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Paint & Wine Night

Princess Katarina Valardin and Princess Denica Thrax will be hosting a social gathering at the Eidoolon Gallery. Whether you're passionate for the arts or a more casual participant looking for an opportunity to relax and meet new people, there's surely something to be enjoyed for everyone.

The hostesses will provide the drinks and the art supplies. Guests only need to bring themselves and prepare to have a good time.


May 12, 2018, 5:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Denica Katarina


Reese Jayanthi Amari Sparte Kenna Briseis Sasiri Vanora Coraline Signe Elara(RIP) Sabella Lisebet Mae Niklas



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Eidolon Gallery

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Comments and Log

Another place Lisebet has never been, so when she walks into the Gallery, she's looking everywhere, very much a tourist! She smiles, waving to anyone she sees that she might recognize. "Hello, I'm not too late, am I?" she asks.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Amari.

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

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"You're actually just in time," Katarina calls out from the center of the gallery, stepping into plain view with a bright smile aimed toward Lisebet. "Welcome!" Just behind her, a trio of artsy stations have been set up in respective corners. "I'm so glad you could make it, Lady Lisebet. Maybe now, I'll tease you with a few details for the trip we're taking. Get the imagination an extra boost, before we go."

4 Grimhall House Guards, Serena, a charming lady-in-waiting arrive, following Vanora.

Briseis is ALL about the arts or meeting new people, perhaps, as she arrives looking a little unfamiliar with her surroundings. New? YES. "Am I in the right place for the painting thing going on?" she asks, zeroing in the first living being. This is Lisbet. Who she recognizes a /bit/. Then when Katarina speaks, there's another glint of familiarity, and nod towards the princess. "Nice to see you both again, Highness, Lady. So, just take any old seat anywhere?"

Lisebet smiles at Katarina, offering a respectful nod of her head. "Princess, it's nice to see you again. And thank you. I do look forward to the trip, and maybe a few details. I am not entirely sure that my imagination needs any boost, but I suspect it won't hurt." She then hears another voice and she grins. "That's exactly the same question I asked," she says to Briseis.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Denica is here! She's totally here! Denica doesn't say it aloud, but from the way she sneaks herself into the room until she's standing beside Katarina. "Hi there! Welcome everybody!" Denica grins, holding out her arms. "We have all the canvases set up, so just pick one, grab a drink and get to painting!"

Signe arrives just in time for classy gathering of amateur artists with wine. Accompaning her is an excitable four legged canine with thick black and white fur and eager to receive affection. Once inside she makes herself known, loudly calling out, "Princess Katarina!" Waving near the door before a few more steps would draw the decently dressed Northerner towards the others. "This is so great for you organize!" Clearly she's excited. "Will it be with our fingers?!"

The Lady Vanora Grimhall walks into the gallery, looking around for familiar faces with a warm smile on her lips. It brightens when she sees Katarina among the others gathered, one familiar face to add a bit of comfort. "Highness! Kat! It's so good to see you again." The princess is greeted with Lycene air-kisses to each cheek, and then she inquires "Do you know anyone else here? I'm afraid I do not." She does overhear Lisebet and inquires 'What trip? I've been meaning to talk to you about traveling myself. Soon." Denica appears to get everyone settled and thus reveals herself as the hostess. "Princess Denica? It is a sincere pleasure to meet you. Vanora Grimhall." Lets get that introduction out of the way so that anyone wishing to snub her has their chance.

Soft steps are heard as Sasiri enters the Gallery not to far behind Lisebet. Sending a kind smile that way she offers a curtsey to those present before moving further in. "Hello! I heard there was to be painting? I'm Sasiri Whisper by the way, a pleasure to meet everyone." She peers around curiously, obviously excited as she moves towards one of the art stations. As someone speaks of painting with their finger she raises a hand to cover the fact that she is giggling.

Amari arrives by her lonesome, leaving her green cloaked guards outside so they won't be tempted to do art while on duty or something. It's hard to miss Katarina and Denica in the middle of the gallery, so that's where she goes to offer a proper little curtsey to both. "Your Highnesses. It's a pleasure to see you both again." She greets, before smiling at Lisebeth, "Lady Farshaw." Everyone else either already here or filtering in are regarded curiously, and with Sasiri's introduction given, she replies likewise with a smile, "I'm Lady Amari Keaton."

Katarina smiles brightly, her reception warm for each new arrival. "Goodwoman Briseis, I'm glad you could make it! We actually snuck in a little bit of a variety just in case people wanted to try more than painting; clay sculpting and a pottery wheel," she reveals with gracious enthusiasm, gesturing to the areas behind her. "Pick wherever you like, ladies," she calls, echoing Denica. "And be sure to grab wine, bubbly, or even rum or whisky on the way over! It's time to let your hair loose, giggle, and have fun!"

Atila leaves, following Signe.

"Lady Lisebet Farshaw," Lisebet introduces herself, for those who haven't yet met her. "And it's lovely to see everyone again and meet a few new people." She takes her queue from Katarina's words, moving to get a glass of wine, and then finding one of those already set up canvases. "Whisper Sasiri, I think I have seen you before, at least briefly?" She sips her wine, not yet worried about starting painting, but glancing around to greet everyone.

Briseis grins back towards Lisebet. "Oh great, I don't feel so bad having to ask then," she says on a laugh, before overhearing Signe's question and eyeing the canvases speculatively. "Fingers? I think I'll have a hard enough time with the brush!" As Katarina mentions other mediums to work with, though, Briseis eyes them, sizing them up, considering. More variety, eh? "I might try pottery. I could make a nice vase. Or something." Since introductions are in style, she adds her own, "Briseis Morgan. A pleasure to meet you all."

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"Welcome, all of you. Lady Signe, good to see you again," she grins a bit and tilts her head. "Well I wasn't thinking specifically finger painting," she says. "But I am certainly not going to stop you if you wanna get good and messy! Just try not to ruin that lovely dress." She gives another grin as she makes her rounds, inclining her head to Vanor, whom she seems to have no intention of snubbing tonight. "Lady Vanora, I'm so glad you could make it," she says. "And the rest of you," she grins broadly. "Lady Amari? You get over here!" Denica moves to the Lady to offer a tight embrace before pointing to the art supplies. "So glad you could make it! Now, go forth and create!" Denica beams, she looks quite excited, casting a glance to Katarina. "Oh you brought rum! Excellent, I shall make the most of this," she decides, moving over to pour a glass for herself.

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Sasiri smiles warmly to Amari in return and inclines her head as the other introduces herself. Looking to Lisebet now she turns thoughtful. "Perhaps you have Lady Farshaw, I daresay you -do- look a bit familiar." She takes up a position at an easel and starts taking stock of the availible supplies and prepping her workspace with an ease that suggests familiarity with the hobby.

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Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, following Kenna.

Katarina touches her fingers lightly to Vanora's shoulder. "I'm glad you could make it, Lady Grimhall," she enthuses, pointing her fingers toward Lisebet, Sasiri and Signe. "Have you met these visions of beauty? Lady Lisebet of House Farshaw, Mistress Sasiri Whisper the ambitious architect, and Lady Signe the Vibrantly Untamed," she titles each woman with a bubbly laugh in her brief introductions, then pauses to scope the room and point out Amari, Briseis, and Jayanthi.

"Over there? Lady Amari of House Keaton, frightfully brilliant with the headache-inducing nuances of law. I believe that's Goodwoman Briseis, relatively new in the city but delightfully witty. She kept up with Master Voss just fine. And, last but not least? Goodwoman.... Jayanthi? I'm not yet familiar with her, but I hope to by the end of the night." This girl does her homework.

Lisebet gets a chance next to smile at Amari, inlining her head. "Lady Amari, we still have a debate topic to choose, I haven't forgotten. Perhaps today's art will provide inspiration?" She turns to those at the easels, nearest to her, and she murmurs something softly there, before she starts to looking through the supplies, moving them to and fro - from to to fro, and then back again.

"I wouldn't have missed it. Thank you for putting this together, I bet it'll be all kinds of fun." Amari smiles as she gives Denica a friendly return embrace and looks towards the art supplies she's been pointed to. Hmm. Decisions! She flashes a brief smile at Lisebet, nods, "Which is the safest form of art for the inept, such as I? Painting... sculpture? I suppose that's not a very good debate topic, but I'm struggling."

Kenna looks slightly harassed as she enters, slowing to what was probably a run just a moment ago outside. put .5 silver in belt

Briseis pads towards a wheel (which evidently she thinks will require LESS deftness of hand to work with than painting). This is going to end well. "Pottery, I hope," she says to Amari's question, but even now she's second guessing herself. As for the rest of the names tossed around, Briseis swivels her gaze to take in each new face in turn.

Kenna looks slightly harassed as she enters, slowing to what was probably a run just a moment ago outside. Slowing as she enters she reaches up to try to impose some kind of order on her curls and spreads a smile upon her lips. Some of the faces are familiar and Kenna waves to Signe as the most familiar, with Katarina not far behind. Then eyes skimming about she'll look for what should be getting done.

Signe encourages Atila, her dog, to follow on her way towards the hands on arts 'n crafts table that was littered with various creative items to use for painting. "I have now." A cheerful tone is returned to Katarina before her gaze moves towards the women indicated, "Well met Lady Lisebet and Mistress Sadiri! Have either of you done this before? I have not." She comments while starting to mix up the paint colors to match her ideal hue, while shrugging off the offer of an apron to protect her attire. "I've gotten much worse on my attire, paint would probably be an improvement!" Then she reaches the delivered glass of wine for a sip or three to kick things off.

