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Hunting the Skal'dajari: Episode One

The Skal'dajari recently took Shav's from the isle of Estorch, who have bent the knee to House Grimhall, to be sold in to slavery. House Thrax does not wish to see such actions against the people of the isles go unpunished. Denica has gotten word from some of her contacts in New Hope, that there might be information on the location of the slavers. She wishes to send a small team to meet with her contact and see what information can be learned

OOC: This is the first in a series of PRPs! Should be mostly social/streetwise with a small chance of light combat. This is my first attempt at running a PRP so I am going to take 5-6 people. Let me know if you are interested!


July 14, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Rukhnis Merek Sanya Tatienne Ian Sorrel



Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near New Hope - New Hope - Dockyard

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Comments and Log

"Head to New Hope. Talk to Vladus. Locate the Skal'dajari." Is the note Denica had left with a few friends. "Vladus looks like a typical

"Head to New Hope. Talk to Vladus. Locate the Skal'dajari." Is the note Denica had left with a few friends. "Vladus looks like a typical low life from the isles. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Rough around the edges. He is usually hanging around the docks. Tell him the little devil sent you. Should be able to get him to talk that way. Please don't kill him." Was how that note ended.

And so the the group that had gathered set out for New Hope. The sailing was smooth. Well as smooth as it ever can be. The ship makes it to the docks of New Hope around mid day. The place is a bustling mess of people, either coming in or preparing to head out for another trip. Not far from where the boat is tied off, there is a small group standing near a food vendor, watching with great interest as the group from the capitol exits their ship.

Rukhnis is one of the first to make her way off the ship, in some haste and looking perhaps a trifle pale in the face, and with not quite the same soft and steady stride she normally exhibits -- evidently the journey from mainland to island hasn't entirely agreed with her. Once she's got the solid wooden dock under her feet she looks rather steadier again, but the shift and flicker of her gaze around the area suggest that she's not entirely comfortable being here either. For that matter, it's not entirely certain why she /is/ here at all, though it is certain enough she has no love for the Skal'dajari nor their slaving activities. In the course of her inspection of her surroundings, her gaze settles on the watching group by the food vendor, and she eyes them narrowly in return.

Merek has put on his black attire, with his armor also, and a cloak which is adjusted about his frame as well. With hood up, he nods a bit to the others also, a hand upon the hilt of his weapon while he looks about in thought, then he offers a nod to Rukhnis also.

Tatienne gets White Leather Cuirass, White Leather Skirt, White Leather Greaves, White Leather Pauldrons, White Leather Gloves, White Leather Helm and White Leather Coat from Simple merchant's backpack.

Tatienne gets Well made steel dagger from Simple leather belt.

Lightly dressed in a linen dress and woolen shawl, Sanya Grimhall steps off the ship, her lone guard, Ivan keeping close by. She casts a studying gaze around her, her features placid as she takes in the surroundings.

On the boat, Tatienne seemed pleased, enjoying the wind and the smell of the sea. She's clearly more comfortable on a ship than on land, the merchant doesn't know what to expect, so she's wearing her leathers, and that dagger of hers is prominently on her belt rather than tucked away like it usually is.

When they arrive, the prodigal merchant begins to look around for their mark, ... after taking her time to get a good look of what's being shipped into this port, and what's being shipped out.

Ian is watching his own footsteps as he disembarks with the others, walking with that odd, mechanical gait, a little more unstable on his feet than usual after all the time on that swaying ship. (During which he was also unstable on his feet, to the point that it's a little hilarious that he's a sailor.) Once on land and not moving, he raises his head and scans the place, street level first, and then upper windows and the roofs of buildings. This is not how an interested tourist in a new place looks around; it's a pretty obvious threat assessment.

Dressed like one might a slightly martial Princess of Thrax to be, all in exotic red leathers emblazoned with her House sigil, Sorrel steps off the ship easily enough and glances around seriously, though she wears a friendly enough smile.

