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In The Name of Mangata - First Trial

In the Oath that all prospective knights must swear before joining the Gold Order of the Dragon, one promises in the name of Mangata to offer succor and nourishment to those in need. In this way, the Dragon Knights seek to bring hope; with this solemn vow in mind, Sir Lord Thomas Hawkmour and the Order are hosting a feast for the people of the Lowers, during which donations to refugees and the most destitute commoners are highly encouraged. Any Knights of the Order in attendance will also hear petitions for aid.


Dec. 11, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Thomas Alexis


Reese Merek Jules Lenne Ras Sydney


Gold Order


Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square - Commons Courts - Courtyard

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Miguel, a cheeky manservant with a pointed goatee arrives, following Thomas.

Miriam, a Gold Order Steward arrives, following Alexis.

Lenne drops A large crate of relief supplies, painted with a gold dragon.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Jules arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives along with Jules. The princess is adorned in her rosy tunic and ivory leggings. She has pink ribbons tangled up in her golden locks. There is also a sword at either hip.

House Hawkmour servants cart in the last platters of steaming food and kegs of wine as the sun begins to set over the Commons Courtyard, overseen by Thomas's manservant Miguel -- for once, unsmiling and rather fierce as he barks orders and moves swiftly among the tables to prevent some minor disaster or another, as commoners and nobles alike begin to arrive. The sky is a vivid contrast, broad streaks of reds and yellows already beginning to cede their places to the darker hues of the night above them and the first bright twinkle of stars, but torches have already been mounted and lit by squires and servants alike.

Thomas stands at the head of one of the tables, his hand resting on the hilt of his rapier and looking -- somewhat nervous as everything comes slowly together; his hard blue eyes flash this way and that, but he seems to have an enormous trust in the people who work tirelessly for his House; he doesn't budge even as one platter comes crashing to the ground and spills sauce like a splatter of blood...though he does wince.

Merek makes his way into the place, looking about with a back sheath carrying his longsword, all of his attire a bit black while he has on his leathers as well. He finds a place to settle in with a salute to Thomas as well as to all the Knights.

Merek gets a solid gold ring made in the likeness of Dragon from a backpack, made of black leather.

Entering into the Commons Courts, Jules enters with Reese but also a smile that spreads from cheek to cheek. His eyes scan over the scene and takes it in but is allowing Reese to give the direction at least temporarily.

It's truly nice to be a noble. Carts are dragged up to the entrance of the courtyard, and horrifically heavy crates of relief supplies and items for donation are offloaded by loyal Crovane servants, to be piled in a corner, out of the way of the feast. All Lenne has to do is 'manage'. Which basically amounts to pointing to where she wants things. Once. At least she's kind enough to offer a little extra silver to the servants for going above-and-beyond for her, and shoos most of them off, after that. She settles onto one of the larger crates, to watch the opening ceremonies, or speeches. Or, as it turns out, to wave brightly to Jules, and hop off the crate to curtsy to Reese, as she arrives. "Hello Highness. Hello Jules."

Lenne blinks at Merek's arrival, and she bows to Merek. "Oh. We meet again. Lady Lenne Crovane. Though you seemed to know me yesterday. I'm sorry. I was terribly distracted, with the flailing boy, and getting punched and such."

Reese looks over the setup with curious interesting. "Looks like a nice gathering." She says softly to Jules who is nearby. She then has a warm smile for Thomas. "Sir Lord Thomas, greetings." She says towrad him. She then has a smile for Merek as well. "Sir Merek." The Princess greets. "Lady Lenne." She says, having a dimpled smile for her that brightens her blue eyes. "Getting punched..." She adds, looking her over for any possible injuries.

Alexis is moving in, wearing hear white and gold silk and carrying her two blades across her back, under her cloak, with the hilts jutting over one shoulder and the sheaths almost scraping the ground. She takes up more space than she'd like, and yet... At least nobody's dared accost the knight. Moving along, she offers small bows to the various nobility, and, since she's mainly here for moral support, takes up a space in whatever can go for a corner. clasping her hands at her waist.

"If you're trying to protect him," Merek offers then to Lenne, as she announces that to all the people, "I mean... I don't think many will take kindly that he did it," he adds, then he lifts his brow a bit. But, it's her knowledge to do what she wants to with, then he looks to Reese, and nods, "Your Highness." He offers a smile.

Merek also adds to Lenne, "Ser Merek."

Jules' smile grows wider when Lenne approaches and he practically cheers out, "Lady Lenne!" He gives a bow to her and says, "Always a delight to see you." He turns to Reese and adds, "It looks like a good deal of work has gone into it and I'm certain that a good many people will be benefited by it!" He then turns to bow to Merek as Reese mentions his name but then grows silent to allow the betters their conversation for the moment.

Reese also has a wave for Alexis. "Dame Alexis, hi, greetings." She says toward her. She seems to be in a cheerful mood. "It does look that way." She then adds a moment later. "I feel like this is a good example of what knightly orders could, should be doing." She muses softly, looking over the set-up once again.

Thomas can't help a sharp, foxlike grin as his fellows in the Order arrive, and he offers a grateful bow of his head to each of them as they find their places -- and an extra bow to Lenne and her servants for the help. As the crowd starts to inch towards the steaming tables of food, he raises his hands to them all, and then lifts his voice. "I will not offer some terribly pompous speech. I think we are all quite starving after a long day, and our stomachs just might drown me out anyway, no?" A beat. "I only offer a prayer of deep gratitude to Mangata, She from whom life springs and sustains us, in whose name we dedicate this feast." He bows his head in silence for a moment, and then gestures invitingly to the tables with an elegant Lycene bow. "Dig in."

