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Spring Festivities: Faith's Archery Hunt

The beauty of Spring as well and truly settled across Arvum. To celebrate the season and its bounty the Faith of the Pantheon, along with the Lodge of Petrichor and the Whisper House, are holding festivities open to one and all to share together. The grand hunts are both in celebration and thanks to the Gods for the gifts which they bestow upon us each day. A series of hunts will be held through the day with parties starting off from the Lodge, and there are prizes to be won by whomever fells the most impressive beasts of each hunt.

The first in a series of grand hunts will be for those skilled with bow and arrow to test their skill and hunting prowess after the wild fowl of the forests.



Oct. 14, 2017, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Selene Orazio Saedrus Leola


Marian Fiora Lou Mae Saedrus Leola Aleksei Merek Calaudrin Tikva Estaban(RIP) Aiden Calarian Shard


Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - Grounds

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Comments and Log

Aiden nods his head at Calarian, "Small victories." He repeats, as if agreeing with his cousin, offering to the last, "We should speak in private sometime cousin. I fear we have not had the opportunity since the Grayson diplomatic mission you and Princess Reese led." His eyes turn to Tikva, "How are you and my brother doing Princess Tikva? I haven't had a chance to see him lately." Then for the general ask, not sure if she asked Calarian or himself, he replies, "That is the plan. I am no better than the last archery contest, however I should like to try."

Saedrus actually arrives from the Lodge proper and if he is joining the hunting parties, well-- someone should inform him that seasilk might not be the best idea. The courtier is still barefoot, in a fresh robe, and donning a flower crown atop his mane of snow-white hair. Saedrus is all smiles as he sees the gathered groups, "Good day to each and every one of you, dear and honoured hunters," he calls brightly, sauntering along a pathway, "best of luck! And may the Gods watch and bless your hunt today."

Turns out he's not going.

Khinn -- that real surly, mungery looking lad that's probably got another growth spurt in him though, he's suited for a trek in the forest. Saedrus must be sending him.

Marian rides up to the event, on a horse from Redrain's stables. She's got her spear, rather than bow in hand because her specialty is not with the bow. She gives a polite nod to the other nobles present, curious to see how the event is being arranged.

Estaban nods his head, "You have done well Dame Leola, I find myself a bot home sick now." he smiles warmly to her looking to the horse with a smile, "I can not pass up a moment to do Archery, it is not in me to do so." he grins patting the dogs head who gets up and pads away heading for a certin Prince to lean into his leg.

Fiora grunts at the unfamiliar man, Aleksei, and nods briskly at Shard. Her arms tense, tightening over her chest, then she speaks quietly.

Shard tips her head toward Aleksei as he approaches. "Morning," she says, though--no surprise--there's no cheerful smile in return from her.

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"An archer's progress is always incremental. One arrow at a time," Tikva says, her reach toying briefly with the feathered shafts in her quiver. Her smile is quick. "We're fine, not to worry," she says. "Of course, Ainsley has innumerable responsibilities, and I try not to make his wife too much one of them."

    Merek has taken his time to put on his umbra tunic and his umbra-lined pants, while his cloak is shifted about him and his waistchain makes sound as he moves. He carries with him a bow in black and crimson hues, the crimson-lined hues on his cloak shifting with his maneuvers. When he arrives he quietly moves to the line where folk are participating in the hunt, and inclines to folk, while he shifts to look around.

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"Me?" Calarian wonders of Tikva before he gives a faint shake of his head, commenting with what appears to be an amused tone of voice, "I'd kill someone if I tried to shoot an arrow at a bullseye. It is for the Realm, that I've reserved myself to just watching." Aside, to Calarian, he offers, "Soon, cousin. Soon."

Calaudrin snaps the case closed when Saedrus comes out and pushes himself off of the fencing. He has his things with him, bow and quiver. As it seems that things are going to start going, he moves closer to the front and prepares to get ready. Time for fun!

