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A Most Splendiferous Celebration

Lady Tessa Moore touched the lives of those she met in many, many ways. This gathering is not a wake, but a celebration of the woman herself. There will be games and activities, feats of daring and plenty of alcohol and food to enjoy. Come and celebrate the life of a cherished Lady, raise a glass, share a laugh and a story.


March 11, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Reigna Kael


Thesarin Venturo Gretchen(RIP) Norwood Amari Rysen Rukhnis Shard Gilroy




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Rukhnis arrives, following Rysen.

The Most Splendiferous Party is in full swing! There are musicans playing jaunty dancing tunes, while the grounds themselves are full of light, flowers and beauty. To the east a large wardrobe has been set out, with banks of mirrors and a few private curtained-off niches for changing. The clothes are all splendid, brightly colored and full of flounce and flutter. Flowers decorate the trees and torch posts, streamers and ribbons festooning the area. The Treehouse has a series of rope nets woven around the base of the tree for people who would like to jump off the roof in a light hearted bit of daring. The real centerpiece, however, is a massive paper mache gargantuan suspending by a rope from a tree branch. There are plenty of clubs waiting for those that would like to take a swing at it.

Food and refreshments have been laid out, servers passing delicious bits and drinks around to the guests.

Thesarin makes his way into the Keaton hall, looking... well... big and grim and exactly like a shav out of the Grey Forest dressed up in a Grayson nobleman's silk clothes. He takes a few of the snacks being carted around, and looking around toward the Keaton family, to give Kael and Reigna a low nod when he spots them.

Into the grounds comes one Venturo, his own brilliant green jerkin and an equally emerald colored sash worn as a belt as he heads through the grounds with a sense of confidence that he's at least nominally aware of what is what upon the Keaton Grounds. A small velvet bag is held in one hand, carefully gripped so as not to disturb whatever is in it, but his steps slow as he soaks in all of the glory that is the most splendiferous party, a smile curling to the corners of his mouth in appreciation and approval for direction of this particular remembrance.

The hosts of the event, Kael and Reigna, happen to be somewhere at the end of the pathway leading into the grounds. They are greeting people, you see, and they are attempting to ensure that it is understood that this is a festive event. Bright, bold, joyous -- not at all mournful! -- for one Lady Tessa Moore. That being said, there might be smiles that are a little bit too forced, a few breaths that are entirely too deep and steadying. That is just the nature of it, for certainly some of the guests (and hosts) grieve in different ways. When Thesarin is making his entry, Kael is inclining his head in response to him. "Count Riven," he calls forth to the man, evidently to emphasis the point that this might actually be a bit on the informal side. Ah, and there is Venturo. He, too, is nodded toward and an arm is offered to him by Kael. "Thank you for coming, Master Thayne. Did Lady Moore happen to frequent your establishment?"

Gretchen stands off to the side, a glass of wine in hand, watching as the last minute preparations are made and people start actually coming in. Her red hair has been pulled back into a braid and while there's a rose sparkle to her lips that remains even as she takes a sip. She flashes a winning smile every so often as someone says something to her, but mostly she's sticking to the refreshment table.

Norwood really tried to wear something colorful, but he failed. Completely failed. His seriousness was what Tessa loved though, right? He's wearing all grays and has Queensguard over his back. He does have a bottle of mead though, and he drops it on a table as he goes by before nodding to Kael and Regina respectfully. Time to go hold up a wall.

It's towards the Marquis that Venturo comes as his name is called out, "She had hopes of bringing a bit of the Raconteur to Acorn Hill, Marquis. I'd brought her samples, and we had the most delighted conversation about her goals. A moment that will now be far too fleeting for my liking, as I'm sure so many others feel about their time with her." Out his hand comes to clasp Kael's, and that sympathetic smile is cast upon Reigna as well. "Marquessa. It is a splendid showing that will have us remember the best of her, I think."

