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Redrain Fealty Dinner II - Stahlben Edition

The Great Hall of Stahl Hall has been swept clean and polished to a gleaming glow just in time for another fealty dinner. Plenty of food and alcohol is set out certain to help make for a merry dinner and the perfect time for everyone to catch up.

Open to all members of the Redrain Fealty.


Nov. 10, 2018, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Elgana Magnus Volcica


Darren Gwenna Helena Khanne Mirk


Redrain Stahlben


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stahl Hall - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

As the people begin to arrive, the massive entryway to the Stahlben Hall is illuminated by the presence of burning braziers and flanked by a single pair of Bone Warden guards clad in armor lined with everwinter bear furs for ceremony. The hall is particularly open and expansive with the banners of each house sworn to Redrain lining either wall. Standing central to the halls entrance is none other than the hall's proprieter, Magnus Stahlben in the entire height of his towering glory and draped in a cloak of regal grey furs. His smile his warm and embraces his larger-than-life air, he is made pointedly available for those who arrive, "Welcome all to the the Redrain Fealty dinner, and welcome all as my esteemed guests to the House Stahlben estate within Arx, please, come in make yourselves comfortable..." his voice boomed in a rich wave of a honeyed baritone that carried against the stone of the hall's walls, "The servants are here to assist you with drink and appetizers, and the main course will begin when it seems that people have stopped trickling in. It's my honor to be your host, and if I can do anything to accomodate you, please let me know"

Beside Magnus, Volcica looks almost short-- though she's fairly tall for her gender. The shaman is dressed mostly in bone-adorned leathers, though the cloak she wears is pale whites and greys, clasped with the Stahlben mammoth skull. "Yes, be welcome! We look forward to getting to know you all better."

Cirroch is overheard praising Stahlben.

Cirroch is overheard praising Redrain.

Helena is overheard praising Stahlben.

Helena is overheard praising Redrain.

Darren strides into Stahlben Hall alongside Khanne, chattering happily with the Halfshav shaman. There's a minor pause to inspect the banners that decorate the hall before his attention focuses on Magnus and Volcica, a broad grin on his beared face. "Thank you for hosting, Count Magnus! The banners are a great touch," he says in a warm, rich voice.

Darren is overheard praising Stahlben.

Elgana is overheard praising Stahlben.

Elgana is overheard praising Redrain.

Darren is overheard praising Redrain.

Magnus is overheard praising Redrain.

Volcica is overheard praising Redrain.

Gwenna is draped mostly in black, though surely more for the fashionable turn of fall to winter than much else. Despite having visited it the esteemed hall once before, the princess still enters and then slows her steps to take in the impressive reliefs boasted across the walls. Once she's a bit closer, she dips her head respectively to Magnus and Volcica. "Truly, I may never get over the marvel of your estate. Seeing it adorned for the dinner nearly steals my breath, I must say. The banners are streamers make it look quite festive! Thank you so kindly for hosting us all my lord, my lady." She smiles brightly at the hosts and gives another bob of her head. "I can hardly wait to see what delicacies might be for dinner! Prince Lorenzo is unable to join us, I'm sorry, and sends his apologies."

Volcica is overheard praising Magnus: My brother works hard to carry our house into a bright future.

Gwenna is overheard praising Stahlben: Loyal to the Compact and so generous in opening their doors to host a dinner for the Redrain fealty!

Gwenna is overheard praising Redrain.

Helena steps through into the hall, following Gwenna, and glancing around and smiling. She clashes a bit merrily with all the red, herself in a deep green gown -- given it's her favorite color. She smiles when she sees Magnus, who she knows, and his sister, who she recognizes, but has not met. "Count Magnus. This all looks very lovely. Thank you for hosting us. And this is your sister?" TO Volvica, she offers her hand. "Thank you for having us. I've so looked forward to meeting you."

By the smirk on Khanne's face, she just made some sort of wise-crack to Darren when they are entering; possibly about thigh-highs. When Magnus greets the crowd of people from the Redrain Fealty, she smiles at him then lifts a hand to give a wiggled wave to Volcica and Helena before greeting everyone else there. To Magnus, she echoes the sentiments of the others with a nod. "Yes, thank you for hosting us tonight."