After everyone has surged forward for a helping, he turns and bows his head respectfully to Reese, flashing her a small smile. "Highness. Thank you for coming." For Alexis and Merek, his smile is much warmer. "Thank you for supporting me, Paragon; Sir Merek. It means a lot to see you here." A friendly nod is offered to Jules as well. "Sir Lord Thomas Hawkmour, at your service!"

Lenne places a hand against her midriff. "I'm a bit sore, but it was worth it, I think. There was a boy who desperately needed a bit of kindness. And it was my pleasure to provide it. He even drew me an absolutely darling picture of me, for it. Lenne as an angel! Ha! I'm sure as he gets to know me, that image will fade." Well, for someone who got punched, she does seem terribly cheerful about it. To Merek she shrugs her shoulder. "He didn't mean it, and I've made it clear to my house that I promised him Guest Right, and I'll not have him chased, so soon after leaving my doors. He's repaid his debt for his mistake. The matter is closed, so far as I'm concerned."

When it's her turn to be the nobility to be greeted, she bows deeply to Dame Alexis, as it should be. "Oh. Does anyone know Sir Lord Thomas, I wan—" She quiets when the question is answered by Thomas' speech. She claps politely at the close of it.

Merek offers a nod to Lenne, and doesn't offer more though it's clear more is on that mind of his. He then shifts the belt cape which he wears, and looks to Alexis, offering an incline, "Dame."

Jules turns to Alexis when Reese mentions the name and he brightens his expression and says, "Dame Alexis!" He drops into not one but two bows, "So thank you for your kind offer to help me with his lordship." His face darkens a bit, "But I was told my ... direction was incorrect so I will ask him before I proceed. I had intended to message you today and ... my apologies." His face is a bit red. He turns to Thomas as he approaches and he drops to a bow and says, "Jules Fabron, your servant!" He gives a little laugh here and then adds, "So thankful for your service! It's a delight to see people helping others!" He turns to Lenne and furrows his brow in confusion, "What happened Lady Lenne? Who hurt you?" His face looks genuinely dark and brooding... as much as the thin man can manage.

Alexis offers a fist of salute in greeting, and bows her head in recognition of Thomas mentioning her. "I wouldn't miss it, Sir Lord Thomas." She beams bright. Listening idly to Lenne, she quirks a brow. "Well, you're certainly showing Lagoma's mercy, Lady Lenne. We can only hope this... Person... Learns from your example." She concludes. Shooting a small smile to Reese and Jules, and another little nod to Merek "Sir Merek". "So, is there anything we can help with?" She's already moving to help distribute supplies.

Reese looks over to Lenne. "Sounds like quite the situation. I am glad you were okay and well am impressed that you showed mercy." She says thoughtfully in her direction. Reese doesn't offer to help, but she doesn't seem to realize that maybe she should, princesses! Still she has a pink flush to her cheeks, brightness to her blue eyes and gives any commoners showing up one of her gentle smiles.

Lenne shrugs her shoulders at Reese's mention of mercy. "I wanted to help him. I got what I wanted. He hopefully got some of what he needed. It was a fine transaction for all involved. Everyone benefits. And someone who could grow to be a fine young man isn't wasted." She reaches out and pats Jules' arm. "Nobody. I'm not hurt. I have enough of the North in me not to complain /too/ much of ever minor scuff."

She gives a curtsy to Thomas, finally, and offers him a bright smile. "Congratulations on your day, here, Sir Lord Hawkmour. I'm endlessly proud to be part of it." With that smile, she surely backs up her words. "I've been barred from casually coming to the Lowers, by my family. And the chance to come and help in some small way is a pleasure."

"Miguel has already slapped my hands away. Twice," Thomas mutters, giving the sharply-goateed man a dark glare -- and earning an impudent grin in return, as he moves among the servants of both Houses and tries to bring some order to the chaos of the teeming masses. "But I suppose there is always breaking open some of these extra casks of Lenosian Red," He suggests, slapping his calloused hands together and rubbing them briskly. As the conversation turns to Lenne's attack, his eyebrows rise sharply, and he pauses to listen with a tightening of his expression.

"An assault on one of our own is a little hard to swallow," He admits with a grunt. "But I am glad to find you are far more gracious and forgiving than I might be, in the same circumstances. It's an honor to meet you at last." He smiles gratefully at her congratulations, bowing his head again. "As for being barred from the You have plenty of reason to come now, no? Mingle with the people who really need the attention and the help."

Jules does not seem especially mollified by Lenne's own graciousness but does not press the issue, except to fold one arm across his stomach but then he looks around for a few minutes, trying to not be too much of a sourpuss at the moment. He glances back to to Alexis and says, "Dame Alexis, if I can do anything to repay your generosity with me later, let me know." He still looks grumpy but his face is shifting back into a more cheerful look slowly, and says to Thomas, "Have you organized these events before or is it unusual?"

"I trust Lady Lenne's word that justice has been meted out," Alexis assures Thomas, with a small smile. "Besides, she seems to be in good cheer, no?" She points out, as she begins giving little smiles and nods as she hands out parcels of food and clothes, and bowls of hot food alike. Blinking at Jules. "...I don't recall being particularly generous with you, Goodman Jules, but I pride myself on..." She blinks. "...On not being to proud to ask for help, when I need it." She admits, sheepishly.

Lenne bobs her head in agreement with Thomas' final words. "Just so! Once Marquessa Reigna, or Rukhnis push through whatever paperwork is holding things up, to get me on the rolls of the Physicians, I intend to volunteer at the Commons Clinic. I was given the advice to wear the sigils of the Physician's Guild, and that, supposedly, will offer me some measure of safety to travel."

