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Deepwood's First Frost Festival

The First Frost after the harvest is the perfect time to gather before the snows fall! There will a sack race, a log throwing competition and an archery contest as well as food and cider to go around from the finest barrels produced in Deepwood. Come celebrate at the Manor Grounds.


Aug. 23, 2020, 1 p.m.

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Kenjay Thea Kastelon Zoey Haakon Sabella Kalani Olivian Eirene




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Deepwood Manor - Manor Grounds

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Comments and Log

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrives, following Kastelon.

The crisp air runs through the Deepwood Manor grounds like some energetic presence of its own, drawing with it the various scents from the heavily laden tables. Vibrant music is piped from a fife and followed quickly but a rush of strings as a jig sets the tone of the event. The Deepwood family laughs and the children play as Emily Deepwood, the host of the event makes her way calmly about, a smile on her face. The high waisted wool skirt captures the silk embroidered blouse she wears with its sleeves rolled up to her elbows so it billows. The russet colors set off by greens makes her look like a woodland nymph in changing seasons ith her wealth of dark hair spilling down freely.

She moves to greet those that enter, smiling as she takes care with her steps and favors her right side. "Welcome to the festival, please, take some cider with you.'

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Kenjay offers Emily a fluid Eurusi-style bow when she greets him, a courtesy that goes with the Eurusi cut of his scarlet and orange silks, and possibly with the pieces of armour he sports which were never designed by an Arvani smith. "Many thanks, my lady," he says, his Arvani tinged at the edges with Eurus.

Thea tightens her jacket around herself, not at all dressed in her usual leathers or a gown. Nope.It's simply causual wear of pants and jacket and such. Seeing Emily, the Malvici bows her head in greeting, a small smile on her face. "Lady Emily, how are you?" her gaze looking about at the fall colors.

Thea takes a bottle of Old Oak Cider from a green stained wooden chest.

The greeting from Kenjay brings a smile to her lips, a full one that dimples her freckled cheeks as she inclines her head. "Thank you, I do not think we have met before. Be welcome." She extends her hand in greeting, grip firm and sure before releasing should he take it. "Enjoy yourself and thank you for coming to celebrate with us."

Her attentions shifts to Thea. "Lady Thea, so wonderful to have a Malvici with us. I am well enough, still recovering but doing well. Thank you for coming and do remember to take some cider. We will be having an archery competition begin shortly if you would like to participate. But most all, how are you?"

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Kastelon has a bloodhound at his heels and a longbow on his back as he approaches the host this fine fall day in hunting leathers. "Greetings, Lady Deepwood," he states with a bow of his head to Emily. "You look injured." A nod is given to Thea, and another to Kenjay. "I heard there was to be an archery contest, and I have been practicing."

Zoey arrives only a little late, her entourage trailing behind her and her scarf wrapped around her neck. She glances around with a smile on her face as she observes who is present and takes in the scene.

Zoey takes a bottle of Old Oak Cider from a green stained wooden chest.

There's a slight grin at Emily. "I'm flattered. I'm not sure I'm the best Malvici to be around social events, but thank you." Her gold-flecked green eyes skim Emily then, her eyebrow lifting. "May I ask what happened?" The medic in her always checking. "Archery? I can try. I'm more of a blades woman myself,"offering Zoey and Kastelon a slight wave when she sees their arrival.

"I was at the House of Solace when the attack occurred. I fear I did not withstand the attack. But I am doing better and recovering well." Emily offers the queries about her healthy as she unclasps her hands to greets the others, her hands spreading. "Welcome all, Lady Zoey..and yes Lord Kastelon, there is one. We will be starting momentarily once all you lovely folk have had some food and settled in." She winks merrily and turns about, "I will lead the way. For all those that wish to participate please do follow me." She says and strides towards the targets, her own bow not on her for obvious reasons.

Haakon is not complicated. As the revel begins, the Prodigal is at the chest, claiming a bottle of cider, and inspecting the drink, before q long swallow is taken. The immediate verdict is a "Hmm," of mild approval. Not a thread of silk upon him, the Eswynd in wool, leather, and iron wanders unhurried toward the cluster of notables. "A fair start," he observes of the festivities m

Thea gets a finger wiggle wave in reply, and Zoey greets Emily warmly. "This is a wonderful event you have put together. I was looking forward to it even before I knew about the contest."

Kenjay takes and shakes Emily's hand. "Many thanks for the invitation to do so," he says. "My name is Kenjay, Kenjay Redrain." He returns Kastelon's nod with one of his own, then turns a nod on Thea and Zoey as well. "My ladies." He hangs back when others head for the archery, apparently more of a spectator than a participant in that game.

Leading the group towards the set up targets, Emily turns her head to smile upon them and motion them to the first line. There is markings for lines that extent further back from the targets. "All those who wish may borrow a bow if they do not have one from the rack and then grab a set f arrows. We will begin now." She lifts her chin, noting Haakon as she smiles at him and waves. "Thank you, Lady Zoey. I am glad you could make it."

"Prince Kenjay, seeing as you are not going to perform would you come join and hold the line with me?" She extends her hand to him so they can stand together.

"Bowmen, take your bows and draw, on my mark you will shoot."

She waits for all to take the line and find their spots before glancing to Kenjay and leaning in to whisper to him.

Thea nods to Emily, telling her,"If you need anything or bandages changed, just let me know." Seeing Kenjay, the Malvici medic offers him a smile as well,"Your Highness. It's been awhile. How are you." But then she's off to take a place at the line. Thea can be heard murmuring,"This will be be interesting..."taking a borrowed bow. "Kaia was trying to show me, and really---this isn't my strong suit."

