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Winter Gauntlet 1010

This is the annual Winter Gauntlet hosted by House Telmar. Everyone is welcome to come and run the obstacle course. Much like last years event there will be prizes awarded to first, second and third place. Baron Norwood Clement is the winner of last years Winter Gauntlet. Lets see if someone can come out and take his spot!


Dec. 29, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Tesha Isabeau


Merek Violet Lisebet Felicia Berenice Gaspard Helena Dominique Thorley Harlex Sanya Waldemai Brogan Scipio




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

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Comments and Log

Jotun, An Oathlands War Horse arrives, following Gaspard.

The Telmar Winter Gauntlet is a thing that's been held for the last few years and Tesha doesn't seem to be letting the melancholy get her down. Or it might be. One never knows with the reserved woman. She's dressed in her usual Telmar crimson and there's a bit of a smile on her face as she gets things together for the scoring. When people start gathering there's a smile, "Welcome to The Gauntlet everyone. While this was supposed to be our Winter event, we are having it the first few days of Spring due to the myriad of difficulties we faced over the Winter. I wanted to thank everyone for their understanding. Though we are having a beautiful day and that is more than we could have asked for." she announces with another smile.

Merek has come to the Gauntlet because this is his favorite thing. He has on his casual black attire while he moves to where the participants are coming together, and rolls about his shoulders, as he inclines towards Tesha as well as others of rank.

Violet arrives with Thorley. A smile on her face that shows her excitement. With them to probably be cheer support is Tala, clining to her papa's hand. They arrive a little early and head off to the benches. Violet beginning to stretch and limber up for the gauntlet ahead.

Lisebet arrives, and offers a nod to the hostess, before she catches sight of Violet and Thorley and heads over their way with a smile. "Hello, how are you doing?" she asks. "Are you participating?"

Felicia's not far behind the Farwatch's, if, from the trot that she comes at, a little later than she had originally planned. Just in time in order to applaud Tesha's words and give a wolf-whistle of appreciation for it.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

It may be spring, but it is /early/ spring, and so Berenice is still wrapped up in her fur-lined coat, because clearly it is /freezing/. She's definitely here to run the Gauntlet! Or, no, she is arriving with Harlex, who looks far more capable of things like running gauntlets and the like. "Do well, darling," she tells him airily. "Don't embarrass me or anything like that."

Gaspard has made his way over from Blackram to see for himself since he wasn't around for such an event last year. The tall lord stops for a moment to look over the crowd's heads for familiar faces, then lifts a hand to catch Tesha's attention before looking for a bench to park his butt before the craziness begins.

Helena's come to see what the gauntlet is about, obviously not here to try to run it, dressed as she is in, well, a dress of seasilk and dainty slippers, enjoying the warmth of the spring that no longer requires warm hooded cloaks that cover everything up. She studies the training area, then listens to Tesha, nodding her approval for the early spring event.

Dominique arrives, marching at a clipped pace, only to discover that she is late for some of the sign-ups and preliminaries. There is a furrow of her brow, but the annoyance is apparently self-directed: "Ah, how careless of me. Well, I am probably a bit out of practice for some of this to give a proper contest. No doubt watching everyone will encourage me to be a bit more energetic, hmm? Lady Tesha, good evening. This seems like just the thing to thaw the winter frost from everyone." She halts near the other woman, and glances about to get a sense of where those observing will stand.

Stretching out, Thorley looks tired. The knight grins. "Yes, I think Violet knew this was today though." There's a wink at his wife as he moves to get into line to prepare to make his own run at the gauntley.

Harlex is dressed in his usual dark hide leathers although he removes his jacket, handing it off to Dolmen. He gives Berenice a dry smirk. "I will surely try," the swordsman promises. He rolls back his shoulders and stretches his arms on his way toward the obstacle course itself.

Sanya makes her way into the Gauntlet, scanning her surroundings curiously, being a stranger to the residence. She takes a seat as she awaits the commencement of the obstacle course, inclining her chin in greeting to the people in close proximity.

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Berenice doesn't let Harlex escape immediately: she catches at his arm, draws him in close to pull him in for a shameless, lingering sort of kiss. /Then/ she lets him go, looking smugly pleased with herself as she drifts off to some of the spectator seating available to settle in loungily.

