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Everything Is Safe

The College of Agriculture is a very safe location. Protected. Everything is just *fine* here.

A prp open to: defenders of the college (hint hint) and also people who might just be visiting to be nosy.

@mail me if you're interested. :)


April 6, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Gawain Olivia Iliana Norwood Amari Cassandra



Outside Arx - Oathlands near Artshall - Barracks of College of Agriculture

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Comments and Log

Amari wields Hawkbear, the menacing oathlands steel cutlass.

Cassandra wields Chivalry's Point.

Norwood wields Queensguard the Sword of Laurent.

Gawain wields Chevalle's Charge, a rubicund longsword.

Iliana wields Eagle's Talon.

Late autumn in the Oathlands is a reasonable season, the last of the leaves clinging to the tree branches while the sky is a crisp, clean blue that brightens the landscape. The weather is not yet truly cold. The construction on the barracks and dorms, as well as the fortifications has gone better than expected. Strong walls of stone protect the main cluster of buildings and the army is situated within, ready to defend. Several guard towers line the perimeter.

The previous occupants of this space, the rather oddly devout Abandoned, are now sworn Compact citizens. Their homes still exist, though they seem dwarfed in comparison to the new building. Still, everyone seems happy and a general air of good cheer and well being exists here. They're doing good work and progress is happening. While other terrible things are transpiring in the Oathlands, this is a shining example of positive progress.

Olivia has rolled a critical success!
Olivia checked intellect + agriculture at difficulty 40, rolling 34 higher.

Gawain needed to go for a ride, and being an Oathlander, when something new is created and established it is always good to pay it its due. He's glad too for the reason to ride, having taken his steed out for some exercise it hasn't gotten as much of since his return to Arx. So Lord Gawain, the Sword of House Blanchard (at least it's in the works as soon as he gets the sword forged!) decides to make friends, influence people, and check out the newest economic creation. And so he knows that riding in steel, it's good to take a trip before the weather starts getting much colder and so he approaches, waiting for admittance, a place to post his horse, and to see who else may be about.

Olivia makes her way in to the College of Agriculture. She is a bit naive and there for finds herself questioning why there is a barracks at a school for plants and such. She just looks about and takes in her surroundings.

It's a bit out of her way these days, but Iliana grew up a Laurent, and still takes an interest in the projects taking shape on Laurent lands. Even if they might be a bit outside her area of expertise, as this one is. Still, she's taken the opportunity, like Gawain, to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold for anybody but a northerner, and here she is. She gives the compound the eye of a soldier, looking over the layout and people as she makes her way in. As soon as she recognises Olivia, she smiles and waves. "Lady Olivia, hello!"

Considering how much Norwood likes dirt, it's weird that he hasn't checked out this college before. He's found someone willing to talk to him and they're having a good conversation regarding different pollinators and how bees are literally the best. Occasionally other animals are //okay//. Sometimes.

Amari knows these oddly devout prodigals quite well, at this point, having lived in their little community for two weeks before the first stone was placed for the school itself. She's made friends with one family in particular, so is walking her big white palfrey in a wide circle while a little girl rides atop. "See? It's not so scary. Clopsy is the best." And easily bribed with carrots, which the Keaton keeps feeding her whenever she starts getting bored with the whole routine. It seems she's been here a while already, but when people start to ride in, she lifts a hand in greeting. "What luck! You're just in time for prayers!"

Olivia turns as she hears a familiar voice, her smile big and bright. "Marquessa. Good to see you. I heard there is a college of agriculture and I did not see how this could be tue case and I was not at least a guest professor." A slight grin, she is pretty confident in her abilities with plants.

Cassandra arrived with Norwood, of all people! She's wandering off a little, studying the defenses and the buildings, the approaches. Looking at the school as a commander might, rather than a tourist.

