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1st Annual Arvum Animal Companion Show

Think your animal companion is the best? Want the chance to prove it? Here's your chance! The Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax brings you the first annual Arvum Animal Companion Show. Whether your pet is merely for comfort, for show or working as a messenger, pedigree or run of the mill, You and your companion can give it their best and see who has the best animal companion within the compact.

Categories are: Best in Show and Spectator's Choice. The latter will be chosen by the spectators at the show, voting for their favourite companion that is participating. Winners walk away with trophies.



Jan. 7, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Silas Waldemai Lucita Larissa Lethe Estaban(RIP) Aiden



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Menagerie - Companion Park

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Comments and Log

Waldemai comes to have a look at the smart critters.

Waldemai has joined the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

D'Artagnan arrives, following Larissa.

Waldemai looks over at the Guard Corgi. "Hey, didn't I meet you at a banquet or something, pup?"

Aiden is present at the menagerie's companion park, as the Officator, of course he would be here! There's certainly a matter of supporting those who use the grounds for competition, what it was originally designed for to faciliate. He's brought with him today his faithful and most respected companion, his gyrfalcon Baron Archibald Chirpington, a white raptor from the north. His eyes flick toward Silas and he notes with a faint sigh, "Archibald might not be in form tonight. It took a lot out of him last night to be flying in the dark. I think he's still tired..." He ruffles his hand over the raptor's chest feathers, "But you do as best you can. I know how good of a bird you are, you've helped save Arx twice over." He praises the animal, who is sitting on his forearm, being fed little nibbles of meat between coaxing words.

People have been milling, prepping and primping thier various companions be they small birds, large dogs, precious cats and all manner of other creatures. Arx's first Animal Companion Show is getting ready, and it has turned into quite a show. The parade of colourful creatures has been astounding. Brilliant blues, pinks, whites, a multitude of browns. A panel of judges have been dealing with each grouping as they are brought up into the tented area of the park in the menagerie. Braziers burn and give some warmth to the companions that need a little more warmth on this fall and nearing winter day and near the benches for the spectators who can't tolerate the cool air either.

"Thank you group four. So lovely." Alarissa in a warm cloak with that Thrax serpent in gold chasing across it's surface. The next batch of competitors are warming up, refreshments being passed out for those who are in want of something to drink, and in another corner, some of the more agile dogs do tricks for some between group entertainment.

Waldemai Whoa! Dog tricks!

Silas is beside the prince, not quite being as familiar with the grounds as he but fortunately having the Grayson as a guide. At his heels is the Guard Corgi, likely intended to compete, but for once being held back from hyperactively exploring his surroundings via leash. For once, Silas needs him to follow directions if he wants to stand a chance. "I'm sure he'll do fine, Aiden," Silas replies with a smile. "

"You worry too much Prince Aiden. I am sure that your companion will perform Admirably." Alarissa calls out, having caught wind of his words. "Though if Victus can convince that demon of his to come, you may be in peril." Or at least his bird. "Baron." Alarissa greets Silas. There's a glance down to Dash and a smile. "We're waiting for the rest of Group five, and the judges to be ready." A look out to the stands and she's raising a hand to wave to someone, spotting Waldemai and dipping her head.

Silas is beside the prince, not quite being as familiar with the grounds as he but fortunately having the Grayson as a guide. At his heels is the Guard Corgi, likely intended to compete, but for once being held back from hyperactively exploring his surroundings via leash. For once, Silas needs him to follow directions if he wants to stand a chance. "I'm sure he'll do fine, Aiden," Silas replies with a smile. "I'm just hoping Dash doesn't get distracted..." As the canine is wont to do when given affection by friends and strangers!

Speaking of such, he spots Waldemai and barks happily at him. He's recognized, apparently!

Silas looks up to give Group 4 a quick study, then the competitors in the group they would be in. "Hrm. This will be tough." He nods respectfully to the Princess Consort. "Thank you for running this, Your Grace. It's a splendid idea. And Dash will be as ready as he ever could be."

Waldemai jumps up and removes his cap when the Princess nods at him. But look! Dog tricks!

