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Open Auditions at Black Rose Theater

After a slow winter cycle, the Black Rose Mummers are beginning a new cycle. This will start with the delayed "Three Fables" play, written by Executive Director Mae Culler.

All are welcome to audition! Patrons of the Mummers are also invited to attend and observe. If anyone is interested in becoming a patron or joining the Mummers, this is a great time to attend!

Would-be performers that are unable to make it can still contact Mae!

(OOC: This will mostly be a social scene, with a few pre-written lines everyone can have fun reading. Questions? Send them my way!)


Jan. 8, 2019, 9:17 p.m.

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Bliss Acantha Estelle Jeffeth Triton Tomwell Grazia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Blackrose Theater - Auditorium

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"Oh, you're here to audition with me?" Bliss asks Estelle, a glimmer in her eyes as she motions to the seat next to her, leaning in to murmur something quietly to her before she sits upright again.

Acantha gives a nod of greeting to the others that enter and a smile to each of them. Then there's a laugh to that, "Benny is a beaver. He's...a bit special. Think he got lost or something over the winter." she admits. "Thank you though." she adds. "I'm Lady Acantha Clearlake. I've been in Arx for about six months now." she states. "I wanted to come over and see if I had anything to add to the theatrics of the Compact." she smiles to that. Though she looks when there's a wave sent her way and she gives a bright smile to Triton and she winks at him.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Mae's attention is stolen away by the tall redhead. She blinks a few times, and stares for a long moment, before she clears her throat. "Ahem. Welcome everyone!" she calls. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Acantha." There's another pause, then Mae is projecting in a way that one so small couldn't do without more than a little practice. "We are going to be having an audition tonight! ... One of several, as not all our would-be players were able to make it on such short notice," she explains. "We will be putting on a new cycle, tentatively titled 'Three Fables'. Our aim is for a children's production, though we will have our opening night with no lack of elegant fanfare and the excitement of crowds of nobles." Beat. "And with such simple words and stories they might even be able to follow along," she says, with a mischievous little grin. "So, who is here tonight to audition?"

Estelle chuckles dryly at Bliss. "I'll just enjoy the show, I would bring shame to a stage." She quiets politely to listen to Mae's announcement before shaking her head at the question. She then too chats more quietly with the Whisper beside her.

The hulking form of Jeffeth Bayweather makes his way into the theatre. The huge knight looking a little more somber than usual. Making his way down towards Estelle and Bliss, he goes to take a seat somewhat close to them. When Mae calls for volunteers the big man chews on his lower lip for a moment. Then he raises his hand, silently.

Raising a hand, Bliss has a curious look on her face but just nods at Mae, a sweet smile lingering on her. Her head turns, and she watches Acantha curiously, her eyes going to the beaver and then back up to the woman with clear confusion, before she just shrugs at Estelle. "It's for kids," she points out. "Should I start spreading the word that the new Voice of the Mercies doesn't care about children?" she teases with a quick wink, nodding at Jeffeth as he comes to take the seat.

Triton remains quiet when the call for volunteers is raised, even shaking his head a little in the negative. No, apparently the lord is here for moral support, or something like that. He does at one point get an odd look on his face and reach under his chair, then 'ohhhs' softly and relaxes, folding his arms over his chest to watch the auditions.

Acantha gives a smile and then raises her hand, "I would like to." she states. There's a look over and there's a nod of greeting to Jeffeth, "Sir Bayweather, it's good to see you again." she tells the man. Benny meanwhile has made himself comfortable near where Triton is seated and he is observing those that are around Acantha quite intently sometimes.

Estelle turns to smile at Jeffeth when he appraoches before peering at Bliss far more dubiously. "I shall leave it to those with the gift of entertainment, and settle for healing their boo-boos," counters the Mercy with a wink.