Standing just off to the side where Magnus and Volcica are greeting guests is Elgana in a sweeping gown that is only be described as a wonder of the night sky in all its splendor. The Redrain is all smiles, dark hair left loose and flowing down over her shoulders in a tumble of neat curls and her makeup tastefully done in an understated manner. "Everything looks absolutely wonderful," she murmurs to the pair before she smiles to Darren as he strides into the hall. "Cousin! I am so glad you could make it." A wink is cast off toward Volcica and Magnus as she adds, "Thank you both for hosting this time." And then Gwenna enters and Elgana lights back up. "I'm sorry to hear that Lorenzo can't make it but I'm so glad you were able to!" Hugs get doled out as Elgana gracefully shifts from one beloved cousin toward her beloved little sister, catching her in a hug. "I'm so glad you liked your birthday gifts," she murmurs to Helena. "And I hear word that you got into the Scholars as well."

Mirk arrives for the feast dressed in traveling leathers, wihout adornment or anything nicer or fancier for the occasion. He sticks near Khanne, as the only other Halfshav in the room. His eyes are drawn to the banners, pausing to appreciate the spectacle for a moment before he announces, "My first time in Stahlben Hall, but I've rarely seen a sight more welcoming. Thank you for playing host for the occasion, and my compliments to both you and your people, Count Stahlben. You clearly spent a great deal of time and effort on the preparations."

The entrance of the individual parties does not go unnoticed by Magnus as his piercing, verdant green eyes find themselves upon each and every member as they arive. His bows are handsome and low in a polite fashion, offering a smile toward Darren, Khanna and Mirk in turn, "Your Grace, Lady Khanne, Lord Mirk, you honor me with your presence" and as any party host, he dipped his head once again, "Please excuse me" and proceeded to greet the second, and third guests of Gwenna, Helena, and Elgana which arrive in sequence as the Princesses of Redrain often did - just as trouble came in sets. "A pleasure, everyone" was offered again, despite the redundancy in favor of being polite and he found himself grinning ear to ear, "It's our pleasure to host, it's given us a reason to have furniture made and the place warm with some company. Despite my best efforts, I can't keep it freezing and dark all of the time"

Volcica isn't quite as warm and open as Magnus, but she -is- polite and welcoming. Clearly she's the quieter, colder of the siblings. Small smiles and waves are returned where appropriate, as well. "I am Volcica, yes. It's good to meet you."A faintly warmer smile for Helena, before nodding to Magnus. "He's right. We've been working on settling in, and this was great to make us work on the public spaces."

Darren glances aside as Elgana, Helena and Gwenna enter, broad smiles for all three of them offered along with a tip of his chin in a nod. "Oh, it sounds like congratulations are in order, Princess Helena!" he says upon overhearing her becoming a Scholar, "And a belated happy birthday, as well." Then, it's to Volcica that the high lord turns, flashing her a warm smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Volcica. I hope you enjoy Arx. You've come at a good time, at least. The winters are not quite as harsh as what you're likely used to, but at least you didn't arrive in the dead of summer."

Glass of wine procured, familiar voices tug at Gwenna's attention and her smile remains broad. "Your Grace, Lady Khanne, you two look like you might have been in cahoots," she says, lightly teasing. "Elgana, dear cousin, as always you look stunning! Lorenzo and I had breakfast this morning at the Ambassador and he was disappointed about not being able to attend, of course. Next one, though, certainly. Ah, Helena, so good to see you as well cousin. What is this about the Scholars? It sounds like very good news!" A dip of her head is offered kindly to Mirk next and then she turns to Magnus and Volcica again, a small laugh before she speaks. "Truly, the estate is a wonder. If there's anything I can do to help with settling in, please don't hesitate to let me know. Sadly, my talents tend to stop at painting, but..." Her shoulders lift in a quick shrug.

