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Igniseri Family Dinner XIV

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. This dinner is open to any who wish to attend.


Oct. 10, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Juliana Luis Videl Ariella


Lucita Miranda Dafne



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

1 Saik Guard, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita was here before, not a half hour ago, complete with twins who behaved for tewnty five of those thirty minutes and then, being three year olds, they rushed toward the bedroom wings with full intent to see 'KUSINS'. which is a better term than the 'cussings' they used to lisp. The nanny reined them in and between Lucita and she, returned them to the nursery. She gives an apologetic glance toward the others as she removes her shawl and folds it over her arm. "That was awkward, at least they were caught before they got into trouble, little scamps."

Dinner is set up on the main table today, rather than on separate tables where people mingle about and grab things. It's roast duck tonight with roasted vegetables, warm biscuits, and a poultry gravy. Several bottles of wine are opened, ready to be served; one of every flavor if Igniseri wine. Quenia is already seated at the table, waiting for the guests to arrive, sipping at a glass of Zephyrs.

Entering the grand hall, Miranda smiles to those here, "Marquessa! Baroness! Everyone! Greetings!" She's... cheerful. She draws in a breath and ohs. "We're having duck." She looks to Brenlin, "You should leave. Just in case." Brenlin groans and steps out of the hall with a bit of a.. stomp.. in his step. The guards with Miranda are laughing silently, grabbing their stomachs as if it were the best joke in the world!

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Ariadne, Penelope arrive, following Dafne.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: %gDinner is set up on the main table today, rather than on separate tables where people mingle about and grab things. It's roast duck tonight with roasted vegetables, warm biscuits, and a poultry gravy. Several bottles of wine are opened, ready to be served; one of every flavor if Igniseri wine.%n

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: %gDinner is set up on the main table today, rather than on separate tables where people mingle about and grab things. It's roast duck tonight with roasted vegetables, warm biscuits, and a poultry gravy. Several bottles of wine are opened, ready to be served; one of every flavor if Igniseri wine.%n

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Dinner is set up on the main table today, rather than on separate tables where people mingle about and grab things. It's roast duck tonight with roasted vegetables, warm biscuits, and a poultry gravy. Several bottles of wine are opened, ready to be served; one of every flavor if Igniseri wine.

As people begin to filter in, a yawn escapes from the fireplace and a head peaks up from behind the back of the cozy seat. "Oh, is it time?" Videl asks sleepily, taking a look who else is there but not yet making a move to get away from her comfy sleepy spot.

Quenia glances up fro her place at the table, smiling warmly at Lucita and then again at Miranda as they both come in. "Lady Miranda, Lucita. Glad to see you both could join us this evening," she remarks cordially. "Do please find a seat, and fill your plates. It's duck tonight. There will be some tiny chocolate cakes for dessert later," she assures them. She glances over as Videl makes her presence known, and nods her head. "Indeed, cousin, it is. If you'd like, a plate can be sent your way," she offers.

Miranda has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Lucita has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Quenia has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Miranda fills up a plate and comes to the table with a wine in hand. "Thank you! This is delightful since the last one I came and went so swiftly. I was... unable to attend for various reasons. Mostly.. you know, I hate to be late, fashionable as it might be."

Videl has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

A cat arrives. A small, black cat, strolling in as if it owns the place. Dogs? Faugh. A moment, strolls in a black-clad duchess, moving with a carriage every bit as regal as the cat. Dogs, faugh.

Lucita sets the shawl aside as she ruefully says. "I'll be having to exchange that for a heavier coat in a week or two. It is almost cold enough to wonder if should be wearing one now. How is everyone tonight, and the food looks delicious, Quenia. Cook always does well for you when you hose these dinners."

Miranda spies her Duchess and rises, "My Lady!" It's a surprise, clearly! Then Miranda sits, "I am doing well. I always seem to be happier after a visit from my Betrothed. I think he puts something in the wine."

"Thank you, Quenia." It's the arrival of a particular duchess that causes Videl to really straighten up, though she's still too lethargic to get out of her comfy seat, she does at least incline her head. "Duchess Zaffria." The sleepiness is still in her voice.

Captain Curls is over by the fire, snuggled up near the warmth. It seems he's in a particularly lazy mood, used to the comings and goings of other people. He lazily lifts an eye, then opens his mouth wide in an exaggerated yawn before he chuffs a bit and then settles his head back down on his paws. He can't even be bothered with the presence of a cat; there's warm fire to be had.

