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Rosa's Birthday

It's Rosa's birthday! And really, it's shocking she's survived another year. So come help her celebrate if you'd like. Nothing is needed. There is nothing fancy schmancy. Just bring yourselves and have a few drinks.


Oct. 15, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Medeia Patrizio Michael Adalyn Emberly Kritr Svana



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - The Spirits - Main Bar

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1 Saik Guard, Fortescue, a snooty and disinterested Lycene coxcomb, Fluffy, the wary wildcat arrive, following Medeia.

3 Ivory Shields arrives, following Patrizio.

"Yeah yeah, I KNOW,"Rosa exclaims to the bartender with a laugh. "It's freezing and winter, so not many people will come. Not the NORTHERN people anyway! That just leaves more cake me and you,"the tall red head declares with a grin. Her freckled face is lit up with sincere pleasantness, the claw like scar prominent on her left cheek. "At least we know we run out of alcohol..."

"Well the Northern people will come. The others won't,"Rosalind clarifies. Whoops!

Medeia hurries in, pretty sure she's late, is she late? A Lycene lady is never late. She's fashionably on time. Escorting Prince Patrizio. "Trust me, your highness, you'll likely want to hide here sometimes. Charming people like us? We need to lay low sometimes, no?" She smiles up at him as they get settled. She scans the bar with a keen eye. "Rosa!" She calls when she spots the Prodigal. "Happy birthday!" She moves to offer the woman a hug.

Patrizio is laughing a mite when Medeia's bringing him in, especially with the statement to the effect of 'wanting to hide'. "I think it's more the question of where my feet take me to find something diverting and out of the way," he reminds Medeia lowly, even as the guards behind him perhaps look less than thrilled about the distance of the trek... or the intimation that he might indeed wander back this way. The snow outside's been fearsome enough, as he's drawing closer, and the smile on his features spreads further, accentuated by the colour that's found his cheeks with the bluster outside. "Indeed, happy birthday, my lady," he says with a smile to Rosalind. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure previously. Patrizio Pravus."

Rosalind gasps at people. Not even NORTHERN people! She gathers Medeian in a hug and grins,"Hi Deia! Thank you,"looking to Patrizio and giving him a fluttering of her fingers. Releasing the tiny woman, the leggy woman smiles. "I'm Rosalind Ravenseye. Ros or Rosa if you'd like. And thank you!" Gesturing freely, Rosa points to the tables. "There's lots to drink and food! I don't need a lot of anything--But I heard you're supposed to supply food and things for people." Obviously she doesn't host much. Ever.

A playfully apologetic smile is given to Patrizio's guards before she winks at him. "Of course, diversion." She is a woman of easy grins, and the moment finds another lighting up her face. The hug with ROsa is tight and she looks genuinely comfortable with the very different woman. Stepping back, she pulls off her cape and drapes it over a chair, revealing the daring honeysilk gown she's wearing with the fox fur held close for warmth, just a hint of the scar on her chest peeking through the outfit. "Yes, sorry, where are my manners? Prince Patrizio Pravus, Lady Rosalind Ravenseye - the lady of the day." She makes no mention of her own recent birthday as she moves to collect a glass of whiskey. "Your highness, wine?"

Patrizio chuckles as he reaches out in the wake of Rosalind's finger-wiggling to gently take her hand, giving a deft, subtle bow before he kisses the back of her hand. "Delighted, Lady Ravenseye," he says with warmth, jade eyes adance, more so when Medeia's inquiring as to his drink preference as he's letting the fingers slide free and straightening. "Actually, a whiskey sounds delightful, with the weather outside, something to help warm from within while the fire warms from without, given the snow." His head turns slightly as he takes in the scene, before he murmurs, "It is quiet the spread. Thank you for having me, and letting Medeia bring me this evening."

