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Open Office Hours of the Archscholar

In an effort to reconnect with the citizens of Arx, Bianca has decided to hold open office hours today. Have a question for the Archscholar? Want to meet some of your fellow champions of knowledge? Stop by the Academy for snacks and conversation!

(OOC: For those looking to speak directly to Bianca on more private matters, there will be a +line!)


May 15, 2018, 4:30 p.m.

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Oswyn Wynna Rinel Ignacio Lucita Sparte Jordan(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy

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Comments and Log

Delion, the mild-mannered scribe arrives, following Wynna.

Lucita nods her thanks and takes the seat offered and the water. She sips it slowly and waits for Jordan to consult with Bianca but says nothing to interrupt his consulting with her.

Bianca was chatting quietly with Jordan currently with Lucita nearby!

Wynna moves to one of the many tables laid out, apparently keen to be doing some research with her faithful scribe (totally not manservant) Delion.

A messenger came and went for the Archscholar, her expression darkening slightly, but the expression was washed away quickly beneath the placid waters of her general demeanor. Bianca replied softly to Jordan.

Oswyn starts setting up his parchment, ink, and quill, because people appreciate note-taking in settings like this and he's happy to oblige.

Bianca was seated up front, chatting quietly with Jordan as the others filed in. Lucita was seated nearby.

Oswyn seems to be here to observe, and possibly take notes. He nods to Wynna, recognizing a fellow Scholar.

Wynna smiles aside to Oswyn, still mostly poring over whatever her latest research obsession happens to be. Occasionally she glances towards the Archscholar and her conferences, appearing pleased to see her once more.

Bianca grew a bit more animated than usual as she spoke to Jordan, ink-stained hands gesturing broadly as she told some murmured tale.

Jordan seems very, very intrigued at what he is being told, nodding faintly at a response.

Lucita takes a sip of water and then sets the glass aside, carefully so it does not spil on anything. She spots Wyna and Oswyn and lifts a hand to greet them. "Hello. Instead of Office hours, wonder if these should be called 'brain picking' hours, or days as people seem to like talking with the Archscholar quite a bit, myself included amid them.

Bianca spared a sidelong smile to Lucita in quiet humor at her words though attention turned back to Jordan shortly after, interest focusing.

Oswyn squints at Lucita and glances behind himself as if he's not sure she's waving to him. He turns around and tentatively raises his hand to wave back, still seeming uncertain.

Bianca smiled lightly to Jordan though it remained its usual subdued expression.

Jordan bows his head respectfully to Bianca, stepping away afterwards. "Thank you again," he says, to carry to the room at large, and flashing her a bright smile before he starts to depart.

Bianca dipped her head to Jordan, rising. "It's been a pleasure, Sir Jordan." She turned to Lucita next. "Ah, I'll come to you, Baroness." She chuckled, pulling her chair over to Lucita rather than making the substantially pregnant woman move about more than needed.

Oswyn puts his quill down when he realizes there's nothing to record. He is, perhaps, a little disappointed. Instead, he unbuckles his satchel and pulls out some reading material to occupy himself with.

Bianca listened to Lucita's questions, falling deep into thought before she murmured her reply.

Bianca was up front, quietly chatting with a very pregnant Lucita!

Wynna is sitting at one of the tables, studying some document or another with a thoroughly blank gaze.

Oswyn is also seated at one of the tables, a book open in front of him. Scholars. So predictable.

Rinel slips in, looking somewhat nervous. She beelines for Wynna.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, following Sparte.

Rinel has joined the line.

Rinel smiles to Sparte. "Hello, Master Fatchforth."

Wynna has joined the Observation Seating.

Oswyn has joined the Observation Seating.

Wynna absently waves Sparte and Rinel over while Rinel is waiting.

Rinel has joined the Observation Seating.

Sparte lifts a hand in recognition of Rinel and Wynna's greeting as he makes his way into the Academy. He moves to the book drop, returning a few texts from his belongings that he had out for some purpose or another. Making his way over to Rinel to say something quietly.

Oswyn looks up when Sparte gets close enough for him to recognize and offers a close-lipped smile at the guardsman along with a slight nod.

Bianca chuckled softly at something spoken between herself and Lucita.