Kastelon wields an Oakhaven-style longbow.

With a nod to Emily Zoey accepts her bow from the Corsair that carried it and takes up a place along the indicated line.

Kastelon strides after Emily towards the targets. Resolute follows along, politely obedient but also happy in the fresh air. He takes a place at the line a short distance from Zoey's side, and looks towards the noblewoman. "Your husband speaks highly of your archery skills," he remarks. "This is a great honor to compete against you, my lady."

Haakon gives an idle greeting to Kenjay, "From the Champions Hall, aye? Fair met." Thea gets a more blunt, "Oh shit, not you again," although the curse is spoiled by a half-smile as the Eswynd steps up to borrow a bow and cluster of arrows for the Deepwood sport. Zoey is given a short dip of the head as well.

Kenjay takes the hand he's offered again, in gentlemanly fashion, then waits for the archers to be ready, with a nod for Haakon and a quiet, "Indeed." And when the archers are all ready, he calls, "Draw! Aim!" And then a moment later, "Loose!"

Thea gives Haakon a wink. "Aw you! I found you the perfect bride! I mean, I'd recommend me, but I think I'd kill you in your sleep,"she teases from her place in line. The gold flecks in her green eyes are bright as she is clearly joking, a slight smile on her lips. But then Kenjay is calling shoot and Thea lifts her bow.

Thea checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Haakon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Kastelon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

The banter makes Emily smile and she shivers against the sudden brisk air as Kenjay calls for their arrows to fly. Bright blue eyes look to the targets and nods as an attendant is quick to go pull them free and continuing the run to stand far to the other side after. "All archers have met their targets! Step back to your next line." She follows, drawing Kenjay with her as her hand remains on his arm. "On your ready, your highness. Once they appear set you may call for their arrows." She smiles up at him and nods to those in line as the Deepwood lady watches with a tick of earnest energy.

She chuckles. "Luck to you all."

Zoey grins to Kastelon. "I have seen you at practice. You are quite the accomplished archer as well."

Haakon tests out the strength of the borrowed bow, to get a feel of how it will shoot, as he fits an arrow to string, and slowly draws. Thea would kill him in his sleep? "Only if you're smart," the Prodigal quips back, just before loosing the arrow. The first shot is easy, and even he's a bit off center, it's a hit. Emily's prompt to step back draws a dry, "Sending us away already, aye?" with a sidelong wink

Thea squints at the target. Well she made it. For the most part. She could blame Haakon, but nah. "I said I would, didn't I? Making me a genius." Stepping back and lowering the bow, she just shakes her head. "I would hope the city doesn't depend on me with one of these. Seriously..."

Kenjay gets drawn along to the next line, going without any sign of reluctance. Again, he waits for the archers to be ready, and again his voice lifts. "My lords and ladies! Draw! Aim!" And a moment later, "Loose!"

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 60 higher.

Haakon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 35 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Sabella sweeps into the Deepwood grounds with a flurry of chatter and activity, "Oh, everything looks so lovely!" she exclaims as she enters, looking around with a bright smile, heading over to pick up a bottle from the chest, "How lovely!"

Sabella gets a bottle of Old Oak Cider from a green stained wooden chest.

Kastelon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 36 higher.

Haakon snickers aside at Thea. "Shooting at a target is for hunters, anyhow. Long as you can range and arrow passably, the city walls won't throw you off." Nocking the second arrow from the second line and drawing as he rambles, Haakon looses on Kenjay's command. Deadpan, he 'scolds' Kenjay, "Your call is far too fair and even. Mix up the cadence, aye? Trick one of us into loosing early, have a laugh." The jest is pu crusted with a small chuckle stirring in his throat.

Kastelon draws and shoots, intently, and then again. Resolute watches, glancing up to the huntsman, and then at the target.

Zoey lets out a laugh. "You are cruel, Lord Haakon. Prince Kenjay need not resort to trickery."

Thea disagrees with Haakon after her arrow flies. AGAIN barely hitting it's target. "I've seen Lady Zoey do some disaterously things with her bow." She does consider her arrow however,"Maybe I can jab this in an eye instead..." Clearing her throat, she doesn't finish that sentence, and instead laughs. "Poor Kenjay. I don't think he needs to trick anyone..."

"My goal is to walk you out of here after the fifth volley, but it seems we need to raise the difficulty once more. Archers step back to the next line." Again Emily, with Kenjay walks to the next line, the lady dressed simply to match the season as she follows beside the Redrain. Her attention shifts to the new figure as the banter continues. "Princess Sabella, Be Welcome! We have just started moving through the archery competition. Come watch with us."

Emily smile at her and then as they settle onto the next line she looks to the Prince for his lead in directing the archers.

"Hello Princess Sabella!" Thea calls over a bit belatedly. "Good to see you,"she says with a slight smile over her shoulder. Right. Back to the aiming of the target.

"Your Highness," Kenjay greets Sabella with another fluid Eurusi-style bow, on his way with Emily to the next mark. "My lord, a contest is meant to be fair," he reminds Haakon. "Besides, I like my clothing and do not wish for it to gain holes or bloodstains, should I irritate one of you. You are all far, far better than I at this." And again, once the archers are ready, "Draw! Aim!" And after the same interval as before, "Loose!"

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 10 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 11 lower.

Haakon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 2 lower.

Kastelon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 45, rolling 18 higher.

Kastelon follows Kenjay's words like someone who's done it in battle before. His expression is solemnly concentrated.

"Ah! So we have found the distance that defeats several of our participants. Well done." She releases Kenjay's arm to clap for them and smiles as she winks at Haakon. "Lord Eswynd, you are welcome to stay, by the way. No need to walk out. Come join us on the side here." Arrows are collected from the targets by a servant and Emily motions for the last two remaining archers. "Please, step back a line and we shall see if we can decide the victor this day."