"Oh! Sister Estelle," Mae says, with a bright smile. "How nice to put a name to a face," she says. She then looks over to the door, to spot Jeffeth. "Jeffy!" she exclaims. "Wonderful, wonderful... Alright, now. I just want a few of you up on stage to read some lines. Pretty simple stuff," she declares. "Bliss, you've already went through this, yes?" she asks. "Everyone else... Our first tale is *The Traveller and The Elf*. You all might know this one. The story goes like this... A traveller is out, deep in the Gray Forest. He becomes lost. An elf happens across the man, who is near frozen to death and about to given in to the elements," Mae explains, gesturing now and then with her wine glass, which threatens to spill each gesture. "The elf takes pity on the traveller and brings them back home. As they walk, the traveller starts bowing on their hands. The elf says... why do you do this? The traveller says 'so I might warm my hands'," Mae says, with a sunny smile. "The elf takes the traveller into the house and fetches some soup, fresh off the fire. The traveller takes the soup and blows on it. The elf says... why do you do this? The traveller says 'so I might cool my soup'." Mae's eyes flash wide. "All in an instant the elf rises up and grabs the traveller by the collar and tosses them out! 'I'll not have someone who can blow both hot and cold in my home!' the elf says!" Mae gives a soft laugh. "So-... who besides Bliss wishes to be my elf? And who my traveller?"

"I was wondering if it was the same auditions!" Bliss calls happily up to Mae, nodding at her question and relaxing as she shrugs at Estelle, saying to her, "Well, then be sure to be at the performance, since I'm sure there will be some people coming." A wry smile lingers on her face, but she turns her head to look around and see who might wish to become an elf.

Acantha gives a look to Jeffeth and there's a bit of a smile, "Would you like to be an elf or a traveller, Sir Bayweather?" she asks the big Knight. "I'm good with reading either part." she adds.

Looking like he's immediately regretting /everything/ Jeffeth blinks up towards the stage. He watches Mae, and watches her say all those things, eyes wide. All those things he's supposed to do and say. Like another person. But he's Jeffeth. Then he glances over to Acantha, swallowing hard. "I-- I actually don't know if this is a good idea. Maybe I shouldn't." The big man gives a /broad/ and nervous smile to Acantha. "I'm sure you'll do lovely as either part."

Estelle dips her head towards Mae and smiles back brightly, "A pleasure to meet you, though I am afraid I missed your name. You do have a lovely theater here!" She quiets, deferring to the actors' casting.

"Mae Culler, sister," Mae says, to Estelle, before taking a theatrical bow. "Executive Director of the Black Rose Mummers." Beat. "Thank you! It was a gift," she says, with a grin. Then she gestures. "Alright then, Jeffeth! You will be our wayward traveller. Lady Acantha, our elf. Jeffeth, you are an incompetent human just trying to survive. Acantha, you are a high-brow, snooty, better-than-thou elf..." Mae steps over and snags two sheets of paper from a stool. "It's a short exchange, but... come up on and we'll get to it!"

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

"Sir Bayweather, you will do absolutely fine, come on." Acantha offers her hand to the large Knight and a warm reassuring smile, "We can go up and do this together. Nothing to it." she tells him.

"Here I thought you wanted people to /act/, Mae Culler," Bliss calls up to the Harlequin with a wry tone. She's just here to heckle at this point.

Triton grins a little to himself as he watches Jeffeth and Acantha, after listening to Mae describe the scene to be played out. He seems to barely contain his humor when Acantha gets named the elf, showing a few teeth with his smile, or maybe he's just happy with how she's being encouraging to the Knight...

Incompetent human just trying to survive is very accurate of the facial expression Jeffeth wears. Looking very nervously towards the stage. But Acantha is taking his hand, and he's following along. And before he knows it he's on the stage. His shoulders rising and falling a bit more rapidly, breathing starting to accelerate. He stares wide eyed.

Acantha checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Mae claps one hand against one palm as Acantha 'drags' Jeffeth up. "Brilliant!" she laughs out. "Alright... Here for you... and you..." she says, as she hands out the short 'scripts'. "It's a short little exchange, so please... give it your all! And remember, we're putting on this show for nobles and children. Over acting can help simple minds better understand the emotions." She gestures a little more, then steps back. "Our scene is the elf finding the traveller...the Traveller is worn and weary and ready to collapse. The Elf has just found this wanderer. Take us away, Lady Acantha!"

Bliss checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 16 lower.

Turning her head and about to say something to Estelle, Bliss happens to hear Mae's line about nobles, children, and overacting. Any serious expression on her face is immediately dropped and a sharp, short laugh comes from her, before she clears her throat and covers her mouth with her hand to suppress the giggles. She lowers her hand and clears her throat, murmuring, "Sorry, had a cough," she explains.

