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Grand Hunt

Arx will soon be under siege but, for the moment, the Abandoned army is more than a week away.

House Laurent is organising a grand hunt to take place beyond the city walls, beaters will drive game from a huge swathe of forest and particularly challenging beasts will then be brought down by assembled nobility to demonstrate their skill and prowess.

This will be part of a larger exercise to gather provisions for the coming siege but that is no reason not to enjoy the occasion, please bring a horse.


March 11, 2017, 5 p.m.

Hosted By



Abigail Ailith Sophie Jael Reese Silas Tikva Clover Tobias



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Gray Forest Outskirts

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

6 Crimson Blades Private arrives, following Tobias.

Alejandra, a snowy white hound arrives, following Reese.

Cristoph is of course on horseback, astride a roan gelding, not a war horse by any means, though he has a boar spear resting with the butt atop his left stirrup. At the moment he is concentrating on greeting new arrivals as the long, long line of beaters start to get to work in the distance.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Damascus, a regal steel gray warhorse arrive, following Silas.

Let it be stated for the record that Sophie is no hunter. Whenever taken on hunts, her relatives keep her safely on horseback and in the rear. The one time she did a ground hunt for boar, she lost a good chunk of her robe and was saved her legs thanks to the swift brutality of then Lord Victus. So why is she here today? Might have something to do with her cousin clover and a sense of familial responsibility towards her Wyrmguard cousin (and anyone the hapless archer might accidentally shoot).

Jael has been shopping for a proper horse, but in the meantime, she's trying out just about every one in the stables to see if they suit. At the moment, that means a chipper dark bay that seems to be very excited about the prospect of the hunt. Only slightly more excited than its rider, who has her bow hanging from the saddle as she tries to keep the creature from dancing about too much.

Clover is on a borrowed horse, her bow over her shoulder. Her expression is rather gleeful. "I love hunting!" She informs Sophie, brightly. Because they are near each other, of course. Sophie very likely here to babysit the hapless archer.

Reese is no hunter herself, but that doesn't stop her from arriving and attending. She wears brown leather that is adorned with small pink roses. She has a slivery pink sword at one hip and a ruby pink sword at her other hip. The girl borrowed a horse from the grayson stables. Alejandra is with her as well, the hound is probably better at hunting than her.

Silas arrives on a war horse! This was a good opportunity to get Damascus outside, and Dash some adventure. The spear he intends to use remains strapped on his back for now. He offers Sophie and Cristoph smiles as he approaches in a leisurely gallop. "Good day, m'lord and princess." Dash bounds towards Alejandra. BEST FRAAAAND!

The Crimson Blades command center for the outskirts siege preparation is less than a mile away from the Forest proper, so it was an easy ride for Tobias to come over on Oak, his War House. Blood red armor catches the afternoon light, while a crimson cape flows in the wind behind him as he goes. A squad of twenty armored men in Crimson Blade tabards follow behind him and spreads out into a line formation, before stopping near the Hunting grounds.

As he stops near the grounds, Tobias flips the visor of his helm upwards and secures it, before sweeping his gaze over those attending. "This should be interesting." Tobias remarks with some amusement in his gravelly tone as he spurs Oak towards the edge of the grounds.

Alejandra woofs toward Dash, padding over to him and sniffing.

Cristoph grins as he nods to each arrival. "Welcome, Princess Sophia, my lords and ladies, I am not sure what will be flushed out, but the plan is that should anything especially impressive be found, a boar, a bear, a great stag perhaps, we will ride there. I am not expert hunter myself but am looking forward to enjoying myself." Then "Lord Tobias, thank you for attending, this is spread out over miles and though the enemy are still a week away it is worth taking precautions."

Cristoph then continues to catch up with people. "Princess Reese! I see you have come better prepared than most, I do not think I have met your hunting hound before? She is quite spectacular."

Fondly, Sophie beams at Clover's enthusiasm, which is ebullient enough to momentarily distract from the likelihood of impending doom. When Silas, offers greeting, an amiable smile is offered his way, extending to the nearby Cristoph. "Duke Laurent. Sir Silaaaaaeeeeeeeee!" The Mercy squees at the adorableness absurdity that is a running corgi.

"Puppies!" says Clover, excitedly seeing both Alejandra and Dash. She doesn't get off of her horse, however. She just watches the adorable corgi nose up to Alejandra. (Even though Alejandra's original owner would probably be grumbling about Dash not being a proper dog).

Tikva rides out on her sorrel mare, her seat casual and easy and her split skirts flaring out around her in the breeze of her passage. She sits her horse like a pro, her bow slung across her shoulders along with her quiver and white-fletched arrows. The coppery sheen of the sorrel's coat is suggestive of the sunset red of her hair. That's right, her horse is like a hair accessory (no, wait, what?).

Reese peeks in Cristoph's direction, having a warm smile for the duke that touches her blue eyes. "Alejandra." She says speaking of the hound. "She is Prince Ainsley's, but I am hound sitting for right now and she wanted to come to the hunt." Reese murmurs. Of course she probably just assumed the canine wanted to come, rather than asking.

Jael nudges her mount toward Cristoph, a wry smile curving as the squees of puppy joy start to sound. "Cris," she greets her brother, mount side-stepping at the high-pitched noises. "Your highness," she nods politely to Reese as well. "It's looking like a good day for it, at least."

