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Calevaro Stars

"Dying for something you believe in is always an act of heroism, no matter your cause."

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Kind-hearted soldier
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Stars
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'4
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Light

Description: This man's most recognizable feature is his hair: It is of a fiery red collor, falling down all the way to the midle of his back, appearing to be soft and silky. His body is toned, autough not overly muscular, the result of years of training and hard work. His features can be considered attractive to some people: Soft, intensse green eyes peer at the world, along with an angular, almost cimetrical, face. He moves confidently when in a crowd and, while in converssation, his eyes always look at the person to won he speaks.

Personality: Calevaro is, at heart, a generous person. He cares about other people's problems and always tries to aleviate their pain. He tends not to judge people based on their social position, preferring to let their atitudes show who they really are. He's alsso quick to feel anger, tough he tries not to let his emotions guide his actions.

Background: Calevaro was born as the son of a wealthy merchant, his mother having died at his birth. Due to his father's profession, he had to travel a lot, leaving Calevaro in the hands of capable servants. As the boy grew older, he started to develope an interest for combat, atempting to learn how to use every kind of weapon, not just the sword. When he became an adult, at the age of 18, Calevaro decided it was time for him to finally make something with his life, eagerly joining the Valardin military. His trainers and fellow soldiers would describe him as a compassionate man, who wasn't willing to ask of someone what he wouldn't do himself. It was at the military that Calevaro found his calling: He loved to serve and to fight for a cause. His dedication eventually rewarded him with the rank of officer, a very public and personal triunf for the young man.

Name Summary
Aahana A solider of Valardin who is quite kind. He has offered me aide in showing me around the city.
Alaric A tall Oathlander with a bit of Northman in his heritage from the looks of it. Seems to be every bit the polite, solid solider his lands are known for.
Alexis Master Calevaro is a fine young soldier I got acquainted with thanks to High Lord Edain. I armed and armoured him. Polite enough sort. Even if he did want to keep my delivery bag.
Amanda A man with a fun name, that surely has a fun story.
Appolonia Insightful for a soldier. Not to say that soldiers are not insightful, but this one is deeper than many I've met. And well versed on the terrible and brilliant power of emotions.
Austen A military man of Valardin. Strong and true, with many years experience under his belt.
Darrow A young soldier, impressionable. May the Sentinel guide his path - for it is in dark times.
Edain A Soldier and an Officer of Sanctum's Armies. Professional, and willing to give of himself with no need for reward. Plus he likes bacon! A true warrior of the Oathlands.
Emmelline A very sensible and duty bound soldier. Easy to converse with, I should like to see him again.
Fianna A kind Valardin soldier with an equal passion for being outside both day and night. I met him on the beaches outside of the city and we had a pleasant conversation about a number of topics. It is my hope to see him again in the very near future.
Ingrid A Valardin soldier so willing to put his life on the line to defend his people that it very well may have ruined his relationship with his father. I believe that his is a noble cause and one which his family should be proud of. He is also one who indulges his mind in books, which is always refreshing to hear.
Iseulet Calevaro /Stars/? How appropriate. He should come see The Empyrean one day - he might enjoy it if only for the connection between our theme and his name. Otherwise, seems a friendly, sweet sort.
Jeffeth A military man with a fun name. He seems nice enough, though I didn't FULLY understand what he was talking about, he seems like a good sort.
Petal He seems like a decent sort of guy. I don't know him very well, but he seems polite, friendly and liek he treats people well.
Quenia Another person new to Arx. He seems like a nice chap, pretty straight forward and a warrior to boot. The Compact could use more like him.
Reese He seems like an intelligent sort of warrior and a well spoken one.
Sabella A man who is very devoted to the men that serve him and very realistic when it comes to things like love and marriage. A very nice conversationalist!
Saedrus He seems a quiet young man, but effortlessly cheerful. I had the pleasure to meet him at the Redrain Gardens in good company. Polite and gently spoken, I think he might be a case of still waters in a very deep well.
Sasha A kind vassal of Valardin who wants to help me get my cure and is fond of tea like myself.
Sparte Friendly sort. Looks like a soldier, but I don't sense that fading in him a lot of soldiers get. He still seems to hope for good things.
Theo Martial-type. He seemed friendly enough, for an Oathlander; he tolerated my haze, which is more than I can say about most who serve Valardin.
Valery Another fighter. He seems to know a lot about politics. He seems nice, though.
Zalika A handsome knight of valardin who I see as a wonderful new ally