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A Night of Reflection - Sir Lord Rysen Remembers

Join Sir Lord Rysen Crovane, Knight of the Order, in his Night of Reflection. Having fulfilled his Oath and honoured 12 of the Thirteen, Sir Lord Rysen calls together his fellows, to share his adventures and earn the acclaim of his peers. Should he be successful, he will be awarded the Ring of the Order, and be eligible for further advancement, as well as bragging rights. Having shown his dedication, and reaffirmed his zeal for the Order's Purpose.


Nov. 27, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Alexis Rysen


Reese Jules Thomas Lenne Mikani Merek


Gold Order


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Lair - Chapter House

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Alexis is settled at the map table awaiting the arrival of those order members who will come to honour Lord Sir Rysen Crovane, her greathelm resting on the table before her, and her massive blade nestled against her chair. She wears, of course, the almost blindingly bright silk of her position - or at least, that's how she's come to regard them. Squires stand at attention along the wall, ready to announce each arrival.

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Lenne, Reese arrive, following Jules.

Rysen slowly makes his way into the chapter house, being supported by his retainer, Deor, and followed closely by Lygeia and two Crovane guards. He has bandages visible on his neck, and dark brusises on the left side of his face. His left eye, also, is blood red, save for the iris and pupil. He slowly drags his braced left leg to stand before Alexis, and bows respectfully the Paragon of the Gold order.

Jules enters into the Chapter House with Reese and Lenne, whether it's with one or two on his arm(s) I don't know but he does whatever is appropriate and with a broad and happy expression on his face. He speaks to each of them very softlyand as he enters, his eyes shift about slowly and he speaks in a hushed tone, "Ohh, I've never been here." He turns to Lenne and says, "So much still to explore." And then to Reese, "Is this where all knights have their night?" He then grows silent after seeing Rysen.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Thomas strides into the chamber at his usual brisk pace, hard gaze moving quickly about until he spots Alexis and Rysen with his supporters at the map table; his steely eyes widen slightly upon noticing the man's state, cataloguing each visible injury with the swiftness of a life-long soldier. After a moment, he approaches them more slowly and dips into an elegant Lycene bow, one arm sweeping out and the opposite rising so he can touch the broad brim of his hat. "Paragon Alexis...and Sir Lord Rysen I presume?" He asks, brows quirking as he rises and then moves one of the chairs to take a seat. "Sir Lord Thomas Hawkmour, newly sworn to the Order," He introduces himself as he detaches his rapier to prop against the table and eases down onto the edge of the chair. "I am quite eager to hear your reflections, my lord."

Lenne is seemingly happy enough to walk in on Jules' arm. Commoner or not, he's cerainly a reliable anchor in unfamiliar circumstances. Of course, upon noticing how happy he looks at the situation, it doesn't keep her from playfully hissing, "Jules, you're an utterly shameless social climber." Alas, for propriety sake, she can't give him another elbow, as she did before. She lowers her voice yet further, taking on a more conversational tone to her escort. "It's new to me too. Can't say I've had the opportunity to deal much with any knightly orders. Do you think it's fine for us to go talk to Rysen? I haven't really gotten a chance to see him since the opera." She gives her brother a long, considering look. "He's certainly less... pristine for this function."

Reese arrives at the event while in the company of Lenne and Jules. She is adorned in her rosy tunic and ivory leggings. Pink ribbones are tangled up in her golden locks and a sword is at either hip. The Princess peeks over the area, having a smile for Thomas. "Good to see you again, Sir Lord Thomas." She says to him. She looks over to Rysen with some concern, but has a smile for him as well.

Jules' face continues it's downward expression slowly as he looks at Rysen while stopped. He's shocked out of it by the jab from Lenne and speaks in hushed tones, "What do you mean I'm a social climer? Because I enjoy the world over?" He gives a bah, his smile plastered on rather than naturally flowing out. He then says, "As far as whether you can speak to him ... I don't know." He turns to Reese, still speaking in a hushed tone, "Do you think she could speak to Rysen?" He turns back quickly to Lenne, "I saw him today, I got him a few stuffed animals to cheer him up." He redirects his attention back to Reese for her answer.

