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Jewelers of Ischia - Brilliance and Inclusions

Rubies and other precious minerals of Ischia are renown for their brilliance and clarity. For generations, rival jewelers have competed for contracts with miners and pirates to acquire the finest materials. The competition, however, is fiercest for influence with nobility, who magnify the reputation of Ischian jewelry throughout Arvum and the world.

Recently, tensions between the Moreno and Salvino jeweler families have broken out into violence. It is also reported to the rulers of Ischia that a significant amount of rubies and precious metals have been stolen from both shops, with each accusing the other of theft. A legate of the Faith and a number of nobles look to settle the matter between the families, and restore order and prosperity to one of Ischia's most beloved industries.

[OOC: Part II of an investigative PRP. It's open to anyone, but please mail Dio if you plan to attend, or if you're interested but would prefer a different time.]


Nov. 22, 2020, 11 a.m.

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Mabelle Alessia Ryhalt Shyanne Mirella



Outside Arx - Ischia - Morisco

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The morning light glints with gold, peeking through the marine layer slowly breaking away in central Morisco. After a night spent in the luxurious inns of the upper city, the travelers from Arx have decided to meet by the Fountain of Gild not far from the Moreno and Salvino jewelry shops.

Along the cobblestone streets, tradesfolk have setup stalls selling fruit, flowers, baked goods, rope and tackle, tools and countless other wares. An artist has set up her easel nearby, and runs her paint-spattered fingers over the canvas, trying to quickly capture the scene by the fountain where the visitors have gathered.

Tancred, the captain of The Runner, speaks with Luigi his first mate, and, at the arrival of those from Arx, he bows. "Fine weather this morning, is it not, My Lord?" says Tancred to the Duke of Westrock Reach when he arrives, apparently easily recognizing him from the previous night at the Siren's Call inn. Also present is the master jeweler Lucianna of the Moreno family, who beams at the nobles as they arrive (sorry Mirella). "A very lovely morning to you, ladies, m'lord. I am happy to escort you to our shop whenever you are ready."

Standing by the fountain, waiting the escorts, Lady Mabelle Laurent has grown smarter than the previous night and armored herself a bit. Easily distracted by the scent of pastries, her attention perks into a state of sanity when Tancred arrives. "Oh hello, good morning", she greets him and wonders, "Are we all to go together or are we to split up?", she wonders, hoping for the latter so she can spend some coins while they organize on a pie.

Though she may not seem it from a distance, Alessia has garbed herself in protective clothing for any upcoming trouble. "Mabelle." She places a hand on the woman's arm, before her attention shifts to Lucianna with a pleasant smile. "Thank you. I say together is best given it's a small enough group." She suggests, turning to the Laurent.

Ryhalt nods in return to Tancred, saying, "Indeed, it is. Though, shouldn't matter unless what we'll be looking at is outdoors? Just makes some of us yearn to go sailing." He smiles with a glance towards the sea. Returning his attention to the group, shrugs to Mabelle. "Wait and see if there is a reason to do so? I am ready to go."

Shyanne was walking along the streets looking over the fruit and other vendors, she pauses to buy some grapes if she can find them. The white haired lady moves over to the jewelers to see what they have for sale, her eyes move then to Mabelle and she tilts her head a bit "greetings" she says as she looks over to Ryhalt as he mentions sailing and she gives him a nod of her head "Sailing would be nice."

Mirella's here too, having finished a chat with a woman attending to a nearby stall. As a merchant herself, she might well know a few of the people around the market, especially since she's likely visited Morisco a few times on business. Dressed in umbra, with a book-belt chained around her waist, the white-haired woman is wearing the same resting facial expression as usual -- an impassive one, with a rather cool glitter in eyes that match the hue of the duskstone pendant she wears. She folds her arms and raises dark gray eyebrows at Lucianna. "Greetings, Lucianna. Mirella Fiorelli," she smiles with politeness as immaculate as the edges of a perfectly-cut jewel. "I'm a great admirer of your family's artistry."

"Gods, doesn't it though?" replies Tancred to Ryhalt. "You have my sympathy for being landlocked, My Lord." To Mabelle Tancred turns smiling. "Ah, Lady Mabelle! Have you chosen a family to support? I suspect one of your renown would put one of these families on the tip of every tongue of Arvum."