Quenia notices the cat first. "Why that looks like Nightshade," she remarks to the others, tilting her head as though that would garner her a closer look. Once she's certain the cat is, indeed, Nightshade, she looks around the room for the person that belongs to the cat. "Duchess Dafne!" she exclaims, her expression bursting with delight. "It's been forever and a day since you've graced our halls. Do please come in and enjoy some roast duck."

"I like to keep people guessing," drawls Dafne, poker-faced. "One stays one step ahead, that way." Her mouth twitches a little. "My dear Quenia. It's lovely to see you. Ladies," she adds, with a crisp little nod.

Lucita's guard has her dogs well in hand and they are taken out to get a bit of exercise that does not involve staring or ignoring aloof cats. Each of those present at the dinner is given a warm smile. "Duchess, a pleasure to see you again. And Lady Miranda, did you get matters worked out yet?"

Miranda sips her wine and shakes her head at Lucita. "No. They did not respond to me, so I went over to put up a petition. PErhaps I should hire a bard to sing my needs to the Whisper House, it might work better. If this doesn't work, I'll simply go to Lord Martino and beg. There might be some shameless actions on my part to convince him of the necessity for him to help me... but I'm sure he won't make me beg on my knees, at least." She grins.

Quenia graces Dafne with a warm smile, but then Lucita and Miranda are discussing topics unknown to her. "Is there an issue of some sort? Perhaps I could put a word in with Bliss Whisper. She's been rather responsive to my queries for using the Whisper House for the Fire and Ice Ball that I'll be hosting," she denotes.

Lucita says, "Yes. I suggested to Lady Miranda that she approach those of Whisper house to help with her wedding arrangements. They did well with Luis's wedding dinner and reception and thought it would relieve some of the worry for Lady Miranda, however none of those I recommended or those she knows have responded to her messages. I almost was going to ask if Lady Videl might be interested in organizing things, getting cake, entertainment, wedding outfits lined up for her but was unsure how cousin Videl might feel about that."

"We have used Whispers to arrange previous social arrangements," points out Dafne, settling into a chair. "However, usually Grazia handled the arrangements. She is so much better at social occasions than I am. I would drape the hall in black and give everyone a book."

Miranda sighs, "My beloved Pookie and I are absolutely lost about planning such things. It's too much like work for him and I'm hopeless. So I've reached out for help. I mean, I want it to be fun and exciting and worthy. But also, we want to give out hammock party favors."

"I'm willing to help." Videl answers, clearly having been listening despite her spot away from the table, "But a wedding is a lot of work, and my cousin keeps me so busy these days. So I'm not sure I could do it on my own."

Quenia raises both brows at Miranda, then looks over at Lucita giving her a look that seems to question 'Pookie?!'. She does her best to keep her expression otherwise composed, however, as she says, "I'm afraid I'd be no good at helping with weddings. My own attempt at one was quite a disaster and it all had to be canceled two weeks before we were to be married. It's a good thing that the jewelsmiths hadn't made the party favors we planned yet, and that we hadn't paid for most things." She glances over at Videl, giving her a relieved look. "You do a most wonderful job at hosting most of our parties!"

Miranda sips her wine, looking to the various ladies as they talk. Quenia's eyebrow raise is not lost upon her. "Pookie. Lord Dariel Bisland. My Betrothed." She nods, "I'm his Floofykins." Don't you all just want to vomit? "At any rate, he does not care to lift a finger and why should he?" She looks to Videl, "I can pay a fee.. or ... I was told that I would be given a stipend, but Grazia was vague about the amount to expect."

Lucita says, "And I hesitated to try to help since I've still got a Southport and an Oathlands trip to be made and one to Saikland that will have me out of town for a while. I'm not even sure will be here when the wedding is much as I want to attend.""

Dafne splutters on a mouthful of wine. She clears her throat, and dabs delicately at her lips with a napkin.

It is fortunate that Videl is hidden behind her couch, or Miranda could see her put her palm to her face. "We can discuss details later, Lady Miranda." She answers, "Congratulations on your impending marriage." A pause, "I admit I can't help but notice some of the other women present are lacking in such prospects of their own."

Miranda looks at Dafne in amusement. She might totally know how it looks and sounds. Pookie. Floofykins. She grins broadly and then looks at Dafne with concern, "My lady, are you alright there?"

Quenia clears her throat at all of the sugary talk, but she doesn't hesitate to ask, "So this is a love match then?" of Miranda. With nicknames like those, it's hard to assume otherwise! "I wish you both much joy and happiness. One day, I might find a husband, but I have this nasty habit of considering most people who I might match with potential traitors," she says in a wry manner. "So I haven't bothered looking. Besides, Luis and Juliana have a child now, and I can fully make them heir." A running joke in the family, or is she serious? It's hard to say! She now turns her gaze on Videl, giving her a curious look.

