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Party in the Great Gray Hall II

Liara Grayson is throwing a party! The occasion is that she really wanted to throw a party. There will be music, food, drink and a chance to dance. There will also probably be a party game or two, depending on the inclinations of the guests.


Aug. 1, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Zoey Sabella Thea Niklas Calla Lisebet Cassandra



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Descending the stairs into the hall, Liara brightens with a smile for those already present, greeting them, "Hello! You are all very welcome. Do please make yourselves comfortable - I rather fancy all of you have been here before, though perhaps not."

Zoey arrives from outside, smiles, and takes a moment to absorb the music and feel of the venue before stepping in to join in the socialization. She glances up to the stairs when Liara arrives and dips her head. "Good afternoon, Princess! It is good to come by for a happy occasion again."

Sabella and Niklas are already spinning and twirling elegantly around the space set aside for dancing, smiling to the bards that set the tune, "It's been far too long since we've had a party in here," she says while sweeping her skirt to the side with a flourish, then waving to Liara, "This was a wonderful idea!"

Thea arrives just in time. Or was it early? Time escapes her sometimes. "Good evening, Princess Liara. How are you,"Thea greets her with a slight smile. Spying Zoey, Sabella, and Niklas as well, the Malvici nods to them too. "Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas, Lady Zoey. Hello,"making her way toward a drink. A much needed drink.

"Much too long. I really must get back into the habit - the hall can get awfully quiet sometimes," muses Liara, then she offers Thea an easy smile. "Rather well, thank you, my lady." She goes to fetch a glass of wine herself, then turns her attention over towards Niklas. "I very much enjoyed your play, by the way."

"Well," says Niklas, having found the one thing that will stop him from dancing with his beautiful wife, ATTENTION. "I am glad to hear that! And I do hope that you are enjoying the dress! Honestly, that was one of my favorite of the costumes. Though I do appreciate that Princess Sorrel and Mistress Nina were both so enamored of their costumes that they sought to get them back. If the Nightingale had shown up earlier I imagine she would have brawled the Prima into the streets for the ring!"

Zoey waves to Thea. "I knew it would not be long before I saw you again," she tells the Malvici with a smile. She plucks a glass of wine from a tray as she heads toward the Graysons. "Mistress Gianna never would have stood a chance."

Thea amusedly nods to Zoey. "Yes well. I told Olivian I was like a mold and he came up with some awkward word regarding sticky and how I was at least prettier." She's still not sure if that redeeming or not however. "It's nice to have him back though. I missed him,"taking a glass of wine from a passing server.

Liara breathes a laugh at that then confirms for Niklas, "I have tried it on and had a little done to make it fit better, and I like it. It's really quite striking. But don't let me take you from your dance!" Then she wonders of Thea, "Who might Olivian be? I'm not familiar."

"My cousin,"Thea answers Liara. "Lord Olivian Malvici. He is my aunts, Lady Eirene and Princess Roxana's brother and also our House's sword." She is thoughtful as she says her next words, a small smirk as she says,"He is the perfect blend of my brothers Martino and Domonico." Gods help everyone.

"He makes pleasant enough company, even you enjoy speaking about fashion," Zoey adds. "Perhaps we should have a fashion night with him and Lady Mabelle," she suggests to Liara.

Liara chuckles at Thea's description of Olivian. "I cannot really imagine a blend of your brothers, my lady - they are just so strikingly different to each other. I will have to meet Lord Olivian to find out, I suppose." She offers a mild nod to Zoey, "I almost always do. Good way to get fresh ideas."

"Lord Olivian is a delight. I've not met a swordsman so lazy since Luca. My kind of soldier." Niklas kisses Sabella on the cheek, then moves to get himself something to drink. "Though to be true, your grace, you should meet my cousin Rorik. He's quite the entertainer and would, if I dare say, make a wonderful Grayson."

