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Devotions of Hope - Words of Inspiration

The time of war and turmoil is upon the city, but it need not be the only thing that is given and remembered. Limerance believes in the concepts of love and honor, of duty and oaths, and of law and hope. The Devotions are said to be bards to the lands they inspire. So feel the inspiration of Limerance. Bring forth your best story, your best song, and your best self. Be a beacon of light in questioning times.


Nov. 11, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Rysen Lisebet Hellfrog Damiana Shyanne Kiera




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Limerance

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Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

The city may be on.. literal fire, but a Devotion does what a Devotion does. They hold their event about hope. Esme is speaking to the other Devotions that mill around. Sure, they now have more buckets of water than normal. "I am sure that it will be quite alright. We must actually just hold onto our hope as it is." Her emerald eyes slide over as she makes a few adjustments to a dias up front. "I would think that at times such as these, it is more than ever important to bring the concepts of peace and hope along with love and duty." Her head cants to see if she hears more.

Rysen drifts into the Shrine of Limerance with a look of concern on his face, flanked by the raven-hared Lygeia. His eyes pass over those inside, and he exhales, seeming to relax a little, to catch the last words of Esme to the present Devotions. "Good afternoon, My Lady," says the Crovane poet to Esme. "There seems to have been some kind of attack, but it is reassuring to find you here. Will you still offer words of hope before the altar of Limerance?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rysen before departing.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Esme laughs fully to this. "Oh, there is always something going on after banners have been called. Although, the Dominus. It always seems to be the Dominus in Arx, does it not?" She moves forwards to greet Rysen. There is a dias set up for those that have words. There is a pallor on the air, but it seems the Devotions are still moving forwards with their event. For now. "Oh. I would just make the words something horrid. Perhaps you might speak or sing.. or even play, My lord?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rysen before departing.

Rysen finds himself laughing too. "You're not wrong, My Lady," he replies to Esme. "So long as they don't call me away, I would be honored to play." His eyes pass again throughout the shrine. "I must admit, I have seldom visited this shrine, and I was very happy to hear word that -" A messenger arrives and Rysen frowns. "That was the High Inquisitor. They are calling me. If it would not be disrespectful, I would still like to perform quickly before I go, if it would be pleasing to you and to Limerance."

Esme smiles vibrantly. "Of course, you may perform." There is a pause for a moment as she turns that over in her mind and then she smiles a bit more peacefully. "I will pray that Limerance guides your feet and guides your actions. Please.." She indicates the dias as the other Devotions and turn their attentions to the man.

Lisebet is just entering, having managed to make her way here without getting in the midst of any trouble. She glances around, and frowns a bit, curiously. Slowly she moves forward, pausing as she gets near enough to hear Rysen's words. "My Lord Crovane, my Lady. I do hope I'm not interrupting? Did I hear something about the High Inquisitor? Is something amiss?"

Rysen bows his head at the sound of Lisebet's voice. "There has been an attack on the Faith on Pantheon Path," replies Rysen, as Lygeia removes from her bag a blackwood lyre. The Crovane lord turns to Esme and says, "Thank you, My lady," and comes before the dias she indicated. Accepting the lyre from Lygeia, his fingers glide lightly over its strings, producing a low and wondrous melody.

Rysen closes his eyes, and begins to chant in a deep, resonant voice:

"Hear me, holy Limerance
And strengthen my resolve
And let me never falter
In the oaths of Knights of Gold.

Let me think of true Mikani
And see my children's faces filled with glee
And fill my soul with courage
When I must set out to sea.

Let all axe men and women,
Storied soldiers of Crovane,
Fight with Gloria's aegis
And Lagoma's holy flame!

Should the terrors of the Skal'dajans
Consume and overwhelm
Let our battle cries above them rise
Clear as a Silver bell:

'Stormwall!' roar the warriors,
And clash their axes to their shields,
Like the Templars before the Silence
We will fight and never yield.

We ask you honest Limerance
To strengthen our resolve
And keep us to our sacred oaths
And keep us to our vows."

Esme is overheard praising Rysen.

Esme nods her head and smiles at Lisebet. It is hard to see if it's all an act or if she's actually calm in it. "We shall hold fast the shrine of Limerance. There have been fights all over the city. It seems the first move has been made within Arx." She offers a soft cheer and praise for Rysen's words. Then she lowers her head in respect to him. Her green eyes move over to Lisebet. "Would you care to say, sing, or play something to inspire peace?"

Esme is overheard praising Devotions.

Rysen is overheard praising Esme.