Signe also shoots a hand up, waving Kenna over. Atila is seated on the floor beside her, wagging his tail with familiarity.

Sometimes people show up to events with a plan to participate, other times they've just heard something is going in an pop in to see what all the noise is about. For Sparte, this is the second sort of time. He quickly moves off to the side once inside, trying not to be in the way while looking around curiously.

Lisebet murmurs something to Jayanthi, and then she laughs, calling over to Signe. "I have not, so this should be a challenge, I think. But I do expect it to be fun." She however does put the apron on, protecting her attire.

Princess Sally Acorn catches sight of Atila and squeaks once before diving under Kenna's hair. "Oh bother, come on," Kenna's not watching where she is going as she edges around the room to meet that waving hand. She's not particularly watching where she's going as she walks and tries to coax Sally back into the light . If she runs into Sparte... well. Oops.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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Denica squeezes Amari tight before releasing her and pointing back to the paints and whatever else catches her eye. "Well," she watches everybody showing up and introducing themselves, and than there's a big smile as Sparte enters and she waves. "Master Sparte! Here to show us your art skills?" she wonders. "Come, set yourself up!" Denica is having none of the 'set yourself up' approach, apparently, but she grins brightly, and what she hopes is disarmingly towards him. To Amari, Denica says. "I'll be painting a bit but I'll be walking around so much I don't know how I can finish anything. Buuuut, do whatever looks the most fun to you!"

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Jayanthi reaches for one of the cups of coffee served at the bar. She takes a sip with here eyes closed. "Beautiful! A well lit place that really encourages the creation of art!" She then proceeds to make a formal presentation. "I'm afraid that I'm seeing a lot of new faces! I'm Hayanthi Hawkeye, It's a pleasure to be part of this grand event." She takes another sip. "Well, Lisebet, you are going to have a lot of fun!" she chuckles.

Briefly distracted with a missive of some other, Katarina swipes a flute of bubbly champagne from a tray and glides over toward one of the potter's wheels unoccupied. "I've always considered myself steady with my hands, but who knows how this is going to go the further we get into our glasses?" she muses to Briseis, awkwardly looking over their supplies. "... I'll admit, I've only ever seen this done /once/. But, that's enough righT?"

Sabella steps through the doors, pulling a reluctant looking Niklas Kennex with her, "It wil be fun! Well, if anyone is here, since we're late. But maybe that will mean all the paint is used up and we don't actually have to show anyone how terrible we are at physical art!"

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"AHA. Ok, I'm getting this. Wheel, clay," Briseis seems to saying to herself, patting one, then the other. Wine, too, is in hand before she gets them all muddy. She sips, deposits what looks to be a sufficient quantity of clay in the center of wheel after leaning and eyeballing someone looking more artist-in-residence than she doing the same. She laughs towards Katarina. "Once more than me. Do you do a lot of art, highness?"

As she prepares to begin her own painting Sasiri glances over at Signe. "I have. Mostly I work as an architect or interior designer but sometimes I create paintings and sculpture to go with the furnishings and room designs I come up with for my clients." She smiles kindly and begins to start work. The painting begins to gain color, soft greens and greys go on at first as Sasiri paints the base for a lightly forested area with an old ruin in its center.

Denica sets herself up near the painters, but her gaze goes over to Sabella and she beams waving towards her. "Always welcome," Denica promises. "Your Highness, it's such a pleasure to see you again. How does the evening find you. Have you come to paint or sculpt perhaps?" she wonders, sipping her rum.

"If the paint is all gone then that'll mean the wine probably is, too. So I'll want to head somewhere else quickly." Niklas follows Sabella in to the drinking and painting event, his vielle strapped to his back, looking rather dubious. "I'm not sure I'm up to this gloomy place if there's not plenty of alcohol on hand."

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Wait, Amari! The first thing to do is get inspired (drunk). "I'll try all of it. First, the painting..." She says, but of course, she veers right off to the small bar and fills a glass of wine for herself. Thus prepared, she heads for the easels, finds a blank canvas and stares at it, really hard. Nothing. A sip of wine is had, then she sets the glass down to trade it for an apron and a brush.

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A finger dips into a one of the bowls of mixed paints she had arranged around the table consisting of bright colors. Signe spreads a vibrant coat of green along the canvas in no particular design, in fact her eyes are still upon the pair of women Katarina had introduced to her moments ago, Sasiri and Lisebet. "That is how all things should be. No matter what the end results are." Her attentions do focus on the Whisper, "How wonderful! In Stonedeep, our lands, we have the most impressive sculptors. It's fantastic just how creative they can be." She comments while painting blindly.

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Katarina catches sight of Sabella and Niklas, her flute of champagne lifted in welcoming toast. "Your Highness, mi'lord, I'm glad you could make it to our event! Please, grab yourself a glass of wine, champagne, or any of the spirits! We've got painting, arts and crafts, and potters' wheels to try at your leisure," she turns her eyes back to Briseis with a laugh. "No, I'm afraid not. It's really Princess Denica," she points at her co-hostess. "who's the more artistically inclined of the pair of us. I'm glad she's here, in case people really wanted instruction."

Lisebet chuckles softly, drinking some more wine, and staring at her empty canvas. She glances up when more folks come in, waving a brush and smiling. Though she leaves greeting to the hostesses with the mostest. She then dips her brush into a red, mixing it a bit to get a red orange colour that is only a bit too brown, and she starts to put some color on the canvas.

Kenna finally gets Sally to come out from her hair and now the red squirrel is curled up in the crook of one of Kenna's arms. Drawing closer to the painters Kenna wiggles her fingers once on her non-squirrel hand. "Are we drinking first, or trying to do something with art?" Tossed out to the room at large.

Sabella smiles brightly at Denica, "I think painting unless you're sure clay comes out of silk," she replies with a laugh, giving waves and smiles to everyone whether she knows them or not! This was such a wonderful idea for an event! So creative!"

Sparte spins around when Denica calls out, which is good - it puts him out of Kenna's squirrely wrath path entirely by chance. "Oh, princess. Is... Is this your event?" Sparte looks around. "Is it some sort of painting workshop? It looks lovely. I'm not really sure I have any inspiration right now, just, ah, came by to see what was going on."

Niklas leans over to kiss Sabella on her cheek, then walks to get her a flute of sparkling wine and himself a glass of something a little harder. When he walks back he stops in front of the painting Suffer to Live and tilts his head, then exhales slowly and returns to Sabella. "Marquessa Lianne needs to meet some painters who can do some nice pastorals. Maybe with some cows or sheep." He walks with her over to a blank canvas, gulps down his drink and shrugs. "Hey, maybe I've secretly been an artistic genius my whole life and didn't know because I never tried." He grabs up some paint, dabs at it with his paintbrush and starts.

Niklas checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 14 lower.

Niklas accidentally knocks his canvas over and then spills wine on it. "Nope. I'm very bad."

Briseis glances in Denica's direction as Katarina points her out again, curious, but also maybe identifying where she's at for any emergency situations that arise pot-ing. "So what's your passions then, your highness? I think you were talking something about an expedition the other day?" She starts -- which is like not instantaneously bad. She takes a good sip of wine, sets it aside, and goes to work on balling up the clay, wetting her hands and then begins to create what will probably be the worst birthday gift ever for someone. Probably some hapless family member.

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Denica giggles towards Sabella. "Clay... can get cleaned up, sometimes. Other times it stays there forever," she grins. "So, paint it is then? Come join us and grab something to drink!" she says with a beaming smile, her gaze casting back over to Sparte. "It is! Well you can have a seat at a canvas and if inspiration strikes just... go nuts! Can grab a drink and just mingle of course, just have fun!"

Kenna is absolutely on her way to say hello to Signe soon, but the painters table is where she pauses. The wine catches her attention and she goes to take it up in her non squirrel hand. Salley gets settled on the table and promptly decides that the paint needs... investigated. What's the harm in a squirrel running around with red feet, right?

Amari is drinking and painting, at the same time. Well, more drinking than painting. She's just standing before the blank canvas with brush in one hand, glass in the other. A distraction is well appreciated, so when she hears Princess Sabella's familiar voice she offers a polite dip of her head. "Hello, Princess Sabella. We meet again." She makes that last sound just slightly ominous, but she's smiling, more so when Niklas attempts to do art. "Oh, Lord Kennex... It's fine!" She winces through that, so her reassurance is a bit hollow. "Maybe I should try pottery."

Lisebet has some more wine, and continues to experiment with reds and oranges, vibrant and bright except where they overlap too much, in a dull brownish sort of colour. "I think you are right, Lady Amari, that's perhaps not a topic for a de- " It's not party until someone spills a drink maybe? "M'Lord Kennex, Princess Sabella, good to see you both again. Thank you for making it a party," she suggests, eyes gleaming momentarily with amusement.

Niklas is grimacing at the mess he's made, but when Amari assures him that it's fine he turns to look at her. "You think it can be salvaged? I-" and then his elbow bumps his palette, knocking it paint down onto his canvas. He looks down at the disaster and heaves a rather gloomy sigh. "Okay, well, probably not now."