Mae Grayhope approaches the Lodge of Petrichor looking about as nervous and twitchy as one would look walking through a dark alley in the lowers at night. Her hood conceals the most of her face, but her big, big eyes catch the light. They flick this way and that, and upon finding the gathering, she lets out an audible sigh of relief. She steps a little faster, to get to wherever the spectator types seem to be gathering.

Aiden looks toward Gunther who is suddenly there leaning into his leg, his eyes darting up and searching among the crowd of faces, "Lord Saik?" It's a different tone of voice, almost ... well, it's certainly spoken with more effort, to say the least. Although his attention reverts to Tikva, "I'm certain to hear his name again, spoken of. Perhaps I can come over for dinner sometime? I'm sure Silas would like that, when he gets back from where ever he went off to..." His eyes note Calarian's reply and with a chin nod he accepts that offer.

It's Khinn that steps up beside Leola, and towers over her, glancing over the group to see where the archers are at. "Anyone else coming, get your kit t'gether, glade ain't far." Khinn informs. Saedrus? He waves from a distance -- a distance from the horse as well. He has wine and is probably going to lounge somewhere.

Leola leads the way through the forest, comfortable and calmly, sidesaddle and bareback on the courser, with a bundle of bows and thick, blunted arrows, suitable for hunting delicate prey, are offered to those taking part. She smiles as she does so "Last night" She states to the group "We feasted, and we offered all the hospitality of Petrichor. Today, we will show what it means to be worthy of the burden we stand beneath" Her voice carries, for all she's unsure of the words she picks, and she has an effortless air that commands attention "The food we hunt is for the city, for the Compact, for that is one purpose of the Lodge, to ensure that Arx remains fed. Think of that, as you shoot; it is not only sport, but showing yourselves worthy of the burden of dominion; taking care of those below you" And she calls to the woods; her hunters beginning to flush game through the brush

"Certainly, I'm sure that would be agreeable. You know, I keep talking to Reese about having a dinner, we really ought to just make time for a family get-together sometime," Tikva says, and laughs, winking one eye before she adds, "Gods know there are certainly enough of us."

Shard remains where she is, even when Khinn calls out. In fact, one might say particularly when Khinn calls out, and even when Leola speaks. Her eyes narrow a little bit more, but she makes no move to join the other archers. She's not participating, it would seem.

Calarian decides to stick close to Aiden and Tikva, giving a brief inclination of his head to Leola when she speaks. He's not here entirely just to show face, actually. His three guardsmen are here for hunting as well. Barcus and Philip are dressed in an attire different from their usual duty garments -- something more suitable for treks. "Talks of a possible family dinner have been going back to the times of the Reckoning, perhaps one of us should authoritatively force a date and see who shows up," he comments to Tikva and Aiden.

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Marian joins the other archers as they start to get together. She's not great with a bow but her tracking skills are excellent. She glances at the others and waits to see what is needed. Her personal bow is simple without anything ornate.

Mae's eyes sweep the crowd. There's some faces she recognizes, of course. But it's Shard that catches her attention. With the other woman not lining up to shoot, Mae decides she'll serve as a fine anchor. She makes a bee-line over to the Prodigal, and steps right next to her, and slips a hand around Shard's arm. It's followed immediately by a whispered greeting.

Aiden nods to Tikva, "And I have a lot to share with the family. I think it's time I did." His gaze flickers beyond Tikva, searching for his friend, before he marks Tikva again, "It'd at least be time well spent if nothing else." There is a soft smirk that eventually shows itself on Aiden's face for Calarian's words, "I agree. Are you setting the date? If I do, no one will come."

Aleksei is standing near Shard as well, along with Fiora, and he offers a bright smile to Mae when she darts up. "Hey there," he greets her warmly. He also doesn't seem to be lining up to shoot.

Shard blinks and stares down at Mae. Particularly Mae's hand around her arm. "Hello," she says. The greeting sounds equal parts brittle and confused.

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Calaudrin is quiet still, working his nerves into something useful as he begins to ready his bow with an arrow. His head cants to the side and he listens attentively for the sound of anything coming through the brush.

