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Ritual of the Autumn Equinox

The Shaman are doing a ritual for the Autumn Equinox at the Stone Grove. It should be a day of fun and games to celebrate the harvest, the replanting of the grove and of course ritual. All are welcome to attend.


Feb. 27, 2017, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Cybele(RIP) Khanne Deva Mydas(RIP) Valencia Kieran Freja(RIP) Simone Aislin Signe Acacia Ford(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stone Grove

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Comments and Log

Freja fishes a flask out of her boot and offers it to Acacia, "Same as before - Farhaven's finest. " A wave of her fingers is given to the others in greeting, Signe a playful sticking out of the tongue.

Kieran has joined the benches.

Barbara, the stalwart Stormward secretary arrives, following Ford.

Drea kisses Deva on both cheeks, "Its nothing to worry about. Everyone has a lot going on." She turns to Freja, eyes bright, "Oh you're not off the hook either. I'd like some gret nieces and nephews too!" She turns to the carls, "Is everything just about ready?" The main carl nods nervously. "Good! Call in the pipers and the drummers!" The robed pipers and drummers hustle out, hastily setting up and then begin to play.

"Mm... Tiger and bear, it would be fitting, I can appreciate the humour." Mydas smirks, inclining his head to Acacia in acknowledgement. "Well played." His eyes move back to Signe and he murmurs something to his sister, too low to hear.

"Tigers only exist over--" Deva snaps her mouth shut suddenly, shaking her head at Mydas. Leaving the rest unsaid, she just grins in Freja's direction as she withdraws from her mother's organ squishing hug. "Yeah, a lot," she echoes Drea's words, a small smile on her lips. With a nod, she takes a step back, pulling well out of the way for the event to begin.

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Kieran scoots as people join the bench next to him and Khanne. "Suddenly we are very popular." He offers a wave to Deva, "Congratulations, sister!"

Khanne grins at Kieran and says, "of course we are. We're hot red heads." She gives him a wink, her misty-grey eyes then scanning the crowd itself.

"Same as before, sublimely in your favor," Acacia cheerfully accepts the flask from Freja, though the Princess' boots are thoughtfully admired as that newfound stash. She boldly flashes a grin towards Mydas, but that good-humored countenance remains. Her dark eyes touch briefly upon Deva, before she suggests, "Perhaps you should get a Moongoose then, your Highness. Just for the times when you get bored -- though I doubt that will ever happen. But to add to everyone else's calls, and to say mine again sincerely, congratulations." Freja's flask is stolen as more family members arrive, with her easing over towards one of the benches and providing more of a belated focus on the environment.

"Husband comes first - good luck finding one interested and one tall enough." Freja drawls to Drea, giant that she is. She drops the subject when the musicians appear, closing her eyes with a smile. "Thief." she accuses the Culler woman, her eyes still closed but she can hear the woman step away.

Cybele gives Kieran a smile, in-between whispers to Khanne, before the young prodigal's eye - the one not shut and blackened - looks after Signe and Mydas, offering a small wave their way.

"Thanks, Kieran. Now you have to cross the entire city and a pit of snakes to leave frogs in my bed," Deva tells her brother with a wry smile, fingers fluttering in his direction. "A mongoose? I'm not sure I've stumbled across one of those before," she admits to Acacia, her tone most curious. "And thank you," she smiles, warmly so, while continuing to shuffle a few feet backward and out of the way.

Valencia slips into the grove on small slippered feet and a rustle of shadow grey silk, making her way though the gathering guests to observe the proceedings. The little Southern Princess scans the crowd noting faces familiar and some not so much. A little smile blossoms on her lips suddenly and she withdraws to the back, her expression quietly amused.

Signe murmurs something back to her older brother, staring at him with a sudden change of mood. She suddenly wraps her arms around him, planting her forehead against his chest, squeezing him tight. Unfortunately, she does not see the wave that Cybele gives them.