"Oh, gods," Lisebet says first. Her eyes widen. "I am not sure how I've missed that, all things considered," she says. "Other than being preoccupied at home apparently too much so." her composure startles for a moment, before it resets, with a gentle nod of her head. "I had come to listen, I'm not usually sure what to say, but I can - try." She inclines her head to Rysen. "That was very beautifully done, my Lord. Inspiration is important in moments and times such as this." Seems like war isn't somewhere over the horizon, it's here and now.

Rysen's fingers slow, and the melody fades from the shrine. He places a hand over his heart as he gazes for a moment on the altar of Limerance. Smiling warmly at her applause, and nods in agreement the kind words of Lisebet. Rysen says to Esme, "You are a light of hope for us all, My Lady. Thank you for the opportunity to offer some words for the occasion." To Lisebet, Rysen says, "Take care, My Lady, and please give my best to your family." He hands then his lyre to Lygeia, and bows to the noblewomen, before turning to make his way from the shrine.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

as Rysen heads for the exit of the shrine, several people rush in, viewing it more in this moment as an entrance. Perspective is such a funny thing. It's not the most defensible of places, being open air (and the smoke is already wafting in, if gently! The white walls are not yet in real danger), but it is a popular shrine, and one people turn to for solace. A Knight of Solace, in fact, guides in several coughing, singed, or just slightly terrified citizens, weapon drawn. "Are there traitors here?!" She cries, and then the peaceful presence of the gathering sinks in and she lowers her sword, awkwardly.

Esme starts to say something to Lisebet and pauses. Her eyes study the masses that are coming in and back to Lisebet. "Anything. You simply speak from your heart. There is no pressure and nothing is wrong." She then looks back towards the Knight of Solace and smiles vivaciously. "Please, come enter. Bring all who need drink or safety." She nods towards the other Devotions to move forward and some of the gathered water is offered. Esme seems calm for the most part. Then she smiles at the lowering of the sword. "At times as these, we will not ask for a peace knot." Then in a soft voice, "Please anything you need.. join. We are offering our words, songs and music to hope."

Lisebet smiles and nods to the departing Rysen, turning back to Esme. She's about to move towards the dais to speak when there's a rush in of people, and that does widen Lisebet's eyes briefly. "I don't think so - " she says calmly. "We are praying to Limerance, showing our devotions," she says. And then as Esme tells her to go, she moves to that dais, and surveys the incoming. Perhaps she notices the gently wafting smoke, perhaps not. Still, there's a moment where Lisebet stands there, and then she starts to sing. It's not a new song, not some words she's made up. It's a common well known hymn to Limerance, and Lisebet sings it with all her skill, but more importantly, all her heart.

The wave of attackers buckles under the new aid coming from Wash and Domonico, and in particular Ian's assault, but they still press on. Some of the Kennex guardsmen are giving ground, and the fires are getting alarming on the ground, but have not spread from the Main Hall yet.

OOC: Okay, roll wits or dexterity at normal for intiative, and then can say what you're doing in that order.))

Near the front is a small group of Valardin that have accompanied Damiana who is listening to the poems being spoken or sung. As the door opens and the commotion of multiple people rushing in and shouting, the princess turns her head to look in the general direction of the noise as Lisabet's song is heard.

The Knight swallows and dips her head, abashed. "Yes. Of course, thank you. I will guard the door." She does so, making for the entrance and stepping just outside with her naked weapon. There is a small shard of a family, here, a woman and two children. The woman's dress is singed, her voice hoarse in her soothing words for them until she is brought water. A man with a bald pate moves forward to help, settling the smaller child on a pew and casting worried looks between Lisbet and the chaos further outside. The song does seem to comfort the child, a little boy. He smiles tremulously.

Shyanne looks over to Lismet as she moves into the shrine for LImerance and she frowns a little as she looks around.. she shakes her head and decides to head back out.

Kiera comes into the shrine at a rapid pace

Esme smiles vibrantly towards Lisebet. "Wonderful. See?" Then Esme turns to look towards the others as there is a guarding of the shrine door. "Please, sit and drink. You are safe." She speaks this so certainly as if she believes it fully. Her eyes slide towards all that are there as she moves over to personally make sure they have water. "Do not fret.." She offers this towards the children softly. ".. all will be well." Then she scrutches up her nose. "Is there any others that would like to partake?" Her eyes slide towards those and then beams ast Kiera. "You seem so eager to come in running. Do you have something to share about hope?"

Lisebet once done he song pauses to say, "We'll be fine." There's confidence in her voice, nearly matching Esme's. She moves to settle on the pew by the family, now her turn is done. Well, with one stop. There's her assistant over there, and she goes to talk to him for a moment. Poor Bigsby, always so hard done by. But Lisebet comes back victorious, with a couple small toy wooden horsies. She glances at the little child and simply holds them out. "Something for you to have, to hold on to, and remember hope," she says.

