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Paint, Drink & Dash Night

Join Princess Katarina Valardin for the next iteration of Paint & Wine Night, but with a twist. Come for the promise of refreshing libations, but stay for the opportunity to channel one's creative energies in a fun and zany way as you mingle with fellow celebrants of art.

(Warning: Wear your finest of jewels and pretty things if you like, but it may not look the same when you leave!)


Dec. 15, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Violet Thorley Scipio Kenna Kalani Gaius Sina



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Jayus Gallery of Art

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Comments and Log

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Thorley arrive, following Violet.

With the final preparations for the event nearing completion as the hour for arrivals draws near, Katarina strips herself of most of her finery and dons a white robe that covers her attire. Slippers are set aside at the fringes of the sheet-walled room erected for the activities, leaving her bare-footed and glowing with a warm smile as she stands just outside the propped open entrance to receive guests. An attendant is at her side, a cart of drinks and platter of glasses in hand to give to each of the guests.

Violet arrives with Thorley and looking just a little uncertain of herself. She glances at her husband as they step into the gallery and are greeted by the setup. "Oh wow," She says quietly as her eyes scan the room. The smile on her face grows a bit, but she seems at a loss of where to go and what to do.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Gaius.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel have been dismissed.

Gale, The Mighty Pupper have been dismissed.

Arriving with Violet on his arm, Thorley watches his wife's reaction and then grins warmly, first leading her to where Katarina is waiting to greet the guests. With a bow to the Princess, the knight turned Baron smiles warmly. "Good evening, Your Highness. This is a lovely event you have set up!" he offers to her, before adding. "Have you yet to meet my wife, Baroness-Consort Violet Farwatch?"

Scipio steps into the gallery, taking a moment in the entrance to shake snow off his wool attire. He doesn't manage it wholly, some flecks of white still sticking to the gray material, but quickly melting as he steps further inside. He doesn't need to bother with changing his clothing -- for a Whisper, he's wearing utterly non-descript, plain and serviceable wool. His eyes go to the pair of figures greeting the hostess, but he takes his time, not given to interrupting.

Cough. Kenna did NOT bring her squirrel to the painting night this time. Instead she's got her arm linked through her brother Gauis' as the two of them enter. "... jumped on the canvas and generally made a ruckus. Thank goodness Prince Niklas didn't seem to mind, but //I// was so embarassed. That's why I didn't bring Princess Sally Acorn." Nope, no squirrel tonight.

Katarina spies Violet and Thorley Farwatch among the first arrivals trickling in, and immediately steps forward to be their warmest reception. "I'm delightfully surprised to see you both here, Baron Farwatch," she confesses. "Last I saw of you, Lady Violet, was ... quite some time ago?" she reflects, lips briefly affecting a pensive moue before she gives a dismissive wave with a bright laugh. "Regardless, it is good to see you as you are now, ennobled and positively radiant before my very eyes. Please, help yourselves to the refreshments. My aides have really outdone themselves with the libations display over there," she points toward the table of alcohol galore. "I think they even managed to get pineapple vodka, too. Where they manage to import it from, I can't say." She moves on to Scipio tirelessly, her dimples prominent with the spread of her smile. "Ah, Whisper Scipio! Just the face I was hoping to see tonight. You'll help me with the game I have planned toward the end of this, yes?"

Kenna and Gaius are, of course her next target. "Lady Kenna! No squirrel, I see. I have a little gift for Princess Sally I need to pass along to you. Remind me later on this evening," she chimes, drawing her protege in for a gentle embrace before turning curious eyes onto Gaius. "Ah, and whom might your companion this evening be?"

Dusting the snow off of her jacket as she arrives at the art gallery, Kalani takes a moment to stomp the snow off of her boots as well and tuck her gloves into her pockets as she looks around. "I love the smell of paint," the Seliki healer murmurs as she hangs her jacket up before joining the small queue, in the wake of the Whitehawk's, to offer her thanks to Katarina. A subtle bow is offered (curtsying in trousers just looks so blasted odd!), "Thank you for organizing this. A bit of art, fun and laughter on a cold winter night is most welcome." Speaking of trousers, the physician is dressed in a button down shirt that's already speckled faintly with paint, trousers and a sturdy looking pair of boots that will survive getting more paint on them.