Violet turns around at the sound of Lisebet's voice and smiles warmly. "Hello, Lady Lisebet," She says with cheer. Thorley gets a sideways glance and smirk at his comment. "What ever makes you say that?" Her voice is super sweet as she moves towards the start line for the Gauntlet. "Fel!" She calls out and waves towards the redheaded Felicia.


Lisebet has joined the West Spectator Seating.

"We meet again, Felicia!" Thorley grins towards the redhead knight as he moves to join the others getting in line. "Oh I don't know, Violet. Extra training this morning?" he asks her with a playful smirk as he leans back, trying to pop his back. "Ugh." he mutters.

Waldemai has joined the line.

Harlex's momentarily forgets /why/ he's in the Telmar Tower in that immediate moment. He doesn't seem to mind the shamelessness either, certainly, as he draws in to her touch before watching her pull away from the kiss. Then he's ambling toward the line of competitors. A slightly, almost refreshed breath taken in the aftermath. He feels very limber.

Tesha gives a nod to those that greet her and then she's moving to where she can see things a bit better. There's a bit of a smile to Gaspard and she raises her hand to wave at her future husband. Her attention goes to Dominique though when she addresses her and she gives her a bow of her head, "Marquessa Wyrmguard, it's good to see you." she tells her. "And yes, I'm hoping that this will help with getting the blood flowing and ready for things to come." she admits. "It's good to have you at Telmar." she states. Then she moves down towards the Gauntlet proper to watch the contenders.

Waldemai gets into the line with no hope of victory or even success. "Got to knock the rust off, that's all," he says.

Lisebet chuckles at the answer given. "Excellent. I've several to cheer for then," she says. "Dame Felicia, it's very good to see you again!" She steps over towards the spectator seating, not about to make the same mistake she did last time and try the thing.

"Lady Farshaw, you're not giving it a shot this year?" Felicia enquires as Lisebet heads towards the stands, grinning briefly even as she wags a finger at Thorley,"Just because you got lucky yesterday doesn't mean you'll beat me today."

Turn in line: Violet

"Eh, it's all just for fun. That and Violet wants to show off." There's a wink at that as Thorley finally feels that satisfactory pop in his back as he smirks at Felicia. "Speaking off, looks like she's going first."

"Not a chance," Lisebet replies immediately to Felicia. "I learned my lesson last time. Once was enough." She glances to the line, and calls out, "Go bet 'em, Violet!" There's an innocent glance towards Thorley and Felicia that follows her cheer.

"It does seem that 'things to come' has become a term of greater weight and severity, of late. There is much to prepare for." She gives just a moment of pause. "Well. It is a fine tradition. I look forward to watching the competitors all offer their best." With that, and another sharp, respectful nod, Dominique turns upon her heel and makes her way toward the spectator seats, and after a moment finds a place to settle herself with a good view.

Sanya beams at Lisebet as she spots her. "My lady, it's good to see you again. How have you been?" She smiles, glancing toward where the contenders gather. "Have you all been to this event before?" She asks those in the spectators seating.

Rolls her neck after smiling mischeviously at her husband. Then she steps forward and rubs her hands on her pants. A deep breath and the smile falls away into intense focus. Then she takes off. Up and over the single bar smoothly she goes. And through the low hurdles. Her pace is not fast yet. It begins to pick up speed as she approaches the wall however. Up and over she pulls herself, grunting near the top before she lets her weight carry her down. Off again and she is really rolling. The double bars seem easy for her as she passes them in no time. The v-logs almost trip her up and take away her speed, but the high hurdles she soars over. Landing in a roll and heading for the rope. This time she almost makes it to the top of the damn thing. Only for her stamina to give out on her at the end. Down she slides with a rather rude bit of cursing. Landing at the bottom with a rueful grin and shake of her head.

Turn in line: Felicia

Gaspard straightens up a little when the line starts forming and files along with the others as they get ready, wincing a little a the performances going on ahead of him. Whether that's wincing because of the stout competition or wincing in sympathy, remains to be seen. He does, however, offer some encouraging applause to Violet as she finishes.

"Lady Sanya, how nice to see you! I have been to one of these events, to my chagrin. Do have a seat, and watch - it's bound to be quite the display." And then there's Violet and Lisebet holds her breath as she watches. Only to let it out in a whoosh, at the end.