Thea looks to Zoey, telling her,"Lady Neilda suggested a Clothes Off(Worse choice of words!), between him and Martino. Though Martino doesn't know it yet and Neilda hasn't decided a price yet." Taking a drink, the younger Malvici shakes her head in amusement. "The House is--definitely not quiet these days." There's a chuckle at Niklas as he speaks of her cousin and she promises,"I'll make sure to tell him. He'll love the compliment." And then her eyes crinkle up in laughter as Niklas is--matchmatching? HA! That she hides behind her glass.

"Whom would they ask to judge such a contest?" Zoey wonders to Thea. "It could do with a change of name, but I would be interested in the outcome regardless." She gestures to Liara. "Remember we were talking about hosting such a contest at some point?"

"I have met Lord Rorik, as it so happens. I recall that he persisted in asking me about my favourite something - was it colour or animal? Perhaps both. I am not sure that I ever answered, even when he then inquired in writing. He has found other knowledge to fill that void, I am sure," Liara answers Niklas, with an easy smile. She gives a mild nod to Zoey, "Yes, though Clothes Off is a much funnier name."

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

"Rorik is absolutely inspired," Sabella agree with Nik, smiling brightly at everyone, "But Lord Olivian is extremely fashionable even I must admit."

Someone's gotta be fashionably late. Calla wanders into the Main Hall with a soft look of wonder as she looks around the unfamilar space, dressed in a forest green corseted dress that sets off saffron locks perfectly, which hang loosely to her shoulders. She hangs out by the entrance, taking the lay of the room before and those gathered before making a move towards the festivities.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liara before departing.

Thea gives a groan to both Zoey and Liara at the encouragement, then Sabella."I will..certainly be sure to let Neilda know. Maybe Olivian." She's definitely going to need more alcohol for that. When Calla enters, Thea greets her with a slight wave,"Baroness Calla, good evening."

Zoey chuckles. "Clothes Off it is then," she grins to Liara. "Perhaps this winter, when outdoor festivals are no longer suitable and casual traveling outside the city is too difficult."

Returning Thea's wave, Calla's smile warms as she wanders over. "Good evening Lady Thea. I heard there was a party and I wasn't doing much more than sitting in my suite this evening, so I figured why not?" Spying a server moving by with a tray of wine glasses, she snags one with a smile of thanks.

Liara offers over a light smile to Calla at her entry and greets her, "Baroness Vaevici, I trust the day finds you well - what a lovely dress." She flashes Thea a quick grin and then says to Zoey, "If Lord Martino has suggested it one must assume that it will inevitably happen - I do look forward to the function."

"Baroness," calls out Niklas when he sees Calla. "I saw you in the audience the other night. I do hope it was an enjoyable evening for you."

Thea groans at Zoey. Just a little. There's no hiding it even. "Make sure you TELL them to keep their clothes ON, because knowing them, you might need to specify,"before she sees Calla at her side. "How are you? And yes. That's usually how you meet people, right?" taking another sip.

Lisebet slips in quietly, pausing to offer a genteel curtsey to the Royalty present. The petite duchess is perhaps not dressed for a ball, but she doesn't seem to actually mind, at the moment. Then again, she's known for being charming, diplomatic and so forth.

"Baroness, lovely to see you again," Zoey says to Calla with a dip of her head. She raises her hand and wiggles her fingers to Lisebet. "I have no desire to see your brother or your uncle without his clothing," she assures Thea. "Of course if it is their event, there is little I could do to stop them."

"Princess Grayson," Calla curtseys lightly, "Am I correct that this is your party? Your home is simply beautiful." Then to Niklas, she nods emphatically, calling back, "I was glued to my seat! An absolute triumph of theatre. I only wish I had been able to participate in the aution, but others had much deeper purses than I." Catching only part of a conversation between Thea and Zoey, she chuckles with a curious hike of one carefulyl shaped brow, "Who needs to be told to keep their clothes on?" To Thea's observation, she chuckles softly, "Generally yes, and that is certainly part of my aim in coming out." Zoey gets a smile with a returned bow of her head. "Lady Zoey, same to you as well." There, introductions done, now she certainly deserves a sip of that wine she snagged.