Releasing Deia, Rosa blinks at the Saik Lady. "How are you not--how are you not freezing ass cold?!" Rosa shakes her head, sighing,"Lycenes,"but laughs. "Caprice is making me a lycene dress and I'm dragging her in the snow. It was a compromise? Or a negotiation. I don't know yet..." Rosa brightens visibly at Patrizio though, telling him,"Oh! No problem! The more the merrier. You can visit anytime. Birthdays are just another reason to drink and have parties. I have a twin brother you know, but he's back home." Rosa talks on and on, a genuine warmth and energy radiating from her. "Pravus! Oh Ive met Pravuses! Nice to meer you too,"as she chats to Medeia too. "You said your birthday is this week too, right?"

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse arrive, following Adalyn.

Adalyn arrives, following Michael.

Medeia collects a second glass of whiskey and brings it to Patrizio. "Mm, you know, I do tend to drink more whiskey in the colder months. I don't know that I've ever noticed that shift." Her eyes look over the spread and she plucks up a piece of cheese to nibble on. "The prince is newly arrived tot he city," she offers to Rosalind, "I keep seeing him in some of the most unexpected places, so I offered to help him get the lay of the land." She laughs when asked about her freezing. "Oh, I... I don't mind the cold." She shrugs and gestures at her dress. "Caprice actually designed this for me. My sister had it commissioned for our birthday," She looks at Patrizio to explain, "I also have a twin. And yes, just yesterday."

Patrizio blinks at the frequency of mentioning of twins. "Clearly, something in the water here in the rest of the Compact," he says with a mock-serious look that never quite makes it to his eyes, as the Pravus prince is surely having fun with both of them over the state of their sibling-hoods. "I'm unfortunately bereft of siblings at all, though I'm discovering more and more cousins. But it's lovely to have family about, of any shape and size, and to be making more friends with every passing day since I've come here." He gratefully accepts the whiskey from Medeia, shifting the glass in his hand as if to minimize how much his palm might warm it, and there's a broad smile. "Though I agree, I'd take any excuse to find a new watering hole, as it were."

Michael and Adalyn find a new enough watering hole, having transition from the Badger Boardinghouse to The Spirits in the Redrain Ward. Laziness and hatred of cold made them take a carriage and they burst through the door. "I heard a /definite/ party was going to be on here, Adalyn. Lets get ale."

Rosalind is chatting away to the others, a glass of whiskey in hand. The prodigal didn't dress up at all. Nope. She's in her black leathers, bow strapped across her back. "I have another brother and a sister. Both are older though. Aella is home though,"frowning at that too. "And Cadern is now Marquis Blackwood. And now has a daughter. Being an aunt is great,"Rosa proclaims with her usual excitement. Large hazel green eyes glance over to the bartender and winks. "And you thought people wouldn't come. Don't worry, I'll make sure you have cake!"

Adalyn arrives alongside Michael in good spirits, judging by her wide smile. "I'm looking forward to it. Yes, ale and plenty of it," she answers in rather unOathlander fashion. "Happy birthday, Lady Rosalind!" She calls out, projecting her voice LOUDLY through the establishment.

"You're an only child?" Medeia raises her eyebrows at Patrizio. "That's so rare. Mm, twins are rather common, it seems." Her attention shifts to the door as MIchael and Adalyn come burting in, a flicker of confusion as her eyebrows knit together. She looks back at Roaslind, forcing a smile. "I love being an aunt!"

Patrizio laughs, but there is, for once, a more serous cast to his expression. "It's what the gods intended," he says simply enough, about his family situation. "But as said, I've cousins aplenty, and it's almost as good from what I've seen. Though I've yet to actually deal with any of my cousins with children yet to know what being an uncle would be like." A sip of his whiskey, and he's turning his head when he hears the loud voice calling out the birthday greetings, to see who else it is who's arrived for the merriment.

"Were you lonely,"Rosalind asks Patrizio. "I think my siblings sometims WISH they were only childern,"a laugh coming forth before she takes a gulp from her glass. Hearing a familiar voice, the tall woman looks up over the crowd and waves her hand,"Hi Lady Adalyn and uh--man I don't know! Thank you! And thanks for coming! Coming have all the desserts and drinks!" Though Rosa pauses. "Not all. But a lot,"when she grins at Deia. "You have nieces too?"