Ian checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Rukhnis checked perception + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Rukhnis sidesteps neatly towards Ian without really making it look like a particularly purposeful motion, and looks off down the dock with a less focused air as she says to him says in a low voice, "Those people, near the man selling food, watching us. They are very well armoured, for a group simply ordering a bite to eat." Her eyes narrow a fraction more. "And two of them have just skulked off in the most suspicious manner on seeing us." She seems to expect Ian to be the right person to do something useful with this information, perhaps from past experience, or possibly just because he's so clearly sizing up the whole area himself.

Merek looks over to Rukhnis, then to Ian, while he nods a bit, then he looks about the place. He begins writing upon a scroll to map the place while he does as well.

Quite a few beggars are quick to note the Peers and their companions and are quick to approach them, looking for hand outs. Almost blocking the vision of the the group of ner'do'wells that are still watching. But as Rukhnis was able to see. The group of them has shrank a bit, but the rest stay and keep a close eye on the team from the capitol, and how they might interact with the beggars who have bum rushed them all.

Eyes locked on the people Rukhnis speaks of, Sanya Grimhall nods at her observation. On the beggar's approach she maintains her calm, smiling warmly at their approach.

Ian's gaze lingers a little longer on something on the far side of the street, but it doesn't seem to be anything he feels is important enough to comment upon. He looks over at Rukhnis. "A bunch of nobles just turned up on their island," he points out in a dry tone. "I'd expect a certain amount of skulking. Keep an eye out." His reaction to the beggars is understated; it's very clear from his flat expression and the lack of feeling in his electric blue eyes that the only interaction he's interested in having with them is keeping them from pressing in close enough for someone to pull a knife or something, and he mostly does this by either urging people back with his cane or just flat-out putting himself in the way.

Tatienne looks at the beggars with a steely look, "We're not here to do charity, lazy sods." The prodigal tells them with no real hesitation, tone harsh and voice severe, "If you want charity, go to Arx and talk to the Grayhopes and Ulbrans, I'm sure they'd love to help you get on your feet."

Rukhnis checked perception + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Sanya checked perception + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 21 lower.

Ian checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Merek checked perception + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Sorrel checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Tatienne checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Tatienne suddenly turns around to stare at some people creeping up on Sanya, "When I said 'no charity' I did not mean 'help yourself to the purses of the nobles' so don't get any ideas, you two."

The two men stop and blink as they get discovered. Rather than staying to explain themselves they turn on their heels and look to run in to the city proper.

Ivan steps closer to Sanya, prepared to protect from potential harm. The Grimhall turns to Tatienne as she speaks to the creeping beggars, her demeanour losing some of it's warmth with the incoming threat, but no less placid.

Rukhnis grunts quietly in response to Ian and gives a small nod of her head. She doesn't look terribly happy to be almost immediately surrounded by shabby grasping beggars, but the crease in her forehead and the look of regret in her eyes seems to indicate that this is more from compassion for their circumstances than distaste for their persons. "I have nothing to give," she says to them. "I am sorry." While firm about it, the same regret that is in her eyes tells in her voice too. She starts to look beyond them, but then-- something catches her eye, and she hisses urgently he hisses to Ian, "Those two men. In with the beggars, moving towards Lady Sanya, marked by Tatienne. They are the two who left." She mutters, "Perhaps they are only common thieves after all. Perhaps."

Merek takes some of his coin to offer to the beggars, while he nods a bit. He then looks also to the two that are pointed to, and lifts up his brow a bit in thought as well.

"What's in our pockets would be a pretty good payday to a lot of these people," Ian remarks, still inclined, it would seem, to be philosophical about the situation. While he's no less alert, be doesn't seem worried.

Raising her voice, her nerves remaining to her, Sanya Grimhall calls after the fleeing beggars. "Don't run, please. We can help you. Just tell us what you need, we'll do what we can." Her voice is gentle yet no less clear.

