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Videl's birthday party

Lady Videl Igniseri is celebrating defeating the odds for nineteen years in a row, family, friends, acquaintances and those who wish to become such are invited to celebrate her birthday.


May 3, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By



Teireno Alessia Liara Ajax




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The great hall has been decorated tastefully, those may be silk and other expensive fabrics, but they do not draw the eye. Instead, what draws the eye is the excessive amount of food and drink that's been prepared, all kinds of dishes from every corner of the compact to ensure that every guest has something they will enjoy eating.

Unlike usual when she's hosting a party, Videl is not at the entrance this time. Instead, she's sitting at the table with some modest re-arranging that makes sure her position is easily noticed upon entry.

Teireno made sure to set some free time aside to support his cousin, even if he is never one for parties. He stepped inside the hall, giving Videl a warm smile. He was at a loss for what to give her as a gift. He was sure she was able to get whatever she wanted from the city, and he didn't know her long enough to make a custom gift that she'd enjoy. Still, he wanted to give her well-wishes. "You're becoming of the age where time starts to fly." He says to Videl, chuckling.

Alessia Mazetti, not far from the drinks table for most of the evening, turns her attention to the birthday girl. Excusing herself from her companions, she approaches the woman, inclining her chin. "My lady. I would like to wish you luck on your special day." She offers her with a smile.

Alessia Mazetti, entering the great hall, turns her attention to the woman sat at the table with her cousin. Thanking the servants who had let her in, she approaches Videl, inclining her chin. "My lady. I would like to wish you luck on your special day." She offers her with a smile. "My lord." She adds, to the man with her.

"Time never flies, Teireno, unless you don't wish it to. Then it will rush full speed ahead." Videl offers her opinion towards Teireno with a smile, then addresses Alessi, "Thank you, and thank you for coming as well. I don't believe we've been introduced."

Teireno grins. "That is true, but it becomes worse when you're older. Suddenly you wish you had more time. It is quite an unusual thing." He turns to Alessia, giving her a friendly smile and a small nod. He'll wait until she properly introduces herself to Videl before he'll introduce himself.

"I apologise. Lady Alessia Mazetti, it's a pleasure to meet you. I heard the countess' kin was holding an event, I thought I'd pay a visit." The glaivedancer responds before turning to the man. "And you as well, my lord."

2 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

"A pleasure to meet you, my lady. You are quite welcome." Videl answers Alessia, turning her attention back towards her cousin, "I wasn't supposed to wish I had more time yet? I must be getting old early." She jokes, clearly amused, and takes a sip from her wine. It's a granatan peach.

Teireno does a polite bow to Alessia. "My name is Lord Teireno Igniseri. A pleasure to meet you, my lady." He smiles amusingly at his cousin. "What, you didn't wish to become an adult due to an idealized version of adulthood, then realized that it wasn't true and suddenly wish you could become young again? May be just me." He chuckles.

Showing up to the hall, having shed her cloak in the atrium, Liara casts her gaze about, then greets Videl with an easy smile, "A very happy birthday to you, Lady Videl." She doesn't interrupt the conversation, otherwise.

"There's no end to the advantages that come with adulthood, my lady." Alessia says with an amused smile, before the princess' voice pulls her attention. "Your highness." She dips into a curtsy, holding the skirts of her molten gold gown.

"Perhaps it's because even as a child old men with aching legs could outrun me with ease. Might makes a girl old before her time." Videl answers Teireno, then she hears a familiar voice, "Your highness, I am so glad you could make it. The dress is wonderful, I will have to find a good occassion to wear it." She answers, then glances towards the others, "Have you met my cousin, Lord Teireno Igniseri; or my latest acquaintance, Lady Alessia Mazetti?" She asks.

"I fear I have not met Her Highness yet." Teireno gives a proper bow to Liara. "Pleased to meet you. As my cousin said, I am Lord Teireno Igniseri."