"Happy birthday, Lady Rosalind!" Michael is quick to follow up, never mind that he didn't actually know who's birthday it was. "I'm Lord Michael Bisland, Lady Rosalind. Of /course/ we came. You deserve all the well-wishes the city can muster." Well wishes include drinking ale in her presence, and Michael is sure to bother someone to get him some. And...takes note of Medeia. "See? We found where Lady Medeia had gotten up to." A side-whisper to Adalyn that is not at all concealed.

"Desserts and drinks and good company to be celebrated. Sounds like the recipe for a great evening," Adalyn remarks with a warm smile directed to Rosalind. Her gaze falls upon Medeia as she offers a lighthearted remark of, "We meet again so soon. I hope you don't mind terribly that you haven't been able to escape us this evening?" The unfamiliar face of Patrizio is noted and so she tacks on her own introduction. "I don't believe we've met before. I'm Lady Adalyn Clement."

Lightly, Medeia rests her fingertips on Patrizio's upper arm. "Cousins are good, too." She smiles, but there's not much brilliance to it. "I have a niece and a nephew, also twins," she replies t Rosalind, aiming an amused look at Patrizio as her hand lifts away and drops to adjust her fox fur. "Lord Michael, this is my friend Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, whose birthday was just a few days ago. Have you met Prince Patrizio Pravus?" She looks up at Patrizio again before motioning to Adalyn, "And that is Lady Adalyn Clement." Her smile blooms as she realizes something. "Oh, we've almost collected a whole set, just need a Thraxian."

"I wouldn't know from being lonely, I fear, my lady. Rosa." Patrizio smiles about that as he's briefly holding the glass between both hands, balanced between his fingertips. "I had very busy periods, highs and lows, and it's something perhaps for another time, since the limelight ought be on you, no?" He laughs warmly as he's looking to Medeia at the lift of her hand, and then those introductions, his head inclining respectfully to each of them. "A pleasure to meet you both. I fear I've not had the opportunity prior - things have been quite busy since I arrived, what with my cousin's wedding and all." He sips again, but the warm smile remains. "Large families here indeed, goodness."

"Nice to meet you, Lord Michael,"Rosaind says with a wave. "And yeah, I agree. I love desserts. Cadern says I look like a chipmunk,"reachin for a piece of cake. "But whatever. He just needs a bigger mouth!" She looks around, looking quite happy at everyone here. "Wow! I didn't really expect anyone to come. Thanks for coming!"

Michael returns promplt enough to wind a tankard into Adalyn's hand and catch Patrizio's name as well. "Pravus has had /much/ to do in Arx of late. Establishing a new Ward in such an old city is not without its tribulations. They've done well though and the place is beautiful." A lift of a tankard towards Patrizio. "I'm the token Crownlander? And Adalyn is to represent the Oathlands? Oh dear...I believe we're going to skew from the average rather quickly."

"A pleasure to meet you, Prince Patrizio. Newly arrived to the city? I hope you're settling in well." Adalyn bestows a warm smile upon the man, then turns to Medeia and adds teasingly, "Shall I go stroll through the Thraxian ward and see if I can find us one?" She shakes her head at Michael, making a face. "I'm not sure I'm the best representative of a typical Oathlander, but I shall try to do them proud. And Lady Rosalind, it's a pleasure to be here."

Emberly enters shortly after Oathlander is mentioned, oh no the Oathlanders are taking over! Moving into the bar with a warm smile her icy blue orbs find Prince Patrizio and she wiggles her fingers his way, as she moves over to the bar.

Seeing Rosalind head for cake prompts Medeia to consider something to eat besides a single cube of cheese, She turns away after watching Michael return with his ale and grabs some sort of sweet that is easy to eat with her figers. The question from Adalyn earns a grin. "Lady Adalyn, I would join you on that stroll. I know just where to find one. Or more."

"BEER!" Kritr shouts, hurling open the door. "And CAKE! Cake and BEER!" He swaggers toward the gathering. "Someone told me Lady Teeth was cutting a new one today. Is that right Lady Rosalind?"