Lucita nods slowly and murmurs one other thing before making way for someone else to consult with Bianca.

Sparte has joined the Observation Seating.

Bianca nodded though with that murmur she replied, calling Lucita to linger a moment longer with her question spoken.

Sparte nods a little in recognition to the answer Rinel gives him, glancing towards Bianca and Lucita a moment before saying something else in general to those at the observation seating. He gives Oswyn a grin as he does so.

Lucita nods once again. "Thank you so much for the recommendations and information. I don't want to take up more than my share of time and know others await you. Perhaps we can talk again later.

Bianca dipped a nod as well. "Be safe, Baroness. May your perception of our world be broadened... and it has been good to see you. I would like to speak again very much."

Lucita rises and on turning spots Sparte, giving him a smile. She waddles toward the entry but pauses to speak to him in a low tone.

Sparte settles in with the scholars, lifting a hand to Lucita in a friendly gesture before turning to converse quietly with the others nearby.

Turn in line: Rinel

Bianca lifted her gaze from a message passed to her by some Scholar then her smile lifted toward those gathered, gesturing Rinel over.

Clara, the shy squire arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

Wynna has left the Observation Seating.

Delion, the mild-mannered scribe have been dismissed.

Wynna has joined the Observation Seating.

Wynna has left the Observation Seating.

Wynna has joined the Observation Seating.

3 Fidante House Guards, Sir Fernando of the Knights of Roses, Clara, the shy squire arrive, following Ignacio.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

Bianca was currently seated at the Magister's desk at the front of the room, waiting for Rinel to come ooooooon down~!

Oswyn speaks quietly with Wynna and Sparte over at the observation seating.

Ignacio has joined the line.

Ignacio enters the Academy without trying to make a large scene, but perhaps the dark haired man entering with knights and house guard with him can't do this easily. He just politely clasps his hands behind his back as he waits to speak with the Archscholar.

Rinel has left the Observation Seating.

Rinel has joined the Teachers Desk.

Bianca leaned back as she listened to Rinel, gaze straying and a nod was offered to Ignacio from her distant place before attention refocused on the young scholar.

Bianca chatted with Rinel, seeming engulfed by whatever information was being exchanged.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

Bianca is seated at the Magister's desk, speaking with Rinel at the moment as the others socialized quietly in their own groupings.

Rinel inclines her head. "Yes, Archscholar."

Ignacio stands idly by, not too far from the Magister's desk, but far enough. He has his hands clasped behind his back, seemingly waiting patiently.

Sparte is sitting and chatting with Wynna and Oswyn. It seems a friendly discussion.

Bianca's brow lifted with a slight gentle laugh toward Rinel, "Do you need to think about it?"

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second leave, following Margerie.

Wynna has joined the line.

Bianca chuckled softly, rising with Rinel as the woman bowed. "Congratulations again and I will see you in the morning. Try to get some rest."

Rinel stands shakily, wide-eyed. She nods mutely at Bianca and makes her way back to the other scholars, where she plops down heavily next to Wynna.

Rinel has left the Teachers Desk.

Rinel has joined the Observation Seating.

Sparte looks between Rinel and Bianca curiously.

Sparte has joined the line.

Turn in line: Ignacio

Bianca's smile turned, "Lord Ignacio... if you would join me?" She gestured to the chair across from her.

Ignacio has joined the Teachers Desk.

Letting his hands unclasp, Ignacio approaches Bianca at her desk as he sits down. He makes no effort to have hushed tones, but once his words are spoken, there doesn't seem to be any need for such, "It is good to finally meet you Archscholar. It is good to have a face to go with our correspondence. I have used the academy the scholars have provided to the public and to show my gratitude, I offer my services as an arms instructor. I also can provide other instruction which we can discuss when is more appropriate."

Wynna looks on approvingly towards Ignacio, bobbing her head.

Bianca inclined her head with a warm, though subdued smile. "The pleasure is all mine, my lord. There is a minor bit of testing that goes into gaining the title of a teacher of the Academy, would you be opposed to such a thing? We simply like to ensure our teachers are knowledgeable and educated in the ways of teaching prior to accepting them as staff members."