Helena hugs Elgana, her hand held out so the darker of the two sisters can see the ring the fairer wears on her hand, one of the presents. "Always. You know my heart better than I do. And yes, they have me in their records as a neophyte. I'll try to earn a higher rank once I can schedule a test." She turns to Darren. "Thank you, Your Grace, on both counts. Lady Khanne, Lord Mirk, good to see you as well." Helena then turns to smile at Gwenna. "Thank you, cousin. I finally decided to turn my book reading into something a little more respectable." Her lips turn upward into a crooked, impish smile. "So long as I can still read in the tree houses and count it as research."

"Summer was miserable," Mirk says in a wry tone to Volcica, offering a nod of his head in confirmation of that idea. "I arrived as it started to heat up, and had to trade leathers for proper noble attire. Even then, I thought I was boiling alive a few times." There's a quirk of his lips at the corners, clearly as much kidding as serious. "And you being from further north even than we Halfshavs...." He shakes his head. "A pleasure to see you again, Your Highness. Congratulations on your entrance to the Scholars. I'm sure you'll do well there, and find answers to whatever burning questions lie in your research." He offers a nod of his head to Gwenna, returning hers.

"There are far things worse than arriving to the city in the dead of summer," Elgana quickly adds to Darren's words with an emphatic nod. "It's the worst. The heat. The smell down at the docks is a thousand times worse than usual." Her tone playful as her nose crinkles but then she's quick to snag a glass off a passing servant's tray as her attention moves to Khanne. "Always lovely to see you, Lady Khanne. I hope you've been well." Ever shifting, Elgana's dark gaze skips back to Helena as she draws closer to her sister to look at her outstretched hand, her smile brightening further. "Years of practice is all, nothing to it. But your gifts were equally as wonderful, and I shall treasure them always. I look forward to finding a dress to match the cloak." A little waggle of fingers is given to Mirk then when she notes the other-other shaman in the room.

With the mention of Helena's acceptance into the scholars, and a birthday no less, Magnus drew his attention toward the princess as he drew a cup of honeyed mead from a servant and raised it toward her in recognition, "Finally managed to lock down a scholar long enough to let you in, have you? And no sooner than you began to wither in old age to boot - soon you'll have trouble getting into that treehouse you love so much" he jested, clearly disproven by the woman's youthful figure. Looking toward Darren and Mirk at the mention of the weather, a look of certain displeasure crossed his face in a shudder, "I do not look forward to it at all, I'm told they're quite impressively hot" he shook his head, "Nope. Not a fan" he muttered as he raised the mug to his lips, careful to not entangle his beard with the liquid.

"I'd say you'll get used to it, but it's been years and I'm still miserable when summer rolls around. And of course, Donella doesn't think it's appropriate to leave the Villa without clothes, so!" Darren releases an exaggerated sigh, as though Donella's opinions on what is appropriate or not were slowly killing him, "Needless to say, enjoy the winter while it's here." Then, to Gwenna, he flashes an all too innocent grin. "I was just mentioning to Lady Khanne that I fear she's thrown away the presents I sent her years and years ago. She insists she hasn't, but I don't know if I believe her," he squints dubiously at Khanne.

Gwenna can't help but chuckle at Helena's remarks, a little shake of her head following. "You've always been respectable, but I've heard so many wonderful things about the Scholars group. I suspect they will have little issue with tree limb reading habits," is said with amusement in her tone. To the topic of summer and the city of Arx, she gives a couple of bobs of her head. "I arrived in Arx just before the turn to winter, so it wasn't /too/ bad. At first. I thought I might melt in spring and when summer came?" A dramatic roll of her eyes is offered. "Thank the gods and spirits for silk," is added with amusement. She laughs anew at Darren's words and dips her head kindly to Khanne. "Ah, Your Grace, I've no doubt Lady Khanne has surely saved them. Right?" Her gaze shifts to the famed Shaman. "You have always seemed a woman who treasures the things given you, as they hold some sort of link to the person who gave them. That's the beauty to such things, isn't it?"