Tomwell isn't going to win any parts with tardiness! He directs around apologetic looks as he hurries in and makes his way toward the stage, sliding into a chair. Save for raising his fingers to get Mae's attention, he quietly watches the scene unfolding on stage.

Acantha doesn't lead Jeffeth, she actually walks side by side with him and murmurs quietly to him, being reassuring as they head up on stage. "And here we are. That wasn't so bad." she tells the knight. Then she's getting her lines from Mae and there's a smile to the Harlequin. She looks down to the paper and then moves away from Jeffeth for the moment.

Acantha gets her game face on, looking at Jeffeth ever so curiously, as if she's never seen him before, "Oh, my, a human!" she states in a tone that carries as she approaches Jeffeth, looking him over curiously still. "Young man, have you lost your way? Do you require assistance?" she asks him as she looks up to him.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Acantha checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Jeffeth takes the script from Mae, hands responding without thought. He slowly looks down at the page and stares at it for a few moments before staring back up to Acantha. Then back down. When Acantha speaks. With such enthusiasm and in character, Jeffeth jolts a little. Taking a step back. He looks down at the paper and reads. Like really reads, "Oh. Please. Anything to help. I am cold." He lost his place. Oh there it is. "And hungry. And I've lost the tail." Jeffeth starts to lower the paper before his eyes widen and he looks back down to the paper. "Trail!" He blurts out in a panic, voice suddenly full of emotion.

Mae checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Mae's already pursing her lips together, trying ot fight off giggles. Her wide-eyes are locked on Bliss, the culprit of her current state. But this is an audition! She must be serious, so she focuses instead of Acantha. She gives and encouraging nod. Good, good. Then comes Jeffeth, and he's... reading. She lifts her glass of wine, to take a sip, to cover her smirk. Right up until *tails*. And then she spits the wine back out into the glass. A moment later she stands statue still and red-faced, with wine dripping down her chin. Nothing to see here! She merely gives a little wave. Play on, players!

Acantha, playing the Elf, sneers a bit at the poor lost human. "Well, that is appropriate that you'd lose an object that cannot move!" she snickers a bit at poor Jeffeth. She waves her hand dismissively, "I'll not blame you for your birth, do come with me!" she states with a clap of her hands and then with a swish of skirts and she spins away from the Knight and that's her bit of talking done.

Jeffeth stares at Acantha's sneering. Oh that seems mean. Jeffeth cringes a litte. At a sound from Mae behind him, Jeffeth, who is as red as a tomato, looks over his shoulder then back to Acantha. She seems to be done talking so Jeffeth looks down to the page again. "Oh. Please. Anything to help." He blinks and looks up. "Oh sorry. I already read that part." Jeffeth grunts he looks over to Mae and then starts walking behind Acantha, really swinging his massive arms while he walks. Then it seems to be over and Jeffeth is glancing to Mae with a light frown. "That was pretty bad, huh?"

Bliss shrugs her shoulders at Mae's look, giving her an innocent smile, and when the wine comes out - well, she's thankfully distracted by Jeffeth's excellent(?) acting, a snicker coming to her and a grin staying on her face. She's trying to behave. Mostly. But she's clearly delighted by these events.

Tomwell checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 lower.

Late, and now Tomwell seems to have a cough! Oh dear. He splutters and starts pounding against his chest, and thus politely rises to walk into a dark corner where the *coughing* can be muffled. When he emerges back into the cast of the light he looks recovered. Just in time to applaud! Which he does enthusiastically.

Triton winces a little in sympathy at Jeffeth's reading, but keeps himself quiet, leaning over a little to reach for Benny and offer the beaver a scritch when he sits still long enough for one, withdrawing his hand while he still has all four fingers and thumb.

Acantha falls back into her usual warm demeanor once she's done reading and there's a look to Jeffeth, "Are you alright, Sir Bayweather?" she asks him. She was hoping she'd not scared him or worse, made him feel bad. When she hears applause there's a bit of a chuckle, then she hears a tail slapping the underneath of a seat and she sighs, Benny. "I think you did just fine. Maybe a little stage fright." she points out. "It could be worked on though." she tells Jeffeth with a smile.