In a location that will be the site of a rather large shrine (eventually), the village elder is leading his evening prayers. They're extremely long and all of the prodigals are beginning to gather around. There's a lot of chanting. This seems to be a normal occurence by now, those who participate do and those who don't... don't. The sun is beginning to dip down, threatening to disappear within the next two hours. <perception + investigation or survival rolls at 15 for all>

Norwood checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Gawain checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Iliana has rolled a critical success!
Iliana checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Cassandra checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Laughing, Iliana says, "So you've come here to look for that job?" to Olivia. She smiles at Gawain as she sees him ride in, though most of her attention is for Amari and the prayers. She steps closer, curious, watching quietly as the ceremony goes on.

Amari checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

"So what...we drink and we grow things? Is that the motto here?" He has an infectuous humor, typically, the youthful Blanchard walking about, briefly brushing a finger through the dirt before remembering, gauntlets. So it doesn't quite have the same effect he'd have meant but he looks about. Are there things to buy from the Abandoned here, the workers? Food or drink or craft to take back? Coin that can be spared to help them without it being charity? He would do so, perhaps, as he looks to the others. "I see I am not the only one who sought to get out of the confindes of the walls for a bit. Lord Gawain Blanchard - nice to meet you." He quiets though as he hears the start of prayer and he curiously makes his way over to observe. At a distance, so it's clear he's not taking part, but he does decide to observe. The man who was almost a Knight seems to have a reverence for worship in all it sforms.

Norwood breaks off his conversation when the man leaves off to go and do the prayers. "Legate," He calls out quietly to Cassandra, moving towards Amari. "Have you met Lady Amari Keaton, my squire?" Distracting the best commander in the room is a great things to do right now, right?

Olivia turns when Iliana's attention is drawn to watch the ceremony, trying to recall if it is anything she had read about in her descipleship. Hmming quietly to herself.

"..I have not, Norwood." Cassandra turns towards Amari with a small smile, clearly a bit distracted by her study-- and now the chanting prayers. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Squire Amari." Using the knightly term rather than any lordly one, and drifting closer to the prayers.

The walls stretch around the compound, however the east and west gates are wide open for the moment. They're only closed at night. This gives some a clear view out into the rest of the valley. That view allows people such as: Gawain, Iliana, Cassandra and Amari to notice that something seems oddly amiss out there. For those that rode in recently or those familiar with the routines of the college, they'd know there was patrol that should be returning now, one that was on the road not long ago. Any minute. ANY MINUTE. But they don't come. For people like Norwood, there's movement along the treeline. Unusual movement not consistent with animals at all.

Amari helps the girl down off her horse so she can run off to join the prayers. She actually looks excited about it too. Amari does not, so that's probably why she says something about catching up once she's found Clopsy some water. Walking slowly in circles is thirsty work. Leading her palfrey along, she looks out towards the horizon through the open gates before snapping to. She's heard her name and hones right in on Norwood and Cassandra, walking up alongside to give a respectful dip of her head to the pair. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Legate..." But something is troubling her, and a concerned gaze is directed back outside of the school compound to the valley. "Did either of you see anything odd when you rode here?"

"Marquessa Iliana Leary," Iliana returns Gawain's introduction. "And I take any opportunity to get out of the walls of the city." She frowns, and though she's speaking to Gawain, she is looking out through the gate, her voice absent.

"She has come along quite a bit since she shot me on accident..." Usually that's a really good anecdote to share for a laugh, but Norwood's delivery is off because something keeps pulling his eyes away from properly teasing Amari. "No, I didn't. Amari, is there any reason why the patrol coming in would be in the trees and not on the road proper?" He puts word to action and turns to walk towards that open gate to get a better look at the trees.

"..I passed a patrol on the way here. They should have arrived, by now." Cassandra's mind is swift and calculating, glancing from gate to gate, and then the sky. Judging time, judging distance.. and then striding after Norwood, aiming to get ahead of him. "Close the other gate!" Her voice can be sharp and commanding, when she wants it to be. Like now.