"Gods, captain!" says Lucianna quickly to Tancred, with a slightly anxious laugh. "Why don't you go sail somewhere, mmm?" Turning to Mabelle, Lucianna says, "You look divine this morning, My Lady, and I hope I do not overstep in saying that only Moreno jewelry could possibly do justice to one of such grace and beauty." Tancred grins, but says nothing else.

Lucianna nods in agreement with Alessia, adding, "Besides, having you all together in Moreno Jewelers would allow us to present all of our evidence at once, and prove, once and for all, that we are the /only/ jewelers worthy of your attention." Lucianna's coffee-colored eyes catch sight of Alessia's comb. "Is that star iron, My Lady?"

"Here you are, m'lady," says an elderly man, handing some dew-covered grapes to Shyanne. "They're very fresh. If you like, my sister sells mimosa's just over there," he says, waving to the east.

At Mirella's introduction, Lucianna smiles. "You honor us, Mirella. I hear you are responsible for helping the marquis with sales in Arx, and some of our finest pieces have found a home for generations thanks to your efforts. I'm glad you'll be accompanying us."

Mabelle reaches out to squeeze Alessia's forearm as she joins her, "Oh you've arrived, how lovely to see a familiar face". A charming smile is flashed at Tancred, "I've enough to support two families, even three", she teases the man and turns to Lucianna, "Well you do not overstep my dear, but I will require proof. A feast for my eyes", she winks to her all ready to go see some shinies.

Ryhalt smiles easily to Tancred. "Most people live on land, so that's where most of my business is conducted." This morning he is dressed with the finery of a Duke planning on shopping rather than his informal business attire of the past night. He chuckles at Mabelle, "Is this a diplomatic solution?" He inclines his head to Shyanne. "Alas they are not wishing us to compare ships."

"It is indeed." Alessia brightens when her comb is noted, a hand reaching up to brush the metal with an affectionate smile. "Do you often work with star iron? I hear it's a tough one to work with." She doesn't interject to the matter of the rivalry, just yet.

Shyanne smiles a little as her violet eyes look back to the elderly man, she nods her head to him as he speaks of mimosa and she looks curious "what is Mimosa?" she asks before she looks over the others looking as if she wanted to just stay in the market all day. Her eyes move over to Lucianna and she chuckles "the only jewelers worthy of attention?" she asks as she turns her eyes that way curiously.

Mirella casts a curious glance over at Alessia's star iron, nodding approvingly to her fellow mirrormask. Then back to Lucianna, with a gracious dip of her head. "And you honour me in saying so. I'm happy to assist however I may."

"Of course, My lady," replies Lucianna to Mabelle, bowing. Nearby, Tancred nods to Ryhalt, and laughs when he mentions comparing ships. "Aye, My Lord, but I think all of Morisco appreciates what you're doing. The brawls in the inns is getting out of hand." Lucianna squints her eyes at Tancred before turning to Alessia. "Not often, My Lady. We work in gold, silver and gems for the most part - but Analisa does custom star iron pieces on commission. She will love to see your piece, if you would share it."

"You've never had a mimosa, m'lady?" says the elder fruitseller. "It's orange juice with sparkling wine. You should give it a try while you're here. Not somethin' you'll soon ferget!"

Lucianna smiles to Mirella. "May I escort you to Moreno Jewelers?" she asks the party.

Mabelle listens interestedly to the conversation between Lucianna and Alessia about the type of metals, all the while bribing a little boy to go buy her a pastry, paying him ten folds the worth of it and lingering at the back as her group starts moving with the Moreno woman, waiting for his return.

Ryhalt nods to Lucianna. "Please do, I see no reason to tarry here any longer." He nods to Tancred mentioning the brawls getting out of hand.

"Well she can certainly take a look but I'm quite protective. The claws make come out." Alessia comments, -possibly- joking, though it's hard to tell. She nods when they suggest moving along. "I don't think I've mixed the two. Or... wait I have, once before." On the subject of mimosas.

Shyanne ahhhhs a little "that must be why I have not tried one, its just Whiskey for the Islanders." she says as she smiles to Alessia "Lady Shyanne Eswynd." she introduces herself.

Tancred and Luigi offer bows, as the group begins to move west along the cobblestone streets of Morisco. A young girl rushes out of her families bakery when sees Mabelle, and offers her a long slice of sweetbread dusted with powdered sugar, while a well-dressed passing sailor touches her hat as Ryhalt passes. "Come by The Anchor sometime, m'lord," she calls to the duke. "Fast ships for hire to get your goods to Ischia and the Chain." She flashes a grin, and then makes her way south toward the docks. Before long, the group arrives at a building crafted from dark wood, with elegant painting across its windows that read: Moreno Jewelers. A number of crewfolk are outside standing amid wooden crates, while one of the apprentices haggles with the crew's leader on prices.

