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Sharp Accessories and Where to Hide Them

Lady Monique Greenmarch welcomes all to this educational evening on sharp accessories and where upon one's body they might be hidden. Those in attendance will be provided a dagger or hairpin or other small accessory weapon (as they choose and supplies allow) and given instruction on where and how to hide such things unobtrusively. And then, because Minxes love games, there will be a competition to see who can keep their accessory hidden from all eyes or simply hidden the longest. An educational party with sharp objects, what could go wrong?


Oct. 24, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Gerrick Kastelon Neilda Ian Thea Aella Pasquale Alessia Lora Oskar Raymesin Samira Camilla



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Menagerie - The Amphitheater

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Comments and Log

Camilla takes a triple-looped golden bracelet with very sharp edges and emerald center stone from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Gerrick waves to Kastelon.

Kastelon allows himself a half-smile, moving over towards Gerrick when he spots him. "I thought I might see you here."

Pasquale gets handsome winter sunrise oathlands style dagger from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

"-to go out without seventeen layers of fur," Neilda is saying approvingly to Pasquale as they enter. Neilda appears to have taken the challenge seriously; she's in a rather brief tunic-dress and thigh-high leggings.

Oskar gets edges of winter twilight oathlands style dagger from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

It's a beautiful spring evening and the stage of the ampitheater has been set up to look like a miniature ballroom. Linen covered tables with ornate place settings and candelabra gleam upon the stage, and an orchestra plays just off to the side, setting the mood. There is food and drink, and a table full of sharp weapons that greet new arrivals to the Menagerie. On the stage is Lady Monique, greeting the party goers.

Ian has arrived early and taken a seat in the stands. He has his bag with him, the leather bag with the long strap where he generally stores his armor, although the straps on the outside of the bag that usually hold a sword are empty. It's just the bag, and whatever armor is inside. With his flask in one hand, he doesn't have the look of someone who's come here to learn how to hide a dagger.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: It's a beautiful spring evening and the stage of the ampitheater has been set up to look like a miniature ballroom. Linen covered tables with ornate place settings and candelabra gleam upon the stage, and an orchestra plays just off to the side, setting the mood. There is food and drink, and a table full of sharp weapons that greet new arrivals to the Menagerie.

Thea had made her way here early, making sure to get a spot. Spying Neilda, she lifts an eyebrow. "What---,"she starts to say, but she hurries to go sit. Not wanting to miss anything.

Aella moves in the event along side the Marquis, her hand in his arm as she looks about her eyes twinkle as she looks over the table and she picks out something that suits her. She smiles as she shows Oskar the bracelet and she murmers to him quietly her blue orbs twinkle

Pasquale has a mild curious-wary expression on his face as he steps into the area besides Neilda. "When did you ever wear layers of fur? Even when we were out in the middle of the ocean, in what could only charitably be called late winter, you weren't exactly well wrapped." he nods towards Thea's position, clearly wanting to sit over there.

Drifting into the menagerie, Alessia seems to have something of a skip in her step as she approaches the table of weapons. She looks over among the selection and plucks a bracelet with a ruby stone, studying it with awe.

It is a fine enough evening that it has lured Lora out to the Menagerie, maybe in the hopes of learning something, maybe merely out of general curiosity. Whatever the reason, she makes her way into the amphitheater, but lingers at the edge for a moment or two or three to absorb the spectacle, the orchestra and the place settings, like some kind of potentially lethal dinner party. It's quite enough to prompt the barest of smiles, a tiny glimmer of something that lifts a corner of her mouth before she goes to examine the many sharp and shiny things on displayed. She picks out a bracelet adorned with a diamond, near abouts the same time that Alessia does, which wins the Glaivedancer a cordial tilt of her head. "I have always admired your style, Lady Mazetti."

"Yeah, but now I can do it /without/ regretting it," Neilda says to Pasquale, giving Monique a finger-wiggle wave. She grins crookedly, dimpling, and tugs him over toward the chairs. "Thea," she greets her friend. "Oh, if we could get away with towels all the time."

Gerrick puts The Problem in Dark Brown Leather Backpack.

"Please, I'd love to invite you all up to the stage," Monique announces, waving to the party-goers trickling in and picking weapons. "Once you've got your weapon, come and join the party. There's food, there's music, there's drink, just don't go too heavy on the latter, hm? Lest this event require healers," she adds with a laugh.

Kastelon arches an eyebrow when there's the invitation to come to the stage, and another glance to Gerrick, but he's gamely coming forward... and avoiding the drink. Beacuse that would be wise in the moment.

Oskar has his eyes watching the room as he walks into the menagerie, glancing over to find some familiar faces here and there and waving to them in response. However, his companion seems to direct him at a more interesting target after a whisper, "Oh, I had never seen something like that, I didn't even know it was possible to turn something like it into a weapon." He says, gliding his hand over the weapons and picking out a dagger, "Here, Oathlands style. That way I don't have to worry about whether it matches with the rest of my outfit."

Raymesin selects himself a dagger from the table. Even though most wouldn't credit him with a sense of style, he appears to have selected one that goes nicely with his outfit and won't look out-of-place in even the roughest of areas. Familiar faces get nodded to politely, with a slightly deeper nod for Monique, but the overtall man doesn't open his mouth.

Despite her penchant for arriving late, Samira makes a point to get here on time for this event. She sweeps a cautious gaze over the gathering, moving to stand off to the side as she searches for familiar faces among the crowd. Sidling closer to the weapons, she takes a moment to make a selection.

Camilla is quiet as a mouse, her svelte frame slinking in like a deadly shadow as the Suspire was fully interested in tonight's course. Sitting down with full attention on the class, very interested in what might be discussed, yet finds themselves soon called to the stage and eagerly joins the grouping with a smile. Picking a bracelet of fine gold and examining it. Almost cutting her finger on an edge.