"Master Saedrus arranged my last dinner party and it was perfectly splendid, although I'm sorry to say about half the invitees couldn't make it. Still, I'd be happy to apply the force of Tikva to the problem," Tikva says with an airy cheer. She says, "But, cousins, I think we're getting ready to take our places in line, and I shouldn't like to miss my opportunity to shoot because I'm so busy jawing about." With this, she turns and bounces off towards where the other archers are getting ready.

    Merek looks over to where Leola is at, "Can part of the proceeds be salted and shipped to family members? Now that it is spring, my family back down south needs some support," he admits, while he peeks that way, then he shifts his bow about, while he waits and prepares.

Fiora keeps a sensible distance from everyone until Khinn calls for the archers. Her chin juts at Shard, eyes briefly narrowed at Aleksei as if to puzzle the man out, and she strides forth to take her place on that line. Her hood gets tugged to properly obscure her features, her eyes squinting at her competition.

Estaban was standing over with Leola talking to her when Aiden looks around and then he hears his name called and he looks over, "Prince Aiden." he calls back over a smirk coming to his lips and then heads in his direction.

Mae flashes Shard a bit smile. "How are you?" she asks. "I keep meaning to come see you but... you know. Mostly don't leave the Murder, unless it's to go to the Shrine..." she says, her voice faint. She does then glance over and spot Aleksei. "Blessed Aleksei," she says, and inclines her head. Ever so respectfully. So formal!

The trek in from the Lodge of the Petrichor out into Gray Forest is not a long one, nor particularly hard. It is to an open glen that the pheasant hunt beings. Surrounding the glen, walled by heavy thicket and a stark tree line so dense one cannot see much further than the first couple of yards into the wilderness. It is lush though, and the woodland around the glen is alive with wildlife and resident beasts; the curling calls of pheasant and low horns of territorial drakes can be heard aside the curious quacks of their ducks.

"I could -- it is a new method I am trying, to be fair, cousin," Calarian tells Aiden in a very serious tone of voice, inclining his head, "I just say 'there is this meeting this date' without asking anyone for confirmation if they can make it, and I see whomever comes. Perhaps I will have feasts alone in the coming weeks, but at least it is a learning experience, hm?" His own men go ahead to try and hunt some things, but he seems like he is here just to watch the game -- or hunting. Philip and Barcus remain by their side.

Aleksei just offers Fiora a bright smile for her narrowed gaze before looking back to Shard and Mae. He blinks at the latter's particularly formal greeting. "What."

"We'll see" Leola says to Merek with a small smile "I understand the need to provide for one's family, but this isn't the purpose of this hunt. This is ... for a definite reason. That said, I am sure the Lodge will be able to assist seperately" She smiles a little, before she completes the preperations for the shoot.

Marian is listening to nature, not the other nobles around her, so she's a bit quiet. She lightly fingers the string on her bow, trying to get more comfortable with it.

Aiden follows along with Tikva's leadership, "Good luck sister-mine," he says with a more informal and perhaps surprisingly affectionate ring to his words. For Calarian's retort, he nods, "That is a fair plan cousin." And then he's redirecting his steps enough to close ground to Estaban, as the Saik closes in. Without hestiation, Aiden moves to the man and offers him a brotherly embrace as well, "Gods be good, seeing you reminds me how much I miss having friendly faces to talk to."

"Hunt's luck to you," Tikva says with a bright grin, "and the blessings of the King Stag!"

Shard doesn't seem to know what to do with this. She doesn't smile--obviously--but she doesn't pull away either, so she mostly just stands between Aleksei and Mae, somewhat stiffly, and looks a little tense and a little uncertain. "Why would you..." And she doesn't really finish that question either.

Estaban moves to embrace Aiden back in the same way, "It is good to see you as well." he smiles patting the other on the back, "It has been a while my Prince I hope you are well." he looks around, "This place is wonderful, Dame Leola has done well in making it very much like home."