"I had the personal inclination to try to find the most sinister-looking, long-armed sloth that had ever existed and then try to send it endlessly on messages into the Palace instead," Acacia delivers to Deva as an alternate choice, but she sips gingerly upon Freja's flask and watches the Princess who first held it with a thoughtful kind of appreciation. Valencia's presence is noted with a respectful smile, but she ends up murmuring aside towards Cybele, keeping her tone cordial, "... Should I be closing my eyes?"

Mydas looks away from Signe to see Cybele's wave and he smiles, inclining his head towards the shaman in greeting.

Khanne looks up from her quiet conversation with Cybele and says, overhearing some of the others, "I almost ended up with a Honey Badger, but Serenity (who is flying off over head) was gifted to me instead."

Ford strides into the Stone grove with his assistant hot at his heels. Taking a short glance around he makes his way to a bench for sitting, and also drinking.

"We are?" Kieran asks Khanne as the pipers and drummers enter. "And no one told me?" He grins to Deva then, "Why would I need to leave a frog in your bed, when you will have Niccolo there instead?" He gives his sister a teasing wink, letting her know its all in good fun. "Just dont tell him I said that. I don't duel very well."

Arriving - slightly past the time for when due, she supposes, Simone arrives all layered in her wools and furs to be present at the ritual as an extension of her lord, Marius. Being his other Voice, it stands to reason. She glances around the sacred space, reverently, before she finds a place to seat herself.

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Valencia smiles and returns Acacia's welcome with one of her own, the little smile on her lips blossoming a little more at her greeting. She glances over at Ford and offers him her own warm incline of head and shoots a little smile Kieran's way, though she does not approach him.

Drea looks around, "Alright! Let's everyone form a circle. Before we continue to fill the air with with good energy; I'd like to say a few words. It's the Autumn equinox, a perfect balance of light and dark and a time for reflection. Let's all join hands as we enter this fellowship and ask for the spirits blessing." She stands holding out both her hands for someone to take them. She cranes her head up towards the night sky breathing in a breath as she gets ready to begin.

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"A sloth? Now that's just cruel. I love it," Deva snickers at Acacia's words, offering a thumbs-up of amusement. That hand opens, fingers splayed, to lightly thwap Kieran on the back of the head with a short laugh. No further words appear to be necessary.

Freja pushes up from her seat on the altar and moves to stand silently beside Drea, taking her hand for the ritual when required.

Cybele rises, and gives Khanne a small smile, then hurries to see if Signe still has a hand free for the circle Drea is asking them to form.

Khanne's eyes flick up to the red mop on Kieran's head then back down to his face. She smirks at him, nudging his elbow with her own. Ford sits nearby and she gives him a nod and a smile. "Ford, it has been a good while since I've seen you." Just then, Drea calls for their attention. She rises up and walks over to a spot, waiting for others to fall in line and make a circle, holding her hands out for whomever joins her, possibly Cybele and Kieran, who she was sitting in between.

Kieran offers a wave of greeting to Valencia when he spots her among the recent arrivals. Then he rises as biden by his mother to join the circle.

Acacia doesn't join the circle, but she very politely sits upon a bench not too far away in order to carefully watch the proceedings.

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Before Mydas can respond to Signe's last murmured words, the time has come to hold hands and make a circle. He takes one of his sister's hands, and the other of whoever might be to his right.

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Valencia, too, does not join the circle. She instead politely draws back a little further standing respectfully to the side, her expression simmering to one more appropriate to the occasion, though there is a spark of keen interest in those dark almond-shaped eyes.

Signe breathes a sigh when Drea makes her announcement. Being beside her brother, her fingers curl around his hand automatically, the other one left for whomever might be on her other side. She looks around the Grove, searching for someone that she does not find. "Gurdy?" she inquires of Mydas distractedly.

Drea doesn't seem plussed by those that don't join. But instead looks about those who have joined with a warm smile then begins to sing, in a rhythmic chant.

Cybele takes Signe's hand, then, shooting the woman a smile, and taking Khanne in the other. Joining in Drea's chant, providing a counterpoint to her notes.

"Doubtful. But who knows." Mydas murmurs in Signe's direction. "He's been very busy lately." he adds before returning his attention to Drea and her singing, soon picked up by others. He lets the shamans sing, himself quiet for now.