Helena laughs a little at Magnus' words, a slight roll of eyes toward the ceiling. "Yes, Scholar Oswyn was kind enough to add me to their roll. I hope I'll be able to grow a bit in my own knowledge as well as contribute to the knowledge base of all of Arx." She smiles, and moves to get a beverage, slipping out of the center of attention the mention of scholars and birthdays had temporarily put her in.

Though she wears a smile and is trying to enjoy the festivities, Khanne does seem a bit distracted at times, her eyes not holding the usual light. She turns to Gwenna and says, "we are always in cahoots. Well, when we have time to be." She laughs but then adds, "shame Lorenzo could not be here. I would like to meet the man you are so close to." Turning to Helena, another smile. "Thank you, and happy belated birthday to you." Chuckling, she notes to Mirk, "why do you think I adapted to silks so quickly?" Pause. "Elgana, it has been too long really. You are well?" Smirking to Darren, she shakes her head. "You want to come look into my exploding wardrobe? They are all within. Except for the pair I loaned to Donella to help the two of you produce an heir... she said you wore them very well." She nods after that comment though, to Gwenna. "It is true. I have a hard time parting with anything because... as you said, they are like a link to a person... a link to a memory , an emotion... a moment in time."

Darren utters a loud chuckle to Khanne, his own eyes bright. "I'm just surprised I managed to stick my legs in them without tearing them! My legs did look quite stunning and shapely," he grins back to Khanne, shaking his head as he continues to laugh. "I might have to break them out again to help speed up the process of getting Taran a brother or sister. That's not a bad idea."

Smiling as Helena found her place and faded discreetly into the bustle of the feast, Magnus let her be and fade as she liked. However, when the mention of gifts to Khanne comes up and she blatantly mentions that whatever it was had been worn by Darren quite well in the process of producing an heir, the difficult task of stiffling a laugh and stopping his mead from escaping via his nasal passageway is all upon his own willpower - which he only partly succeeds in. While not outright erupting in laughter, he does manage to keep the mead from coming out of his nose. "That...ah..." he began, forcing his grin to slow its growth across his heavily bearded face, "...must have been quite the gift, your grace" he spoke brokenly while stifling his chuckle. "Elgana..." he added, soon after, tipping his glass toward her in appreciation, "Thank you again for help in all of this."

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"I am doing quite well. Thank you for asking," Elgana says to Khanne with a warm smile, though that crinkle of her nose returns at the conversation that is flowing between her cousin and Khanne, a faint blush coloring her cheeks. Her smile gets hidden momentarily behind the rim of her glass as she turns toward Magnus. "It is my pleasure to assist. I hope to have the next couple of feasts announced as well as their hosts soon." A tip of her dark head is given then as she looks at those gathered. "We know that Helena has recently had a birthday, as have I, and that she has made it onto the rolls of the Scholars but what about the rest of us?" She looks to Volcica then, her smile warm, as she says, "What about you, my lady? Anything new and exciting you wish to share with the rest of us? Or perhaps projects you are working on? I find it is a great way to get to know people by sharing such experiences."

Gwenna chuckles at Khanne's words after taking a small sip of wine. "I can only imagine the trouble you two might get into. I really hope to introduce to you to Lorenzo soon, Lady Khanne. I think he would love to meet you as well and really get to talk with you." The Shaman's latter words soften the Redrain's smile, head nodding again in agreement. "I feel the same about such gifts. It's a reminder, a link as you said. Not everyone feels that way, perhaps, but it seems we both do." She managed /not/ to choke on her wine in laughter about the gift for heir-production. "Lorenzo and I hope to travel and explore a bit of the world before having children. When we are ready, you might get a messenger," she says, one corner of her lips tugging up a bit higher than the other. As Magnus tips his glass toward Elgana, Gwenna does the same. "Indeed, cousin, I suspect no few exceptional parties in our ward have you to thank for them."

Gwenna is overheard praising Elgana: Exceptional party arranger extraordinaire!

Volcica says, "I dabble in leatherwork, Lady Khanne, as well as bone-carving. Passtimes, both, though I'm happy to do work for friends and family." She pauses, glancing around at those gathered near before speaking. "I did speak with the spirits recently. They offered a few words, in their cryptix way.""