"Let us enter," says Lucianna, opening the door to the shop, where the prospect of fine jewelry, glinting in the morning light, meets the travelers from Arx. "Allow me to introduce Analisa Moreno," says Lucianna, gesturing to a woman wearing a white linen tunic with her sleeves rolled back. Analisa smiles, and says, "You are most welcome, My Ladies, My Lord." (Sorry Mirella.) "It is a great pleasure to have you here in my shop." Her eyes seem to drink in the forms of Mabelle, Alessia, Shyanne and Ryhalt, perhaps contemplating new creations that might be spoken of in Arx for years to come.

With that sweetbread gone by the time they get there, Mabelle's feet fail her when she sees all those crates. "Ooooo", is the only thing coming out of her as someone, likely Alessia, pulls her toward the inside. She takes in the pantings on the wall and her eyes land on Analisa, "So you are the talented hands behind all that is great about Moreno Jewels?", she panders the woman, "Well met Analisa, my little cousin is named that". Her fingers toying with the platinum ring on her finger as she looks at the displays, eyes helplessly drawn there.

It is definitely Alessia pulling Mabelle in, steadying her as her gaze lands on the crates. Though it appears she doesn't need to tug her attention because she's addressing Analisa first. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Alessia follows Mabelle's question. "Lucianne was just speaking of your talents. She mentioned you work with star iron." She glances about the place, studying the paintings too.

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

"The Anchor." Ryhalt nods to the sailor, committing the place to memory. "I'll drop by after this business is concluded." When they arrive at the shop, he surveys the scene with the eyes of a man well-used to measuring up the runnings of a business. He smiles to Analisa as Lucianna introduces them to her. "A pleasure to meet you, Analisa. Please show us a cross-section of your wares." He hides a grin as Mabelle goes straight to looking at the displays.

Mirella smiles impeccably once the nobles have made their introductions and whatnot. If she's slighted by being overlooked AGAIN then she's not showing any annoyance about it. "Mirella Fiorelli, a pleasure to meet you." The crisp politeness of her voice is sent Analisa's way. That done, she folds her hands over her waist and begins to slowly turn (literally) appraising looks around the shop and the glittering treasures it contains. She nods over at a particularly stunning piece and murmurs, "Gorgeous work. Such exquisite iridescence ."

Shyanne smiles a little as she looks over to Mirella, she moves closer to her and she sortof follows the other about, the small healer knows nothing about jewels other than they are sparkly. She pauses over one of the cases looking into it longfully at a violet gem. She breathes almost so hard that her breath fogs the case as she stares after the lilac mother of pearl staring back at her. "So ... nice."

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

Analisa smiles broadly at Mabelle. "I cannot take all the credit, My Lady. My apprentices, journeymen and masters are all very talented. I was born to this art, and I love it, most especially when I have lovely living forms to match with the beauty of Gild's blessings. I do sincerely hope you will consider modeling a piece from our shop at the upcoming gala. We will not disappoint you." She nods then to Alessia, nor do her eyes miss the noblewoman's attire and jewelery. "I do, My Lady. The metal is extremely rare here in Ischia, but I have taken orders from the nobility in Arx, and if you have ever seen Prince Sebastian Pravus's ruby and star iron ring, please let me know what you think of its craftsmanship."

Analisa nods to Ryhalt, and with pride on her face, walks the group through a number of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and various other accessories crafted by her jewelers. Each bears signs of skills and care, and it seems only the finest, polished precious metals have been used, along with a few instances of luxury metals. Analisa then turns to Mirella and Shyanne, and says, "You are very kind Mirella. And please allow me to thank you again for your work with our people. I asked Anne if she might convince the marquis to acquire some sapphires for a custom piece, and I was told that you were the one who found the best gems."

After showing the craftsmanship of the Moreno Jewelers, Analisa says, "As for those of the Salvino family, I am near certain they are responsible for the recent thefts. They had the most to gain from our loss, and the thieves seemed to know where our precious metals would be - though luckily, not all our gems."

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Alessia checks charm and manipulation at hard. Alessia is successful.