Reigna stands arm in arm with Kael, offering a smile to those who arrive. She offers a wave to Thesarin, and another to Venturo and Norwood gets a chipper, "Uncle Silver Fox! Welcome!" Yes, it could be that Reigna is trying to be a minx in honor of the one who has died. As Venturo approaches, Reigna's smile wobbles just a little and she forces it all the brighter, "She was... stunning. In all sense of the word. Thank you so much for coming tonight."

Wearing an outfit of seasilk that's vivid and flowery, Amari is already dressed for splendiferousness. She's also well armed with a drink and a club she's just picked up to nudge the gargantuan with, more out of curiosity than intent to harm. She poke-pokes it with the business end before turning towards the sound of guests arriving and watching them file in over the lip of her cup. As more and more arrive, she seems to decide socializing would be the proper thing to do, so sets the club down and drifts for people. Behind her, Barf the bog dog collects the club in mouth as a smaller pup would claim a thrown stick, and pads after her with his new prize. She intercepts Norwood before he can reach a wall. "Uncle Baron."

Making his way into the grounds with Rukhnis, Rysen's eyes hang for a moment on the reading garden, as he makes his way to Kael and Regina. He bows deeply before them. "Good evening, Marquis and Marquessa Keaton. I am Rysen Crovane and this is Rukhnis Al-Katibi," he says, gesutring to the woman beside him. "We are both new to the city, and did not have the pleasure of meeting Lady Tessa, but we hoped we could come by and pay our respects and celebrate her life with you."

Rukhnis follows Rysen in, with quiet tread and at a respectful distance, like a sombre brown shadow. She studies her surroundings -- the people, their bright and opulent attire, the grounds, the accoutrements of the celebration itself -- with dark eyes that take in everything and an expression that gives away nothing. After Rysen's bow to Kael and Reigna she offers one of her own, murmuring, "My Lord, My Lady."

Norwood manages not to sigh at the nickname being brandied about. This is Tessa's party. So instead he'll bow his head again to Regina, "Marquessa." Then wait. THE WALL IT NEEDS HIM AMARI. He is polite enough to not keep going though. "Amari. I thought you might be out doing... tessa-ish things rather than being with a boring middle-aged man."

Shard doesn't arrive looking cheerful or brightly colored--when does she /ever/?--but she does seem quiet. Quieter than usual, even. Quiet seems to be about the only thing that can be discerned about her mood as well, though she does give both Keatons a careful sort of nod before looking for a place to stand. That gargantuan gets a particularly long look.

Gilroy wanders onto the grounds, more subdued than usual, keeping back and looking over the crowd while he walks a coin up and down the back knuckles of his right hand in a sort of unconscious nervous gesture. When he spies the person for whom he is looking he flips the coin with his thumb, snaps it out of the air and walks around the edge of the gathering until he can cut through to Gretchen. A hand is set on her elbow and Gilroy leans in to speak to her quietly, then he steps away.

"It takes the worst at times to make us truly realize the best. A truth that is both painful and reaffirming, I'm afraid." He murmurs to Reigna, a dip of his head cast towards the Marquessa and Marquis. It's a side long glance towards Gretchen who is so settled off inconspiciously to the side, "I'll leave you to continue greeting. We should catch up soon, yes? I'll have to tell you all about how I was almost assasinated in Nilanza." It's a tantalizing little bait dropped out from the showman, and then witha twist he begins towards the refreshment table the Lady Moore has staked out... but Amari won't be spared as he passes by. "Lady Amari! I see you over there! I'm surprised you aren't drinking out of your Stein, and I'm greatful you decided to let a few other people win too."

Norwood drops orange and spice duskshire honey mead.

Gretchen gives Gilroy a quick smile, "I'm fine. She would have loved this," she gestures outwards with her glass to indicate the room, "Are you going to change into something other than black?" She asks, taking a sip and looking amused, "There's a dress code, you know."

