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Lord Theron Mazetti

All men are better than dead men.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Sword of Ostria
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Midnight Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Bronzed

Titles: Sword of Ostria

Description: Theron's hair is dark and rich. The silken strands shine with the light from within. A majestic, metaphorical light. A light you don't touch. Often raked back from his face, slicked back carefully so that it tumbles back to his neck. Other times it is carefully bound within a leather strap in order to bring the passionate hair into order. Beneath all of that is a man with a nearly perfect nose, pursed lips faintly marred by smile lines at either side, and a strong but rounded jaw. When he smiles, one could claim that it threatens the very shadows around him. Dark brown eyes are hard, making him prone to occasional baleful stares. Unlike the rest of his features, his eyes tell a far different story. A life of danger and evading death has left Theron with a stare which some onlookers may describe as detached. From the neck down he is a paragon of physical fitness with a finely tuned body from a decade or more of warfare, long marches, and desperate fights for limb and life.

Personality: Theron is a man who is often quick to share a smile and a laugh, sometimes at inappropriate times. As a man who has witnessed a great deal in his relative short years he's learned the importance of seeing the lighter side of day-to-day life. While his humor is consistently free, he also began his career as a soldier at the earliest possible time he was able and as a result that has bred into him the sense of discipline necessary to put himself under wraps when necessary. Often slow to anger and quick to crack a joke, Theron is often passionate about his causes. Little can rouse his anger like someone messing with his hair.

Background: The Tor-Southport War was well underway when Theron Mazetti was approaching the midway point of his teenage years. Eager to join the fight, he spent a great deal of his time investing himself into studies of warfare and more specifically the deadly application of ending a life through the use of steel. He began his dueling career fairly young, though not in any sort of professional sense. His first duel was allegedly with another youth who had insulted his hair or touched his hair, the accounts of the exchange which led to the first duel of the Mazetti nobleman are murky at best.

The Tor-Southport War began to wind to a close just before he was of appropriate age to serve within the Ostrian military, but serve he did. War's rarely halt indefinitely. Even if the participants change from one conflict to another, there would always be a conflict that demanded soldiers willing to put themselves in harm's way. Or end a war before it began with a few deft strokes of a blade in the midst of a duel between two champions.

Theron has spent much of his adult years serving the city-state of Ostria and it's rulers in the form of House Mazetti. When he's not invested himself into the duties of a soldier, whether that be the rank-and-file or something else entirely, then Theron can often be found wandering the world. He claims such wanderers are without aim and often with little more cause or purpose than to see the sites, experience the people, and sample their wines.

The wandering lifestyle began to become less and less with time. The needs of the House far outweighing the needs of the wanderer after Theron was named the Sword of Ostria. He would need to learn appropriate time management in order to see to his duties as a Sword and his alleged hobbies.

Relationship Summary

  • Sabella - Past Flame

  • Friend:
  • Joscelin - Vivacious
  • Enyo - Downplaying Might
  • Daemon - The Ever Cheerful Knight