"I have yet to make Lord Teireno's acquaintance, although I believe Lady Alessia and I may have crossed paths briefly at a function, though I could certainly stand to be corrected," replies Liara, and offers the two a quick smile. "I'm Liara Grayson. A pleasure."

"I didn't think you'd remember me, your highness." Alessia smiles warmly, taking a seat at the table. "It's lovely to see you all the same." Glancing around the room, she nods at her fellow Lycene. "The hall's been well decorated. What a lovely event you've set up."

"What she didn't say, is that she's my patron. It's in part thanks to her that I've been able to rise in notability as quickly as I have." Videl adds to Liara's introduction with genuine warmth in her voice. "Treat yourself to food and drink, or get one of the servants to treat you to any; I made sure to try to have something for everyone." She then answers Alessia, "I do so love organizing and hosting such things, sometimes they are themed or encourage a particular activity. Today, though, I kept it simple."

Teireno smiles. "I am glad to finally meet your patron, then." He gives a friendly nod to Liara. He waves a servant over to get him something to eat and drink.

"One /could/ have had the entire building painted with the number nineteen, although perhaps that might have been a little on the nose," supposes Liara. Then she flashes Alessia a grin. "I certainly shall now, my lady." Finally, in mild query to Teireno, "What sorts of things do you do yourself, my lord? Have you similar interests to Lady Videl's, perhaps?"

"I never did ask." Alessia gives Videl a curious smile. "What are your interests, other than being a most gracious host?"

Videl laughs at the suggestion, "I don't think Quenia would approve, your highness." She answers, then turns her attention to Alessia, "I seek to capture the essence of people." She answers,

Teireno snickers at such an over the top suggestion. "It'd be cruel to have the servants clean up all that paint afterward." He then rubs his chin, giving a bit of thought to Liara's question. "Similar, though I'd rather be a participant rather than a host. One of my favorite hobbies is painting and artwork, and I am hoping to get into proper modeling soon. I have made plans with Lord Samuele Rubino to model on his behalf. Otherwise, I enjoy reading and learning. I'm rather simple, and somewhat boring." He chuckles.

Following a flash of a grin at Videl, Liara helps herself to a glass of wine, then comments to Teireno, "I do not think anyone with as broad an interest as 'learning' could be all that boring, my lord. The vast majority of reading that I do is of correspondence; quite little of books lately."

"Is that a metaphor for understanding their desires or something akin to draining their soul?" Alessia asks with a wry smile. "I joke of course." To the princess' statement, she nods in agreement. "Oh, most definitely. Do you plan to become a scholar, my lord?"

Videl laughs, "The latter is definitely what I intend to convey, but the former is closer to the truth. I seek to create a painting that embodies who interesting people are, rather than what those people happen to look like." The artist explains, "Of course before you can do that, you need to know them." She asides, glancing towards Teireno, "He reads as much as people think I ought to."

Teireno couldn't help but laugh at Videl's comment about his reading. "Don't worry, Videl. I'll read on your behalf, if you want me to." He teases. He turns his attention to Alessia. "It would be a lovely profession, but I am afraid it isn't meant to be. I am to become a courtier, just like my father."

"In my instance, one hopes that the essence of the depiction in both cases would be, essentially, 'fabulous'," Liara remarks, with another grin, and goes on to sip at her wine. A mild comment to Teireno then, "You sound most certain of it, my lord."

Alessia seems particularly interested in Videl's response, straightening in her seat. "I'd like to see your work one of these days. I don't think I've come across an artist with that approach... not to my recollection at least." Chuckling at Liara's comment, she turns to Teireno. "You can be both. The Scholars allow anyone within their org, whatever their vocation. I recall one of the high ranking members, before he was dismissed, was a Marquis." Her lips form an encouraging smile.