Gawain looks to Iliana and bows politely, that smile as he looks indeed out and about, past the prayers, and as they talk about what is going on he still speaks in a hushed voice as he looks. "My guess is that once prayers have started they will be loathe to head away until they are finished. If there is something odd it is our duty to investigate it and not allow their worship to be interrupted? After all, what's the worst that can happen," says the luck-filled lad, a warrior burdened by neither an incredible amount of good judgement or self control. In truth he would have made the perfect Knight had his family not had other needs. He hops...literally hops..."Lead on, my noble and more practiced Lords and Ladies. I shall endeavor to aid however I may. Shall we ride out to meet the returning patrol or whatever it is that slinks in the trees?" He asks this with all the excitement of one who just found out there's an all you can eat buffet at one of the taverns.

Olivia smiles at Gawain, "Lady Olivia Ashford, A pleasure... Perhaps I did not come for a good day for a visit...."

Norwood checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Iliana seems to be thinking the same thing. She checks the spear she carries, glances down at her silks, shakes her head, and heads for the gate. "Better here than on the road," she says to Olivia. "At least you're within the walls and they're fortified." She joins the little group by the gates, doing her best to see what's out there before she walks right into it. She comes up level with Norwood and squints, looking for the glint of light on weaponry or metal, the movement of horsesor men behind the foliage.

"They shouldn't be in the trees, and they are usually back for prayers." Amari confirms, and a thought occurs. It's a bad thought. She shares it, naturally. "Cultists! Maybe." From where it's been strapped behind the saddle, she takes down her bow stave and strings it, talking all the while, "They used to raid this village before the school was built and drag people away to be sacrificed." There's a nod for the order to shut the gates from Cassandra, liking that idea immensely.

Iliana checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 25 lower.

The Laurent soldiers look a bit surprised when Cassandra orders them to close the east gates, the ones that look to the river. They glance to Norwood first, but then logic dictates that if an Archlector is shouting for you to do something, you just do it now and ask questions later. So after a second, they start turning the mechanism that draws them closed and then throw the immense heavy iron bar across it. The line of trees doesn't look like anything interesting to Iliana, but Norwood 'Eagle Eye' Clement can see that some of the trees aren't trees. They're people and horses... in camouflage. It also looks to be a substantial number, disappearing back into the brush.

Olivia isn't anywhere near the gate, but she watches the group as they look out. She grows a bit more nervous as the gate closes... What has she got herself in to this time. She checks through her physicians satchel, yup got everything.

Norwood is quick to call out what he she's, "There are people and horses in the trees, camouflaged!" Nothing ever good comes of cameo, this is why bees are yellow and black. "We need archers on the walls now, and - Amari, do we have Calvary here or just infantry?" Amari will totally know these things, right?

Norwood checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

"Are we in trouble?" Amari asks Norwood, but by her tone, she's clearly guessing 'yes' and just wants confirmation to know how much to panic. Not that she does. Yet. She is a pool of relative calm, her smile amiable still, if a little distressed. Everything will be fine, her expression reads. "Calvary? A small number, maybe a dozen? Slightly more archers, a contingent of foot and some with pikes." She looks to Ilmia, Gawain and Olivia at that point, "Lady Olivia! Hello. I'm not sure I've met everyone. I'm Lady Amari? Are any of you good with a bow? Join me on the wall if you are." Apparently she's decided to help there.

Cassandra checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Gawain checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Iliana checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Gawain hears important things. Things like there are troops and enemies, and that there are Calvary. The nephew of Lord Kincade Blanchard, recently recognized for his ability with horses and new breeds, immediately goes to his steed with a workman like, if not cheerful gait. He slaps closed the visor on his helm and he draws his sword as he hops up. He shouts out, "I shall ride with the cavalry. We shall make meat pies out of their faces and send them back so disfigured that even their own families shall not recognize them!" After hearing the rather...visceral thing he exclaims he says in a slightly more tempered voice, "Or we can just protect the innocent. Is there time for a rider to send for aid while we hold the school?" He has a hint of a blush at his first cry under his helm, but that could hopefully be hard to see.

"I'm sure everything is just fine. Just. Fine." Norwood replies to Amari, keephing himself to the doorway before shouting out to the soldiers. "Calvary, get saddled up! We might have to move fast." Norwood likes horses, so he'll focus on that.