Liara warms with a smile for Lisebet, greeting her, "A pleasure to see you, Duchess." She gives a confirming nod to Calla, "Yes, indeed. A simple function, but I wished to get back into the habit, since I used to throw parties much more often." Liara then quietens for a moment to take a drink of her wine, gaze flitting between the others present.

"Your Grace," Lisebet greets Liara first, and then, "your highnesses," to the other royalty. "M'ladies." And with that general greeting, the duchess turns briefly to Niklas. "I did receive your messenger, your highness. If it is still something you are interested in, we should set up some time to discuss things." She hasnt' got a drink yet, but that perhaps won't be for long.

Thea exhales at Calla, murmuring lowly to her,"Possibly my cousin and brother. If this event happens on who is the better dressed." She shakes her head before she sees Lisebet. "Lady Lisebet, hello. I haven't seen you in, well--it's been awhile. How are you?" A smile her way.

Zoey takes a long sip of her wine, then remarks to Liara, "When I first got back to Arx, I lamented that there were too many parties and not enough time. I would be glad to return to those days again!"

Calla spies someone she has not yet met, and smiles at Lisebet if she can catch her eye. "I don't think I've had the pleasure, I am Baroness Calla Vaevici, from the Saffron Chain," she offers. To Thea, she quirks a smirk, amber eyes sparkling with mirth as she drops her voice to more private levels as well, "Are they single? Sounds like an event not to be missed." Back to Liara, she smiles, "I've just arrived, but by all accounts you don't seem much out of practice." Her gaze drifts then, over to the dance floor, watching for a moment the couples twirling by.

Niklas offers a bow to Lisebet. "Oh, it absolutely is, my lady. I'll have Isabelle clear my schedule to be certain to fit yours." Niklas smiles brightly at Calla. There's nothing he likes more than someone telling him to great he is! "Yes, the prices did get fairly high fairly quickly, but it's all going to a good cause. I dare say Queen Triscali made the night, though even her endless pockets were nearly dampened by Lord Dariel. He did want that ring."

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Lisebet smiles to Calla, as well, catching that introduction. "A pleasure to meet you, Baroness. I'm Duchess-Consort Lisebet Ashford." She'll give the full mouthful of a title for the introduction, since it's official and all. "Formally of House Farshaw. And both quite far away from the exotic Saffron Chain. Welcome to Arx, my Lady. I do hope you are enjoying your time here." She nods to Niklas, amusement dancing in her baby blue eyes. "Certainly, your highness. I am certain we can find time."

Liara offers Calla a slightly rueful answer, "Hopelessly out of practice, my lady. This is the first such function in more than a year. Dreadful of me, really, but I shall hopefully catch up over the next year." Then she says to Zoey, "I suppose there has been a lot else preoccupying people, but that's really all the more reason to have such functions."

"Olivian is, yes. Martino is married to Lady Kaia nee Bisland." Thea gestures toward Zoey, dipping her chin,"Lady Zoey's sister actually.

She's late, and she knows she's late. But Cassandra had decided to pull herself out from under her mountain of paperwork to make her way to support Liara. Dressed in her robes and tabard, the Legate smiles pleasantly enough, her attention moving to those present and she presents a curtsey to Liara. "Your Highness. My apologies for latecoming. Some things you just can't be pulled away from until they're done."

"Indeed, they may well appreciate the distraction," Zoey says with a nod to Liara. At mention of Kaia she looks to Thea and Calla again. "You would not believe it to look at us, but yes, Lady Kaia is my sister. She took more after our mother, while I look more like our father and the rest of the house."