The northern bar is being taken over by everyone but the Northerns. HA! Making her way to the bar, she plops herself down, whiskey and cake in hand. Because that's the BEST combination right?! "I know Belladonna and Sebastian. They're great,"Rosa says with a grin and is just about to say more when---"KRIIIIT,"Rosa excitedly calls over! Her large eyes brightens and she smiles,"Yeah! It's my BIRTHDAY! But where have you been,"she demands! "Come give me a hug!" That said, Rosa hurries and gives that nickname to good use. Jamming that cake right in.

Patrizio inclines his head to Adelyn when she's asking about his arrival. "Indeed," he says with a laugh in his voice. "Just before Sebastian's wedding, actually, so I was fortunate for the timing of my arrival." Michael's praise for the new ward gets a lift of his cup when he's taking a breath. "It's a marvel, truth be told, especially how in so many ways, it reminds of Setarco, save of course for the snow, which I'm told is but a passing fad. Though we shan't hold it against you for being the token Crownlander." He's grinning now, even as he contemplates Medeia and her discussion about strolls to find the missing representatives of the Compact's houses.

Emberly looks over to Rosalind and she grins then "Happy Birthday!" she says "let me buy you a drink!" she grins as she looks softly over to Medeia her eyes linger there a moment before she inclines her head to the other. "good to see you again."

"Then it would be sure to be a successful mission," Adalyn notes to Medeia with a grin, her head swiveling toward the door as more people filter in. Approval gleams in her eyes at Kritr's rather boisterous arrival. Exuberance, she gets it. To Patrizio, she adds, "Good timing, indeed. I'm afraid I'm not well-acquainted with your cousin, but my family and I are all very fond of his wife, Princess Adrienne. They make a lovely couple."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Kritr will lift Rosa off her feet and swing her around if she's unwary enough to let him get his furry arms around her. "You got cake in my beard!" He complains loudly after setting her down. "I've been in the North. All the way to the Everwinter and back. Many times. Busy busy. And you have collected all new friends!" He gestures to the crowd. "Who is here celebrating you and your pearly whites?"

When Emberly enters, Medeia offers a smile in the woman's direction. "Hello again!" She says, watching Kritr with a grin. She takes a sip of her whiskey before winking at Adalyn. "I've yet to fail a mission, my lady. Whether it is to capture a man or an octopus."

Rosalind is clearly not feeling badly about that beard as she squeals with delight as she's swung about. "I missed you! Tell me all about it! I want to hear all about it!" But oh! Right! New friends! Rosalind stands up on the bar and starts pointing and listing. "That's Deia Saik. And uh--Michael Bisland, and Pat or Patrizio Pravus, Adalyn and Emberly!" The Ravenseye doesn't really use titels, obviously.

Michael nods towards Adalyn and her discussion of Princes and Princesses. "I can't go to weddings. Inevitably I cry, and I have a reputation to maintain." He'll drown his admission with ale as more and more people arrive and just so fashionably to boot! "Hello!"

And if Patrizio's offended about the lack of a title, he's not showing it as he graciously hoists his glass when introduced by Rosalind. Adalyn gets a grin when she's commenting on his timing. "The princess is quite the woman, from what little I got to speak with her at the wedding itself, and her cousin's quite a unique person as well. I look forward to getting to know them more now that she's in closer proximity." Though at seeing a messenger flitter near Emberly, he playfully - and warningly - extends a finger in her direction. "Do I need to fend off messengers from you, as I offered to do for a mutual friend a short while ago?"

Adalyn's curiosity is clearly sparked by Medeia's remark, the Clement's green eyes widening. "An octopus? I admit I'm intrigued. There must be a great story behind this." When Rosalind supplies introductions, she waits for her name to be spoken and then waves. "She certainly is that," she remarks to Patrizio, of the former Valardin. "She'll be a boon to House Pravus, I'm sure. And Lord Michael, it's just as well. It was such a beautiful wedding, you would have bawled."

Kritr waves a long arm over his head as if everyone he was just introduced to was very far away. Then in an announcers voice he calls: 'HELLO! I am KRIT CLEARLAKE!" He foregoes titles as well, for now. He reaches into his pocket for a claw and hands it to Rosalind. "Happy two hundred and fourth birthday Lady Teeth. Now I can call you the Lady of Teeth and Claw."