Aiden nuzzles his forehead against the bird, before he looks over at Silas, nodding, "I know him. I ... think he is a little tired today." Though that doesn't keep the falcon from extending his wings and ruffling up his feathers, which makes Aiden laugh quietly, "Okay. I won't stop you then." He does note the list of competitors and worries his bottom lip, before he nods at Alarissa, "I would feel as if I disappointed if we didn't at least put on a decent showing."

Because of course Larissa would have to enter Charlemagne in an any kind of contest or pageantry. Her white, pot bellied pony was all but gleaming and decked out in his many festoons and ribbons, the Whisper had even affixed one of her more precious and costly tiaras atop his make, just in front of the gold dipped ivory that stood as his unicorn horn. "I'm sorry we are late" she calls to Alarissa and curtsies to the Princess before turning around and offering similar curtsies around the venue as she prepares for the show.

"I cannot take credit. I was in need of distraction and something far lighter these days dear Baron. And everyone should have the chance to see how lovely and talented everyone's companions are. Where better as well to do this, than here." Alarissa with the papers in hand looks over as Larissa and Charlamagne make their way over, smiling down at the small horse. "And there are -quite- a diverse array of companions. There was a spider earlier, though I confess, I do not think it will place very high." Soft laughter falls from Alarissa's lips.

Waldemai gives Dash teh Guard Corgi good advice. "Keep your head in the game, pup, and the treats will rain like snow."

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon arrive, following Victus.

Up in the stands, near Waldemai, there's a corgi. Which in and of itself is not that bad. But the matter of there being other animals nearby as well can send some of the even the best behaved animals into a little bit of bad behavior. Which is to say that the cat in the lap of the person sitting in front of Waldemai has been baiting that poor corgi and that Corgi has had enough. Leap he goes, trying to scrabble over Waldemai so he can get at that taunting feline.

Waldemai shouts, "Whoa! Hey! Down boy! Best behavior in front of the judges, right?" He checks a couple spots to see if claw marks are actually, you know, *shudder* bleeding.

"I had a cousin who would enjoy the spider... and snakes," Silas says with a hint of amusement. When he observes the sudden corgi-cat fight in the stands, Silas glances down at his pet, who is watching with rapt interest. "Suddenly glad I have this leash." He glances over to Aiden. "And you taught me a little about controlling him, back when we had the puppies."

Larissa takes a moment to beam a smile to Aiden, her fingers stroking down Charlie's mane as he stands as still as a little statue, quite used to his Mistress's goings about and knowing, more or less, when good behavior is expected. Also, since they were out of doors

Dash the Guard Corgi have been dismissed.

2 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Also, since they were out of doors there were no warm fires to lure him away for a nap. "I meant to compliment you on everything you've done here. It's magnificent! I just had my first proper walk through a bit ago as we prepared for the show."

Aiden looks over to Silas, offering, "We have plenty of people who come here to enjoy the sight of snakes and spiders. I don't see anything wrong with it... I can't uh... hmm, relate to them as well I guess. Lizards are even more strange." He glances over toward the fight going on in the stands and winces, "Yes, leashes are good with this many animals around. They are still natural to their instincts..." he admits with a faint shrug, "We only have so much control over them before those take over." He leans into Silas, then with a small smile, "I'm glad I taught you what I could. You'll have a good chance today." His silver eyes look over toward Larissa and he bobs his head, "Hello Larissa! I'm glad to see you competing today." His eyes turn toward the horse and hmms thoughtfully, "It is going to be a varied showing. Thankfully the judges are well rounded."

Lethe looks around for a good place to watch once she arrives.

"Dearest Whisper. You flatter me." But it would seem that the last of this group is making their way over and Alarissa steps away with an apologetic look.

In the crowd, there is hisses, the corgi grasped at teh snapping of teeth and most apologetic sounds by it's owner to Waldemai even while the noblewoman with the cat below is trying to reign in her cat and making some very 'why I never' sounds toward teh Corgi's owner. Waldemei is fortunately spared any lasting marks save some dog spittle on his shoulder.

"And now we have group five. This is I confess, one of my favourite groups and it's very good that I'm not judging. Lest my Cousin win everything." There's a glance by Alarissa to Aiden, a wink to the man but then back to the gathered crowd as she consults the list and starts to call forth competitors. "First up, we have the Baron Silas Whitehawk and Dash. Dash is a lovely canine companion, who has a voracious appetite for bacon-" Alarissa pauses to look at Dash. "Are you sure he's not from the Oathlands Baron?" But then back to carrying on. "Dash and Silas both quite enjoy a rousing game of fetch." And with that, it seems, is the cue for Silas to start with his part of the walk around the ring and in front of those judges.