  • Family:
  • Cambria - Liegewoman and Beloved Cousin
  • Hadrian - Man of Taste
  • Giulio - Dear Brother
  • Alessia - With a thousand lies and a good disguise
  • Dianna - Fury and grace
  • Vitalis - Confident and daring
  • Valerio - The Other Tough Guy
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A nobleman whose build and presence in the shop alike speak of more than luxury being part of his lifestyle. He seems cordial and outgoing, traits I can certainly appreciate in one of the gentry.
    Agatha The Sword of ... where was it again? He is one of the first people I met here in Arx. His brother has brandy, which I still think may be of the cats, but I suppose if you drank a bottle or two it would do something. ANYWAY. He seems very proud of his duties, and that is admirable. I will have to watch him fight and see if his sword can sing as well as he says it does. They have so many words, those Lycene people!
    Alarissa A lovely Mazetti
    Alban Have seen the Sword in passing several times, and I of course heard of his duel with Sir Thorley during the last tournament. Probably yet another man who is capable of chopping me to pieces but seems polite enough.
    Amarantha A southern solider with a good sense of humor. Handsome too.
    Ann A strong man that has the fearless heart of a lion. If I didn't know any better he might have been a Redrain himself.
    Apollis The Archduchess' protege? Very impressive. I'd definitely not want to get on his bad side.
    Arianna Man dances like a true champion. The Sword of Ostria truly demonstrated his prowess and masterful sportsmanship. A refreshing sight for these weary eyes.
    Astraea A very wise Sword of the Southern isles. He is not overly hedonistic like other Lycene people and he carries himself with decorum and self-respect. I hope he can fight as well as he can talk, this bout should be interesting none the less and I am glad to have made his acquaintance.
    Brianna The Sword of Ostria tried and failed to protect me in the melee, but he certainly made up for it in his willingness to take up my challenges without question. To dance on ramparts and tell stories and lies.
    Cadenza Lord Theron seems amicable enough and fun to talk to. And he's a Sword? I might have to catch him for a spar one day.
    Calaudrin He was willing to give it a go getting shot at with a bow. Not everyone is that adventerous, he's got some of my respect for that.
    Calista Lord Theron Mazetti is not only the Sword of Ostria but a savvy and polite business man. House Mazetti is in good hands with him.
    Caspian What a match! That fight with Lord Darrow was insane. Such a close match! He fought ferociously and traded powerful blows.
    Christine He seems nice. New to town. We'll see.
    Cirroch Seems like a polite warrior and lord. Seems like we always meet each other in passing though.
    Clover We've done business via messenger, and when I've met him in person he's been incredibly charming, and just a hit sly.
    Costas My experience with Mazettis is that they put on a good show, and this one seems no different in that regard. For various reasons, not the least of which is his position within that house, I expect opportunities to judge his skill and I anticipate a welcome result.
    Darren The Sword of any family needs to be able to hold his liquor and this southerner managed to stay in a drinking contest with three Northmen without flinching. I have to respect that.
    Delilah A self-declared man of two-handed swords. Sword of Ostria and is looking for a nice upgrade. I didn't really speak to him much but he seems to be quite humble and realistic in his approach.
    Demura Very certain of his course in Setarco, he decided to talk about his impending victory in boastful tones. While I do not mind someone boasting when they obviously have skill, they should keep in mind that there is a time and place for these kind of words - during a naval battle where our friends could be dying is not one of them.
    Echo Carries a heavy weapon, loves to sample brandy, and is lovely conversation all the same. A man after my own heart!
    Ectorion Friendly fellow, seems cheerful enough and looks like a good sparring partner.
    Edain If I am being completely honest with myself, I know very little about the Mazetti, and much of my opinion of them is based on the actions of Lucien in my youth. But I had the chance to meet the sword of Ostria, albeit briefly while watching him run the gauntlet, and he conducted himself in a manner befitting of a knight, and I think that speaks well of him. Dedication to one's family is one of the most noble traits there is, and his devotion to his was easily apparant.
    Eilonwy Another Southern lord, though a pleasant one.
    Eleanor He seems a nice man, and good at this Gauntlet. I'll have to try that myself, and then perhaps it's worth following up with him for training.
    Eleyna The more of these Ostrians I meet, the more I realize that this is an entire family of smartasses. I mean that in the best way possible. I adore smartasses.
    Emilia Theron is a good man and a great fighter. He is very honorable, and unafraid of clashing against his limits.
    Eris It is fitting that one of the first familiar faces I see upon returning to the city is one of my dearest friends, although I would not admit it if asked. Time to get our drink on.
    Estil I met him - informally - while on the hunt for my sister. He seemed dashing, if just a touch egotistical, while he whipped some poor woman in the training ring. Might be a cheerful fellow on the outset, though.
    Galen An amazingly skilled combatant, if I knew nothing else, I know this, it would be beneficial to have him at ones side in battle!
    Giulio It does seem brother dear has continued to work on his martial talents. Sword of Ostria, eh? Well... I do know who to drag off for my more dangerous investigations. Still, it's good to see him in good form -- and, in good measure.
    Grazia A martial sort, the Sword of Ostria conducts himself well and is eloquent. He seems a pleasant enough man, friendly with my brother.