Kalani is overheard praising Katarina.

There's a laugh from Thorley as he straightens up from his bow. "It was my wife's idea - she thinks it will help with our social standing, considering the hit that we took becoming ennobled as we did." he admits with a shrug of his shoulders. As Katarina makes note of Scipio, he turns as well to look over the Whisper and then gives Violet a gentle nudge to get her attention.

Gaius does listen to his sister as they wander in. A soft chuckle as he listens to Kenna's story. "Embrace it, Kenna." He teases and nudges her before looking to Katarina and bowing his head to her. "Gaius Whitehawk, her brother." With a tip of his head towards Kenna. "A pleasure to meet you." Is offered to her.

Violet turns up the cheerfulness of her smile and gives a proper curtsy to the princess. "It has been some time, your highness. It is a pleasure to see you. This is all so amazing. Thorley and I are trying to make more public appearances, now that I'm back from Sandreef Point," She says, glancing at the man before looking off towards the food. But the nudge has her turning to peer around Thorley in Scipio's direction. "Oh! Scipio, lovely to see you here."

"My //only// brother." Kenna chirps with excitement when Katarina comes about. The hug is returned to Katarina quickly before Kenna turns back so she can face both of them. "Gaius, this is my patron and our host tonight - Princess Katarina Valardin. It was her event also which Sally tried to upend."

With an effortless bow, Scipio smiles briefly at Katarina, though it's a genuine gesture -- he seems pleased at the welcoming greeting. "Assuredly, your highness. I am at your service," the Whisper responds, readily. "My skills little rest in artworks, I'm afraid, but one should never be afraid to try new things." With another half-bow, he moves past to allow Katarina to greet more of the new arrivals, stepping towards the newly-made Baron and Baroness. "A pleasure to see you again, my lord, my lady," he executes another bow, in turn, towards Thorley and Violet.

"Whisper Scipio. It seems we are meeting sooner than expected." Thorley offers with a small smile and gives Violet's side a squeeze. "Would you like something to drink?" he asks, even though he is clearly looking for the non-alcoholic options.

"In such a season as this, these events are in high order," Katarina surmises toward Kalani with a hint of laughter. "No one likes to be cooped up inside!" Her lips upturn just-so at Thorley's words. "Such effects lessen over time. A good network of movers and shakers certainly cushion the blow though," she says, looking toward Kenna and Gaius once more with the introduction given. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lord Gauis. You've a wonderful, bright, and amazing sister. She's been a blessed asset to have." As the initial greetings come to an end, she turns her attention toward the group as a whole. "Alright! Let's get started, shall we? There are robes available for those who don't want to get their clothes stained, and plenty of drinks to get us started. I'm going to try my hand at painting this time."

Gaius nods as he listens to his sister, "As I said, it is quite a pleasure to meet you, princess. And thank you for having us." Grinning though at the last words from his sister. "And please forgive Sally, she's a free-spirit." He offers playfully. As for the compliments to his sister he nods, "She is indeed." Leaning in a little, "Don't make it go to her head though." Turning to grin at his sister at that tease.

Violet looks about for the robes as Katarina gets things started. "Get me some of the pineapple vodka, my lord?" She asks of Thorley with a playful smile. But her gaze turns to Scipio and she says, "A pleasant place to meet. I'm afraid neither of us are terribly artistic, though I've a decent eye for mask design according to my brother. But that's leather, excuse me a moment?" And she goes to fetch three robes. One she puts on and the other two brought back, one offered to Thorley and the other to Scipio. "Have anything in mind to do tonight?" She asks of the Whisper.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sina.

"I may try the clay tonight." Thorley responds to Violet as he returns with the pineapple vodka and accepts his own robe. Though it seems he has taken a cider for himself.

Kenna quickly sticks her tongue out at her brother and sticks her nose in the air dramatically. "I ignore you Gaius!" A wink is delivered to show she is joking as she flounces away towards the paintings. (She doesn't know what she's doing, where is Tabitha when you need her?!)

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"Indeed!" Kalani agrees with a laugh before she fetches a robe, a drink as well, though she doesn't seem to mind all that much of paint gets on her clothing. Thus prepared, drink and robe that is, she catches the exchange between Kenna and Gaius and chuckles. "Siblings," she observes with a grin.