Khinn comes up behind the rest of the party, but slips up ahead of the scrub to Leola's side once they arrive to the glade. "Dogs'll be flushing them out," he rumbles down to the saikland girl, and turns his head to the archers, "bows ready? birds are comin',"

"What what?" Mae asks, as she stares at Aleksei with those big (innocent) eyes. She blinks. Then shrugs, and looks back to Shard, with a smile. "To talk! Because our last talk was really nice, but I'm really bad in keeping in touch with people. Except, um... my pen pals. I can keep up with them. Do you like writing letters?" she chatters at Shard. "Because we could do that. Just, you know, talk. I want to hear about your work. I keep hearing the criers saying you were on this adventure or that adventure..." Amazing how much a walking shadow can talk.

Aiden checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

"My hunters are with them" Leola smiles to khinn, dropping her arm - and rather comically and dramatically diving out of the way of the archers and the forest brush!

Calaudrin isn't much for small talk this morning, perhaps he's just focused. When it sounds like there's something moving in the brush, he draws his hand back and lets and arrow loose to hit something solidly in the brush. It seems like he did indeed see something out there in the bush.

"You're being very formal," Aleksei informs Mae sagely. His eyes are bright with amusement as he looks between her and Shard. "Mae likes making friends," he tells Shard, his gaze now turning to the hunters.

Marian clearly didn't realize how this hunt was going to work. She thought she was going to have to track her quarry. She frowns as she looks over the bow. When it's clear that it's pheasant her frown deepens, "Never hunt those before..." Yes, Marian is out of her element.

"I'm really bad at talking," Shard says, low now, because the hunt is starting, and because she's clearly splitting her attention. "Err. I...guess I can write letters, but my work is mostly 'killed someone, killed someone, stabbed someone'."

    "So long as the cause is important," Merek tells Leola, while he takes his time to prepare his bow, then he adjusts his an arrow to one hand while he takes his time to sniff and listen around. He looks to Aiden when birds are mentioned, almost expecting him to somehow be against it.

Aiden nods to Estaban, clasps his arm, "As it is you my friend." He's about to remark about the place, when his attention turns toward the forest where the dogs are rustling out the game. His eyes widen as he hears the cries of the pheasants. He blanches. "Estaban... I can't... I can't.. They're... I have to ... Archibald... there's nothing that can be done? TELL them...!" His hands go up to his ears, "I can't... I can't hear this! They're going to..." And maybe it just wasn't clear to the poor bird prince that they'd be hunting with dogs and flushing the birds into the path of archers. His eyes were flashing wildly toward the archers --- could he jump in the way of them to save a birrrrd.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 12 lower.

Yes, Calarian is also subtly peeking at Aiden while he walks with the group, staying with those who are not hunting -- or at least the most inactive archers. His lips press together into a purse when he realizes that the young man is reacting poorly to this matter, though he's now gazing to Estaban to see what feedback he'll offer. For now, his duty is contemplative.

"I knooooow, that's why I'm talking more," Mae says, to Shard, with a sweet smile. Then she looks to Aleksei, and gives a little laugh. First a nod, followed with, "We're already friends! She just... you know. Needs to understand that better," she says. She gives Shard's arm a squeeze. "Oh, and I was talking to Prism... about you? She said I really needed to treat you with more respect. That Skald wouldn't like knowing his Archlector was not properly respected," she explains. Is she serious? Oh Gods, she kind of looks serious. "So, I do apologize..." she says. Then, she blinks, and her attention is snagged by a Noble Freakout.

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Estaban grabs Aiden when he spots him start panicing and he whispers into his ear as his friend starts to freak out and their is a firm tone in his voicem "Now." he states watching him. His hands on his friends arms to keep him from doing some silly. well nor silly but yes silly.

Aiden checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Khinn, the Surly Attendant leaves, following Saedrus.