Deva joins the circle, embracing the hands of those next to her in her own. She does not, however, join the singing. She closes her eyes instead, standing very still as the song rings clear.

Living a life of solitude as she did before coming to Arx, and shamans being as individualistic as they are, Khanne does not seem to know the words Drea sings. So, instead, she hums along, trying to match the melody, but stumbling on occasion. Her misty-grey eyes close as she inhales deeply through her nose, relaxing and focusing on the chant, the grove, and those present.

Kieran remains quiet as the singing begins, focusing on the shamans and the ritual. He occasionally glances about to those around him as the event continues.

Signe has a small frown for Mydas' response, but at least she completes the circle thanks to Cybele. She returns with a tight-lipped smile but focuses on the song-chant instead, joining in herself.

Freja remains as silent as her aunt, eyes closed and a calm coming over her.

Drea sings in a warm woody alto, her voice lifting above the smoke and sounds of the night, "We have so much before us
and for this we are thankful.
We have so many blessings,
and for this we are thankful.
There are others not so fortunate,
and by this we are humbled.
We shall make an offering in their name
to the spirts who watch over us,
that those in need are someday
as blessed as we are this day." With that she stops singing, "Come enjoy yourselves, eat, drink, smoke....enjoy each other's company!"

Drea checked mana + occult against difficulty 20, resulting in 64, 44 higher than the difficulty.

Perhaps caused by Signe's singing, Mydas begins to sing. Deep bass grows from his voice, like the echoes of thunder amidst mountain peaks. It does not deafen, but rolls underneath the higher singing, offering a base. He squeezes Signe's hand slightly, and grows silent when Drea does.

Cybele lets out a happy little sigh as the song comes to an end, looking around and beaming bright, giving Signe's hand another squeeze, and leaning in to whisper to her.

From her place at the benches, Simone listens to the singing-chant, eyes partially closed.

Freja gives a single one-armed hug to Drea and steps back, the ritual completed she seems ready to depart from the crowd.

Drea carls come in with heavy casks of whiskey, crates filled with mead and a single bag of something. Another carl is carrying a sack of smoking
pipes. Upon closer inspection, the small sack is filled with haze--copious amounts of haze. They arrange the crates and casks on some tables with mugs and drinking horns.

Kieran breaks from the circle once the chant is dine and Drea invites everyone to enjoy the festivities. He takes his spot at the benches once more and people watches for the time being.

Signe is happy enough when Mydas starts to sing the lines, squeezing his hand in return. "... As bleEEEessed we are this daaAAaay..." Those closest to them might hear notes going -FAAR- off key, the sound coming from the Nightgold's side of the circle. When it is finished, she releases a sigh in relief. Cybele's nudge for attention has her leaning her way to listen, but the utterance is received with a pair of wide eyes. She murmurs something back.

Kieran has joined the benches.

Mydas checked perception + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 57, 42 higher than the difficulty.

Mydas shows absolutely no reaction whatsoever at Signe's off-key singing, as if the notes were hit perfectly, despite standing right beside her. He leans down to whisper something to her ear, before saying, louder. "Now who wants whiskey?"

Simone inclines her head, watching the Redrain carls bringing in crates and casks and -- oh, yes. Recognized. There's a moment, torn, between wishing to throw caution to the wind and party like it's 1005. But, but. Marquessa responsibilities.

Simone checked composure against difficulty 7, resulting in 17, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Ford sees those barrels and casks, those golden eyebrows loft to the heavens. No. Don't do it. You still have work to do.

Ford checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Khanne hums a bit longer as she finds some sort of balance she was missing before. Eventually, her eyes open and she looks around as others are already milling about, socializing. She gives a grin to Kieran and leans in to speak with him quietly.

So, Simone rises from the bench, and drifts off - things to do and all.

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A shaman comes over to Drea and begins painting her face, orange and brown. She is also handed a lit pipe filled with haze, which she takes a large hit from. Unexpectedly she pulls in a lot of smoke, but doesn't cough. Smoke streams from her nostrils and trickles from her mouth at the same time and her eyes become slightly glassy. She passes the pipe along, at the same time all in the grove several pipes are being passed along.