Tatienne nods, "Let's find our quarry." The merchant suggests, only to roll her eyes at Sanya's words. "I'm not convinced that's wise, m'lady." She offers up.

Sanya checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 40, rolling 15 higher.

"We cannot give charity to every beggar here," Sorrel says reasonably but not unkindly. "The poor are always with us. Besides. They're just as likely to burn through whatever silver you give them and find themselves poor again."

Lowering her voice, the Grimhall turns to them. "That wasn't my intention." She says softly. "I wanted them to stop running."

The shock of Sanya calling out to them stops one of the men in his tracks. He turns looking terribly confused. "Beg'yr Pardon? Help us... We was about to take what ever we could from ya... Seems odd you would offer help." The man lowers the cowl of his cloak. He has red hair. Clearly not the Vladus they are looking for.

Rukhnis makes a reflexive grab at one of the men's sleeves as he turns to dart off, but predictably is left by nothing with air in her hand. Watching them, she mutters in response to Ian, "Perhaps." She seems skeptical of this, but then, what's in /her/ pockets probably isn't much to speak of, and likely never has been. And then there's something about being here -- on the docks, in the Mourning Isles, something -- that's putting her rather on edge. Her eyes flicker about the area watchfully, even as she attempts to keep an eye on the one man who has stopped and turned to look at Sanya.

Ian looks in the direction that had caught his interest earlier, then, after a moment, out at the crowd. His gaze lingers in one place, and he raises his eyebrows.

"Where are we headed, Lord Ian?" Sorrel inquires curiously, noting the demeanor of the Kennex man. She doesn't seem terribly interested in beggars or thieves.

Tatienne takes a good look around to see if anyone matches the description they've been given.

Merek keeps following the others, content while he nods a bit to them also, "Hmm, not what we were looking for it looks like," he says.

In the course of trying to look at everything at once, Rukhnis's eyes pass across Ian, and with a frown she follows his gaze towards.. something. She looks at the spot too, brow furrowing, clearly attempting to figure out what it is he's looking at. At Sorrel's question, she too looks inquiringly at him, then back at /that spot/.

The group of five that was near the vendor seems to have taken off and is replaced by one older man. He has very short dark hair, and the face of someone who has seen a lot on the streets. He is dressed far more casually, no armor, just simple clothes, that are in fact a good bit cleaner than most of the rabble around the docks. The beggars too seem to have dispersed with the catching of the would be thieves. Either they want nothing to do with the excitement or they were in on it. The dark haired man watches carefully, his blue eyes locking on to Ian's Gaze. He heads over with a bit of a limp. He whacks the would be thief who stopped in the back of the head with a almost playful slap.

"I am not sure what I am more mad about. The fact you tried to rob the peers not ten seconds after land fall. Or the fact your dumb ass /stopped/ when they yelled at you." The older man says to the young thief before sending the armored man on his way. "Sorry about that. None of them have any manners round here.... But I can not say I blame them. You are an awful rich looking group to be here. Anything I can help ya with?"

"Depends, are you Vladus? If so, we have some questions." Tatienne answers the man.

"I might know the man. Depends on who is asking and why." He replies quickly.

"I'm just here in case of trouble," Ian reminds Sorrel as the man walks over. Indeed, he seems willing to fade into the background now that the 'talking to people and not accidentally pissing them off or making them start crying without intending to' part of the mission has begun. He goes back to keeping an eye on the place, both street level and above.

Rukhnis observes the older man as he comes over, her gaze thoughtful and still wary, but beyond offering him a respectful bow she keeps her mouth closed. Folding her arms loosely over her chest and dividing her attention between the man and the docks beyond him, she appears to think it proper to leave the actual questioning to people who have a better idea that she does just what the proper questions ought to be.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tatienne before departing.

The Grimhall seems to lose interest in the thief when the dark haired man approaches. "We've been sent by the little devil." She says with a smile.