There's a broad smile given to the Marquessa when she lifts the diamond bracelet. "Why thank you. Great minds..." Alessia nods to the item. "I've never seen a weapon of its like." She lifts a hand to give Ian a wave, followed by one for the hostess. Though not to distract her.

Gerrick laughs and looks to Kastelon. "Is there a thing as too much drink?" He heads up to the stage, sliding the dagger into one of the gloves pockets, rolling them up and tieing them off at his elbows.

Samira takes dragon of shadow and sun oathlands style small blade from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Ian fishes a steelsilk hood and mantle out of his bag and keeps it on hand without actually wearing it yet. He takes up his cane and ambles towards the stage, keeping an eye on his own footsteps as he walks with his slightly unnatural gait. He pats Oskar on the arm as he passes. "I want to see the face Lord Haakon makes when he sees you wandering around with an Oathlands-style weapon." He nods to Alessia when she waves to him.

Ian gets a voluminous silk hood -usually kept pushed back- from Oiled leather bag.

Pasquale chuckles as his suggestion to move results, for a moment, with him almost being pulled off his feet. "Make them really fancy scarves and I doubt anyone would care." He looks to the stage, taps Neilda's elbow and then heads up as Monique requested. He's picked up a dagger and already hooked it into a belt sheath.

Aella smiles as she looks over to Gerrick "never too much to drink." says the Countess, and her large raven calls out "Get the Booty!" it flies in to pick up a shiny thing as well

Thea steps over to the table, skimming all the pieces,"How do you pick only one." Making her choice, she eventually makes her way to the stage, winking at Monique,"Don't worry. I have my medical bag with me. Just in case." Waving over to Ian and Alessia too, passingly gets a drink.

Aella nods her head to Oskar and she looks to him "well I am all yours tonight, do you know any of these fine people?"

Lora twines her bracelet of choice around one wrist; conveniently it matches her other bracelets, more strands of gold there. There's a slightly more formal bow of her head in Monique's direction, then. "This is perhaps the most beautifully adorned table the city will see all season." She then moves to find a seat, offering a few curls of her fingers in wave to other familiar faces before taking a seat.

Ok, fine, to the stage. Neilda heads on up, blade in hand, because she doesn't have anywhere terribly apparent to tuck that thing away. Her eyes flicker sideways at the mention of Haakon, and she eyes Oskar briefly.

By the time Raymesin turns to face the party again, the knife he picked up from the table has quietly vanished. He settles into a shaded seat, still silent - and without eating or drinking anything.

"He still hasn't got over the idea that I'm now a knight." Oskar tells Ian with smirk, "So I'm guessing he might even think that I was replaced by an Oathlander lookalike." He adds, turning to gesture at Aella for introductions. "Lord Ian, this is Countess Aella Ravenseye, fresh off the boat. And this is Lord Ian Kennex, the man who seems to know a little about everything."

Monique greets those she recognizes and those she doesn't, alike, smiling across to Ian, "Ah, Lord Kennex. I'm so glad you made it. I know you're an excellent teacher. Perhaps you'll be my assistant this evening?" The Minx brandishes a dagger in her hand that wasn't there moments ago, waving it at the Kennex mock-threateningly. The servers begin to circulate with their trays of treats and booze, and the musicians pick out a lively tune.

:almost - almost - smirks at Gerrick. "When sharp weapons are involved at distances that endanger yourself as much as your opponent... yes." There's a knowing look in those hazel eyes. "Always learn things sober, you taught me. Unless they're things that you'll think thrice about when sober."

Ian doesn't seem to have caught on that he should react as though the mock threat is an actual threat, so hopefully that's not what Monique had in mind for him. Instead, he stands there and gives her display a skeptical look and a quirk of his eyebrow. "I'm here to teach, yes. I can only teach the basics, though. I can't do the footwork for advanced knife fighting anymore."

Monique gets Silhouette, a slender leather-wrapped steel stiletto from the secret places on Monique's body where weapons hide.

Monique wields Silhouette, a slender leather-wrapped steel stiletto.

Gerrick grabs some meats, and a glass of some type of liquid then promptly pours some of the Cure All into the glass. As quickly as the bottle came out, it disappears back into the same location. He looks to Kastelon, a small wink, then flashes the dagger from its hidding spot and walks backward into the crowd on the stage. Turning and disappearing into the group. If it wasn't for Maggie waddling through the crowd behind him, he'd probably be properly disguised.

Pulling a blade from nowhere deserves some oohs or aahs, yeah? Or at least a grin; Neilda watches the performance with an appreciation she probably doesn't offer theater (having less patience than is strictly speaking required for such performances). "You weren't complaining," Neilda says, sidelong, to Pasquale. She catches sight of Samira, there, and there's one of those head-tips that's sort of a visual 'we keep meeting'.

Kastelon, for his own part, watches Gerrick as he's stepping back and does nothing to indicate that he's possessed of any idea where this mentor's disappeared too. A hand rises to tug at his beard as he's looking to the one leading the activity.

Once Monique gets out a serious big girl weapon, Ian seems to decide that now is a good time to put on the steelsilk hood and mantle he's been carrying around in his off hand. He keeps the hood pushed back, and initially seems to squirm in the armor a bit, like he's not thrilled with the feeling of the silk touching his skin.

Samira tucks away the blade she has selected from the table of sharp weapons, moving to join the group. Spotting the tall Ulbran among those gathered, she pushes her way through the crowd until she ends up not terribly far from him. "Hey." The laconic greeting is paired with a nod. Spotting Neilda nearby, she returns the head-tip with a raise of her chin into a casual upnod of acknowledgment. A sort of 'so we do'.