"If you wish to follow that road, Teireno, go follow it. I'm sure you would have Quenia's blessing." Videl answers Teireno seriously, her voice giving a special emphasis to the Marquessa's name. To Liara, "I don't let people see what I make before it is ready, for a reason, your highness." Then to Alessia, "I don't maintain a gallery. Most of my work is given to the people it depicts, the rest... deeply personal."

Teireno brings a glass of wine to his lips, thinking about what was said. "I know it is an option, if I so feel strongly towards it. After all, I came to Arx in part to figure out myself beyond my father's influence. We'll see what the future holds. For now though, I don't want my courtier training to go to waste." He smiles. "I have not seen much of Videl's art, but I reassure all of you that she is very skilled. She surpasses me in many ways."

Leaning her hip in against the edge of a table, Liara suggests to Teireno, "In your shoes, my lord, I would pursue my interests - those things that I can in with enthusiasm, and excel in. It has always worked for me, and indeed my range of interests has broadened along the way, without ever putting myself to something I genuinely do not wish to do."

"Well, hopefully, one day when you know me better - I'll have the pleasure of seeing your work." Alessia smiles to Videl, before glancing between Liara and Teireno. "Indeed. And pursuing other interests hasn't harmed her highness' abilities as a courtier."

"Hopefully." Videl agrees with Alessia, and then turns her attention to Teireno. "I'm sure the Scholars have need for people who are as gifted with a smooth word as they are with an inquisitive mind." She offers, then takes a sip from her wine. "I personally am focusing most of my efforts currently at being better able to understand people."

"Thank you all for the advice. I am quite grateful." Teireno says sincerely, giving everyone a gentle smile. "It'll give me quite a bit to think about." He turns to Videl. "I'll admit, I have the same interest. I am fascinated by people. I want to understand them and their history more."

"Sometimes, circumstance just brings things along, too," Liara comments to Alessia. Then she wonders, "Have we gone into talking about 'people' as a sort of abstract thing rather than specific individuals, by now?"

"There some who place more emphasis on the individuality of people - their complexity and uniqueness. Whereas others believe them to be simple, alike and following of similar patterns. I prefer the former theory myself." Alessia comments, taking a sip from a glass of wine.

"Neither position is truly right. Yes, of course people are individuals making complex and interesting choices in the small scale; but they are bound by society and the faith to act in certain manners. The end result is much like this." She whispers something to a servant, who returns with a glass bowl of water and a large number of wood chips. Videl puts the chips in the water and begins to stir quite strongly, then takes out the spoon and says, "As you can tell, the motion of the water makes it so every chip follows a similar path; and we can predict the rough pattern of their movement, but each has their own interesting turns in there. Of course, this is amplified when they meet. People are much like that."

Teireno watches Videl demonstrate her point. Pretty clever way to do it, he admits. "As the saying goes, 'No person is an island.' We are all bound by the actions of others, no matter how small they may be in the social chain. Figuring out how we are bound to one another is one of the most elaborate subjects out there, and one filled with plenty of theories."

"And then the populace of Arvum settled to long years of peace, only for a giant spoon to descend upon them," quips Liara. Then she gets back to her wine, not offering a whole lot of further insight on the nature of people - she is listening, though.

Impressed by the analogy, Alessia's smile brightens at the bowl. "Ah, good way of putting it. You're right in that. But it's those individual turns that interests me. And the extent of them."

"It is the side of things that interests me too." Videl agrees with Alessia, "But you can't really understand those turns, if you do not know the context in which they are made." She agrees, in essence with Teireno, "Why does a soldier obey the commands of his superiors? One could say it's due to a sense of duty, due to the knowledge that desertion leads to drastic punishments, perhaps he just trusts his commander to give good commands; maybe some other reason, or a combination of some."

Teireno can't help but snicker at Liara's comment. "The giant spoon could be a metaphor for the Gods, perhaps. Sometimes it feels that way." He helps himself to some meat and cheese, listening in on the conversation.

Finishing up her drink, Liara then makes to depart. "I should be on my way. Happy birthday, Lady Videl." There's a flash of a smile and little flutter of her fingers in a wave for the others, and off she goes.