Ford rises from the bench as well, heading over to Khanne, leaning over to speak to her for a moment.

The whisperings from Mydas play tug-of-war with the ones from Cybele, but ultimately, Signe seems to find what her brother says to be of more importance. Before he wanders away from her, she pulls at his arm firmly, glancing to Cybele on her other side and murmuring something quickly before she attaches herself to Mydas, brows lifting in worry.

"It'll be fine, Signe." Mydas can be heard telling his sister, not pulling away. But the rest goes unheard as his voice lowers once more, momentarily focused on his sister.

Cybele's focus lifts from Signe, and the shaman gives a wan smile to the party proceedings, accepting a horn as one passes by, and taking a small sip, looking to the two siblings. Not interrupting their conversation further.

Deva falls away from the group, expression thoughtful as the revelries begin. With a small smile, she subtly takes her leave, steps weaving quietly as she departs the grove.

Drawing in a deep breath, Valencia takes a looks around the Grove, a little smile tugs at the corner of her mouth and her eyes glow happily. "Better," she says softly and offering a little nod to no one in particular. There is another look at those gathered, and a smile and respectful incline of head offered to Drea, the the little princess is off again.

With a nod Ford and Babs are off!

Ford has left the benches.

Barbara, the stalwart Stormward secretary leaves, following Ford.

Signe releases Cybele's hand to hold her brother more fixedly with both upon his arm. An exchange of murmurs and whispers continues as the party goes on around them, but to this lass, there is only Mydas right now.

Carls come in again hustling, setting out small plates. They are carrying platters filled with meats: venison, roasted chicken, and boar it looks like. The heady aroma of roasted meats fill the air.

Cybele goes to pick up the wind-chime staff from the benches wwhile Signe is occupied, casting an occasional glance over to the pair of Nightgolds. Sipping some more from the horn, but not really bothering with the food.

Mydas can currently be seen frowning, and if one were to be paying very close attention, hints of... humming? No, that can't be right. Still, the golden eyes are fixed on Signe during their conversation, and seem to have banished the rest of the world away.

Khanne has joined the benches.

Drea looks around as her face is done being painted, "Anyone up for a game?" She glances over at Mydas and Signe curious, for a moment. "It's called Skittles."

Khanne walks back to sit at the benches again, just as Drea calls out. "What is Skittles?"

Kieran quietly chats to Khanne a bit, but he occasionally glances around. As the carls walk by, he snags a piece ofmeat and pops it into his mouth.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cybele before departing.

Cybele has joined the benches.

Signe slowly bobs her head at something Mydas says, though it's a continual bobbing as though in rhythm. The announcement of games falls on deaf ears though her gaze flickers to the party for but a split-second.

Cybele accepts a message, brow furrowed as the prodigal reads. Setting aside the drinking horn, and reaching up to brush the bruised flesh, before a stylus is borrowed alongside ink to scribble a response. Shooting the smallest of smiles to Khanne.

Drea makes a rolling motion, "You can have up to four players. You have three lives, you roll a large wooden ball at ten pins. If you miss a pin, you lose a life. When you are out of lives, you're out. The last person with lives remaining wins."

Khanne looks to Cybele as she sits on the benches as well. She returns the smile, a curious tilt of her head given at the prodigal's reaction to messenger.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cybele before departing.

Signe eagerly whispers something more to her older brother but a singular nod seems to conclude the conversation. She finally releases him from her clutches and gives her attention to Drea. "Pins?" she wonders at no one in particular.

"Perhaps." Mydas murmurs, but then he turns his gaze to the current going-ons of the event. He looks curiously at the game, but does not seem inclined to participate, taking a more background stance.

Drea nods, to Signe "Yes, ten wooden pins: oblong shaped things, you try to roll the ball and knock them down."

Cybele accepts a second message, then crumples it up, and shoots another little smile to Khanne, before rising and moving along, stepping over to Mydas.

Cybele has left the benches.

Kieran rises from the benches and moves towards his mother. "I will play a round." He looks about to see if there are any other takers.

