bow to ensure all is well with the weapon itself. Seems to be. Then, she gets out her third arrow.

Once her stance is well and good, Rosa releases her arrow and watches it it's mark far better than the first. She smiles gladly at that, lowering her bow.

Smiling brightly in Zoey's direction, the Deepwood tilts her head and watches as Merek misses his next shot. "A good attempt, Sir Merek. It seems we have three particpants left and we will have two winners. Those two winners will participate in our last and finaly tourney to come on another date."

She motions to the archers and then to the next line so they can step back to it. "On your ready," she says and steps back to allow them room after indicating their place. "Knock, draw..." she waits until all bows are held steady. "Loose on your mark."

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at hard. Rowenova is successful.

Rosalind checks dexterity and archery at hard. Rosalind is marginally successful.

Quintin checks dexterity and archery at hard. Quintin fails.

Quintin takes his next shot and the arrow goes flying wide right of the target. "Alas, it is as I predicted. Entirely missed the target, just as I said I would... it only took a few more shots before it actually happened." He grins and turns towards Rosalind and Rowenova. "Well, whatever happens, my congratulations to you both. You both had excellent aim today."

After adjusting for the environs, Nova sinks her third arrow into the target, which turns out to be her best shot yet. She cannot help but momentarily smile before backing away to set up a fourth arrow in her recurve bow. "Thank you, my Lord." She soon gives Rosa a heartened smile. "To the North!"

Galatea claps politely from where she's been watching the contest, as the results reach their inevitable climax. When Rowenova's arrow flies true, she holds up thumb and forefinger to her mouth and blows out an OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD whistle. "Well done!"

Rowenova says, "Thank you!"

That kind of cheering sure causes the scout (the one in the wolf pelt) to grin.

Rosalind lifts her bow again, looking at Quintin for a brief moment. "Thanks,"lifting her bow again. This next shot isnt AS good as the second, BUT it gets where it needs, causing a smile.

The remaining contestants let their third and final arrows fly, sailing into the air until they impale the distant target with a satisfying *thunk* sound. Well, two out of three, at least. Quintin's arrow catches the side of the target, tearing the fabric before burying its head in the ground somewhere behind it.

Zoey raises her hands and applauds politely. "It is decided then. We have our round one winners!" she declares as she has Ruslana step forward. "We have here the winners' purses for this round. Upon the third and final event additional prizes will be awarded, but in the meantime, please accept these."

From her spot next to Zoey, Ember applauds the winners of the first round. Her applause is perfectly polite, but a little bit more spirited than a golf-clap, at least. The Redreef Baroness does take a moment to glance over at the stands where Galatea is whistling, and arches an eyebrow at the tall woman, but the meaning of her look is anyone's guess.

The winners are each handed one of the humble cloth pouches, one purple and the other green.

After being declared one of the winners, Nova slides her fourth arrow away... since it seems that she will not be needing that anymore. With grateful eyes, Nova gracefully accepts that cloth pouch from Ruslana. "Thank you!" says she in the general direction of her and the two hostesses (Emily and Zoey). "Twas fun!"

Galatea is in a free and unguarded mood, apparently. The look from Ember just draws a little laugh out of the woman, as she flashes a dimpled grin in Ember's general direction. She bats pale eyelashes playfully, evidently fully aware of just how annoying high-pitched whistling can be. Oh well!

Clapping her hands for the winners she steps closer to Quintin to take the bow from him when he is done. "Good showing, my lord." As Zoey hands out th eprizes, she can not help but smile and then lifts her voice. "To those of you who did not win this round we have another round for you to attempt to place so do return again when the next round is held at the Kennex grounds." She tilts her head down, glancing to the others who did not win.

Emily is overheard praising Quintin.

Emily is overheard praising Rowenova.

Emily is overheard praising Rosalind.

Emily is overheard praising Ember.

Rosalind is really curious about the bag but first she grins and turns. "Thank you Emily and Zoey! This was lots of fun!"

Zoey is overheard praising Emily.

Zoey is overheard praising Rowenova.