Mae lifts an arm to inelegantly wipe the drops of wine from her chin. She's grinning, then sets her glass down, and begins to applaud. "You did wonderfully, Jeffeth!" she exclaims. "Better than Bliss," she adds. Then a glance over to Acantha. "And you, my lady, quite a wonderful obnoxious elf," she declares. "Thank you both!" A pause, then, "Brother Tomwell, I believe you're up next!" she declares. "You can be my chieftain. And... Who could we get to play a mean old bear." Beat. "Bliss!" She gestures for both to come up.

Estelle claps for Jeffeth and Acantha, then giggles as Mae introduces Bliss' turn to audition. The Whisper gets a round of encouraging applause as well.

Jeffeth checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Estelle before departing.

She called him /Jeffeth/. Not Jeffy. The big man frowns lightly over to Mae before casting an apologetic look to Acantha. "Sorry. My Lady." Jeffeth grunts quietly, giving a soft nod as they start to descend from the stage. He does offer one massive arm up to the lady to walk her back to the seating.

"Considering I didn't play a human!" Bliss calls up to Mae, throwing her arms into the air overdramatically as she is summoned up, rolling her eyes and standing with laughter. "Alright, bear. Time to channel my inner Redrain," says the woman with an accent that is so distinctly form Tor that it's impossible to miss, shaking her head as she walks to the edge of the stage, and instead of finding stairs, simply clambers her way up to it, rolling her shoulders and beginning to hum a few notes. Was Jeffeth shy and nervous on stage? She's anything but, clearly comfortable in the limelight as she looks over to Tomwell thoughtfully, bringing a hand up to stroke at her chin as she starts to pace.

Acantha gives a smile to Mae, "Thank you, Mistress Mae." she states with a dip of her head to the woman. The Prodigal Noble was still getting to know all the ropes. Then she gives Jeffeth a bit of a headshake, "You have nothing to be sorry for." she tells him. Then she takes his arm and lets him escort her back down to the seating, "Thank you for auditioning with me." she tells him with a smile. Then she's finding a seat next to Triton and Benny manages to hop into her lap. Weirdo animal.

"A chieftain, hm?" Tomwell scratches at his jaw as he climbs to the stage, pondering the role with exaggerated focus. He gives Bliss a sparkling smile and a wiggle of his eyebrows. Then he prepares: he shakes out his hands, clears his throat, and squares back his shoulders. When his chin lifts, his face takes on an imposing sort of look far outside any expression the priest normally wears.

Triton grins up at Acantha when she slips over to a seat, keeping his voice down to a low, "You'd be even more adorable with pointed ears...hello there." and grins brightly at her, reaching over to offer a scritch across her back as she sits down.

"Alright..." Mae says, as she steps over to grab a different set of papers. "The point of this story... well, it goes like so. Way back when in some village there was a bear. It was a true monster, regularly coming to town and tearing people to pieces. But over time, the bear stopped coming around. The villagers, they assume the bear has grown old and tired. That the bear cannot kill any longer. So they stop guarding themselves and start to actively provoke it," Mae explains. She hands a sheet to Tomwell. "Our scene will be the chieftain, Brother Tomwell, as he insults the mean old bear, confident he's stronger than it." Then she gestures to Bliss. "And Bliss will snarl and snap... until she finally has had enough and just tears him to pieces," Mae says, with a sunny smile. "Whenever you're ready..."

Grazia watches the auditions from afar, with a glass of wine, looking around at the potential cast with interest.

"Oh! ... and, you know," Mae says, clearing her throat. "We'll have a proper bear suit for whomever plays our bear."

Closing her eyes to get her focus for a moment, and taking a deep breath, Bliss brings her arms out to the sides slowly as the eyes open again, her eyes widening comedically and her mouth opening, jaw shifting to the side as her fingers curl into claws. Left arm slightly higher than the other, she begins to move, her back turned toward Tomwell as she twists at the waist, making big, broad swipes at an invisible bush in front of her and dragging whatever she gets to her mouth. Pretending to smear it over her face, she gives a low roar and makes sounds that come across an awful lot like, "Om nom nom nom nom!"