Waldemai rubs his shoulder and watches the smart pup go through his paces.

Lethe has joined the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

Silas leans in and ropes Aiden in for one last hug and a kiss to the cheek, when he's called up first among Group 5. "I guess we'll see now!" He then strides forward and tugs the leash for Dash to follow. The stout canine appears to have no trouble looking like a happy and energetic doggo, and he follows the basic commands without much trouble: go here, there, sit, bark, etc. There's no bacon or ball to -really- encourage him to have the best manners, however, and it's clear his doggy etiquette needs some polish. The Lord Commander and his canine manage to finish the tasks set before them, imperfectly, but it's difficult to be critical of a smiling corgi! Silas rewards him with some ruffling pets at the conclusion.

2 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards, Philomel, the Nightingale, Golden, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Aiden leans in and returns the man's hug with one arm, since Archibald was on his other arm, "You'll do great." He encourages the Baron onward with Dash, smiling to watch the performance between the two. It's not terrible as far as working with a canine goes, though a little polish wouldn't hurt. He still whistles his applause when they're finished their routine, "Well done!"

Lucita steps into the area and glances around, at those present. She makes her way over to a seat where Waldemai and Lethe are sitting, a curtsy given should she pass close enough to any of the princes or princesses for that to be warranted. She lowers her voice to ask. "What did I miss?"

Lucita has joined the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

Larissa claps for Silas and his Corgi and gives Aiden an encouraging look as he was up next!

Indeed, the judges seem actually to be quite pleased with the behavior rof the Iron Guard Corgi, the once over done by them when he's put through his paces and it's indicated that he's welcome to carry on and go back and wait with the group.

"Lovely Baron, very lovely" Alarissa calls out from the competitions ring. Silas, Larissa and Aiden are down with her as members of the fifth group of competitors. Waldemai, in the stands and Lethe in the arbor.

"Now we have Prince Aiden Grayson and Chirpington." There's a gesture to the pair that are up next. "I have been told that Chirpington is quite fond of Squab-" There's a man sought out in the crowd with a pidgeon tethered gently in his lap. "Be careful Lord Dalton, lest he decide he's hungry!" There's gentle laughter and tittering from the crowd. "Chirpington and Prince Aiden also like to partake in practicing daring dives, and it would seem, protecting the city. I give you, Prince Aiden and Chirpington." Alarissa steps to the side for Aiden to do his thing, show off a little.

Silas brightens when Aiden claps for them. Not that ever -wouldn't-, but it also seems to make Dash perk up even further. He hoots and hollers when Aiden is called up next. "You'll ace it, Aiden and Archibald!" He inclines his head in Lucita's direction when she happens by and greets her with a nod. "We just started. It's good to see you again, Lady Lucita."

Lucita says, "Baron Silas, it is good to see you and am sorry to have missed anything." She gives a beguiling smile. "I've neve seen a routine by a bird like Archibald, can't wait to see what he can do!""

Once he's called forward, Aiden walks into the center of the field, the stage for the falconers amongst those showing off their companions this day. His back is straight and he shows poise, getting Archibald's attention as he asks of the gryfalcon, "Now let's properly bow to the Princess." Aiden turns out his arm, watching his gyrfalcon the whole time as he makes a quiet sound to direct the 'trick' as it were, timing it just right that his other arm spreads out to the side and his one leg kicks back, sweeping in a bow while Archibald's wings extend out and his tail feathers fan. It's cute and it's clear that Aiden's probably used that at some point when he was younger to sway his parents. How could anyone not be charmed? The rest of the routine looks more strategic and following the typical falconer line of work. Aiden hoists his arm up and asks of Archibald to circle while he goes to places a few targets. There's a display of how the ground targets are retrieved and the 'fake' dead things brought back to Aiden, as well as the more exciting parts where Aiden tosses the fake dead things in the air and Archibald, as promised, makes a death defying dive to snatch it mid air. Granted, it's hard to tell etiquette between a bird and a man, but when Baron does a fly by over Aiden's head, there might be a little sense that someone might be grousing. Aiden continues the routine and when it does come to a close, Archibald swoops in from the level just above the grass line to land on Aiden's arm. The bird ruffles itself and wiggles it's tail feathers, giving a loud screech at the end.