Emberly laughs a little as she looks over to Patrizio "ahh my knight of letter slaying" she laughs playfully "perhaps I should find you a nice letter opener... just for the few of us that understand the joke behind it." she says looking to the Prince and then Kritr with a small smile to his way amusedly shaking her head.

Medeia grins at ROsa when she's introduced first - and by the diminutive of her name. Her glass is lifted in Kritr's direction, "Well met," she says in a cheerful, Lycene-accented voice. She nods at Adalyn, eyes sparkling with mischief. "Oh, there is. It can best be summed up as 'dove naked off a boat to catch an ocotpus for my sister as a birthday present and succeeded spectacularly.' So, now I also have a pet octopus. And she has two."

Looking her claw, Rosalind grins at Krit. "Is this a--hint? About my scars?" She takes a drink and asks Emberly cheerfully. "How are you? I haven't seen you in--FOREVER!" Ok, that's excessive. But then's there's talk of octopuses and things and just--people! "I really appreciate you all,"almost sniffling.

Emberly smiles to Media as she talks about octopus "I believe Lord Akamos was looking for odd fish, or aquariums in arx." she tells the other before she smiles a little to Rosa "I am doing so well and it is good to see you are as well." she smiles.

"Scars?" Kritr feigns ignorance, or has perhaps entirely forgotten what Rosalind is talking about. "This is a black claw from a white death bear. Which is what I went north to investigate." He pats Rosa on the shoulder and moves over to get cake and beer. More beer than cake.

Patrizio's brow creases slightly when he's listening to this discussion of octopuses, and there's the sense that he's not quite himself as enamoured of them from his own experience. But he's just chuckling as he takes another sip of his whiskey and offering a broad smile at Emberly when she's offering him that letter opener. "I'd treasure it as a memento of that evening, truth be told," he reminds softly, before there's a mindful lift of his cup at the birthday woman's appreciation.

"HELLO, KRIT CLEARLAKE," Adalyn booms back to the man, because she simply can't pass up the opportunity to yell when she feels she can get away with it. She turns back to Medeia with a look of pure delight. "That sounds like quite the experience. The best way of acquiring a pet is one in which you have a great story to tell afterwards."

"Then it is just as well that I didn't go. Its even worse when I know the person or people getting married. I'll send a gift and stay at home thank you oh so kindly." Tankard of ale lifted, and drained before clunking down empty onto a nearby table.

Suddenly very aware of the time, Medeia downs the last of her whiskey and leans in to Patrizio, "I need to get going, but I'm glad you came along. I hope you stay a while, Rosa's delightful." She nods at Emberly. "I keep getting people who want me along for things now, apparently I need to stop telling folks about my octopus catching skills." She moves to give Rosalind a hug. "Happy birthday, Rosa, I'm so glad I got to see you." Before leaving, she grabs her cape off the chair and puts it on, looking to Michael. "Coming? We wouldn't want to be late."

Kritr carries his beer and cake over to a table, nodding to Adalyn. "YOU! I like you." He decides. "Beer or cake?" He asks, it's not an offer, it's an inquiry as to Adalyn's preference.

"Of course I'll come with you. Anything is better than walking into that pit of brocade and politeness by myself." Michael had already finished his ale, and reaches around to thump Adalyn upon the back. "Don't fall asleep in a snowdrift, Adalyn. I still need you to stab people for me."

The whiskey's next lifted in salute to Medeia. "Thank you for the kind invite to accompany you this evening. Be safe on your way and your escort duties." There are, unfortunately, looks between the members of his guard who were looking to rise when Medeia was, and settle in again when it's clear the prince isn't going anywhere yet.

Rosalind hugs Deia tightly, keeping her claw from her awesome southern friend. "Thanks for coming!" Laughing over at Adalyn. "That was a great impression! Now you need beer!" Rosa looks to the Pravus and she asks with a laugh,"Are you going to fight with a letter opener?" When Michael goes to leave, she waves to him too,"Thanks for coming!"

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse leave, following Adalyn.

Adalyn leaves, following Michael.