Acantha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Estelle checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"Buttercup!" Chieftan Tomwell booms out the name, planting his feet wide and bracing both fists upon his hips. "You do not scare us!" He takes dramatic steps towards the Bliss-bear and circles around her with his footsteps echoing against the stage. "You are but a silly bear!" he adds with a scoff, swiping one hand wide in a dismissive gesture. "Our smallest babe could scare you away!"

Attention fully on the stage now with the puffed up priest-chieftain and Bliss-bear, Estelle giggles a bit on the loud side before muffling herself sheepishly. The challenging words provoke a more measured response now that the mirthful Mercy is on guard for such things.

Acantha gives Triton a beaming smile and then places a kiss on his cheek, "Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll get to be the elf. Then you can tell Cadern and Aella that I'll be in a play and that they can come see the awful side of me." she teases him. She then looks down to the animal in her lap, "He's tired, should take him home in a bit." she murmurs. Then she looks up to watch Bliss and Tomwell and she manages to NOT burst into giggles at the 'omnomnom' that might be heard from the bear. But Buttercup?! Oh that's not the name she expected and she grins widely at that.

Mae's grinning wide at Bear-Bliss. "Comes so naturally to her," she says, quietly. And then Tomwell puts on his Chieftain Impression and she gives a little clap, then waits, expectantly.

Oh! Someone said her name! Blissercup's head snaps up at the first word from Tomwell, and then her body twists at the waist until he is in view, a sneer coming across her face as her head tilts ... and tilts ... and tilts some more until it's practically horizontal. There's a low 'Mrr?' of confusion before it shifts into a growl, Blissercup peeling her lips and showing her teeth to Chieftain Tomwell as she turns to face him, taking huge, lumbering steps to reorient herself. Another growl and she steps toward Tomwell. Then again. A clear challenge. Dare. From the bear. Is it fair? Well, he did come to her lair... She leans in toward Tomwell. Closer. And closer.

Triton stifles a snicker at the name of Buttercup, before winking at Acantha and whispers, "Nonsense, you did wonderfully. We woule come and applaud and be loud and embarrassing for you after the show. That's what family is for, right?" With a waggle of his brows, he falls quiet again to watch the auditioners, though he does let a hand stray to help scritch on the sleepy beaver.

Chieftan Tomwell is the strong leader of a proud ...tribe? Sure! He stands his ground with a ferocious glare at the approaching Buttercup. "The swipe of your claws feels like no more than a bug bite!" he taunts. "The bite of your teeth is less than the nip of a pup! You don't scare me!" He puffs himself up, chin lifted and chest out and shoulders back.

Mae's anticipation builds, her eyes going wide, her hands clutching tight under her chin. She waits...!

That last puff-up is enough, and there is not much further waiting from Bliss. Suddenly, she belts out a loud roar again, and her arms swing - of course, she keeps her elbows locked, the movements dramatic as she brings herself close to Tomwell and strikes at him with largely her biceps and forearms, pusing her weight against him as her head tilts back into the roar. Trying to drive him to the ground, before it bends forward, obscuring her features between her arm and his shoulder, and this time yelling out those words of "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! OM NOM NOM! OM NOM!"

"Your roar is as weak as a kitt --" Chieftan Tomwell's final taunt doesn't even make it all the way out before he's being viciously and cruelly mauled. And for what!? "Ahhhhhhh!" he cries out, stubbling backwards. And then, as the fearsome beast calls out it's terrible roar, he collapses to the ground and sprawls out. Still. Dead.

Tomwell checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Mae sucks in a gasp, then covers her mouth. Her eyes wide, she stares down in horror at the dead Tomwell-Chieftain. Her look of horror lasts a long moment, then... "Bliss Whisper has killed a member of the clergy!" she proclaims. That's followed by an accusatory point of a finger at Bliss. Another moment, then she's laughing, and clapping. "Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you both!"

Estelle lets out an appreciative whistle, then grins broadly as she applauds for the pair. "Very well-done!"

"You have to build up Buttercup," Grazia mutters to herself and her glass of wine as she watches the audition. "Not tear her down."

Acantha has settled in to quietly watch the other audition and there's a smile to something that Triton tells her, but it coincides with the OM NOM NOM from Bliss and she has to duck her head a little to keep herself from giggling. It was for children after all! She then gives a round of warm applause for the two that are auditioning, "Excellent acting!" she calls out.