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Sina makes her way into the gallery, accompanied by a Templar knight, and her assistant Jacinthe. She pauses just within, glancing about with silvery eyes eager with anticipation. She murmurs briefly to Jacinthe, then steps further in, simply taking it all in for a moment to get a sense of what is going on and who is present.

"A pleasant coincidence," Scipio replies to Thorley with a tiny smile. For his part, the Whisper forgoes drinks -- alcoholic or otherwise -- as he turns to regard Katarina as she speaks. He doesn't look as if he intends to get a robe for himself -- his clothes aren't precisely designer -- but he looks grateful when Violet hands him one, and dutifully puts it on. "I'm hoping inspiration strikes me, my lady. I'm afraid I have nothing inventive in mind. Perhaps something simple for me, I think. But -- a mask design sounds like something that could easily be transferred to other mediums."

"You'll have to tell me how you manage to survive Lady Kenna as your sister. She's such a handful," Katarina stage-whispers toward Gaius with a jesting wink slanted to his sister. "And there is no hard feelings about Princess Sally. I understand sometimes a squirrel just gets a little nutty," she didn't just pun. Nope. Not here. The hostess takes up station behind an easel, picking out her palette of colors and a few brushes. "I have absolutely no skill with painting myself, but it's all about the experience and the fun of bonding with those who come out to share the moment," she enthuses toward Violet and Thorley from over a shoulder, a squiggly line of pink slashed across her canvas, then another. Ooo, so easy. "What about you, everyone?" she asks of the group at large. "Any hidden talents with arts and craft you'd like to share?"

Violet glances over at the clay thoughtfully. "Clay may be a good way to go. I'm much better at molding things with my hands," She admits as she takes the glass and sips. "OH! That is...that is good," And she takes another little sip. "With the orange juice and...this is dangerous," She adds after another sip and chuckle. "Good thing I'll have my hands dirty so it'll go slow." And she moves to the table with the clay, sitting down and grabbing a hunk. "I used to make pinch pots with my brothers at the riverside in Whitehold. We also made little figures. Not much more than blobs with stick legs and arms. But we'd put them in the fire to make them hard," There is a fond smile playing at her lips as she begins to soften the clay in her hands.

Gaius laughs softly at his sister's antics. Grinning and shrugging to the question from Katarina. "Ah, well. I try to outdo her." He suggests and grins. Nodding about Sally, with a chuckle. "Good one." He says and grins, not seeming against a pun. Wandering with Kenna then though.

"Katarina!" Kenna protests as she sits down at the table and PRIMLY arranging her skirts about her. She can't hold it for long before giggling and reaching for the paint. "Lady Kalani, do you ever feel like painting a terrible picture of your siblings?"

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After getting a sense for everything, Sina dips her head toward Katarina, a light smile touching her lips. She spots where robes are being kept for those wishing not to mess up their attire, and she goes to find one for herself, along with a glass of wine. Once she's properly robed to prevent messes on her aeterna, not that that matters with aeterna, she glances around for a moment, studying the different stations. Eventually her eyes settle on the painter's circle, and she moves over there to join the Princess and her companions, taking a seat before an easel. "Sorry I'm late, your Highness," she murmurs. "I was in a meeting. I've been looking forward to this!"

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Leaning down, Thorley shares a few quiet words with Violet as he moves to settle with her at the potter's wheel.

Picking out an easel, a palette and a couple brushes to work with, Kalani exhales a snicker as she grins at Kenna. "I have, actually. And, in fairness, I have, actually. Though mine was a.. we'll call it a caricature made into a mural and I got into quite a bit of trouble for it," she confesses as she begins to sample and mix paints to create some shades to work with.

With his hands clasped carefully in front of him, Scipio glances towards the painter's circle, quickly filling up, and after a moment, follows the Baron and Baroness Farwatch towards the potter's wheels. "I've never actually worked with clay. I'm not even sure--" he stands nearby for a few minutes, watching rather than participating.