Darren smirks over to Magnus, nodding his head. "It was quite a gift, that is true!" he remarks, before he finds a passing servant to fetch a glass of whisky from. There's a tip of the glass to the group before he takes a sip, his attention turning to Volcica as his brows raised. "Oh?" he asks, the curiousity there, even if he doesn't necessarily pry.

"Don't let her modesty fool you, she's a wonderful leather worker" Magnus commented after Volcica's mention of her passtimes, "I'm a capable designer, though she's the one in the family who can actually use her hands to work" he mutters, though attunes himself toward her words as she mentions the spirits to which he nods, "Ah, yes, those" he mentions, as if having heard of them before. One hand raising to stroke at the length of his full beard he furrowed his brow, "Quite cryptic, this batch" he mentioned as he sipped of his mead, glancing toward Khanne, "Have the spirits been unusually active for everyone? I seem to have had at least a handful of persons both followers of the spirits and not imploring me to assist them with spirit related tasks lately"

"Now that you've mentioned it, I'm curious," Mirk says, glancing aside at Darren and adding, "And I'm not the only one, it seems." He chuckles at that, dismissive, though his attention returns to Volcica and his gaze remains there. "Bone-carving is also interesting, however." He shrugs a shoulder at Magnus's question. "It's hard to say. I've had a couple of people coming to me about the spirits, but both were southerners with...rather interesting ideas about how shamanism works. One of them wanted to find 'the most powerful shaman in Arx,' and the other wanted help in asking the spirits for the key to defeat the Slaver. I don't think either were touched by spirits, though I confess I didn't look too deeply into their reasoning for those requests."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The banquet dinner is officially underway, and a massive feast of various meats and complementing dishes of traditional Northern cuisine are ushered in and out along the length of the banquet table and set to be picked through and eaten at the guests leisure. Servants wait patiently at each space between the house banners, ready to tend to the needs of distinguished guests.

"Bone-carving," Gwenna wonders, brows arching a bit at Volcica's words. "I dabble in paint, no pun intended, as my own passtime. Still, I so rarely see the truly beautiful works of bone here in Arx that one can find in the northlands." As discussion turns to the spirits, the princess quiets and turns her gaze politely here and there to those speaking about such. The smell of northern delights, however, tugs her attention and she meanders a bit away to likely fetch herself a plate of this or that.

"Bone-carving?" Elgana's attention gets snagged by Volcica then. "That sounds like a fascinating pastime and I would love to see your work sometime." Gwenna gets a soft smile as Elgana tips her head down in a demure fashion. "You are too kind cousin! I would love to pass off the torch of hostess to any other willing body if they wanted it, but I am pleased that my parties are well-received nonetheless." The talk of spirits and especially that of the Slaver gets Elgana to focus more on the glass in her hands, a quick but long drink taken before she offers. "Such serious talk for a party but it does have its place." Mirk gets a curious look then as Elgana's brows perk upward. "The most powerful shaman in Arx," she murmurs but then shakes her head as she starts to make her own way toward the food. "That is quite a set of curious things people have come to you about," she offers louder toward Mirk. "What did you tell them, if you don't mind me asking that is."

Khanne smiles to hear Magnus struggle with laughter. Her mission, it seems, perhaps accomplished. She nods to Darren and says, "if you destroyed the pair lent, on accident, of course, let me know. I have plenty. And Gwenna," she says, looking her way next. "After your travels, let me know and I can send you a pair as well." She smiles with a wink. Her head swivels to Volcica then and she says, "ooh.. really? I have exotic leather I need made into protective things... quickly... Working on some ideas..." But then, Spirits are mentioned and she tilts her head. "Oh? What did they say?" To magnus she says, "Unusually? No. The Spirits are always active. It's just a matter of who they let see them be so." She smiles again then arches a brow towards Mirk. "They... what?"

Darren goes to fetch himself food, settling as he listens to the conversation at hand. There's a raise of brows to Mirk, and a glance back to Khanne, before he frowns a touch to himself. "I do think that Southerners tend to have an .. interesting idea about Shamanism and spirits," he agrees, but he mostly stays quiet otherwise, to listen rather than interject.