"Marquis Keaton. Marquessa." Thesarin gives a rumbling nod to both, and a low noise at the back of his throat. He glances over toward Gretchen, working his jaw a moment, before he says anything else. "...I spoke with Shard, a time ago. Asked..." and there she is, speak of the Prima. He lifts his chin up in Shard's direction, and turns back toward the Keatons with a shrug. Rysen and Rukhnis get a nod as well, and Thesarin starts to step back, and give the Keatons room to greet guests.

When Rysen is making his way into the grounds and greeting the pair, Kael directs his attention appropriately. "Good evening," he responds in turn to the Crovan Lord and Rukhnis, with the additional smile being offered forth. "You are both very welcome. Please, do enjoy your time here at Keaton Hall, drink, eat, be merry and certainly participate in the game set up." To give indication of that, he is nodding his head toward the paper mache beast yonder. Kael is nodding toward Venturo, more humbly, before moving further on and greeting Shard with a slight up-tick of his chin. A backwards nod is evidently the suitable response by him, or so he feels.

"Assassinated!?" Bait taken! Reigna prs agape at Venturo and calls over in a raised voice, "You are not to leave without telling me that story, Venturo Thayne!" She's smiling as she says it, and she too, glances towards Gretchen. She spies Shard and touches Kael's elbow before gesturing for the mercenary to come closer if she will. Her eyes fall to Rysen and Rukhnis and she inclines her head, offering a smile to the both of them, "Ah! Lord Crovane, nice to put a face to caligraphy. I am sorry that I have not been able to meet with you and Goodwoman Ru-ah... Rukh-nase earlier." Reigna tries. She does try. But between her nasal Oathlands accent and her unfamiliarity with the cadence of consonants of the other woman's name, she bungles it. "I am sorry, I did not say that right, did I?"

"I'll be certain to do so, Marquessa. It's a tale of terror and luck!" And onwards towards Gretchen and Gilroy that Venturo heads, offering his welcome to the known quantity first, "Master Gilroy. Good to see you. And you," His chin lifts, a glitter of warmth in his eyes as he offers that sympathetic smile towards Gretchen, "Must then be Lady Moore I've heard about, but haven't had the chance to meet. Venturo Thayne, and my condolences for your loss."

Shard up-nods in turn, first to Thesarin, then to Kael. She appears to consider Reigna's gesture for a moment, but then she does, indeed, move closer to the pair.

"Master Thayne," Gretchen gives Venturo a nod and a bit of a smile from around her glass as she takes a sip, "No doubt you've heard of my amazing Spa and how well I'm managing it. News does love to travel." It's almost but not quite a drawl. "You own the Taproom over it the theater? I'm still finding my way around."

For that response, Norwood gets a overly frowny face from Amari as she catches him before he can turn into a wall decoration. "I am! She did have a thing for older men." Without much in the way of invitation, she takes his arm, "Come along, Baron. Let's be social-" Which is easy when someone's already calling out. Venturo is given an arched brow and a reply that's more amiable than her serious expression, "I'm having it gilded, Venturo."

Looking down at his black and red outfit, Gilroy makes a face and shakes his head at Gretchen. "I don't wear bright and splendiferous, Lady Gretchen. I /am/ bright and splendiferous. It makes wearing yellow and orange or what have you downright redundant." When Venturo comes over to greet Gretchen and him Gilroy offers the brewer a quick nod and a half-smile. "Master Venturo. Improving the Compact one domain at a time. I look forward to your carnivals making their way to somewhere I'm apt to go." When he glances over and catches sight of Shard he briefly touches Gretchen's elbow again, but doesn't say anything.

Rysen laughs, and glances at Rukhnis. "We completely understand, My Lady," he says to Regina, still smiling. "Rukhnis remains interested in joining the Physicians, and I suspect she has some talent for medicine and healing." Turing to Kael, he says "we thank you for your hospitality, My Lord."

Rysen picks up a drink, and begins to make his way over to Lady Gretchen and Venturo.