Alexis may be the Paragon of the Gold Order of the Dragon, but she is still just a Knight in the company of nobles, so she rises from her seat and offers a respectful bow to Rysen. "Glad to see you here, Sir Lord Rysen. I heard about there being dramatics at the Opera." She affixes herself with as dour an expression as she can manage, poorly imitating the late Duke Arn of Telmar. "I would've been very disappointed if you didn't show up to your own Night of Reflection," She points out.

Thomas gets a bow as well, and, well. Alexis is not the best at being neither gruff nor stoic, so he gets a smile. "Glad you could make it, Sir Lord Thomas. Please, feel free to help yourself to refreshements." She nods over to the tables set up. Looking to Rysen again. "And you, I think, should get to your chair and we'll have someone else get you the food and drink you wish for, yes?" Her tone a little milder than her affected gruffness should dictate.

She bows once more, when Princess Reese and her retinue(?) enters. "Princess Reese, Goodman Jules..." She hesitates a little on Lenne, before settling on "My lady." Clearing her throat. "Please, partake in your refreshments and take a seat. We are gathering here to hear about how Sir Lord Rysen Crovane has risen to the challenges set by his Oath to the Gold Order. I ask that you please respect that and hold questions until the good knight indicates that he is done. Once the questions are done with, whether or not Lord Sir Rysen has adequately risen to the occasion is determined by the acclaim of his peers." She pauses. "I expect we will mingle and such once the formalities are dealt with."

Mikani enters her back straight and she stands composed as she does so. It isn't often that Mika tries to look every bit the Lady she is, now is one of those times. Her hair is plaited and cascades down her back in sun kissed dark brown falls down to her lower back as the green wool of the dress whispers against the floor. She glides with a fighter's grace and bearing. She smiles as she sees Jules and Lenne and it grows more as she sees Rysen up and about. Though something seems to hold her back from running to go and hold him up. Instead she keeps a slow and steady pace to Jules and Lenne. "I hope I haven't missed a thing." She murmurs softly to the two of them.

Merek heard his friend was confirming, and as such has come in a little while after other folk. He doesn't try to bother anyone, pulling his cloak about him while he finds a place to settle in and listen.

Reese looks over to Jules. "Oh, giving him stuffed animals is wonderful and if anyone can speak with him, it is his sister." She softly says. Reese then has a warm smile for Alexis. "Dame Alexis, wonderful to see you." She cheerfully says. Reese then goes to get a treats, piling up her plate. She waves to Mikani and Merek.

Beads of sweat form on Rysen's forehead, but he smiles as best he is able, and bows his head slowly, but honorably to Thomas. "Well met, My Lord, and welcome to the Order." Upon hearing Jules and Lenne, Rysen turns with a slight grin. "The ground are magnificent are they not, Master Jules." He narrows his grey (and red) eyes at Lenne. "I made it, did't I?" The knight of the Northlands places a fist over his hear in a military salute when he sees Reese.

There is a look of deep affection to see Mikani enter, and a nod to his friend Merek, who has share dwith the Crovane lord many adventures. Deor moves to bring Rysen a chair, which he slowly eases himself into. "I'm glad to be here, Paragon Alexis," he says, facing again the leader of the Gold Order. When Rysen is offered food, he says, "I'm afraid I must decline. There is blood in my -"
"He is only drinking tea and some crushed foods, Paragon," interjects Lygeia. "Strict order from the Crovane Minister of Medicine."
"No alcohol either," mutters Rysen.

Jules cannot restrain himself and gives a half hug attempt at Mikani unless she draws back. He speaks in a hushed tone to her, his voice saddened, "My lady, how are you? I do so hope well enough." His eyes cast over towards Rysen and then back to Mikani, "Anything I can do for you, anything at all!" The voice still hushed despite the exclamation. He gives a nod to Reese in response to the stuffed animals. He overhears Rysen saying no food and seems saddened but when he hears Rysen mention no alcohol he gives an audible, but hushed, "Oh dear,dear." And a few tears run down his cheeks but he does not say why. He force that smile back on with the biggest smile he can muster.

Alexis offers a smile to Reese. "Your highness. We are honoured by your presence." The smile fades a little, however, at hearing the instructions from his servants, but she nods, and lets Miriam find both tea and prepare a meal of easily swallowed, soft crushed foods.