She glances to Sabella and winks, the cheery smile as the music picks up is one of a carefree moment while the Deepwood extends her hand to Haakon and then motions Thea over as well. They move down to the next line to set up Zoey and Kastelon who remain presently for the archery contest.

Haakon defends his jest to Zoey with a tight half-smile, "It would be funny." Thea draws a sniff. "Course. Lady's a hunter. From city walls? Long as you can hit a mob of a few hundred bodies, that's good enough." Kenjay's polite response and quip of bloodstains earns a sharp laugh. "That's why you're a Prince: far wiser than I." So occupied with his banter as the shots are loosed, the Eswynd narrowly misses the third mark. "Fair shots and fortunes to the rest of you," he bids, using the bow to give an easy salute to the other archers. "Except you," he adds to Thea, deadpan.

Thea nocks her bow and raises her arms. Releasing the arrow, Thea---FAILS. Like. Not even close. Hearing Haakon, she already blames him. "Your fault. You jinxed me!" Again. Not even serious. Lowering the bow, she tells Zoey, because family is family, she cheers her on,"Good luck!"hurrying to put the bow back and head toward Emily. "Haakon, you better sleep with one eye open,"she threatens with a grin.

Drawn by the sound of music, and most unintentionally late, Kalani Seliki arrives in time to see the tail end of what appears to be the current round of archery trials. Wisely recognizing a skill set she absolutely does not have, not even in a comedic sense, she moves to stand where it's safe to observe from - which is to say: well behind the firing line.

"Prince Kenjay, Lady Thea!" Sabella does head over to watch the archery competition at Emily's invitation, "This is all lovely, Lady Emily! And of course there are so many archers in the city who are happy to get the practice here I'm sure! Who seems to be winning so far?"

Haakon takes long, unhurried steps toward the side, placing himself near the hostess. "But storming off in a huff over a friendly contest sounds such fun." A wry curl of his lip, as Thea's merry blame is cast upon him. "Stop obsessing over me in bed, Lady. It's unseemly."

Kenjay too applauds the archers, and moves on up the field to the next line, still smiling. "We are down to half our archers," the man with the tinge of Eurus at the edges of his Arvani says, "And the targets become steadily harder to hit. My lord, my lady - draw! Aim!" And at the same interval again, "Loose!"

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 7 higher.

With the same fluid precision as the shots before, Zoey nocks an arrow and fires it at the target in time with Kenjay's command. As the third one implants itself into the target with a satisfying 'thunk' she turns to watch Kastelon take another shot.

Really snorts at Haakon. "Don't flatter yourself with such lovely dreams." Her eyes focus on the archers, cheering on Zoey. Because family. Looking to Sabella, Thea grins a bit. "I promise you, I'm not archer. This was me proving such."

Kastelon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 60, rolling 19 lower.

Kastelon slips a glance at Zoey. Her beautiful shot makes him cant his head, impressed, and maybe he's thrown off his game. Or maybe his game isn't that strong. Either way, he misses the next shot with a self-disappointed cluck of his tongue.

Sabella grins at Kenjay as he calls out the commands then turns and watches the archers take the last pull, cheering loudly for Zoey when her arrow lands, "Amazing!" she exclaims, then laughs to Thea, "I'm sure you're quite better than I am. An old stablehand in Bastion still walks with a limp because of me I think and the one time they tried to teach me to shoot."

Kenjay applauds again, his smile broadening. "And the winner is Lady Zoey Kennex," he declares. "Congratulations, my lady, and commiserations to our other archers, all of whom were far better than I would be at this."

Kastelon bows his head to Zoey. "Congratulations," he tells her courteously, in his deep Oathlander accent. "It was an honor." He turns to bow his head to Kenjay as well, and also Emily. Then he drifts off with Resolute, slipping the bow over a shoulder, to assess the available refreshments.

Exhaling a quiet, but genuinely entertained laugh, Kalani shakes her head at Sabella's words while applauding the end of the competition. "Fine shooting!"

Kastelon gets a bottle of Old Oak Cider from a green stained wooden chest.

"It was a tricky shot to make," Zoey assures Kastelon with a nod. "Luck will be on your side next time." She smiles brightly and takes a bow when she hears the cheering. "Thank you, thank you."

The final two release their arrows and she smiles, watching as Zoey makes the shot and Emily lifts her hands to clap. "Well done to all our participants. But we have our winner, Lady Zoey, House Deepwood is going to be extending a gift of your choice to you. As I feel it was best to offer personalization you are welcome to choose." She says and motions her over to explain so she can take note and nods to her.

She glances up to see Kalani. "Lady Seliki, be welcome! To all those who just participated we are going to start the sack races. A test of athleticism in all its finest and embarrassing details." She inclines her head to Kastelon as he slips off to take stock of the food.

"Fine shot," Haakon adds to the acclaim of Zoey's decisive arrow. Under his breath, he makes a comment to Emily, pointedly ignoring Thea. Take that, Malvici!

Thea applauds Zoey with a grin,"Congratulations!"glancing aside and giving Sabella chuckle. "I was waiting to shoot someone by accident myself." By accident--right Thea. Oh yeah, Haakon! Two can play THAT game! She too ignores his face. HA! "Lady Kalani, hello. How are you?"

Emily chuckles softly at what Haakon says and gives him a low as she says something back with a nod. "We should have another victor! Those of you wish to take your chance at the sack race, let us get lined up to start. "Lord Haakon, I would love to see how skillful you are," she muses. She glances to Kenjay and Kastelon. "My lord and Prince, would you like to take on the task?" She slips away from Haakon's side to lead the group that wishes to follow towards the sacks and picks one up. "Step in and the idea is to make it all the way down to the tree, around it and back again!"

