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Words: "Unbroken until the Thirteenth's final reap."
Sigil: A reflective sword crossed over a mirror shield
Nickname: Mirages

Established by Sir Talen Artiglio - the then Sword of Lenosia - the Mirrorguard were brought into existence shortly after the death of Grand Duchess Esera Velenosa. Their mission is to make the impossible possible by any means necessary and the ideologies to do so often vary with each generation of recruits in line with the state of their current leader's moral compass. It is a telling story when the Mirrorguard are called into service as they represent an elite strike force as well as being home to a collective of specialist agents that have been hand-picked from those loyal to the Lyceum.


Name Rank Title Description
Stefano 1 Sword Leader of the Mirrorguard
Talen 2 Shield Voice of the Mirrorguard
Acacia 3 Mirage ---
Isabetta 3 Mirage ---
Franco 3 Mirage ---
Calypso 3 Mirage ---
Costas 3 Mirage ---
Felix 3 Mirage ---
Inigo 3 Mirage ---
Niccolo 3 Mirage ---
Mirari 3 Mirage ---
Antonio 3 Mirage ---
Viviana 3 Mirage ---
Val 3 Mirage ---
Dante 3 Mirage ---
Theron 3 Mirage ---
Enyo 3 Mirage ---
Mydas 3 Mirage Demonologist
Ignacio 3 Mirage ---
Arman 3 Mirage ---
Vicente 3 Mirage ---
Thiri 3 Mirage ---
Eleyna 10 Benefactor Archduchess of Lenosia