"The first lesson," Monique begins, lofting her dagger in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other, "is loose clothing. That might be self-explanatory," the Minx offers, her gaze tripping around the ampitheater to the various outfits on display. "But at the same time, it ought not to be /too/ loose, because that invites suspicion on its own. Take a moment, assess your own outfit. How are you faring so far?"

Aella smiles a little as she looks over to Ian "ooh the basics sounds good I know how to handle the larger blades what is the difference with the smaller ones?" she wonders as she is introduced. she looks around a bit and she smiles a bit as she looks around "what a great turnout"

"Terrible." Alessia says of her own garb with a sheepish smile. "Not loose enough. Hmmm, wider sleeves would be perfect for this." She says, shaking her wrists with the bracelet donned.

Kastelon mindfully considers Monique's words as he's hefting the dagger in his possession, and there's that glance of his towards his clothing as he appraises himself. No, indeed, his clothing would fit what she's discussing - plenty of places for him to be hiding the thing, even when considering that the pants are perhaps not the most useful for him to hide the blade within.

Pasquale takes a moment to contemplate Monique as she pulls a weapon out before watching Ian put on that hood. As much as his gaze is focused on the host he proves he's actually listening to Neilda by giving her a quick chuckle and asking. "Why would I? I was fully dressed and quite, quite, warm." He looks back to Monique as she speaks and then thoughtfully looks at his own outfit. Relatively baggy shirt. Check.

Lora is a most attentive audience. Which is to say she collects a glass of wine from one of the wandering trays and holds it in one hand, almost a prop for all that she maybe has a sip now and then. This ceases when the demonstration begins in earnest, this lesson prompting a slight loft of an eyebrow and a glance toward Thea, but this roving look catches on another bracelet-wearer. It's enough to win Aella a little loft of that glass when she catches the Countess's eye.

Ian allows Aella to draw him aside. "Smaller weapons are easier to control, giving you more speed and efficiency in movement," he explains to Aella. "To maximize that, you want to keep your attacks fairly close to your body. No wide swings." He spends some time showing her the different way of approaching striking with a dagger.

Neilda glances down at her dress. The boots are too snug for anything; the dress... is just short. "It's not /tight/ that's the challenge," she says aside to Pasquale, laughing.

Thea spies Lora and waves over to her, a smile for her as she starts to skim her own dress. "Well--I think I'm safe...with what little material I have going here..."

Aella gives a nod of her head to Lora as she nods a bit to her before she releases her dates arm. Oskar gets a wink before she moves in listening to Ian she licks her lips "oh alright.. so small and closer movements?" she asks "like dancing. Which is another skill I should learn I suspect." she laughs as she follows his footsteps

Rubbing her hands up and down the silksteel dress she wore, Camilla tried to determine if her outfit was too tight or loose. It was definitely evocative and could hide things in various places. Grinning softly, it would do.

Raymesin nods to Samira when she arrives near him. "'Ey," he replies, and the Lowers accent really doesn't go with the oakhide outfit. He doesn't look down at himself at Monique's question - he simply sits there, hood turning as he looks at the various others assessing themselves.

Ian shakes his head with what might be a flash of irritation when Aella compares fighting to dancing. "Dancing is cooperative. If you start connecting combat to dancing, a skilled opponent can use that against you. I've won a number of spars that way."

"Now, let us say that it's just not possible to wear something accommodating for a dagger," Monique replies, her smile knowing for those around her, pausing at Alessia and holding a moment before sliding on. "Let us say that what you must wear is backless, short, short and backless, or perhaps you've got to be naked. What will you do then?" She gestures to those people who selected hairpins, necklaces, and bracelets. "Accessories. Providing you're careful with them, necklaces and bracelets become handy garrotes, and hairpins... well," she mimes stabbing straight forward with her dagger. "If you'll look over yonder, you'll see Lord Kennex showing you a few initial thrusts."

Kastelon murmurs dryly, to no one in particular, "No one wants to see me in something backless or short."

Pasquale gives Neilda's dress, or at least her thighs, a contemplative look before pointing out. "You picked up hairpins. I dont think you are going to be hiding those in your underwear." His eyes settle back onto Ian as the attention is directed that way.

Gerrick looks around the nobles, "I was unaware it was that kind of party. I mean, if we are to be naked..."

"Not all dancing is cooperative, my lord." Alessia points out, an amused smile still playing on her lips.

"He's never danced with me," Neilda stage-whispers to Pasquale - referring to Ian, probably. Her eyes swing back to Monique, brows up, perhaps wondering about the life of intrigue that requires someone to use necklaces as garottes. Distractedly, to Pasquale: "Underwear?" She glances at the hairpins, and connects the dots. "Oh." Smile. Right.

Aella looks to her bracelet as she tries to learn how to grip it and use its sharp edges.. she blinks a little as she giggles to Gerrick as he talks about nakedness before she looks back to Ian "so ... i take it off and ... move like this?" she asks as she tries to move to stab him

"I always advise wearing armor before someone dances with me." Oskar mentions, foldings his arms as he stands back to watch and learn. "My feet tend to get a little aggressive during merry tunes."

Ian looks over at Neilda and Alessia between showing Aella close, fast strikes. "When I was eight, I spent an entire party hiding in a dumbwaiter because Aethan told me at the last minute that I wasn't allowed to attack the other dancers." He quirks half a smile. "My mother had told me dancing was just like fighting. Clearly she didn't drag me to the right party." He casually moves with Aella's stab, keeping it from connecting with any force. "The angle of your wrist is wrong." And thus he goes back to teaching.

Samira's gaze drops to briefly survey her own clothing before she returns full attention to Monique. Pasquale's overheard remark earns a snort of quiet amusement from the Culler, who murmurs, "Prob'ly ill-advised."

Raymesin clears his throat. "I got a volunteer ter show 'ow the bracelets an' the necklaces work?" The man's Lowers accent is so thick he can probably use one of the knives he's wearing to cut it.