1 Saik Guard, Fortescue, a snooty and disinterested Lycene coxcomb, Fluffy, the wary wildcat, Michael leave, following Medeia.

Emberly smiles slightly her eyes find the Prince's own and the lady's eyes twinkle "mmmm I should go find something that would suit." she says quietly with a little bow to the Prince, "that will give me something to do!" she laughs a bit and she too eases back to the door.

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse arrive, following Adalyn.

"Take care and enjoy the dinner." Adalyn waves to the departing pair before turning back to Kritr with a contemplative look. This is clearly a VERY IMPORTANT decision. After a moment's consideration, she shrugs and flashes a grin. "Can it not be both in equal measure? Beer AND cake!" She lifts her hand as if weighing the two and finding them comparable. "What do you think?" She grins at Rosalind, nodding in agreement. "I'll have one or two."

"No." Kritr mourns, stroking his beard. "The correct answer was beer." He shakes his head and quaffs his. It came with in a lidded stein, and it soaks into his beard cementing the crumbs of cake.

Rosalind tells Krit with a usual sense of disagreement. "BOTH is always the answer!" She herself had whiskey and cake, out of cake. Rosalind gasps at the tables. "There's too much food and drinks you guys! Eat and drink more!"

Patrizio shakes his head as he's sipping his whiskey, drawing a slow, deep breath as he contemplates those fleeing for the dinner. "Quite the obligation, a family dinner," he intones with at least a little bit of seriousness, when he's drawing in closer to the rest of the group. For his own part, he's clearly having a good time. "I really am pleased that Medeia mentioned this to me and suggested I come along. Such lovely people to meet in a corner of the city I've not been to."

Adalyn hangs her head in feigned shame Kritr pronounces her answer to be the incorrect one. "I'm an Oathlander. You ought to be glad I said beer at all," she quips with a wink, jutting her thumb at Rosalind. "You see? The birthday celebrant agrees Beer AND cake." Having said that, she claims a beer and turns to locate something sweet to eat, nodding to Patrizio. "Sometimes impromptu visits to events are the best way to meet all sorts of people. And this one has been great fun!"

Kritr settles in to eat and drink. He makes short work of the cake, and helps himself to finger foods, or things that he thinks should count as finger foods. "Patrizio. Sounds like a Southern name to me." He thumps his chest as he swallows a burp. "Oathlanders drink? News to me."

Rosalind snorts at Krit. "What if I started calling him Pat,"her large hazel green eyes looking at Patrizio. "Can I can call you Prince Pat?" She is now back sitting on the bar, not swinging her legs. She's too tall for that. "I heard some too. And Adalyn there is great! I met her once, but she seemed great!"

"Well, that'd be because it's a southern name." Patrizio smiles somewhat warmly when there's the comment about his name. "Patrizio Pravus, at your service." Though Adalyn's getting his attention with her comment and he seems to be concurring wholly. "It's a great way to explore an unfamiliar city. Not perhaps anything like Setarco, but then again, not much is. And yet so much different, as a microcosm of the Compact as a whole here." And then he grins at Rosalind. "I'd rather you not, since that makes me sound like someone's pet," he says, though he's hardly sounding mortally offended either.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, following Svana.

Adalyn grins, lifting her glass to Rosalind. "The feeling is mutual," she calls before turning to address Kritr's remark. "It's entirely true. The staunchest Oathlanders don't drink at all. Milk and tea and the like tend to be the drinks of choice in our ward. But that doesn't mean none of us drink." She gestures to her beer, taking a long sip as if to demonstrate.

Kritr nods to Patrizio. "Well said. No proper person is another person's pet." He has decidedly outspoken values and only a passing familiarity with restraint. He rolls meat and cheese together to eat with his fingers, talking around his food. "So this not drinking thing. Satta point of pride then for the staunchy ones?"

"I don't get this not drinking thing,"Rosa admits. There's a complete look of confusion on her face at that as she goes to get more cake and whiskey, munching away.