Kiera hms "I decided to come offer my devotion before heading over to the hospital as i had prepared something" she says softly "I suppose it's more relevant now

Lisebet checks charm and performance at normal. Lisebet is successful.

Damiana's world perhaps is one of darkness, for she cannot see anyone or anything. But she does feel the concern in the shrine that crackles like timber threatening to break, and so she sings aloud her prayer. There's a smile to her face, one she's wishing to project calmness in this storm of rage blowing outside and within hearts.

May we in Limerance's shrine be,
As knights of old, armed in chivalry.
Of courage and justice, and with our faith.
With charity, nobility and mercy.
But in my heart I ask for one request,
To give us the last virtue of hope.
Shield our hearts with shining armor,
Inspire throughout right actions, may we cope.
Sanctum most holy, cornerstone of faith.
To Thee we pray towards gods blest.
To come with grace and from Elysium aid.
And in our minds take up rest.
Far from us drive the foe we dread,
And grant us thy true peace instead.
We shall not with white king for guide.
Turn from the path of honor aside.

Damiana's song is punctuated by a crack of thunder, and rain begins to fall on Arx. Strangely, though the shrine of Limerance is not encapsulated, little to no rain falls between the slats of the suggestion of a roof to fall on those seeking shelter there.

That's right no rain! Esme is here! Okay, she had nothing to do with it. There is a clapping of her hands for Damiana as she recites her own. Then she smiles a bit towards Kiera and those in the room. The dias is theirs to take part. The city is burning and the shrine of Limerance is singing and poetry'ing. The Devotion moves to the door to offer a drink towards the knight of Solace found there as well. Her eyes slide towards the city beyond. "If you would like to come sit, I am sure none will enter. If they do, I'm sure they will listen when I tell them to lay down their blades." Then she offers a soft laugh.

The crack of thunder catches attention, and Lisebet looks up. Still here, it only sprinkles a bit. Refreshingly. She smiles at the family, and says, "Be at ease for now." Hopefully the children are playing with the little wooden horsies. She listens to Damiana, and smiles. As Esme talks to the soldier at the door guarding, Lisebet moves over to look out as well. "Maybe there are more refugees?" she says, looking up and down the street to see. The templar - was it a templar? gets a thoughtful look. "We could let more refugees come join us, if you see any." She lets the others all do their own thing, figuring that trying to help those in need, as she can - that's important. Maybe even worth a vow.

The thunder causes just a small crack in her demeanor as Damiana flenches from the booming clap, but she continues that sung prayer to its conclusion. She hears Esme and Lisebet speak, nodding in agreement. "Perhaps if we gather together here before the altar and hold hands as we speak the names of those we are thinking heavily on right now in an open prayer to Limerance, it might help alleviate more anxiety." It also might keep non-combatants away from the entrance where the strong defenders can defend should a dishonorable fiend enter.

Kiera bows her head at damiana's prayer and then moves forward to offer her own thoughts

Danger looms on every side
In the shadows dark it hides
When it gets too hard to cope % Where then lies the face of hope?
It lies in those who stand together Ready to face any weather
Facing those with chains of force
What then now should be our course?

Sing together with one voice
Break chains of force with bonds of choice
Valardin, Thrax, Redrain, Velonosa, Grayson, Pravus
Exercising choice gods gave us
Come together with one goal
By choice submitting to one rule
In time, others bend the knee
Adding strength through diversity

In each one our hope lies
For as one ship rises, so all rise
Steady now we journey as we go to take the field
Standing head and hand together
Bonds of choice that shall not yield

Esme is overheard praising Damiana.

Lisebet is overheard praising Esme: Grace and hope in troubled times.

Esme is overheard praising Kiera.

Lisebet is overheard praising Damiana: Calm and hopeful words just before the rain

Esme is overheard praising Lisebet.

Lisebet is overheard praising Kiera: Wonderful poem and helpful heart

Kiera is overheard praising Esme: hope needed now more than ever

Kiera is overheard praising Damiana: may gods here righteous prayer

Esme claps for those that share this evening in the middle of anguish and burning. Her eyes slide towards the rains. "It is an answer to prayers you know. The rain." She offers even as those that might jump at the sounds of lightning and thunder. She puts out a soothing hand upon the shoulders that cannot find ease. "They cannot burn the shrines or anything in the rain. So even if the skies weep, they give us their generous blessing that Arx will not be undone."

