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Arx Scavenger Hunt!

So you think you know the city of Arx like the back of your hand? Well, Princess Sabella Grayson is hosting a scavenger hunt that will give you the chance to prove it! Starting at the Badger Boardinghouse Tavern in Grayson Ward, this game will take you all over the city and show you that even if you've passed by a street a million times, perhaps you haven't really looked around. It's a great way for newcomers to the city to learn their way around and for those that have been here all their lives to stop and take a moment to learn more about this great city we all live in and love!

There will be a numerous prizes handed out but remember that it's not just who can run through the items the fastest, it's who gets back first AND has all the correct answers to the hunt!

OOC: There are some rules to keep in mind as the game will take you all over the grid:

-The questions will be posed in one big chunk about ten minutes after the event starts (or when the trickle of people coming in slows down), please be ready to copy and paste those to notepad or a scratchpad! If you're late don't worry, this is meant to be fun!
-You must do them in order.
-Answers should be sent in a messenger to Sabella ONLY when you are at the final location and have posed yourself being all triumphant!
-If you enter a room where there is another PC you MUST stop to pose at them twice: one entrance pose, one pose from them, then one exit pose if you'd like, but you MUST interact with them more than just 'Sabella runs in ignoring everyone, finds the answer, runs out.'
-I've actually timed out how long this should take a person without poses, so if you get it in before that time I know you're cheating and you will be disqualified.
-And on that note we're obviously on the honor system here. Please don't use your alt to try to get answers faster, don't have other people help you, etc., etc.


Dec. 9, 2019, 9 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Badger Boardinghouse Tavern

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