"I don't know that you'd be terribly bad," Katarina calls toward Niklas, a glance spared toward the canvas and the splashed wine with a fleeting wince. "I bet Princess Denica could show you some easy techniques to make it easier, or you can try the potters' wheel with us?" Her foot gently works the rotations of her wheel, speeding it up until the wet and slick clay square begins to soften under her awkwardly rotating hands. "My passions? I have many passions, many of them tied into discovering knowledge, philantrophy, and bettering the environment around me," she muses to Briseis. "And what are yours?" Her little project looks sad, so very sad. A lumpy, lumpy amalgamation of shapes.

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"O-oh. Well, ah, I guess. Alright." Sparte makes his way over to one of the free canvases and sort of stares at it for a little while. Any day, inspiration. He glances around at what other people are working on, possibly to steal an idea.

Sabella moves over to the paints and then stares at Niklas before bursting out laughing, "I like it! accidental art. Maybe you'll start a craze." she also snags a glass of champage because she is probably going to need it. "Lady Amari, Lady Kenna! Lady Lisebet! Hello!" she considers are canvas a moment, striking a very thoughtful pose. "...honesty I'm a little intimidated now. Lord Niklas did such an amazing job. Nothing I might do could compare!"

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Elara makes her way into the event with a rustle of her skirts and sweep of her gaze. For once she actually shows a bit of a smile as she takes in the event. Then Sabella's laughter draws her over to give witness to Niklas' disaster. As she does her eyes widen and her smile blossoms briefly, flashing teeth, before a hand rises to cover it. "Oh my dear Niklas, what -have- you done?" She asks him sweetly.

Sabella checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

"Everybody is doing an incredible job," Denica says, beaming towards Sabella. "Don't worry about what he made, don't try to make what he made. I want you to make Princess Sabella Grayson's painting, and it will be the only one like it in the world, and that makes it special," Denica promises her, attention moving back to Sparte again with an amused look. "Really, Master Sparte, there's no pressure, I would just like for you to enjoy yourself!"

It's totally fine, and then it's so not. Amari watches the disaster continue to unfold as Niklas does further damage to the canvas, but she's going to be positive. "If you squint, it sort of looks like a sunset? Maybe if you made the wine look like water and blended it at the bottom more." She gestures with her still dry brush like she has some idea of what she might be doing. There's a smile over to Lady Lisebet and slow nod. "Definitely not. I think there is a debate coming up soon in regard to art? Or was it something else?"

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Kenna looks up from her drinking to the sound of her name, taking her eyes off of Sally for a critical moment. "Princess Sabella!" KEnna's wine glass gets raised to the princess in return. Sally however is OFF. She's leaving little red footprints behind her as she trots over to Amari's blank canvas to be helpful (not really) and leave footprints there.

"It's awful fun so far, and with -- this," Briseis raises her hands, now all muddy, and enthuses to Niklas of the pottery business, "if you make a mess, it's fine!" She nods towards Katarina. "A little of the same: I'm a scholar. I used to spend quite a bit of time in the Archives of Sanctum before coming here. But it just wasn't enough. I came to Arx -- to join the Inquisition. But I found the Archives here the other day, so ironically I've had my nose buried in books more than I've actually fought any injustice yet."

Niklas squats down and starts prying his paint board off of his canvas. "Sabella, please don't make fun of me. I'm suddenly a very sensitive artist and I'm not sure I could take it." He pushes himself back to his feet and sets the palette aside, then holds up the smeary mess he's created. Amari gets a nod for her positivity. "Ah, Summer in the Vineyard." Then he turns it upside down and says, "Or Winter in the Marches?" He turns it on its side and his eyebrows pull together. "Huh. This looks kind of like High Lord Victus." When Elara comes over to gloat he looks up and says, "Oh, this could only be worse if one of my awful sisters was here." He then looks over, "Oh, hello Elara!"

Sabella concentrates and really, really tries! She mostly sticks to blues and greens, with a yellow stripe at the bottom, a yellow circle in the sky and a couple of blobby orange things at the bottom. It looks sort of like something a five year old might do. She grins at Elara as she comes over, "He's making art!" she says proudly.

Jayanthi takes some oranges, yellows and reds, after taking another sip of her coffee that was starting to get cold. With a fine brush she adds some elements that start to make the painting look more alive. Her smock was starting to get messy but she didn't care. "Princess Sabella! Glad to see you again!" Jayanthi then returned to her work.

"Well now, Lord Niklas," Denica rises from her seat to look around at all the work that's being made, she smiles towards him. "That's an interesting technique," she offers over to him. "A lovely erm... It's beautiful!" She smiles to him, and looks around some more of the paintings and some of the pottery being made. She looks over to Amari. "Well, art isn't up for debate!" Denica grins. "It is whatever you say it is, or whatever people see in it, and if they see nothing, than they're not looking hard enough. All art has meaning because we're giving of ourselves to the canvas, or the clay or paper."

"So he is, so you are," Elara says as her smile is back under control. She eyes the disaster on the canvas in Niklas' hand. "Nice to see you too, Nik," She says and turns on a heel. "I was going to offer to help you fix it, but never mind." And off she goes to get herself a glass of wine and a palette of paint.

Lisebet checks how everyone is doing around the painters circle, giving up momentarily as she sips - or is that gulps - some wine. And then she tries switching to some green, almost emerald, dotting in leaflike patterns. it's abstract, certainly, but kind of symmetrical at least. She grins at Amari and nods, "I think we shall have to come up with a different topic, but we should be able to." She's happy if nobody is looking at her art, such as it is.

Sparte eventually starts working on his painting. Not having an interest in the wine for a drink, he takes from Niklas' example and instead intentionally puts some on his canvas as part of whatever he is trying for.

"Any day now, you'll conveniently look up from your book and lock eyes with terrible injustice that needs to be stopped," Katarina assures Briseis in well-humored quip, her spinning wheel gradually slowing down to reveal a weirdly shaped, stocky vase. "Look, art!" she laughs brightly, downing her bubbly and moving to her feet.

Katarina bustles into the the heart of the event, taking a moment to watch her guests. A bubbly laugh is lost at the disaster that's Niklas' canvas, shielding it behind a palm. "If I could get everyone's attention for a moment?" she calls over the din of conversation.

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Niklas calls after Elara, "Don't be that way, 'Lara! You aren't one of my awful sisters!" He turns to look at what Sabella has painted and says, "Cecilia and Renny are the awful ones. Elara and Tavi are the dreadful ones. This is beautiful, Sabella. Is it tigers on the hunt on a Eurusi plain?"

Sabella goes from smiling at her terrible painting, to frowning once Niklas asks what it is. "It's Steve!" she says like that should be obvious! Then she looks over at Katarina as she speaks up. "...if he were blue." she amends to her explanation to Nik.

When Amari next looks back to her canvas it's not so blank anymore. Vaguely puzzled, she looks at her brush, still absent paint and then back to the red marks on canvas. She leans in to peer at them, then straightens. "Weird." She murmurs to herself, before stepping forward and looking behind the easel incase there's a tiny painter hiding back there. Nope. She'll step back, have a generous drink of wine and arch a brow at Niklas' work. "That could be High Lord Victus, at the Vineyard." She's about to say something to Lisebeth when Katarina calls for everyone's attention. She politely turns her way and keeps quiet for the announcement.

Elara started to get a palette only to note that the canvases are all taken. So instead she picks up an apron and ties it on. Grabbing a hunk of porceline clay she begins to knead it and round it into a ball. Niklas' words earn him a glare, though it is probably playful, before turning away huffily to sip her wine. Then to the wheels she goes with her clay, water, sponge, and tools. Time for her to throw down and get messy.

Elara checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Lisebet looks at Niklas' artwork consideringly, but then turns her attention to listen to Katarina at her call. Quietly, she sets her brush down, so as to pay attention properly.

Signe's efforts on the canvas and paints are terrible, draped lines with no significant pattern where it would even fail to be considered abstract. More colors are introduced, blues, yellows, and reds as she strokes along the rough surface with a color coated finger tip. She's dedicated to keeping the wine at her lips though, the glass raises and lowers every minute or so. The finger keeps moving when her eyes move to Katarina.

Briseis's own creation being tilted at a wrong angle, with a gaping hole in the middle that probably leads to the ABYSS, is hardly in a position to judge. Kat's is given an approving nod and laugh. She looks up with the announcement, though, picking up her glass to drain the rest of her wine and leave some great muddy fingerprints on it for someone to have to wipe clean later on. Whoops.

Having successfully gotten her footprints alllll over Amari's painting Sally's continuing to step down the table. With the attention on Katarina it just means more canvass she can leave her coloured footprints across, as well as some brush-like marks from her tail. Kenna looks up when Katarina's calls out, completely oblivious to whatever

*oblivious to Sally's helpful art-additions.

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Sparte checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 5 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 14, rolling 19 higher.

Denica pauses in all of her little surveying of everybody's work and looks over to Katarina, sipping her rum idly with a dip of her head towards her co-host.

Sparte drops The Stoat and The Hare.

Sparte is finishing up details on his own contribution to the evening when the calls goes up, Sparte looking over to Katarina curiously.

When all eyes are upon her, Katarina lifts her clay-smeared palm in a bashful wave toward the group. "I hope everyone's having a good time, getting their hands - or the floor - messy," a look to Niklas. "But that's only half of the fun, seeing what that picture in your mind looks like when you try to translate it into reality."

She stops, holding up her own lopsided vase that tilts over like a wilted flower at the top. "This vase? It /definitely/ looked better in my head," she shows it off with a gleam of pride, her laughter bright. "The other half of the fun though, is getting to mix up your social circles and meet new people. So, let's mix it up a little bit. I'm going to pick a person, randomly. Introduce yourself, tell us something fun you like to do, and then point to another person and ask them something else!"