"It is of no matter, my Lady," Rukhnis replies to Reigna, showing no sign of offense nor of anything else at the bungling of her name. "It honours me to make your acquaintance this night." She flicks a quick glance after Rysen as he ambles off, then returns her gaze to Reigna and agrees, "I have some interest in the Physicians, it is true, though at this point I confess I know but little of them."

"I have at that. A marvelous venture. The Raconteur taproom and the Kismet Hall, where the carnival was recently held. And to Master Gilroy's point," Venturo's head dips towards the man, a quirk of a smile coming to his comments of the fellows splendiferousness. "I have many set up across the lands. But that is for another day. While I only had the opportunity to meet the Lady Tessa briefly, her vibrance for life stood out immediately. I believe every drink is a story, and I've brought a small gift for your family that, on those somber nights one needs it, might help serve as a reminder of the good." It's a brief glance as he catches sight of Rysen, chin tipping up in a welcoming nod fo familiarity with the fellow. A roll of his eyes follows Amari's quip back, but then his focus is upon Gretchn as he hands over the velvet bag.

Oh dear. Norwood has been caught up by a social money and is pulled along after Amari. "I'm afraid that social was something I was alway bad at. This is why I have Margerie." Norwood ventures a small protest over the whole thing, but sigh, here he comes. "Master Venturo," he greets as they draw close.

Gretchen takes the bag from Venturo and while her smile is gracious her grip on the bag is a little tight, "Thank you, it will be greatly appreciated, I assure you. I've been known to find an end to sorrow at the bottom of a bottle. How did you know?" She winks and then hands the bag to Gilroy like he's some kind of manservant with purse holding duties. As Rysen approaches she gives him a nod, "Lord Rysen, you seem far less stiff than the last time I saw you."

"Good work, the Physicians," Thesarin rumbles out toward Rukhnis with a faint hint of a smile. "But I've said before that I'm glad to know as many healers as I can."

"I would be glad to speak to you about the Physicians and your joining tomorrow perhaps? Or the next day?" Reigna says to Rukhnis with a smile, "I am always looking for those who seek to learn the fine art of healing. And you do come highly recommended." Reigna glances up at Kael and murmurs, "We should likely begin the first of the games." She looks back to the Eurusi woman and says, "If you will excuse us?"

Kael dips his head toward those that are near and, after a touch of Reigna's arm, begins to drift back toward the paper mache monstrosity that has been set up. Now, he does not delve right to speech, but rather he has to take a moment to marvel toward the monstrosity. Also of note? Some of the paint that has been used for it, it may -- just may -- have some peculiarities. You know, as though a child (or several of them -- this is Keaton Hall after all) may have made some additional tweaks. Still, it is what it is and evidently it shall suit our purpose. "Now," he says, raising his voice after acquiring a glass of water from a nearby table, hesitating, and then switching it out for a glass of whiskey. "Those of us who know Tessa," and yes, he uses current tense, "you know that she is always up to *something*. There is always some quest that she is on, some monstrosity that she has her sights on to conquer." He chins vaguely toward said monstrosity, not giving it actual name. "Impossible odds? No, not for Lady Moore. Do not tell her that she cannot -- for you *might* just lose your dishes for it. Or a vase. Some of those directed at my wife's head." Yes, he's swiftly flashing a grin Reigna's way. "Tonight though we are leaving the china where it is. There are however these fine wooden bats at hand to beat at the monster. Those who might wish to attempt your luck, please do proceed to acquire your faithful weapon."

"Ah, Master Venturo," says Rysen warmly as he approaches the brewer. "I hope business goes well, and your luck has been excellent." Turning to Lady Gretchen, Rysen's grins. "Far less stiff, thanks to your services, My Lady." His grey eyes show some hint of melancholy. "My Lady Gretchen, it is good to see you. You look especially beautiful tonight in green. I was sorry to hear of Lady Tessa, but happy to have an opportunity to celebrate her life with some drink, and" he adds, glancing at the paper mache gargantuan, "a chance to take a swing at that thing."

Rysen's glance shifts to Gilroy for moment, and he raises an eyebrow. He takes a step toward him and asks, quietly but with sincere curiosity, "what in the Abyss happened to your face?"

