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The Champions

Words: The duellist demands satisfaction. Honour, for him, is an appetite.
Sigil: A shield bearing the icon of a fencing foil.

Duels for honour have long been the tradition in the west, since the days the leaders of Sanctum decided there should be away to challenge and defend honor without murdering a bunch of people that might later be needed to grow crops, or marry daughters, or murder OTHER people. In modern times, it's become fashionable for rich and noble ladies to use duels fought with appointed champions to settle social scores (and in no small part for entertainment). Thus were the champions born, an 'Order of Knights' who sell their swords to noble patrons and represent them in nonlethal duels.


Name Rank Title Description
Adder 1 Peerless ---
Beaumont 2 Grandmaster ---
Luca 3 Master at Arms ---
Zotikos 3 Master at Arms ---
Bliss 5 Duelist ---
Dorian 5 Duelist ---
Leopold 5 Duelist ---
Cordelia 5 Duelist ---
Felix 5 Duelist ---
Holt 5 Duelist ---
Asha 5 Duelist ---
Joslyn 5 Duelist ---
Val 5 Duelist ---
Agnarr 5 Duelist ---
Caspian 5 Duelist ---
Orelia 6 Prospect ---
Adalyn 6 Prospect ---
Agatha 6 Prospect ---
Lydia 7 Fangirl ---
Mercedes 7 Fangirl ---