"Oh, you are not *that* bad," Zoey chuckles to Thea before going to get cider and watch the sack race.

"Skillful," Haakon echoes Emily with a snort. "You just want to see me fall on my ass," he states back, following along despite himself.

Kastelon glances over at Emily, confused. He's eating a sandwich. Then he blinks, heavy brows drawing down over his eyes as he contemplates the situation. "Ah, sure..." There's a puzzled frown towards the sacks. "That looks silly, but why not." He shrugs at Resolute, as if asking the hound not to judge him, and squats to let the dog have the rest of his sandwich.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Kenjay inclines his head to Emily. "I have not done this for some time, but I think I remember how it is done," he says, then steps over to pick up a sack of his own before smiling at Haakon. "I see no donkeys here, my lord."

Kenjay checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Haakon deadpans back to Kenjay, "Once I start, you will."

Exhaling another of those quiet, and just delighted laughs, Kalani grins as she moves forward to where the next challenge will be held. "Thank you, Lady Emily, and you picked a fine day for this gathering." She's picks a sack to work with, to fall down in, rather, and listens intently to the outline of the challenge. "Embarrassing, awkward and falling down in public? Sign me up."

Kalani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Haakon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

Kastelon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

As the participants line up in the sacks, there is all together overly amused look on her face. A chuckle escapes her ands he has to clear her throat to look amused. "Again, around the tree and back. First one across the line shall win! On your marks." Pause. "Get set...." she trails off her words. "GO!" She cries out, ushering them forth the rich tone of her voice. Delighted at the group she watches as three break away and ...two fall. "Lord Haakon I may need to give you lessons!" She teases him but looks to Kalani, "Come on Lady Kalani! You can do it!" she notes as Kastelon suddenly surges forward and makes the tree first. He makes it look EASY!" She claps and cheers, having no horse in this race as it were. "Well done!" She may be laughing too!

"I certainly hope everyone has had enough to drink to appreciate the idea," Zoey says in Hakkon's direction with a grin. She sips her cider.

Haakon watches the others for a hint as to what he's supposed to do. Stepping into a sack and warily drawing it up, he notes, "So they sew us up inside the sacks, throw us overboard, and the first one to escape wins, aye?" Nope, they're off and hopping. "...the fuck?" the Prodigal mutters, promptly trying to follow suit and just as promptly falling on his face.

Kastelon appears surprised at his own self. It's a revelation to him how good he is at hopping around inside a sack. "Take that look off your face," he tells his watching hound. The panting mouth closes and the dog sniffs at the sack as the huntsman steps out of the thing.

Kenjay lurches off in his sack, his smile turning into a grin. He clatters as he jumps along, the segments on his left arm providing their own way of keeping a beat as he heads for the tree and rounds it in a rattle of steel. And then he's making his way back towards the starting line, although the speed of his lurching is marred a little by... is that... laughter?

Thea steps one long leg at a time in the sack. Awkwardly. I mean, how do you step in a sack gracefully? But she gets in and hops away! "Do you think rabbits feel this ridiculous?" Doubt they think about it. Thea has a great start. Really. She's moving pretty quick for one who has never done a sack race, but she's PASSED by a milk drinker. "Shite--"she can be heard muttering. "I should uh--drink more milk?" No. No she shouldn't.

"Yes," says Kastelon to Thea. "Yes you should."

Gathering the sack's edges with both hands, and glad that she'd decided on trousers today instead of having to wrestle with a skirt or the folds of a gown, Kalani gets her feet into the sack and makes for the hopping forward with all of the glee of someone who knows how this will likely end. She's laughing as soon as she hits the ground, not quite giggling but it's a near thing, humor quite literally making her face color and the tips of her ears red as well. "Not escape," she manages to quell the laughter - for a moment - "but hopping. Much.. much hopping. And falling, Lord Haakon, much falling."

Kalani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Haakon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 26 higher.

Haakon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

2 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Kalani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Kenjay checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Kalani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Kastelon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Kastelon manages to clamber back inside the sack when he realizes he hasn't made it to the finish line. He hops and this time nearly trips right onto his face, but somehow totters upright again.

Thea checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Kalani gets to her feet, this is true. Feet, ground, inside sack, check. On her feet, not on the ground entirely in a heap? Check. "Right, this is absolutely something that can be done," she grins a sidelong look toward Haakon, "I'm sure there's some sort of advance sack-rack-training that was offered, at some point, on one of those 'Learn to fight with everything at hand' or 'improvised weaponry and vehicle' training days," she gets a few experimental sideways hops in and offers a free hand to Haakon, holding her sack-vehicle with her other hand and promptly trips over something that was concealed by the folds of the sack and goes down in a heap. With.. another laugh.

Haakon regains his sacked feet with almost indignant ease. He's not a complete clutz, and as Kalani offers a hand, the Prodigal returns dryly, "No doubt. Secret Crownland Deepwood sack-SHIT," he abruptly curses as his feet get bound up in the burlap, the Eswynd goes down hard and drags the helpful Kalani down with him.

Thea keeps on hopping and hopping. Probably looking--not at all diginified, parts of her hair having fallen out. The younger Malvici is on a mission though, and it's a TREE! "Absolutely NOT, Lord Kastelon,"she gasps, bouncing on past him. Booze is absolutely the victor her. Thea has no idea what happened to Haakon or Kalani, tunnel vision and what not.