Thesarin gives a low grunt, and heads over toward the clubs. He holds it loose in his hand, swaying it slightly back and forth, getting a feel of the weight.

Rukhnis "You would surely do me a great honour to speak to me of it at at your leisure," Rukhnis says to Reigna. "I may be available whenever it is convenient to you." She makes another bow to the other woman, and also bows an acknowledgement in the direction of Thesarin, saying aside to him, "It is so that there are few who do not have need of the services of such a one at some point in their lives."

Venturo leans in just a touch towards Gretchen, all to whisper conspiratorially, "I've spent far too much time in bars. Don't tell anyone." As his secret to knowing about the bottom of a glass. "I'll make a point to visit your spa soon." But then Kael is beginning, and so the brewer quiets after a warm smile is flashed towards Rysen, "Busy. I hope to appeal to your talents again soon, Lord Crovane." Is the murmured reply, but then all eyes are upon the Marquis. "Luck?" Venturo is captured by that small twist of phrase, "If you'll pardon me. Luck is something I do love to test." Onwards he treads, all to pick out a bat to beat giant mache things with!

For her part, Shard stays right where she is, though she does eye the clubs with a certain amount of faint curiosity, followed by a second studying of the paper mache monster. After a moment or two, she crosses her arms lightly over her chest.

Norwood can Eeyore all he likes, but it doesn't seem to dampen Amari's enthusiasm for dragging the unfortunate baron about. "Well, I was always quite terrible at hitting people with swords and things, and you've helped me so - oh." Oh being what she says when she tunes in to what Kael's announcing about beating on the gargantuan. "Oh. Would you rather hit the monster?"

"Well. If we are going to hit things..." That's so much easier than talking to people. There's a nod at Amari. "This will be my revenge upon you." A bat is picked up and offered towards Amari with a tiny bow. Norwood is so not going to ask Barf for his toy back.

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"True enough. Twice as much for me, I reckon." Thesarin give Rhuknis a faint, and entirely humorless grin. "...last time I had cause to visit Stormwall, for one."

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Gilroy takes the bag automatically, then gives Gretchen an unkind look when it occurs to him that he's been relegated to valet. But then he shrugs, opens up the bag and pulls out the bounty within. "Nice. Thanks, Gretch. I'll have my guy send you the empty bottle back for your collection." Then Kael is making his announcement and Gilroy looks from the marquis to his wooden bats. "People in this city love contests. Which is fine by me, I love winning them." Rysen's suddenl interest gets a moment of alarm from Gilroy who reaches up to poke at his bruise, eliciting a wince. "Oh. Right. Well, first good day, Lord Rysen, and secondly have you ever met Master Gunther? About so tall," he holds his hands down to about waist height, "and with fists about yea big," he holds his hands apart to about the size of a cabbage, "and a face a little like someone was sculpting a fine bust of a noble lord, then dropped it before getting in the kiln. He's teaching me pugilism and he does not hold back. Given the number of people who have told me they would like to break my face I suppose this makes Master Gunther tremendously lucky."

Rukhnis looks thoughtfully at Thesarin for a moment, then nods slightly, as much to herself as to him. She then turns her attention to the line of people forming up to assault the hapless papier mache monstrosity, and after a brief hesitation, slips through the crowd to a spot relatively out of the way from which she can observe the game.

Amari accepts the bat from Norwood because she's definitely not going to deprive Barf, or lose a hand trying to take it away. That's his now. Not that the big stinker looks at all interested in participating in the actual contest. Instead he finds a place to stretch out on his belly, hold the club between his paws and chew. She clearly considers an admonishment for that, but after a glance just turns back to Norwood and gently smacks the hitty stick against her palm. "Right. Revenge is it?"

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants arrives, delivering a message to Gilroy before departing.