    Merek nocks up the arrow, and then he looks back to Aiden. Well he hadn't expected that level of reaction. Instead he lowers his bow and looks to the direction where birds will be, and then he just shakes his head a bit. He has been to war, and states, "I'm uh... I'm, out. I can't," he states, backing up. He's seen horrors of war, and to see someone have that reaction to shooting animals, he can't bring himself to shoot anything in front of Aiden.

After being shaken a bit from Estaban, Aiden nods at his words and turns to ride out ... as fast as he can.

Baron Archibald Chirpington springs from Aiden's shoulders and flaps upward into the air, the falcon like noise coming from his beak as he screeches a call out once and then spirals higher until he's out of sight to those in the woods below.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd, Baron Archibald Chirpington, a Gyrfalcon leave, following Aiden.

Khinn, the Surly Attendant arrives, following Saedrus.

Saedrus drops wrought, dark wood tables and unique chairs.

Saedrus drops wrought, dark wood tables and unique chairs.

Marian is a stone cold focused on the hunt even as Aiden who's suppose to go right before her freaks out. Her keen gaze sees the quarry, marks it in her mind of where the beast is flying and then she lets the arrow go, shooting right at the pheasant in her sights.

Shard starts to respond to Mae, but Aiden draws her full attention, and her eyes narrow to slits for a moment. She mutters something low.

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When the competition begins, Tikva stalks smoothly through the brush until she can get a good angle. Dropping to a knee, she hauls back with her bow and fires a very clean shot indeed. It appears that her approach to Aiden's reaction to the situation is to entirely pretend that it hasn't happened.

Aleksei peers at Mae. His expression is /distinctly/ skeptical. "That is a total load of bullshit," he declares. "Prism would never say that, and Skald /definitely/ doesn't care about anyone respecting me." He peers at Aiden's reaction, his expression faintly baffled. He shrugs at whatever it is Shard mutters.

Estaban breaths deeply as he watches Aiden leave, he runs his fingers through his hair and then moves to pull his bow from his back and readies himself, he looks to Calarian nodding to him then watches and waits.

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Calarian's eyes trail off after Aiden as he flees, rides or runs out of the hunt. Then, he looks over towards Estaban. There is a couple of moments of silence, before he's swinging a leg over a horse and telling Philip, "Come." He looks over a shoulder to Barcus to instruct him, "Stay with the others." He's referring to his guards which are right now hunting. He turns the reins of his horse around in the angle in which Aiden left and briefly slaps the reins for the horse to get moving.

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Philip, an overworked assistant leaves, following Calarian.

Fiora is spread farthest from the group, down the line enough to escape overhearing the sounds of panic. Her sights angle toward the open glen, eyes narrowing as her breathing gradually slows to compliment her heart beat. Windstalker is drawn from her shoulder, the bowstring pulled taunt as the Malvici nocks it with her red and black arrow. A pheasant flies into her purview and a sharp silent slice through the wind follows for her arrow swiftly strikes and connects with the bird. One down. Immediately, her hand goes for her quiver, reaching for another arrow with haste.

It is now Estaban's turn to speak.

Marian smiles in satisfaction as her pheasant is hit and falls to the ground to be collected. She then pulls out the next arrow, keeping an eye on the dogs and movements in the brush. She's waiting for the next cluster of pheasants to be disturbed. While her gaze flickers off to where Aiden went, her focus is here on the hunt.

Leola's hunters are moving swiftly, tagging birds as they fall with colored ribbons, and gathering them once arrows stop falling in the area. Leola watches with concern, but a pleased happiness, eyes bright

Estaban wields Wither.

Khinn is obnoxiously quiet, and sullen. He's doing a really great job of-- stuff.

It is now Merek's turn to speak.

Estaban has his bow knocked already and so he moves about spotting his target and letting his arrow fly, there is a soft whistle and then a thunk as his arrow hits his target. He nods to himself as he is happy he made the mark.

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    Merek can't seem to find his own prey, and who knows why. Often he would normally be skilled enough at such a task. Either way he lifts up his bow and fires to where he thinks one might be regardless. He is not going to let failure stop him from providing things for the Compact.