Kiera is overheard praising Lisebet: songs of hope

Lisebet nods to Esme's words. "She's right," she agrees. "my Lady you are a bright beacon of hope, it is well appreciated." The petite duchess simply stays where she is, trying to be as unflappable, as caring and as hopeful as she can be. "We will prevail, the gods will help us to help ourselves." That much is clear to her. She looks over to Damiana, her head tilting slightly. "Would it help if we come stand with you, your highness? Together in hope and friendship?"

Damiana claps towards Kiera sharing her prayer, a smile on her face while she nods to Esme. "That is true, perhaps the gods weep for us as dishonorable traitors try to shatter our resolve and let an opening be taken by our enemies. I can only pray that our resolve is stronger than their selfish desires."

To Lisabet, she looks in her general direction. "I'd be happy for others to come here and pray, to speak and share in communion of our faith. We might be weak as individuals, but we're surely strong together."

Kiera nods as she moves herself to Damiana's right asking before she makes contact "may I take your hand"

There's word of combat raging in the Queensrest, as a large number of citizens and guards storm the inn, but it doesn't last long. Rumors are far more interested in what the group found, and they spread like horrified wildfire throughout the city. Assassins have struck at the very heart of the Faith, and while cut down to a man, their mission appears to have been accomplished before any help could reach them. Despite the valiant efforts of the templars, and the final bravery of the man they were guarding, the assassins have succeeded. .

Dominus Orazio is dead.

Esme steps forwards and collects the others to move forwards as well. The Devotions are always a bit on guard to those that come in the shrine. Esme smiles in the most peaceful and reassuring manner. "I..." Then her words falter as she is told about the death of the Dominus. Her brows furrow and there is a deep sadness in those telltale emerald eyes. A breath pulled into her lungs on that before she nods her head. "We should pray."

Rumors fly, and they fly fast. Someone obviously comes racing in to spread the news. And then kneels to pray. Lisebet moves forward to join the others, her expression neutral for a moment, and then calm. She exudes calm she does, this diplomat calling upon her training to keep people calm. "The Queen of Endings calls us all eventually back to the wheel." Then she holds her hands out, willing to hold them. Perhaps that poor lost frightened family comes to join them too.

The sightless dragon takes the hands of those to her left and right (sorry, lady Astraea). On hearing the news coming in that the Dominus himself has been killed, Damiana thinks silently for a long time as the sound of rain falling outside the Shrine can be heard. When she finally speaks, the Valardin says, "Would there be candles here?" She asks, before she continues. "The Faith is not one man, and yet if it was it would still be as strong as it is today. Within each of us is a strength rarely drawn from, and yet how often have we felt powerless when faced with insurmountable challenges? While traitors may have struck down the closest to the gods, where one great man has fallen there rises thousands. We, children of the Faith, are being given signs. Evil lurks so close by, our enemies near. Will we shake in fear? Or rise as the sun after an evening storm, bright and full of hope? So we should pray, and pray like we haven't before. For ourselves and for each other. And no more is this a time for idleness or words, we live in a time where action is now required. Slavers desire to shackle all. Tyrants desire to step on our necks. We are the children of the faith, and our world is crying out in need. Pray, sing please. Let us be the light, and let our light shine bright."

Kiera nods "Proof that this fight will spare no one and need everyone. May the gods guide us all to use are gifts as we may"She raises her hand up still holding hands with damiana

Esme glances around the shrine before she shuts her eyes. There is a sense that she's debating something before she merely opens them. Her smile is a calm one, even if her eyes are sad. "We stand." The two words are given to those in the room as she tries to meet the eyes of each of them. Candles will be gathered, but they are hesitate to light them. A shrine was almost burned down and the rains are falling, except oddly not here. Esme approaches each of the refugees. Her voice calm as she offers softly. "We are united in the arms of Limerance. May his love wash over you with peace. May his spirit be your spirit to remind you of duty and fealty. For he never fails. Duty and honor never fails. We pray to the God of concepts. Those things in faith we might never touch, but we are touched by. You are safe. You are going to be alright." Then she circles back towards those at the front of the shrine as well.

Lisebet is quiet now, for a bit, and then once the wishful bright speeches are done, she starts to sing again. A soft gentle hymn, one that they teach all the children. "Sing with me, everyone," she offers. Her own voice is clear, trained, and she sings well. Obviously her performance has had an excellent teacher. The words honoring Limerance, fealty, oaths made and kept. There's a half waver at one point, but she continues, after a shaky breath. "Let our voices rise in hope."

Damiana enjoys the songs sung near her, she offers her own voice to help it. And hearing Esme speak to each of the refugees here, it gives a sense of . . .hope.

Kiera mouths words to the song very softly and then offers a soft prayer to the queen of endings even though they stand in limerance's shrine

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