Aella gets bold orange fire opal wheels pair of frost-blue steel hairpins from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Ian gets a silver necklace with very sharp edges and diamond center stone from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Lora gets brilliant crimson dragonflies pair of flame-hued hairpins from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Neilda takes a silver necklace with very sharp edges and ruby center stone from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Raymesin gets a silver necklace with very sharp edges and sapphire center stone from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Thea is seriously now contemplating her dagger and shiny 'rope'. "Desma would--MIGHT--wear one of those if I told her she could strangle people with it..."

Gerrick takes a silver necklace with very sharp edges and emerald center stone from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Monique's smile for Ian's grumpiness is beatific, and it only fades slightly when Raymesin is asking for volunteers to strangle. "I think it might be best if Lord Kennex were the volunteer, in this case..."

To which Neilda nods in agreement.

Ian looks up when he's voluntold that he's going to get garroted. "Alright." He's remarkably chill about the prospect, but then again, steelsilk. "Am I supposed to let it happen, or should I resist?"

Aella tries to follow the directions to use the bracelet to get its chain around someones neck... in this case Ian... who keeps blocking her attempts. Her raven is happily holding a shiny hairpin talking occasionally about getting booty as it picks at the shiny stones.

Kastelon wields regal whispers of the forest oathlands style dagger.

Lora blinks a time or two at Raymesin. "Are you volunteering to have one of them used on you? Or..." Monique clarifies, maybe, and she almost laughs. Almost. But then there is to be a demonstration and she has another little sip, straightening a bit as if that scant quarter of an inch might help her get a better view.

Kastelon takes moonlight wings dragonfly themed pair of hairpins from A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

Gerrick wields winter horizon dragon with pale ivy edged wings oathlands style dagger.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aella before departing.

Raymesin rises to his feet and picks up one of the slightly-sharp bracelets. "With this thing, best wear gloves," he advises, then nods to Ian. "I ain't gonna do the whole thing - this is for show. That's steelsilk, right?" And he moves round to try and get behind Ian.

"One would hope you would resist," Monique comments with a dry smile to Ian. "And then I think anyone who would like to try to garrote Lord Kennex after might have a go?"

Aella takes a step over to oskar as she watches raymesin now. "they are interesting weapons."

Gerrick bends down and palms something to the raccoon waddling through the room behind him. Then stands back up slowly.

Samira's hunched shoulders straighten ever so slightly as Raymesin suggests needing a volunteer. Her dark eyes follow the movements of her fellow Lowers resident, focus intent upon Raymesin and Ian as she awaits the demonstration.

Pasquale watches this fight with the intellectual curiosity of someone who's likely to never attempt such a thing. Ever.

*** Raymesin has called for an opposing check with Ian. ***
Raymesin checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Raymesin is successful.
Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is successful.
*** Raymesin is the winner. ***

"Oh, I'd like to try to garrot him." Alessia says with a curious look before fiddling with her bracelet.

Aella has joined the Front and Center Row Seating.

Thea listens to all the volunteers and can't help but laugh. She steps over toward Neilda and Pasquale, quietly. "What'd you both choose anyway,"her eye on seeing who is going to strangle the Kennex.

Ian isn't easy to get behind or get the garotte around, partially because he's so much shorter than Raymesin, which makes the angle all wrong. Eventually the tall man manages it, though. Ian seems unphased by the bladed necklace pressing close to his throat. "See how he's got me pulled close to him? If you don't get in close, your target can just move towards you to get out of the hold."

"A dagger." Pasquale says to Thea. "I figured the hairpins would be a little hard to hide."

"I can see a few uses for it during battle, like if you find yourself in a corridor during a siege." Oskar suggests, joining a seat besides Aella, "You can try it on me later, if you'd like."

Oskar has joined the Front and Center Row Seating.

Raymesin holds the bracelet by the ends as he stalks Ian, with his wrists crossed; when he moves it's with blinding speed, dropping the bracelet in front of Ian's head and pulling the ends apart. "An' then yer get a shoulder underneath," he says, turning until he's done just that, "An' then you straighten an' bend fowards, an' they're danglin' back-ter-back an' not much they can do." He's only got Ian up a little way, though - apparently he's not going to try and force Ian's feet off the ground.

"What were you expecting?" Neilda asks Pasquale. She seems mighty tempted by the 'strangle Ian' offer, but doesn't speak up. "Hmm?" she asks Thea. "Oh. Hairpins. And a necklace. I'll have to see what Deia's doing with her dresses for spring." You know, to figure out which one she's keeping. A head tilted smiling nod renders her approval of the garrotte maneuvers very clear. It's a good demo.

Ian seems, briefly, more interested in Raymesin's technique than in whoever's going to strangle him next. "That's an interesting move," he remarks, before he's even let go. "Where did you learn it? It reminds me of the Eurusi wrestling I learned from Lore Artiglio."

Monique watches with an expert eye; one might even say it's an approving eye. "Notice the speed, too," she points out to the crowd. "You need to be much quicker with the garrote than you do with the dagger or the hairpin. Chances are, if you're using it, you'll be able to sneak up behind your target without much notice, unlike this particular demonstration where Lord Kennex was aware of the intent."

Alessia has joined the line.

Gerrick is watching everyone attack or defend themselves, noticing that the drink is unattended and staggers over to get some more.

Neilda has joined the line.

Gerrick has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Alessia

Samira has joined the line.

*** Alessia has called for an opposing check with Ian. ***
Alessia checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Alessia is successful.
Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is spectacularly successful.
*** Ian is the winner. ***

"This is fascinating too." Pasquale says to Neilda. "But I think I was expecting more of a focus on disguise." A smile is hidden when Neilda joins the queue and he drifts into a slightly better position to watch and ask Raymesin. "How strong do you have to be compared to your opponent? It takes a long time to strangle someone."