Tatienne adds to what the Grimhall says, "We're supposed to locate the Skal'dejari." She smiles broadly, "Wouldn't happen to know ought, would you?"

Sorrel's clothes largely advertise her affiliations, though she walks with a saber at her hip. She considers the conversation with the man and approaches slowly towards the other women who have addressed him to hear his answer.

The man laughs heartily at Sanya's response and smiles. "Aye? Well if that's the case, I can be Vladus today. Just wasn't sure if I owed you money or something." His posture relaxes. "I am Vladus Turnalson, I try to keep these docks moving and safe for travelers, but as you can see, I have my work cut out for me." He glances back in the direction that the younger man had run off in, "Wish I had known before I sent them all on their way... Those men that was watching you... They said they found a strange ship anchored somewhere around here. Getting paid to take supplies out to them. They supposed to head out later today."

Merek nods a bit to the man, then to some of the others also. He seems content to listen at the moment, looking about to see if anyone is paying them attention also.

"Well met." Sanya offers the man, with a nod. "Did they see anyone leave or get inside the ship per chance?" She asks with a tilt of her head.

Rukhnis's gaze sharpens briefly on Vladus as he mentions the supposedly strange ship, before sliding off once more and beginning to scan the entire vicinity of the docks as if she were expecting to find some immediate sign of ship, or crew, or peculiar cargo, or anything else obviously out of place. Unlikely as this is, she doesn't seem to be able to help herself, and in any case it's something to keep busy with while listening.

Ian may or may not be listening. He probably is. But he's mostly just standing there, some of his weight eased on his cane, and keeping an eye on the place.

"S'all I know." Vladus replies cheerfully. "They was braggin about a big contract to take supplies to these people. Sounded odd. If they have a ship why ain't they just come get their own supplies? Anyways. That little trouble maker princess pays me good to tell her when I hear odd shit, so I sent word." He turns and points to a three story building that looks slightly more well built a couple streets down off the main road. "They call themselves the Snakes. They do their business out that building there. You will have to ask them yourself. But they don't usually take kindly to visitors. Do be careful ya?"

Tatienne shrugs, "Let's go talk to them, then. Worst case, we're in for a spate of excitement, eh?"

"Thank you, Master Vladus." Sanya says to the man kindly, turning to the three story building. "After you." She turns to Tatienne, her smile faint.

"They're not likely to be friendly to people who're looking to kill their golden goose," Ian points out, although he seems willing to follow along.

"I suppose we should get going, then," Sorrel agrees, offering a polite nod to the informant as they move to follow his information.

"And ya didn't hear it from me!" Vladus shouts to the group as they head off towards the house, a grin on his face.

Rukhnis merely gives a quiet grunt and a small nod of what seems to be acquiescence to this course of action. She bows again to Vladus, very courteously, and falls in with the others as watchfully as ever.

Ian checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Tatienne checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Merek checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Sanya checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Rukhnis checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Tatienne checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 35 higher.

Merek makes his way with the others, while he looks at the place as well. He then nods a bit from the hood of his cloak to the others also.

The building seems to stand alone. Surrounded by single level homes, that are more shacks than anything. It seems colossal given it's surroundings. This building is well made and seems to be fortified. A single door on the bottom floor. A solid door at that, reinforced with steel. There is another door on the second floor that leads out to a balcony. A few windows dot the sides of it, but only on the second and third floors. By design. It isn't easy to get in on the ground level. A few windows on the third floor appear to be open. For now there don't appear to be any faces in those windows watching. And no one on the roof. It's /quiet/ around the building. Even the normal traffic of the commoners from the docks seem to avoid getting close to this building.

Forgot to add, that while it doesn't appear to have anything that could be climed on the building, it might be possible to stack stuff from the streets to get to the balcony.

Ian surveys the building from a block away. "That thing's built for a siege," he remarks. "And I don't think there's going to be any sneaking up on them. Maybe from the back, I don't know. If they don't already know we're here and what we look like, someone's off drinking on the job. I might be able to climb it, but I don't know. I'd have to see the back. I couldn't do it quickly."