She spins herself a round, a little off-kilter from her champagne sipping, and stops to point at ... Signe! "I'm Princess Katarina Valardin. When I was younger, I buried my elder brother in the sands up to his neck in the dunes and sang him terrible songs until he gave up and granted me my own camel."

Niklas nods grimly at Sabella's painting. "Aah, I see it now. Looks exactly like her." He gives Sabella a smile, "I love it. You should give it to Elara so she always has the reminder of Steve when I've moved out to become a Grayson."

Kenna has to put a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling when Katarina spins about and points to Signe abruptly. Looking down she abruptly realizes that Sally isn't where Kenna put her down. Blue eyes dart up to see if she can find where in the world the red squirrel went to, and go to make a grab for the creature. She's over there now, considering Sabella's painting, most specifically, if the squirrel should climb it like a tree. It's a bit rude to push through a crowd to try to catch it so Kenna tries to mutter/whisper to Sabella instead before the squirrel can decide.

Kenna mutters, "Sabella! Sally's about to ... on ... ... - ... ... grab her?"

Briseis can't help but spy the completed artwork Sparte has made, and blinks. Now, she's not a painter or normally a big art lover /either/, but she does spend a few moments looking at it and speculating over its meaning and the artist's vision. Katarina's "get to know your fellow party-goers" invitation has the Morgan's attention returning to the royal afterwards. She looks really amused at the imagery, setting her glass down atop a table, and awaits Signe's turn next.

"You're so thoughtful, Nik," Elara says from the wheel as it gets up to speed. It seems she knows exactly what she is doing as she begins to center and then begins to build the lump up into something. She is quite intent and focused on her shaping. Water is added carefully, sponge or tool held at the ready. As she works the piece it quickly begins to take shape into a goblet. At least the top part of one. A tall fluted thing with a simple rolled lip. But below it is still a mound of more clay. Slowing the wheel she cuts the cup off with her wire and sets it carefully aside. Then she begins to speed the wheel up and work on the remaining clay. Apparently shaping the bottom of the cup by the look of it.

"So you can paint!" Denica says from over Sparte's shoulder, admiring his work. "This is very good!" Denica rises and considers for a few moments. "If anybody was looking for some pointers or advice on techniques, please don't hesitate to ask!" she says, looking to Signe, curious about whatever she may say.

Sparte nearly jumps when Denica speaks up, giving her a nervous smile. "A-a little, I guess. Can't really make good maps without learning the basics." Sparte glances around, picking up his cup for the paint water and holding it in hand like he might be taking a sip from it soon.

Katarina glimpses at Signe, then points her finger toward Niklas. "What about you, mi'lord?"

Sabella paying more attention to Katarina and her ice breaker game, she reaches out instinctively because Kenna asks her to and there's a moment where nothing particularly interesting happens. That lasts about a second before Sabella looks down and screams, since her hands are now holding a wiggly squirrel, "A RAT!" She shrieks, tossing it up into the air as she wheels backwards, probably right into poor Kenna, knocking over her canvas in the process, which tips into Niklas' and knocks his over as well. Again. "AH! AH! THERE'S A RAT IN HERE!"

Elara checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 26 higher.

Katarina checked composure + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 15 lower.

Kenna is overheard praising Sabella for: A squirrel isn't a rat, but if you've had enough to drink it's easy to confuse them.

Elara checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kenna checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Briseis is probably past pointers with how her work has gone, but she is eyeing some of the work Ellara is doing now. It's evidently way more fun watching what other creative people in the room come up with than salvaging the piece of crap on her own wheel. "You evidently HAVE been at this before," she says, with a bright smile, before hearing the screaming. "On canvas? OH wait, no, not if she's bolting like that."

It is a good thing Elara had just finished with the goblet's handle when the screaming started. The wheel is left to stop spinning and her head comes up in surprise. Suddenly she is on her feet staring at Sabella and looking like... nope she does climb up on her stool. "A -RAT-?" Did Elara just actually yell?!

Signe paused in her master disaster of art piece as a game was about to begin. With Katarina's admission the young shaman chuckles into her wine glass, "See I knew I liked you." She laughs just before taking her turn, "I'm Lady Signe Nightgold, I'm a shaman for House Nightgold and I talk with spirits. For fun I really enjoy playing pranks on my family. Usually they're harmless. The last one was putting jam in my Uncle Brogan's boots. I think this time I'll put this cologne in his perfumes. I hear it takes days to wash out." She reaches into her satchel to remove the scent in question, showing all before pointing to Briseis, "Your turn!" But all is broken loose as a rat was discovered. "Aww... don't step on it!" She warned others.

Signe gets Ode de Skunk from a half-moon satchel carved from a fine wolf pelt.

"My name is Lord Niklas Kennex for now, though unless Princess Tikva gets tired of the headaches I'm causing her I will be Prince Niklas Grayson by the end of autumn." Niklas pauses to think of something fun about him, but then Sabella starts screaming and apparently sets off a riot. "What? Rat? Where?" When he sees the squirrel he says, "Susan?" He looks up to tell his fun fact, but Signe has gone and he shrugs. "Where'd my canv- oh, it got knocked over again. Damn it."

Kenna was leaning forward to reclaim her pet when abruptly Sabella's a) yelling, b) THROWING PRINCESS SALLY ACORN, and b) knocking into her. Kenna goes down with a yelp even as Sally chitters fearfully with ALL of her appendages spread outwards to catch herself on the first thing she can (probably Niklas' knocked over painting.) Kenna is torn between trying to help Sabella and Sally which means she doesn't really help EITHER of them. "Princess - oh, can someone catch Sally? I think she's freaked out." (The huge bristle on the squirrel's tail totally agrees with that.)

Elara manages to spot that it is in fact -not- a rat and is a squirrel. It doesn't help much, but it helps enough for her to come down off of her stool. Then she gulps down her wine and gives the squirell kerfluffle a wide berth to refill it.

Amari doesn't like start screaming and crying and running for the door, but with Sabella yelling 'rat' and crashing into easels and sending canvases flying, she does the most prudent thing; she moves. The making stuff with clay area seems a refuge of peace and calm, and seems to have a lack of woodland creatures frolicking in it, so she goes there. Once stationed there, she looks back from the relative safety of the section, wide eyed and watches the situation play out. She's forgotten to leave her brush behind, but she's not going back. She'll just hold onto it and drink her wine.

Denica shrieks over in surprise at Sabella's outburst and looks wide eyed before she finds the fuzzy companion and gives a little sigh of relief. "Maybe people should leave their... pets, at home?" Denica suggests. "Lots for them to get into in places like this," she looks back to sparte and the paint water and she reaches for the cup. "Honey, no," she says simply before he can drink it. "It's very good though, I like it," she offers, giving him a smile.

"Sorry!" Sabella apologizes to Kenna, mostly for knocking her over. It takes her a minute to get to her own feet. "Apologies!" She says to the room at large as she stands up, pretty red faced. "Ah. I don't have a lot of experience with squirrels or rats so. False alarm! Well, not on the squirrel, but on the rat?" She doesn't sound so sure. That sure looks like a bushy tailed rat to her! "...I think I need more alcohol."

Amari has left the Painter's Circle.

Jayanthi exclaimed: "Pets should stay here! They help to inspire artists and artisans." She was nearly done with her artwork and was giving the final touches. "There's beauty on the animal world. And I also like how playful they are."

Amari has joined the Hands-On Arts 'n Crafts Table.

Lisebet tries to hide behind her canvas, which means the orange red sort of forest with the greenish flowers can all be seen. Backwards a little, but it might have a red tail swish across the sky as well, from when she was not looking. She takes a deep breath as all seems to slowly go back to normal, her gaze going from one to the next fun unknown facts teller.

Briseis remains seated watching the impromptu rat/squirrel chase that's broken out. Signe is laughed at quietly for her contribution. "Jam? HA, really?" Of course, everyone is after the critter now, so should Briseis continue as she's pointed at? Probably not immediately. Instead, she tries to spot the runaway underfoot. Or leaves its recapture to its owner.

Katarina widens her eyes with alarm, fingers fisted against her mouth as canvases go flying and paint splatters across the floor. Her gaze dances between the messes made, the tangle of Grayson ladies and the scampering, suitably frightened squirrel with increasing distress creeping into her knitted brows. "Lady Kenna? If you could... perhaps, maybe..." A pause, deep breath. "Please, leave your squirrel somewhere it'll be more comfortable?" She moves to start picking up the upturned easels, a look of exasperation thrown to Jayanthi at her called words. "That may be so, Goodwoman Jayanthi. But we, at the very least, should be respectful of everyone else who might not agree with that and /try/ to show Marquessa Lianne we're appreciative of her letting us use her gallery tonight?"

Niklas carefully sets his recovered canvas back down. The squirrel footprints all over it definitely do not help it in any way. It looks even less like Victus than it did before. After thinking about it Nik turns the canvas one tic onto its Winter on the Marches side. "Hm." There is almost no chance he's not hanging this when everyone leaves to see how long it takes Lianne to notice.