"...At any rate, ah." Thrown a little, Alexis clears her throat. "I am Dame Alexis Wyrmfang, Sword of Blancbier and 4th Paragon of the Gold Order, and, I big you all welcome." She concludes. Waiting a bit to make sure everyone can grab their fill (and giving a thankful nod as Miriam also settles a platter and goblet before her seat), she brings her hands together. "So! For this Night of Reflection, the last of his tests, I give you Sir Lord Rysen Crovane." She leads them into applause, then gestures to Rysen, and settles down, so that the man may, as it were, take center stage.

Mikani checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

There's a flash of a foxlike grin in return for Alexis's smile, there and gone again, though it leaves a faint lop-sided trace behind. "Would not have missed it for the world," Thomas replies, a gleam of interest in his eyes, and then nods gratefully to Rysen. "Thank you, my lord. It is an honor to be among such esteemed company, no?" He stands to fetch a drink, glancing between the pair. "Might I get either of you --" And breaks off, smiling a little wryly, as Rysen's servant explains his strict diet. "Some tea, then," He murmurs, fighting off a chuckle, and moves to the refreshment table, bowing to Reese along the way. "Highness!" He says, that smile growing broader for a moment. "A pleasure to see you as well."

Merek offers a smile to Rysen while he inclines to the man, then he shifts up a bit. His hair is a little bit messy like it often is, with his beard a bit grown. He has his cloak pulled about him, while he listens. He does blink a bit at the fact he's apparently healing up. He inclines also to Alexis, perhaps satisfied she's back about, and a nod to other folk he knows as well.

Mikani lifts her chin higher before nodding slightly at Rysen. Her eyes looking unusually watery. She moves her head and briefly brushes her finger under each eye. She nods to Damien as he gets her some food and some tea. Mikani lets Jules give her a half hug and she gives him a small smile for it. Her eyes return back to Rysen watching him waiting for him to give his talk.

Jules begins to clap his hands in time with the lead of applause by Alexis. His eyes cast around the crowd and although it's sad, there's a true smile on his face. He looks over to Lenne and whispers something to her and then focuses on the man of the hour, attempting to give no distraction in the moment.

"No, things are just starting," Lenne replies to Mikani. "We didn't get any chance to talk after the attack. You didn't get hurt, did you? I only saw you going after one of them, as I was going down to Rysen." To try to alleviate any hurt from Jules, over her remark, she stands on her toes and places a kiss on his cheek. "I'd never change you for anything. But, ahh, is that how it is? Just happy to be walking in with two beautiful women, then?" She lets him go off to attend to Mikani, in order to get a little closer to her brother, to meet his reply to her. "I wouldn't expect anything could keep you away from anything you had your heart set on, Rysen. No mere knife in the back could hold you, I'm sure. But please do try to avoid something similar tonight, for the sake of your poor little sister's nerves, hmm?" And with that, she gives a polite little bow and turns to go rejoin her family group. She wouldn't want to get in the way.

Deor turns Rysen to face those assembled. He smiles warmly at Lenne's remark, and his hand comes to rests on the hilt of his rune-etched sword. Lygeia offer him tea, and he takes a sip, and then says, "Knights of the Gold Order take an oath when we are admitted, to serve the gods in word and deed. To honor the traditions of our order, I will now speak to my own deeds in service to the gods." He looks a little pale and drained as he speaks, but he smiles slightly and says, "Please eat and drink - a lot, so that my recitation will sound more interesting." The knight's face becomes more solemn, and he says, "The first part of our oath is as follows:
The Light that Guides; the Flame that Cleanses.
In the Gold of Dawn, the Dragon Comes
In the Golden Scales, We Bring Hope

For All of Creation I strive:
In the name of Mangata, I will bring succor and nourishment." Rysen's eyes pass to Reese and he says, "I have offered succor and nourishment to those taken from Merchant's Home when freed from slavery alongside Princess Reese Grayson."

Reese looks to Rysen, at his words, nodding as the adventure he attended with her is mentioned and then giving him a dimpled smile.

Alexis is more than happy to eat from her platter of mixed cold cuts and cuts of cheese, alongside some fresh bread, which Miriam has had the foresight to put a dollop of honey on. Preparing herself an open-faced sandwich, she pauses only to take a sip of her cider, and to give a nod of approval to Rysen.

Rysen takes a sip of tea, and, with a feverish look in his eyes says, "In the name of Petrichor, I will offer shelter and sanctuary.

I have offered shelter and sanctuary to the Eurusi who survived the journey from the City of Chains alongside Sir Merek and Lady Mikani.

In the name of Lagoma, I will bring purification and change.