Silas turns his horse slightly to greet Tobias with a nod when he arrives, too. "Lord Telmar... looking unusually heroic today," he compliments with a slight grin, taking in the sight of Tobias's armor and horse. He looks over to the playful dogs - or at least one was in the playful mood - and makes a whistle sound to urge Dash to move on.

Reese smiles over to Jael. "Greeting Lady Jael." She says in her direction. She then has a warm smile as Clover draws near to the puppies. Reese is on her feet, leading the brown horse she borrowed from the Grayson stables. She then notices Tikva and has a warm smile the russet locked ranger. When Dash moves on, Alejandra pads back over to Reese and woofs.

"Hmmm..." Tobias gives a squint to the distant beaters, before he shifts his gaze over to Cristoph, "Duke Laurent." Tobias gives a nod to him. "Copper Company is about to go on break on schedule, so I had a spare squad who wanted to observe." Tobias then looks to Silas. "This is my usual armor kit, Lord Commander. I've been very busy with the siege lines for a while now, and I get called out on occasion for dealing with refugees."

Abigail is perhaps not one of the last to make it out towards where everyone was to gather for the hunt, though she is not in much of a hurry in the riding towards the others upon her horse, a roan colored stallion. She wear a tunic of dark green, brown vest which brown breeches and boots, and cloak settled upon her shoulders. A bow rest upon her, quiver as well. She pulls back lightly upon the reins once closer to the others, a nod is seen along with a friendly smile. "Your Highness, Lord and Ladies. Good day to all." Is offered with a polite tone.

"Jael!" Cristoph greets his sister. "You will be pleased to know that I did meet Lord Michael and that things were amicable." A nod to Reese, then. "Lady Tikva, Lady Abigail, a pleasure. I think we are ready to ride then? We seem to have four archers, myself with a spear, then everyone else with swords? Not the weapon I would bring to a hunt but then I do not have an alacirite blade."

Clover smiles toward Sophie and says, "Isn't that dog so cute? So little stubby. Maybe I should start breeding dogs. Then I could have puppies around all the time. Do you think that Dominique would be okay with that?" She sighs softly and then looks toward the others arriving (or were here already), "Duke Laurent! Lady Laurent! Lady Lyonesse, um, Some Lord I don't Know Wearing Crimson, hello!"

Reese has two short swords with her and probably can't reach much from her horse. She is not hunting ready at all. Still she climbs onto her mount.

"Duke Laurent," Tikva says with a lift of her chin, easing her horse forward toward the line of the others. "Lady Jael, good to see you. Ah! Clover!" she waves, sunnily, with the broad sweep of her hand. "Oh, and Princess Reese. I'm sure that getting a little exercise will be good for ... the hound. Dogs can sense when people around them are stressed, you know."

"Hm. I guess I just don't notice..." Silas answers Tobias. "There's no shame in taking the compliment anyway." He begins to untether the spear latched onto his back, in preparation for the hunt about to start. "Lets get something big!"

Jael might look //briefly// terrified when Cristoph talks about meeting Michael, though she quickly clears her throat, flashing a smile. "Quite pleased," she agrees, grin spreading to something a little more genuine when she catches sight of Tikva. "Lady Tikva!" she exclaims. "I'm glad to see you here."

"Hello," Sophie brightly greets the other arrivals, her lambent voice tinged with mirth from her cousin's enthusiasm. "Lord Tobias Telmar, if I may present Lady Clover Wyrmguard." To whom, she asides, "I don't see why she wouldn't. I suppose it would depend on the breed."

Reese has been rather stressed. She glances over to Tikva, nodding in response to her words. "It should be good for her." She says, glancing down at the snowy white hound. Alejandra looks better than she has in days. Her tail perks up and everything.

Abigail looks on a bit amused at corgi while he makes it's rounds. "Is rather cute." She'll have to agree with that, though she prefers the hunting types herself. At the talk of them all being ready to start the hunt she offers a nod. "Always ready for such things." She does enjoy a good hunt, an this looks like it might be one.

The distance noise of the beaters begins to get less distant, shouts, ringing of bells and beating of drums, whilst there has been the odd bird or rabbit darting past there is now the sight of something larger. Deer! A whole herd running headlong though they try to divert as they see the party, a good two dozen or two including a rather impressively antlered stag.

Alejandra woofs woofs and pads forward, ready to chase the deer. Her ears are perked and she is sniffing away.

"Good Afternoon, My Lady." Tobias gives a warm nod to Clover. "I'm Tobias Telmar, Lord General of the Crimson Blades Mercenaries." Tobias then turns to look at the forest. The herd gets his attention, but he makes no move to pursue, yet. "Good luck to you, hunters."

"Hi hi!" says Clover, "It's nice to meet you!" And then oh look, deer! She kicks at her horse, to spur it on to stat moving. Is it time to go? It doesn't matter, she's like a cat with no impulse control. Trot trot goes the horse!

Seraph Ailith arrives on her own two feet and without a horse for the hunt. Bundled up in her hooded priestly white cloak she eventually arrived towards the hunting party appearing quite excited about the sizable group in attendance.

Clover also, at some point, does wave toward Tikva. "Tikva!" She calls cheerful.

Reese is upon her brown horse while in her leather armor. She gets her horse trotting, starting to follow along after Clover. She has a smile of greeting for Ailith.

Silas spurs his horse forward, galloping towards the fleeing herd. He's not going for the stag just yet - far more compelled to chase down which ever poor deer is closer to him. Poor Dash's stubby legs means he's likely going to be left behind for most of the hunt, but being outside was fun enough for him!