Felicia's wearing her full kit of steel. Climb out of it to give herself more room and manueverability? No. Apparently the recently former King's Own feels like she might have a few things to prove given that she takes the run in her blackened metal. The single bar seems set to show the folly of that, but if anything the falter over it seems to make the redheaded Harrow more determined to press on, leaping the low hurdles and clambering the wall with a grace that the full plate might seem to discourage. She's unlikely to set a record, but it's a strong showing, and when she crosses the line there's definitely a challenging look shot towards the new Farwatch Baron before she goes to join his wife and try to catch her breath.

Turn in line: Thorley

Violet comes away from the course breathing heavy and sweat on her brow. But her family and friends are waiting. Tala has water and she takes it with a grateful smile, taking a gulp. The other hand ruffle's the girls hair as she turns to watch Felicia take the course. "WOoooo!" She cheers with the general crowd as the dame makes quite a showing.

Thorley is not one to try to strip down for the Gauntlet. He's going to do it in the whole rubicund kit. And he starts off slow. But he's making it through the obstacles. In the middle of the course seems to be where he hits his stride, passing over the double logs and obstacles with a relative ease, but then the weight and time starts to catch up with him as he uses an abudence of caution towards the end - causing the knight to be winded when he comes upon the final obstacle. He gives it one good try, and slides back down after barely making it half way up. He made good progress - but that last rope seems to be bane of it all as he shrugs good naturely and pats his stomach. "Too many sweet rolls."

Turn in line: Harlex

There is certainly a reason that one strips down for these kind of things. Harlex pulls up his shirt, after all the weather is wonderful for someone with such a high internal temperature (from all the whisky). His body is a myriad of scars, some quite grotesque, and a deep dark field of coarse hair down the middle line. His muscle definition is absurd but honed. He looks like a marble statue someone dropped a few times over the centuries. Weathered by the ages. Once he's prepared, he starts at it--the opening a display of sheer strength and dexterity before he shows a deeper athleticism as he tackles the wall and the double bars; sailing up one and over the others with ease. Towards the end he staggers on the v-logs but his recovery comes from the high hurdles. Then its all brute stamina as he hoists himself, hand over hand, to the top of the rope. As far as the competition went--he made one damn fine performance.

Late as walways, Brogan arrives drink already in hand. At least he's in time to see Felicia's run. "Wooooo! Go Go Harrow-Girl!" Such a good run deserves celebration, so he downs more of his horns contents. While doing this his other arm waves about madly above his head in silent cheer. Drink finished and refilled gives time for Thorley's run. "Come on Thorley, you can't let Felicia beat you! She won't let you live it down! I am the voice of experience in that matter. Yeah you got this kick her a-" Brogans cheering dies down to a quieter observation. "Oh. Nope. You fell"

Turn in line: Gaspard

Taking a deep breath, Gaspard nods once at the sign to begin and winks at Tesha, "Well, I suppose this is going to look bad if I don't do well, right?" But then he's off to a slow start with the single bar, barely making it over with any grace at all, managing to pick up some speed with the hurdles (damn those tall people and their long legs!). The head of steam he builds up seems to help him scale the wall rather quickly, but hte double bars prove a little more difficult and slow him down. The v-logs cause him to miss a footing and stumble a step, but the high hurdles really seem to be harder to handle (damn those tall people!), resulting in a rather graceless shoulder check and stumble to a knee in the dirt. He recovers a little time on the rope itself, and finally makes it across the finish line where he stops to catch his breath and glance back at the course with a chuckle, "Definitely should have come out here more often."

Turn in line: Merek

Felicia snorts at Brogan's words,"Just means you need to get better, oh lord Nightgold... or at least... share the contents of your horn." she advises him, tossing a smirk at Thorley for the sweet rolls comment. She gathers her hair up and pins it in place with her hairpins, strolling towards Brogan with a 'gimme' gesture.

Merek moves both of his palms through hair, smoothing it back. He then begins the course as he does so, managing it well enough. He is skilled, although he's not as good as some others. He manages to make most of the obstacles though some keep him from doing well. Afterwards, he makes his way from the field as he stretches a bit.

