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Spring Festivities of the Faith: The Feast

The beauty of Spring as well and truly settled across Arvum. To celebrate the season and its bounty the Faith of the Pantheon, along with the Lodge of Petrichor and the Whisper House, are holding festivities open to one and all to share together. The grand hunts are both in celebration and thanks to the Gods for the gifts which they bestow upon us each day. The evening before the hunt will be a night of true celebration!

A great feast, with thanks to the Lodge of Petrichor, will be held at the Lodge proper for all to partake in. Come eat, drink, be merry for the freedoms we have to enjoy after all the fear and darkness of recent times. The night will be filled with music, dance, gifts and brilliant company. Though there is no specific theme, we are farewelling the spring so there will be flowers in abundance -- feel free to dress for the occasion as casual or grandiose as you like!


Oct. 13, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Selene Orazio Saedrus Leola


Selene Alarissa Monique Sebastian Sabella Khanne Saedrus Eirene Hana Leola Aleksei Percephon Mia Esoka Calaudrin Corban Tikva Miles Aodhan Eilonwy Shard


Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - Lodge Building

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Comments and Log


It was an effort made by so many but it all came together rather well, and I was delighted by the results. The Lodge looked magnificent -- and I got my snowfall of flowers. My poor attendants looked at the roof in horror when I first told them, but they pulled it together, bless them. I was rather happy to see each guest, even those that might never agree to it, donning the flower crowns.

The food, provided by the Lodge, was phenomenal and I could not fault a single piece.

Oh, I do love a party. Especially if there are flower petals falling from above.

Serenity, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrive, following Khanne.

As guests enter the Lodge proper they are greeted by an astounding sight; the whole room is warm with golden caste light. Tables are set with dark green tablecloth, each dappled by flowers, the walls have hanging plants against the beautiful stone of the building that blossom with spring flora. Everything is lush, everything is brilliant with life and overhead there is a fine netting strung across the entire roof that sprinkle petals at a slow pace from the hundreds upon hundreds of petals harboured in the netting. It's literally snowing flowers.

Though Saedrus is not immediately at the door to greet those that arrive, the courtier is not far off, draped in an utterly shamelessly Lycene seasilk robe. It's all shimmering silk and alabaster flesh, bare feet and a-- flower crown settled upon the snowy-white mane of hair. It's spring after all! The prettily dressed attendants at the doors greet each person with bright smiles and lookie, there's flower crowns for everyone that they take from a basket to crest their heads.

"Welcome to our spring festivities!" Saedrus smiles upon seeing the guests, a glass of sparkling wine in hand. There are attendants about with trays of refreshments and the whole room is filled with a mouth-watering scent of the feast to come.

2 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Miles.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Miles arrive, following Eirene.

Confessor Imori, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, 2 Armed Confessors, Confessor Warren arrive, following Tikva.

Olenna, Pellinor, Maxene, Horse arrive, following Alarissa.

Olenna have been dismissed.

Maxene have been dismissed.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Eirene gets a pewter framed flower crown with purple ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Khanne gets a pewter framed flower crown with red ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Tikva gets a copper framed flower crown with green ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Esoka gets a copper framed flower crown with blue ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Alarissa gets a pewter framed flower crown with red ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

It's Statler and Waldorf! Or Lady Eirene and Sir Miles, either way. The two enter together, making some comment about medical hilarities only they find funny.

Sebastian gets a copper framed flower crown with blue ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

2 King's Own Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Sebastian picks up a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Sebastian drops a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Esoka enters dressed in a simple blouse and skirt of green linen. She holds the hem above her boots a little awkwardly as she walks. It might've been awhile since she ventured somewhere that didn't require armor and trousers. She's even absent her sword tonight. "Oh!" The petals dropping from the air, and the flowered crown, all get an exclamation of delight from her. One blue-ribboned crown is taken and arranged over her head. She has to spend a few minutes fussing with it to straighten it //precisely// correct.