Khinn grabs one of the hunters on the by, more kind of gathers him around the shoulder and pulls him close to speak. Tallies, by the sound, number and size of birds to which archer.

Leola smiles in relief as the last of the heavy, blunted arrows are shot, and her hunters move to gather up the birds "Thank you!" Leola curtsies to the group, smiling "Rest assured, these will be weighed, but it's not only the size of the bird; but how good it is to eat, the ease it's plumage lets it hide, and so on." She smiles, moving to examine them - while her hunters take out a small, wrapped token, passing one to each archer

Over at the spectators tables, Mae is now leaning against Aleksei. And whatever he says causes the small woman's face to slowly go bright red, as she clearly fights to keep composure. She fails, and soon she snorts, and descends into a giggle fit, loud enough to spread across the clearing.

As the lodge hunters begin to hand out tokens, he accepts his and unwraps it. Calaudrin looks fairly impressed with the knife and gives it a little heft. "Nice." He decides after a moment and after having slung his bow back into place with the quiver.

Tikva seems pretty satisfied with the bird she has retrieved, just judging by body language; the casual swing of her lope as she moves off to join the other contestants. "Ooh! What a neat knife!" She flips her new token up and slashes through the air with it. "It'll be really useful in the field. Gotta get a boot sheath for it..."

"My Lord Saik, Disciple Merek" Leola says after a moment, as the tokens are distributed "You two only nicked your targets, I'm afaid. if the other four - Lady Fiora, Iron Guard Cal, their highnesses, Princess Tikva and Marian, would care for a second round?" She asks, with a faint grin, distributing the arrows again "Let's try to put some distance between your scores ..."

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    Merek takes his time to lower his bow and frowns a bit, "Wasn't the point to gather these for the need of the Compact?" he asks, confused at the implication failing means that they are required to stop. This baffles him, and he looks mildly upset, but shrugs, "Whatever," he states, then accepts the knife, "Thanks," and places it up, while he moves back.

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Estaban takes the token and onwraps in nodding his head, "Thank you Dame Leola." he steps back putting his skinning nife on his belt and hooks the bow on his back and watches now.

"Sir Roland thought it was a sock!" blurts out Mae, again a little too loudly to be strictly between her and Aleksei. She seems entirely unaware of her volume, though the next words do at least fall to an intimate level.

"It is" Leola tells Merek with a smile "But it's also a test of hunting. A joust may be to honor Gloria, but there is still a winner and a loser in it, though all involved honor Gloria equally. Here, all honor Petrichor, but we shall still see who might hunt well and best"

Tikva scrubs her hands together, and shoots a sunny smile to the others. "Good hunting!" she carols brightly.

"Sure," Khinn rumbles towards Merek, "but it's always a game, a competition. Gonna be a winner."

Marian gives a salute to Leola, surprise showing on her face when she makes the next round but it's clear she's determined to give it a good try. She thanks Leola for the hunting knife, and gives Estaban and Merek a respectful look for joining in the competition. She nods to Leola and tells her, "For Gloria." Then gets herself ready for the dogs to flush out more pheasants.

It is now Tikva's turn to speak.

Aleksei cackles aloud over at the table with Mae, but he's not so distracted that he can't loose some applause for the hunters. "Come on, Tikva!" he calls over. Playing favorites.

"Guardsman Merek, if you still need salted meat for your family, you may certainly have a share in my kill," Tikva says, tipping two fingers to her brow and then turning to pace forward to get a better bead on the bushes, taking her time before lining up her shot. She is preternaturally quiet, waiting for the hounds to flush out her prey, and then right as the fat bird launches from the underbrush, she fires. It's not as lovely a shot as her first, but she seems to have no complaints as the bird falls to the earth, her smile wide and toothy. She gives Aleksei a thumbs-up.

It is now Marian's turn to speak.

    "Thank you, I suppose that will work, but I suppose I'm also allowed to hunt later on after the event, and I'll just send what I manage to collect to the Lodge and my family equally as separate to the event," Merek reasons to her and himself, he then nods to Leola, "If you all will still need anything after this that is," he adds in.