"Isn't that lovely?" Mirella smiles aside to Shyanne, a hint of warmth in the curve of her lips as she looks over to the focus of the almost equally short and white-haired woman. Apparently Mirella's tastes are in alignment with Shyanne's! To Analisa then she turns the same smile. Treasures make a Mirella happy, it would seem. Or at least somewhat visibly less stony, at least. "I thank you in turn. Good business is always a delight, and it does me good to hear that I'm spoken of so well. Perhaps we might speak of business later on? I would be immeasurably proud to introduce your newest works to my customers." She hmms as she casts her own jewel-like gaze over the sparkling wares. Yes, very nice.

Mirella checks perception and investigation at hard. Mirella is successful.

Mabelle tears her eyes eventually when the girl speaks of the theft, murmuring to one of the apprentices, "Put this one on the side for me". She concentrates on Analisa now, her eyes bearing a warm smile, disarming, almost.. welcoming. "How would they know where your metals are kept? Did you hire anyone new recently before it all started?"

"The signet ring?" Alessia's eyes can't help but glitter when the ruby and star iron ring is mentioned. As for the talk of the theft, she glances around the room. "And the Salvino family would have good knowledge of where your precious metals would be?" She asks, her gaze curious, though not accusatory. "More than a random thief, that is."

Shyanne nods her head a little to Mirella, "it really is that opaque violet, lilac color shifting through the piece is divine.. truely" she says a moment as she pauses listening to others putting things on the side, "would you take payments?" she wonders before she pauses remembering why she was here. "tell me what happened that night, anything happen that was different then any other night?"

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

"Thank you, Analisa." Ryhalt smiles to her and follows her as she leads them around the shop, showcasing various items for them. For the present he seems content to allow the others to ask question as he conducts a serious study of the pieces as if he were intent upon buying from the store. Though he did not bedeck himself in jewels, he inspects the various pieces with an eye for detail. More importantly, he looks at what she does not present them as he does. "Seems that you restored the shop swiftly after the break-in." He doesn't pose it as a question, but as a passing comment, *perhaps* a compliment. "Business documents weren't tampered with, were they?"

Coming to a slow halt, Mirella lifts a hand from her waist to point down to the materials chest. Her expression remains calm, her voice velvety and even as she notes, "The chest there. It seems as if it was broken into using force and chemicals, I believe. I might be able to determine what chemicals those might be given some time. I have some knowledge of alchemy." She shakes her head. "Amateur job, that, in any case. No finesse." With a tilt of her head she adds, "Not that I could do any better, I suspect." She's a good upstanding citizen who would NEVER pick a lock.

"Right away, My Lady!" says the apprentice to Mabelle. "I made that!" whispers another apprentice excitedly. "With my help!" shouts another, blushing slightly to have said that as loudly as he did.

"I did hire a few new apprentices: Nino, and Tinara, but they're still working with us and few were as disappointed as they were when we found our work stolen," replies Analisa to Mabelle and Shyanne. She nods to Alessia, and says, "I believe so as well. Now that we're speaking of it, I remember a large shipment of goods had arrived from the Saffron Chain. Our guards were at the docks that night, looking after the shipments - I'm sure it was the case with most of the city."

When Ryhalt asks his questions, Analisa shakes her head. "No, My Lord. I suppose they were not, luckily for us. Nor did the bastards find the designs for our next projects. Points to the stupidity of the Salvinos, I should think."

Lucianna and Analisa glance toward Mirella. "It is more evidence it was done by jewelers and not true thieves, is that not so, Mirella?" asks Lucianna.

Mabelle glances toward the chest at the mention of a chance of alchemical fire. She smiles to Mirella in kinship and returns her attention to Analisa, "Who remained at the shop while everyone was in the docks? Was the door forced? If there was a blunt entry you fixed it up fairly quickly", she concurs with Ryhalt.

Shyanne looks Mirella over from her violet eyes, and her short and curvy form, to her white hair and she grins a little "you look like me!" she says after a time before she moves closer to see what she might be looking at. "I bet we could fool a few people, you know." she grins a bit to her could be near-twin.

Ryhalt casts a curious glance at the crate which Mirella brings attention to, but it is Analisa's answer to his question which causes him to frown. "Stupidity on someone's part, but I'm not convinced this was done by someone outside of your shop."

"Did the guards mention anything suspicious?" Alessia asks, casually leaning against any nearby surface. Her tone is unchanged as she poses her questions, as if just looking for a story. "There's always something missed the first time. But hindsight is everything." She nods at Mabelle, as smile on her lips.