Rysen chuckles, taking up one of the wooden bats and resting it on his shoulder. He says to Gilroy, "I have met Master Gunther once. He was speaking to Sir Jeffeth about joining the Knights of Solace. Glad to hear he's training you in unarmed combat; you seem like the sort of man who can put those lessons to very good use - in emergencies and during misunderstandings, of course." His eyes drift back over his shoulder towards Rukhnis and Thesarin. He gazes thoughtfully towards the warrior but quickly turns to see what fate befalls paper mache monstrosity.

Turn in line: Amari

Amari checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Once there is a sufficient amount of participants -- Kael is studying them, you see, and how many of those wooden clubs are left before he is moving forward and reaching toward the monster. This is so that he can push at it, ensure that there is an ample enough swing from where it is hung up and then start to race it around in a circle. The benefit is that, when released, the thing will spin slightly about. "With that, we are off! Please do not hit another contestant, only the monstrosity!"

"Baron Norwood... I wish you the best of luck." Given the dubious side long look Venturo casts towards Amari, it's difficult to say if he's talking about beating the big huge thing, or withstanding the social tortures of the Lady Keaton. His mouth quirks up in a playful glance, before he stills as she steps up to take the first swing.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

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Primus, First of Monique's Assistants arrives, delivering a message to Gilroy before departing.

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Norwood clearly gave Amari the dud bat, or the one covered in grease. She brings it back behind her shoulder to deliver an overhead strike and *WOOP* the club flies out of her hand entirely and goes streaking backwards. Because the universe hates her, or Kael, it flies at him, threatening to take out a knee, so he'll never adventure again. She completes the swing and seems honestly baffled that her hand is empty.

Norwood blinks once... twice.. thrice... as Amari just loses the crap out of that bat. "I believe we need a few extra hours tomorrow morning Amari." Said oh-so-mildly as Norwood just takes a tiny step back to stand beside Venturo. A side-whisper to the man, "I do not think the Marquis Kael thought about the assorted physical abilities when he said to not hit other contestants."

Rysen steps up to the gargantuan, drops his weight and swings his wooden club landing a strike that sends the paper mache beast bobbing and spinning on its cord.

Turn in line: Venturo

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Venturo checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

While Amari's hand might be empty, there is no great secret of where that club went. It does indeed pop Kael quite smartly upon the knee as though it was intended to fly this way. The response comes by way of a yelp from him, along with a little hop. You know, suddenly it is just the one side that the Marquis is favoring, and he is hopping back just a tad from the monster and the contestants.

Reigna winces as Kael gets hit by a flying bat from Amari's hand. Reigna ducks belatedly and covers her head with a squeak.

It's probably not a Good Thing that Venturo starts by studying Amari's form, trying to figure out just how one holds a bat. It shouldn't inspire confidence for all the right reasons. "So you aren't supposed to throw it?" Comes his staged whisper back towards Norwood, and it's hard to tell if he's serious or not. No doubt it's Rysen's fine showing that gives the brewer the sliver of a chance to actually smack the thing well as he steps up for his turn. It's a solid if not showy or forceful smack that he gives the thing to send it spinning a bit further round and round.

Turn in line: Thesarin

Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

When Gilroy absconds with her newly acquired alcohol, Gretchen downs the rest of her drink and says mildly, "How long do you think that excuse of taking pugilism lessons will last?" Then she gets another drink and follows everyone who is anyone over to peruse the bats. "There should've been a dish throwing contest, but I can see how that might've gotten expensive."

Amari doesn't know where her bat went until she hears eeps and squeaks and uses the power of deductive reasoning to mentally map the wayward bat's trajectory. She doesn't swear, because that would be terribly uncouth, but the only way she prevents profanity is by clamping hand over mouth as her eyes go wide. Norwood is looked to as if he might be able to help, but no, maybe not. Venturo? He's hitting things. It's up to her, so puts her head down and turns to advance on Kael, issuing apologies, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you alright? It was slippery." And the sun was probably in her eyes too.

Venturo asks that question about throwing the bat and Norwood takes two quick steps back, just in case Venturo decides TO throw the bat. But no, he doesn't. "Oh, good." Thesarian has the bat. No one will get brained now.