Standing not far off from Saedrus, Selene is channeling flower-adorned spring maiden more than she is 'regal courtesan' this evening, wearing a simple but bright, colorful little dress and more notably an impressive golden crown woven through with live flowers. As the flowery snow begin, she holds up a hand to catch a falling petal as one would a snowflake and smiles brightly. "Oh, this is marvellously done, dear. Absolutely delightful." Turning to the crowd, then, she enthuses a warm, "Welcome, welcome everyone."

Leola stands by Saedrus, smiling nervously and clasping her hands behind her back. Wearing simple whites, linen and lace, her own crown polished gold and matched with spring ribbons and icy. She glances to a table with a goblet on it, not taking a sip as yet as she unclasps her hands, spreading them gently and speaking carefully "Be welcome to the Lodge of Petrichor. Know safety and hospitality" She offers "And enjoy the feast we have for you all"

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Calaudrin.

Miles gives Eirene a look askance, a look askance at the crowns, back to Eirene, back to the crowns. He shrugs and says, "how am I supposed to decide? TRhey look so ... crowny."

Tikva firmly ensconces a flower crown upon her head, and then cheerfully forces her guard to also wear flower crowns, because that's how she rolls. She calls, "Esoka! That's darling!" and then laughs and claps her hands.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet arrive, following Monique.

Monique gets a copper framed flower crown with orange ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Eirene rolls her eyes at the poor guardsmen with flowers in their hair. She takes one and twirls it around on her finger. "Just grab yours with eyes shut. We can give them to some sick little girls later and make them feel pretty pretty princessy. They will love it." She elbows Miles, her garments the usual militant leathers but she did wear a bit of perfume for the occasion. Or to hide a night's worth of work and alcohol.

Corban gets a pewter framed flower crown with red ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Aleksei gets Autumn's Choice, a woodsy Scent from a black leather swordbelt.

Calaudrin gets a pewter framed flower crown with red ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Saedrus chuckles brightly to Selene, tipping his head up to regard the falling petals. "I am rather happy with it," he says warmly. Poor Khinn --wherever the kid was that probably strung that net together. "You both look absolutely stunning, I must say," the Softest Whisper makes mention to lovely Leola and radiant Selene beside him. "Dame Eoska, Princess Tikva, welcome both of you! And Lady Eirene, that flowers suit you." Saedrus chortles happily, dipping in a most gracious bow to Eirene and Miles as they arrive.

Aleksei looks a bit -- different. For one thing, he's actually shed his usual white Archlector leathers -- and, more notably, his /sword/ -- for a slightly less martial outfit. The shirt he wears is a simple cut, but fine-woven linen dyed a rich amber-gold hue. And his pants -- well, they're still leather, but it's kidskin that it's totally defensively useless...unless he's hoping to distract someone with how snug they are across his backside. Aside from his outfit, there's a certain quiet to him, a certain slight sense of unsurety as he steps inside. He offers the attendants near the entrance a quick, warm smile, the kind that seems to recognize most of them, and steps forward to consider the basket of crowns, only to be informed that, no, he's actually not /allowed/ one of those. "Oh, come on, he can't be /that/--" He blows out a breath and scrubs a hand through the rumpled fluff of his hair, forcing a smile and looking about for those he recognizes, instead. His expression warms especially on Esoka and Tikva nearby.

Miles harumphs and closes his eyes. He fidgets about for a crown, and then picks one up. He opens his eyes and looks at it ... skeptically. He says, "By the way, what is that scent you have?"

Alarissa has made her way in, sans Victus. A dip of her hand into that basket, a red ribboned crown selected and held in hand she starts to make her way in. There's a smile for the falling petals, before making her way further in.

"This is so pretty!" Esoka exclaims brightly to Tikva, snorting a laugh as one of those guards also has to don a flower crown. "Do I have it on right? I still feel like it's a little crooked." It might not be EXACTLY squared off, horror of horrors. Aleksei is given a big wave when she spots him, and Saedrus and Selene earn a short bow of her shoulders. A careful one. Lest she disturb her flowers. "This is all very beautiful. I think I needed something like this more than I realized."

Shard arrives looking...well, herself. Decidedly herself. All in black leathers, fairly stalking, and with an expression that's fair more suspicious than jovial. The basket full of flower crowns gets a narrow look and a wide berth, and she sort've slinks around the edge of the room, like a terribly unfriendly shadow. She's armed, but she's at least peace-tied her weaponry.