Gawain would move his horse by the way to make sure that however he was positioned, there was room for the Baron to step to the lead if he wishes. Gawain is a good soldier and recognizes a more experienced and probably skilled leader.

Olivia looks at everyone gearing up, "Hey if you are going out there you better take a physician. Trust me I am a physician."

Nodding, Iliana turns away from the gate and Norwood, leaving him and Gawain to get the horsey folk ready to go. "Footsoldiers and pikeman, turn out!" She hasn't had to command any troops for some time, but she still has the battlefield voice, unfortunately probably somewhat disruptive to the prayers, but time is key. "Muster at the gate. Keep a contingent on the east gate, the rest to defend the west gate and back up the cavalry."

"Gloria guide us, Sentinel watch over us, Jayus inspire us." Quick, firm words. Calling on her Triad, before simply striding further out the gate. Her sword is drawn-- She might not have a horse at the moment, but she's still more than prepared to fight.

Cassandra says.

Trouble is relative, right Amari? You're behind a nice high wall! How dangerous could it be? Having spotted the people at the treeline, the leadership within the college is able to begin mobilizing things. If they weren't here, this probably would be going down a lot differently already. Norwood and Gawain start mobilizing the cavalry, but they'll need to act fast. Iliana effectively organizes the footsoldiers and pikeman to hold the gates. All of the soliders take heart in Cassandra's prayer to the gods and the archers are glad to see Amari with them. The prodigals also like Cassandra's little speech and the village elder starts leading group prayer which is super helpful of him. There's about twenty Abandoned riders on horses, in varying kinds of armor. They've loaded up two wagons with archers, who come slightly behind the main charge. Their destination is clearly the wall, where they'll begin launching arrows at the people up there. And behind that? Soldiers on foot. Swords, pikes, spears. More archers. Perhaps a hundred men all told. They host a variety of flags, including markings that Amari would recognize as the group the Laurents drove from the area previously. It seems they've found *allies*.

With everyone sorting themselves out, Amari simply makes sure her quiver is full, gives a nod to Norwood and joins the archers on the wall. She delivers the very bad news, calling out the numbers and composition of the force arraying against the school she can make out from her vantage. "It's the cultists again, with friends I don't recognize." She further clarifies, then, with slightly more concern and urgency, "We'll need more arrows! Like, all of them."

Olivia looks up to Amari, "Where are they? I can bring some up!"

The three Top Guard of the formerly Abandoned village are on the wall too. One of them says, "We have our bows! We tried to make crossbows. But they kept shooting backwards and flopping on the ground...."

"I am sure we'll have more than enough need of a physician soon enough." Norwood says severely as he turns his attention away from the doorway to dash and help the horses get saddled up. Gawain gets a severe nod of his head when he makes to join the riders. "Get the non-combatants within quickly - Lady Olivia - should they do anything to prepare?" Norwood will totally defer to the person good at putting people back together on what should happen there. Even as he speaks he finishes the work on Steadfast's tack and pulls himself into the saddle. "AMARI DON'T LET THEM HOLD CROSSBOWS." That last is bellowed when that abandoned dude mentions shooting backward.

Cassandra lifts her sword to the sky, and then lowers it towards the abandoned outside the wall. She doesn't offer any more words, simply breaking into a sprint towards the abandoned. The horses would catch up, after all, and that's what mattered. Cassandra can draw attention, and let the others prepare.

"Indeed, already the wisdom of your leadership shines, my lord," says Gawain at Norwood's decisive and concrete proclamation regarding crossbows. He looks to the other riders and his smile can be heard - he just SOUNDS happy. Enthusiastic as it were. "I bet we break them on the first pass." Why he says that? There's nothing to indicate that, and if indeed they are boosted by other trained and skilled allies, it's wholly unlikely but Gawain seems confident enough in said proclamation.

Norwood checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Olivia looks around, "I will set up a triage... I need the most covered room... somewhere clean.... Bedding... cloth...."

Gawain checked strength + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 48 higher.

Gawain checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Cassandra has rolled a critical success!
Cassandra checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 122 higher.