Kenjay doesn't so much leap across the finish line as fall over it with a clatter of armour and a gale of laughter. He doesn't seem to feel a need to extract himself from the sack just yet, content instead to lie there and laugh. There are tears rolling down his face, he's laughing that hard.

Zoey laughs and applauds as the contestants reach the finished line. "Good show!" she congratulates them.

Kastelon frowns at Thea, championing the cause of her beloved booze, reaches the finish line ahead of him. "Curses," he mutters, and steps out of the sack, tossing it to one side.

Emily is laughing, doing her best not to upset the stitches in her side, bracing her hand against her hip as she does. A laugh escapes her and she hiccups when Haakon goes down again. "Oh Lady Kalani!" She cries out in cheerful dismay. She heaves in a breath and as the others realize they have not ended the race she can not help but laugh again.

Cheery red lights her cheeks and she watches as Thea suddenly - with strength of will hops past Kastelon and she lifts her hands to clap. "WELL DONE!" She cries out, but still is wiping tears from her eyes at the vision of those struggling. "Lady Thea, you have won a gift courtesy of House Deepwood. It will arrive to you within a weeks time."

If it's literally possible to dissolve into laughter, it's very clear that this is something Kalani would do. Right now, her feet are tangled in the burlap sack, she has one elbow deep in the dirt, her other hand is still holding the upper edge of the sack and genuine efforts to untangle, right herself, and regain her feet, are notably hampered by the laughing. "Forgive me," she manages to gasp out, between laughs, ending up having to close her eyes for a five count, breathe slowly, and then hiccups softly anyway when she manages to regain her feet, now that the race is over. "Lets try this again, sans sack?" she wonders as she untangles her feet and stands up, holding the sack again with one hand and offering the other to Haakon, "Arrows. Sack racing. I dare say the next event had best include arson, because that would just make my day."

Thea leans against the tree, breathless. Steppng out from the sack, she starts laughing,"I think I came up with a new training exercise for the men. And they're going to HATE me." She can't be serious. Could she? But her eyes find Haakon and Kalani and she laughs more. "Oh gods! Do you need help,"before thanking Emily. "Thank you, Lady Emily."

Zoey is overheard praising Deepwood.

Kastelon is overheard praising Deepwood.

Zoey is overheard praising Emily.

Kenjay is overheard praising Deepwood.

Thea is overheard praising Deepwood.

Emily can not help herself, she's still laughing even as she tries to straighten up. She presses a hand to her right side wincing before she looks about at the group. "I know you are exhausted, your arms are tired but our next and final event will need all of your limbs! A log toss!" Oh my yes. There are several long logs hewn off to the side. "Any who wish to take the moment to get a drink and breathe, please do and now we will test the strength of our guests. Whoever throws their log the furthest shall win our final prize of the day and join Lady Thea and Zoey!" She chuckles a bit, moving to get herself a glass of chilled cider to try to drown her humor so she can focus.

But another glance to Haakon and she looks amused. "Good showing Lord Kastelon. Well done. I thought you were going to win!" She nearly sounds certain before her smile settles on Kenjay and she begins to slow walk towards the logs, enjoying her cider as she goes.

"I'm not a fucking apple!" Haakon hollers back at the hostess from his tangle on the ground. As Kalani gets loose and Haakon kicks off his own burlap, he gets his feet underneath him and stands back up. Thea is eyed. "Your fault." He looks aside to Kalani. "We both conferred and are in agreement:" back to Thea. "All of this is your fault."

Kastelon nods to Emily. "I suppose I am not as silly as Lady Thea," he claims, and shoots the Malvici lady a dour look. Kenjay's laughter is not infecting him, nor anyone else's, as his face remains quite grim. He goes back to the refreshments to get himself an apple, since maybe Haakon's remark made him remember how delicious apples are in the fall.

"Serves you right for making me--screw up my shots with the bow,"Thea declares to Haakon. Still laughing at him. "Guess we know you're not good in the sack." HA! She glances at Kastelon and squints,"That wasn't silly. That was--BEING the rabbit." Or something. Thea peer at Kenjay, asking him,"Need help too?

Kenjay's laughter dies away, and he gets back to his feet outside the sack, retrieving it to wipe his eyes with before he takes it back to where he got it from with a grin for Thea. That done, he makes his way in Emily's wake, over towards the logs.

It's possibly, somehow, to laugh harder, and Kalani does but she aims a nod at Thea, because Haakon must have the right of it: "Exactly. What he said. Certainly," the fact that each word - nearly - is spaced with a gasp to try to avoid more hiccups.. "Malvici, always at fault, when burlap sacks and hopping are combined."

Thea brushes invisible somethings from her pants,"I'm just better in the sack...that's all." After being clean, she goes for another drink to watch people throw LOGS. THAT she keeps all comments to herself. Looking at Haakon, she huffs at him,"I hope your aim is better this time..."

"What a sentence to talk in on." Olivian bumped Thea's shoulder with his as he moves over to stand next to her, "How goes?"

Haakon glares at Thea. "And fuck you again for thinking of that before me," at her 'bad in the sack' joke. He kicks the burlap sack on the ground for emphasis. Naturally it snags on his boot and he must shake his foot angrily again to get it off. Grr! "To the abyss with it, I'm going to throw a tree," he states, concealing any smile.

Emily waits near the logs, sipping at her cider while her guests and those of Deepwood are bantering after the amazing showing at the sack race. She coughs a little, wincing some as her hand goes to her hip on her right side. She lowers her mug fro her lips and the Deepwood's gaze sweeps over the others who are heading her way. "Very well! Everyone to a log and we will take turns!"