A small smile appears on Sanya's lips as Ian makes his observation. "Any suggsetions on what we can do to look slightly less suspicious?"

"I don't have any suggestions for that, but I might be able to keep them distracted on the front." Tatienne suggests in response to Sanya, "The locals seem to avoid the place, so I don't think we need to worry about them."

Rukhnis observes the building with a rather dubious frown. "Well, they are surely not likely to be interested in speaking with us, as what we are. Perhaps they would be less suspicious of me, if I speak with them and they think I am one of the Skal'dajeri whom they have been working with." She sounds no less dubious about this course of action, though. Probably because she a realistic zero sense of confidence in her ability to dissemble at any length.

Ian shakes his head. "When my brothers and I used to deal with stuff like this, we'd usually surround the place and just move in. But we'd have better tools, and more men. And we wouldn't necessarily be looking for anyone to get out alive, which I assume is the plan here."

"Yes, it would be convenient to have soldiers with us for that purpose," Sorrel remarks, considering the plans being offered up. "Do you think you could get onto the second floor balcony? I could probably help you with that."

Merek looks between the others, while he seems to think about it. He looks also to Sorrel, "If you have need of me, you have my personal sword," he says, with a nod to her also.

Shouts go up from Lyceum Way South in the early morning of June 18th 1011 AR, as the badly beaten body of Lord Syd Volkov is discovered. It appears he was beaten to death and stabbed several times, and the word 'SHAV' was carved into his chest.

Ian adds: "I'd like to get a look at the back end of the place."

Tatienne mutters aside to Rukhnis, "You stay quiet, I'll do the talking. When I speak to you, just nod or shake your head as seems reasonable." Then, she's off to head towards the door, knocking on them, before offering some words to Rukhnis that she doesn't expect to be understood.

Tatienne says in Ravashari, "Let's see if they open the door, eh?"

"I'll go with you to look. I'll likely give them away." Sanya says to Ian giving the woman a curious glance as they head to the front.

Rukhnis slants a somewhat sardonic look at Tatienne, but she only nods to the other woman before striding off with her, taking the lead by just a little bit as if she were the one in actually in command of this situation. As they come to the door of the building, however, she steps to one side and nods again to the Rivenshari merchant to proceed. Fixing her gaze on the door, she listens and waits.

Once the door is knocked on, a sliding metal panel on it is shoved to the side and a pair of green eyes peer out. A gruff voice of what sounds like a younger man shouts loudly through the slot. "What ever ya sellin we aint buying! I aint gonna tell you twice to get away from here!" There is no kindness in his warning. But there is a slight pause when he catches sight of Rukhnis, perhaps a bit of confusion seeing a Desert woman here in New Hope.

For the people going around back. It is easy to hide the approach to the back side of the building from prying eyes. The back side looks much the same as the front, but this time there is a short house close to the balcony back there. Might be possible to jump from the roof of the house and get a hold of the balcony to climb up.

Ian wends his way around back, as he said he was going to do, keeping half an eye on the area and half an eye on his own footsteps.

"Pray forgive me good man, I am accompanying a foreign traveller as interpreter. She does not speak the local tongue, and she was most intrigued in this place and the potential for good opportunities it offers. Please, would you not indulge her by entertaining her inqueries?" Tatienne answers the man smoothly with practiced ease, "I'm sure you will find it may well be worth, our ship is laden with wares you cannot find in the compact."

"Pray forgive me good man, I am accompanying a foreign traveller as interpreter. She does not speak the local tongue, and she was most intrigued in this place and the potential for good opportunities it offers. Please, would you not indulge her by entertaining her inqueries?" Tatienne answers the man smoothly with practiced ease, "I'm sure you will find it may well be worth, our ship is laden with wares you cannot find in the compact." She then proceeds to say something in her own language that has nothing to do with what the man said to, but sounds about long enough to match.