She shakes her head, head, then. Enough talk about herself. She gives Jules a smile. "Remember Rysen's ceremony at the Order? That was after a whole host of Trials like this. Each exemplifying a virtue of a god. This one is for Mangata." She glances back to Thomas, then, too. "What will be your next Trial, do you expect, Ser Lord?"

Merek makes a way to assist in things a bit away from folk.

Speaking of those who need the attention and help, one of the platters on the furthest table has at last run down to the very last loaf of delicious garlic bread...and neither of the two men who have laid hands on it at the same time are not willing to back down. One, a towering barrel-chested fellow with an enormous tangled beard, /immediately/ takes a swing at his competitor, punching the scrawny sailor in a ragged blue greatcoat right in the nose, which spurts blood before the sailor can stumble backwards, clutching his face and yelling somewhat incomprehensibly. "OI! GYU DIBBINT HAB DO DO DAT, /AFF!/" He barks, hand dropping to the hild of a sword. Things might be on the verge of getting quite messy.

Reese is still here, but the princess has been rather quiet for a bit. She does peek over to Lenne at her words. "That sounds good, volunteering at the clinic." She says towrad her. She looks over to the fight and her blue eyes widen. "Oh, oh, please don't we can look for more bread!"

Merek makes his way to where the men are at, "Ah, we have plenty for everyone," this is Thomas' show though, he doesn't get between them, he looks to see how the Knight will manage it.

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Alexis checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Thomas GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Thomas GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

"HEY!" Alexis does have a good pair of lungs on her, and she quickly sheds her normal demeanour, taking on a face that everyone who's faced an Oathlands Drill Sergeant will recognise. "STEP APART THIS MOMENT!" She demands. Stalking over. "Lady Lenne, I require your expertise as a physician," She notes, a little more quietly, but with the same intensity. "Now, I want the two of you to apologise, and then we'll... We'll split this loaf, and then we'll see to it that you get a decent meal. Your nose will be looked after. Have you looked at the parcels of clothing and other gifts?"

Jules glances at the pair and then over to Reese, his own face looks a little pale at the drawing of blades but he remains in place as this is certainly not an area of his expertise and unless there is a need for dancing, he best just stay behind Reese ... or beside.

Lenne sighs softly to herself, when the fight breaks out. Is every organizational event she's attending this week going to have a terrible brawl in it? Seemingly so. Such is the life of Lenne. She's already working the unbuckle her the physician's satchel at her side, as she walks in the direction of the scuffle, peeking back over her shoulder, to see which fierce knight will be helping to make sure the fight is calmed, and nobody punches her. Again.

She should probably wait for orders in situations like this, but she isn't exactly well-used to being in a military organization. Luckily, Alexis is that knight (Because of course she is! It's enough to make Lenne look on, dreamily.). And she even provides the orders to do exactly what Lenne had already intended. Life is pleasantly coincidental, that way. She stands ready, behind Alexis, with a thick square of clean, boiled cloth in her hand, to help the one with the bloody nose, once it's clear they've settled.

"I expect that the mission to the Isle al'Aswaq will serve as a decent Trial of Skald," Thomas is saying somewhat grimly -- and then breaks off sharply when the fight erupts among the tables, his eyes darting to the two men with a fierce scowl and a step forward...but of course, the others have the situation well in hand already. He can't help but offer them a grateful grin, though his eyes are already scanning the crowd for signs of further disturbances.

The bleeding sailor is just starting to yank the sword free when Princess Reese, Sir Merek and Dame Alexis step forward to intercede; the bearded man has already stuffed about three quarters of the loaf into his mouth in the heartbeats between his punch and the sailor pulling back, and when Alexis demands they split the loaf, his face turns a deep beet-red and he slowly starts to back away, trying and utterly failing to yelp something around his completely crammed mouth. The sailor turns to face Lenne, perhaps chastised by Alexis's bark but still bleeding profusely all down the front of his coat and shirt. "Don' eben gare abbud da breb," He mutters, pointing a shaking finger at the retreating man. "I want /JUBSTIBS/."

Reese looks all wide eyed at the almost terrible fight, but she doesn't step in or get involved beyond her first words. She looks over to Jules and then sucks in a soft breath. "It looks like they have handled." She muses softly to him. She looks to the retreating man, to the bleeding man and her cheeks are pale. "They need more bread down here in general, I think."

"Justice for bread? Ok, that..." Merek sighs with a look to them, a nod a bit while he walks up to motion to the bit where he needs assistance, "At least let me get that," he tries treating the man.

Merek checked wits + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Jules looks to Reese and gives a nod and he leans over to whisper something to her...

"Hold, goodman," Alexis barks at the man with his face full of bread. "I won't see you mistreated, rest assured. But your friend deserves justice, and if I can provide it, then I will. I expect we can sort this without the Iron Guard getting involved," She assures him. "Sir Merek, please step aside and let Lady Physician Lenne do her job." Exhaling. Looking to the other man. "Now, goodman. What does Justice look like to you? In the name of Mangata, Petrichor, and Lagoma, I would like it to be restorative, if possible, rather than retributive. Let this small touch of Creation likewise touch your heart so we can see growth from this moment."

Lenne checked composure + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Lenne checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Aletta, a Bird of Prey arrives, delivering a message to Jules before departing.

Lenne looks on with a flicker of clear annoyance as Merek barrels past her, but she at least manages to school it from her face, in very short order. See! She can be a proper noble lady. "It's fine, Ser Merek. The small skills I have for this are all I can offer. I expect there's better use for a knight." She reaches for the man with the pad of cloth in her hand, to press it below his nose, or to hand it off to him if she objects. Stemming the flow of blood will do fine enough, either way. Her voice is as low as she can make it, to still be heard over the crowd. "Keep you head up, Master, and let me see the nose. Don't worry, Dame Alexis is a true and virtuous knight. The matter is in good hands. She will see this justly handled. But do mind that she is a godly woman, when you answer, as you can see."