Miles gets a copper framed flower crown with blue ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Eilonwy gets a copper framed flower crown with green ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

"I'm pretty sure that a very mild crook is /appropriate/," Tikva says with a slight scrunch of her nose. She smiles wide and cheerful with a little wave at their hosts. She lifts her hand to her own crown and adjusts it to a purposefully jaunty angle, flicking the trailing satin ribbons, and grins.

Eirene looks Esoka square in the eyes, making sure to catch her gaze. Then she jams her crown on atop her black and white braids and tugs it to the most horrendous off kilter angle she can manage. To answer Miles, "Some vanilla thing I keep in a drawer in my office to splash on when late nights keep me from home or the Grotto."

Sebastian arrives on his own, drifting in wearing his usual Pravus blues and greys. Finding one of the copper framed flower crowns with a blue ribbon, he sets it atop his touseled head at a jaunty angle and seems to have no problem wandering about be-flowered. Noticing Tikva do the same, he gives her a grin as he passes, and a thumbs-up.

Tikva returns the thumbs up with BOTH thumbs!

Calaudrin only has one outfit and this is it. And he's wearing it. He looks glorious. Also he's stopped by the wicker basket and picked up one of the flower crowns. It's looked over with a touch of skepticism before he plants it on top of his head. Then he moves off and begings to mingle through the crowd, looking for familiar faces.

Monique arrives on the arm of the handsome Telmar Voice, the former clad in a flowery gown that shrieks of Spring. "Oh, Lord Corban, look! Flower crowns!" she tugs him that way almost immediately, because no woman resists a flower crown. "So beautiful!" She chooses one of copper frame to match the shining of her hair, which spills loose and is woven with pretty crystals. "Would you like me to get you one? I don't want you to break open your wounds again."

Walking in, Eilonwy seems to do what everyone else does, drawing a flower crown from the basket. She places it on her head with a look around and finds a nice spot on the wall to watch things from, rubbing the bridge of her nose as she walks.

Miles plops the crown on his head, and then quirks a brow. He asks Eirene, "Be honest." He points to the crown. He hmms and says, "Maybe don't be honest. "

Khanne walks into the Lodge and is immediately held still as she watches petals drift from the ceiling like floral snow. She blinks, but them smiles and enters more fully. Spotting the line at the crown basket, she heads there first, picking one with a red ribbon, even if it doesn't match her blue silk gown. Getting out of the way so that others may pick out their own, she reaches up to place it on her head, the red ribbons intermingling with wine-red hair. She takes a breath and looks around for anyone she might now, having arrived on her own tonight.

Indeed, Lord Corban Telmar is limping slightly, his left leg dragging a bit and difficult to put weight on. "The Mercies would kill me for all the things you've taken me on while I am supposed to be in bed," the Telmar voice tells Monique with a shake of his head. But he nods, looking into the basket. "A red one matches, I suppose," he says finally. "Thank you."

Eirene checked perception at difficulty 40, rolling 25 lower.

Eirene luckily can't overhear Corban.

Saedrus' evergreen eyes look over the guest and he smiles brightly, "this is lovely, a wonderful turn out." He says aside to both Selene and Leola. Those bright eyes though catch on one particular guest that's huffing and futzing with his hair and the courtier chuckles to himself. "Excuse me," he asks of the women he's with and moves off to find Aleksei. The Archlector gets a gentle tap to his shoulder to gain his attention.

"Lady Khanne." Alarissa is near and turns when she spots the Halfshav to offer a smile in greeting. The floral crown still in her own hands, she lifts hers to gesture. "Red as well?"

Eirene sucks her teeth at the King's Own. "Well... you're a pretty pretty princess," she says to Miles as she slowly pats his cheek. Saedrus is given a nod back but he's busy bustling to Aleksei so she says, "Let's greet the hostesses?" Selene and Leola get approached.

Khanne smiles brightly to Alarissa and reaches for the ribbon of her crown, to let it slide through her fingers. "Of course! I would have chosen green to match, or blue, but I think pewter fits me better than copper. How are you?"