"Seraph Ailith, welcome, though you may have trouble keeping up with us, it must have been quite the journey." He looks to those present. "Might somebody be able to give the Palace Seraph help there? If not we can dismount one of the servants." As such he fails to immediately notice the deer until people whoop and spur forwards, not to mention the sounds of the dogs. Then a grin, he readies his spear, though he does not immediately surge forward given he is trying to play host more than take part.

Alejandra has longer legs than Dash! She out paces the corgi, being a real dog and all!

Silas checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 22, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Clover checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 10, 5 lower than the difficulty.

Tikva has rolled a critical success!
Tikva checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 86, 71 higher than the difficulty.

Reese checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 16, 1 higher than the difficulty.

"Thank you my Lord though I think it would be best if I just spectate. I am not so decent at riding. Honestly I am terrible at it." Ailith admited all too happily as she watched the hunting party gather and prepare for the chase of the spotted deer.

"Hyah!" Tikva laughs on a huff of breath, beaming smile spent between several of the ladies present even as she rises in her stirrups, surging forward at a canter toward the deer. She balances neatly, reaching up to pull a white-fletched arrow from her quiver. Her arrow is off like a rocket, and her shot is so clean it gores one of the deer straight through the eye and buries itself in the head.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 30, resulting in 17, 13 lower than the difficulty.

Alejandra is chasing after deer, run, run, her doggy legs are strong. She tries to route the deer hoping to encourage them to get in the path of the hunters arrows, not that these hunters need much help! Tika and Clover are quite the archers.

Jael checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 56, 41 higher than the difficulty.

Abigail checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 33, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Cristoph lifts his spear to Ailith in salute then. "If you wish Seraph Ailith, though we will hardly be remaining still!" Then he rides after the rest and in pursuit of the deer, a fair distance behind practical pursuit however, delayed as pulls his mount short to avoid a fallen tree and diverted to where he achieves not terribly much.

Reese has no weapon that easily reach the deer and so she stays perched on her horse and trots along. She doesn't even try to get one with her short sword from her horse, that is good way to take a tumble. Instead she watches the others.

Silas manages to catch up to his targeted deer and manages to impale it in the flank. The poor beast topples over, crying out in alarm, and crumples to the ground. Silas doesn't stop and gallops right past, towards his next prey.

    Dash -eventually- arrives at the first kills and barks excitedly at them.

Abigail checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Ride, ride! Clover really is /the worst/ shot there is. She strings up an arrow and aims at one of the deer, unfortunately she shoots a little bit wide and hits a tree. Plunk! She laughs gleefully and says, "Whoops!"

Among those not chasing or shooting? Sophie. As long as she arrives in time to tend to the wounded, it's all good. Not much she can to for the tree Clover hit, though.

Jael's mount shies to the side as others take off, ready to join the chase, though Jael tightens her legs around it, trying to hold it still even as she whips out her bow to take a shot at the herd. The arrow flies true, into the ribs of one of the trailing deer, and only then does Jael let her mount take off, only one hand on the reins.

Silas checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

That is quite a lot of deer down! The rest start to scatter, shooting off into the woods in most directions, the stag still up and leading a small knot of the less panicked survivors. The benefit of this being a hunt for nobles to enjoy themselves is the servants are already moving in to secure and dress the downed animals without any need to wait.

Abigail doesn't take off at first as she hears Cristoph speak of Ailith and looks to her before the answer is given that the other shall be staying. A polite nod and smile is seen before she give her horse a good kick and he is off following the others. With the deer out and running she has her bow in hand and is pulling a arrow from the quiver easily. Her horse stays just far enough while Abi keeps her balance and lets a arrow fly towards a doe. The arrow hits the doe in the shoulder sending the animas stumbling downwards.

Silas checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 20, resulting in 20, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Clover checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 20, resulting in 13, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Tikva checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 40, resulting in 21, 19 lower than the difficulty.

"Hold still, deer!" says Clover with a huff! She knocks another arrow and aims toward yet another deer as her horse goes. But her arms jerk at the last second, and she ends up sending the arrow soaring up into the sky and to disappear somewhere into the forest.

Alejandra bounds after at deer, catching the animal around its right hind leg wit her powerful maw and knocking it down. She might an adorable canine, but apparently she can be dead as well. The poor deer! Alejandra pounces. Having the spirit of a hunter and not being a cruel canine. She bites the throat, trying to end the deer's quickly rather than prolonging things.

Buoyed by the cleanliness of her shot on the first deer, Tikva fires her next arrow after the big stag, but it buries itself harmlessly in the ground. ALAS.

Abigail checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 20, resulting in 45, 25 higher than the difficulty.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 20, resulting in 27, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Reese trails behind the actually hunters, trying not to get their way. Still she rode worth with them, as the princess can be all protective of Alejandra. She watches the hunt, while making it a goal not to ride in the archer's way. Being a pincushion is not always fun.

Jael checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 40, resulting in 48, 8 higher than the difficulty.

The next deer nearly escapes him as Damascus gallops furiously in chase. His spear lashes out again, this time piercing it's neck, and evidently striking an artery in spite of it being a relatively small wound. The deer continues for some time, then slows and collaspses as it's blood steadily drains.

Cristoph has better luck this time now that he has caught up to the rest, urging his horse forward, levelling his spear to catch one of the trailing deer in the flank then carrying on past, twisting the heavy hafted weapon to pull the point free as he passes.