Kenna's face is completely red when Sabella finally gets onto her own feet. "So sorry - she's usually very quiet." Kenna bites her lip and draws her shoulder back to look a little smaller as she manages to get into a place where she can coax Sally back into her hands. It's safe under Kenna's hair so that's where the squirrel is going to DISAPPEAR TO leaving red streaks on Kenna's neck, face and hair. "I'm so so sorry." Meekness is not natural for Kenna as she takes herself off to one side firmly OUT of the way, but she's gonna do it anyway.

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"...I really thought it was a rat." Sabella says to no one in particular, still blushing pretty badly. She picks up her painting and sets it right to dry, then heads over towards Kenna, probably to apologize again!

Sabella has joined the bar by the entrance.

Lisebet pauses for a moment, as she listens, and then she says, softly, "It's alright, Princess Sabella, I think everyone is okay - nobody got hurt, yes? And Lady Kenna, is your squirrel okay?" she asks, though she's okay with waiting for said lady to check and make sure the squirrel is okay before replying. "So, everything else can be cleaned up, yes?" All is good, all is - there is more alcohol so all is definitely good. And at this point, Lisebet does get a refill on her glass of wine.

Amari has lost the plot, by the look of her. She's not upset, just standing there watching everything, with her paintbrush and glass still in hand. The latter she lifts to her mouth as things are being sorted out and empties in two long pulls. Thus suddenly infused with calm and inspiration and alcohol, the Keaton turns towards the nearest tub of clay. It's time to sculpt! "You sort of look like High Lord Victus." She murmurs to the block before she sets both glass and brush on the table and digs out a handful.

"Well, things certainly got a little nutty," Katarina blurts, looking after Sabella and Kenna. "I hope her squirrel's not too spooked." Her attention turns back to Briseis, picking up where they left off. "It was your turn, I believe." She reaches down, picking up a felled paintbrush to swirl into a bit of yellow paint, then slips aside to Lisebet. "It'll all be taken care of," she soothes, slowly inching her hand up to try and flick a hint of yellow onto her cheek. "Oh, look. You have a little something there. Does this mean you're a work of art now? Is it all awe-inspiring?" she jokes.

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound arrive, following Reese.

Sparte takes a sip from the cup in his hand as he stares at the going ons. A lick of his lips, then a few smacking sounds as he makes a bleck sort of face. He stares at the cup in his hand and realizes what it was. Setting aside his paint water, Sparte quietly excuses himself towards whatever passes for the washroom here.

Kenna looks upwards and nods in Lisebet's direction, but she's going to keep a LOW profile over here after causing such a scene.

Lisebet gets a flick of yellow paint on her cheek, and she laughs softly, though she does have green on her own brush, which she raises menacingly in return. "That is what I was trying to say, Your Highness," she says to Katarina, and then she has to chuckle. "I am unclear if I qualify as a work of art," she says modestly. "But certainly the art here is all very inspiring. She does catch Kenna's nod and that gets a smile Kenna's way from the Farshaw lady.

Briseis isn't really bothered by the little escapee, offering, "Some of us started with a mess anyway, it's not like she made /that/." She grins at Katarina. "Oh right. I'm Briseis. I just came here from Sanctum, from the Morgan Family. What's fun about me? I can -- really spend more time than one probably /ought/ buried in books. I did once, back home, make myself an overnight guest of the Archive once because I was determined to read some particularly long-winded tome, then got yelled at for about a week by my blustery mother. It was probably the most rebellious thing I ever did." She pauses. "And I like lopsided pottery." She points behind her. "Next is... you!" She indicates Kenna. "The lady with the fabulous exploring critter! Which, by the way, was fine. Don't worry about it."

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Reese arrives at the gathering with her golden locks adorned with assortment of ribbons and that somber-eyed look she often has. She glances over the gallery tying to get a feel for the situations here. Smiles are given to Sabella, Katarina, Signe and Denica. She turns her attention to Briseis at her words, listening quietly.

Denica rises from her place, a curious tilt of her head given as Briseis indicates Kenna and Denica makes a little smile towards her, a quiet saunter in her direction as Denica shifts her places to settle down beside the squirrel-laden woman and giving her a small smile as she sits in close to speak quietly, all smiles.

Katarina gives a bright laugh at Briseis. "I don't think being so passionate about books is a terrible thing. You must have a very well-rounded imagination, with all the different stories and places you've visited in your mind from books?" A look down at her own lopsided vase, setting it down on a table beside her. "Yes, well," she ducks slightly at the menacing lift of Lisebet's brush, giggling. "A little more paint, and maybe you'll qualify so much that we can call you a living statue?" Reese is welcomed with a bright smile, motioning her over. "Princess Reese, hi! Don't mind the mess. It's really not mess, but "Art in Fluid Motion" as I'm inclined to call it." she gestures to the squirrel foot prints and flecks of paint here and there on the floor where they've gathered, reaching down to swirl a bright green smiley face beside it. "There!"

Denica waves to Reese excitedly towards her. "Welcome Princess Reese! Please, come and make yourself comfortable, and settle yourself down with a drink and paint, or sculpt or make some pottery! Enjoy yourslf!"

Oh, a fellow bookworm! Amari looks suitably impressed by Briseis admission of her book addiction, there's a bright smile for her and knowing nod. When Kenna is selected, she looks off towards the Whitehawk and her smile changes tone to something a bit more reassuring and polite. There's no anger burning in her eyes over squirrel hijinx. Not even a little. With the mention of lopsided vases though, she looks down at the unformed lump of clay she's squishing in her hand. It doesn't look very vase-like. Maybe it might be easier to turn it into a squirrel. She goes to work.

Sasiri has been quiet for a time now, having zoned in her focus on the painting she is doing. Now she steps back slowly observing her work that appears the be mostly finished. Its meant to be an old and worn ivy covered tower in a forested glade with the sun shining down through the tree on the worn stoneworks. She narrows her eyes, eyeing the work and its quality critically. "Hmmm..."

Sasiri checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Kenna looks up from her quiet conversation with Denica and Sabella, paint streaked over her shoulder and her hair quivering from where the squirrel is now hiding. "Really, I //am so sorry//. Kenna Whitehawk, and ah, I am probably the least qualified Iron Guard at the moment." Seriously, least. qualified. She won't keep the attention her vor very point as she picks out the last person to speak, Sasiri, "My lady with the painting that looks like a painting?"

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Coraline.

Signe checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Jayanthi grabs another cup of coffee (and this time she adds more sugar) and takes a sip. Her hair had a few drops of paint here and there, but she wasn't aware of it yet. "Impressive work! Even accidental art can be truly inspiring." she takes a better look at the finished paintings and pottery, and those that are still in progress. Jayanthi managed to traverse with agility through the gallery, even with all the people and mess inside. She fixates on Sasiri's artwork. "That tower looks familiar to me, but I can't pinpoint where it is exactly. Very nice painting!"

Lisebet chuckles at Katarina's mock duck from her paint brush, but isn't all that serious about it. "A living statue?" she asks, and then she laughs. "I don't think I stay that still, do I?" She shakes her head a bit, and says, "On the other hand, if I could, imagine the fun I could have." She gives a mock status pose, all stern and such. "Like so, and then when someone stands by me, reading a book or something, I can reach over, tap their shoulder and say, "Is that a good one? I haven't read it yet," and watch their reactions." She pauses to look over at the bookworm, thoughtfully. "Does that mean you are good at research, Mistress Briseis?" Follow up questions are allowed right. "And m'Lady Whitehawk, all is well." She too adds her own composed response about the squirrel. With Jayanthi's comment, she pauses to look at Sasiri's work too.

Reese smiles happily to Katarina and then to Coraline, seemingly flattered by the welcome. "Oh, thank you." She says. Her attention drifts over the mess, but she seems amused by such. "It really looks like you are having alot of fun." She says. "A tower?" She adds, trying to get a look at Sasiri's work.

Sasiri blinks and looks over to Kenna with a warm smile. "Oh! I'm Sasiri Whisper, nice to meet you. And I wouldn't discount the other paintings even if they are not as traditional looking." She smiles playfully. "Thats the lovely thing about art, its relaxing to make and everyone finds different styles and forms more beautiful than others." The compliments to her painting draw a small blush and she inclines her head. "Thank you." She will step aside so people can look at it easier if they so desire.

Once again Cora is running late and arrives completely out of breath, her guards panting just as hard having had to follow her. Trying not to look too disheveled, and probably failing, she comes in and looks about waving to those she knows. Moving over to Denica and Katarina, Cora can at least breathe by this point. "It looks fantastic, I am really looking forward to seeing everything you have done."

Denica is settled over with Kenna, speaking quietly but all warm smiles and grace, she looks up and she grins over to Coraline as she enters, calling out once more. "Oh! Cora! You made it!" she grins. "I was afraid you'd gotten held up."

Briseis considers Katarina's words, and ehs. "No, not very imaginative. I think I spent more time in theology, law." Exciting! Amari's handiwork is observed and Briseis laughs. "One thing I learned: try every ounce of your being not to visualize the vase, rather, you should allow the vase to come to /you/ from the misshapen clay lump. Or simply create a paperweight. Also, observe anyone else who looks like they know what they're doing. That's anyone but me."

Reese peeks over to Coraline, having a smile for her that touches her blue eyes. "Hi, Princess Cora." She greets. She then turns to Brises, smiling in response to her words. "That sounds like good advice." She adds before heading over to the pattern wheel. She takes at one of the wheels and gets a lump of clay.