Esoka meets Eirene's gaze. A touch quizzically at first. Then, the crooked accessorizing happens. At first, her eyes widen with a touch of horror. She half raises a hand, as if compelled to reach out and FIX IT. She manages to restrain herself. But it's a near thing. Fortunately she's distracted by waving to Calaudrin. And judging the placement of his crown with narrowed eyes.

"Isn't it though?" Selene enthuses back at Esoka, her expression rather delighted. "Nothing reminds us better that for all the ill in life, for every hardship, for the inevitable endings that come with Winter's chill... there is yet always Spring again, a time for rebirth and renewal." This is the Radiant at more or less as philosophical as she gets, the religious folk ought to appreciate it! "And of course, it's a time for beautiful flowers, for new love, and for lovely weather and new fashions, which is also something to be thankful for." She greets others as they approach, and nods along an agreement at Saedrus' thoughts on the whole thing.

"So long as they kill you and not me," Monique replies with a low, throaty chuckle, settling a crown on Corban's darker head. "There. Suits you." Even though it doesn't. "Oh, there's Master Calaudrin, painter of my newest masterpiece. I'm trying to convince him to paint me..." she lowers her voice to mutter an addendum to that, to the Telmar.

Miles goes where he's bid. People have to be met. "Pretty princess?," he harumphs as he tags along with Eirene.

Aleksei twists around, suddenly face to face with Saedrus. He looks downright nervous at his sudden appearance, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, and there's something of a conciliatory puppydog to his aspect. If he had a hat, he would have it in hand. He speaks quietly to him, off to the side where they are.

"Tired but joyed. I thought to take a break from Thrax adn venture beyond the walls. I confess it has been far far far too long since we have spoken to one another." There's a wide smile on her face for the other woman but then a glance to a woman against the wall and she discreetly gestures to Eilowny. "Do you know her?"

Shard selects a spot of wall and promptly leans up against it, folding her arms over her chest. Her eyes remain narrowed, and her expression just that little bit suspicious. Her gaze, however, seems to drift between the other party attendees, not quite settling on any one person in particular.

"What is on offer here" Leola gestures to the tables, the fresh-cooked and seasoned foods set out "Is the bounty this world offers us all" She smiles nervously "And tomorrow, we shall be making a series of hunts; to bring this bounty to the city as a whole. For now, though? Through the rights of dominion and fealty, please; eat, drink, enjoy our hospitality" The Horn of the Lodge steps back, glancing to Saedrus for approval

Corban looks rather goofy in the crown, to be sure, but when in the Petrichor lodge. Etcetera. "Shall we get some wine?" he asks Monique. "And then perhaps we can go and say hello to Master Calaudrin." Yes, the wine would be quite helpful given he had to schlep out here to the Lodge while on the mend.

Whatever quiet conversation is going on between Saedrus and Aleksei off to one side, the courtier, unseen by the Archlector is holding a unique flower crown behind his back. After a little back and forth of chatter Saedrus brings the wreath of spring flowers up and carefully sets it into the wild floof of Aleksei's dark hair and leans close to do a kiss to Aleksei's cheek.

Enter one young weaponsmith, who arrives just in time to hear Leola's little speech. Hana offers Leola an encouraging smile, applauding as she does so, though doesn't make her way over to bother the hosts just now. After all, doubtless many people want to talk to them.

Khanne looks over her shoulder to Eilonwy and smiles. Turning back to Alarissa she says, "oh, yes! Of course. That is Eilonwy. Would you like to meet her?" She nods and says, "it has been a long time since we've spoken. I have been so busy... so busy. I never, ever thought I would be on a ship at sea so many times in one year... let alone in my entire life!" She laughs joyously then shushes to listen to Leola. When she finishes, Khanne gives her a cheer!

Eirene whispers something to Miles as she smirks, glancing over at the couple of lads. Then she smiles more warmly at Leola and offers a hand in congratulations. "You do your God credit, girly. This is quite the setup. And that table is making me hungry. We're good to dig in then!"