"You don't exactly seem to be hurting for funds if you're family is in need," Aleksei points out to Merek with a bit of a wry smile. "You seem to be in the very fortunate position of being able to send them aid if they need it."

Marian is no longer focused on the conversations around her, her vicious green eyes are searching for her target. She hears the dogs yap, the flapping of wings, and then lets another arrow fly. This shot is even better than the last. Marian is a natural hunter so it just took observing the others and getting comfortable with her bow. She lets out a satisfied sound as the pheasant falls from the sky. She blinks and then the voices around her start to come back into focus.

It is now Calaudrin's turn to speak.

Calaudrin puts the knife somewhere safe, surely there's a spot on his gear for it. When the call to return to the bushes and try again is made, he gets his bow out once more. "A stiff competition, I like it." He remarks, his longest sentence yet today! An arrow is nocked and he waits for the appropritate moment to release it. When he spots movement, he inhales a deep breath and draws back his arm. It's a moment before he lets go and then he does, smiling when he hears a satisfying plunk when the arrow makes its target.

    "Yes, they are well off with what I send them, but I do prefer to keep their stocks fresh, rather than fund them just to tell them to spend it all on food," Merek tells Aleksei, while he watches the others hunting. He then makes a vague motion with his hand, "Just because I'm the Master of Coin for the entirety of Tor's... Region--- Okay, you have a point," he states. He didn't realize this. Economics, how do they work?

It is now Fiora's turn to speak.

Fiora stares at Leola, grunts a reply, then angles herself to present her hip pack to stuff the prize away. The Malvici is obviously not ready for any pleasantries. To her competition, her hooded head bows and she strides forth to their assigned positions. Once more, breath drawn inward to steady with her heartbeat, she raises Windstalker and pulls taunt on the bowstring. The black arrow with its hawk feathers of red and black barely glint in the shadows she's positioned herself within. Her ears keenly listen to the rustling, eyes sighting where the brush reacts, a succulent prized fowl races to the skies and then she releases: the arrow flies with precision to pierce another bird. Two down.

Calaudrin turns from his hunting after the arrow is released to look at Merek with an arched eyebrow but says nothing. Then he returns to watching the rest of the competitors take their shots.

Leola smiles brightly to Fiora, bowing her head at the chatter, and again, she moves with her hunters to pick up the birds, tagging them with scraps of ribbon and studying them. She purses her lips, weighing a few in her hands, and she murmurs to one of her aids a moment, before she shakes her head "Two of you are still too close to call this. I think there might, MIGHT, be a feather or two in it. Iron Guard Cal, Princess Tikva? One last shot each, and we'll let Petrichor favor whom he will!"

Once more, as the birds fall under flights of arrows, Khinn steps free of the shots to find someone (actually doing things) to see where the weights and such fall. No doubt Leola's hunters inform her, but Khinn's being helpful, clearly -- and just kinda looming over her.

Tikva proffers her hand to Calaudrin for a shake, saying, "Lieutenant Estardes, this will be fun," with a quick wink.

Calaudrin laughs as he and Tikva are too close to call. "This will be a good story later."

Marian shakes her head as her birds where not enough to land her in the finalists. She gives both Iron Guard Calaudrin and Princess Tikva a bow to acknowledge their skill. Then she steps back, putting her bow away to watch them try to land the bigger pheasant. She looks over at Fiora and gives her a salute to let her know she gave a good competition.

Calaudrin listens for the animals to be pushed forth again, listens and then swiftly releases his arrow. This time with a little less concentrated thinking.

Tikva drops into a crouch and waits for a long moment, head cocked, eyes closed. Then she whips her arrow from her quiver, flashes her eyes wide and shoots into the fluttering whoosh of launching pheasant. She's almost too quick about it, but the white-feathered shaft of her arrow soars true and gores her bird out of the sky. She remains crouched there for a moment as it falls, smile faint.