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Merek did not barrel past, but instead was offering to clean him up a little, and just looks to Lenne, "I'm medically trained, but I understand it's your place, my apologies." Still something about the 'better use of a knight' comment clearly upset him but he schools it so well he looks the picture of calm he did about the night before. How he manages to seem collected in the face of so many things is curious. He makes space a bit.

"MfffMRRRmffhmm, prffllDRFF!" The bearded man insists eloquently around the loaf, waving his hands in front of him as he backs up faster and faster -- and starts knocking into noble and commoner alike behind him, some of whom have the food knocked out of their hands and start to grumble sharply. But Alexis's words bring him up short, and he glances towards the corners of the Courtyard as if he expects the guard to show at any moment. Finally, his broad shoulders slump and he utters a defeated (and very muffled) sigh as he trudges back towards the bleeding sailor.

The sailor, meanwhile, is gingerly prodding his nose with sharp winces at every touch, and when Merek reaches out he jerks back a little -- but finally allows Lenne to approach and examine his nose. It is most definitely broken. "Jubstibs loogs lige anudder broggan nobe," He growls, baring bloody teeth at the bearded man around the pad of cloth Lenne presses to his face as the other man steps up beside him. "...Or...a weeg's bay," He declares, crossing his arms across his chest as his head tilts back. The bearded man's eyes open /wide/ and he barks something against the bread, flailing his arms.

Reese watchs this all with wide-eyed concern and still is not helping all that much. Despite her lack of aid, she seems to be alert and there ia s tension about her body that suggests the princess is ready to act if needed. "I might be a bit off putting as a Grayson Princess stepping in." She says softly to Jules. "So I am going to see if Dame Alexis, Sir Merek and Lady Lenne can handle it first."

Jules gives a nod of his head and says, "Of course." And he seems a bit relieved at this statement and then rocks on his heal a bit and leans up to whisper something to Reese.

Thomas, meanwhile, has approached Miguel and pointed out the people dejectedly looking down at their spilled food; a flood of servants rush forward and press goblets of Lenosian red into their hands as the Lycene lord moves among them, offering apologies and waving sharply at the servants to fetch more delicious garlic bread, to head off another such disaster. He glances over his shoulder at the others confronting the guilty pair, and though his expression is tight, his chin lifts a little proudly at the way it's being handled. "Gods bless those who help others," He murmurs, glancing skyward as if seeing some confirmation there.

"A week's pays or a broken nose." Alexis looks back to Merek and Thomas. "What say you, fellow knights? I can find little fault in his request." Looking to Merek. "Sir Merek, if you would be so kind as to accompany our other party here, to ensure that he faces his justice with honour and humility as a goodman should."

Lenne at least offers a much less intimidating manner than the trained warriors amongst the group, with all the white aeterna that at least makes her appear like a physician, and her own dagger hidden below skirts. And she's not a terribly imposing woman besides. She is, at least, practiced in using that. She doesn't get in the angry sailor's way, or try to hold him back she's just a part of the scenery. Albeit a part of the scenery that probably makes it hard to feel strong or intimidating, given she holds a cloth in front of the man's mouth. "His eyes will likely be swollen nearly shut for a day or two. And I wager he won't be much use for a few days after. A week's pay seems just, to me," she offers, really to the air around her. "I'll need to set your nose. And I can't do that in a crowd. If there's agreement, sooner is better. If I set it quickly, and you take care of it, it should heal without being crooked." Time really isn't that much of a factor, honestly. But better to offer some incentive to accept the nonviolent solution, without a fuss.

Merek looks like he was in some reverie, and looks back to Alexis, "My apologies," he offers again to her and Lenne, while he nods a bit. "I... Think the pay would be better," he wiggles his nose a bit in thought. "But, I don't think that it's best to take from people, in either case it'd be right to do, but there is probably a better way to solve this that benefits even the enactor." A little nod offered to the Dame.

Jules continues to watch the incident play out while speaking softly to Reese, not interrupting those taking control of the situation.

The bearded man is gesticulating fiercely and yelling into the bread, waving his hands down near his waist and raising four fingers, as if to explain he is a destitute father of four who works entirely too hard to keep all the mouths in his household fed and often fails. A swipe at his cheeks and suddenly glistening eyes suggests that he probably cries himself to sleep every night, wishing desperately for a better life for him and his children. The bloody sailor watches this performance with a flat stare that is utterly unconvinced, though when Lenne mentions his eyes will be swollen shut he sighs thickly and waves a hand. "A weeg's bay, I'll eggsept no leff," He declares.

Thomas looks to Alexis when she asks for his input and nods firmly. "I figure the sailor will be out of work for at least half a week, by Lady Lenne's estimate, no? It seems just."

Jules checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Jules listens to the speech from the father of four and while it is moving, Jules does not particularly like children though. And then he just seems as though he does not quite understand what he's hearing but his face is so expressive he barely keeps it together.

Sydney arrives, following Ras.

Reese looks fully taken in by the man's story and her blue eyes are wide. "Oh, that is terrible." She says softly.

After hearing out the others around them, well. Alexis -tries- to be a stoic knight. But she's not quite. So when she reaches into her pouch and finds the gold coins to press into the broken-nosed sailor's hand, it is with a bigger measure of sympathy than she'd like to show, especially for the violent man. "Here, then. I hope this should be roughly a week's pay, and if it falls short, seek me out." She declares. Looking over to the breadman. "As for you. Remember this. I have no authority in the law, but I will do my best to aid where I can. And I want you - all of you - to help each other. The saying is that a rising tide lifts all boats. I truly believe that. I believe that we can rise together."

