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Crafters Guild Open Hours

The Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild has set herself up in the Crafters Hall, making herself available for any issues or concerns that either current members, former members or non-members may wish to bring forth.


June 20, 2019, 6 p.m.

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Merek Tatienne Rowenova Petal



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

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Comments and Log

The open hours at the crafters hall is in full swing, with Josephine sitting at the speakers table with parchment and Demetria beside her taking notes. Whether noble or common, crafter or just a lookiloo, no one has been turned away and questioned asked mostly find answer. Pets, it seems, have been asked to be left outside and the odd person with dog hair and such on them that get near Demetria seem to make the woman turn to the side and sneeze.

"Next!" Josephine calls out, a fresh piece of parchment laid out and prepared.

Tatienne has joined the line.

Merek is here to look around a bit, and he has on his cape about his black attire. He makes his way to a place to settle in, and look about as well.

Tatienne moves up when 'Next' is called out. The prodigal merchant is not a member, "Mistress Josephine Arcuri, correct?" She asks, inclining her head politely. "I was curious if the crafters guild was interested in making a deal when it comes to procurement, an artisan shouldn't need to worry about supplies, after all. And I'm a skilled merchant, finding good deals is what I do best."

Opening up the front door, Nova peeks inside the Crafter's Hall after which a quick utterance to Flop is swiftly made before he can come inside. He pads off to go back home. Nova peels off her outer layers (a seal coat and wolf helm) to make sure the dog fur is less likely to be anywhere near the young Arcuri. Doing so ultimately reveals her platinum braid which goes down to her rear end, all tied up in fourty ribbons of 20 colors in varying states of aged wear.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound have been dismissed.

"Indeed." Josephine confirms to Tatienne. "We maintain a list of those who are adept at bartering with the merchants, so that those in need can be directed on where to reach out, and nobles often send requests for knowledge of whom to turn to when they've need of materials to be brought to a crafter for the completion of an item. Are you, Goodwoman, wishing to be added to that list?" There's a gesture for Tatienne to take a seat across from her if she likes. "Is that what you had in mind or something else?"

Josephine has joined the Speakers Table.

"That does seem to be the kind of thing I had in mind, yes." Tatienne answers. "My name is Tatienne Lachance, for your list, thank you." And with that, she steps back to let the next person approach."

"and what are your costs Goodwoman Lachance? So that I can keep your potential customers informed, and what is your specialty with procuring goods? Low end, moderate or high end materials? Do you keep stock on hand, or strictly on an as requested basis?" Josephine throws out some more requests.

After hanging up her outer layers, Nova strides forth to queue up, hanging out within listening distance and quietly observing the ongoing conversation for the time being, her cobalt-blue/khol-lined eyes raptly watching.

"Currently I do not yet have the personal funds to keep stock on hand; though if you're willing to provide me with a loan so I can arrange a supply of personal stock that would be preferred." Tatienne answers before continuing, "I have not yet settled on final rates, I am new to the city and not yet familiar with what rates are customary. I would prefer to deal with high end materials, or larger amounts of the moderate or low end materials, to ensure a proper use of my time. Until I can establish a personal stock there's not much value in buying or selling individual ingots of steel."

"A loan to be repaid can be arranged, to see to stock on hand for those in need can certainly be arranged. With favourable terms to your person. WE can most certainly sit and drinks ome wine and discuss finer details later on Goodwoman Tatienne. Demetria will set a date." Josephine looks pleased at this idea and gestures for Demetria to make such so. "And I shall list you on the growing list of merchants to speak to. Good day Goodwoman. It has been a pleasure." Josephine looks to her papers then in front of her and for a moment, she's humming, murmuring the words to some song before catching herself and calling out. "Next"

Josephine mutters, "And the archfiends try to kill everyone, while ... ... abide and our doom now ... it's a ... world ... all"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tatienne before departing.

Tatienne nods. "Let me know when will be good to discuss this more in private, and I'll be glad to talk." And then a messenger arrives, and business calls, so she is on her way.

Petal arrives at the gathering while adorned in her simple common clothing and while toting along her large sewing basket. She peeks over the area, smiling to those here.