Signe places her palms together with a loud clap. "Okay, I'll join too," she decides, nodding and stepping up, glancing about for wherever these 'oblong-shaped things' might be.

Drea smiles greatfully to her son, motioning to the Carls to set the game up. "Alright, that's two...anybody else?"

The Carls set up the pins in a triangle pattern about 20 feet away. One of the Carls hand Drea a fairly heavy wooden ball, that she hefts up carefully. "Alright, I'll roll first." she says stepping up to a line one of the Carls have dug into the ground.

She cocks back her arm with the ball and rolls....

Cybele looks to the game with a wan little smile, but does not volunteer, choosing instead to lean on the staff and keep a quiet conversation with Mydas. The prodigal watches, though.

Drea checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

The ball cruises down the field, crashing into the pins knocking most of them down. The Carls set up the pins, minus one, leaving nine pins off in the distance.

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 18, 3 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran has rolled a critical success!
Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 20, resulting in 42, 22 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran takes the next wooden ball and eyes the collection in the distance. After a few pauses, he strides up the line and gives the ball a toss, managing to knock the whole set over, much to the annoyance of those at the other end who have to set up eight.

Khanne looks up towards Mydas from her seat on the bench, opting out of rolling pin things for the moment. "Mydas, so... when are we going to reacquaint ourselves?"

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 25, resulting in 20, 5 lower than the difficulty.

A Carl ducks as a pin goes flying his way. Then he goes about setting up the eight pins with a mutter.

A Carl offers Signe a ball after all the pins have been readied. She narrows her eyes at her targets, holding the ball out front to aim. "This should be like... skipping stones, right?" With a step back for added leverage, she paces forward and throws it like a flat stone. Much to her dismay, the ball bounces on its way to the pins and manages to hit only half the pins. "....."

The Carl down the field grunts as the ball bounces up and hits him in the stomach. He dryly holds up three fingers then ticks one down holding up two. Then runs down the field to hand Drea the ball, his eyes pleading ' more.' before jogging back down the field.

Myas turns momentarily from his conversation with Cybele to smile at Khanne. "I'm sorry, milady... who are you again?" His smile turns into a grin, obviously teasing. "At the rate we're going, never, as we both seem far too busy for reacquainting to happen!"

Drea checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 25, resulting in 16, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 25, resulting in 21, 4 lower than the difficulty.

Drea hurls the ball down the field, it speeds towards the pins, hopping and skipping along the earth going wide of all of them at the last minute.

Khanne chuckles softly and shakes her head towards Mydas. "You are just lucky Cybele has you snagged over there. We should make time in our schedules... don't you think?"

Signe folds her arms over her torso stubbornly and bends a little, peering at the pins like it was -their- fault her throw went wrong. She calls out to Drea without an ounce of sarcasm, "You're doing great, Mother Bear!"

Mydas bows deeply to Khanne. "Happily so, milady. What say you of... tomorrow? Or any of the following days, really. I'm sure I can find some time." he grins.

Cybele watches and gives an encouraging cheer when pins are hit. Earnest enthusiasm from the shaman, at least - looking to Khanne with a small smile. "I think I am almost done, and then he can be all yours."

Kieran takes the ball for his second attempt and gives it a mighty throw with a "Hyaaaah!" The ball arcs sharply and lands with a 'plop' a few meters in front of him, not moving one bit. "Huh."

Khanne smiles at Cybele then waves a hand in the air. "No worries. I have to scoot along before too long, another meeting..." her brow creases and she looks to Mydas. "Actually, are you going to that one as well?"

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 17, resulting in 18, 1 higher than the difficulty.

"Are we talking of the Black Mountain meeting? If so, yes, if only to see where our efforts are in gathering supplies for the siege." Mydas nods to Khanne. "You're an associate now too, correct?" he smiles.

Khanne nods and says, "uh huh. I for some reason decided I needed to juggle another plate in the air...."

Signe gets ready for her turn, since the Carls don't need to do any fixing with Kieran's ball being strangely heavy. Squinting over yonder, she flings the ball harder than earlier, sending it crashing into the pins like it was the beginning of a new year. Just a lucky throw, the more skilled players might conclude. "Wooohhh!!" she cheers, punching the air and hopping in place. "In your face, Kier!"