I brought purification and change to the village of Eresport, putting an end to the dark powers that held it.

In the name of the Queen, I will bring ends and beginnings.

I have brought and end to the tainted shark that plagued the beaches of Arx, and my wife, Lady Mikani and I, hope to bring new life and a new beginning into the Dream soon." His eyes pass to Mikani, and there is a deep look of love.

Lygeia looks a little troubled as Rysen speaks of his deeds, but Deor places a hand on her shoulder, suggesting perhaps, that she should let him continue. The Crovane lord then says,"For All things Conceptual, I strive:
In the name of Limerance, I bring the truth of oaths and promise.

I have upheld my oath of marriage and my promise to seek out and eliminate those powers which once ravished my homeland.

In the name of the Sentinel, I will uphold and seek out justice.

I have sought justice for the people of the Northlands in the destruction of the Undrowned Sons.

In the name of Gild, I will bring charity and mercy.

I offered charity in donations to the Physican's Guild, and mercy to the errant and foolish bandits while patroling the roads with Lady Tescelina Wyrmguard.

In the name of Skald, I will enshrine the right of choice and free will.

I have severed slavers and pirates from this life who sought to rob others of their freedom and right to choose."

Alexis continues to nod along, glancing to the others mentioned in Rysen's telling - Reese and Merek, and of course Mikani. Raising her glass in toast to the hope of bringing a new beginning into the Dream.

The poet knight's resonant voice continues to fill The Chapter House, as his eyes pass with gratitude to Alexis, and to the others who have come to hear and support him. "For the Ars, for Science, I strive:

"For the Ars, for Science, I strive:
In the name of Vellichor, I will bring light and learning.

I have sought the light of knowledge from Sister Sophie, sought and shared knowledge with Inquisitor Faye, and synthesized the nearly lost wisdom recovered by Lord Mirk Halfshav - Elder of the Spirit Walkers - so that it might be shared with others whom he and his fellow shaman should initiate in the Old Ways.

In the name of Gloria, I will bring honour and stand firm.

I have fought and earned a place among the champion of the Rites of Gloira. I have stood, along with Lady Icelyn, against horrors that nearly defy description and have joined with members of the Inquisition and Iron Guard to face a twisted murderer plaguing the Lowers.

In the name of Jayus, I will nourish dreams and inspire the many.

I've with my muse's peerless verse
'Long with the bardic Grayson Prince
The arts of poetry rehearsed
To inspire dreams among the kids.

In the name of Aion, I will safeguard this world and its people.

I have safeguarded the Compact against threats of many kinds, and hope to continue to serve its people with Aion's help."

Though his voice is weaking, there is a light in Rysen's eyes as he nears the end of his reflection. He says, "And knowing the Thirteenth, I will reflect on all I do,
to consider consequence and strive to better myself in all these things.

I am a Knight of the Golden Dragon. I am the inspiration of the Dawn.

I am the Light that Guides, the Flame that Cleanses.

So do I swear, before the gods and the peoples of Arvum," completing the words of the oath, and looking to Alexis to see if he has met with the Paragon's approval, as well as the others of the Order.

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Alexis rises, then. And gives a nod of assent. "Well spoken, well told, Sir Lord Rysen." She declares, having practiced her outdoor voice herself in the time she's been gone from Arx. She moves, stepping closer to him, and rests a hand on the back of his chair, offering her... Not very impressive stature in support. "Does anyone have questions for the Knight in Reflection, about his trials or other subjects?" She inquires.

Thomas has returned to his seat at the table with a goblet of red wine, but his attention is on Rysen as he recounts his deeds along with the Oath. The Hawkmour lord's expression is openly impressed, head tilted slightly to the side, and he nods thoughtfully along with each, occasionally drinking from the goblet and raising it in toast along with Alexis at the mention of a new life. He's otherwise quiet, though at the mentions of recovered knowledge and the fighting of slavers especially he murmurs appreciatively. As the recitation draws to a close, Thomas stands and offers another bow and a lift of his goblet to the man. "Your deeds are valorous and worthy of praise, Sir Lord Rysen. I'm honored to serve alongside you, and hope I can accomplish even half of what you have in my own Trials," He adds with a smile, and then takes a deep gulp of the wine before sitting again.

"You are very kind, My Lord," says Rysen warmly to Thomas, as he sits with Alexis standing behind him, "and thank you."