Raymesin holds Ian for a few moments to make his point, then turns and lets go of one end. "You got ter be quick," he agrees with Monique. "The surprise is the most important bit. People as ain't surprised think ter do more'n flail an' gasp." And then a faint smile for Ian. "The Lowers," he replies. "Back when I were shorter'n you are now." And then to Pasquale, "You ain't matchin' strength. If yer opponent gets ter try an' do anythin' ter stop you, yer doin' it wrong."

Perhaps a little too eager for her go, Alessia loosens her bracelet to attempt to sneak up on the Kennex lord. She's quick but not quite speedy enough, since he skillfully evades her attack. "Damn." She says with a chuckle, twirling her bracelet around her wrist again.

Pasquale looks thoughtful a moment. "And if they are taller than you?"

"I wouldn't mind learning it sometime," Ian says to Raymesin before he gives Alessia a skeptical look when she steps forward. "You're already pretty good with a blade," he points out, briefly donning his Captain Obvious cap to do so. And then he proves that what looked with Raymesin like he was just too short to make things easy is actually a subtle and fairly impressive ability to dodge by predicting how Alessia is going to move. He never moves particularly fast. He's just never quite in a convenient position to be garrotted. "No, look. Hold the chain like..." He IS here to teach, after all.

Monique's eyes drift from the line forming to attempt to garrote Ian, the Minx seemingly confident that he's not going to suffer any permanent harm. She slips aside, overhearing Pasquale. "That's the next portion, and in fact, the contest that we'll be holding after this," she relates with a grin. "Do you have a good hiding place in mind, my lord?"

Pasquale smiles at Monique. "I'm more interested in spotting them than hiding them Monique. I can't imagine anyone would be surprised if I pulled a knife out my sleeve."

Raymesin shrugs to Pasquale. "A couple'a inches? No problem. Once yer got 'em, yer bend a bit forwards. Gotta get their feet off th'ground, their own weight'll do th'rest. Someone your 'eight against someone mine? Just stab 'em, it's easier."

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Neilda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Camilla has joined the line.

What should have been Neilda garotting Ian turns into Ian easily not being garotted and instead correcting her form. "Not so far from your body. If you reach way out like that, the motion takes longer. There's too much time for someone to react."

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Turn in line: Camilla

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Try as she might - and - you know, it looks like she might actually be trying? Neilda has no experience with a garrote, cannot even pretend she has; she might have been focused more on how that's different, and less on that key bit where it's not fought at a sane and reasonable distance, like swords and axes. "Like -" she steps closer, checking - because she's here to learn, too.

Thea nudges Pasquale, watching Neilda and Ian,"Bets she going to practice this on you." It's going to be an easy bet on Thea's end. Really! She grins, watching the pair.

Camilla checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Gerrick has joined the line.

Raymesin clears his throat. "One thing I will say is as there ain't no playin' with a garotte," he says soberly. "If 'e weren't wearin' steelsilk, I'd'a used a sash, or somethin' else soft an' wi'no sharp edges. Practice, sure, but be careful. There ain't no pullin' this or swingin' at 'alf-force."

For her part, Lora is genuinely content to watch. And watch she does, amusement visibly rendered in the curves of her smile. Appreciation comes in the form of applause, a little round of it for each as they go up and attempt to strangle the Kennex lord.

Ian starts to dodge Camilla, but stops abruptly and turns around, catching her wrist. "Wait. Stop. You're going to slice up your hands if you do it that way."

Pasquale nods at Raymesin. "Thats what I thought. Its a clever technique to use your opponents size against him but there is that issue." He considers Raymesin a moment before saying "You aren't exactly a common height though." His gaze goes back to Ian again. Thoughtful and a little tempted. Then back to Raymesin "Do you train people in tactics like that?" With Thea's nudge he just smiles a little. "Didn't you hear Raymesin? He said you can't do it when you're a lot shorter than your opponent. For once, something is going in my favor."

Monique catches Raymesin's words and there's a nod from the Minx. "That's entirely accurate. If you're going to practice, make sure to do it safely, or pay Master Ulbran here for further lessons."

Turn in line: Samira

Samira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Thea snorts at Pasquale. "You act like that's going to stop her,"eyeing Raymesin. "He's not THAT tall." Ok he is. "It would be wasted time to climb up on some chair to try and get the proper height. This is why just throwing a dagger seems more logical right now. But these moves---seem useful stil."

"The way to get around being shorter," Monique adds to that, is to get higher. Tables, couches, anything flat and sturdy. It gives you the height and the leverage that you need, if you happen to be shorter than your target. Ledges are great, too, for a hanging effect."

Neilda' glances at Raymesin at that instruction from Monique, and settles her necklace over her head as she heads back toward Thea and Pasquale. "That was refreshing," she says, vaguely, mischief in her eyes. Then she laughs. "Not very satisfying."

Follows Ian's advice, "This is difficult, because.... I don't actually want hurt you.", very nervous and timid with the garrote and taking a weak attempt at it. She quickly gave up, "Thank you for the experience.", is all she could muster. Potentially murdering someone felt... traumatizing.

Raymesin's chuckle is soft. "I ain't the best teacher - not like the nice folks 'ere - but I'm in a good mood right now, an' payin' customers is always a good thing to 'ave."

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

"Indeed." Alessia says when Monique speaks of finding higher positions. "Sometimes a running start and a leap too?" She suggests.

Ian snorts at the suggestion that Camilla might hurt him, but has just enough grace not to actually laugh. He spends a moment correcting the way she holds the weapon, but there's a line forming, so he can't spend as much time with her as he'd like.