Lisebet did not miss Thea's greeting. She offers her a smile as well. "I've been well thank you. And you? It has been a while. I promise to come out more often." Liara's warm smile also is noted, and Lisebet's own smile back her way is genuine. "I do apologize for being somewhat tardy, but I lost track of time."

Liara lifts her glass of wine in a gesture of greeting to Cassandra, though her words seem to be directed to the Legate and Lisebet both, "Oh, not to worry. If one is worrying about parties, including, indeed, the timing of one's arrival, then the party has rather failed in its purpose." Back to Cassandra, she wonders, "I trust you have been keeping well?"

"Very pleased to meet you too, Duchess-Consort, is that the proper address?" Calla asks with a slightly embaressed grin, "I am settling in well enough, everyone seems to be so kind and helpful. It's been a great help to no feeling too overwhlemed by it all." To Liara she grins, "Well, I'll have to ask you for pointers when I throw my first parties. We didn't do parties much back in Sangris. We are a very serious people." Calla attempts to put on a serious face, but it cracks with some giggles. "So I don't know the first thing about throwing one." To Thea, there's a look of recognition, "Right! the one with the new baby? I met him that one time, I believe." then to Zoey, she grins, "I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting Lady Kaia yet, I just heard about her from her husband and Lady Thea here." Then another arriving face looks familiar, and she waves in Cassandra's direction, "Mother Cassandra! How wonderful to see you again."

"Keeping well and keeping occupied. The duties of the Legate..." Cassandra muses, before offering that same curtsey to Lisebet. "Duchess-Consort. I am not sure we have met." she offers to her as she chuckles. "I may partake of some wine." Ooh, so salacious, right? At Calla's wave, she smiles. "Baroness Vaevici, I hope you are settling in well?" she asks.

"Her legend has a tendency to precede her, I notice," Zoey says to Calla. She lifts a hand to greet Cassandra as well, now that the Legate has arrived.

Lisebet chuckles softly, "Only if you wish to be excessively formal," she says to Calla. "In most cases, Lady Lisebet works just fine." She grins at Liara, acknowledging the point, and then turns to Cassandra. "Only in passing, Legate Cassandra. Perhaps we will at some point have some time to chat. I would like that."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

Thea sees Cassandra and greets her with a respectful bow of her head,"Mother Cassandra, how are you,"as she turns toward Lisebet as well. "I hope you do." As a note is placed in her hand, Thea admits,"I'm afraid I need to be off. But it was nice see all of you." Thea offers a smile and a brief smile to those gathered before stepping out.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"I hope so, Duchess-Consort." Cassandra offers with a small smile and a bow of her head to Zoey. "It is my hope to try not to be the most unaccessible woman in Arvum. In fact, I hope perhaps to seek out a patron and proteges to work with at some point." she admits.

"I am! Doing what I can to get myself out there and meet people," Calla says, flicking her fingers at the party around her. When Thea leaves, she offers a farewell wave. To Lisebet, she nods graciously, "Ladi Liesbet then. There are so many different titles here, I'm so afraid of offending someone by addressing them incorrectly."

Sabella comes back from answering messengers and smiles brightly, "Baroness! Legate Cassandra! There was something in your latest white that I meant to reply to, Legate, but of course I cannot remember what it was right at this very moment. Was it about parties?" she accepts a glass from Elizabetta then says to Calla, "Have you found a tailor to your liking?"

"A good patron is hard to find these days, for people in positions like ours," Zoey says to Cassandra. "I have been bereft of patronage for four months now, myself."

"Anisha Whisper has been kind enough to suggest an event to try to bring those that seek patrons and proteges together. I hope to attend when she does so." Another polite bob of Cassandra's head to Sabella and a smile. "I'm sure it will come to you when you have the time, Your Highness." comes the response as she accepts a small flute of wine to sip from.