Alexis checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Ras checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Thomas GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Thomas GM Roll checked composure(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Jules looks up to Reese and nods, "I caught some of it but I do feel bad for his baby Weeg." He does have a sad look on his face, "I don't even much find myself drawn to babies but how can one now feel bad for it." He doesn't know if Weeg is a boy or girl.

Ras enters the courtyard with Sydney, hood raised, and walks along as if he's just any other Lowers denizen here to take advantage of Uppers charity. However, he doesn't actually approach the tables, and seems to lurk on the outskirts, and sharp eyes keep an observant watch on the crowds from beneath the shadow of his hood. He's not studying the knights, or the nobles - for some reason, he's particularly watching refugees.

Merek looks over to Alexis, "I do speak for the law though, but I don't like to enact it," he says, and he won't. He knows best to not do all that in the Lowers. He is content to observe especially when Alexis is dealing with the issue anyway. He does take a look at a bit of the bread, wiggling that way.

Lenne for her part doesn't seem to be especially swayed. She's a bleeding heart, but she isn't a fool. And the man isn't showing any remorse for anything except his punishment. She glances to the breadman. "Dame Alexis is a more generous person than I. You should thank her. Were it up to me, I'd expect you'd have been very busy, with taking extra work in the evenings, to make up your losses. The hardship would have hopefully taught you not to spill blood over a bit of bread, when you have been given all the food you care to eat, since you don't appear to feel guilty for it now." She looks to Merek next, and inclines her head to him. "I'm sorry I was snappish, Ser Merek. It was unbecoming of me."

With that, she leads the injured man, newly enriched, toward the side of the room where she's stacked her donated crates of housewares. At least it's clearer there, and she can try to put together a splint for the poor man's nose.

In contrast to Ras, Sydney simply breaks away from Ras as they arrive and simply begins to mill about, getting a sense for what's transpiring. With her perpetually mismatched leathers, she looks every bit at home in the Lowers as any other denizen.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

It is a bit of a scene here at the feast -- a towering dockhand with an enormous beard and a mouth absolutely stuffed with most of a loaf of garlic bread is standing beside a sailor in a blue greatcoat liberally coated in blood from a broken nose has the attention of most of the Gold Order, while the rest of the crowd is torn between watching the drama unfold with great interest and stuffing their own faces with a complete lack of interest. At Alexis's rousing speech, both of the men glance at each other for a long moment. The bloodied sailor hawks and spits a glob of bloody phlegm onto the ground and growls, but accepts the gold the Paragon presses into his hand with a thick, wet sigh, following Lenne away over to the crates and grimacing as he braces himself for some serious unpleasantness.

The towering dockhand bows to Alexis over and over again, crocodile tears spilling from his eyes and muttering something probably about how grateful his numerous children are...and then turns away, leaving the courtyard as quickly as such a big man can without causing further altercations, laughing around the bread the entire way.

Jules looks up to Reese and, while still composed, it is borderline and he says to her, "We should have a fundraiser for baby Weeg, perhaps get him a good apprenticeship set up. People are generous for a cause." He turns his head here and there and looks for which one might be the baby he has some little affection for.

Ras assesses the dockhand and the sailor, as they appear to be the center of commotion. He circles the outer perimeter of the courtyard in a slow, roundabout, and discrete manner. After less than a minute, he seems to judge that the two loudmouths aren't what he's looking for, and instead returns his focus to the crowds at the tables. His gaze lingers on one refugee, but moves on as the fellow speaks to a companion with a thick accent, and then his brow knits at a serene-looking woman in ragged clothes. When she crouches to comfort a child, he similarly moves attention onward.

Sydney does what she does best at every social gathering. She makes for the food while the going's good, though the sight of some familiar faces does get her attention. Only once she's safely munching on a pastry, does she turn her focus to those who obviously stick out like a sore thumb in the Lowers.

Thomas checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Alexis is far too busy with the two men to notice Ras, though once she's dealt with the pair and turns around, she spots Sydney, and gives the woman a smile and a nod, raising her hand in a fist, and tapping her knuckles to her chest in respect. "...That was... Interesting. And I apologise, Sir Merek. In the commotion I plain forgot you're an officer of the Iron Guard. I should have left the matter to you." She admits, with a bow of her head. "If the Guard seeks recompense, I will of course pay for my usurpation."

Lenne checked perception + investigation at difficulty 41, rolling 11 higher.

1 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting have been dismissed.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Deliverance, an albino falcon have been dismissed.

Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound have been dismissed.

Rascal, a hyper terrier have been dismissed.

Alexis checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Merek looks over to Alexis and blinks a bit in thought, then he looks to Lenne, "It's fine," he says to the apologies. Then he seems to mask away from what is on that mind of his, making him think. He is great at schooling that all, while he nods to folk also, "I mean it is not like they didn't agree, they accepted it." Which is true. "I think that dealing with it without any issue to the two is best."

Thomas has been helping Miguel manage the rest of the crowd as the Garlic Bread Saga comes to a close, and when it finally seems things have returned to some faint semblance of order, he returns to the head of the table and bows deeply to Alexis, Merek, and Lenne in turn. "Well handled, my friends," He says sincerely, shaking his head a little. "It is hard to know if the bearded fellow was truly a father, perhaps, but I think the Gods will smile on you for your generous heart, Paragon," He declares, smiling faintly.

He turns to glance back out over the crowd...and stops, his brows knitting a little as he sees some suspicious movement out at the edges of the courtyard. He seems like he's not entirely sure that he's seen anything at all, but -- his hand drops to the hilt of his rapier regardless, and starts to move into the crowd, where he last saw the disturbance.