Miranda ohs! "Actually.. the love was incidental. I do adore him so. But it is a beneficial match, of course. Bisland and Rubino-Zaffria. Grazia was thrilled." She nods. "BUt truthfully, Dariel and I have somewhat fallen into this situation and it's worked out for us. We approached our Houses for the match. He just assumed he'd settle with whomever his House appointed him to, as I did. But, of course, he found himself suddenly thinking of me and then admitted he loved me, so.. it has been quite the whirlwind!"

"Oh, it's very strong wine," Dafne says mildly. She glances over to the couch in question. "A princess cousin of mine once told me that, in good conscience, she could not offer me any of the men of her family as a husband, due to the fact none of them were good enough. Alas, that has been my burden ever since." Her face is composed. It's nto entirely whether she is joking.

Lucita hides a little grin behind her glass of wine as she takes a sip. The 'affectionate' names she has heard before so she did not act startled or surprised, just amused. "I do hope it works out well for you. It does sound a good match."

Miranda also was not ignoring Videl, she nods to the offer of conversing more later!

"Well I was just thinking, it's been some time since you last ferreted out a traitor, my dearest cousin." Videl answers to that look in a tone of saccharine. She takes a sip from her wine, and otherwise gets back to listening.

Quenia glances over at Dafne, asking with some mild amusement, "Was that Cara who said that?" She looks to Videl and notes, "And, it's not as though the fellas aren't trying. I think, perhaps, they've been trying a bit too hard to flatter me, which makes me even all the more suspicious of them of late. It's hard to take someone serious when every other comment they make is some sort of flattering remark." She looks back to Miranda. "I'm quite glad you found a match more than compatible for your needs then," she gives her a genuine smile. "May you both live long and prosperous lives." She looks back to Videl. "Considering I'm going to be traveling to an uncharted island soon enough, to discover its mysteries, chances are I might not live to ferret out another. But, we'll see how that turns out." She winks in Videl's direction, though seems super serious about traveling to uncharted islands!

Miranda nods to Quenia, "Tell us about this island, my Lady! I'm curious to know. And why am I not coming along for protective services?" She eyes Quenia. "Fecundo has a fondness for you, you know. If you go vanish, he'll blame me and we can't have that!"

Lucita says, "I've been wanting to know about this trip, too, and am willing t make arrangements to go along with you if you have need of me.""

"I have a surprising number of princess cousins," Dafne says easily. "But, yes, it was Cara." She purses her lips, trying to hold back a sudden burst of laughter. "Although it only just occurred to me that one of the men she didn't think was good enough for me did marry my fellow Duchess so--well."

Quenia seems hesitant to give more details than that. She settles on, "It's a mission for the Mirrorguard. I've recruited those that can sail ships, outside of the organization, though I've yet to determine the protective detail." She glances over at Dafne, giving her a curious glance. "Prince Aiden was deemed unsuitable? I've always found him quite pleasant. But, perhaps that's because he loved my brother, and I'm biased."

Miranda sips at her wine, eating her dinner slowly as the ladies chat. "Well, consider me a volunteer for such a detail." Protection, that is. "Or whatever else you may need. I'm happy to help, you know that."

"Some people's standards have less to do with how suitable the man is as a husband or political match; and more with other traits, I thought you were quite familiar with that notion." Videl comments on that part, glossing over the island trip entirely. "Though I must point out, some people might just flatter you because you deserve all the praise you get."

"Ah. Well then, my eyes for other traits are only on one other person, and he's not at all suited for a potential match given he leads his own house." Quenia states all too innocently. "So, there's no chance of a match in that regard," she smiles all too innocently, chancing a glance over at Captain Curls, who just happened to show up mysteriously one day via messenger. Was it her would be lover who sent him? Maaaaayyyybeeeeee.

"I think she felt him a poor match for me other reasons," says Dafne with a brief laugh. "Which would not disqualify him as an excellent match for Grazia. Cara, for what it is worth, is a dear friend, and thus perhaps more focussed on the personal than on diplomatic flattery."

Miranda sighs softly, "Well, I have come and I have ate. And now, I fear, I must go. I've business to tend to, but ladies, it has been a pleasure." She smiles at them, then rises.