"Hm..." is Magnuses immediate response with a furrow of his brow at the mention of the Southerners by Mirk, which nearly warrants a smirk, though not quite, he does however shake his head as he heads toward the banquet table, listening to Khanne he purses his lips in contemplation "I feel as if they think it's like summoning a servant..." he paused, picking a few cuts of succulent meat from the serving platters upon the banquet, "When it's really more like looking at a painting and interpereting what it's supposed to mean" he finished, gathering a scoop full of this or that and lopping them atop a plate next to the meat as he wandered back to the conversation, "And what Slaver? Because I've had an awkward number of Thraxians approaching me lately" he added.

"Jyri Tersk approached me about seeking the blessing of the spirits in regards to the scouts out in the forest, watching for the Horned Guard," Volcica says. She snags a cup of mead from a passing tray, wetting her tongue before continuing. "They came to my call, though they spoke first to the trees. 'Home, Sanctuary, Healing.' They adressed us, next."

"I attempted to inquire with both about the reasons for their request, and neither would divulge," Mirk says to Elgana. "I never heard from the first one again, after I admitted that I am not, in fact, the most powerful shaman in Arx. The other accused me of not trusting them, and I thought it best to let it lie." He chuckles at Khanne's reaction. "I did write missives about both to you, Cousin," he points out. "But I'm not surprised if you barely paid them mind, given the outcomes." He pauses, peering at Magnus, and says, "Probably not the best subject for a pleasant gathering, since the explanation becomes rather grim, but remind me with a messenger, afterwards, and I'll oblige."

"That's a pity. Though, many feels that trust is something they should be automatically granted simply upon virtue of their name. It is not. Trust is a gift that is hard earn and fiercely kept," Elgana says to Mirk's response, though a touch of concern teases along her features before she banishes it all off with a smile. "Lady Khanne and Lady Signe held a wonderful talk about shamanism that had quite the showing I believe nearly a year or so ago. If I am not misremembering the length of time, it has been some months at the least." She glances toward Khanne for verification. "It was very informative. I fear there is still a lot of mystery around the spirits and shaman in general."

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant leaves, following Gwenna.

Volcica says, "When they turned to us, the offered this: 'A wolf to hunt, the prey no longer wounded, a choice to be made. The precipice, a becoming or an ending.' " Volcica falls silent after, glancing to the others."

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Khanne is overheard praising Magnus.

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Khanne squints her eyes a little, listening to everyone and the conglomeration of things mentioned. She nods to Mirk first. "Oh.. right... sorry, just been preoccupied...." And then to Elgana. "It was awhile ago, yes. Perhaps close to a year.... maybe when I ... if I... When. When I... anyway, maybe soon, I can do something similar. The problem is.... Shamanism is not like the faith. There is not one path to take or follow, and most of us practice in our own way. And the Spirits -are- mysteries. It's... just kinda how they operate..."

The large count pursed his lips and nodded sternly at Mirk in understanding and approval, "Fair enough" he mentioned and picked idly at his plate as he listened, stuffing a few pieces of meat into his face that he ate with enjoyment and delight of the taste before clearing his throat softly, taking a sip of mead and listening to Elgana speak, "Ah, a display and discussion of Shamanism, not a terrible concept really..." he mulled the words over as he stroked his beard in thought as his green eyes surveyed Khanne while she spoke, "Well..." he remarked, forming a smile that broke the dark veil of his chestnut facial hair with the whites of his teeth, "I don't mean to interject the lovely conversation, though this would likely be better had in the spirits, over a couple of whiskeys among us Shaman types" he chuckled.

"It happens, unfortunately, but that's enough of that," Mirk says, making a gesture as if to brush it aside entirely. "A shame I missed a talk like that. Though it may have been before I was called from the North." He chuckles and mentions to Khanne, "No apologies needed. As I said, I'd have forgotten it, too, if I hadn't been the one handling it." He raises an eyebrow at Magnus. "This is the Redrain feast. Talk of the spirits is at home here if anywhere, I think," he says, though there's a wry smile of amusement that fades as he turns his attention to Volcica. "An interesting message, that."