Thesarin shakes his head with a glance at Kael, and then turns to step toward the swaying gargantuan. He lifts the club, thews bulging as he gives a single great swing that connects with a loud, hollow crash. The newly-dented monstrosity begins swinging erratically and spinning on its string, as Thesarin turns around without a word and starts back toward the marquisal pair. "Alright, Marquis?"

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Turn in line: Norwood

Venturo shuffles back to the line, all in time just to witness Thesarin's cracking smack of the thing. Those pale green eyes go wide witha look of utter innocence as he glances towards Amari, "I think /that/ is how you are supposed to do it. You know, just for the record."

Norwood checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

"It will last until my pugilism lessons end, Lady Gretchard. Though I don't think they will. When Master Gunther gets going the insults that he produces are a never ending font of joy. He called me a turtle-slapper the other day. I don't know what to make of that." Gilroy grabs up a bat, walks up to the thing and gives it a solid blow. It doesn't crack open, but it certainly looks like it could with one more good hit. "Aw. No free clock for me." He wanders back over to Gretchen and passes over the bat to her. "I heard it was full of clocks. I hope that's true."

How many hops does it take to soothe a Marquis' knee? Four, it seems, for that is when Kael is actually allowing at least a hint of weight to it. "It is quite all right," Kael is assuring Amari with a gesture of his hand. "All is well, Little Cousin." When Thesarin is calling yonder toward him, there is an up-chin offered in response. "I am, Count Riven. Would not that be something, to be taken out by that?" Maybe he is teasing Amari just a bit, for he's flashing her a grin thereafter.

Ah, and it's Norwood's turn at the thing. Keeping an eye on the others about to make sure he doesn't pull an Amari on accident the baron-knight rolls back and swings at the bag landing his hit with a resounding THWACK. "Good." He ducks as the thing swings towards him and then steps away fully satisfied.

Turn in line: Amari


Amari checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Reigna is bent over, inspecting Kael's knee, her fingers ginger as she probes around the site of the blow. "You will be alright, just a bruise, I think." She offers a grin and looks over to see who's up at bat next.

Turn in line: Gretchen

Gretchen checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Rysen stands beside Rukhnis, and takes a drink of wine as he watches Lady Gretchen take a swing. "Not going to try your hand?" he asks her quietly.

If it's alright, and Kael isn't permanently maimed, Amari looks relieved and also determined. Determined to kill that gargantuan! She spies that "slippery" club lying there in the grass and scoops it up, smiling, "Sorry, all the same, Big Cousin. I'll get him this time." She doesn't seem to realize that it's like, legitimately cursed, but it must be. As soon as she takes another swing, well, off it goes - somewhere. Skyward? Was she aiming at the moon? Maybe. The more troubling question is, where is it going to land?

Rukhnis has been looking very fixedly at the papier mache creature and the various heroic (or perhaps not-so) attempts to pulverize it. However, it's difficult to tell whether she's really following the action, or if this just happens to be a suitable place to rest her eyes while her mind wanders elsewhere. Her lack of reaction to either hits or spectacular misses suggests the latter; but then again, that seems to be how she's taken everything else at the gathering too. At Rysen's question she makes a vague noise in the back of her throat and merely replies, "I believe not, Lord Rysen."

Gretchen takes the club from Gilroy and gives it an appraising heft, twirling it around and looking up at the paper gargantuan, "It's not in the wrist or the shoulder, Lady Amari," she tells the other woman cheerfully, swinging the club back, "It's in the imagination and what you might really, really want to hit," she tightens her grip, then two hands it over her head to slam into the crack that Thesarin made, the club catching on the crack and widening it just enough that the prizes start to fall out! Satisfied, she steps back rather than stepping forward.