Berenice is /all/ attentiveness up in the stands when Harlex steps up for his turn. She cheers as he begins the course, reacting in the most impressive moments, and then applauding at /length/ when he finishes with such flourish. There is absolutely no attempt at subtlety.

There's a few runners after Merek's run. Sir Corban Telmar of the King's Own comes out and makes a very good showing of the Gauntlet. His brother, Sir Tovell Telmar does as well. Other runners that grace the course are Jyri Tersk, and Baron Norwood Clement. All making a good run. Some pulling out as better than the others. Tesha cheers for everyone, because coming out and doing this is a hard thing. So everyone deserves to be applauded. "If everyone will give us just a few then we'll get the winners announced." she announces to the crowd as she starts back towards the stands.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

Violet brings her hands together in her own applause as each person takes the course. A smile crossing her face as those she knows and don't make their shows. Tala has come to sit with her. The Commandant smiles as Thorley returns to them from his own run and she passes him the water. "Good job, my love."

Lisebet cheers for each of the competitors, one after the other. If her cheers are loudest for Thorley, Violet and Felicia, who can blame her?

Harlex makes sure he gives a wave toward Berenice in the stands. Surprisingly, he also lacks subtlety. Then he towels off with a rag and sets it around his shoulders, leaning as he takes a swig from a canteen. Once all the runners are finished, he gives a general applause.

"Gods no, woman! Get your own!" Yet Brogan is of course, handing off his drink. The gesture comes complete with The Male Sigh of Long-Suffering(tm). At least his beward is split in a wide grin. "I am convinced that you cheat somehow. I am not sure of your trick yet, but there is a trick. I am certain of it. You are a sneaky woman." His hand reaches out to tousle Felicia's already damp wild man. "Violet! I missed your run? Damn. I promise to make it up to you somehow!"

A Whisper is never late to an event: he shows up exactly when he means to. Or at least, such would be the case for Scipio, as he strides in, finding his way through the stands -- pausing to squint down at the competitors, spotting at least two familiar figures. After a moment, he heads over to where Violet is greeting Thorley. "Baroness. Baron." A half-sketched bow is offered each of them. "Did I miss your runs?" is directed to the pair, with an air of disappointment. "And did I see Fel out there?"

Accepting the water, Thorley drinks from it as he gives some of his own cheers. The knight watches the event continue before he gives a nod to Scipio. "Not that we did all //that// great. And yes, she had one of the first runs."

"Early birds catches the first worm, my friend," Violet says to Brogan with a warm smile. Her eyes dance in amusement and now she pulls her small flask out. Taking a quick sip from the thing before tucking it back away. "You can make it up to me with whiskey. You should know that is the answer by now," Said with a laugh her eyes turn towards Scipio. "Hello Whisper, yes. We were eagerly waiting to start. I believe they're calculating the winners now?"

Felicia just holds her hand out until the horn is passed over so she can take a swallow from it,"If you are more distracted by form than the task at hand than I, that's not cheating, that's just a case of focus." she snorts, arghing at the hair-ruffling with a grimace and then grinning at the arrival of her brother,"Of course. I like to compete when I can." at least she gives the horn back to Brogan, eventually.

Tesha gives a bit of a look over the final results and there's a smile to something as she stands up. "Alright. If I could have everyones attention. I'm going to start handing out our prizes. Now, in addition to trophies for the Gauntlet, I'm giving additional prizes this year." she states. "Baron Thorley is our third place winner. Baron, if you'd like to come and claim your trophy and your prize?" she asks him.

Waldemai applauds politely for the baron.

"I'm sure you did well enough," Scipio replies to Thorley, with a tiny smile, as he eyes the event course. "I'm certain I'd trip up at the very first hurdle." Violet's addition has him nodding, and then glancing towards the judges, curiously. "Good luck," he tells them, just before the third place is announced. He looks pleased, clapping enthusiastically. "I'm sorry I missed it," is added in a low tone to Felicia.

Sanya claps for the baron as his name is called out.

Tala gives a delighted and high-pitched squeel when Tesha calls Thorley's name. It makes Violet chuckle and she leans in to press a kiss to his cheek as he moves to collect his prize. "Well done!" And Tala falls to clapping with boundless excitement.