Offering the princess a farewell as she departs, Alessia turns back to Videl. "That's true. Understanding why they obey can be the key to fully grasping what motivates people to rebel or challenge their superiors." To Teireno's comment, she laughs. "The gods... or foreign emissaries." She takes another drink from her glass, starting on the cheese on her plate

"Let's not forget the shavs." Videl adds to the list of potential outside problems, taking a drink and considering the two others a bit more, before asking, "So, you're welcome of course, but I wonder, did you have any particular reason to come?"

Teireno politely nods a farewell to Liara, but otherwise doesn't say anything right now, curious to know what Alessia's answer is.

"We weren't always the most social of houses." Alessia comments with a smile. "We believe it's time to branch out and forge better bonds with our fellow houses of the Lyceum." She raises a glass in toast.

"As good a reason as any. Unfortunate that Quenia didn't have to come, but so be it." Videl raises her glass to join the toast, "I would love to get to know your house better."

Teireno smiles and raises his own glass in toast. "Any new bonds that don't involve backstabbing or poison are always welcome." He teases.

"Likewise." Alessia smiles before taking a sip from her glass. "To a lot of people outside of our lands, it's apparently all we do." She chuckles to Videl.

"Ahh, but you don't backstab new bonds. That's improper etiquette, you wait for them to trust you; then you do the backstabbing." Videl is clearly joking. "So tell me about your house?"

"Really, outsiders are so odd sometimes. You don't waste the good poison on random strangers, only for the best. Really, do they think we lack manners?" Teireno smirks jokingly.

"Not that we lack manners, that we're inherently deceitful." Alessia shakes her head, though the amusement doesn't fade from her lips. "Well we're sworn to House Fidante, we own the march, Ostria. The walled city - you may have heard it be called. Known for our horses, cheese and of course, cherry brandy. Also due to our fortuitous location and the building of our new port, named after my late uncle Lord Valerio, trade is booming."

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Ajax.

Videl nods, "Quite interesting, I would love to try your brandy some time." She offers and glances to Teireno, "Fortunately, most know the stereotype is in excess, and unfortunately it doesn't help that some of us encourage people to take the notion seriously."

2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

Teireno rubs his chin. "I remember a few weeks ago at the Black Fox, a few Kennex nobles asked me to help them pick out drinks that aren't poisoned. Really, would the Black Fox still be in business if it put poison in its drinks?" He shook his head amusingly.

Videl laughs. "Well, of course they do." She answers and continues, "Alcohol is a poison, after all. I would dearly hope they sold drinks with alcohol."

"Admittedly, a lot of substances become poison with the right quantity. Alcohol happens to be one of those substances." Teireno takes another sip of wine. "And we do make and drink lots of alcohol. It fits."

With the slow trudge of armored feet, Ajax makes his way into the hall properly, flanked by a pair of men, "Are you lot sure this is the place. We've only taken how many wrong tur-" he offers gruffly, though, he pauses in his grumbling as he sees Videl chatting away with Teireno, causing a shift in their direction, his head lowering towards the pair, "Happy birthday, to my favorite noblewoman." his head rises with a warm seeming smile.

Videl smiles when Ajax comes in, "Captain Ajax!" She greets warmly, though without getting up. She immediately summons some servants to provide food and drink for the man and his men, "Ajax, this is my cousin, Lord Teireno Igniseri. Teireno, this is my good friend Captain Ajax of the Redwood Mercenary Company.'

Teireno gives a friendly nod to Ajax. "I think I saw him over at the Black Fox a few weeks ago. However, we didn't get much time to chat before I left." He admits. "Pleased to properly meet you now." He smiles.

"A pleasure to meet you again." Ajax offers with a firm nod of his head, giving a second dip of his head to Teireno, before he looks at Videl with an easy going smile, "Did you get everything you want for your birthday, lass? It's rather dull not seeing you for so long." he offers with a relaxed posture, canting hsi head to the side as he watches the birthday girl.