Mirella smiles back to Mabelle, from one alchemy-nerd to another. Then to Analisa, she replies, "Perhaps. A jeweler might have access to acids, solvents and so forth in their work?" Analisa and Lucianna will know, of course. "On the other hand, using a lockpick is dexterous work, and craftspeople such as yourself require a steady hand for engravings, for the cutting of gems and the use of delicate tools. I imagine with those skills, it would be easier than it is for most to learn how to pick locks." At Shyanne's comment, she nods. "An you look like me." A smile, then the merchant wanders over to the door. She peers at it, then looks to Analisa. "That's been repaired? I can see the marks where a crowbar has scratched it, and there seems to be some traces of... oh, alchemical solvent of some kind? Seems like it was forced the same way as the chests." She looks over to the others, whoever wants to answer her next question. "What do you make of this?"

"I don't know that anyone was here," replies Analisa to Mabelle. "That's not uncommon on days when shipments arrive. The Count has issued severe laws on theft between Ischians, and the governor has carried out dire sentences on those who ignored them - though, I'll not be making the mistake of relying on the power of fear over greed anytime soon," she adds with a resigned frown.

"If I may, My Lady," says Lucianna sliding up to Shyanne's side. "We have some gold and sapphire earrings that would go very well your gorgeous eyes. I'm sure if you modeled these in the salons of Arx, the gaze of the Compact would be nowhere else."

"I believe the guards were focused on the shipments," replies Analisa to Alessia. "We pay them extra on shipment days to avoid any mix ups and to add a sense of festivity. When Yelina told me of the thefts, she was very hard on herself - but it was my order that had them away from the shop. Can't blame them for that."

As alchemy nerd Mirella examines the door, Analisa listens to her thoughtfully. "We do use substances to corrode metals -"

"There you are!" comes Tullo's voice, excited and breathless from just outside. "My Lord, My Ladies, I hope you will allow me to invite you to look also at the Salvino Jewelers shop. We too suffered a theft - likely from these villains, and our work is the best in Ischia." Analisa scoffs in reply.

Mabelle glances for a moment at the door with the scratches. She then listens all about laws and scares and the Marquis' rules. She also listens as they talk about the Salvino's shop being robbed as well. Her eyes roll very subtly in her sockets. "Forgive you me. If two of you were robbed and at the same time, did you consider a third party? Perhaps arriving from the ships?". She makes her way toward Tullo, "Let me guess, we'll find alchemical burns there too?", she calls back to the girl, "You better not sell that piece! Or the two next to it".

Shyanne checks perception and streetwise at normal. Shyanne marginally fails.

Still frowning, Ryhalt glances towards the timely interruption of Tullo. "What is the punishment of theft from another Ischian, anyway?" He asks, not Ischian so not needing to know that particular law before now. "I am also curious to see if the same pattern emerges in your shop, Tullo."

"I believe it was a ruse, My Lady," says Tullo to Mabelle, haughtily glancing toward Analisa. "They seem to have produced plenty of jewelry in the time since. It is we who have suffered the worse."

"We believe it was someone who knows about the art of jewelry making, My Lady, for the thief seemed to able to perfectly guess which crates stored precious metals, and which tools and other things of less value," says Lucianna. When Mabelle claims a few of the pieces on display, the eyes of the apprentices shine, and pride rests on the face of Analisa. "Thank you for your patronage, My Lady," says the Master Jeweler of Ischia. "You bring our life's work to those who can appreciate it, and we thank you for it."

To Ryhalt's question, Analisa replies, "the thief may choose to serve ten years on a raiding crew, or lose their hand." Tullo nods to Ryhalt. "We would appreciate your attention, My Lord, and perhaps we can find something for you that may be a welcome addition to your fine wardrobe for your return to Arx. Please," says Tullo to the group, "Follow me."

Shyanne looks between them she tries to find clues using what little she knows to look for, the little healer looks mostly lost, as she was not an investigation type. She watches as they settle to add fineary to Ryhalts wardrobe and she wrinkles her nose softly before she sighs a bit. She moves back to look at the piece she liked and she rolls her shoulders calling out to Ryhalt more jovialy then anything "I like the violet colors!" she teases

Mabelle leaves someone to handle the finances for her, "Let me see, I'm sure you do not plan to escort me to an empty shop, are you master?", she steps toward the door where Tullo is, wincing at the punishment, awaiting the others to follow

Ryhalt nods, a thoughtful look coming over his face, as he hears Analisa's answer. "Thank you for showing you our shop, Analisa. We will be back shortly." If for no other reason than for those that wished to finish promised business here. Moving towards Tullo, he nods. "I don't tend to wear jewelry, but I am not opposed to looking for my wife or our daughter." He motions his readiness to be guided to the next shop.