Amari is working on some sort of clay sculpture... thing. In a pause, she glances up and notices the princesses who have made their entrances while she was distracted. She offers both a respectful dip of her head should they happen to look her way, then she goes back to her grand work. It requires intense concentration and focus to shape the thing. At Briseis' advice, she laughs a little and holds the lump she's ineptly shaping to her ear to listen to its spirit whisper to her, "There's no hope of a vase from this. I think what it's telling me is potato. It wants to be a potato."

Amari checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sasiri before departing.

Katarina laughs vibrantly at Lisebet's statue pose. "Perhaps less of a statue, more of the model that inspires it?" She affects a scrutinous look with a scrunch of brows and pouted moue, leaning up to dot a few more flecks upon the Farshaw's cheek jovially. "Now, more like art!" she claims with a laugh, turning to receive Coraline with a bright smile. "Doesn't it? It was really all Lord Niklas' cleverly timed canvas tipping," she jokes, with a contemplative noise lost at Briseis. "So, that makes you an ace in debates of practicality and theory," she decides.

"Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us one thing interesting about you?" she puts Cora on the spot, putting a glass of wine in her hands.

Attending staff appear from the rear of the gallery with rolled white canvas material toted between three strong arms, only to be spread out to cover half the floor. Pails of vibrant color paint are lined on the sidelines. "One last thing I wanted to share with everyone!"

Reese has joined the The Potters' Wheels.

Sabella waves to Reese from where she is at the bar, "Reese! I painted a pelican!" She points to a canvas that looks like a big blue and orange blob.

Sparte returns to the room, dabbing at the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief. A glance is given around to see if he missed anything exciting, and lo and behold - a new announcement.

Denica gets a wink, "I said I would try and make it. And good training for the guards too to run halfway across the city. Gotta keep em in shape!" Reese gets a warm smile as well, "It is so lovely to see you again Princess Reese. I think soon I need to invite you to tea or something, too often we see each other at parties." Amari gets a serious nod, "Now that is the finest potato I have ever seen." Then Katarina is asking for an interesting thing and Cora really is flummoxed, "Oh uh an interesting thing about me? Um....huh. I like sparring?" This more of a question as Cora has no idea what could possibly be interesting about her.

Reese looks over to Sabella, giving her a smile. "Oh?" She says and even rises to her slippered feet for a moment, abandoning her yet to be started pottery. She tries to get a better look at the pelican. "I like tea." She says to Coraline in a tone that suggests she is very open to the idea.

Briseis agrees with her fellow bookworm turned momentary artiste, "Potato." She nods. "It came out wonderful." She sighs tragically. "If only I'd realized how to do this better /before/ I made the Vase to the Abyss." At Katarina, she grins, answering, "I certainly try." Coraline is noticed as she enters and Briseis studies the latest arrival when she's prompted to introduce herself. The additional note from the princess has her looking back curiously.

Lisebet's own picture is rather of fire, with green specks atop. almost like a backwards bouquet of flowers if one is really generous and creative. And if you squint when you look at it. She laughs lightly as she is painted a bit more by Katarina, shaking her head with some amusement. "Princess Coraline, if you would like to paint, I think I am finished." she stops there as she looks over at Katarina again. "Though it seems that Princess Katarina has another bit of fun planned for everyone?"

Niklas drops Summer on the Vineyard, Winter on the Marches.

"Go ahead and tell them I'm your favorite cousin," Denica says to Cora with a grin. "That's an interesting fact, yes? Oh!" she regards Kenna from the seat as the other woman draws the squirrel out once more, offering her to Denica to hold, and with a slow tentative extension of her hand, Denica smiles towards the little creature. "She's not so bad, we just need to make sure we keep an eye on her, right?"

Amari made a really fine potato out of clay, for some reason. It looks exactly like one. She even uses the paintbrush she brought over to give it wrinkles like a real potato. When it's done, she very carefully sets it on the table and smiles proudly at it, though she grows slowly concerned. "Handsome spud. It has a slight resemblance to High Lord Victus, doesn't it?" She asks Briseis before she's leaning some to peer at her Vase to the Abyss. She seems to like it. At Denica's compliment she bows her head, "Thank you, your Highness. I only brought out its inner potatoness as the spirit of the clay demanded." The canvas rolled out onto the floor is then curiously eyed and her gaze slowly tracks from it to Katarina, for an explanation.

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Atila have been dismissed.

Katarina plucks up a flute of champagne. "Your Highnesses, could you bring Lady Kenna and Princess Sally Acorn over?" she requests of Denica and Sabella sweetly, bending down to undo the laces of her slippers and kick them out of splatter's way. "There's no better way to worship Jayus than letting your imagination free, uninhibited," She looks at each person, beckoning everyone who'll come. "Come, come! Take off your shoes, hike up your skirts or pants. Get another drink."

This definitely calls for another drink, but Lisebet's eyes widen as she watches. And then she bursts out laughing. Her slippers are promptly kicked off, she downs her wine, and gets another drink. Her skirts are hiked up though, the proper length of draping on the floor obviously needing to be raised up for this. "This seems that it will be much fun," she exclaims, obviously willing to foot-paint with the best - or worst of them.

Niklas wanders around the room until he finds the ideal place for his masterpiece, eventually finding an empty space and hanging it. "Oh. Forgot to sign it. Oh well. The Marquessa will recognize my work." Once he's properly displayed his work Niklas heads over to the bar, hauls up an enormous goblet that looks like a trophy and points at it. "Fill this with alcohol, please."

A determined nod to Reese, "Then expect the invitation soon." Cora says with a grin then Cora cocks her head to the side at Lisbet's, "Oh perhaps I will, um after this shoeless thing thank you!" She gives her a grateful smile. Denica gets a nods and a one armed hug, "Well yeah you are. I thought that was common knowledge." and then Cora is getting her boots off ready to do whatever messy thing is about to happen.

Katarina checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Reese gets herself a glass of pale wine. She then peeks over to Lisebet, nodding in response to her words. "It does seem like fun. I is nice to see you again, Lady Farshaw." She circles back to her pottery wheel. "Now it is time to make something epic like a gryphon." She says. She peeks over to Cora at her words, nodding in response. Reese then tries to start working the pottery.

Reese checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Denica eyes Coraline and Reese and chuckles. "I hope I'm getting an invitation too," Denica says, eyeing Reese. "I've been trying to get a hold of you for months now!" she says with a mock sadness. She looks to Kenna and Princess Sally, as the squirrel scampers back into Kenna's hair from her own hands with a mixture of 'awwww' and a little disappointment that she's gone, she offers a hand to Kenna. "Come along," Denica insists, kicking off her shoes. "Lets get creative," she insists.

Briseis answers Amari, "I wouldn't know him from any other handsome spud. I arrived only a few days ago. I regret you may have to take it to the man himself and compare?" Noticing the Vase gets a positive viewing, however, she offers, "It's yours for free if you like it." Which, honestly, it will probably not make a good shelf addition /anywhere/. What's happening with the group canvas then is returned to, and Briseis looks fairly amused. "Oh sure! This looks fun," she says, and joins. Or, well, starts to pull off her shoes to join in.

Niklas and Sparte are gonna see a whole lot of ankles! Sabella grins and kicks her slippers to the side, "I'm having a tremendous amount of fun!" She replies to something Denica said, then hikes her skirts to head over to dance in the paint apparently. "I am much better at dancing than I am at painting, so hopefully this won't be a disaster!"

Elara finally comes back out of the shadows, having finished putting her goblet together and setting it in the drying room. More will likely be done later. Seeing the large canvas upon the floor and the paint being spread in various ways she pauses. "Where is this going to be hung up?" She asks a little shyly of Katerina.

Reese looks over to Denica. "I had a rough few months." She says a bit sheepishly. "But I would be very happy to have tea with you too, Princess Denica. Reese then waves to Sparte. She starts to work at the clay and even has a bit of skill. Reese sucks in a soft breath s if losing herself to the process.

Niklas checked luck + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

People are dancing in the paint? Niklas has a trophy filled with the cheapest wine on hand? Everyone is just a little bit sozzled? This basically seems like the ideal time for Nik to swing his vielle around, pull out his bow and start playing something jaunty and appropriate for getting your feet all gross and covered in paint. Fortunately he's much, much better at playing the vielle than he is at painting.

Katarina reaches to clasp hold of Sabella's hand, pulling into the middle of the the canvas. She sticks her feet carefully into a bright pink pail, then a dark blue one. "Come on, Your Highness! Show me how well you can dance!" she laughs, freeing her hands to begin a rhythmic clap to set the pace. "Grab a partner, gather 'round! We're going to paint the town!" she sings, her soft-pitched voice not terrible, thank Gods. She skips in a circle, then slides left, wiggling her hips and leaving a pitter patter of foot prints all over the place.

"Oh, well. I'm not sure he'd appreciate it, exactly..." Amari admits with another look at her handsome potato. A mild shrug is rolled off her shoulders as if she's not going to overly concern herself with the idea, instead focusing on the other thing Briseis has said, "You're shiny and new? Would you like to go out and meet people? I could introduce you to a few, or at least point them out and put names to faces." She offers with a warding gesture for the vase, as if she wouldn't dare take it. Then, smiling, she starts off towards the floor canvas, beckoning her fellow bookworm to come with as she steps out of her slippers, "Shall we paint? I think there's a corner free over there."

Sabella checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 64 higher.

Denica checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Kenna checked luck + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Sabella dips her toes in some paint, then

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Kenna usually is one to simply throw herself into anything but is (perhaps understandably) more wary of it right now. Only when Denica insists does Kenna rise and peel off her shoes. For good measure she's also going to do some creative tying up of her skirts. She stays off to the edge of the painters and though, better safe than sorry. Hey, she doesn't fall for like the first time ever.