She stands there at the line to be sure no one crosses it. "You are aiming for that tree." she points straight ahead from the line so no one things that the line will be skewed for favorites.

Thea looks up at the familiar voice of her cousin and uncle and laughs. "Not my fault! It's true. I was clearly the victor,"winking at Haakon. Shamlessly! Nudging Olive forward, she smiles,"Go--throw a log? Win a prize and have a drink."

Kastelon walks over to the log throwing area after consuming his sandwich, brushing crumbs out of his beard. "Hmm," he murmurs, assessing the sport. He might be wondering if this is any less silly than hopping around in a sack. Finally he nods to nobody in particular.

Kastelon has joined the line.

Kenjay has joined the line.

Olivian's eyebrow went skyward, "Toss a log? I think I'll be totally happy supervising these fine athletes, the drink however..." He peered around searchingly.

Kalani has joined the line.

Zoey moves to stand beside Emily and watch the last game. "Where did you hear of this particular challenge? I do not recall seeing such a thing before."

Haakon has joined the line.

Emily chuckles as she waits, lifting a hand to greet the new comer as she waits for her guests who wish to compete. Kastelon is given a look. "Lord Kastelon, I do believe it is your turn. Show us your fortitude, good lord." She says and then nods her head to him. "At your leave."

She looks down at Zoey. "When one is bored, one can come up with any number of things and since Deepwood's main export is lumber, well..why not lean into it a little?"

Turn in line: Kastelon

"No arson? Blast. Where's the fun in that," Kalani shakes the dust and dirt off of, out of, the burlap sack draped over the pile where the others are gathered and wanders over to queue up to. "Toss a.. right. Of course," it may be that she's laughing. Again. Just a wee bit more quietly this time.

Thea shrugs her shoulders,"Have a big fire later." That's merely a suggestion though. Nudging Olivian toward the table of drinks and also the chest with cider, she helps the man relax a bit.

Zoey says, "Ah, that does make sense!"

Olivian takes the hint and saunters over to acquire himself a beverage, "How have you been Thea? It's been a couple of days, I was getting nervous."

Turn in line: Kenjay

Thea shrugs her shoulders at Olivian, a brief smile at him. "I've been--busy getting a few things sorted. That's all." She looks up at Oli and assures him,"I was training and resting. Getting a few things in order. Talking out a few things..Meeting with the Duchess cousin.."

Kenjay checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 67 higher.

"Is that what you've named your horse? 'the Duchess'?" Olivian flashed a playful grin, "Well, I am glad to hear it, it sounds like dear Calypso has been making the rounds of late."

Turn in line: Kalani

Kalani checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher. Kalani rolled a critical!

Turn in line: Haakon

Haakon checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Kenjay steps up to his large lump of tree, and gets it upright a few steps behind the line, then lifted. He staggers the few steps necessary and heaves it up and forwards; it flips to land on what had been the top, then falls over away from the man who just threw it. "It is /decades/ since I have played this game," says Kenjay with some satisfaction. "I am glad I did not lose my touch."

Taking pointers from watching Kastelon and then Kenjay have a go at it, Kalani ambles (that's right, AMBLES) up to the log she's determined to hoist and throw and gets a good grip on the end of it. "Right. Could have been arson. But no, throwing really big sticks," humor broadly coloring her words as she gets the end of the log up off of the ground and with a heave manages to get the blasted thing to stand on end and then topple over and skid a few feet. "That counts!"

Thea watches everyone throw logs. There's a blink at Kalani as she pretty much just chucks the damn thing like it's a stick. "You know for one so tiny...."she begins. "That was amazing."

Haakon peers at Kenjay as the Prince expertly tosses the trunk so that it flips and topples forward. "Huh," he grunts, giving a nod and call of, "Well done." Then Kalani has her go, and through luck, skill or both manages a very impressive toss. And Haakon deduces the completely wrong conclusion. He hefts the former tree when it's his turn, and hefts it rather easily, as the Prodigal is a powerful man. He starts toward the line and clearly thinks getting more elevation in his throw will be the key..

He gets decent lift, but.. alas, there is technique involves, not just brute force. The trunk isn't flipped far enough, and it rapidly becomes clear it won't flip over, and is instead toppling back at him. "Oh- fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Olivian chortles at something.

Emily watches each and Kenjay's throw leaves her staring. "OH my ...your highness." She exclaims faintly, feeling that toss in the very depth of her wounds. She clears her throat and turns to Kalani, not expecting that either. She hesitates. "Well not as far, but Lady Kalani, you have certainly surprised me!" She hesitates at seeing Haakon and the way he is holding the log stops her and its as if time slows a moment. "Uhhh Lord Es..." she trails off and she stares at him a moment when it comes tumbling back down, a wince already forming as she even ducks and covers slightly. "MOVE!"

Kastelon checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

At the voice of Emily, Thea's instinct? Hide behind Olivian. He's a safe bet and taller. HAHA! Be brave Olivian, be brave! "I've got you from back here,"the younger Malvici declares with a laugh.

Rather than hurling his own log, Kastelon darts sideways and sacrifices his chance to stop the log from falling on Haakon. Festival catastrophe averted!

Zoey cringes and follows Emily as the log tumbles back the wrong way. After it falls she asks Haakon, "Are you all right?"

Olivian takes a sip of the cider, peering at Thea behind him, his calm likely more a consequence of obliviousness than bravery, "What... Oh? Well, not the first time this has happened."

When she hears that someone MAY be hurt, Thea is already stepping out though. "Whose hurt and broken?" I mean, she's always prepared--yay!

Haakon is hustling out of the way of his own failed throw. Kastelon gets a nod of thanks and a dry chuckle. Zoey is answered, "I'm alright. But that tree ought to be ashamed of itself," he claims with a gesture at the log.