Ian looks the place over. "I can climb that," he decides. "They're not going to be happy with someone breaking into their place, though. Once I'm in there, it probably kills any chance we have of doing this without violence."

Tatienne checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Rukhnis checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Rukhnis checked luck at difficulty 12, rolling 8 lower.

Rukhnis tilts her chin upward a little bit as she looks back at those green eyes through the slot, her own gaze dark and imperious. She gives no sign of definitely knowing the meaning of what Tatienne has said, and that flood of Rivenshari hits her and then she blinks and slants a look at Tatienne. If she's looked puzzled for a moment, she attempts to cover it up by giving a roll of her eyes, looking as contemptuous as if Tatienne were speaking the most abominable Eurusi imaginable. Oh well, she tried at least.

"Shall we see if our friends can charm their way in before we break in, then?" Sorrel wonders to Ian curiously, looking up at the building thoughtfully.

"We don't know how many of them there are." Sanya says, shaking her head.

The Grimhall nods in agreement at Sorrel's suggestion.

Just as the man is about to slam the sliding panel of the door shut on the two women, Tatienne's words catch his interest. But as he looks over to Rukhnis, something about her demeanor puts him off. "I ain't need your damn wares. Now I highly suggest you get to leaving." He leaves the panel open to see what they might do. The commotion at the door has brought two men on to the front balcony overlooking the street. Both of them quite armed and armored, but making no aggressive movements just yet.

Meanwhile in the back. No one seems to have taken any notice of the others gathering there.

Ian nods to Sorrel and Sanya. "I'll wait here. Someone come run and get me if things go south and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise we can meet up and try something else." By 'here' he means 'out of the direct line of sight of the building', probably around a corner or something.

"If all goes badly, I may have to ask nicely." Sanya grimaces, aware of how foolish it may sound.

Merek looks to Rukhnis then to Tatienne, listening, then he nods a bit while he shifts his arms to cross them, looking to the folk while they do what they're doing. He is looking for anything weird.

Tatienne sighs deeply. "That short-sightedness will no doubt cause you no end of trouble." She tells the man with a shake of her head, "But I suppose your task is not to think about opportunities, but to blindly and foolishly reject all who come your way. It's a shame, perhaps you have a master who'd be more inclined to listen to reason? I would hate to see you suffer because you did not inform them." She babbles more random unrelated things to Rukhnis.

Sanya checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Merek checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Ian checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Tatienne checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Rukhnis's brow lowers in a very dark scowl as Tatienne speaks to her -- an expression that has the benefit of not having to be feigned. She's still looking at the green eyes behind the slot as she does so, her black eyes glittering with ire as if this were all his fault. It's actually a little bit scary, though probably not scary enough to strike any fear in the heart of a hardened criminal.

Rukhnis checked willpower + intimidation at difficulty 40, rolling 5 lower.

With the words from Tatienne the man grunts and the sturdy door swings open. Out comes a large man. Armored in blackened steel unlike the others who have all been in leathers. He drags a large heavy hammer with him scraping the ground, "Who says I ain't the master here? Maybe you just been insulting the man in charge?" Two smaller men follow him out. They look quite peeved, but still haven't taken an offensive posture.

Merek makes his way from the others to look around, and notices Ian and folk, then he blinks a bit, while he looks to a rope that's about, "I don't suppose you need anything?" he asks.

"Not unless you've got some rope on you," Ian remarks. He's leaning against a wall, and has over this course of time rubbed some dirt on the less beat up bits of his armor to increase their seedy appearance. He has the advantage of looking pretty seedy to start with. "I don't know that I'll need it, but there's a chance it comes in handy. Usually I'd just use my scarf, but I didn't think I'd be breaking into a building." He doesn't look like he intends to take any action one way or another without some indication things have gone violently south over by the front door.

Tatienne checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

As Merek joins them, Sanya drifts toward the front, concerned something may be wrong. Ivan follows after.