Gaspard takes a moment to settle himself and take a drink of water while they wait for the winners to be named. When Thorley is called up as third place, he applauds the man's name and calls out, "Well run!"

"Be right back, sweetheart!" Thorley smirks a little. He knows there's at least a couple of poeple that did better, as he kisses Violet's cheek and heads up to collect his prize.

Scipio is overheard praising Thorley: A well-deserved placing!

Lisebet is overheard praising Thorley: Well done! The Gauntlet is a challenge!

Berenice is overheard praising Thorley: A valiant showing and placement!

Merek is overheard praising Thorley.

"Ha! Apparently not /too/ many sweet rolls." Felicia grins at Thorley, applauding for his win enthusiastically even as she remarks,"At least I did better than last year. Granted, we'd just come back from that trip north and that bloody big wolf had cracked a couple of my ribs last year."

Tesha hands over the third place trophy to Thorley, "The painting is done by Master Jyri. It's called Gold and Rubicund. I thought it would an excellent prize for one of our gauntlet winners. And quite fitting for you, Baron." she smiles to him. "A very good run." she dips her head to him. "Our second place winner is Master Harlex Valtyr. If you would like to come up and collect your trophy and prize." she looks for the swordsman.

Merek is overheard praising Harlex.

Scipio is overheard praising Harlex: Well done!

"Hmm. I'd rather catch something far more tasty and meaty!" Brogan throws Violet his brightest smile of smartassery. "Whiskey it shall be, though. If I remember not to drink it all first. Which, well. I have my faults." When Felicia hands back the horn he gives it a mournful look considering how empty it now is. Then what she said catches up. "Oh. So you admit using feminine wiles, charms, and spells or some such upon me at long last?" Then he is clapping and cheering for Thorley. "Well done, Thorley-Man! Hopefully you beat Miss Brags-A-Lot over here?"

"Thank you, my Lady. We will make sure it is well displayed in our new home when it's completed." Thorley offers with a brow before he shakes his head to Brogan. "I think Felicia handed me my ass - returning the favor from last night."

Harlex eases off the wall and ambles toward the hostess. He's a bit sweaty still but he offers a slight smile and tips his head. "Much obliged. It's a very beautiful prize." Both are taken graciously, and he offers the spectators a show of the trophy at least before he moves away from Tesha to clear the stage.

Violet is looking just pleased as pie of a sudden. She takes another sip from her flask and glances over at Felicia as Harlex is called. When Thorley returns with the painting she ooos and ahhhs and Tala is peering at it with a big smile. "It's very lovely! Fitting indeed."

Waldemai applauds politely for Harlex

Berenice is overheard praising Harlex: The most deserving of all.

Applauding for the Captain, Sanya gives the prizes a thoughtful glance. "Certainly high quality." She comments approvingly.

Brogan is overheard praising Thorley: Defeating everything in his path... except that rope. Well done, anyways!

Lisebet is overheard praising Harlex: second place in the Winter Gauntlet - well done!

Tesha smiles at Harlex, "You did very well, Master Valtyr, the hairpins were made by Dame Ida. So they should serve you well." she tells him. Then there's a smile as she gets the first place trophy and then unwraps the sword that first place is recieving. "Dame Felicia, if you'd come and join me?" she looks around for the woman. "Dame Ida made this sword and I thought it would be a fitting prize for our winner of the Winter Gauntlet. It'll be going home with you. As well as the trophy." she tells her.

Merek is overheard praising Felicia.

Berenice is overheard praising Felicia.

Gaspard is overheard praising Felicia: Winter gauntlet winner! Well done!

Lisebet is overheard praising Felicia: winner of the Winter Gauntlet!

Scipio's hands clasp behind his back after he applauds Harlex, though he does examine the painting Thorley brings back when he returns from collecting it. His gaze is pulled back towards the hostess when she announces Felicia's name. He looks quietly pleased, though he claps the same amount as for the other winners.

Scipio is overheard praising Felicia: Well done to the Gauntlet winner.

Tesha is overheard praising Felicia: Our Winter Gauntlet winner!