The gentle snowfall brings Svana in, wrapping her arms around her blink-and-you'll-miss-it baby bump. She smiles at those she knows and orders a hot spiced cider from the bar before moving to Rosalind and wrapping the other woman in a hug. "I'm sorry darling, I didn't bring a gift. But I did bring hugs. How are you?" She asks, before beaming brightly at Adalyn.

Patrizio draws over to where Rosalind is getting herself some cake, and he draws in close, the brief press of his hand to her arm. "I apologize, but I should probably be on my way, Rosa," come the words with warmth. "Thank you for your kindness in tolerating me, as it's been a pleasure, and I wish you every happiness on your birthday."

Adalyn laughs, her shoulders lifted into a helpless gesture. "I know it must seem strange to others. To me, it just seems normal. I don't think it's a point of pride so much as a sense of restraint? Though I admit I'm not the best one to explain it."

Adalyn waves to Patrizio as he announces his intent to depart. "Pleasure to meet you, Prince Patrizio. Stay warm out there!"

"What does that word mean? Restraint?" Kritr asks around a mouthful of fancy crackers.

Rosalind turns toward Patrizio, not Pat, and gives him a big sincere hug! "Thank you so much for coming! It was really nice of you!" She grins and tells him,"I hope to see you again!" When Svana comes, she gasps! Hugging her too! "I don't need gifts, but HIIII!"

Patrizio laughs, but doesn't seem the worst for wear for having a lady launch herself at him for a hug - indeed, he does hug her back before extricating himself from it most gently. There's a warm smile to Adalyn. "And likewise, my lady," he answers - /much/ to the relief of his beleaguered guards who rise from their table again (albeit with a mild look of annoyance from one, who does not understand why he cannot call a carriage like Lord Michael) and then they are off into the snow once again.

3 Ivory Shields leaves, following Patrizio.

"Restraint," Adalyn begins, mulling over the words before answering. "Measured, cautious, in control. All things that tend to go away after one's been drinking quite a bit. Although I'm of the mind that it's fine to indulge sometimes. I just tend to be careful about when and in what company."

Svana kisses Rosalind's cheek and chuckles. "Hello sweetheart," she says affectionately before eyeballing the pin that Adalyn wears. "Ah, if that isn't vanity," she teases the other woman with a laugh before turning to Kritr. "Krit, a pleasure as always. Are we getting lessons about restraint? I've failed that a lesson a time ago - I've got another baby on the way and twins who are not a year old yet."

Rosalind asks with a blink,"I'm retraintful? Right?" But that's all forgotten when Svana says she's pregnant again. "Whaaaat! Are you naming her Rosa?!" She so excited, her cake is forgotten!

"Just exercising what little sense of humor I was born with." Kritr tells Svana with a straight face. "Mistress Svana. You still find yourself in need of a patron? I have been traveling these last four months."

"Vanity?" Adalyn asks Svana, touching the pin lightly. "How could I not wear it? I'm so envious of those of you who can create such beautiful things." The topic of restraints draws another amused grin as she sips at her beer. "Your house is sure to be full of energy and excitement with so many little ones soon."

"Ah, but 'tis your dashing figure that the pin is modeled from," Svana says, waggling her brows at Adalyn with a wink. "It's a beautiful pin though, I must agree. Apollo is a one of a kind talent - but we knew that." She furrows her brow and smiles at both Adalyn and Rosalind. "Yes, let's just hope it's not twins again! I started to show this early last time..." She grins at Rosalind. "My girlfriend is very adamant that I not name the baby after anyone else, thank you."

She gets her spiced cider and takes a seat, looking at Kritr. "I do not think I am. Apollo hasn't kicked me to the proverbial street corner yet, but I thank you for asking. And welcome back. It is nice to see your face."

There's a dramatic sniffle at Svana. The watering of the eyes at Svana. "Rosa is an amazing name, but fiiine,"she declares. "Congratulations though! That's so exciting!" Rosalind loudly declares, clearly having had too much to drink,"I will be everyone's aunt! The babies. Not all yours. That's just too weird."

Kritr has become distracted by leaning over to peer at the pin that has been called to attention. "Hey! That's a good looking figure!" He proclaims. "Wouldn't mind seeing more of that."

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