Jael's mount is all about running. Maybe it wants to be a deer as much as Jael wants to be a bear. Whatever the case, Jael isn't fighting for it at the moment. Instead, she's setting another arrow to the string, grin broad as she draws back and sets her sights on the stag at the front of the pack. "Come on, just another..." She looses, letting out a whoop of her own as the arrow strikes a haunch.

Abigail doesn't set her eyes on another doe until she is rather certain the frist is down and from the looks of it all is good as she rides past the fallen animal. With the herd spreading out she gives her horse a push forward and the stallion quickens his pace while she takes aim for another doe that is close by. Arrow knocked and sent flying towards the doe's side and it crumples to the ground with a soft woop escaping the archer.

"Good hunting to all of you!" The Seraph shouted as the riders sprinted off on their chase. Lingering behind was Abigail and the priestess offered the woman an encouraging nod to continue on. She was able to see each of their weapons raised and aimed to claim the deer off in the distance. Step by step her feet would carry her along their trails along with another servant that had chosen to accompany the priestess.

Alejandra stands proudly over her deer, woofing proudly, wagging her tail and looking over to Reese and even to Silas who she also knows. Look at me! The hound seems to be saying. She even as a woof for Dash.

Reese falls back to Ailith, since she is not actively hunting at the moment. She gives the Seraph a gentle smile of greeting. "My sword swords are not the best hunting weapons." She says and then adds a moment later. "I am Princess Reese of house Grayson."

Dash drops a large stick next to Alejandra. That's his big kill of the day!

The deer are dead or scattered now, including the stag! Caught by Jael's arrow and running for a short while before collapsing. "Well done!" Cristoph calls, whilst reining in his mount, taking a moment to wipe blood from the blade of his spear.

"Petrichor's feathered friends." Sighs Clover sadly, "I didn't get to shoot one." She pouts a little bit, but bounces back almost immediately. "Aah!" She says at Dash and his stick. She jumps off of her horse to trot over and pick up the stick and shake at Dash, "What a good boy you are!" She tosses the stick.

Alejandra woofs woofs as the stick is nearby, saying something in canine.

"I am honored to meet you your Highness." The Seraph returned the greeting with a bow of her fame that could still use some practice. Looking to Reese the priestess bundled her hands within her robe. "Even if one feels they may not be an equal to compete the joy is in the company one has. No matter who makes the kill."

Once the deer are down, Jael slips her bow back into the case hanging from her saddle, taking hold of the reins with both hands and taking a few minutes to circle her mount until it's calmed down. Somewhat. It's still very excited about this whole thing. "Should help to keep people fed, at least," she casts a swift smile toward her brother. "And good target practice. I was beginning to think I was getting rusty."

Silas continues onward! Unless, of course, everything's already dead. He's impressed as he spots Jael's arrow hitting the elusive stag and finally begins to slow, sensing the hunt might be coming to a close with that. He twists in his saddle to take a peek at the other hunters behind him, and to make sure Dash didn't get run over in his excitement.

    Dash barks excitedly up at Clover when she picks up his beloved stick. Human affection points increase! And Dash leaps right off to fetch the stick as soon as it leaves Clover's hand. Fetch was likely the only true doggish thing he was good at, beyond sniffing out dead bodies, and he jumps up a few feet to gracefully catch the stick in mid-air.

Silas checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 30, resulting in 43, 13 higher than the difficulty.

Reese has a gentle smile for Ailith. "Your words are wise." She says in her direction. "That and it was important for Alejandra to get out and have some fun. She has been troubled lately." She says, speaking of her hound. "I don't believe that we met before." She says toward her.

Clover checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 30, resulting in 7, 23 lower than the difficulty.

Jael checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 30, resulting in 33, 3 higher than the difficulty.

Clover notices that there are still some deer scattering out, and she tugs her bow back off of her shoulder excitedly. She knocks the arrow and aims for a deer just as Silas goes for it as well-- and *PLUNK!!* the arrow slams right into Silas' armored back, between his shoulder blades.

Abigail lowers her bow once the rest of the herd seems to be off and free, and she turns her horse slightly as has him pace a bit before turning him to head back towards the others. She lets her bow settle back to her shoulder and grips the reins losely with both hands now. "Good shooting by all." Well not all shooting but still was the point to be out in the hunt.

Silas checked dexterity against difficulty 15, resulting in 30, 15 higher than the difficulty.

"I am honored and humbled by your praise your Highness. And no, I am afraid we have not, though no time is better than the present to become better acquainted." The Seraph remarked as the two conversed in audiance to the hunting party. She manages to keep an ear out for the activities without appearing to be rude in dividing her attention on the royal. "Alejandra?" Ailith asked. "Is she one of the riders out there?"

Silas decides to take out one last deer before he's done, when he confirms that Dash was fine. Damascus is spurred forward once again, much to his annoyance, and he closes in quickly on one of the slower of the herd. This time he skewers the poor thing quite thoroughly, leaning in and using his momentum to deepen the wound. All seems well and done...

    Until Clover's stray arrow hits him square between the shoulders. He wobbles in his saddle at the unexpected blow, but remains in place. It was a -very- good thing that he decided to don his armor before going out. He wheels around to face Clover... and squints back at the little noble lady from his distance. "... Ow."