Quenia nods over at Miranda, "Those two slots will first be opted to the Mirrorguard, since it is a Mirrorguard mission. We've been having some issue with getting people to sign onto the missions we have available, so if I cannot get anyone from within the organization to attend, you'll be first on my list Miranda." Her expression tells it all; she's rather doubtful anyone in the Mirrorguard will volunteer. She glances back to Dafne and chuckles softly. "Well, there is that I suppose. I do miss seeing her about." She looks back to Miranda, "Thank you for coming! Hopefully you'll also figure out a delightful dress to wear to the Fire and Ice ball next month. There'll be a dragonweep necklace for raffle, made by Mistress Josephine. It'll be encased in melting diamonds."

Miranda freezes upon standing. "Uhm... I need a dress for that?" She looks horrified. Fashionista she is not!!!

Lucita stays quiet about Aiden, gazign down at her plate fixedly. She finally looks up after Quenia speaks. "If you should need me, my offer stands, Quenia." And she gives a smile toward Miranda.

Miranda nods, "Yes, right. Of course." Then she waves and departs

Miranda has left the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

2 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leave, following Miranda.

"I'll have to win that. It sounds like it'd be lovely with the brooch she's working on for me." Videl offers up, hides a stretch and stifles a yawn.

Quenia glances over at Lucita, furrowing her brow somewhat. "The mission will be quite dangerous, and there's a chance you may not come back from it. Do you have someone available to care for your children should something happen to you?" she queries, perhaps leaving that as an answer for Lucita. Videl then catches her attention and she grins widely. "The other dragonweep I have will be placed in a tiara for my outfit for the evening. She's already given me the names of a few good tailors I can go to, so there's something suitably fiery to wear. I plan to be bedazzled for the evening in only the best, to show off some of our good fortune of late. It's being held in the Elysian Ballroom of Whisper House, even." A change from hosting things at Domus Igniseri. "And Mistress Mimi has offered to paint portraits of people as one of the prizes for the evening."

"I might come to the ball," Dafne says mildly. "Although I must caution, when I did not come to social occasions, it is not out of any lack of care. Only I am very busy--and sometimes I do not deal well with ballrooms full of people."

Lucita says, "All the missions I have been on lately and will be going on have such a risk. Neilda is currently listed as regent for Esta and Kyllian if anything happens to me. Such danger is not something I welcome but if the mirrorguard deems this mysterious island being necessary to explore, I should not turn away from somethign may help the Lycene and Compact. I am no warrior though and someone with an alarcite blade and the skill to use it may well be more useful to you. You know my abilities and limitations."

"Actually, I've never seen your abilities at work before," Quenia denotes mildly to Lucita. "But, I know your physical limitations." She seems mollified, at least, to know that Lucita has a regent established. She looks over at Dafne and grins. "We can stand in the corner together, until I have to give out a few prizes. There's a lovely balcony in the Elysian Ballroom where you can escape the crowds." She reaches out for her glass of wine and takes a sip.

Quenia adds for Dafne's sake, "You don't happen to know someone who's exceptionally skilled in the occult do you?" She figures she'd be a good choice to ask this question! "I'm looking to master my knowledge in that particular area to be of better service to the Mirrorguard. It's a long shot, but of all people I figured if anyone knows someone it might be you, Duchess."

"Standing in corners seems about my speed," agrees Dafne mildly. "I may, to please Grazia, wear a very nice dress and stand impressively for about five minutes." She reaches for her wine, and arches a brow. "Other than myself, you mean, or of greater knowledge?"

Lucita says, "I may be standing in corners with you all. We can hold up the walls or banisters or whatever together perhaps."

"Count Giulio has been teaching me, given that I'm in charge of the secret knowledge researched in the Mirrorguard the leader of the Unreflected. I believe he's as skilled as you are in the occult, but I'm looking for someone that can take me to that next level to complete my mastery of it. As I mentioned, it might be a long shot." Quenia replies, clarifying she's looking for the highest level of learning a person can gain - outside of being an uber guru! She glances at Lucita and grins faintly. "SO, we'll hold up the ball while everyone else dances. Though, Lucita, with your skill in dancing I'm sure someone will sweep you out onto the floor."

Lucita lifts her gaze upward and says. "Maybe, maybe not. I had an 'almost offer' for the Shell Ball coming up in a day or two. I like the man but diverted him toward another who I knew liked him very much and would have been hurt had I accepted." She carefully avoids mentioning names in this, her glance indicating she is being discrete in the matter.

Quenia grins faintly at Lucita. "Well, there's that at least, but you never know what might happen at the dance itself." She the makes note of the time and lets out a soft sigh. "It is getting late ladies, and it's time for me to go and get some rest. Do feel free to continue to enjoy dinner, and enjoy the chocolate cakes for dessert."

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