Emily makes certain those around the wild log are okay before she follows her gaze to Haakon. She clucks her tongue as all seems well and he jests. "It was showing you how wrong you were in your throw." She glances back up at the logs thrown and turns to all those gathered. "Despite the near rebellion of the tree against Lord Eswynd, we have a winner. A good showing and a great valiant save by Lord Kastelon. Prince Kenjay has won this event and shall as both Thea and Zoey received, choose a piece of Iridescite or Stygian to be designed by me and crafted for you. I look forward to seeing these complete." She glances to each and chuckles. "I am very thankful there were no injuries."

This said she moves towards Haakon and whispers something before a chuckle leaves her and she sips her mug of cider. "I suspect we all should dance and enjoy the food until the sun sets."

There's a time for Might, and there's a time for 'might be a good idea to get out of the way', and Kalani errs on the side of the latter, deftly hopping to the side as Kastelon lends a hand - shoulder? - to the effort.

Kenjay moves away from the line, with a wince for Haakon's throw and applause for Kalani's and Kastelon's, and a cry of "Well done!" for each. He offers Emily a fluid Eurusi-style bow at her announcement, and when he straightens he's smiling broadly. "I fear I remember few dances," he says, "But I will try - and eating and drinking, those I can do. Many thanks, Lady Deepwood, for the festival!"

Thea squints at Haakon. Like squint squints. "Lord Haakon. Do I need to send you logs too? A log wife?" Does that make any sense? It does to Thea. "How was it the logs fault anyway?"taking a drink, she grins broadly. "Lady Emily, this was a lot of fun. Really."

"If you would like to dance, I know several styles. I am certain we could find one that suits you," Zoey offers Kenjay with a warm smile.

Haakon barks a sharp laugh at the 'rebellion of the tree' line. "See, that's why we cut all of our down, long ago: they're treacherous things, trees." A curl of his lip as his eye goes from Emily to Thea, "That makes no sense. Log wife? Some daft Lycene name for a figurehead, mayhap?"

Olivian smiled faintly, leaning on one elbow against the railing and drinking his cider, "Now this is exertion that I can certainly get into."

"This has been my pleasure to host you all, a pleasure to see you all participate. It gives me idea for next years festival." She gives them all a mischievous look. Emily finishes her cider from her mug, lifting it into the air. She stops to smiles at Kenjay. She inclines her head to him in thanks and smiles a bit more. "A pleasure entirely," she winks at Thea next but pauses to turn her head towards Haakon at a whisper and there is a half shrug but then a nod as she gives him a look as she replies. "Thank you Lord Haakon, for showing us what not to do. Such a gracious Lord."

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

"Well," Kalani dusts her hands off, frowns briefly down at a splinter that's managed to embed itself in the palm of one hand, "trees. They grow where they please," quite reasonable, she points this out, and carefully wiggles the sliver out of her palm.

"I blame her," Haakon answers Emily deadpan, with a motion of his head toward Thea. Driiiiiink of cider. "Aye though, I'm a proper good example. Even if it's of what not to do." Kalani gets a sympathetic, "Wretched things, trees."

Eirene's a Riven now, and the Riven estates are not too far off, so it's a neighborly visit the lady is paying. She wears her usual umbra overcoat with her hands shoved in her pockets as she's shown to the manor green She looks mildly amused as she eyes the party, pulling out her hand to raise it in greeting as she strolls over.

Thea grins at Kalani,"Unless you have Haakon helping them along." Nope. Thea isn't done with him yet. But Olivian shoves her a little and she huffs at him, shoving him back. "Hey,"she explaims, laughing at him. And Haakon is all blaming her again. "Are you still salty from the sack comment? I'm sorry---" No she isn't. "You should probably work on that. Get more practice." Seeing Eirene, the Malvici waves causually to her,"Hello aunt Eirene."

Zoey waves to Eirene. "You made it in time for food and dance!"

Kenjay inclines his head to Zoey. "It is possible, my lady," he replies to her. "Thank you for your most generous gift, by the way; it was most gratefully received." He finds himself some cider and a place to sit, and offers the new arrivals a polite inclination of his head. And with that done, he starts removing little bits of bark from between the segments of his armour.

"They are, rather, sometimes, often, useful, however," Kalani points out with a shrug paired with a smile. "Walls. Masts. Books. Furniture. Fires," she gives a playful arch of her eyebrows, "see? useful. Lady Emily," she continues the light tone, "next time, there must be something that involves fire. I'm certain it would be perfectly safe. Truly," she -almost- manages a straight face but spoils it with a grin and a wink to Thea.

Kastelon nods to Kalani in thanks. After they get the log safely out of the way, he bows his head to Emily and departs the festival grounds with Resolute at his heels.

Resolute, an Oakhaven bloodhound leaves, following Kastelon.

Emily smiles at each and stands back, a sigh leaving her lips as a young lad comes up to her. She leans down to listen to him and she nods. He is gone quickly and the music being played livens up quickly to a reel. Setting down her mug on the table beside her as she begins to clap. Kastelon gets a nod of her head in parting before her gaze lifts to study Kalani. A laugh leaves her and she reaches out. "I dance horribly but come dance with me...we will start to liven this up. As for fire...I will consider but I think Haakon could lose an eyebrow." SHe teases the Eswynd and then steps closer to Kalani to offer hands.


Eirene gets a wave and smile from the Deepwood, "Welcome, drink, eat, dance and be marry." She begins to dance whether or not Kalani joins her.