For the record, Clover's shot is the reason why Sophie is here. The soft sigh sigh and 'yup' expression that follows a sympathetic wince for Silas should suggest she well enough expects this kind of mishap when her cousin and a bow are involved.

Jael just can't help it. There's still movement, which means there are still deer, and as she catches sight of one, she snaps her bow up from the side of her saddle with a quick-draw and a shot, taking down one of the stragglers. "Much better than people," she starts to sigh, just as a people gets shot by mistake. One hand flies to her mouth, not quite stifling an 'oh shit' before she searches for the source.

Reese looks out over the forest beyond, trying to keep track of the hunters. She doesn't notice Silas being shot just yet though. Her attention is back upon Ailith. "She is my cousin's hound. He is a way for a bit, but will be back and I am hound sitting. But she misses her alpha. You know how canines can be." Reese says, but the empathic might pick up on her being troubled about her cousin's absence. Now she finally notices the arrow in Silas, the princess wincing in response. "Ouch.." She says, but then adds. "I think he will be alright. Sir Silas is used to being a pin cushion." Still she watches for a moment to make sure he will be okay. "You are Godsworn with the faith?" Reese asks of Ailith.

Clover sinks down a little bit when Silas turns to squint at her. She hunches down and does an impressive job of making herself look a >smaller<. Though she gives Silas a bright smile and waves toward him, "Haha... Like last ngiht, right?" Nervous giggles escape her. He /does/ have a rather impressive spear.

Cristoph does not immediately notice that Silas is hit, then he tenses, turning aburptly, concerned, stopping his horse abruptly. "Lord Commander Silas!" Clover then eyed dubiously for a moment. "I hope you are unharmed? It is fortunate you were hit and not one of us wearing less armour."

Abigail lets the other's take the ifnal shots as she was returning to the rest. She does catch sight of an arrow going towards someone instead of a deer and a soft ah escapes her. A glance is sent over to Clover and she clears her throat a bit. "I think he shall be alright... Especially if wearing armour." She offers with a soft tone to Clover, as if to attemping to help.

Silas breaks the arrow shaft in half before prying out the rest. There's a pained grunt, but he smiles reassuringly back at Cristoph and the others who inquire about his well-being. "I'll be alright. Hit mostly armor. It'll leave a bruise but that's nothing I'm not used to." He drops the remains of Clover's arrow and dismounts when his steed finally settles. "No harm done, Clover. But be careful!" Cristoph was right: it was probably fortunate he was the one hit, being in full plate!

Clover chews on her lower lip a moment, and sticks her bow back over her shoulder. She quietly goes back to where she left her horse, and rather deftly mounts it (for how clumsy she is). She dips her head downward, and reins the horse to the side, and takes off back in the direction of Arx.

"Oh.." Understanding lit up upon the pale priestess' features as the hound was identified. "I would imagine so." Agreeing with ever present gentle warmth in her tone despite the winter's chilled air around them. When the Lord Commander takes an arrow in the shoulder the Seraph raised a hand over her mouth, a flash of fear lit her gaze. "By the Gods mercy..." came her murmur. "Is he alright? He appears to be alright." The man didn't fall from his saddle and the arrow was removed by his own hands. "Maybe my healers pack will be useful afterall if this is to set the tone for the rest of the hunt." The Seraph told the Princess Reese, "And yes, I am Sister Ailith."

Reese watches Silas once again, but he seems to be okay, she gives him a smile, seemingly relieved. She looks after Clover as she takes off, a bit concerned for the little archer as well. She then turns hr focus back to Ailith. "Oh, it a pleasure to meet you. I am part of the faith myself, but.." She then trials off, trying to find the right words. "I am not godsworn, I am more of a helper than anyway."

"I believe you all should be safe now!" calls out Sophie to the hunting party. "If you'll excuse me, I will go escort my cousin! I'm wishing you a lovely remainder of the day! May the Gods bless and keep you!" And then the Mercy is turning around to follow Clover back to the city.

Jael slips her bow back into place once it's clear that no one's been injured (other than the deer, who are dead), relieved. "Ah. Right then." Her mount wanders a bit, burning restless energy by prancing about, and she doesn't interfere for the moment. "Not sure this one's going to work for battle," she smiles ruefully to Cristoph when the prancing takes her in his direction. "Fun for a hunt, though."

Silas frowns when Clover makes an abrupt exit. He shouldn't have mentioned the bruising, he thinks. He looks tempted to follow after her until Sophie takes the initiative, and he decides to stay put and let family handle it. He moves to inspect the woodland creatures he has murdered instead. "I think that's it for the day, yeah?"

Cristoph shakes his head slightly as Clover departs. "Well that casts a dark cloud over things, accidents happen, that is why we are wearing armour, or at least leather." Then. "Still, do people not wish to continue? That was only the first game flushed, we have not run into any boar yet for example, which is what I was hoping for."

Abigail glances after Clover and Sophie as the pair leave and she ponders slightly before looking to the others while leaning back slightly in her saddle. "If others like to continue I'm game for such things. If not, we did manage to get a good few deer so it is a good start either way."

"I'm willing to continue," Silas answers Cristoph and looks back to his horse. "Might have to look further in for boars, though."

Reese looks toward Cristoph. "I am game for whatever you want Duke Laurent, in this regards." She murmurs softly. Of course easy for her to say, she is tagging along behind and chatting.

"That is why I have about a thousand beaters driving everything before them Sir Silas." Cristoph notes, with a grin, raising up the spear he has in hand. "But you are right, we should ride deeper into the woods. Does anyone want refreshment as we travel?"