"I didn't get one billion silver, so no I did not. But I did get the most important things." Videl answers Ajax, grinning at her obvious joke. "You should come by more often, captain. I organize a thing or another fairly regularly, and you are almost always welcome; even if I don't have something organized."

Teireno politely stands up. "I have a few tasks I need to take care of. My apologies for leaving so soon." He smiles at Videl. "Happy birthday, and best wishes." He gives a friendly nod to Ajax before heading out of the hall.

"I should make more excuses to do now." Ajax offers with a firm nod of his head, before looking over towards the pair of young men that followed him, "Now that I figured out how to get ere'" he waggles his finger, "That my friend, is an adventure of it's own." he does lean over his arms gently wrapping around Videl in a brief hug, a tad bit softer then the usual gruff mercenary normally gives, "But happy birthday lass, an' to many more."

"To at least one hundred more. Show those physicians what's what." Videl answers in turn, being somewhat careful to return the gesture. "And it's not that hard to find, honestly, you just have to remember we share a plaza with our lieges."

Being surprisingly gentle, Ajax gives Videl a small squeeze, his hand moving to her back in a gentle pat, pat, "I will have to bare that in mind." he offers, the smile never leaving his features, "Though this winter. I have been surprisingly productive." he admits almost sheepishly to Videl, "Kinda weird, thinking a year ago. I was just some ol' man coming to town in iron equipment and just bein' in awe of this city."

"Arx is a strange place, a lot of opportunity for those ready to grasp it. Most of those who come out of town are exactly here to do just that." Videl answers that in turn, "It changes you, a year ago I wouldn't have been nearly as confident in my ability to maneuver some of the complicated social webs that exist here."

"I ignore the political webs to be honest. Except for when something tries to ensnare me, I don't care for all the cloak and dagger." Ajax admits towards Videl as he lets go of the smaller woman, his hand moving to rest on his hip, "I just keep movin' an keep fighting."

Videl says, "sits back down and takes a sip. "Alas, I'm of noble birth and skilled with words. Navigating such webs is what's expected of me. You're a mercenary captain, you're expected to lead your men into battle for coin. Different roles we have to play.""

Videl sits back down and takes a sip. "Alas, I'm of noble birth and skilled with words. Navigating such webs is what's expected of me. You're a mercenary captain, you're expected to lead your men into battle for coin. Different roles we have to play."

"My friend, I am a man of many hats." Ajax offers with a warm seeming smile towards Videl, rolling his shoulders in a small shrug before he looks at the lady, "So, what has kept you busy as of late? Anything fun? chasing suitors off at spear point?"

"My friend, I am a man of many hats." Ajax offers with a warm seeming smile towards Videl, rolling his shoulders in a small shrug before he looks at the lady, "So, what has kept you busy as of late? Anything fun? chasing suitors off at spear point?"

"I do not have any suitors, fortunately, because I wouldn't know which end of the spear to point at them." Videl answers the man with a faint giggle. "And I'm sure you have many hats, so do I. I was just pointing out that you lack one of mine, and I lack one of yours."

"The sharp end." Ajax offers with a firm nod, "I really should get a spear. I got an axe recently, and thinking of getting a new blade." his smile growing larger, "And, aye, I know. I suspect while I am better at things then I let on. You would wipe the floor with me." he gives the woman a playful nudge, a waggle of his finger following, "Though, soon, come this spring. I plan to shake up the markets a bit. It'll be fun."

"Ah, yes. The sharp end, of course." Videl answers, then listens and nods. "Well I wish you good luck with that." Videl finishes her meal and sighs. "Unfortunately, speaking of social webs to navigate. I have some messengers to send and paperwork to do before the day ends, but it was very food to see you again."

"Of course, I will see you again my friend." Ajax offers with a dip of his head, as he slowly starts trudging off.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

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