Larissa let's out a polite cheer for Aiden and Chirpington as he performs beautifully.

Waldemai applauds politely for the gyrfalcon.

Lucita cheers and claps for the display of skill and training just shown. "Oh, that was wonderful to see!"

"He's one of the smartest birds I know," Silas asides to Lucita with a nod, as though he knows many birds. Given his House name, who knows, maybe he somehow does. He smirks faintly when Aiden commands the avian to bow to the Princess Consort, seeming to be aware of the effect that may typically have. He claps at different intervals during the rest of the tricks, mostly when they're completed, and when Aiden returns to their group Silas is smiling widely. "I knew I didn't have much of a chance, but it's always fun to watch. Great job, you two."

Lucita says, "My nightingale is learning to sing when I play a few cues on a vielle but there is a long ways to go before he is trained enough to do anything reliably." She says to Silas. "Maybe one of these years he'll be ready."

Once Aiden rejoins the group, he admitson the heels of Silas winning smile, "He was quite upset that I didn't throw the targets... when I should have. He's a little grouchy, not that I can blame him. I kept him out all night..." He ruffles the gyrfalcon and just avoids a beak snap. "Hey now..." he scolds Archibald and at the end of the day, the bird was a bird and they had their own minds! He looks onward toward the next contestant, "Oh Larissa is up with her horse. This should be good to watch. I always like watching horsemanship." He oos as he notices Lucita there, "Lucita! Where's Estaban today? I was sure he'd come with Gunther." He hooks his arm into Silas' own, an impish look showing in his silver eyes as he does so, peering sideways like to Silas.

The crowd applauds as the bird eases itself through paces and by the looks of the judges, they seem fairly impressed. Alarissa herself laughs brightly, bowing back to the bird after it has done so, shaking her head. "It is -very- good that I am not a judge." But Aiden's turn is done and there's the murmur in the crowd after that display."

Three more companions make their way, one by one to go on display and show off thier stuff. A cat of the fluffiest white and a pink bow between it's ears who might give a certain coon tabby a run for it's money in the sassy department. A bloodhound that in the end, is found lacking as the poor thing decides to just not listen to it's owner and there's tutt tutt's from the crowd. Another dog, a tall behemoth of a hair dog that's from somewhere far up north that seems incapable of not drooling everywhere. But soon, it's Larissa's turn and that of her pet.

"The last in this group, is the Whisper Larissa. Larissa brings us Charlemagne." There's a gesture to the minature horse with it's faux horn. "Charlamagne apparently has a terrible sweet tooth just like me. And unlike some of our other competitors, you'll find that this dear creature is quite enamoured with and content to lazy in front of a fire while his mane is stroked nad brushed forty times. I ask you, who has the finer locks, him or I?" And with that, Alarissa steps to the side to let Larissa take center stage.

Lucita says, "That was why late getting here. I think he was working on wedding reception plans and must have lost track of time. He has not gotten around to looking at messages yet so I just came on along.""

When it came time for Larissa and Charlemagne to take the ring, the Courtesan gave a click of her tongue as her miniature pony began to prance along with her. He was resplendent in his finery as light gleaned from his golden horn and the silver wound into his ribbons. He was every bit as vain as his Mistress and gave his little head a proud shake as he prance around, showing off his hoofs which looked as though they were also gold dipped. There was no questioning that this little pony believed with all his little might that he was the delicate and graceful unicorn Larissa told him he was every day! Larissa lead the little horse through a series of moves that made the little thing look like it was dancing until at the very end he extended a leg outward and bowed his head, gold dipped horn touching the floor at Larissas feet.

Waldemai applauds politely for the small pony. "Very disciplined...very nice."

"A nightingale, huh? I don't mind those so much waking me up in the morning... but outside of our bedroom window it's usually screeching." With their arms happily roped together again, and Dash still being reigned in by the leash held in his other hand, Silas looks quite content. "That horse has high aspirations," Silas comments when he eyes Charlemagne. "And it is a shame Estaban isn't here with Gunther. I was curious about his progress. He's not such a puppy any more, isn't he?"