"I'm in to search for some boar," Jael nods to Cristoph, flashing a smile in Abigail's direction as well. "For //those//, I'm going to keep a little more distance, though," she chuckles. "They don't seem to be as impressed with arrows as the dear usually are."

"Is that so your Highness? Are you a diciple?" The Seraph asked curiously then witnessed some of the hunters start to depart. When it seemed that the mood had changed the priestess called out to those remain, "Please do continue in honor of Petrichor while in his domain and allow him to bless this joyous occasion in his name."

Silas stops to give Dash and Alejandra some scritches behind the ears before he hauls himself back ontop of his war horse. "I could use some water..." He murmurs when refreshment is brought up. Wine definitely wasn't his choice of drink for hunts. He pulls his reins and moves closer to where said refreshments would be!

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of attending servants, there is little need to move, one rides to Silas, offering him a water skin as the party moves deeper into the forest.

"Celebrant." Reese says toward Ailith, having a gentle smile for her. "I am still in thoughts about what my role in the faith will be more precisely." She says gently while keeping her horse at a gentle trot.

Abigail chuckles and nods as she hears Jael. "Indeed... They tend to be rather against the sight of arrows." This said with a soft murmur while she will follows after the others deeper into the forest after the trail of boar.

Silas nods his thanks to the attendant and happily glugs from the waterskin. Being in full plate made things significantly more sweaty and stuffy, even if it was his poor horse doing most of the footwork. He follows the rest of the party silently.

The group is heading at an angle into the woods, ahead of the slowly advancing line of beaters and their noise, but moving deeper into the woods, a squire rides up now, horse lathered, in an obvious hurry. "A bear!" She calls out, a distant roar can be heard. It sounds angry.

"Maybe I should help now." Reese says, sliding down from her horse and drawing her pink long sword in a manner that suggests she is willing to help fight the beer if need be. "Are we going to fight the bear or try to leave her alone?" She asks, seemingly of whoever is close enough to hear. She calls Alejandra to her, not wanting the hound to get hurt.

Silas blinks hard and abruptly stops his glugging. He looks to the others, wondering if they really were going to go after a bear...

The tall Seraph gazed up to Reese, "I know all to well that feeling in one's self. It is a decision that one does not take lightly, though where you feel purpose will come to you as an awakening. I encourage you to become familiar with your thoughts and your heart. The Gods will show you your path among them."

Reese turns her attention back to Ailith, having a gentle smile for her. "Thank you for sharing those thoughts." She says, sounding warmly sincere. She then looks toward Silas seemingly uncertain about going after the bear. Still she has her sword drawn and will probably help if the others do.

Abigail continues to follow the others, bow back in her hand but she does not pull a arrow jus yet. She hears the squire at the talk of a bear and she isn't to sur what to say on that matter. A glance is sent to the others to see what the word is it word on going for the rather angrey sounding bear or not.

Jael's head snaps up at the sound of the bear, a wry glance cast toward Cristoph. "I don't suppose it wants to be friends and invite us all over for tea?" she teases her brother, even as her mount dances a few steps from side to side.

Cristoph looks back to the group now, abreviated as it is. "Are we interested in going after a bear then? If not I am unsure anyone else will be." Then a grin to Jael. "I think this is your opportunity to be able to hold something over Sir Norwood when he next reminds you of how you first met."

Reese keeps Alejandra close, the princess planning to protect her hound should a bear charge them. "I don't know. If she is just a normal bear, it makes sense to leave her alone? But if she is an undead bear..." She says, because one never knows in the Gray Forest! "I will go look." She offers, which maybe isn't super smart, being angry bears are dangerous. "Alejandra stay here with max and the Seraph an don't get hurt!" She says, padding closer in the direction of the bear. The hound doesn't listen and follows Reese.

"Bears kill people," Silas answers Cristoph with a twitch of his lip. "Especially angry bears. I typically leave them alone..." He then jerks his gaze in Reese's direction, in alarm. "There's -undead- angry bears around?"

Cristoph inclines his head slightly as people talk of leaving the bear alone, but also pulls a face. "Dangerous yes but in perhaps two weeks, this whole area will be an encampment for the Abandoned army, they are going to kill and eat that bear if we do not. We -do- have a number of skilled archers and more than passingly capable knights with us."

Reese peeks over to Silas. "There could be." She says. She seems about to leave the bear long, until Cristoph speaks. "Well, fuck that, we aren't leaving this bear to be killed by bringer servants!" She says and then starts off toward the bear, being the brash Grayson she is.

Abigail shakes her head a bit while she glances back to the forest and the direction of the ear. Hearing Reese she blinks and glances over towards her. "Undead bears?" Well that would be a first for her. Though by now Reese is heading to check out the sound of mad bear. Her gaze drifts over the area at the talk of the Aandoned being here soon enough and she makes a face at the thought.

"There are-" Before Jael can ask about undead bears, Silas has done it, and Jael ends up staring after Reese for a minute. "I'm going to point that out the next time someone says anything about me running after bears," she notes to Cristoph.

Alejandra whines at Reese and follows after, disobeying her orders!

Silas frowns at Cristoph's point. "I... guess..." Silas replies uncertainly. Reese declares her intention to go after the bear so they may eat it instead, and Silas falls in line behind her. Not quite as -brashly-, but he has an interest in seeing her return unharmed.