"I wouldn't expect any less. Shall we schedule this testing?" Ignacio asks as he drapes an arm over the back of his chair, "I will be able to take one student per week however, considering other obligations I have, I hope this will be acceptable as well?"

Bianca gestured outward, "Get acquainted with the Academy and learn which study materials you will need then you can schedule your testing. I do not give them personally, but any Scholar or member of the Academy ranked as Docent or higher can give it. And yes, that would be acceptable, of course. That is all we ask for when joining the teaching program anyway for fear of exhausting our teachers... though some tend to go above and beyond." Her pale gaze strayed to the collection of Scholars nearby with a small smile before returning to Ignacio.

Oswyn gets up from his seat, slinging the strap of his satchel over his shoulder. He pauses as Wynna asks him something.

Oswyn has left the Observation Seating.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

A messenger came and went with delivery to the Archscholar. She took the missive, giving a brief glance and murmuring a letter of return to the messenger who scribbled it down. Once Scholar Duran saw to pay the man, off the messenger went!

"Very well Archscholar, I will take a look at the materials. Hopefully I will be able to assist others as I was assisted. I can not say historically, I have been much of a scholar myself, but learning is not always about books." Ignacio says to Bianca with a grin crossing his face, "After all, I tend to learn things the hard way."

Ignacio's grin was mirrored by her own subtle smile, chin tilting downward in turn. "I hope to maintain a steady staff of those both educated traditionally and by experience. Both are invaluable in the pursuit of education and I look forward to seeing both your progression and your reverence of Vellichor via passing on your hard won knowledge. Did you have any other questions for me?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

"I do not believe I have any at this moment. Is there anything you would like to mention to me before I make my squire read all the materials and tell me the important parts?" Ignacio says to Bianca as he hooks his thumb over to Clara with the same grin on his face, it is unclear whether or not he is joking, but Clara doesn't look amused.

Rinel checked command + teaching at difficulty 13, rolling 31 higher.

Bianca's lips curled to a small smirk. "Nothing comes immediately to mind, my lord." She rose, hand lifting to her heart and head bowing. "May your perception of our world be broadened."

Pushing himself to his feet, Ignacio gives Bianca a slight bow, "Stay safe Archscholar. I am sure we will cross paths a bit more often now." He steps away from the desk, letting whom ever is waiting to go to Bianca next.

Ignacio has left the Teachers Desk.

Turn in line: Wynna

Bianca turned, gesturing Wynna over. "Scholar Wynna, if you have a moment?"

Wynna blinks, glancing up and coming to a prompt stand, bowing her head. "Of course, Archscholar." She heads on over.

Wynna has left the Observation Seating.

Wynna has joined the Teachers Desk.

The Fidante Lord's squire Clara leans over to him, whispering something to him. Ignacio nods to Clara in understand, "Yes, you are right. We are likely running late." He turns, offering a wave over to the Observation Seating to Sparte and Rinel as he heads for the door.

Sparte raises a hand in a ready return wave, giving Ignacio a friendly smile.

3 Fidante House Guards, Sir Fernando of the Knights of Roses, Clara, the shy squire leave, following Ignacio.

Bianca chuckled at something said at the front desk.

Wynna has gone through a variety of emotions at the desk as well, though she's settled on a somewhat subdued posture of pridefulness.

Wynna laughs quietly, bowing her head again. "Please do, Archscholar. And thank you."

Wynna steps away back to the tables, looking a little dazed.

Wynna has left the Teachers Desk.

Wynna has joined the Observation Seating.

Bianca rose to offer Wynna a small bow and another warm smile before hand lifted to gesture Sparte over!

Turn in line: Sparte

Sparte rises up, giving a friendly smile to Wynna in passing as he heads over to sit with the Archscholar.

Sparte has left the Observation Seating.

Sparte has joined the Teachers Desk.

Rinel starts laughing in delight.

Rinel throws her arms around Wynna and pulls her into a brief hug. "I should have known that once you joined the discipleship you'd climb its ranks." She pulls back slightly and gives the woman a faux-serious stare. "You don't get to go any higher. That's godsworn territory."

Wynna nods quickly to Rinel, putting a placating finger on her chin. "I know, I know."

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