"Oh, I have a question, Lord Rysen. What brought you to seek the Order? I admit, it was probably mentioned, but I've know you a while, my friend, and I'm curious," Merek offers. He doesn't usually take too invested interest, but Rysen is a special case.

Rysen nods to Merek, and says to him, "When my homeland was destroyed some years ago," he says, glancing at Lenne with a pained look on his face, and rubbing his left forearm, before turning back to Merek, "I swore an oath to dedicate my life to preventing similar powers from like destruction to whatever extent I could. I have joined the Inquisition by leave of Prince Laric to that end, and I asked Princess Alis if I might join the Gold Order, which also has dedicated itself to facing the most dangerous threats to Arvum in order to serve out that oath."

Merek dips a nod to Rysen, "I will be happy to call you my brother in the Order," he says to that answer, then he offers a salute upon the dark armor of his, cloak shifting while he inclines to him also, then he steps back.

Though feverish and sweaty, Rysen smiles to Merek, and dips his head respectfully to his knight and friend.

Jules directs his attention at this point and speaks up, "Your honor and gentleness is without description Sir Lord Rysen, how will you inspire the dreams among kids?" Hopefully this was not just a formulaic statement.

Rysen turns then to Jules and nods. "Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella put on a series of events in the Nightingale Park each summer," he says. "They ask me to teach poetry to the children - and I truly enjoy doing it. I teach them several different techniques of poetic invention - free association, copying models, rhyming games. They seem to get a lot out of it, and I consider it an honor to teach."

Alexis gives a small smile to Merek. "An excellent question, Sir Merek." She notes. "Thank you." Giving Rysen a supportive squeeze of the shoulder. Her smile quirking wider at Jules question and giving him a nod of approval as well.

Happiness, a bluebird arrives, delivering a message to Rysen before departing.

Lenne knows that pained look all too well. She was there, when Stormwall burned. But, she swears by the spirits, she'll not be lost in dark ruminations about it on another of these nights. In that matter, she can't help but play the part of the sibling, to speak up, in her brother's glorious moment of triumph. "In your oaths, Sir Lord Rysen, Voice of Crovane, and peerless Knight, I didn't hear the tale of facing down the dreadful arrows of the feared Countess Stahlben. I assume it was a coincidence of omission." She oh-so-innocently states. "Instead, perhaps you can tell us, of what you would call your single greatest triumph, on the field of battle, or off."

Mikani laughs softly at the mention of Cady's bolts. Though she stays quiet in general letting Rysen shine and tell his story. She does look very interested in knowing Rysen's greatest triumph.

When she hears Lenne speak, Alexis gives a mild chuckle, and grins to Lenne. "I like your sister. She's your sister, right?" She murmurs to Rysen. Happy to keep her... Well, let's be generous and call it her calming presence near that chair.

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Jules looks over at Lenne's question and the dreadful arrows of the Countess Stahlben but he realizes this must be some family joke and keeps quiet.

Rysen laughs at his sister's word, and nods to Alexis, but it is soon followed by a grimace. Lygeia quickly comes to his side, and helps him take another drink of tea, for which Rysen looks a little embarrassed, as he's supposed to be valorous, strong and knightly, instead of nearly dead. Turning again to Lenne, Rysen smiles and says, "Indeed, I omitted surviving the fast flying bolts of Countess Arcadia, and you were right to bring that up here before the gods and Paragon Alexis." His tone is playful and he winks at Lenne. His face grows more solemn and thoughtful though, and he says, "I'm not sure what my greatest triumph might be. Perhaps working with so many heroes and geniuses to alleviate suffering and make the best use of the gifts the gods gave me. The events of Graywater Bay are some that I am most proud of, but truly, it is gaining the trust of many of the people you see here, and many others throughout Arvum that I consider to be my greatest triumphs."

Merek does look to Rysen, and nods a bit, though something makes him look to the side, and back to the man, at the talk of the bolts. "You really make me think."

Jules looks down at Mikani and there's a slight moment of 'Ahh!' but then when Rysen gives his answer he gives a very disapproving look which, when he catches himself, quickly changes it to a smile and a nod of approval.

Alexis clears her throat - perhaps sensing that there is a certain point where keeping a man wounded like Sir Lord Rysen at the center of attention delves into cruelty. "I think that's well spoken enough. And I have but one question for you myself. I understand that, while I was away, you have worked with others - Princess Alis, as you've mentioned. To, for lack of a better word, keep the doors open. Is this true?"