There's a laugh from the Minx of the Marches to Alessia, and she nods. "Providing you've got enough strength to keep the garrote as tight as you'll need on a thrashing opponent." She watches a moment and then offers, "You're all doing exceptionally well for a first lesson! And I want you to start thinking about where you'll hide your weapons, for I'll be asking you to do so in a moment."

Turn in line: Kastelon

"Neilda?" Pasquale asks as she comes back. "Would you like some personal lessons with Raymesin here and me?" he nods at Thea and then smiles to Monique. "Never sit down or stand on ledges. Got it."

Samira is eager to get in some practice, but the height difference doesn't bode well for her. She gives it a solid attempt anyway, her expression one of focused determination. Gaze intent upon her target, she leaps at Ian in an attempt to catch him off guard, but she's easily evaded.

Kastelon checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

She actually gets the necklace around Ian's neck, but there's that advice he gave when Raymesin got him -- step in close. She doesn't keep her body close enough to his, allowing him to abruptly lean back, slide his right foot against hers in a way that restricts her movement by trapping it, and then twists out of the hol. When he turns to face her, he's got his diving knife in hand. "A good effort. Get closer to me next time."

Brows up, Neilda seems pleased - she flashes Thea a smile. "Oh, yeah," she says to Pasquale, with some obvious enthusiasm. "Love it." Eyes turn toward Raymesin, a chin-gesture following - acknowledgement or something. Something that would make more sense if she were a deckhand, and not wearing that particular get-up.

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Kastelon looks somewhat skeptical about using the necklace in this manner, but he's clearly willing to give it a good go as a useful skill as he does as he's seen the others do, coming in close to Ian with it while attempting intently to get it about his neck without hurting the other man. It'd not do to get a reputation for harming a sparring partner, after all.

"Then if you dont mind it being two of us." Pasquale says to Raymesin. "I'd be very interested in learning more about how you fight."

Samira huffs a breath at her lack of success, but it's clear she absorbs every word of Ian's advice. "I'll remember," she answers with a firm nod, stepping away to clear room and continue watching how the others fare.

Ian is, once again, impossible to pin down. It's like it was with Alessia. It's not that he's fast. It's that he's just never in a convenient place to get garotted, almost like he's predicting everything Kastelon's going to do well before he does it. "You're never going to get anywhere unless you try. That steel won't cut through this steelsilk. The worst you'll leave is a bruise." His tone is skeptical that he's at risk of receiveing even that.

Turn in line: Gerrick

"Don't mind at all," says Raymesin to Pasquale, with a deckhand's nod returned to Nielda.

There's a meaningful nod from Kastelon as he's relinquishing the device after the try, and that half-smile to Ian. "Thank you for the lesson. I'll remember that better next time."

Gerrick checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Aella has left the Front and Center Row Seating.

Gerrick attempts to distract Ian with Maggie, though this appears to completely fail as the raccoon takes one look at him and wanders off after some food. Failing that idea, he comes up from behind Ian and goes to get a drop on him.

Ian really should have been caught, from the way it was going for Gerrick initially. With the necklace around his neck and everything. What happens next is so fast that it's not easy to follow, but the upshot is that Ian is free again, knife in hand again. "That was good. You would have had me, if you'd done it with a smoother motion. Don't hesitate."

As the last person steps forth to try and garrote the Kennex lord, Monique is reaching for a canape and the dagger is disappearing from her hands. Who knows where it went! "Well done, everyone. And now, I'd like you to start dancing. Alone, in pairs? It's up to you. But as you dance, I want you to hide your weapons. Use people as blocks on the view of the spectators, or use tables, chairs, servers, anything you like. But the object is to hide your weapon as stealthily, as craftily as you possibly can. Do I have a volunteer or two to spectate? Remember. Use your clothing to your advantage. It can appear just a beautiful ornament, it can be invisible to the eye in the fold of a gown or shirt. A bracelet can become an anklet. A necklace can become frippery on a gown. Your imagination is your limit!"

Rocco slips Thea a message, causing Thea to sigh. "Alright,"she says with a nod. With a smile to Monique, Thea tells her,"Thank you for this. I learned a few things,"her eyes shifting to Ian and Raymesin both. "THey deserve a lot of drinks after this...,"slipping out.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Oskar has left the Front and Center Row Seating.

5 Eswynd shieldbearers, Valkyrie, a blue-eyed crow leave, following Oskar.

5 Eswynd shieldbearers, Valkyrie, a blue-eyed crow arrive, following Oskar.

Raymesin nods to Monique. "I'll watch," he says. "I ain't a dancer."

Lora has joined the line.

Neilda, less subtle than Pasquale, turns amused eyes on him, laughs - answers whatever he was murmuring to her. "No," she says. She's watching with one eye the other lessons - maybe there was only one sort of failure mode in her attack, but that doesn't mean it's the only one in her head. Her nose wrinkles at the dancing bit, and she gives Pasquale a shrug. "I'm here to /try/, I guess."

Neilda has joined the line.

Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior, Runa, a large Northern Raven leave, following Aella.

Pasquale watches the stage for a long moment before glancing at the departing Thea. "I should really go as well." He nods to Monique. "Its been interesting." and then tells Neilda "Have fun."

Samira has joined the line.

5 Eswynd shieldbearers, Valkyrie, a blue-eyed crow leave, following Oskar.

Ian also seems inclined to just watch, and he's not even being particularly attentive about that. While everyone dances, he's wandered off in search of a drink, which means he's mostly just watching his feet.

Gerrick checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt leave, following Alessia.

Turn in line: Lora

Ian checked wits + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Raymesin checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman leave, following Pasquale.

Lora checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Lora checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Ian is, indeed, utterly disinterested in the dancing. Right now, he's interested in pouring himself a glass of whiskey.

Neilda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher. Neilda rolled a critical!

Turn in line: Neilda

Turn in line: Samira

Raymesin checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Samira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Raymesin checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Camilla has joined the line.

