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Crafters' Guild Meeting: Pre-Faire Edition

The Crown is hosting a Crafters' Faire soon! Come meet your fellow artisans, hear ideas about representing our trades well, and bring some of your own. IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND, it's fine! A summary of any important topic of discussion will be posted or sent around to the membership after the meeting concludes. If you have matters unrelated to the Faire to discuss, some of the guild leadership will remain on-hand afterwards to see to your needs as well.


Feb. 12, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Svana Torian Aviana


Crafters Guild


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

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Comments and Log

Talyan, a frazzled apprentice arrives, following Saya.

Apollo was totally here early. With one Svana, a non-member of the guild (OUTRAGE, OUTRAGE), talking more with his hands than anything. "... wrong length of rivets it just pops apart. I warned him, but of course he had to have it his way - and - it popped right off in the middle of a, um. Rousing speech." He laughs.

So... a very formal meeting.

Svana happily sits at Apollo's side, taking in everything. She's not here to be /scenery/ be any means, but instead seems genuinely interested - and then flashes a smile to Apollo. "Well, of course. Stubbornness is a disease that runs rampant in the Compact. Trying to tell anyone anything is... a hard business."

Torian is sans-entourage of family members at the moment, a rarity, but then again there's some ladies and gents outside the hall of various levels of savoriness. The man him self is occupying his time with gathering up snacks from the spread that's been set out as Apollo goes on about rivets. Chiming in when the other man laughs in a display of well-trained eavesdropping, he adds, "And that is a lesson in the proper construction of codpieces."

Talyan, a frazzled apprentice have been dismissed.

Aviana comes walking into the hall looking around a place she does not often visit something she needs to work on, she looks around spotting Apollo, Svana and Torian nodding her head in their direction.

Apollo quits leaning against the wall at the front when folks start filtering in; that Torian caught the thrust of the joke draws an extra-crooked smile from him. "Evening, crafters! Please have a bit of something to eat, and - send thanks Siri, because I forget to eat properly often enough feeding anyone else wouldn't have occurred to me. Also I don't know what I'm doing running a meeting, but I'm going to muddle through. We'll be quite quick talking about the Crafters' Faire coming up, and perhaps all get back in time to finish whatever we dropped to be here, mm?"

There's a slight snicker from Svana when Apollo mentions not eating properly often enough, and she doesn't disagree with him. She crosses her legs and wraps her arms around her middle, looking up to him as she gets ready to hear about the Crafters' Faire. Aviana and Torian do get a nod of greeting and a quick, accommodating smile before she settles back.

Apollo shoots a look, sidelong, to Svana, a grin. "So I've spoken with various people about what they'd like to see out of the faire. Not the crown, yet, though I mean to. I've got back a variety of ideas, and I think it's sort of matter of priorities what we'd like to do. Of course the primary reason to have a Crafters' Faire is to highlight the work of our artisans. So stalls with examples of your wares, stuff for sale if you like - that all seems like it's obvious. Other ideas - a raffle or auction, if we mean to raise funds for some reason, an initiative we'd all like to support as a guild. A fashion show, perhaps, for those that make things to be worn; a gallery for painters and sculptors. Any - thoughts so far on any of that?"

Svana tilts her head and looks to Apollo, nodding. "I think a raffle is a fine idea... and I like the other ideas too. I think we need to do something new, but what I'm not sure - my creativity only goes so far." She looks out toward the others. "I'm Apollo's new apprentice and I've only just begun crafting. Surely some of you know more about this kind of thing than I do. Primary, I'm a merchant."

Aviana hmms as she moves to find something to drink and something to nibble on and takes a seat, she looks to Apollo, "I know that just rescently I was working with our old Guild Mistress to make cloth jewelry and teh beads for them were made from silk. Perhaps we can do a stall displaying them? I have one on me if you like to see what I mean."

Apollo grins sheepishly at Svana, like: oh yes, introducing you, that... could have been a thing I did. But the gratitude for having done it: equally clear. "Not for long you're not," he says to her last comment, and laughs. He turns his attention to Aviana. "I like the idea of showing off some of the collaborations we've done, definitely. I think there's more of it than people realize. She asked me to design some leather bracelets like that, but I never managed to get 'round to it." His mouth twists, and he shifts on his feet. "The other idea I heard from a few folks was - having live demonstrations of our craft. A bit of training on practical stuff adjacent - how to mend your nice clothes, care for your jewelry and leathers and swords and all that." A shrug of a shoulder. "One person suggested letting visitors get hands-on - try a craft alongside an artisan, and have their work judged in a contest of sorts. I'm not sure I'd know how to run that."

Aviana hmms nodding her head, "Perhaps having the hands on and the teaching on how to care for your things is a good idea as well I like those." she smiles at Apollo, "They are all very good ideas."

Apollo nods, considering the general positive bend of the feedback he's gotten. "I don't have much else, aside from my intent to reach out to the Crown." A pause, then he says: "Perhaps a display with the various new materials guild members have had a hand in making. I don't think luxury brocade or lace have really seen their day in the spotlight. That new velvet, too. Oakhide. Mirrorsilver." A pause, then: "Spidersilk, though that will be something to get enough of for a display piece. But I can talk with one of the tailors that was involved."

Torian has occupied his time drinking the ale, eating the snacks, drinking the ale, and listening to the planning. He does interject himself after some eye-narrowing thinking, "Seems to me a lot of the times we have these things and we show off the best of the best things that we the masters can make. But some of us are running trade schools now, or have apprentices and what not, and we also have guild members who are just learning their craft still. All of them can make a solid table, or a warm cloak, or sturdy boots as their trade of choice allows. Maybe we ought to consider showcasing some of them that are doing that basic every day sort of work. I mean, when was the last time I made boots for a household guard? Some time to be sure. But I got plenty of orphans at safe harbor coming of age enough that they could swear to a house that needs a tanner, or a seamster, or any number of things. Maybe we can do something to help pair them up that are the backbones of the trades with gainful arrangements?"

Apollo hears that, and nods, brightly. "I like that," he agrees. "Perhaps we could show something about the journey it takes to get from just starting out to mastery as well. I know a lot of folks I've seen a talent in and offered apprenticeship to - they're sort of overwhelmed by the idea they've got to be making top-end stuff right at the start." His teeth worry at the corner of his mouth. "Perhaps we can turn one idea toward the other. I'd like to get more folk learning trades. Folk that perhaps aren't as likely to have the opportunity. What if we showcased the trade schools and apprenticeship opportunities - and also had an auction or raffle to turn to funding those? So it's not just folk with good luck or friends with coin that manage to learn?"

Aviana nods her head, "I like that, that sounds like a good idea to me." she nods with a smile on her lips, she sips from hher cup.

Apollo takes a breath, pauses, releases it. "Alright. Well - since we've not got any sort of quorum but - general approval? Perhaps I'll send out word to the whole guild and ask for approval for all this. And folks to volunteer for various things. Hmm." A thoughtful pause, then he says: "Is there anything else concerning the faire you think I've missed? Else I'll adjourn the formal portion and simply hang about until I'm convinced I'm not needed."

Aviana shakes her head, "No I do not think so, I think we have ideas and a good plan." she looks to the others then back to Apollo, "Till your convinced?"

Apollo laughs and shakes his head. "Just until I think nobody's got any remaining business they need any guild leadership here for."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aviana before departing.

Aviana looks to the messenger as she takes the note reading it she smiles, "If you will excues me, I am being asked to meet my Patron." she moves to take care of her dish and cup and smiles, "I look forward to faire."

"Course," Apollo says, and nods, leaving her to go.

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