"Well, thank you for answering our questions." Alessia gives a sincere smile, which turns quickly apologetic. "And I'm sorry for all you've suffered. I hope that we're able to get to the bottom of this in due time." She nods, before she follows the others out.

Mirella doesn't look in the slightest bit horrified by the punishments described. She nods politely before the the party departs.

"No, My Lady," says Tullo to Mabelle with a smile. "May as well be," quips Analisa with a smirk. "Take care, Lady Alessia. And thank you. Farewell for now, Duke Ryhalt. I hope you will visit us often." Tullo frowns at Analisa, and turns to lead the party eastward through the streets of Morisco. The men and women of the middling classes of the city take notice as the nobles along with the well dressed Mirella pass by. "Gods she wears umbra well." "Is that star iron?" "Were in Gild's name did he get that waistcoat. I must have it." Such is the conversation that attends the passing of the travelers until they reach the brick building, in front of which rests a sign that reads: Salvino Jewelers. Tullo leads the party inside, and says, "I am very pleased to introduce Vanessa Salvino, the greatest jeweler of Ischia, and our beloved teacher." Vanessa, setting down a glass and a gem on a wooden counter, removes the leather apron she'd been wearing to reveal a lovely, but simple silk gown of iris blue. "Welcome to our shop, and thank you for taking the time to hear both sides."

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Mabelle checks perception and investigation at hard. Mabelle is marginally successful.

Mirella nods graciously to Vanessa. "A pleasure to meet you, Vanessa Salvino. Mirella Fiorelli." Again, she's keen to inspect the sparkling wares with wide-eyed glances here and there, and once again she murmurs compliments on the quality of the crafts. All the while, the merchant keeps an eye open for evidence. When finally she spies what's she's look for, she points over to it. "The same method of breaking in. Force and chemicals. Exactly the same, I'd say."

Shyanne talks to the security guard, she smiles a little and she nods her head a bit "thank you" she pauses "where is Hugo Finichi?" she asks him after a shared whispered near-flirting way of questioning him.

When she enters the second shop, Alessia decides on a new tack, though she does stop to greet Vanessa first. "Lovely to meet you, messere. Jayus bless you." She glances around, scouring for clues. Her eyes land on something - which appears to be the customer list notable to any who follow her gaze.

Mabelle mentions to Mirella, "Well as you said before, if they were jewelrers they would pick locks. But what is the most important thing to a crafter if not the list of his clients?", her eyes lower to the pages on the counter, "If you were to break in to your competition, wouldnt you take those?", she points at them, smiling to Vannesa quietly. Her eyes get distracted for a moment by a giant ruby in the glass under the papers.

Ryhalt smiles in pleasure, but doesn't comment where his waistcoat was obtained from. Just as he had done with the previous shop, he looks over the outward facade of the shop before entering. Sometimes outward appearances are more telling of a shop's history than the quality of its wares. "A pleasure to meet you, Vanessa." He smiles before assuming a grave appearance. After asking to be shown around again, he inspects the goods as before, but this time he takes note of a pile of shredded paper on a back table. Once more he frowns to hear Mirella's statement that there's the same pattern of break-in here. "Difference being is there is destruction of business documents here." He lifts up a piece of the document. "Seems to be names of those who work here."

"Ah, the famous marketeer of House Pravus. Be welcome here, Mirella, and perhaps we can talk business sometime, no?" says Vanessa.

The security guard speaking with Shyanne, Gudellio as he is called, runs his hand through his black hair. "He'll be in soon, m'lady. His shift starts just before I leave for lunch." The security guard is smiling ear to ear, very pleased to have the attention of the Lady of Eswynd Rock.

Vanessa curtsies in greeting to Alessia and Mabelle, and when they speak of the list of customers, the master jeweler, crosses her arms and sighs. "It's true: the lists are valuable to thieves of all sorts. Anyone wealthy enough to commission our work would make great future targets for theft or for future jewelry, but it seems the lists were ignored."

Vanessa turns to Ryhalt, and frowns. "Yes. Those documents are old too, and list those who have worked hard to become skilled jewelers. It was a base act, and may the Sentinel punish the one who did it."

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