Ian checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Gerrick checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Whereas Lora wasn't game for trying to wrap her bracelet wire around someone's (Ian's) neck, she seems more for dancing. Maybe because the demonstration area clears out so quickly, and leaves her looking at the lot for a couple of moments. She gets to her feet then, and drifts toward Neilda, offering the Saik lady her hand. "My lady, might I have the pleasure? Surely Lord Kennex cannot have all the fun here this evening." They're Lycene. It means she's going to get very, very, very close to Neilda, a sinuous circling, a sway of the hips, a drift of her arms, and somewhere her bracelet comes off her wrist, the strands of gold going somewhere else.

Monique drops Gift Chest.

Raymesin catches up something to drink and finds somewhere to lean near Monique, his pale eyes sharp on the 'dancers' from the shadows of his hood. Lora hides her weapon, only to have Raymesin meet her eyes and tap the location on his own body where she's hidden it.

Monique's emerald eyes are on the dance floor, as it were, tracking the dancing contestants with only half an eye. The other eye is supervising the arrival of the gift chest, a massive wardrobe-like affair, stuffed full with an assortment of shiny things. She glances aside to Raymesin, leaning in to whisper something quietly.

Gerrick wanders through those on the stage taking glances of where weapons are being placed. A couple of light taps, though, he is having difficulty with where Neilda placed hers.

Ah, now this is a reason to come out in a short dress and those boots. To get picked up by a gorgeous woman for a dance. Neilda flashes a dimpled smile at her, too sweet for any sort of mischief at all, much less armed mischief. The hairpin - one of them, because she's not about to try to hide -two- weapons in that thing that is only really called a dress because who's going to argue with someone wearing it? She's a terrible dancer and a worse actress. Fortunately, dancing with Lora is not something she has to pretend at. Maybe that bracelet disappeared during a long... stretched-out moment, Neilda's hand catching Lora's wrist, pulling it close to kiss the inside; a look, a murmur of a few words, and then a twirl, Lora's execution flawless where her direction is imperfect. And when she draws back, smiling at Lora like /her/ opinion of the subterfuge is more important than anyone's she's smiling, dimpling again.

Turn in line: Camilla

Samira watches the first pair with an admiring gaze, watchful of their movements. When her own turn comes, she murmurs of the dancing portion, "Shoulda been drinking for this." Even so, she launches into movement. Using her small, nimble stature to her advantage, she varies both the quality of her movements and the levels at which her body goes - dipping low one moment, rising on tiptoes the next. By the end, her blade has disappeared from her hand, properly concealed.

Raymesin continues to watch the dancers; he focuses on Neilda for a few moments, and the next time the woman turns towards him he gestures to Lora, then downards towards his legs. Apparently he knows exactly where Neilda stashed her weapon, and that it wasn't on her own person. There's definitely a smile in the shadows of his hood, though - and then he's focusing on Samira, and one eyebrow lifts, that smile growing even further.

Camilla checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 12 lower.

Camilla checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Raymesin checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Raymesin checked wits + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Gerrick checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Ian checked wits + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Gerrick checked wits + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

It's a brief dance, really, and Lora does know the steps, swirling around the twirl, the volume of her skirt covering... well. The insinuation of a kiss, the flash of gold; between them their weapons do effectively disappear, more or less, at least for anyone not really paying attention. Her opinion of Neilda's subterfuge is quite pleased though, almost archly so, though as Samira moves to take her turn she beckons the Saik lady back toward the chairs. And in doing so catches Raymesin's little gesture and offers him the most formal, shallowest bow of her head. Then she's back in her seat, all the better to watch others dance.

Neilda gives Raymesin a tart look, but she's in quite a delighted mood - and follows in Lora's wake, laughing, to settle in the chairs. "That'll get better," she says. "I only have to... learn to dance." As long as she keeps smiling that smile, she's probably fine. As long as she's not trying to sneak weapons anywhere, anyway.

Monique leans away from Raymesin and the quiet conversation to watch the dancers. And then the Minx is turning to her spectators. "Is there anyone who didn't note where the weapons now lay?" Her gaze bounces off of each Raymesin, Gerrick and Ian in turn.

"Huh?" Ian looks up from his drink. "Wait, was I supposed to be paying attention?" The drink is about half-gone by now.

Gerrick takes a swig from his multi-colored bottle of alcohol, and touches a couple of locations on his body for where various weapons noted are on the others trying to hide them. He looks at Neilda for awhile, then shakes his head. "All but that one."

"Only one I ain't sure on is Samira," Raymesin replies to Monique. Is that a note of pride in his voice? Possibly.

Does Monique's stare at Ian rival a concealed dagger finally being unleashed? Possibly. But it's only for a moment. After all, he was garroted tonight. She exhales and summons grin. "Well, as it seems that Lord Ian may have suffered asphyxiation and his attention failed as a result, I'm happy to announce that all contestants have succeeded." There's a wave of her hand to the gift wardrobe that now sits to the side of the stage, stuffed full and open to the winners. "You may choose your prize."

Samira nods in response to Gerrick's eagle-eyed observation when she realizes he has spotted her attempts to conceal the weapon. She sends the hint of a grin toward Raymesin as she stoops to retrieve her blade from its hiding place -- her boot. She tucks the blade away properly, stifling a laugh at Monique's remark about Ian and moving to peek into the gift wardrobe.

Raymesin turns a faint smile on Monique. "An' the rest'a us? I mean, I'm th'one as garotted 'im."

Ian cracks a brief grin. "Isn't getting to say you got the drop on me reward enough?"

Neilda takes days of emerald hunting bow edged in pewter-blue hues from Gift Chest.

Samira takes a blackened silver skull bead with amethyst eyes from Gift Chest.