"It's a fascinating topic, that of patronage. I have not as yet has a patron," Lisebet puts in, with some amusement. "I had thought myself well beyond anyone's attention in such a fashion for some reason, until recently." She shrugs though, bemused. "Of course, I am also short on proteges, as they have managed to increase their social standing. I'm quite proud of that, truthfully."

Calla smiles in Sabella's direction, "I reached out to one you suggested, a Mistress Talia, but I have not heard back. I suppose if she is well sought after she would be exceedingly busy. For now, I have been relying on teh kindness of others. This gown," she sweeps her hand down the fitted forest green frock, "was a gift from Princess Viviana, Voice of House Pravus. Although I need to think about more practical wardrobe pieces now that it's gotten so cold so quickly, my southern blood can't take it." Eyes flitter around when there's talk of patrons and proteges, "I've heard a bit about this, it is a type of mentorship relationship no?"

Though largely quiet for the moment, content to listen, Liara makes a point of mentioning to Calla, "It would be rather strange for anyone to take offence for being addressed by the wrong title, one fancies."

Smiling slightly, Cassandra nods in response. "It is something to be proud of. I fear I am not one of the movers and shakers that most would look for in a patron or protege." She nods to Calla. "It is something I had actually meant to discuss with you, Baroness, as it could be of a great assistance to get you acquainted to the land you have only recently joined. It is a mentorship, of sorts. It is a way to share information and promote each other, or in your case, help you with learning the lay of the land and who is who."

"I have three proteges myself, though I suspect I will be down to two before long," says Zoey. "Did Anisha say she was planning another? I did not attend the last one because I was still hoping to hear from someone I had approached privately." She finishes the other half of her glass of wine and sets the empty one on a tray being carried by a passing servant.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

"Back in the Caldera, I've seen war erupt for less unfortunately," Calla responds to Liara with weak smile before turning her attention back to Cassandra. "It sounds perfectly ideal for me actually. I'd certainly welcome that, and I need it. The more I see of this Compact, the more I realize there is so much to it. The sooner I learn, the better. I've certainly met people who are answering my quetions graciously when they can, but I still feel like I'm swimming against the tide at times."

"Oh, having proteges is delightful!" Sabella enthuses, nodding to the point made. "Prince Niklas was my very first protege actually back when he was Lord Kennex and then Lady Tabitha who ended up married to Lord Pharamond and increased her station enough to no longer need me singing her praises--not that I ever stopped! I simply adore helping people rise to their greatest potential!"

Cassandra asides quietly to Calla. "Not everyone marries their proteges." That may be teasing Sabella, just a little.

"Lady Tabitha is a definite asset to any house," Lisebet agrees with Sabella. "I'm quite glad she's part of mine." She laughs softly at the quite aside between Cassandra and Calla. "Indeed not - most of us do not."

Sabella laughs and says to Cassandra with a grin, "Only the lucky ones! I find that one becomes quite close to ones proteges--after all how else could you learn their hopes and dreams so as to help fulfill them? Lady Tabitha is quite an esteemed painter if any of you did not know. If you were looking to fancy up your lodgings I'm sure she would be willing to help!"

"It certainly can be," Zoey agrees with Sabella. "I do miss having a patron though. It was nice while it lasted. One of my proteges is a painter too. I should show you her work the next time you visit Kennex Kay."

Calla giggles softly to Cassandra's aside, cheeks pinking up a little bit, "Good to know. I'm still quite a way from marriage still, I'm afraid. So much more to do first before I need to worry about that." Sebella gets a thoughtful look for her intejection, "That's a wonderful story of how you and your husband came to be though. I hope I find a match with half as good a story."

"There is no rush, and as a Baroness, you hold a lot of the cards, Calla." Cassandra says quietly. "Take your time, find one that fits your needs -- that will support you instead of trying to control you. I'm sure you'll do well." she offers in a reassuring tone. "But yes, Sabella and Niklas is a story that will be told long after we're gone."