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Whatever it is that Thorley says has the baroness letting out a bark of laughter. "Oh you naughty thing," She says and gives him a playful thwap on the arm. The grin on her face is full os mischief and her green eyes gleam. "I've only done a wheel once or twice...and it has been more than ten years. But...let me have to make sure you get the clay soft and all the bubbles out..." And she kneeds it a few more times, throwing it down on the block for this purpose.

Giving a grin back at his wife, Thorley slips on the robe as he starts to try to figure out his own thing with the pottery. "I used to do these ships in bottles, but I haven't done that in a very long time." he admits as he follows Violet's example, though there is quieter conversation to be had.

Kenna's painting is going to come out looking just like a black blob with two black dots. "I think I'll do a future likeness. Gaius, of course..." Kenna draws some spiky hair on each side of the block. "I bet he goes bald early, just like our father. What do you think?"

Given the Baroness seems to understand the process far more than Scipio, it's natural that the Whisper's gaze goes towards Violet for direction. With a careful precision, he settles himself down in front of one of the wheels, following her lead in kneeding the clay. "Hm. This is very cathartic, if nothing else," he admits, after the first time he throws the clay against the surface.

"That sounds like a warm and happy memory," Katarina says to Violet, sharing a moment of her own in kind. "I'll admit that I really enjoyed the time I took my niece, Princess Ellara, to a paint group for babies and she just took the paint and threw it around like a spout. Of course, I was horrified and then started laughing once it was all said and done." Her lips pull into a humored grin in aside to Gaius and Kenna. "I mean it only in affectionate jest, Lady Kenna. I promise!" Her gaze drifts then toward the Arscholar of Vellichor when she comes to join the Painter's Circle. "Blessed Sina, I'm so glad you could make it after all. You wouldn't have wanted to miss the game for later this evening," she hints at the surprise she has in store, her painting in progress little more than a blob of pinks and blues and... some more pinks.

Flicking a look toward Gaius, laughing, Kalani eyes the black blob and it's corresponding dots, she grins. "A fair likeness, I can see it already," sounding enthusiastic as she starts with a few simple strokes to begin painting flowers. Nothing fancy. Nothing detailed. Flowers, the hope of spring, eternal.

Gaius laughs and nods. "Right. Or you're just jealous of my hair." He teases. Glancing to Katarina as well, "Oh, I am sure that she does not mind at all." Turning to offer a bow of his head to Kalani, though at her words it makes him clutch at his chest. "Ouch, my lady!"

Sina grins at Katarina's description of her niece's idea of painting, then takes a sip of her wine, before she sets the glass aside. Her gaze moves over the supplies arrayed, and eventually she picks out some brushes, and a palette, and begins to choose her paints as well. She dips her head toward Scipio, offers a smile to Violet and Thorley, gives Gaius a curious glance, before turning her attention toward those closer to her. "Lady Kenna," she greets, "it's been a little while. I hope you've been well." She gives a friendly smile to Kalani as well, before turning her smile on Katarina. "I always do enjoy your games, Princess Katarina," she says with a beam. She then turns her stare to her canvas, pursing her lips thoughtfully. After a moment, she traces very faint lines on the canvas with just the lightest touch of charcoal to outline her idea as it forms, creating that horizon line for a landscape scene, and outlining a few other things here and there. Then she takes up the brush, and begins to paint in hints of lavender and yellow, like a hint of dawn sky.

Violet turns to smile at Katarina. Sina's smile is returned with a bob of her head. "A baby painting party? That...actually sounds like fun. Though I'd be worried about them eating the paint," She admits. There is a thoughtful look and a slight smile at whatever crosses her mind. "Definitely worry about the eating paint." A soft chuckle given and then she tries to center her clay on the wheel. And it takes many tries.

"Lady Kalani Seliki, you have met my brother Lord Gaius Whitehawk, yes?" Kenna keeps up on her hair project before tossing a wink back at Katarina. All in jest. One bold stoke adds a stick body to the large head, then some more stick arms and legs. "Hum...." But then Sina is speaking and she rises, "Archscolar, it is a pleasure to see you again. I have been, even better than I could ever hope."

"Well, to be fair, you might have a few more strands of hair," Kalani allows with a glance at Kenna's painting before she grins at Gaius. "Only one or two, however," before she nods to Kenna. "We have, yes. Your brother was kind enough to share a drink with myself, the Lady Rey and my cousin Kaldur after the memorial the other day."