Elara heaves a bit of a sigh and slips out of her slippers. The skirts are hikes and tucked so they are out of the way. Then she dips one foot into red, the other into yellow, and moves to dance with the rest.

Coraline checked luck + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Elara checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Amari checked luck + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Oh, now this is definitely fun. Lisebet gets her toes in some yellow and red paint, and she starts to dance, a touch step here, and another there, putting her steps interleaved with those of everyone else. She's laughing as she mixes and matches, finding more colours to add, and of course the paint mixes together to add an even bigger variety.

Cora puts one foot in one paint, another foot in another paint, and promptly slips to land with a big splat in the paint. She is now covered with an array of vibrant colors on her usual black clothing and in her blondbrown hair. Blinking at the ceiling she laughs at herself and tries to get up without slipping again.

Sabella dips her toes in some paint, then more bravely her whole foot, then the other, first pink then green. Then basing her rhythm on both Katarina and Niklas' musical beats, she starts swirling her feet along the parchment, spinning with a grace that makes it look like she's gliding along on ice her movements are so smooth. The slippery paint probably helps! "This is a great idea!" She enthuses to Katarina, doing a little hop and then a couple of quick, precise bits of footwork.

Reese kicks of her shoes, leaving them with Rosalie to watch. She then dips her feet in paint, pink pain of course! She dances about. Reese's dance seems to be good enough and she leaves pink prints behind over the canvass.

Sparte is surprised by the dancing in paint, grinning at Sabella's antics. Reese's wave gets noted and he waves in return, before Sparte goes over to look at some of the other artwork that was made by the participants.

Lisebet has left the Painter's Circle.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard have been dismissed.

Reese dances over in Sparte's direction and then tries to murmur somethig something to him.

Denica moves with Kenna and beams towards her moving to the center to dip her feet in all the paint, she reaches her hands out for Katarina, joining her host to grin and dance alongside her, even if her steps aren't quite as smooth, she's a painter after all, not a dancer!

Jayanthi checked luck + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Taking her wet paint smeared self up Cora begins walking rather than dancing, so much safer!

Hey, everyone's getting out and dancing. It's working! Niklas picks up the pace on his old timey fiddle, drawing out a normally fast paced northerner drinking song into an energetic dancing tune. As he plays he looks to the side, expression mournful as he realizes the downside of performing music. No drinking while playing. Still, his bow glides across the strings and fingers pick out a good tune for making a squishy mess with your feet.

Katarina ties her skirts, freeing her hands to collect hold of Denica's with a vibrant laugh. "If you see a lady, bow and kiss her hand," she's clearly making up lyrics as they come, swirling around her co-host and bowing exaggeratedly with a kiss-blown to Denny's hands. "Then slip her to the side, and... What comes next, Sabella?" she calls on Sabella to fill in, swishing and squishing along in a nice trot to Cora. "Come on, Your Highness!" If Cora lets her, Kat's gonna twirl her around to make swirly foot prints.

Briseis doesn't blame the woman for not wanting the vase. It's likely it will have to be taken to the House of Questions, but not at this time. LATER. "Of course! That would be wonderful, m'lady. I ought to get more familiar with people around here than, uh, the scribes at the Archives." She does agree as well, "Let's get painting." Of course, this means jumping in paint first. She does pick out some nice blue (because it's nice? Cheery? Whatever!) and starts to make some nice thumpy footprints in the shape of whatever!

Jayanthi notices everyone (or almost everyone) having fun dancing on the canvas and decides to join them, she puts her coffee aside, and, energized by the caffeine and sugar, she takes off her boots, covers her feet in paint, and starts to dance on the canvas. She starts to spin, with small hops in between, and her hair starts to form intricate spirals. "Yes! Music!"

Elara glances over at Niklas as he plays the fiddle and finds her feet dancing to the cheerful tune. For a moment she might have even been caught grinning. Then it is back to a pleasant smile as she finds herself dancing near Niklas. As she moves she is making a spiral-type design of red and yellow. "You don't happen to have your pipe on you too?" She asks Niklas as she moves off the edge, paint used up on her feet for the moment.

As Katarina takes her hand Cora looks surprised at first then laughs and lets herself be twirled, hoping she doesn't end up taking both of them down with her if she slips again. "Weeee!"

Denica returns that big bow towards Katarina with a twirl as she releases the other Princess to take Coraline, and Denica continues to swirl around, hips swaying as she finds herself getting very into the dance. She's not the best, and certainly is no professional performer, but with that big smile, who could possibly care?

There's music, dancing, and wine. What could go wrong? Lisebet grins as she hears the various cheers, and then she spins in a mostly graceful circle, feet moving just fast enough to leave an intricate pattern. Of what - she has no idea, but it's there. Then laughing and a bit dizzy, she makes her way to the edge, and then settles in the first seat she finds, getting more wine, and now clapping her hands to the music. And as she does so, a second messenger comes by.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

"Step to the left, step to the right, right foot, left foot, spin and jump!" Sabella calls out at Katarina's invitation, twirling with a flourish of her skirts and adding, "Er, we should probably have partners for that, but uh, bow! Or curtsey. Whichever! Just slide your foot like this!" She demonstrates, slipping her right foot out infront of her. Giving a little wiggle of her toes to splatter more paint.

Amari gathers up her skirts, steps in and promptly has her feet go out from under her. She lands on her behind with a whump, safely off the slick canvas, but now with random streaks of smeared paint almost to her knees. "Well, that was graceful." She wryly notes as she just stays put and spreads paint around with her heels. She's fine. That's fine. She'll clap softly to the beat, which is almost as good and much safer than dancing in wet paint.

Niklas gives Elara a look like whaaa? But he doesn't say anything because it's not easy to talk with a fiddle under your chin, and he's got to focus on his playing lest his fingers get away from him and he lose control. He's heard stories about what happens when a bunch of women get together and lose control while dancing and it generally involves the men present getting their heads torn off. Back to Elara he mouths 'in my pack' and tilts his head to the seat next to him.

Kenna has been off in her corner as the others dance above, making sure that the squirrel on her shoulder isn't disturbed by all of the movement about her. She isn't falling down, which is //super lucky//, and she's not going to press said luck by not getting at all craycray here. Just little foot wiggles here and there is Kenna's dancing.

Reese murmurs softly else to Sparte. She watches as Amari lands on her bottom and that brings her to giggle. Reese then is off dancing again, making pink foot prints all over the place.

Lisebet is giggling too as she now watches the dancing. She sips more wine, which might not be a good idea, but it's fun. She claps her hands in time to the music, in between drinking and cheering everyone on.

Elara steps off and bends to pull a silvery pipe from Niklas' pack. The two Kennex make a shocking contrast side by side of dark and light. She brings the pipe up to her lips and her head dips a bit as she takes on the tempo. Then the flute comes in as a bright and sweet accompaniment to the chipper and bouncy fiddle.

Elara checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Katarina laughs brightly at Sabella, doing her best to side-step, then twirl and hop forward toward Kenna in the corner. A slick spot of spilt paint sends her tumbling into the Whitehawk lady with a squeal, latching onto her shoulders in an attempt to keep Kenna upright as she goes dooown, laughing all the while. "Oooh, oh! I'm sorry, Lady Kenna!"

Denica hones in on her next dance partner, moving over to where Reese is making her pink footprints, comes Denica, and she grins as she moves in close. "Well fancy meeting you here," Denica says with a grin. "I didn't answer before, but I'd really like that." she says, offering a hand to Reese to twirl her around.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

No longer being twirled Cora makes her way somewhere seat like, checking she won't spread paint everywhere and settles down clapping in time to the music as well. Safer in a stationary location.

Lisebet raises her glass in a toast to Coraline, the two now clapping in time, and watching the rest of the disaster waiting to happen.

Reese reaches out with her pale hand, allowing Denica to take such and going along with the twirl. Her footprints blend together over the canvass as she moves rather fast for a moment. A touch of pink warms her cheeks and Reese seems to be having a good time.

Kenna was NOT AT ALL expecting someone to fall on her again, but since she's been conservative with her movements she's able to stay upright when Katarina falls upon her. Under her hair Sally chitters loudly before going silent again, doubtless clinging to Kenna's shirt for stability. The princess' laughter manages to draw a smile on to Kenna's lips, even if it's a bit quivery and very small. She reaches down to help set Katarina to rights again if possible. "I would catch you //any// day Princess."

Katarina manages back to her feet, only to slip and nearly fall again if it weren't for Kenna's stabilizing hands. "That is so very sweet, Lady Kenna. Do you think Princess Sally might like to leave her marks too?" she looks upon the quivering mass of hair where the traumatized squirrel hides, looking back at the parade of dancers with a grin. "I don't want to leave her out of the fun. She's contributed to so much ART tonight!"

Sparte listens to Reese, nodding slowly before saying something briefly back to her. A friendly exchange, Sparte gives Reese a helpless shrug before moving on to Niklas. "I like what you threw together."

Sabella closes her eyes and spins and twirls and leaps and just gets absolutely lost in the music! And for all she was terrible at painting, she is very, very good at dancing. Especially when there's such wonderful musical accompaniment! She laughs delightedly and sweeps a foot around to make a long streak on the parchment paper, "I promise not to scream if you let her down again!" She promises Kenna, hopping a few steps to the side and moving her feet very quickly to swirl some colors togethr.