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

"Rorik's protege is a painter as well, so with all that competition I hope you are all very good at talking them up!" Sabella laughs again, taking a sip of her drink, "Oh, the story is really better than that! We first met at a masquerade where we danced and he hit me in the head with his elbow so hard I saw stars. Then later when I realized who he was he stole one of my slippers!" She looks towards where Niklas disappeared to, "And from there I learned he was a playwright and, well. It went from there."

"Well, this has been lovely, but I think it is time that I return home," Zoey says with a sigh. "I find myself with a lot of work in front of me, and have delayed getting to it long enough. Good evening." She curtseys and departs.

"i could not agree with you more. I'm certainly not looking to rush anything," Calla assures Cassandra with a smile, "I've much to learn before I can make a properly informed match in that way. You have to crawl before you can walk." Sabella's recounting of her first meeting with her husband brings a soft look to Calla's face. "That is a pretty epic first meeting, certainly." When Zoey takes her leave, she offers a farewell wave, "Lovely to see you again Lady Zoey! Have a wodnerful rest of your evening."

"To name yet another excellent painter, one might also look to Lord Jyri Whitehawk's work," mentions Liara. "The painting of the griffin on the wall over there is one of his pieces, as an example. He means to open a gallery in our Ward here sometime soon." She offers a parting wave to a few people then turns back to the others yet present.

"I should probably get ready to return to my office and the pile of paperwork that is waiting for me there." Cassandra offers a curtsey, "Thank you for having me, Liara. It is always a pleasure to visit with you." With that, she smoothly rises as she prepares to depart. "When I speak to Anisha next, Calla, I will let her know that you may be seeking a patron and that may spur her to bring up the event."

Niklas returns to hear people discussing painting and eagerly jumps in to note, "I'm something of a painter myself." He tilts his head toward a portrait of Sabella with her hand on a unicorn's head and says, "I did that one a couple of years ago. Another I did of Tikva, Luca, Laric and Gareth hangs in the Inquisition's gallery." Cassandra gets a formal nod. "As the Legate of Arts I imagine you enjoy yourself some painting, mother."

"Oh, is there another event coming up?" Sabella asks, looking from Cassandra to Calla, "You simply must go! I held one years ago and I believe two people found their match there! Sometimes it's rather hit or miss, but I always encourage those seeking patrons to be exceedingly picky about it for you never want to make a bad match with someone that would not promote you," she nods to these great points she's making then smiles at Niklas, "Yes, an artist in all ways my Nik is! He was quite easy to promote at the time since, well, plays tend to promote themselves really!"

"Please do! I greatly appreciate your help. It's always a pleasure running into you, Legate," Calla responds, bowing her head respectfully in farewell. Turning back to the talk of patrons and proteges, the Baroness looks thoughtful a moment. "Here's the thing, I'm not particulary gifted in any way, except maybe as a diplomat, I'm not sure what there is about me to promote..."

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Cassandra.

"You might promote your particular hopes and aspirations, my lady," Liara remarks to Calla. "Those are routinely the core of patronage arrangements, and a patron might be able to help you along significantly with them." Then, with a flash of a smile to the others about, she says, "Lovely to see you all. I shall scheme for a much larger ball in the coming weeks, I think - for now, I rather need some rest."

"Might I introduce you to my husband if you haven't met him?" Sabella asks Calla, gesturing to Niklas, "He's been quite the diplomat of late! He came with me and the Templars to Sungreet to try to treat with the Duke. It didn't go as well as it seemed, but he was integral to getting Duke Ivan's son to turn against him and turn the tide there," She beams at Niklas, "And I do believe he's looking for a protege! But as I said earlier, you ought to absolutely go to the fair and meet more people before deciding. While my husband might make you rich, you may find someone else that suits yours ambitions a bit better."

"i keep tellign myself, I need to bring a notebook with me to record all of this," Calla replies to everyone's advice. "I will certainly try to make that event, but I must dash now, I'm afraid. Lovely party! Good evening all!"

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