Scipio seems to be taking his time with his clay. Certainly he doesn't seem to be making it into much of anything yet, just an misshapen blob on the wheel. He's glancing frequently towards Violet and Thorley, speaking in a quiet undertone. Sina's dip of head earns a genuine smile when the Whisper catches the gesture, nodding respectfully in turn towards the Archscholar.

Katarina continues with her painting, albeit delayed with all the conversation around her. "She's far more interested in covering everyone and everything with paint rather than actually eating it," she comments toward Violet with a soft laugh. It's somewhere between the seas at twilight or a bunch of murky looking colors and blobs. She gives her canvas a contemplative squint at it, before turning to look toward Kalani, Gaius and Sina. "I have no idea how this is going to turn out," she confesses with a bubbly laugh. "How are things going over there, Lord Thorley? Have you managed to make something out of those clay blobs?" she calls.

Gaius nods his head to Sina along with a smile. Turning to Kenna nad Kalani. "Ah, yes. We have met some." He answers and smiles. Looking towards Katarina's canvas, "No worries, we believe in you." He suggests with a thumbs-up.

Thorley checked composure + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Violet checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Scipio checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

"What is this game you had planned later Princess Katarina?" Kenna says lightly, finishing her painting with tiny dots for fingers. Lowering her head she blows at the paint to ake it dry faster. "I'm afraid I can only stay for a bit. I must go let myself get hit with swords later."

"Uh. I think I made a dog. Or a knight. Or.. shit, I think I made shit." Thorley admits as he looks at the lump of clay on the table, apparently distracted by the conversation.

Violet finds herself giggling at her husband's comments. A grin splitting her face and dimples showing off. "A shitty dog?" She offers up even as she actually manages to be making something. A bowl or...a goblet maybe? It's got a bit of a stem....

Thorley checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Katarina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Scipio does not seem to be doing any better than Thorley -- worse, if anything. His clay lump seems to be a... clay lump, one that's kind of listing to one side, even, like a poorly constructed attempt at a tower.

Sina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Kalani checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Sina smiles warmly to Kenna, her features radiant. "I'm so glad to hear it," she says sincerely. She grins again at Katarina's mention of her niece, even as her eyes focus once more on her own painting. When the Princess expresses doubt about how her painting will turn out, the Archscholar beams at her. "I've taken to advice from an old woodcarver I met along the Thrax tour," she says amiably. "He recommended to not force it, and just let Jayus guide your hand with inspiration. It seems to work, somtimes." She grins. The brush she uses for now is large, applying the paints in clean, even strokes across the canvas, more toward the center of the sky rather than along the edges, which she leaves bare for now. After a bit, she gets a clean brush and some white paint, painting in some clouds over areas that she left deliberately free of paint. It comes together fairly quickly, with experience, and soon she's using softer, lighter tones for a snow-covered landscape and then darker paints for scraggly trees reaching their bare branches into the sky along the edges of the painting, and in the distance, and in the foreground. Once she has the bare bones of it down, she goes into the details, painting a castle in the distance. The sky around it seems to glow with warm golden hues before fading into that lovely lavender.

Katarina manages something vaguely like the sunset at sea she was aiming for, using her fingers to make the squiggly line of the sun's rays. She turns the canvas toward Gaius and Kenna with a beaming smile. "It is Sunset on the Eventide, I think," she looks down at it again, then gives a bubbly laugh. "It looks as though your advice has worked after all," the hostess chimes toward the Archscholar. Pulling off her stool, she ventures toward Scipio, Thorley and Violet to peek over on their work. "Oh, it's a shitty dog!" she proclaims of the Baron's work, sweetly. "And Lady Violet, that is... a cup?" A pause. "A.. bowl with a stem?" She smiles at Scipio. "Oh, hey. I think it looks longer than you started. A pole?"

"Artwork is like breathing, you can't force it, and if you try to hard you hyperventilate. But a bit of training and either you have the breath for great oration, or possibly singing, or you simply never run out of breath no matter how fast you run," Kalani suggests with a grin to Katarina even as she finishes the posey she's painting on the canvas and starts working on the details around it. It's no great feat, but it does look like flowers so far.