Acantha is overheard praising Mae: For being a wonderful host!

Bliss turns to the crowd, then throws both arms toward the ground, letting out one final, triumphant roar before she grins and bows, making a sweeping motion with her arms toward Tomwell and clapping enthusiastically for He Who Is Certainly Dead. With that, she's happily walking off the stage, skipping the last step for a casual leap down to the auditorium and retaking her seat next to Estelle, calling out, "Thank you, everyone!" happily.

Triton is overheard praising Mae: An excellent director!

Triton joins in the applause with a big grin on his face, chirping at Acantha happily, "If they're going to have bears eating lords at these shows, I certainly will be making sure the family comes to see. Maybe we can cheer on the bear?" With the eyebrow waggle, surely he's kidding around, right? Of course he is.

Tomwell remains Dead even as the applause starts, drawing it out dramatically. Only when Bliss turns to add her applause does he make a Miraculous Recovery and bound back up to his feet with lazy grace. "Thank you, thank you," he says with a laugh and a bow of his own. "I owe it all to my talented partner." He bows at Bliss before he makes his way off the stage.

"Wonderful work by all, and a wonderful audience!" Mae exclaims. "Now, I know I said *three* fables... but the third will remain a *mystery*!" she says, with a little laugh. "Now then... does anyone happen to have questions about... The Black Rose Mummers? The theater? About me? About how many inches around Sir Jeffethy's biceps are?" Mae asks. A pause, then, "Oh! And Duchess Grazia! So sorry, my lady... Duchess Grazia is one of the patrons of the Mummers," she says, giving a gesture out toward the noblewoman who's enjoying her wine.

Estelle shakes her head at Mae while favoring her with a smile. "No questions, thank you and the actors for the delightful shows! Very entertaining."

Acantha gives a chuckle at Triton, "You would be the one cheering on the bear." she teases him. Then she gives her full attention to Mae when she's speaking and there's a smile, "I just have one question. How does one become a patron?" she asks her. Then there's a dip of her head to Grazia, "Duchess." she greets her.

"I like to get a preview of what I'm investing in," Grazia notes dryly, lifting her wine in a toast to all who have auditioned.

Triton grins and offers a bow of his head in Grazia's direction but stays quiet so as not to interrupt the questions. More specifically, when Acantha asks about becoming a patron, the stumpy lord quirks a brow and looks back for the answer.

Jeffeth lifts up one of his massive arms, staring at it in confusion as if trying to determine how many inches around.

"Patrons need only prove they value the theater and or not awful busy bodies looking to control us," Mae says, to Acantha, smiling all the while. "Despite being in the Inquisition, Duchess Grazia has been just great," she says, then sends a sunny smile over to Grazia. "After that, you send the Mummers silver fortnightly and... that's it! Patrons receive advanced notice of performances, they get invited to things like this, they have the Mummers on call should they need us for an event... taht sort of thing."

Turning to Grazia, Bliss blows her a kiss with a playful wink, before saying to Triton, "I often find people are rather surprised that they end up rooting for me," with a grin on her face as she settles back in to her spot. Her foot taps as she lets the questions be asked and answered, seeming quite content after the audition.

Acantha takes that information in with a nod of understanding, "Excellent. I will think on that." she tells Mae. Then there's a look to Triton and a soft smile.

Triton mmms softly, then chuckles at Bliss' comment and bows his head. Turning the smile back to Acantha, he rises to his feet and offers the lady a hand, "Well then. I think we have to get your beaver home before he starts snoring on us? I've heard that before. It's frightening."

Mae is overheard praising Jeffeth: 2,A wonderful pathetic human trying to survive!

Mae is overheard praising Acantha: 2,Such a good elf.

Mae is overheard praising Bliss: 2,What a mean, awful, miserable bear!

Tomwell is overheard praising Mae: A marvelous director.

Mae is overheard praising Tomwell: His death was quite miserable. Beautifully done.

Tomwell is overheard praising Bliss: A horrible bear. Would not mock again.

Acantha is overheard praising Jeffeth: For being courageous!

"Of course, my lady," Mae says, to Acantha. She then rises up tall as she can manage. "Thank you all for coming out tonight! Everyone get home safe!"

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