"Gunther? No definitely not. He's older than Severa," he does look a little pained that he didn't have the guard dog with him, but when competing, one had to focus! "I've helped when it comes to training but I think Estaban needs to put a little more focus into Gunther's purpose. I'll likely have to work with them a bit more-" and speaking of, his eyes turn to Lucita, "And I also received your missive. I'd happily help you with your own pup." It's not only just an arm cling then, Aiden eventually hooks his arm around Silas, leaning into him, as silver eyes go toward Larissa's showing. He cannot help but giggle, "Oh they're wonderful."

12 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Crow - Thraxian Steward have been dismissed.

Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon have been dismissed.

Lucita claps for the little horse and Larissa. "How cute!" She then looks toward Silas. "No, not so much a puppy. I hope he likes Golden. I got a calmer dog that is supposed to get along with others but is very protective." She grins at Aiden and Silas. "...almost sounds like I know what am talking about...almost."

Larissa smiles and curtsies after Charlie has finished "Thank you" she murmurs graciously to Lucita while fishing out a few sugar cubes for her pony to muzzle

"Oh he is a very proud companion." Alarissa's clapping, the papers tucked under her arm. "And that is it for group five, the last and final group. We will take a moment to let the judges talk and confer with themselves so that they may decide upon the winner of the best in show. You are all however, encouraged to place your votes for the spectators choice."

And the judges do go off and do just that as everyones starting to bring their animals back so that they can prepare and the judges pointing now and then to the various animals.

"I think you may have competition, Aiden and Archibald," Silas winks back to the prince once the pretty pony has his run. He nods back to Lucita. "Typically we assign bigger dogs to our guardsmen, but... well Dash is a messenger, not a guard dog. But I wouldn't recommend his breed to anyone who doesn't like to run." When it looks like the judging was now occurring, Silas looks confident... even if he knows he's likely to lose.

Alarissa is called over by the judges went it seems that they have decided upon a winner, and expecially when the one handling the spectators choice is done going through the ballots. Moving over, she dips her head to listen and glances over toward group five with a nod before she breaks away. One of the judges follows her with ribbons in hand. "It would seem that there has been a decision made."

Lucita listens to Silas, inclining her head in understanding and grins at the little corgi with him. She looks back toward Alarissa as she starts to announce the winner.

Larissa flashes a smile to Alarissa as she readies to announce the winner, a warm glance is offered to the other contestants as honestly they were all a little fabulous. Too, this was a delightful distraction amidst all the pending doom that was headed their way.

Silas hums thoughtfully when it's announced that a winner has been decided. He exchanges a glance between the Hawk Baron and the Pretty Unicorn, expectantly.

"I first want to thank all the participants here. Each of our companions, and I know this from my time with my own, are dear to us. We all find them to be the perfection in our lives. That is, after all, why we chose them, or they chose us. Would that all could get a best in show. Let us give a hand for them though. All our lovely companions."

"But there's just one. Second runner up, and just lovely, fur and all is Dash, shown by the Baron Silas Whitehawk." Alarissa gestures for Silas to bring Dash forward for a quick walk around the ring.

"First runner up is Archibald, shown by Prince Aiden Grayson." Alarissa smiles and gestures again for Aiden to take a walk with the hunting bird on his arm, clapping for him as much as she did Dash.

"And, best in show" Alarissa gives a dramatic pause for effect. "Charlamagne, shown by Whisper Larissa." There's a gesture for Larissa to come forward, even as the judge is moving forward to bestow on Charlamange that large blue ribbon reading best in show.

Lethe claps happily when the winner and runner ups are announced.

Lucita cheers and claps for each of the competitors. "That was lovely to watch. I could never have chosen a winner, each was doing so well!"

Waldemai claps politely for all the contestants, because, after all, they all belong to his social betters. If he's a little louder for the second runner-up, well, the acoustics here are tricky.

Aiden smiles and claps for the winner, nodding his head. Baron Archibald isn't so pleased though, pulling at his feathers. Aiden does go to calm him down, with a little smirk.