Violet looks at the piece she is shaping on the wheel. "I was going for a cup. But wide," She admits with a chuckle. "Still, it's not a bad bowl. It's actually round so there is that." Even if it is still thick on the sides. She moves in to work on it some more.

Sina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Her painting finished Kenna pushes it to one side and out the way. She tucks her hands into her lap, glancing at Sina thoughtfully.

Sina takes a little pause, picking up her wine for another drink. She peers over at Katarina's painting as it starts to come together, and she smiles. "Lovely! I'm not sure what to call mine yet." She beams at Kalani as she speaks, and nods her head in agreement. "Like that!" She takes another sip of wine, then sets the glass aside once more, and starts in on her painting again, painting fine little lines with a steady hand that soon outline that castle. It's much finer work, a bit more difficult for her, but it still comes out fairly cleanly, if not a masterpiece. She sits a little closer to her easel now, focused intently on her work for a time. She's so focused, that she seems a bit startled when she notices Kenna looking at her. She smiles, coloring a bit. "Sorry, I get so focused sometimes when I paint."

Whatever-it-is on Scipio's wheel lists, alarmingly, to one side, and then droops in half, making him squint at it. "I'm afraid pottery does not appear to be something I'm naturally inclined to, despite the Baroness' laudable attempts at instruction," he informs Katarina with a briefly wry smile, letting the wheel stop spinning.

Violet checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Violet manages to keep working on her bowl without it collapsing! Even she seems a bit surprised. "Well, to be fair I know next to nothing about it," She says to Scipio with a soft chuckle. "Honestly I'm surprised mine hasn't fallen in on itself. It's been so long!"

"It's a surprise," Katarina chimes toward Kenna, turning away from the potters' wheel to make a gesture toward attendants lingering in the periphery. They begin to rearrange the sheets that wall off the area, revealing a long stretch of rectangular canvas pulled taut across a slightly elevated platform. A small stepstool has been nudged against its edge, a number of vases filled with paints at its base. "Once you've finished with your craft, I'd like for everyone to make their way over here if they'd like to participate in this game!"

Apparently something said to Thorley has given him pause and inspiration. The lump of clay starts to be changed, and starts to work into a shape as he watches the way that Violet uses her hands and tries to mirror it with his own.

Using a flat brush that's fanned into a broad sweep, Kalani does a quick vingnette around the edge of the small canvass she's working it and shades in broad but light strokes. Once done she cleans off the brushes quick and sets everything aside to head for the elevated platform and the game that's next on the agenda.

Sina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

The Archscholar is painting, but also murmuring quietly with Kenna in a more focused manner, so that does make it a bit harder to concentrate on her painting. Still, somehow she manages to finish it! She glances over toward the place that has been revealed after the drawing away of those sheets. She smiles and makes a few finishing touches on her painting. Then she simply writes her name, 'Sina' at the bottom right corner in black paint. "I think I will call it Winter's Dawn," she says with a slight nod of her head.

Kenna is overheard praising Katarina: All the painting ever~

Kenna smiles once more at Sina before rising, jolted like she suddenly realized the time. "Oh, Princess, I am so sorry. I //do// have a guard engagement I must be at." Looking about she finds her brother's gaze and winks at him. "Enjoy Gaius!" Before she has to skip her way out.

Scipio has, seemingly, given up on his not-a-real-thing clay blob. Instead, fingers folded on his lap, he half turns so that he can better talk with the Farwatches, voice low and pleasant, nodding now and then.

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Violet is having a quiet discussion, thoughtful and in depth, over the clay. Her own bowl has shaped up nicely and it seems she is content with its shape. So she slides the wire to separate it from the bat. The mention of a game draws her attention. "Do we want to play?" She asks the other two.

"If you are done showing us up with your art skills." Thorley responds teasingly as he stops his potters wheel as he brushes his hands off on his apron.

Almost immediately, Scipio rises at Violet's suggestion. "Of course," with a tiny smile for Thorley's teasing response to his wife, gesturing for the two to precede him.

Sina dips her head to Kenna in parting, and then busies herself with cleaning her brushes. A clean brush is a happy brush, after all! Then she wipes her hands on a cloth, and turns on her stool to face Katarina, her eyes bright with interest as she studies the array of plants. Then she rises, and makes her way over with the others.