Sanya checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Merek makes his way to find a bit of rope, then he brings that to Ian, then he notices that things are getting crazy in the front so he moves that way also.

As Sanya comes out to the front. One of the men on the Balcony above laughs once and yells out. "Hold." The three men on the street look up and grunt. The man from the balcony leaps down and hits the ground rolling, hopping back up to his feet. It's the same red haired young man Sanya yelled at earlier. "You was looking to help me earlier. Now it seems you want something from us. Might I ask what has you all knocking on the door that no one else dares knock on?"

Exhaling before she makes her approach, dismissing her guard, Sanya gives the man who speaks to her a compassionate smile. "Goodman. I am sorry for the trouble we may have caused you and your companions. I understand you're busy men who do what you must to make ends meet. Our intrusion must seem like little more than harassment. I swear to you we mean you no harm. My companion here is a merchant." She turns to Tatienne. "She merely had a few queries."

Rukhnis turns her gaze upward towards the voice of the red-headed man, but on seeing who it is speaking up there she fails to look much less suspicious. She is, perhaps, glaring a bit less, though.

Ian thanks Merek for the rope and forms it into a coil like the sailor he is, a coil big enough to wear across his body if need be. Then he continues to lean on the wall and listen for any sign that things in front have fallen apart to the point where it makes going in from the back a worthy risk to take. Since it would be a pretty big risk.

The last of the seven from earlier make their way on to the street as well. One man left on the balcony. 6 down on the streets with the women. "Same questions you had for ol' Vladus?" He asks with a grin. "Ask away. I can't promise answers though."

Merek listens for a moment, then he follows back with Ian, "It sounds like it's empty, I'll come with you," he offers, with a nod to him also. He seems to be able to sense it, from the way he speaks that also.

Ian shrugs. "Let's see what we find," he agrees. "They'll probably be talking for a while."

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Ian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Ian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Tatienne smiles broadly at the man in front of her. "I have yet to hear of any establishment this well-guarded that puts the master on door duty. If you are the first exception I encounter, that's quite egalitarian of you. I'm impressed." She doesn't show any fear, if she has any. Then to the other question, she glances to Rukhnis with a shrug, and saying what sounds like a question.

Sanya checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

The red haired man laughs. "He ain't no master. We ain't got a master. We all work together. Decide'n shit together too." He pats the huge man with the hammer on the back. "He just is our second door in case someone can get in the first one."

Ian tucks his cane into his belt through a small loop that seems to be there for just that purpose, and climbs the house with an ease that makes it look like he's flying up the side. The jumping to the balcony bit, however, seems harder for him, probably due to whatever is wrong with his legs. It's not graceful, but he manages to make it there without hurting himself or making too much noise. "Stay near an exit," he says in a low voice to Sorrel and Merek. "So you can get out fast if you need to." Then he takes half a moment to make sure there are no obvious trip wires or other alarms before opening the door.

"Egalitarian, indeed." Sanya smiles fondly as the red haired man speaks. "I admire the level of trust you have in one another."

Rukhnis look back down from the balcony as Tatienne glances to her for a response, and after a brief pause of what at least appears to be consideration, inclines her head in a cool response of-- affirmation, acknowledgement, indication to go ahead; whatever the moment requires!

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Ian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

The red haired little one looks around a bit nervously, "Ya said ya had questions. Ask 'em or move along. We got shit ta do."

Sorrel checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Merek nods while he follows Ian, then he looks about, shifting along with moving his feet, then he does a hip shake while he nods to the two. His cloak shifts about while he looks around a bit, shimmy about.

"Well you see, I heard some say that rival merchants of mine had some interest in breaking into your establishment, and I was quite curious why they might be." Tatienne answers the man with a polite smile, "They're not usually interest in anything unless they can sell it."

Ian knows he's a shitty investigator, so when he sees that there are no giant arrows or obvious charts on big tables, or easily kidnappable drunk people, he limits himself to the role of lookout, keeping an ear out for anyone coming up the stairs.