    Gwenna Sword of Ostria and exceptionally skilled with an axe, Lord Theron seems both serious and yet possesses a bit of a wicked sense of humor. Not many can go throw for throw and drink for drink with the Redrain warriors, but the Mazetti noble appeared to have no trouble whatsoever - and enjoyed it! Will have to invite him to one of the upcoming dinners.
    Ignacio A skilled and honorable swordsman. It was an honor to spar with him.
    Iseulet Glad to have seen him fight. He looks good doing it, and seems to know my family. Maybe I'll hang around a bit more.
    Isidora We met at the Menagerie and had a delightful discussion on the possible life of a garden gnome. Lord Theron Mazetti is quite crafty and one might even say a scoundrel of sorts! Beyond that, I enjoyed our time together and hope to meet again.
    Joscelin A man of intent and purpose, direction and focus so severe it's like a blade. That he finds joy in life, insisting on it even, is amusing and endearing to me. I do hope this is the beginning of a true friendship.
    Juliana Charm.. perhaps enough to be dangerous and the eyes to match. Clearly someone to watch. For various reasons.
    Katarina A rather fascinating Sword of House Mazetti, one that is well-traveled in the lands of Arvum and apparently not afraid to be aboard a ship. Definite adventure fodder there.
    Laric It's always encouraging to see another brave ready and willing to throw themselves head first into the Abyss. Worrisome, too, in that their passion could lead to a quick and sudden end. We'll see what impact the current Sword of Ostria leaves on our world when he returns to Death's embrace.
    Leola No, your title does matter. To say it does not belittles those others who carry the same.
    Lou He approached me with a delicate problem, involving my sister. We had a good back and forth, and I said I'd look into some information for him. All in all, he seems like good people.
    Lucita The Sword of Ostria, Lord Theron Mazetti. We can talk for hours and not repeat ourselves, seeming to always find something interesting to say. Polite, dignified yet with wit, and showing hints of humor or amusement at times.
    Margerie A charming enough fellow from a family my niece greatly respects
    Marian A man who knows his weapons. A sword even. I guess we have much in common. I shall have to spend more time with this Velenosa warrior when I have some more time.
    Mirari I'm not sure I'll ever trust a Mazetti, but at least this one isn't terrible to look at.
    Morrighan Met Lord Theron at my birthday bash, and so he was welcomed, and even participated in a couple of the toss events! Did quite well, and he seemed to have a lot of fun, was glad to have him there.
    Norwood I've crossed swords with him in non-deadly contests, and spoken to him more than once in social situations. I find him to be a man of fair humor not yet weighed down with the world and become overly serious.
    Petal He is quite polite and nice, doesn't seem to mind my accent.
    Quenia I first met Lord Theron when lunching with Lucita and Wash outside his manor. Things were tense between he and Wash. But, outside of that setting, I have found him kind and concerned for his family's welfare. I should like to get to know him better.
    Reese An honorable fighter. I think he is on the right path.
    Rinel Another nobleman! There are so many in the city--I had forgotten. He's very decisive (and really rather intimidating), but he likes the outdoors! Maybe he'll let me tag along on whatever nobles do when they go adventuring?
    Rook An eager man, both for matters martial and of the mind. One to watch, perhaps. Or not, if one's too busy elsewhere.
    Rue Lady Zoey seems fond of him and she's a good judge of character. He humored my silliness and promised to promote my shop. Once it's up and running, I need to make him a little gift. '
    Sebastian Sword of Ostria and cousin to the Marquessa, a good-natured seeming sort, forgiving, at least, of absentmindedness in the face of distraction. Pleasant conversation and can hold his brandy. I look forward to future encounters.
    Serafine I shouldn't like someone I only just met, especially not after watching them try and beat my girl in the sparring ring. But she got him good, so he must be alright.
    Skye Oh he may be a great warrior but in the end, his armor weighed him down. It's too bad, I thought for sure he was going to win until just the last second when Ian managed to pull off the win by that stunning display of willpower.
    Sorrel He's pretty good with a sword, and he wields a mighty big one. He's playful and charming, too! I think we'll be fast friends.
    Sparte A donkey. Backwards. Blindfolded? Naked?! I just... How BORED they must have been!
    Stefano The Sword of Mazetti. I haven't sparred him yet but he seems a capable man. Recruited him into the Mirrorguard with ease and I look forward to seeing what he can accomplish.
    Talen Theron's the Sword of Ostria, so there's some bias in getting to know him from Talen, as a former Sword himself. That's not even counting that the Mazetti serve the Fidante, who are known to be strong allies of the Velenosa. Nonetheless, he seems quick witted if nothing else. Perhaps a bout will test how skilled he is with Allegience, too.
    Thesarin Sword to Mazatti. Seems charming, and friendly, and all that. And keen, I think. Damned keen.
    Thorley Was kind enough to let me take Valdemar off of his hands in the free for all combat. He stood tall and strong throughout most of the battle, despite several injuries. If he is part of the future of the soldiers of Arx - we are all in safer hands for it.
    Torian Thre darts against Victus. Lost. Not that I couldhave done better.
    Turo Seems to be a bold fighter. I like him so far. If his words match his deeds, then the Gyre should indeed be afraid.
    Violet He seemed gruff at first, but he has an easy grin and enjoys fun as much as seriousness. I think I might like this fellow. I hope to see him around the Trainging Center more. Perhaps even test my daggers against him.
    Wylla He should come create a knight, since he is one! He needn't worry so much about his artistic skills -- any call of Jayus is a good one!
    Zaina One of those chivalric types, he seems content to let me alone. For that, I am grateful.
    Zoey A pleasant fellow if ever there was one.