Being spotted amongst the crowd, Sydney has a wide smile for Alexis, and she lifts a gloved hand to return the wave, patting one hand against her gloved palm in the process. In so doing, a faint murmur is offered throughout the crowd, with reference to the People's Champion tournament being a prominent topic amidst some of the Lowers residents. The pugilist tends to stick out like a sore thumb herself, in the Lowers - just in a rather different manner than those in armor and silks.

Merek checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Lenne excuses herself from the Sailor, leaving him holding that wadded cloth to his nose, to get a cup of wine. Into it she pours a bit of a white powder from a bottle, from her satchel, and swirls the cup around a bit. Something for the pain. She cleans off some of the blood with an damp cloth, not for any real reason beyond giving a few minutes for the powder to do its work. Setting the nose probably still does make the room go quiet, with his yelp, but at least it will feel better after that. The poor man will go home with a small collection of flat wooden bits holding his nose, and bandages wrapped all around his head, to hold that snugly in place, but at least he'll not have a bent nose, for the rest of his days.

She's dabbing at the blood on her sleeves with a cloth, to help speed the aeterna's release of the stain, when a bit of furtive movement from nearby catches her eye. She's at the edge of the room, near the refugees, after all. She doesn't have Thomas' reaction, and tension. Instead a smile splits her lips, and she calls out, in a happy tone. "Ras! Over here!"

Jules is not seeming relieved to the fact that the conflict does seem to be largely resolved and so he begins wander around the courtyard, looking under tables and behind chairs, as time goes by he does seem to be a little concerned but not paniced.

Ras develops an 'oh-shit' expression as he hears some voice heedlessly call his name, gaze whipping that way. Quickly sweeping back his hood, he scans the crowds of refugees with a worried widening of his eyes, then looks back to Lenne.

Alexis gives Merek a nod of thanks, before turning to Thomas and smiling. "Ah. You flatter me. Truly, it doesn't much matter." She admits. "The bearded fellow will have to contend his life before the Sentinel eventually, and it's not for me to say if he gets right with the Gods. I can only do my best to serve as a good example of their virtues. I'd rather be considered a naive idealist than distrust my fellow man." She notes. "I'm just glad we had Lady Lenne and Sir Merek to aid with the first-aid." She explains. Glancing over to Lenne as she calls out for Ras, but not knowing the man, she seems more than content to just stick by the tables. Looking over at Jules. " something wrong?"

Merek just blinks as Lenne calls to Ras so openly. He doesn't comment, instead shifting back into the mess of people in the refugee area. He gives a thumbs up to Alexis, while he begins to take a bite of some bread he has with him in thought.

Jules glances over towards Alexis and gives a forced smile, "Oh, I'm sure not Dame Alexis, just looking to make sure the baby is okay and didn't get misplaced in the scuffle."

Thomas slows to a stop when Ras whips the hood back and away from his face, the Lycene lord's eyes narrowing sharply. He's not quite connected Lenne's call to the lad just yet. "You," He states flatly, his hand still resting on the hilt of his rapier...but making no move to draw. "You were the boy at the shrine of Skald, the one who jumped Prima Shard." A beat, as he looks him up and down. "Are you here to cause trouble?" He pauses when Ras glances Lenne's way, and he follows the boy's glance sharply...and blinks a little. "Lady Lenne, you know this man?"

"...The baby?" Alexis asks, blinking as she looks around. "...What baby?" Though Thomas' hand on his rapier and tension draws her attention back to Ras, and she furrows a brow, looking over to Lenne as well, apparently ready to take the Lady's lead.

A familiar voice calling Ras's name has the effect of attracting Sydney's attention, as well. The fiery-haired young woman seems rather more interested in what Thomas has to say, however, and she chomps down the rest of her cinnamon-flavored confection and meanders over, offering him an easy smile. "One and the same, and I think you'll also recall how he swiftly made penance for those acts. That's a fine blade. It looks positively wonderful on your belt. Less so with your fingers on it, though, aye?"

Jules motions over towards where the father in the scuffle had been and says, "Why, baby Weeg. His father was the one with the bread." But then he stops as he notices Alexis tensing and his eyes shift over to see what is going on, "Oh dear, I hope he doesn't have that greasy food again!" As he spots Ras.

Lenne claps her hands together in delight, as she makes her way over toward Ras. She's a rather different-looking woman today, in far longer, far brighter, and plainer clothing than the previous day. She probably looks far more severe, in her white and blacks. But then again, it's hard to call anyone so joyously happy 'severe'. "Have you come for some food, and some donations? Do you cook, Master Ras? I brought some lovely pots and pans to give away. And clothes! Though perhaps you're too tall for most of—" She stops, when Thomas moves in to confront the boy. She blinks in uneasy confusion. "Ahh. He's the boy I took care of yesterday. I'm sure he's not here to cause any trouble, Sir Lord. Is there a problem?"

Merek then comes from the place he was at, next to where Thomas and Lenne seem to be about. His look to the Lady seems to be calling her back to what he said a bit before when she was discussing the man, but he does it without saying anything, and a look to Thomas that voices that this isn't the best place for this. There is respect in the way he addresses them with the look, but still a word spoken within them. It takes talent.

Merek checked wits + linguistics at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Ras takes a step back at Thomas's approach, mouth twisting at one corner. Furrowing his brow, he shoots a glance at Sydney, then at Lenne. "I'm a grown man," he says, then bites his lip. "Ain't like you'd believe me if I said no trouble, so. Why do you care? Not givin anyone a bloody nose. Right now." He scowls.