The Seraph observed the debate whether to kill or leave the bear be. With her canine guard the young woman towered over the hound. A nod of thanks was issued to Reese as she rode off. There was thankfully enough distance between she and the creature unless it somehow broke through the ranks of various hunters on horseback then it would be a cause of concern. For now she held both hands tightly within her robes, waiting for some sound of victory.

"I am not planning to try to get adopted by said bear, sister dear." Cristoph notes to Jael as they head toward the location of bear reportage, a distant roar can be heard, are those cries of panic? Yes, somebody seems to be suffering bear related distress in the distance through the trees.

The cries of distress only cause Reese to quicken her pace. She is on foot now, using short swords doesn't make for very effective mounted combat.

Abigail doesn't stay back for long and is following after Reese and Silas while pulling a arrow from her quiver as she goes. The cries are heard. "Now we really don't have a choice in the matter." She's seen bear attacks before it is not pretty, and she knows all too well they do not go down easily.

"Reese, careful," Silas warns from a few paces behind the Grayson princess. Short swords also required close-ranged combat! He quickens his gallop, anticipating her sprinting off in a pique of heroism.

Up ahead, a small clearing, three fleeing beaters, one mangled looking woman laying on the ground as a huge grizzly bear roars in anger.

Reese wields Devotion, a silvery pink alaricite short sword.

Reese moves forward, intending to attack the bear. She will try to come on the bear from behind if at all possible.

Silas checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 28, 13 higher than the difficulty.

Jael checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 50, 35 higher than the difficulty.

Silas checked strength + medium wpn against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 15, resulting in 71, 56 higher than the difficulty.

Abigail checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 54, 39 higher than the difficulty.

Silas grunts when Reese goes forward with little hesitation. Silas himself spurs his horse forward and attempts to manuever around the bear and stab it in the head with his spear as he passes by. His horse seems unfettered, but the wound doesn't go as deep as he'd like.

Cristoph check dex+ride

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Cristoph checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

The bear is angry! It surges forward, sweeping a clawed hand to try to bat Silas from the saddle as the man rides forward, but fails to collect and roars as a spear digs into it's flank and it is sent staggering. Arrows then, springing into existence in thick fur, one in the creature's face, stunning it, before Reese's alacirite blade carves off one paw as it effortlessly slices through flesh and bone. Cristoph then lumbers in, hammering his spear into the bear's opposite flank as it flails toward Reese as with it's remaining claw, blood spraying.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 15, resulting in 71, 56 higher than the difficulty.

Jael pulls her mount up well short of the bear itself, snatching up her bow once more to fire a shot at the bear from a safe distance. Bears are very large. Best to keep distance.

Abigail doesn't plan on getting to close to the bear, and be it she doesn't have a sword well it is all the better. Once near enough she pulls her horse to a stop, the stallion is pacing slightly and soon stomping a hoof to prove he does not like this at all. Abi lifts her bow and let's the arrow fly towards the bear when the moment is best.

Reese is skilled with her her short sword, very skilled. She charges at the bear, slicing off a paw. When the bear attacks in return, she parries the animal's attack. Now while in leather instead of her steel, her extreme nimble grace becomes evident. She is not as frightened, as she maybe should before being so close to the animal. Still she has fought bringers before, so a bear is well less scary especially since she is not alone with this situation.

Poor bear didn't stand a chance. But that's what it gets for mauling the poor beaters! Silas wheels around to see that Reese besting the bear quite handily. He moves in for another stab, even if the ferocious Grayson princess doesn't likely need his help any further!

The bear is definitely dying, Reese's blow alone would have likely ensured that, but it does swipe at the princess, not that it has much of a chance to connect given how fast she is moving and the effect that alacirite weapon has when she hits, it succeeds in badly tearing up that remaining paw, a roar of pain, then starts to slump as blood loss takes effect, bleeding profusely from not just the severed limb but also the profusion of spear wounds and the well placed arrows. Now there is a rapidly dying bear and also a very much alive but bear mangled peasant girl laying in the clearing.

Silas doesn't deem another attack from him is necessary. He instead moves his steed towards the mangled girl, stopping a short distance away and dismounting. He crouches near her to inspect her injuries and looks up at the others who are nearby. "Healers!?"

Reese has bear blood on her sword devotion. She doesn't looks very proud of such. Killing a normal bear gave her no pleasure. Her expression is somber. She looks toward the mangled girl with intense concern. Despite her concern, the Grayson princess doesn't stay around. She is better at removing threats than caring for the injured in the aftermath. Something about the girl's situation really seems to troubleher and Reese turns away as if unable to deal. "I will go scout around and make sure we are safe and there are no bears." She says, but the more empathic can tell, she is escaping and making excuses. Her mind secretly on the Biland's girls and Ainsley.

Cristoph reins in after making that pass, pulling his horse around, also looking concerned, wincing as he views the woman on the floor. Then he pitches his voice, calling out at an expert parade ground roar."Princess Sophie! Seraph Ailith! We have wounded!"

Abigail has another arrow at the ready, her bow is up and she has the ear in her sight. Yet it seems the animal is going down so she slowly lowers her bow. She shifts slightly in the saddle, giving her horse a pat to try and calm it before the arrow is tucked away. Hearing Silas she isn't persay a full on healer but knows a few things enough she could perhaps help until a real healer is there. She is off her horse and moving to the fallen woman. "Try and stay calm." Is offerd while looking to see if she can do anything.