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Katarina glances after Kenna when she dashes out, a humored smile creasing her lips. "She is always on the go," she comments toward Gaius. Pushing her hair behind an ear, she turns to address everyone gathered around. "At the end of every Paint and Wine night, we usually do something together that ends up on a canvas and either hung up or given as tribute to Jayus," she explains, pointing to the Directional Conundrum painting nearby. "I thought I'd keep in spirit of that, but do a little something different. Tonight's game is called Paint Your Strut! You'll grab a can of paint, then come up with a creative way to show your personality in your strut and make your mark." She bends down, hiking up her robes to reveal her bare feet, wiggling her toes. "You can glide, slide, roll, or prance. It's entirely up to you."

Violet raises a brow as Katarina explains. But she also smiles and bends to begin unlacing her boots and pulling off the thick wooly socks. "This sounds like a lovely game," She says as she goes. It takes a minute or two. Boots being what they are. And as the Baroness is never without her bow, though she left it with Erin by the door, she moves to fetch it and an arrow. As she comes back it is revealed to be a blunt arrow.

"We're to put paint on our feet and then make a mark on the canvasses?" Kalani wonders as she sits down to take off her boots and thick, fuzzy, wool socks. They're not -quite- a matched pair but it's clear they're supposed to be matched in this manner.

Oh boy, this is going to be messy! Sina eyes Katarina for a moment, then resumes her seat for a moment, slipping of her boots and her stockings like the commoner she is. She giggles suddenly. "Prince Dagon scolded me once, for not wearing any shoes around the Thrax estate while doing my duties. Now I get to take them off and make a mess? Count me in!" Then after setting those aside, she returns to the others, and beams a smile at the Princess. "Sounds like fun!" She hitches up her skirts a bit, tucking them into her belt so that they hang just below her knees, paint robe slightly lower than aeterna robe, so as not to get her clothes painty.

Scipio's brows rise at Katarina's explanation of the game. He seems to be up for it, given he looks for somewhere to seat himself before pulling off his boots and setting them neatly out of the way, rolling up his pants. The Whisper moves towards the paints, seemingly at a loss to make a decision for a moment, eyes flickering over the colors as if it matters a great deal in some way.

"Exactly," Katarina chirps in affirmation toward Kalani with a beaming smile. "Art can be created in the most unconventional ways, but can still be really exciting and fun," she chirps, a bubbly laugh lost at Sina's infectious enthusiasm. She ties her skirts up, keeping them out of the potential splash zone as she bends down to take up a slender vase of pink paint. Stepping up onto the platform, she splashes it across the makeshift runway and takes a running start down it before finishing off on a glide that leaves a streak down the center, her footprints pattering off in a circle as she twirls and hops down.

Making a hum of sound, Kalani folds up the cuffs of her trousers so that the material is kept out of the way. This done, and after nodding to Katarina, she remains seated on the floor for a bit longer, waiting to see what everyone else decides to do, wiggling her bare toes as she waits.

Violet peers at the pots of paint and seems to decide on green and brown. The arrow is dipped in the green and then brown added with a brush. Once the canvas is cleared she also paints her feet in greens. Then steps out in a careful tread, letting the paint drip from the knocked arrow as she moves across the canvas like a stalking hunter. When she reaches the other end she turns, crouches, and fires the arrow down at the canvas. It leaves a trail of paint and a huge splat of green and brown where it hits.

Sina checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Kalani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Violet checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Sina moves immediately to the paints. No doubt in her mind what she's going to do! She takes five different colors of paint: Red, yellow, blue, violet and green. Then she carefully and liberally paints the bottoms of her feet with swirls of each of the colors. Once done, she dances her way across the canvas, making graceful twirls and pirouettes, her long braid flying about her, arms spread slightly so that the long white and gold sleeves of her Archscholar's robes flare outward, before she settles, and repeats it. Swirling her way across, she doesn't slip and fall at all, until she reaches the end, where she turns to survey her handiwork with a smile.