Rysen nods slight to Alexis' question. "It is true that Princess Alis has inducted me into the Order; however, I am relatively new, and have spoken with the Princess seldom. Before your return to Arx, I was hoping to revitalize the Order to the extent that I could, out of respect for all you and your predecessors had previously accomplished, and the great warrior of the Metallic Order whose sacrifice has ensured our survival."

Catching Jules' disapproving look, Rysen grins and quietly says, "Mika would not like it if I named her my 'triumph.' She must settle for my true love, and partner in all the adventures of life."

Alexis nods, then. "Very well." She concludes. Looking to Thomas and Merek. "Peers of the Gold Order. You have heard Sir Lord Rysen's tales of his trials. You have heard his reflection on his experiences. So I ask of you - has he met the standard we set for our Order?"

Jules gives an appraising look though his eyes belie a hint of playfulness at them. He reaches a hand down to her shoulder and rests it there briefly and here he smiles with all the pride of a new father.

Lenne didn't get the answer she was expecting, but if anything, she's far more pleased. She hasn't had nearly enough time to get to know her sibling in adulthood. She grew up on tales of his deeds, and the picture that painted. It's nice to know that her brother kept his thougthfulness into the current years. "Hear, hear. The Compact is the greatest work of men on Arvum, beyond the triumphs of any single person. And the friendships and comradery we make here hold up that institution. Well said, brother." For her part, she's sure that he must certainly meet the standards of the knights around her. How could he not?

Reese looks to Alexis and then over to Rysen, giving him a smile. "I think that Sir Lord Rysen would be a wonderful addition to the Gold Order and very much represents the ideals of knighthood and fighting against the abyss. It is my say, me not being in the Gold Order, but I think that any knightly order would be blessed and lucky to have him and I think that the Gold Order is a wonderful order who derserves such a man as him."

Merek offers a nod to Alexis, then he shifts his attention to Rysen, "I have heard his oath, and I find it to be acceptable. He has met the standards, and I'd welcome him to the Order as a brother," he says.

Reese is overheard praising Rysen: A wonderful example of a knight!

Reese is overheard praising Alexis: Yay, Dame Alexis a great leader!

Merek is overheard praising Rysen: A noble man.

Merek is overheard praising Alexis: A great leader.

Lenne is overheard praising Rysen: A knight to match his own poetic heart.

Rysen is overheard praising Reese: Cherished teacher, paragon of chivalry and an excellent companion in all adventures.

A firm nod, from Thomas, with another flash of that foxlike grin, and he spreads his arms. "Goldenpyre himself would be pleased by the example Sir Lord Rysen has set for us. I agree with Sir Merek, he deserves the recognition as a brother of an Order."

Rysen is overheard praising Alexis: An excellent leader, and respect Paragon of the Gold Order.

Rysen is overheard praising Merek: My brother-in-arms, and fellow knight of the Gold Order.

Thomas is overheard praising Rysen: A high bar is set, but that's the way it should be!

Rysen is overheard praising Lenne: Beloved sister, who is truly too kind to her brother.

Jules should look as though he would cheer aloud with the pride of it all, cheer Reese, Rysen and Alexis but the man just looks so darned tired from the emotion of it all and can barely muster the smile that he gives to those he ought to be praising.

Mikani laughs softly and shakes her head. "I think I will survive with the title and keeper of your heart." She says to Rysen softly before leaning over to place a soft kiss on his check. As she pulls back she has a look of great affection for her husband and a happy look for his accomplishments. "I am very proud of you ..."

Alexis beams proudly to Thomas and Merek, and nods to Miriam, who reverently brings forth a small velvet pillow in white and gold, holding a solid golden ring. The Steward kneels before Rysen, and offers it up. "Sir Lord Rysen, by acclaim you are a Proven Knight of the Order. We grant you the symbol so you may wear it with pride."

Rysen glances back at Alexis with pride and happiness in his eyes. He accepts the ring from the Steward and says, "I will wear it with honor. Thank you, all."

Alexis clears her throat. "And with that, I declare the formal part of the Night of Reflection to have come to an end. Please, stay and mingle, get to know each other, and share other tales that honour the gods, if you have a care. Tonight, in the name of Gild, we offer you our hospitality."

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