A sharply-indrawn breath through his nostrils, and exhaled slowly again through his mouth as Thomas stares at Ras for a moment longer, and then turns to bow his head to Sydney, his hand dropping from the hilt without further hesitation when Lenne confirms his identity and Merek steps in to offer his reassuring presence. "My apologies," He says to both Ras and Sydney. "He did indeed make penance, though perhaps his tendency to attack first and think after might lead one to believe it could be on the verge of occuring again, no?" As for Ras's answer, he lifts his chin a little, those steely eyes meeting his and holding for a heartbeat. "I would take you at your word, Master Ras, unless you gave me reason not to," He says slowly. A beat, and then he gestures at the tables, still quite laden with food and drink. "Have you had a chance to partake?"

Ras checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

"Welcome, Goodman... Ras, was it? Eat and be merry. Though this is done in the name of Mangata, Petrichor's sanctuary is extended to all who visit." Alexis assures. Left unspoken, of course, is the insult to the god paid by breaking such.

Sydney maintains an easy posture, and her smile becomes rather more cordial when Thomas lowers his hand from the hilt of his blade. "...Food tastes better without naked steel, I've come to find. Unless they happen to be the serving utensils. More often than not, they're wood down here."

Lenne seems to take that look from Ras in stride. She gives him an apologetic bow of her head. "So it is, Ras. I'm sorry for my mistake. I wager that people from the Lowers need to grow up far more quickly than us spoiled Lords and Ladies. And I'll have you know that I believe you." She gives Thomas a smile, at his manner of handling it. "That's very generous of you, Sir Lord, and fitting for the occasion. Don't worry, I'm certain his intentions are good. And Sydney is here with him. She's a very respectable woman." She looks to Sydney, at that, and dips her head. "Sydney Waterfall. Though I should have expected the Red Marauder of Buffets, I didn't expect to meet you here, but it's nice to see you."

"Your guard," says Ras, inexplicably, lowering his gaze to Thomas's rapier. "It's for Shadowhunters, yeah?" There's a harsh tick to the way he tilts his head slightly, stare rising to glower into the man's eyes. "I ain't poor." A low scoff seeps out between set teeth. "Or hungry. Or stupid. So if you're gettin your jollies from watchin folk gobble at your charity, it ain't gonna be me."

He turns that subdued glare on Alexis next, and though he doesn't recognize her, his eyes narrow. "Great. Next time somebody's about to kick my ass, I'll be sure to throw some shit outta my pocket and babble at them about how I can move sanctuary around anywhere I wanna."

Jules begins to continue his search for something again, looking under tables and nearly getting slapped at one occasion but a near slap by a woman is blocked by his arm. He blushes and says, "So, so sorry good woman!" He places a good number of coins, "My apologies for the misunderstanding." She looks at the coins and begins to reach for his arm to whisper something to him and his cheeks go red, "Dear me no! It was all a misunderstanding. I'm just looking for baby Weeg!" He pulls back and begins his search, certainly the woman took the silver.

Sydney offers a light little scoff at Lenne's words, hooking her thumbs into the pockets of her leather pantaloons and letting her smile erupt into a good-natured laugh, "Mmn. I do have a way of acquiring new and important titles when you're about, Lenne. The Red Marauder of Buffets is quite well - and, but of course. I'm more than happy for any occasion that allows me to partake of food without burdening my coinpurse. Ras gets a /look/ from Sydney, and her smile weakens some, "...Sir... Lord. I'm assuming that Lady Lenne has struck you with her penchant for nicknames." She bobs her head to Thomas. "...Might I catch your actual name?"

"Who's naked?" Merek asks perplexedly, and blinks a bit. Then he looks to Ras, and back then to Lenne, Alexis, as well as to Thomas, while he listens to the conversation in thought, black attire on with crimson patterns as well as a belt cape, his longsword upon the back sheath which he wears. He seems to be listening and watching.

Alexis blinks. "I am no godsworn, and my grasp of theology is shaky at best, but I'm fairly certain anyone can invoke the gods and aspire to their virtue." She points out Ras. "That said, if you're here to help, you're welcome as well, of course." Glancing between Lenne and Sydney, she gives the pair an uncertain smile. "You know each other, that's lovely. Ah. You have a wide variety of friends," She concludes. "This is Sir Lord Thomas Hawkmour, knight of the gold order of the dragon and the Sword of Brassfall March. He arranged this whole thing."

Thomas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Lenne's cheeks burn red with embarrassment, as Ras snaps at all present, right after she spoke for him, as she did. There's more than a little hurt in those oh-so-forthright eyes. "Ras! These are good people. People who have dedicated their lives to helping others. And to trying to hold back the things that so wounded you. They've done nothing to deserve your ire. If you don't want charity, then don't accept it, but you don't need to be cruel." She makes a little gesture, back toward where she walked from. "Can we perhaps speak alone?"

Thomas's brows knit a little at the unexpected mention of the mirrored guard, and his lips purse. "It serves many purposes," He answers, head tilting a little but apparently willing to indulge him. "There are many things from beyond the mirror that dislike being seen in one." Ras's next words, though, set his jaw to clenching, and another indrawn breath, sharp and unhappy. Despite this, he folds his arms across his chest and shakes his head a little. "You are under no obligation to eat. But if you change your mind, it is there." These words are...perhaps somewhat bitten off, but carefully polite. When Sydney asks for his name, he turns away from Ras to face her and takes a moment to compose himself further, shaking his head a little. "Sorry, Mistress. I have been unaccountably rude." Alexis's introduction serves well enough, and he offers both her and Sydney a faint smile, bowing to the latter with Lycene elegance. "At your service."

Reese took off for a bit, slipping indoors somewhere and secretly being a total coward while her Grayson guard and Rosalie stood watch. She was trying to wait for the conflict to die down as the Princess isn't exactly comfortable in the lower boroughs. This may or may not have been noticed. Either way she returns now, looking a little braver and having a smile, a bit of a sheepish one. "Red Maruader of Buffets..." She echoes and gives Sydney a grin.