Felicia snorts,"Seriously? Me? Brag a lot?" she squints at Brogan,"I'm surprised you haven't torn your shirt off already. This must be a record for you and clothing." she sniffs,"And if you're subject to feminine wiles... that's your problem." she grins briefly, nudging Violet briefly,"Nice, they.." oh wait, her? Her cheeks color as she looks towards Tesha with an owlish blink and then ha's at Brogan before heading over to Tesha,"I... thank you, Lady Tesha. I was just trying to beat last years score."

Tesha is overheard praising Harlex: A very good run!

Tesha is overheard praising Thorley: Your run was great!

"Well done, everyone," Lisebet calls out. "Dame Felicia, I am fairly certain you have destroyed last year's score."

Gaspard is overheard praising Tesha: For being an excellent host of the Winter Gauntlet

Violet gives a whistle of approval as Felicia is called up. Violet is looking obviously proud of her friend as well. "Well done, Captain," She calls out to Harlex when he returns with his prize. "I think this may require going for drinks after. Certainly the lot of us should celebrate." At this Tala pouts a little bit. Celebrate likely means she is going back home. "I think you managed to beat it and then some, Felicia!" She calls to her.

Lisebet is overheard praising Tesha: Excellent hosting!

Thorley whistles sharply at Felicia. "Way to run, Captain Sweetbuns!"

The Redrain Princess applauds for each of the winners, shaking her head a little with wonder at what they can do. "Well done, all," she calls out, before standing from her spot in the spectator benches, giving a nod to those nearby who she had been conversing with. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you, to put names to faces, and faces to names!" she says with a smile.

Helena has left the West Spectator Seating.

Felicia wields frozen washes of the tempest seas handsome oathlands blade.

The Grimhall applauds for Felicia, beaming as she takes her prize. "Congratulations." She calls out, before glancing around the seating area. "I'm afraid I have to take my leave too, this has been quite the experience. I'll see you all another time."

Sanya has left the West Spectator Seating.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan leave, following Sanya.

Tesha gives a smile to Felicia as she hands the sword over in it's scabbard, "You did a wonderful job of beating last years score." she tells her. "And you did an excellent job of winning. I'm glad that this is going home with you." she admits. Then she gives a look up to the crowd, "Thank you all for coming and supporting the runners and the Gauntlet, our Spring competition will be more towards the end of the season due to this one being so late." she muses.

Merek is overheard praising Tesha.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten leave, following Helena.

"A pleasure to meet you as well, your highness," Lisebet replies to Helena, with a smile. "And good to see you again, Lady Sanya." She glances over at Violet, amusement showing on her face. "Is that an open invitation?"

Tesha is overheard praising Jyri: For amazing artwork.

Gaspard is overheard praising Jyri: For donating excellent artwork for the Winter Gauntlet!

"What favor might this be, Thorley?" Brogan's curiosity is distracted by a moment as Felicia is called up. "Oh Gods, she'll be impossible now!" The cry of dismay is a good natured one, for Brogan is in fact clapping and then whistling for Felicia's victory. "Speech, woman!" Brogan's grin widens. "So modest! Please! Some words for us from the victor of tonight!!"

Does Berenice look pleased to see Harlex rewarded? Of course. Does she look a bit /dis/pleased that he wasn't awarded /first place/? Possibly. It's not as if she has a reputation for /temperance/. She rises from her seat and sweeps down from the stands to approach Harlex, all beaming adoration as she totally ignores the sweat to fling her arms about his neck. She murmurs something close and quiet to him, a smirk curling at her lips.

Harlex nods to Violet with a slight grin. "Thank you kindly, Commandant." Although he's moving toward the spectator's stand at the moment. The prize held in one hand, the trophy in the other. When Berenice flings herself onto him, he gives a secret smile and a not so secret kiss at something murmured. As unabashed and lingering as the first. His reward is held up for her to take. The hairpins offered between his fingers. "For you, darlin'."

Brogan is overheard praising Felicia: Queen of Victories!! (Damn it.)

Brogan is overheard praising Harlex: Well done!

"Here's a speech, may we all live free, and long, and enjoy what life has to offer. And thank you very much to Tesha and House Telmar for hosting!" Felicia offers, grinning broadly before she tucks the new sword away and heads back towards the gathering of her friends,"I think people are sick of hearing from me lately, maybe Brogan the Braggart and my dear brother Whisper would spread the word about Tesha and the gauntlet?"

Jotun, An Oathlands War Horse have been dismissed.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

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