Zoey is overheard praising Rosalind.

Galatea is overheard praising Emily.

Zoey is overheard praising Quintin.

Galatea is overheard praising Rowenova.

Galatea is overheard praising Ember.

Zoey is overheard praising Merek.

Zoey is overheard praising Ember.

Quintin gives a slight little bow to Emily, smiling. "We'll see what happens. If there are others who have a stronger passion for wishing to compete, I'm more than happy to stand aside to let them do it. I'm just pleased to have done as well as I did." He lifts a hand and runs it through his hair and glances around. "Still, it was quite an event. Thank you for hosting it."

"I am glad that you enjoyed the event," Zoey says with a dip of her head. "I hope to see you all at the second round, as well as the third to cheer on the final four!"

Ember waits until Zoey has finished addressing the participants, and then touches the Kennex Lady -- just to get her attention, and careful to avoid anywhere that might look still-sore. "My Lady," she murmurs, "there is someone I was wondering if you have met." Her eyes cast back toward Galatea in the stands.

Galatea claps once again, lazily, for good measure. "Many thanks to our hostesses for throwing this..." She's evidently close enough to overhear Ember address the Lady Kennex. She points at her chin, mouthing: "Who, me?"

After a quick peek into the humble pouch, Nova smiles brightly before then tucking away said pouch into her back pocket. After, she slings back her bow behind her square/strong shoulders before moving forth to crowd mingle now. "Thank you very much." She certainly seems a bit grateful, as though whatever that secret surprise had been somehow relieved a little stress.

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Zoey notices the spectator to whom Ember is referring and nods. "Miss Galatea. Yes, we have met."

Rowenova says, "She is one of the best!"

"We are more than glad to have hosted, we hope to see those of you who did not place this time try again in a week." She expresses. Emily looks to Quintin. "Thank you. Lady Zoey came to me with the idea and gave me the opportunity to help her flesh it out. I think we may try to run it every year. I believe we have met in passing, Lady Emily," she offers her hand to Quintin.

"A pleasure to meet you."

Galatea rises from her place in the stands, making her way over a bit closer to Zoey. "Yes, I've seen Lady Zoey out and about the city on more than one occassion. I thank you for the renewed introduction, however." She glances to one side. "However...with the sun where it is, I do believe I'm due to visit the harbor to see a man about a boat. You all take care, yes?"

Rowenova says, "Gonna head to the Hart, myself. Take care, everyone!"

As Nova bounds her way out, she will offer a jumping high five to Rosa!

Rosalind sees Rowenova peek into her bag and so she peeks into her own. There's a blink and a look of gratitude from the northern prodigal. High fiving Nova, she giggles. "Ill run there too!"

Ember seems quite pleased that Zoey and Galatea are acquainted -- or at least, 'quite pleased' by the standards of Ember Redreef, which is to say that she doesn't actually smile or anything. She gives Galatea a nod: "We will speak again soon, Messere Galatea," she says, and then turns to Zoey: "Shall I escort you back to the Kennex Kay, my Lady?"

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Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

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Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior leave, following Rosalind.

Griffin makes his way, via Ember. "May I?"

Taking Emily's offered hand, Quintin smiles. "Lord Quintin Ashford, it's a pleasure. I'm afraid I've been out of the city doing work for the Society of Explorers and my house. I'm glad I was able to come back to Arx just in time for this event though, it was a great deal of fun and I look forward to watching the other rounds to see who ends up being declared the victor."

Ember glances to Griffin. "Ah, cousin. Have /you/ met Lady Zoey Kennex? She is who I advised you to speak with, when last we conversed." She steps a half-step back as though that might give Griffin and Zoey room to come closer together.

Zoey grins to Emily. "I knew you were the right one to ask." When Ember makes her offer, Zoey nods. "Yes, please. I would appreciate it." As she takes Ember's arm she looks back to Emily and says, "I will see you at the next one!" But now she is being mentioned again, and her eyes turn to Griffin.

Griffin bows. "No. MLady Kennex. I is so nice to meet you."

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