Camilla didn't know where else to hide her bracelet for the dance, she tried to be clever and held the dangerous object in her mouth. Spitting the bracelet out once the competition was over, was it cheating? - It was a clever attempt from House Pravus. Looking to Ian and Monique. "I'm not really good at this, but I'm interested in further training later on. I don't have a intention to harm anyone. However, I'm a courtier and some of the nobles can... get aggressive. I'd like to know how to defend myself if needed.", biting her bottom lip. "I even heard there is lipstick one can use? Would you know a source to acquire that?", the complete novice asked. Who was more scared for her own life than harming others.

Camilla takes wide-brimmed umbra hat with lace cobweb lace veil from Gift Chest.

"I don't know about poisoned lipstick," Ian remarks to Camilla. "But I'm willing to teach you a few moves. But the first thing you're going to have to learn is to be willing to hurt someone. Nothing else matters if you can't do that."

Once seated, Lora retrieves what Neilda'd hid from the folds of her gown and offers it back with another glimmer of that same smile. "Does Lucita know? You know, we are very nearly neighbors. If ever you think you want real dancing lessons..." She then retrieves her wine glass. This is, in turn, lifted in Monique's direction. "Thank you, Lady Greenmarch, but I feel as though I have already taken sufficient advantage of your generosity. This has been a delightful combination of entertaining and educational."

Gerrick watches Camilla spit out the bracelet, taking another sip from his bottle. He winces a little, looking at her. Then shakes his head, "that is one place to have hidden your weapon, though what would you have done if bumped and ended up cutting yourself?"

Monique's brows lift at Lora's decline to accept a prize. "As you like, my lady, though it is really no matter to me! Perhaps since you forfeit, the gentlemen spectators might each like to choose something in turn?" the Minx invites, her wry smile landing on Raymesin. "As for poisoned lipstick, I once knew someone who used blood orchid lipstick to kill her prey, though I could not tell you how to make it now."

Neilda stretches out her legs. "How little I... actually want to learn how to dance?" she asks Lora, a hint of that mischief still there. She takes the hairpin back, tests the length of it with her thumb - well. Stick them with the pointy end. "How is this even supposed to go?" she asks, reaching up to rake fingers back through her loose hair like she's going to attempt to copy some memory. "Maybe from you, though," she says, smiles. "I've heard that the right teacher can fix a bad attitude."

Peeking into the gift chest, Samira debates for a moment, a flicker of longing crossing her features. It's gone as quickly as it arrives, replaced with a pleased expression as something in particular catches her eye. Despite all the beautiful items on offer, the Culler comes away with the smallest item of all - a bead in the shape of a skull with eyes of amethyst. Camilla's remark catches her attention, prompting a frown. "Never say never. Might come a day you'll have to intend to harm someone. And you'll have to mean it."

Ian walks over to the box. "I've already got this necklace to bring back to Zoey," he remarks, looking inside.

"Some'a us work for a livin', an' 'ave wives who like nice stuff," points out Raymesin to Ian. "Although I've seen yer fight in the trainin' centre, an' there's a bit of a boast to be 'ad in it, that's true." And then he's moving towards the chest, with a smile of approval at the sight of Samira's prize.

Ian selects the pink sapphire necklace and holds it up to the light.

Ian gets a layered pink sapphire necklace from Gift Chest.

Raymesin, once Ian is done, inspects the chest, then reaches in. The dress he's chosen definitely can't be for him - well, unless he takes to wearing light colours and showing a lot more skin than his hood reveals. Chances are slimmer than he is.

Raymesin gets a melodious seatouched wool dress stained palest ivory under lavish golden whorls and cutouts splintered across the fitted bodice from Gift Chest.

Gerrick takes gold filigree ring featuring leaves and vines from Gift Chest.

Gerrick nods and thanks Monique for the kind offer, before picking up a ring from the gift chest.

Camilla blushes shyly, "I... I don't know, Sir. Perhaps it was foolish.", replying to Gerrick. "I just wanted to win at any cost.", eyeing Samira, "When I learn to fight. Perhaps I'll fight to the death of me. At the moment, it seems so... dangerous and frightening.", shrugging and picking up a cute black umbra hat with veil and trying it on. "Thank you all for this evening. I'll seek you out for private instruction, perhaps."

Raymesin, his selection made, turns to offer Monique a deep inclination of his head. "Thank you," he says. "Much appreciated."

Lora inclines her head a little at the idea that this forfeit buys the observers a chance to go through the contents of the chest. She finishes her wine in the meantime, tilting her head a little to look almost sidelong at Neilda. "The right teacher is worth their weight in alaricite." She, otherwise, will finish her wine and watch people pick their treasures.

Ian is looking distinctly satisfied with himself as he tucks the second necklace away with the first. TWO presents for Zoey! "Thank you," he says to Monique. "This has been a nice evening."

Gerrick puts a silver necklace with very sharp edges and emerald center stone in Dark Brown Leather Backpack.

Raymesin puts a melodious seatouched wool dress stained palest ivory under lavish golden whorls and cutouts splintered across the fitted bodice in backpack of the Queen's Blade.

Monique gets Gift Chest.

Monique gets A Table Full of Beautiful Small Weapons, Please Take One.

"The world's dangerous and frightening," Samira intones solemnly to Camilla. "Learning to defend yourself gives you a fighting chance, y'know?" Catching sight of Raymesin's selection, she smiles and tilts her head toward the dress he chose. "Tanith's gonna look great in that." Her fingers curl around the skull-shaped bead in her palm, dark eyes drifting toward Monique. "Thank you for the gift and the event itself."

"You've all got my appreciation for coming and indulging one of my favorite past times," Monique offers up to the party goers with a grin. "Playing with sharp objects. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. And should you wish any further lessons, more private ones, I'd be happy to teach you."

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