Iliana checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Olivia checked luck + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"No crossbows then, until you have some proper ones..." Amari decides, eyes narrowed and tone diplomatic. It would be funny at any other time. Hearing someone respond to her call for more arrows, she looks back down onto the school grounds and grins when she sees Olivia down there. "That small stone building? They were using it as an armory last time I was here. There should be a barrel of arrows inside." Of course, she's not done saying that when arrows start to rain in from the shav archers. "Just be careful!" Is her last helpful word of advice before she turns and gets down to the business at hand.

Olivia nods once. She runs over to the building and grabs as many arrows as she can. She starts making her way back to the wall. Thud thud thud. Arrows start falling around her. She eeps! and keeps running, somehow not getting hit. Definitely at no credit to her.

Iliana takes one more moment to look over the troops at the gate. Then, with a nod, she too sprints out through the gate, drawing her spear from her back as she runs. She sets her sight on the leading archers' wagon, hoping to take out that threat, thoughs he expects to be intercepted.

Norwood does a last check over the small mounted fource that they have to make sure that most of them aren't going to fall off their horses - except that one with his shirt on backwards. Norwood isn't quite sure about him. He looks at Gawain once more, nods, and then shouts, "We're going to try to break them up!" FORWARD THE HORSES AT THE ENEMY. YEs, even that one guy, with the backwards shirt.

Is the shirt that's backwards a red one? Well, regardless, Gawain draws his, or sword, the latter a bit more imposing, and he follows the way out, setting forward to charge. Break them up, maybe disrupt the wagons of archers. It's a good start. His large Oathlands Vanner is no small horse, and at first it gets going and then as the charge picks up, that sound that those of battle know starts to ring forth, the drumb beat of hoofs on earth. In this case, it is soft, fertile earth and it kicks up behind the horse as it rides, going from the page it was set to the all out charge of one playing Red Rover - the Lethal Version as they do indeed send the riders right over to try and break the steeds and spirits of the opposing force.

The force of Abandoned that come to attack them have nearly the same amount of numbers as the college itself, but they don't have *Cassandra Laurent*. Legate of Arts. Sword of the Faith. The crush of cavalry breaks around her, she dispatches a man off of his horse and single-handedly fights off numerous other attackers that attempt to surround and overwhelm her. The enemy looks *afraid* of this knight of the Faith, of Gloria herself.

Norwood and Gawain lead the cavalry charge, breaking the center line of soldiers on horseback, causing men to scatter and blood to be drawn. "SWORD OF ARTSHALL!" several of them scream in fear. There's also a couple, "SWORD OF CHEVALLE??" which sounds extra surprised. Because what is he doing here? What are any of these people doing here??

Iliana too, is a force to be reckoned with, launching herself at a wagon full of soldiers. The guy driving the wagon looks *surprised* to say the least. He swerves to avoid her, hits a rock and loses his archers to the ground and ends up in a one on one confrontation with Marquessa Leary.

Amari's arrows rain down on the cavalry and foot soliders that begin to get close to the wall themselves, preventing many of them from approaching. The Top Guard along with the others find inspiration in this and also manage many of their shots. It gives cover to the soliders Iliana left at the gate to do their jobs.

Oh, Olivia. Arrows come over the wall from those few with bows that get close enough. But she dodges them! The villagers watch her scurry about and join in, they too will help supply the soliders and aid the wounded. They look to the Ashford woman to see just what she does and how she does. Wounded begin to drag themselves in.

Gawain is overheard praising Cristoph: Way to tell a story and give everyone their moment. Especially Glori--er, Cassandra

Olivia delivers her arrows, and makes her way to the barracks proper. She starts barking orders, not exactly her strong suit. "We are going to set this up as triage. I need all the medical supplies and clean bedding we can muster! Bring the wounded in here!" She sounds might serious for such a delicate looking lady.

Gawain is overheard praising Cassandra: I swear it was Gloria herself

Good steadfast. Norwood loves his horse, and he loves his sword, and he loves Cassandra, and he loves Gawain. There's just so much love to go around. As Queensguard sends blood and bodies scattering he pulls up before they can go too far. "Gawain-" titles can wait till AFTER people are done dying, "Back to the gate! Keep an eye on that one!" Norwood points at the guy with his shirt on backwards. He's looking a little wild and his horse is rearing unhappily.