Scipio checked composure + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Although Scipio watches Katarina's addition with a faint smile of admiration, he seems apt to take a more austere approach. He selects three vases, seating himself down on the floor, painting the soles of his feet with a focused sort of care. Finally, he stands, and begins walking the length of the runway. A deliberate paced and measured stride of gray, interspersed with flashes of blue and green, flecks of paint that stand out amongst the more drab overall color, marking the Whisper's debut on the painting catwalk. Measured via the eye, one might be impressed at the evenness of it all. Certainly, looking back, the man seems quietly pleased with the result, before he sits somewhere to clean his feet and watch the rest of the offerings, each person studied carefully as they contribute.

Tugging briefly at her left earlobe, Kalani's eyes narrow subtly as she eyes the canvasses, the paints, the brushes, and watches at first Violet and then Sina and Scipio follow Katarina across the canvasses. Only then does the physician rise to her feet and walks over to the paints and liberally coats both of her hands with paint before walking to the edge of the canvasses. She exhales a breath, "Haven't done this in a while," she admits before she bends forward, sets her balance, and braces her palms on the edge of the catwalk and proceeds to do a hand-stand. Never one to resist a challenge, even when it's issued to herself BY herself, the Seliki hand-walks her way down the cat-walk, leaving messy smudged handprints in her wake before reaching the end - not without a good bit of wobbling and laughter - and pushes off to land on her feet again. She starts to wipe one hand across her forehead.. aborts at the last possible second .. and sheepishly goes to wipe her hands off instead.

Violet applauds Kalani's hand-walk as she finishes wiping paint from hands and feet. The woman is smiling and seeming quite pleased at her own contribution to the canvas.

Katarina takes a seat upon a bench, gently extending her leg out for an attendant to begin wiping her feet clean of the mess of paints on her sole and between the toes. "You guys are so very creative and amazing," she trills with a delighted laugh, applauding with exuberant cheer for everyone that goes next after her. Violet's clever use of her arrow receives an excited breath, the princess genuine in each of her reactions henceforth. "Now, that is certainly one way I didn't expect!" Sina's graceful twirls and pirouettes are met with rhythmic claps of the hands and more of Katarina's bubbly laughter. "Look at you, Blessed Sina! I'm remiss Prince Nikolas isn't here to provide music!" She rises up, giving a critical eye to Scipio's rather fashionable, deliberate walk of the canvas. "... And remind me to call upon you when the moment arises for a runway walk, Whisper Scipio." And then, she's mind-blown by Kalani's handwalking. "... I can't do that."

Sina sits down once she's done, and wipes the paint off her feet carefully with another cloth, then sits to watch the others as they make their way across the canvas. She beams at Violet's display of archery as her paint is added to Katarina's pink, and she grins at Scipio as the Whisper calmly struts his way down the canvas. Then there's Kalani and her hand-walking down the runway, and she stares at that for a moment, before jovially muttering, "Show-off!" But she gives the lady an impressed grin, applauding as well. "So many hidden talents here!" she agrees with Katarina enthusiastically.

"It's all the cliff diving and sailing and crazy making," Kalani admits with a wry grin as she wipes at the paint on her hands. "We Seliki, we're crazy, and I was positive I'd face plant on the runway instead of getting all the way to the end. It was fun. This entire evening has been fun!"

"Very impressive," Scipio murmurs approvingly of Kalani's take on the painting. "I shall have to seek you out for pointers on poise and grace, my lady," is added, as he finishes cleaning his feet. His gaze goes to the canvas, admiring the mix of colors and styles on display. "It is a fitting homage to Jayus, your highness," is added to Katarina.

Katarina beams a soft smile at Scipio's praise. "It is our combined creativity that brought it all together," she demurely says, a pointed look brushed over Sina, Kalani, Gaius and Violet. "You're all so very talented and really made this night fun. Thank you for coming out."

Violet finishes removing the paint from her feet. Apparently missing some green between her toes. "I'm pleased that I was inspired so quickly," She admits as she begins to put her boots on. "And very glad we decided to come out. Thank you for hosting it. If you have a moment, Thorley and I had an idea we wanted to run by you."

Scipio is overheard praising Katarina: An excellent hostess, as always.

Sina rises to her feet and adjusts her robes once she's clear of the danger of paint, and beams a smile at Katarina, then nods in agreement with Scipio. "Jayus will surely be pleased. This has been so much fun, your Highness."

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