The /look/ from Sydney, paired with Lenne's verbal admonition, has Ras tightening his mouth shut. He doesn't actually say anything, but an apology glints in his eyes, and he scuffs another step back as soon as Thomas turns away, shifting backwards like a deflating alley cat.

Jules, once again, is looking for little baby Weegs and is currently heading over towards the steaming cauldrons of hearty vegetables and gives a shiver and looks rather disgusted. He quickly turns away and begins to look around where the stacks of garlic bread are, "Of course, baby Weegs is probably around the bread." He seems quite pleased with his reasoning and is now beginning to make his way in a large area game of hide and seek with the compact champion, Baby Weegs.

For her part, Sydney seems more than happy to take the focus off of Ras. She offers a wide smile in Reese's direction and offers a wave, "Just so. No buffet is long for this world with me in attendance." She curls her fist and thumps it against her chest. Alexis is given a further bob of her head, but her focus returns back to Thomas as he offers a bow. "Sydney, of no particular surname, and a great many nicknames. Best at making food swiftly disappear, and punching out lights in fighting pits all across the Lowers. Even the glamorous ones!"

Alexis gives an uncertain smile - between Sydney and Lenne, and Thomas. Clearing her throat. "Sir Lord Thomas, I'll see about moving some crates. I'm sure there are... Full ones that need to be put in place. Or empty ones that need to go out of the way."

She's not very good at this.

Lenne breathes a put-upon little sigh, and closes the last few steps with the sneak, place a hand on his shoulder, and step up on the tip of her toes to whisper into his ear. There's a pause, then another whisper from her. She turns, then, and steps away. As she passes Sydney, she explains her question from before. "You can stack up titles, Lady Sydonia Waterfall of House Line, People's Champion, and Red Marauder of Buffets. If a miracle occured, and I became a knight, instead of a scholar, I would be Dame Lady Lenne." She then continues off, looking over her shoulder to see if Ras follows her.

Jules walks over towards where Lenne, Alexis, Ras, Sydney, and Thomas are and he is actually looking rather concerned from increasingly lengthy searching and he finally says, "I am certain I am over reacting but I'll gladly pay for the ease of my mind if anyone can find me baby Weegs." He reaches for his coin purse.

Ras moves a step aside to follow Alexis a few paces, but not all the way to the crates - apparently he just wants to quietly and seriously address her offer for him to help. "These things're like patchin a hull with parchment," he says, almost earnestly, though a remainder of a sullen attitude persists in the knit of his brow. "You'll never solve the problem." A tight gesture is raised upwards from his right hand. Past the tall walls of the commons courts, something greater lurks above, stark against the blue sky and white clouds - the sovereign bridge, and the cliffs of the Upper city - visible and looming from almost everywhere in the Lowers. "So long as some folk like lookin down, there'll always be people below."

Merek looks to Jules, "I am not sure baby Weegs is actually about."

After this dramatic statement, Ras glances back towards Lenne and Sydney.

Sydney offers a casual little shake of her head in Lenne's direction, flashing her teeth. "People's Champion is not among my titles. I am, however, honored to be the People's Choice of the most recent People's Champion event." She not-so-casually digs into her bag and withdraws a crown, plopping it on to her head. "Pray see that you respect my titles in the future, Lenne." She adjusts her crown with an air of amusement. It looks ridiculous. Amazingly ridiculous.

"Maybe, goodman Ras." Alexis shrugs. "And maybe we'll be able to change that one day. Until then I'll keep patching the hull. I'd rather be helping these people, even if only for a day, than to do nothing at all." She offers him a small smile. "I'm lucky enough that I am in a position where I can do so. And hopefully, us so doing will help others. Rising tides and myriads of boats, all that." She explains. "Sometimes you have to fight for what will be, rather than what is, Goodman Ras. But most of the time, what is will give you plenty of reason."

Jules blinks twice at the revelation of Merek but then looks extremely relieved, "Well I should have realized he'd be at home. Probably his nap time." He shakes his head slowly and laughs, "Of course." The final statement stated to himself. With the relief flooded over him and then surrounding him with cheerfulness, he hands over some money to Merek and cheerfully makes his way out of the courtyard while he whistles.

"I don't need uh, the coin," Merek offers with a blink to Jules, "But thank you," he says, seeing if he will take it back, if not he will likely place it into the funds for the charity.

Ras looks back to regard Alexis, clearly taking her last words with a great deal of thought. His gaze slowly tracks sideways and then snaps back to her, eyebrows furrowing more deeply in concentration for a second or two. Finally he presses his mouth into a line and ducks his head in what could be a vague nod, turning fully to slink over to Lenne and mumble something.

Reese looks over to Ras only just noticing him now. "Master Ras, greetings." She says towrad him. She then turns to Sydney. "Buffets are pretty wonderful." The princess says, although she didn't touch the food at ths one. "Baby Weegs..." She adds a moment later, sounding mostly confused. "Is there an actual misisng baby?" She adds.

Though he hasn't been thrilled with Ras's manners, the boy's words seem to give Thomas pause. He follows the gesture with his eyes upwards to the bridge, something solemn and pensive entering his expression for a long moment until Alexis speaks again. "Well said, Paragon," He murmurs quietly. "If nothing we do makes a is still important to try, no?" He glances back down to her with another faint smile, which blossoms into a grin at the exchange between Sydney and Lenne, one brow quirking with delight at the crown the former produces. "Please, raid the tables as much as you wish. Maybe someone will finally find this baby Jules is looking for?" He adds, with a hint of confusion.

And still, behind them all, commoner and noble alike tromp past the tables, lightening them of their load, as the stars shine bright in the sky.

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