Drea claps for both Kieran and Signe respectively. "Good one both of you." She waits for the Carl to set the pins back up minus one, "Here we go." She says, cocking her arm back letting the ball go.

Drea checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 18, resulting in 9, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Drea brings her hand to her mouth as the ball goes wide again, "My goodness!"

Kieran raises an eyebrow at Signe. "I already knocked a pin over. You just not caught up. And what exactly are we shoving in my face?" He then watches his mother's throw and shakes his head before taking the ball for his try.

Cybele all but -flinches- "I am glad I did not join. That looks hard."

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 18, resulting in 23, 5 higher than the difficulty.

Mydas chuckles. "Welcome to the club, leave your sanity at the door." His golden eyes are bright with amusement. "But they're good people, and very efficient in seeing any economical task or endeavor through in a short amount of time. It's thanks to them that I was able to increase the food stockpiles of Nightgold so quickly, and now intend to do so with Redrain as well."

Williamson, a man clad in Nightgold servant uniform, passes through the Grove. He offers his bows to the general public, holding some letters in his hands. He's off to deliver the family mail, but does not forget to greet Mydas specifically, "My Lord." And offer a single fist-pump for Signe. "Well done, my Lady Signe." Even if he hadn't seen her do her turn. He hurries off.

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 19, resulting in 18, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Khanne nods to Mydas with a bob of her head. "I know some of them for awhile. I need to secure some things for Halfshav as well. Been so busy with things..."

Mydas nods to Williamson. "Williamson." he greets politely, inclining his head, before returning his attention to Khanne. "Then tonight shall be the night, yes?" he smiles. "Getting them to agree tends to be an easy thing, if it's a worthwhile investment."

Khanne bobs her head in a gentle nod and says to Mydas, "maybe so. Maybe not. If not tonight, soon. I am feeling exceedingly weary tonight though."

"Well, I did too, in case you were too busy gloating," Signe returns to Kieran, turning to the pins again to watch his next throw. "That's okay, Mother Bear! I think the balls are broken somehow. Some feel lighter than the others," she offers Drea in encouragement, waving over at her. Seeing that Kieran does pretty well for his next one, she raises her nose exaggeratedly high and gives the ball a throw, aiming directly for the pins instead of having it roll over there. Too bad, this kind of tactic does not work well.

Drea checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 19, resulting in 13, 6 lower than the difficulty.

Signe belatedly pumps her fist back at Williamson. "You should come join us, Williamson!!" But alas, he's gone. She peers at the remaining people in the Grove, her brother included, and all that buzz around him like butterbees. Her lips tighten self-consciously and she tries to get her head back in the game.

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 19, resulting in 21, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Drea looks over at Mydas before she rolls, "If you need my help with anything, let me know Mydas." She sends the ball down the field wincing as if she has already seen the future, a miss. The ball curves off into the field, "I--missed." she says closing her eyes, "I'm out. It's between you two now...Redrain and Nightgold! Who will win the battle of the redrains?"

Kieran smirks at Signe, "I haven't been gloating. I have been quietly basking in my glory." He watches both women and shakes his head again. Then he takes a toss and knocks over yet another pin. "See? Quiet basking in awesomeness."

"Something to do with...?" he asks Khanne as he motions to the Stone Grove, the ritual. "Or simply tiredness from too much work in too little time?" He turns to smile at Drea. "You've already done much, Your Highness. The ones I must now seek are from outside Redrain, for this to be accomplished."

Signe has rolled a critical success!
Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 20, resulting in 65, 45 higher than the difficulty.

Cybele gives Khanne a little smile. "I can let you talk now, I think. If you want to."

Drea chuckles, "I've still some energy left in me." she says to Mydas. "But alright, hopefully we've done right by the grove and can move on to other things. That's my hope at least."

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 21, resulting in 22, 1 higher than the difficulty.