Cristoph GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + ride(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

That guy in the backwards red shirt falls off his horse.

The horse is fine btw. The guy looks upset and possibly injured.

One of the Top Guard's on the wall shouts down, "NO! JOSIAH!!"

Gawain waves his sword in acknowledgement to the command from Norwood and he turns back, and smacking Calvaryman Derp on the shoulder, he points towards the gate. "Race you there," he says with a loud cheerful dare. The Sword who was most famous growing up for saying 'watch this' is in his element at the moment. His blade stays out, lowered slghtly, letting the speed help the blood run down and off of it after the first charge. It will be time to regroup and prepare for a second round. There were far too many numbers and FAR too many swords out there to just stay out and keep pressing the advantage. But the first goal has been hopefully met. As he's riding back he calls out "Good show!" A cheerful yell with a 'Whoop Whoop' following it as they head to the gates.

Cassandra is a force to be reckoned with, and she brings that force to bear. "Surrender and be spared! Drop your weapons, and live!" She yells across the field, calling out to the Abandoned, and just as much to her own companions. Honor: spare those that submit. Still, though, she'll fight any that lift their weapons.

Gawain checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Using her spear's length to compensate for her lack of height compared to the cart driver, Iliana drives the man away from his downed archers and into the open where she can deal with him. If he surrenders, she'll take him captive or let him run. If he doesn't, she'll continue the fight until one of them, probably him, is dead. The perils of Josiah go unnoticed behind her as she focuses on the fight at hand.

Norwood sees what Mr. Shirt apparently named Josiah is going through, but he is //too far// away to do anything. An enemy gets stabbed instead as Norwood rallies the horse soldiers back towards the gate to regroup.

Gawain waves his sword in acknowledgement to the command from Norwood and he turns back, and smacking Calvaryman Derp on the shoulder, he points towards the gate. "Race you there," he says with a loud cheerful dare before the man chooses instead to fall off his shirt. "That's cheating my lord! You can't race me back on foot!" And so he does that move, like something out of a stunt show, where he keeps one hand on the saddle and drops down the side, reaching down and sadly dragging the man a few feet before he locks in his grip enough to pull him up and back into the saddle, laying like a damsel in distress across his saddle face down. Gawain taps the man on the back as he pulls off his 'watch this move, hit most famous line gorwing up and now in his element at the moment. His blade stays out, lowered slghtly, letting the speed help the blood run down and off of it after the first charge. It will be time to regroup and prepare for a second round. There were far too many numbers and FAR too many swords out there to just stay out and keep pressing the advantage. But the first goal has been hopefully met. As he's riding back he calls out "Good show!" A cheerful yell with a 'Whoop Whoop' following it as they head to the gates.

Amari was not at all kidding about needing ALL the arrows. She settles into a fantastic pace up there on the wall, taking three arrows from her quiver at a time, to hold two in hand while she readies the first. Nock, draw, loose, and repeat, like a little murder machine up there, raining death on the unfortunate shavs who push into range. The drama with Josiah has her shift focus, tempted to SHOOT INTO THE MELEE, even if she promised Norwood she wouldn't. An arrow or two will be sent that way, just to ward off any shav rushing in to try and finish the poor backwards shirt guy off before someone on the ground can rescue him.

The Abandoned army begins to break up, many fleeing into the woods and others taking to the road which they run down. However, there's a contingent that never entered the fray. It's a well armored fellow on a tall, dark horse horse. His armor has been painted black with dramatic highlights in red paint, enamled over. His helmet has a thick plume of black feathhers. So. Edgy. and more fashionable than most of the other people fighting on the field at the moment. He has with him several others who look better equipped than the soliders they've fielded the battle with. In near unison, they kick their horses into gear and... ride away.