Silas peers down at his companion, sympathetically. "Third is good, right, buddy?" Dash barks up at his owner, likely oblivious that he may have cause to look sad... because he certainly doesn't. He is, however, finding the leash increasingly bothersome with so much around for him to explore! Silas then smiles and raises his hands to applaud the 'Unicorn' for winning and his favorite bird for besting him. "Great performances, everyone."

Larissa gives Aiden a pained glance but she was quickly distracted as she trotted Charlie up and he gave an affectionate whinny to Alarissa as the ribbon was placed around his mane and he dutifully began sniffing towards her pocket, certain that sugar cubes were hidden therein somewhere " Thank you very much Highness and everyone else who is as thoroughly entertained by my darling Charlie as I. Though I think we are all terribly lucky and blessed to have the warmth of companionship they offer so unconditionally and i hopemwe all realize that we are all the true winners as we get to have them in our lives every day. Thank you. Charlie darling, take a bow" and obediently the little pony does.

"He's lovely dear Whisper. Be proud." Alarissa reaches down to ruffle the horse. But there's one last thing to give out. "Spectator's Choice. This is the companion chosen by the crowds, as their favourite. And this likely comes as very little surprise." Alariss turns back toward the congregants of group five. There's a faint shake of her head to Silas and Dash but then to Aiden. "Archibald and Prince Aiden. Please come for another walk, as Archibald has been chosen!" She's clapping her hands, even as the spectator's choice ribbon is being passed over to Aiden.

Waldemai claps for Archibald, but not too loudly, lest the animals be startled.

Silas reaches down to scritch behind Dash's ears, comfortingly, which calms the doggo down a bit. He grins back up at Aiden once his bird is announced as the crowd favorite. "Indeed, not surprising at all. Congratulations love." He's curious to see how Archibald reacts to the ribbon.

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler arrive, following Estaban.

Larissa beams at Aiden and offers up a round of applause as the dashing Archibald is chosen as spectators choice. "Very well done Prince Aiden and Archibald and your corgi is just fantastic Baron." She inclines her head towards Silas.

Chapter 2: A Fable of Pacts

Peace is a fable. The more the Compact reaches for it, the more some begin to realize that there has been wars raging for a very, very long time, by dark forces all hoping to achieve their own manner of horrifying victory that would bring a lasting, terrible peace. And so many rest their hopes instead for brief flickering moments of respite, an image of peace that they can grasp and hold onto, but that seems far away as the Fleets of the Gyre set sail.

Three massive fleets, each larger than any great house alone could field, set sail for Darkwater Watch, Crovane lands, and the Lyceum. War again has come to the Compact, if it ever left. And beyond that, a few know that pacts will have to be created, bargains sought, and hard choices made for any survival at all.

Lucita quietly watches the awards given out and claps again for Aiden as he is given the award.

Silas smiles back to Larissa and bows to her and Charlemagne. "Thank you, Mistress Larissa, and congratulations to you and your handsome unicorn. The ribbon looks great on him." He glances back down to Dash. "There's always next time. And he gets no shortage of treats."

Aiden does make a comforting face at Larissa for her glance toward him, as if not to worry. "I told you he was grouchy today..." Aiden sighs as a few feathers get plucked, torn, and spit out by the gyrfalcon. "Stop that," he whispers quietly and tries to distract the raptor with another piece of meat, because raptors are better at shredding that then their own feathers. He does almost miss the announcement, ohhing softly, "See Arch, they liked your dives and swoops." Asked for another walk, Aiden does do as much, waving his hand to the crowd, but Archibald isn't really listening, comically trying to nip at Aiden, "Alright my friend... Go!" Aiden does something quick to release Archibald and the gyrfalcon thumps his wings in the air as he gets the wind under him and starts to circle high. With that, Aiden waves with both hands and exits the field.

Lethe has left the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

Waldemai gathers his stuff up and heads out with the show over.

Waldemai has left the a whimsical wooden arbor with lilacs and roses.

D'Artagnan leaves, following Larissa.

Estaban comes walking in as he looks around Gunther is at his side, his blue eyes looking around hoping he did not miss anyting.

The event is winding down, prizes dished out and animals taking their respective bows. The animal show done for this year and otehrs already making plans on how to spruce up their own pets to win next year.

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