Nova steps up but does not sit down, still standing with a fond smile, "Greetings. Are there any furniture designs in the public domain?"

"Furniture designs?" Josephine has to think for a moment. "Goodwoman Mailys Corsetina might have some. Goodwoman Adora Bella of the Bell bookcase and candles? She might perchance. Godoman Magpie Grayhope of the Highway Robbery as well. You could look there Scout Rowenova." Josephine leans in, smiling. "How are you? And Sir Floppington?" Petals arrival garners a lift of Josephines hand but for the moment, the much older woman turns her attention back to Rowenova.

With her ringed hands, Nova counts out three fingers and quietly utters those spoken names. "Thank you so much. We do better every day: bit by bit, and today seems to be one of our good days. Thank you very much. I hope you and yours are doing well." She steps back and makes room with a smile cast to Petal.

Petal has a warm smiles for both Josephine and Rowenova even as she goes to take a seat.

Petal is overheard praising Josephine: Woots, new guild mistress!

"They always are Scout. It was good to see you. You need to visit more often." She tells her. There's a look to Petal and Merek, seeing if either have any issues needed, though there's contemplation at PEtals preence. "Goodwoman Petal. Last I knew, you were no longer a member of the guild yes?"

Smiling softly, Nova speaks up, "Good." says she. "I do need to. Missed you." Then, she looks back to Petal with a curious look and a head tilt.

Petal looks over to Josephine, nodding in response to her words. "I did leave the guild a while back. I just wasn't very much apart of things and I felt my energy could be better used in other ways. I am considering coming back now though. So I came to listen." She say sin her heavy accent.

"The guild would welcome back those who have departed their ranks. It's sad when one leaves, but joyus when one joins. What could we do to make sucha t hing a reality instead of just words Goodwoman Petal. It is a shame to have one of such skill as yours and touched by Jayus, not be a part of the guild." Joephine queries, leaning forward in her seat with her thumb tapping on the table.

Petal looks to Josephine. "I just wanted to belong to things. I am not much of a leader myself. I got an offer to help a house as their minister of agriculture and I just wanted more time for that. I think that I am ready to join back though. I guess just meetings like this and so forth. Mistress Joscelin was great. I just had a moment where I wanted the time." She softly says.

Paying attention, Nova makes sure to not disrupt the ongoing conversation but still seems fairly interested in the whole talk.

"The Guildmistress Emeritus was indeed, great. She aked to remain on as an Assistant and who was I to deny her the request." Josephine rises from the table. "She left big shoes for myself to fill and those who will come after even I. Would that you had rejoined with her at the helm, but I will rejoice that you join back with our ranks as it is." The cane is taken up in hand and Josephine makes her way around the table to Petal, stopping in front of her to murmur quietly.

Petal listens to Josephine's words. "I should have joined back while she was still guildemistress or not have left, but what is done is done." She says in her heavy accent. "I just had a moment where I wanted to explore a different path." She admits. "I am honored you are considering taking me back."

Josephine offers her hand out to petal. "The honour, dear girl, is all mine."

As she hears out the guild renewal, Nova softly smiles. "Congratulations!"

Petal smiles over to both Josephine and Rowenova, seeming to be in a happy mood.

After making sure it is the right time to not encroach on secret shenanigans, the dewolfed scout reaches out and back pats Petal a few times.

There is no encroaching. Just Josephine smiling, looking very pleased. "I shall leave you to the celebrating, a there are more needs to tend to I am sure. But this is a good thing, good thing indeed. I shall come have a drink when all is said and done if you are still here. Petal. Rowenova." Josephine turns then, time to head back to the table and see to more converns that others have.

Nova happily rocks onto her booted heels, "Drinks!" she merrily chimes before curiously inquiring, "Mistress Petal, I should ask you, too, but do you have any generic designs for household furniture which you would permit me to adjust for a potential gift and personal need?"

Petal looks over to Josephine with another gentle smile. She then turns to Nova. "Oh, I do have some sofa designs in my shop that can be altered if you want."

Nova perks up with a grateful smile, "Thank you so much! I was not sure where to really begin, and you will be saving me so much time!"

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