Sanya checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 45, rolling 3 higher.

Ian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 45, rolling 28 lower.

"Here, there's a map. Ian, come look at this. Do you know where Estroch is?" Sorrel calls, after doing a bit of searching. She glances to Merrek curiously to see if he's found something.

Sorrel checked perception + investigation at difficulty 45, rolling 9 lower.

Rukhnis folds her arms over her chest and regards the man before her with an intense gaze.. or at least it /seems/ she's looking at him, but closer attention to her gaze might show that she's actually attempting to look past him, through the doorway, for any clue that might be visible inside.

Ian walks over to look the map over, taking in landmarks, relating them to what he knows of those waters from previous sailing experience. Enough that he could figure out where to go without actually taking the map.

The Grimhall's smile sweetens as Tatienne responds as her eyes fix on the red haired thief. "See, we're only here to help, if you'll oblige us." Her tone remains gentle as she keeps her eye on the man.

Merek makes his way to find a few contracts, then he nods a bit, "Food, water, medicine, to be shipped for 100k silver," he offers, while he takes a moment looking about also. He then nods, "I think there is something else," he says, looking about.

Rukhnis checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Sanya checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Merek also finds a journal which he picks up, looking to Sorrel and also Ian. He lifts his brow. "This is... Wow, the snakes came across in a ship anchored off the coast of an island. The ship was full of... Ill Eurusi, so they quarantined some of them on the island," he says. Where did he even find such a journal? He waves that at the two as well.

The man who seems to have taken charge on the street nods, "Well they aint can get in here. Worry not pretty little ladies. You got else you need to discuss? Like I said we are busy. Gotta load up the ship."

"That must be the island indicated on the map, which presumably Ian could get us to now. Good work, Merek," Sorrel says with a smile, nodding to the man with a smile. She doesn't question where a scholar found a journal. This is what scholars do.

Sanya checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 88 higher. Sanya rolled a critical!

Rukhnis narrows her eyes just the slightest bit as she manages to catch a glimpse of the contents of the room behind the door. Thankfully she already looks narrow-eyed and suspicious enough that it's not really a very noticeable change of expression.

Tatienne glances towards the others to be certain, "Unless I'm forgetting something." She says something in Ravashari like she is repeating herself, though she's just talking about the weather, "I do not think so."

"So there was more than one ship," Ian says in a voice still pitched low. He seems inclined to retreat now and discuss the findings when they're not in the middle of breaking and entering, but he's not the investigator here, so he'll defer if Sorrel and Merek want to keep looking around.

"I'm thirsty." Sanya smiles at the red haired man sweetly. "Could my companions and I get some water? We'll be on our way as soon as we can." Likely biding time until she gets a signal the others have finished their mission.

The man grunts, "A thousand silver if you want us to get you water." Seems the rest of them are quite over this conversation and don't seem interested in getting water either. They start slowly filing back in through the front door.

"Let's get out of here. I think we've got the requisite information," Sorrel murmurs to her coconspirators quietly. She moves to slip towards the way they came in.

Rukhnis can't quite suppress a snort at that final response from the man, and as they all begin to head back inside she lets out a quiet exhalation. She flicks a glance towards the side of the building, perhaps wondering where the others are presently at, then raises her eyebrows questioningly at her own two companions, still silently.

Merek nods a bit, while he follows the other to make his wayw with them also.

Ian withdraws as well, careful to close the door behind him and leave everything just as it was. On the street, he asks Merek: "Did they ever find the cure for that illness?"

Noticing she won't be able to keep the men for much longer, Sanya smiles once more. "Be well." Her voice maintaining it's warmth until she turns to her companions, all mirth dissipating rapidly. She approaches Ivan with a questioning look, casting a glance to the street.

Last to enter the building is the big man with the hammer. He squints suspiciously at the women as he slams the door shut behind him.

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