Emily checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kalani checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Haakon eyes Thea flatly. "Yes I'm still salty. I'll always be salty. No matter how good you are in the sack." Kalani gets a wary sidelong look, which turns to Emily. "I'm bloody surrounded. And now there's dancing."

Kalani sets her hands in Emily's and, with another quick laugh, and a somewhat-serious-attempt at returning the sidelong look from Haakon, joins in the dancing. "At the very least. Just, perhaps, not sack racing through flaming hoops?"

"Hullo Sis." Olivian waves to Eirene from where he stood drinking placidly.

Eirene shoots Haakon a glare as he makes the sack joke about her niece. Not amused, no. But she does move to the food and drink and helps herself to some of the fine cider and a bowl of stew. She goes to join Olivian, grunting a hello back to him. Emily is given a polite nod as she offers the welcome but there's no dancing involved.

Eirene gets a bottle of Old Oak Cider from a green stained wooden chest.

Thea hears Haakon and--bursts out laughing. Missing the look from Eirene. Because Eirene wasn't here for the sack race. Poor Haakon. And Eirene. "Practice more. Your wife will thank you. And me. I'll send over lots of apples later."

"I am glad you liked it," Zoey replies to Kenjay. "Care to dance?"

Haakon belatedly notices Eirene's arrival.. the glare, it was the glare. "It was funny," he maintains, dryly. "Fuck my timing," he mutters, before Thea bursts out laughing a d promises lots of apples. "Bring them yourself in a sack, and I'll practice."

As the dancing continues, Emily is not exactly the best but Kalani makes up for that as the two woman enjoy the reel together. Its an attempt to coax more out into the open to enjoy the music. So many are grouchy wallflowers! She chuckles and missteps, nearly tumbling into her partner as she steps on her skirt. "This..this is why I don't wear them!" Because yes, one can see she dances all the time. She lifts the skirt after having tugged it down a bit by stepping on it. HOIST goes her waist.

Thea hears Haakon and blinks. And then snorts helplessly. She looks over at Eirene and chuckles. "You're feeling alright? Is there only one baby in there you think,"before deciding to put Haakon out of his misery. "Fine. But you owe me--because I hate this."

Kenjay finishes picking bits of tree out of his arm-guard, and rises to his feet to offer Zoey his hand. "I do not know these dances, my lady," he reminds her. "For standing on your toes in the next few minutes, I apologise."

Zoey checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Kenjay checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

"They're fun to wear, when you aren't going to have to worry about stepping on a hem or it being blasted cold," Kalani keeps pace with Emily, only just barely better at dancing than falling over in the attempt at dancing. Barely. "This was really fun, and it was awful nice of you to organize and host this."

Eirene cackles as Emily mentions skirts. "Oh honey, I rarely wear one. They're a pain in the ass to move around in," she agrees, sipping cider. "There better be only one," she replies to Thea. "Going to be a living Abyss if I have to carry twins 'round again. I look like damn pregnant goat." She motions to the goat sculpture by means of comparison.

Zoey takes a moment to help Kenjay get into position, showing him what to do with his hands and showing him a couple of very basic steps. "See? You will do fine. And I can read your movements well enough to keep my toes clear."

Olivian crossed his legs at the ankles, "Oh, I don't know about that, sis. You're much more fashionable at least, and your horns only come out when angry." The tall Malvici noted, glancing back and forth between Eirene and the statue in question.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Emily checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Haakon grunts in humor at Eirene's goat jest, before snorting at Thea. "I'll throw apples at you, later," before.. oh hell, they're going to try dancing, everyone's toes beware!

Thea glances at her aunt and the goat. She shushes her, obviously disagreeing,"You do not,"before muttering at Haakon,"I hate you right now." Though she laughs. "Throw apples. Please. I think you've proved your aim is terrible."

"This is my favorite time of year, why not enjoy it," Emily remarks to Kalani. "Besides, with the world the way it is, best to have moments of laughter." She muses over this and glances up and over at Eirene. "Agreed. Very much agreed. I should have gone with pants." She laments but with Kalani's help she manages to not step on toes or likewise herself again. She smirks at her partner as somehow Haakon has been ushered out onto the dance floor. "Oh my."

Haakon checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Thea checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Kalani checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"I do love the colors, this time of the year, and the way the sky is just so lovely, against the shades of the leaves," Kalani tips her head slightly then as she spots Haakon being coaxed - ushered - onto the dance floor. "quite," is said - quite softly - but there's a bit of impish amusement in her eyes. "The blessing of a good cut of trousers cannot be understated, but, perhaps there's something fun about the swish of a good skirt while dancing, all the same."

Yes. Thea is braving to dance. Not only is she braving to dance, she's doing it with Haakon. "You step on my toes--,"she threatens. Nothing about HIS toes. Because that will likely happen too. After all the threats and things, Thea takes his hand and drags him out, getting ready to die. Which shockingly, she DOES NOT!

Haakon snorts and mutters back at the Malvici's quip, "You only hate me right now? Liar." And.. they actually manage a passable dance. Who'd have thought? Insults continue to fly back and forth, of course.

Kenjay doesn't know the dance - but with a little bit of instruction, and a lot of watching the others around him, the man picks it up /fast/. It seems he's a natural, or close enough.

Eirene does tap a toe in time to the reel. That's about as much dancing as one gets out of her.

"Yes, very much." Emily remarks in regards to color and attempts a spin out from Kalani, a flare of dark curls to follow along with her skirt. "Mmmm maybe you are right," she as she tries to spin the Seliki out and about, a laugh escaping her. She winces some and catches her breath. "Granted, I may need to be careful with how I step." she murmurs. She manages to keep pace a bit, a slight sheen of sweat on her brow despite the chill in the air.

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