There is a serious cast to Elgana's features then before she nods at Khanne's words. "You are right of course about the spirits. They are mysterious because that's how they are. I learned a lot about them myself that night, it was very educational and such a thing, though time consuming and not all-encompassing, is beneficial I think. I'm very grateful you and Lady Signe took the time do host that event." Elgana's gaze shifts then to Magnus, brows once more aloft as she says, "I have to echo Lord Mirk, the spirits and talk of them of course would be welcome at such a gathering as this I would think."

Volcica says, "I'm afraid I don't know enough to puzzle it out, myself. More heads are better, so please feel free to talk to others about it." Volcica smiles, and avtually laughs at the mention of moving the talk elsewhere. "I think my brother was more concerned with the tone of the evening, and keeping it pleasant rather than too serious. Of course we're free to tall about spirits wherever we please.""

Khanne smiles to Elgana ad she reaches to pour herself a glass of whiskey. "I am glad you enjoyed it, and took something from it." She shrugs a little with a lopsided grin. "Of course, I talk about the Spirits wherever I am, whenever I feel like it. But, that's me... I understand why some are reluctant." She nods to Volcica and says, "it is nice to try to keep things pleasant at such gatherings... but... times like these... we can't just ignore the reality of what we face, right? I mean.. Mirk and I are about to go... try to take down a Gargantuan near the Lodge... hard to just... shut off that part of the mind. For me at least."

Khanne smiles to Elgana ad she reaches to pour herself a glass of whiskey. "I am glad you enjoyed it, and took something from it." She shrugs a little with a lopsided grin. "Of course, I talk about the Spirits wherever I am, whenever I feel like it. But, that's me... I understand why some are reluctant." She nods to Volcica and says, "it is nice to try to keep things pleasant at such gatherings... but... times like these... we can't just ignore the reality of what we face, right? I mean.. Mirk and I are about to go... try to take down a Gargantuan near the Lodge... hard to just... shut off that part of the mind. For me at least."

With a low rumble of a laugh, Magnus raised his hands in a feigned defensive posture, "Who-hoa, then talk about the spirits we shall" he declared as he finished his plate and deposited it with one of the servants, wiping his hands clean on a strip of cloth provided as a napkin. "The spirits are always present, I'm not against it, someone had just mentioned it being a dark topic and I was trying to appease that agenda" he smiled somewhat, "Though current company seems to fair otherwise" he admits, clasping his hands before him and interlocking his fingertips at the first knuckle, "I've also had discussions with another woman of the spirits, saying she encountered a trapped spirit in the ice of the Everwinter, and wishes to mount a journey to attempt to free it" he explained, furrowing his brow.

"Point taken," Mirk says with a dip of his head to Volcica. "And my apologies. My mind is almost always on matters of substance, and so it occurs naturally as a topic of conversation; if it isn't the Halfshav township, it's other affairs I need to arrange, or it's my calling as a shaman. Much of that can grow serious." His expression grows stern, at Khanne's explanation, and he falls silent, running one hand through his beard. His eyes, stone grey, drift around the dwindling crowd and then settle on Magnus. "Not the spirits. Another topic. Though I think..." He trails off, and shakes his head. "Beneath the ice of the Everwinter?"

Volcica says, "She had a dream, yes. A spirit trapped in ice at the edge of the everwinter. We've offered our aide." Vola pauses, looking to Mirk. We should talk amother time. I know I could use some tips on effectively running our holdings.""

"Was it Ysbail?" Khanne asks Magnus. "That spoke of the Spirit trapped in the ice? And oh.. I think Mirk was referring to the Slaver being a dark topic... not the Spirits. Maybe?"

Inclining his head toward Mirk as he spoke, he offered a soft "ah" and nodded, "Yes, some confusion in the rush of persons coming and going then" he admits, "My apologies" he offered, taking a sip of his mead again and hooking the mg around his hand utilizing the curved handle, eyes resting on Khanne with a nod, "Ah, yes. Ysbail. I see you've knowledge of it then" he notes.