Norwood has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 4

Gretchen has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

Venturo has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 10

Amari has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

Thesarin has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 3

Rysen has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

Reigna takes silver necklace with a blue agate pendant from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Gilroy has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

Reigna takes a stunning ring of copper and blue topaz from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Reigna takes copper and amethyst arm band from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Reigna takes copper and amethyst ring from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Reigna takes gold and amethyst ring from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Reigna takes silver and amethyst anklet from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Reigna takes copper signet style ring from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Thesarin gets gold and amethyst ring from a large paper mache gargantuan.

Rukhnis eyes the trinkets spilled out onto the ground from the belly of the beast, though she makes no move to attempt to get one for herself. Instead she folds her arms over her chest and watches everyone else with the same detached air as she'd given the game itself.

The jewels spill from the Gargantuan and as people bend to pick up the sparkling things, that bat of Amari's pinwheels in the air and begins falling. It is a close thing -- Venturo comes within an inch of getting beaned by the club, it hits the ground with a thunk! Reigna squeaks and looks over to Amari, "Mari! No more swings!"

Gretchen gets silver and amethyst anklet from a large paper mache gargantuan.

"My Lady, My Lord," says Rysen to Reigna and Kael as rare and precious gifts flow from the gargantuan, "thank you very much for your hospitality. I'm afraid I must be getting back to The Black Hall of Axes. I've had a wonderful time, and honored to have had a chance to celebrate Lady Tessa's life here at Keaton Hall." He says his farewells to those nearby, nods to Rukhnis, and makes his way to Thesarin.

Rysen bows before the count and says, "I overheard you were at Stormwall. I would very much like to hear of your experience there, if you should ever have the time and the desire to speak of it." He then makes his way through the grounds towards the road leading east.

"Marquessa, you have outdone yourself," Gretchen says as she admires her ring, then leans down to pick up an anklet from the floor, "Tessa would have loved this. Sparkly things falling from the sky?" She smiles just a bit, turning the jewelry so it sparkles in the light.

Rukhnis snaps to attention as she notices Rysen making his way off from the party without a word to her, and, pressing her lips together briefly, weaves through the crowd to attend him out.

Somehow Norwood manages to snag his prize and then slips out, leaving bits of paper gargantuan behind him. TAKE THAT AMARI.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

Shard eventually eases forward, moving to head out as quietly as she came.

When Rysen makes as though to depart, Kael is offering a bow toward him. It is a swift thing, that bow, combined with a smile. "Perhaps another time you might come by Keaton Hall and we can converse sometime. To the both of you, welcome to Arx." Now, that being said, there is the rest of hosting to perform and Kael is adopting his outside voice aka his tournament voice. "Thank you all for joining us. Feel free, please, to share stories concerning Lady Tessa Moore. The best, the most outrageous, of memories!"

Thesarin lifts one of the rings off the ground, and holds it toward the sky, turning it slightly in his fingers. He looks toward Rysen, and gives the other man a nod, and a low grunt. "Hours of blood and death, and at the end a fire. But it were a victory. If you want more, call on me, eh?" He gives Rysen another nod, and one toward Shard as she starts out.

Rysen is overheard praising Reigna: A truly wonderful celebration of life, and extraordinary gifts for the guests.

Rukhnis leaves, following Rysen.

Reigna waves to Shard as she turns to go, a little pout as she sees the woman going. Still, she takes a moment and looks to Gretchen, "Thank you, Lady Moore. She was an inspiration, certainly."

There is a long moment where Venturo just looks down at the bat, staring at it, before his gaze lifts to peer over at Amari. "Is /this/ what things have come to?!" Out his tongue sticks in an ever so mature gesture, a touch of mischief as a copper ring manages to plunk right down into his palm when he isn't looking. "It's marvelous," He murmurs, before the man turns, starting to head back towards the Marquessa and Marquis, and those gathered around them.

Gilroy lifts a hand toward their hosts, pausing as Reigna speaks to Gretchen, then he leads the Moore out. As he passes by Shard he offers the mercenary a bright smile, but doesn't slow down for pleasantries.

Gretchen leaves, following Gilroy.

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