Once they do? Those that remain and still fighting are left to deal with the Compact. Swords are dropped and people take the knee, frightened people. Bereft of their leadership. For this bloody scuffle, there are many injured or dying on the field. It's a mix of Laurent soldiers, villagers and Abandoned. Perhaps twenty to thirty altogether.

And it all seems rather peculiar, doesn't it? Over *too* soon?

Olivia checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Gawain swings back around after bringing Josiah over to Olivia, settling him off the horse and letting those there help him to a place where she can tend to his wounds and he rides back to the gate in time to see the people turning away. Gawain seems to purse his lips, opening his visor and looking back out. "Well that soon. This is like a date where she says she will be right back and then...isn't. I had expected quite a bit more." The youthful Lord gives a bit of a shrug, as he looks back out, seeming to wait to see if this truly was it. He looks to Norwood, however, waiting to see what is requested next.

It certainly seems peculiar to Iliana, who, upon securing the surrender of her last opponent, watches the horsemen flee with a frown on her brow. She cleans the blood off ehr spear without looking and begins to return to the walls of the college. She only pauses to help one of the injured soldiers up and, with his arm around her shoulders for balance, help him towards Olivia's triage. "The group on horses!" she calls to her comrades as she comes within earshot. "Their colours, does anyone recognise the style? If they're leaders, they must not be good ones to abandon the field so fast." She frowns, concerned.

Gawain checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Cassandra checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Back at the gate Norwood is seeing to his soldiers upon horseback. They all made it back - except that Josiah who he's glad to see that Gawain has managed to save. It gives him time to turn back and see the men riding away. "They're riding in unison aren't they." It's a statement, not a question. Norwood dismounts while seeking out a handkerchief to clean Queensguard. "The Knights of the Swarm ride in unison." THAT is slightly accusatory as Norwood GLARES at his sword. But others are talking to one another and not inanimate objects. "We need to get the wounded off the field. You, you, you, you." Norwood starts pointing at random people to get on that. "Get them to Lady Olivia. Legate!" Norwood strides towards the woman to whisper/mutter in her ear.

Norwood mutters, "... is possible ... ... answer to an evil ... - or ... are ... well ... No ... can ... ... and ... ... like that without an ... ..."

Amari checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Olivia directs people.l, /especially/ Josiah towards the barracks. Those that are getting there are likely not dying right this second. She rushes headlong to the battlefield when she hears the fighting stop. She works her hardest to save the most critical of the injured first. Friend and foe alike. She lets none die on her watch if she can help it... maybe they just need some kindness and compassion.

The Laurent soldiers as well as the villagers that live here at the college are lucky to have Olivia Ashford here on this day. Josiah is brought into the barracks where someone sets his leg into a splint. The physican is able to stem the flow on many of those that are bleeding profusely, though there's one or two that are lost. It's the way of a battle. The villagers are very impressed with her skills, asking questions when they can get away with it.Those that were helping her before continue to do so now, rushing out into the field and helping patch up the less serious of injuries or bringing them straight to the barrack themselves.

Gawain looks to Norwood. "I'll be right back," he intones and he will head to ride out. Not far, not to the tree line, but a bit further out than they are in the walled shcool, and he'll make a circular trip around once...twice. Just to make sure that while they're watching people leave out the one gate that people aren't planning to come in greater numbers from another side. Not that he'll stop if anyoen tries to ride with him. He just simply wants to make sure that there's nothing else coming. It's truly precautionary but he will ride back to report, hopefully without arrows in his armor, depending upon what he sees...or doesn't! He is not Lord Hawk's Eyes but he shall do his best!

Cassandra leans towards Norwood faintly, listening and then speaking quietly back to him. Afterwards, the Legate starts to help the wounded back to the School, into the care of those that knew how to help, not harm. People like Olivia!

Doing her own work to get the less seriously injured inside the walls, Iliana sees Gawain riding off around the college grounds and nods faintly, clearly appreciating this. She approaches Olivia with another wounded man. "Is there anything more I can do? I'm no good at healing, but if you need an extra pair of hands, mine seem to be unoccupied now."