Alejandra, a snowy white hound have been dismissed.

Jael is no help with wounded, though she's watching the woods as well, guiding her mount into a circle around the clearing as she keeps an eye on the perimeter. The bear may be down, but they're relatively deep into the woods now.

Silas checked intellect + medicine against difficulty 45, resulting in 24, 21 lower than the difficulty.

Cristoph checked intellect + medicine against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Abigail checked intellect + medicine against difficulty 45, resulting in 23, 22 lower than the difficulty.

Silas checked intellect + survival against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Ailith checked intellect + medicine against difficulty 45, resulting in 27, 18 lower than the difficulty.

Silas is not a healer. Not even close. He moves to apply pressure at the most serious wound - suggesting he has some experience in at least stemming bleeding - but it becomes clear very quickly that this wasn't going to cut it. "We need to get her to the city for proper healing, and quickly!"

Cristoph dismounts as well, stabbing his bloodied spear down into the ground as he moves to assist Silas, but ends up nodding to him before making room to allow Ailith to do her job. He turns toward some of the accompanying servants now that they are catching up. "The strongest fortified wine you have, get a stretcher togetrher, use my spear for half of it at least."

The Seraph runs towards the others gathered around the mangled peasant woman. The priestess removed her hood and inspected poor woman. "She will not make it in time. Not on foot."

Abigail goes about helping to apply pressure to the serious wounds but that is about all she can do. Once Ailith is there she will only help if needed. "Then we're take her on horse back." This offered while she stand to collect her horse even.

"Then we'll use the horses," Silas answers as he gathers the wounded woman up in his arms and carries her towards whatever makeshift stretcher the servants may be attempting to create. "If anyone has a shirt they can spare, we can attempt to make bandages to stem the bleeding..." Currently his was buried underneath his armor. Should the servants have difficulty making said stretcher, he opts set the girl down and make it go faster!

Cristoph nods to Ailith then, looks to Silas. "Can we borrow your spear as well Sir Silas to make a stretcher?" Servants are rushing forward to help, but the woman is bleeding profusely, moaning increasingly weakly as she bleeds out.

Silas checked dexterity + woodworking against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Silas hands his spear over without a word at Cristoph's suggestion, and makes sure the stretcher is even and sturdy while he's at it!

Jael glances over her shoulder to watch the others as work, but she keeps her horse moving, attention directed outward for the most part, just in case this wasn't the only bear. Or other threat, for that matter. This would be a bad time for the boar to show up.

Abigail puls her horse over to the others while they work on the stretcher. She looks to the injured woman and is soon back sitting in the saddle ready to help when it is time to go.

Ailith watched as they carried the girl off though any sense of urgency was absent in her features. She followed the the night carrying the wounded peasant girl laying the ground as the others attempted to make a stretcher from their weapons and spare cloth. Here the priestess leaned towards the girl, offering what small manner of soothing she could by caressing her forehead. "Can you tell me your name?"

Silas gets to propping the stretcher on Abigail's horse and securing it with makeshift scrapes of cloth. It was really all they seemed to have. "We'll need someone else to guide the horse along, while on another horse," he instructs, looking expectantly at the others with horses, in case they wanted to try. He looks to Abigail. "You can ride with me back to the city."

Cristoph is overheard praising Ailith for: She did her best to save the unfortunate who was bear mauled.

Cristoph is overheard praising Jael for: She took down a stag during the hunt, an impressive shot!

Cristoph is overheard praising Reese for: She fought a bear head on, on foot, it did not stand a chance

Cristoph is overheard praising Silas for: A useful man to have around! Also he stuck with the hunt despite errant arrows

Cristoph is overheard praising Abigail for: An impressively skilled archer!

"That was certainly interesting." Tobias remarks as the bear is slain and the group gets back to the hunting grounds. "I'd offer escorts, but they'd just get in the way." Tobias then turns Oak around and starts heading towards the perimeter, "Going to do a sweep before I head back to the command center."

Abigail nods while helping get the stretcher up onto hre horse and glances to Silas. "Alright, let us go then." Time is slipping for the hurt woman, she'sseen this before and she pulls the rens of her horse over it's head quick like to get the horse moving.

Cristoph's early elation and enjoyment has very much gone now, he steps back some as others take charge of dealing with the mangled woman, a sight, then. "I will go and take charge of the rest of this for now. I have hired, well, hundreds of locals to bring down as much game as possible, anything we eat is one less meal for the Abandoned when they arrive outside of Arx's walls. Thanks to all of you for attending and for your help in this matter with the bear."

Silas nods to Abigail and moves to mount his war horse. He offers the Lyonesse noblewoman a hand to help pull her up onto the saddle, and begins back to the city with the mangled woman. A solemn note to end on.

"If we salt some of it, it should help with the people taking sanctuary in the city as well," Jael suggests to Cristoph. "I'll stay back with the rest," she offers.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

The Seraph's robes were stained and she watched as they dragged away the dying, well near dead girl. She arrived on foot and would head back to the city in the same way hopefully without drawing too much attention to her crimson stained attire.

Abigail takes the offered help from Silas to get up on his horse. She has hold of the reins of her horse and gives it a few tugs from time ot time to keep up the pace as quickly as possible to get the woman help.

6 Crimson Blades Private leaves, following Tobias.

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guard arrives, following Septimus.

1 House Lyonesse Adept Guard leaves, following Septimus.

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