"The Slaver is what I meant," Mirk confirms with a nod of his head. "By all means. Send me a messenger, approach me while I'm out. I'm not much of an administrator, but I have spoken to enough competent people that some of it has rubbed off on me." He forces a self-deprecating chuckle. His eyes flick from Magnus to Khanne, curious.

"Well... when she first returned to town, she told me.. then she disappeared again... I haven't heard from her since she came back again... I mean, I think she's back? Shame, we were best friends once upon a time... Anyway, she told me of it briefly and had hoped for my help as Vala." Khanne shrugs a little then. "I am glad though that she has your help."

"She's been adjusting to some personal matters, I believe" Magnus mentioned on the topic of Ysbail to Khanne with a subtle upturn of his lips, "If I speak with her again soon, as we are fairly close, I'll mention that she should try speaking to you when you're free. It's possible that she's just had a moment, it's Ysbail after all" he smirked a bit and nonchalantly shifted his weight t one leg, hooking his thumb into the girth of his leather belt, "It's quite the interesting thing the whole frozen spirit circumstance, to be honest if it were anywhere other than the Everwinter I likely wouldn't be as intrigued but as it's rather a bit of my families area, It's piqued a curious interest. That and...spirits....shouldn't be able to be frozen" he mulled over openly, furrowing his brow in thought, though shrugging his broad shoulders, "I also had a scholar approach me about needing a shaman but was extremely vague as to the details. We're apparently in popular demand" he smirked.

"People are always vague.... like,,, 'Khanne, Vala, I would like to talk to you. No rush....' Then I find out it was some kind of crazy emergency that I thought I could address in a few days... people need to be less vague... " Khanne pauses. "Sorry. A bit of a frustration of mine."

Volcica says, "Yes, Ysbail. I'm sure she'd still welcome your help, Lady Khanne." Volcica smiles, nodding about the location of the spirit, the relevance. "I'm always interested in the everwinter, and spirits. I'm really looking forward to puzzling it out.""

"It was trapped, from what I recall... imprisoned..." Khanne says with a blink. "Ysbail had some ideas back when..."

The curl to Magnus' lips increases every moment that Khanne openly vents about vagueness in people, "Tell me about it" he replies simply, shaking his head, "It's a popular pasttime of SOutherners, I swear. It's like a battle to see who can say the least and mean the most without actually doing or saying anything with any relevancy"

"I've heard of wounded spirits, and of strange things in the Everwinter. It doesn't surprise me as much as it, perhaps, should," Mirk says to Magnus with a faint frown creasing his brow. "Let me know how it turns out, hm? I'd offer my help in person, but I've made several commitments for...after. I'd rather not make promises I'm not sure I'd be able to keep." He glances aside at Khanne, and raises an eyebrow. "That doesn't sound promising," he says in a deadpan tone.

Khanne nods with arched brows to Magnus. "Mmhmmmm... Southerners... right?" She rolls her eyes but wears a crooked grin. "I understand having to be careful in letters, but come onnnnn. Be... you know, somewhat relevant?" She shakes her head towards Mirk. "It really isn't promising, no. I have a lot going on too... way... too much.. always. Hmmm"

"If either of you could use some help, I haven't gotten my fingers into too much, yet. I'm assisting Cybele with the summoning and helping Prince Artur with a matter afterwards, but I vould handle a bit more." Volcica glances between the two, and then to Magnus. "I must admit, I'm tempted to see what Arx has collected about our Homeland and beyond."

Khanne tilts her head and asks Volcica, "summoning?"

"I have some research, if I survive the Lodge, that I will need support on," Mirk suggests. "And a couple other projects that I can share about, if I find the chance. I'll be in touch about that." He grimaces, slightly, folding his arms over his chest.

"A spirit-calling, yes. Asking them to rise and protect the sanctuary of the Lodge. Similar was done in the War of Silence." Volcica nods to Mirk, offering a little smile. "I hope you survive."

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