"Keep an eye on the woods." Amari tells one of the Top Guards who's on the wall with her, since she's turning to see where everyone else is and if they're all in one piece as they come back in through the gate, or in Olivia's case, were here all along. "Did you see who that was?" She calls down to Norwood and Cassandra, "The one that stayed at the tree line in the proper armor? I recognized the sigil." Then after a harder look and a head count to herself, she asks, "How is everyone?"

Olivia rushes around like a busy bee. Helping who she can. She understands there are usually losses in fighting. She doesn't let this get her down. She wipes her forehead with her doctors coat sleeve. She looks up to Iliana, "Marquessa, we need a place to keep the wounded enemy soldiers. They will heal and I am not dumb enough to think they will change sides just because of my sweet smiling face.... And I need more bandages... Tear up shirts if you must." She is back to work... covered in blood, probably an odd thing for most to see of the little Ashford lady.

"Don't go to far," Norwood calls after Gawain, his ear cocked towards Cassandra when she responds. Swearing happens under his breath as he just looks towards where the better-made have gone. Amari's adding in only makes him swear more before he stalks away. "Get some of the non-combatants out here to collect these weapons. Is there a place to put those who have surrendered? We need to weed out any potential spies." Hopefully someone around here can answer the questions Norwood's tossing out and about.

Olivia has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 4

"Right," Iliana says. She takes a moment to watch Olivia work before nodding and heading off at a brisk trot inside the walls. "Enemy wounded," she calls up as she passes Norwood. "I'll set up a place for them inside." Her voice can be heard from outside the walls as she calls instructions, and soon she has taken charge of a partially empty storeroom where healing captives can be kept under guard.

So quiet, so suddenly. It feels uncomfortable. It's as if all the good cheer from earlier has been dashed and swept under the rug to be hidden. There don't appear to be anymore enemies hiding in the woods, just the tracks of where they clearly used to be and then the scattered. The enemies that have surrendered all look various levels of terrified, most of them clearly just Average Joes that decided to fight for the wrong Abandoned war lord on the wrong day.

Olivia doesn't seem to notice the uncomfortable quiet. She just keeps bandaging and stitching.

Amari fills her quiver again with some of the arrows Olivia brought over, and suggests the other archers do the same and to keep watch. Seeing nothing stirring out there herself, she finds her way down off the wall to help see the weapons all collected, and then approach some of the surrendered Abandoned to ask them some questions. She keeps it fairly light, and speaks the way they do to them as if she's well acquainted with their sort. She's really just interested in seeing if they'll confirm the identity of the black armored horseman leading them, and what their plans were.

Gawain rides back in after a time, turning his back to the trees for a few (it can't be helped) and approaching the gate, taking off his helm now and laying it atop the pommel of his saddle as he looks about. "Well...this has been quite the introduction. Had I know that agriculture was so exciting I might have gotten into it years ago. Do you think it is too late?" He raises his head with a smile and gives a salute before nodding an extra time to Baron Norwood. "Thank you for your call out there m'Lord. We may have lost the young one there as I had not seen him fall." He looks to the woman healing with an appreciative eye, and now just waits, though given everything goin on he is not in a hurry to get off the horse until time is done. He will however likely accept the offer to stay the night and ride back tomorrow...for their safety of course.

Norwood is just a grunt now, picking up bodies, and shoving people into makeshift prisons - all of that. It's super lucky they have a Magistrate with them in the form of Amari, right?

Olivia finish her work on the battlefield. She wipes some more sweat away with a slightly clean sleeve. There is only a moderate amount of blood on her face. She looks around, "Who has a cart they take me home on? It has been a long day." She surveys her work seeming pleased with her work. "Not entirely sure I still want a job here...Or if I want it more...." What a day to visit. What. A. Day.

As she emerges from the guarded room, Iliana overhears Gawain and shakes her head, letting out a brief chuckle. "I don't think this is how they plan to do their recruiting." The levity is muffled in the heavy atmosphere of staunched leisure, but she's good at making light when light needs to be made, and after a battle it usually does. She goes back to helping bring in the wounded and collect fallen weaponry and arrows without complaint, getting work done until there is no more to be had.

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