"Your aura is so noisy and obnoxious. When I step closer to you, the chanting of your name just grows louder," Signe sarcastically remarks, rolling her eyes at Kieran. Her glum mood has been replaced by a competitive streak, thanks to the Redrains, and oh how those pale eyes burn with blue flame... Somehow, she is able to do everything right for this turn, perfect measurements, flawless precision, and juuuust the right amount of force to throw and topple the pins. Well, maybe too much force. They explode at the Carl at the end of the lane, to his horror.

The Carl looks up at the sky, weeping as the pins go flying all over the place. He silently goes back to setting them up, maybe not so silent a select curse is heard from down the field.

Signe checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran claps politely for Signe as he masterful throw decimates the pins. "Well done. Well done." He takes his ball then and says to her sidelong. "That's not my aura. That's people actually chanting my name." He gives it a toss, and, it may be a great toss, but he clips a pin and smirks at he.

Cybele cheers loudly at Signe's perfect hit. "That's the spirit! You can do it Signe! Yes! So very well done!" Raising the wind-chime staff and jostling it for a number of loud noises.

Khanne looks around the grove with a wistful expression. "Perhaps... I want to heal it. I always.. I feel if I am not.. hmm... I want to make it better, until I do, I feel like I fail...." Her misty-grey eyes grow a bit glassy. "However, I am just tired as well." She smiles at him, then looks to Drea, smiling at Cybele too. "I have nothing pressing with him. Just unfortunate that we had such a good conversation before he left, and since he's returned, I have barely been able to exchange hellos." She smiles and shrugs a shoulder. "Life has a way of tugging us all along where it thinks we need to be. Sometimes, we miss being where we want to be."

Mydas checked charm + propaganda against difficulty 15, resulting in 50, 35 higher than the difficulty.

"Somehow, I doubt anything could bring Mother Bear to ever admit she was too tired for it." Mydas teases Drea. "But the new life given to this place will do much, especially for the spirits of those that visit, the morale of us Northerners. That even with an enemy's bite, we can restore, we can thrive again." His smile fades, his eyes growing focused as he stares at the stone. "'To the last' are more than just words. They'll learn, soon enough."

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 22, resulting in 27, 5 higher than the difficulty.

It's not clear whether Signe hears the cussing or not, but she ignores it and instead gives the Carl a wave, choosing to take the higher road. "Sorry about that! You're getting tips anyway!" Kieran's comment has her flatly staring at him. Her irises shift to the guard behind him. "Right... I hope he pays you well to do that for him, buddy," she tells the guard. Again, it is her turn, and the ball crosses the lane neatly as it topples the pins. She flashes a wide grin.

Drea smiles at Mydas, "That's the hope. I just want the spirits to have the home they once did. With a blessing it can be and you're right. The Mother Bear never gets too tired to do work!"

"And we've still so much more to do. Just...didn't think the spirits would challenge me with...planting? But-- to the last!" She nods to Khanne and Cybele, as the skittles match rages behind her, "We'll get through this. All of this."

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 23, resulting in 12, 11 lower than the difficulty.

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 23, resulting in 26, 3 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran looks to the green guard behind him. "Nah, he doesnt cheer. He is too boring to cheer." He takes the ball and gives it a toss, going quite wide and striking the poor Carl in the foot. "Hmmm, wind must have caught it."

"Of course we will," Khanne says with a drowsy smile, leaning an elbow on her knee. "I will never stop, until... until, well. I suppose I simply will never stop, because even when things are beautiful and lovely, there will be things to do, things that need my focus." She nods and says, "to the last, indeed.... "

Kieran checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 24, resulting in 23, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Aislin slips in near the back of the event. The Ashford explorer seems to be curious enough to observe, but not eager to intrude on the ritual itself; she settles in to watch as inobtrusively as she can.

Signe frowns at Kieran. She speaks to the guard again, playfully mocking his Prince, "Aww, that's not true, is it? I'm sure you've just got no reason to cheer for your liege, that's all." With a mild smirk, she returns to the competition, muttering, "Right... the wind caught it." She rolls. It hits. Wonderful display of accuracy from this little Nightgold!

Signe checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 49, 34 higher than the difficulty.

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