Fiora squints at the size of the bird in comparison to the rest. "Tch," she mutters to herself and swings her bow back over a shoulder. Her lips work into a thin line, jaw clenching and she strides toward the Lodge. Passing Marian, the Malvici bows her head, skill acknowledged, a whisper expressed before she waves a hand in signaling to Leola. Seems she's gone to hunt for something inside the building.

It's taken her some time to get away from some of her duties as a First Seeker of the Society of Explorers, but Lou Grayson finally manages some time to sneak off and join those at the Lodge of Petrichor. There's no mistaking the look of disappointment on her face that she didn't get here in time to compete, and so she makes her way over to wherever the spectators are.

This time, Leola confers with Khinn before she looks the birds over "There was, at the end of the second round, the weight of two feathers between the Iron Guard and her highness" She announces "it was too close to call; and Lady Fiora's only weighed a few berries or so less than the lesser or the two" She smiles wanly "But ... there must be a winner. Here, in the final shot, the Iron Guard Calaudrin took the larger bird. Congratulations" She says warmly, moving to present a small bundle to the man

Khinn stalks off to help gather the slung birds up, trussed by the feet. "Best make it back," not that it's too far to go, "there's food and drink at the Lodge and the next hunt is up soon." the thug rumbles with a whole lot of birds hung over one shoulder. Waiting though, he'll walk behind the party the little way back.

Mae seems wholly distracted. But when a winner's declare, she blinks a few times, and then draws away form Aleksei, so she can clap. Who won? What?

Merek claps!

Aneka have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Meeka have been dismissed.

Estaban claps his hands for Calaudrian with a grin, "Good Job!" he cheers for his fellow Guardman, he looks around calling for his dog to his side to sit. His eyes search out Leola, "Dame Leola, may I have a word with you for a moment."

Calaudrin looks pleasently surprised when he wins. "Ah, well. This is brilliant, thank you." He tells Leola when the quiver finds its way to him. He grins and gives it a heft to check out how heavy it is. "Excellent hunt. And fantastic competition, Princess Tikva."

"Well shot," Tikva tells Calaudrin with an easy laugh. "I'm pleased to have done so well!"

"Of course, my lord" Leola curtsies to Estaban, nodding to her assistants who move to bring the food back for the Lodge proper, moving to walk with him as they return

Aleksei looks similarly distracted as Mae, but a winner! He claps! "Oh, it's not Tikva," he realizes. That's okay, he claps anyways. "Good job, Lieutenant!"

On the groups return there is indeed meals -- pork pies, fruit pastries, crumbling cheeses, cured meat and thick cut bread to partake in. Wine, whiksey, water and tea are being set out by attendants and Saedrus IS actually around seeing it's all laid out nicely and available to all.

The Whisper will have a bright smile and cheers, "congratulations on your win, Master Calaudrin." His head tipped as Khinn stalks by and informs him of the outcome, "and to all of you who took part!"

Marian looks at Calaudrian with a big smile and claps for his showing, "Well done!" She also claps for Tikva who also showed fine form in the hunt. She moves over to take advantage of the cured meat and thick cut bread with a glass of wine as they get set up for the next event.

"Oh, Cal! Yay!" Mae calls, as she catches up with what's happened. "Wonderful!" she cheers, as she claps. "Your wife will be so proud!" she calls across the way.

Estaban moves to follow along with Leola as they walk he lowers his voice to speak with her.

And, not only was Lou late, but she was late enough to catch who the winners were. Hearing the announcement, she plants a smile on her face and nods in Calaudrin's direction, "Well done!" she cheers for him. And, then she hears Tikva and her smile only seems to grow larger and more warm. "Tikva," she greets equally warmly, making her way over toward her cousin by marriage. "How did you make out?" she asks.

Turning to greet Lou, Tikva grins wide with a lift of her hand in a lil wave. "Second, so not too bad," she says, raking her hand through her hair and skewing the slightly wilted flower crown she's wearing with an easy laugh. "Sorry you missed the fun! Are you going to ride in the mounted hunt, Lou?"

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