Briseis slips in her own attempt to make art during her padding around, because it was bound to happen, but makes it back off-canvas safe and sound. Blue was a /great/ choice. And so the telltale blue hands and knees are there as she leaves the canvas hopefully better for her participation. "Does it look as bad as I /think/ it does?" she asks Amari. "Oh well," she adds, wiping her hands unsuccessfully to try and remove the paint. "So, you're a woman of the law, if I remember from earlier introductions?" she asks.

Katarina checked dexterity + all at difficulty 9, rolling 6 higher.

Katarina drops Art In Motion.

Lisebet is overheard praising Katarina for: foot painting!

Sabella is overheard praising Katarina for: Such great ideas!

Sabella is overheard praising Denica for: Amazing idea for a fun night out!

Reese looks over to her sister, seemingly amused as she dances. She then turns to Briseis as she slips, looking over her blue prints. "I think it looks very good." She says in her direction.

Sabella is overheard praising Niklas for: A master musician!

Sabella is overheard praising Elara for: Excellent flute playing!

Denica winds down her dances, smiling as she leans in to innocently peck at Reese's cheek before she separates, finding herself wandering curiously over to where Coraline has settled herself down, grinning to her cousin with a wink. "This was sure something, wasn't it?"

Niklas laughs at Sparte's comment. "I see my lessons have taken root, Master Sparte, as that was a fantastically diplomatic thing for you to say." He slows his playing as the time for dancing seems to be ending and tilts his head toward Elara. "Nice accompaniment, sis."

Cora returns Lisebet's salute with her own and grins at the antics on the canvas.

"Are you //sure//?" Kenna has to make sure of this though Katarina does sound sure of it. When Kenna reaches to tweak her hair out of the way Sally firmly NOPES on it though by ducking herself into Kenna's bodice and curling herself right between the woman's breasts. Nope nope nope. Blushing again, "I think she would prefer to not Princess." In fact, KEnna will step off the foot artwork, but doesn't retreat into a corner again. There's room to an apology over there by the pottery so that's where Kenna takes herself.

Briseis grins. "Good, I was worried it looked unbalanced as the artist," she offers towards Reese mildly.

Reese makes a few more foot prints over the canvas before sitting down upon the floor next to the canvas, but not actually right on it. She starts trying to wipe the paint off her feet even as she looks in Briseis' direction. "Maybe being not perfectly balanced is part of the point of this." She says thoughtfully, but doesn't sound fully sure. "I'm Princess Reese." She says in her direction.

Amari tucks her feet in so she doesn't inadvertantly trip any of the dancers still upright and swishing paint around. So with clay stained hands and paint stained feet, she scoots back clear of the canvas entirely and picks herself up, brow rising to Briseis as she does, "Yes. I'm a lawyer. You mentioned studying the law yourself?" Question posed, she smiles and rubs her hands together and then on her apron. It doesn't help much.

"I'll be sure to have my assistant deliver her some nice acorns, or something else she might like to cheer her up soon," Katarina promises to Kenna in soft apology, stepping off the canvas to try and discern their attempt at artwork thus far. "I'm so glad that we were able to put this together," she calls toward Denica with a beaming smile. "This is amazing!"

Giving Denica a shoulder bump, Cora grins, "I'll say. Certainly left a mark on my fashion. However will I be able to walk around in all black now?" From the laughter in her eyes it is clear she is joking. "Thanks for the invite, this was a lot of fun."

Elara lets the last note fade and then lowers the pipe. She is smiling and blushing slightly as she says, "Well, it's easy when you have such talent to work with." There is a girlish giggle as her eyes take a look at the resulting bit of art. "You will have to come and show your children this piece when they're old enough. Maybe you should put a footprint on there and sign your name?" A wink and elbow nudged into his side, gently, as she wipes the pipe off.

Lisebet now is quiet, as she listens and watches, comfortable in her seat, with a drink. One toe is still tapping to the music, and both feet are still bereft of shoes. "This was definitely a lot of fun - what a fabulous idea," she puts in.

Denica eyes her own dress and chuckles towards Coraline. "I'm /always/ covered in paint. You just get used to it after a while," she smiles, nodding her head towards Katarina, grinning and returning that beaming smile. "This was so much fun! I didn't think you'd want to get so messy, if I had known I would've started the floor painting party way sooner!"

Sabella does one last spin and then curtsies deeply to Elara and Niklas, face flushed from the exertion, "Thank you both for the music! This was the best party I've been to in forever!" She exclaims to the room in general, though she looks at Katarina and Denica, "I very much enjoyed every moment! And it was amazing to be able to use paint in this way!"

After a very silly night with colors, music and paint, Jayanthi sighs and sits on one of the chairs of the bar, she was exhausted but very pleased with the art session. "That was a lot of fun! everyone was dancing and playing music! So happy!". She then proceeds to put her painting on display.

Jayanthi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 55 higher.

Jayanthi drops Fire at the terrace.

Reese looks over to Sabella, nodding in agreement with her sister. "This was very awesome. Thank you Princess Katarina and Princess Denica." She says while still trying very hard to get the pain from her feet.

Cheryl the Assistant Innkeeper, Scourge, a hairless rat-dog arrive, following Mae.

Laughing Cora shrugs, "Getting messy is fun. Besides, how often can I say I slid around on a giant paint canvas. You lot are lucky, usually I refuse to dance, but this was quite a treat. Not that I would say I danced, more like flailed." She quirks a brow, "And I should mention that I don't normally play with paint."

"A lot of things, but a big chunk of it was the law. I started off with the scholars, but just recently came to the city to march myself into the House of Questions and look for a job there. Still, I'd love to hear more. Unfortunately I have to be off for now, but I wonder if I could take you up on the offer to speak and get to know more of the city in a few days, my lady?" Briseis asks Amari. Also, she's BLUE, so washing? She probably needs to do that before she goes anywhere else in public." Towards Reese, Briseis smiles. "Well met, your highness. Briseis Morgan. And -- you could be right. It does look overall amazing, all those paints, and people creating this work of art."

"You should do it more," Denica says to Coraline, bumping her shoulder into Cora in turn. "And thank you all for coming," Denica says to everybody as the thanks start pouring in. "This was lovely and gave me some ideas for something I may host in the future, I hope to see you all there when I do!"

Reese is still sitting upon the floor and working on trying to get the paint off. For some reason it kind of seems to bother her, having some on upon her feet. She looks over to Briseis. "Take care and it was nice to meet you." She says in her gentle voice.

Lisebet smiles, waving a hand over to Briseis. "Fare well, Mistress Briseis. It was good to see you again." She takes a deep breath, relaxing, and glances around at the foot paint and her sorry attempt at a painting, and then her own feet, still painted with blue and red and purple and a couple colours that might not have names.

Mae steps into the gallery, abandoning her little dog with her assistant outside. She's dressed in layers of dark fabric, the outermost being nice silk. She pauses inside, pushes her hood back, then gives a curious look around.

Niklas makes a face at Elara. "Be nice." Then he turns and starts putting his vielle back into its case, which is tricky because the leather bag isn't really a great fit for the task. "Oi, put my pipe back in my pack before you accidentally take it home and I have to sneak into your room and steal your dance trophy." He takes a big gulp of wine from his too bad so sad trophy, then adds, "Actually, I might do that anyway. You cheated and everyone knows it." He narrows his eyes and glares at Elara. "/Everyone/."

Reese peeks over to Mae, giving her a smile that touches her blue eyes. "Oh, Mae, hi." She says warmly in her direction.

"Mistress Morgan, do you know the Lady Elara Kennex? I believe she also spends time at the House of Questions. As does my cousin, Prince Gareth!" Sabella doesn't even seem to care that the hem of her dress is paint splattered and her feet are covered in every color of the rainbow and those in between, she's smiling so brightly as she heads over to where Niklas is at the bar. "I'd say you should've danced, but you were amazing at the music so," she gives him a quick kiss, wrapping her arms around him, "I'll just have to save you one for later."

Giving Denica a look like she is slightly mad, Cora shakes her head, "Oh no, I don't dance. Not for reals. I stand near a wall and try to blend in, it is an artform! As you saw, it is dangerous for me to attempt dancing, I would make casualties!"

Katarina steps off to the side a moment, speaking with some employees about a thing or two.

Denica grins, unwavering. "Nope, I'll get you to dance again. It's happening!" she threatens with a wink.

"Prince Laric spends a lot of time here in the house of questions. Actually many of course cousins are all about such." Reese murmurs, chiming in after Sabella does. She then sighs and works a getting more paint off.

"Oh, definitely. Send a message when you're free." Amari replies enthusiastically, because she's not going to turn down an opportunity to talk about the LAW with someone also knowledgable. Not ever. She takes her hands from her apron to offer a friendly wave before Briseis can escape then slowly turns to see how everyone else seems to be getting on.

AS things begin to wind down Kenna pauses by the hosts for a moment and then with her shoes in her hand (paint = don't wear 'em!) she makes her way out of the gallery, her hand on her chest to keep Sally from being jostled where she's settled.

Kenna has left the bar by the entrance.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel leaves, following Kenna.

Mae turns, hearing her name. She spots Reese, and flashes a smile. "Your highness," she says, her tone warm. She gives a little look around at who all else is around, but after a moment of conversation, opts to simply step over to look at one of the paintings. Fire at the terrace, specifically.

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