Khanne is overheard praising Leola for: Supplying us all with food and drink in a beautiful atmosphere? Just another great thing about Leola.

white-tailed eagle, other white-tailed eagle arrive, following Mia.

The table at the center of the room is where the great spring feast is laid out. It is a sight to behold all by itself! There are center pieces of gold like the surrounding table, but a runner of flora weaves with curling vines, displayed vegetables from the spring harvests and (surprise?) more flowers. This is not a sit down affair though, not really, it's a gathering of friends more than anything else and the serving implements are with each piece like it were a home cooked meal for a small gathering.

Roasted meats, huge cuts of boar from whole legs to ribs and slow-cooked-belly, melt-in-your-mouth lamb dressed in rosemary and red-wine jus, little whole-cooked pheasants and little trussed spachcocks. Herbs and spices are prevalent but from all reaches of the Compact with some looking decidedly more Northern in cooking style and others reminiscent of the Mourning Isles.

Beyond the meats though that are great big bowls of light, crisp sorts of salads from cool beet and crumbling cheese with pine and hazel nuts to the more dense but equally delicious fruit and vegetable combination sorts. Trays upon trays of spiced or oiled vegetables have been roasted to a golden shade and caramelised texture. And all of this is flanked by baked pastry sweets with seasonal fruit fillings, sweetened cream, light berry mixes and candied fruits like apple, orange and cherry.

Tuck in!!

Smiling at Leola's announcement, Eilonwy hardly wants to be the first to the food table. She fusses with her copper and green flower favor and looks around, trying to figure out who to talk to. She squares her shoulders, like she talk talk herself into being social.

Eirene is overheard praising Leola for: She does Petrichor proud.

Calaudrin moves among the crowd and grabs a drink, eventually drifting towards Esoka where he plants himself rather firmly and leans over to kiss her cheek. "Hello." Sip. If she's judging the placement of his crown, he pretends that this is an entirely normal part of his wardrobe.

Entering into the Lodge, Aodhan would look around a little bit. His hair has gotten longer and his beard has gotten a little thicker, but he appears to be in great spirits! after grabbing a flower Crown, Aodhan spots Eilonwy and offers her the warmest smile from a distance, approaching her to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Hello Eily."

"The shower of petals is pretty great." Tikva reaches up as if to futz with her hair, but her slightly skewed flower crown is a preventative to this; the spiky red fluff must be left along. She fiddles with the ribbon just a little and then flaps her hand out. "A lovely party. Oh, look, my personal artist is here," she adds with a high sweep of her eyebrows as Calaudrin appears.

Aleksei's smile goes positively brilliant when Saedrus pulls out the gold-framed flower crown trailing ribbons in sunset hues. And he laughs aloud when Saedrus places it in the floof of his hair. He murmurs something back to him, reaching briefly for his hand to tangle their fingers and squeeze, but he seems to actively restrain himself from anything more intimate.

"I feel very much the same. About the ships. It is a lovely ship, isn't it." Alarissa replies, a look to Eilonwy. "Please. Besides, one shouldn't be a wallflower. Then, I need to find something citrus." A gesture to the Redrain woman.

Miles replies to Eirene's whisper with one of his own. He says aloud, "I agree, Dame Leola. I hope the gallant knight I might that time in the woods is well." He looks around expecting to see Eirene already making a food-based beeline. He mumbles "excuse me."

Shard's eyes narrow a little further at the massive, mouth-watering food on offer, but for the moment she stays up against the wall and makes no actual move toward the tables.

Eirene is a slim woman. And a noblewoman. But she eats like a sailor gone three months at sea on hard tack and salted fish. She starts piling her plate plenty high.

Mia gets a pewter framed flower crown with yellow ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Percephon gets a pewter framed flower crown with purple ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Esoka beams as Calaudrin kisses her cheek, turning her head to catch him on the lips before their faces part, for good measure. Then, she sets about fixing his flower crown. Because he requires no such restraint, apparently. She grunts irritably at the lack of proper angles and straightness of it all, and it takes her some fiddling to get right. Finally she seems, somewhat, satisfied with her efforts, and leaves him be. "Oh, food! Let's find a seat. Dame Leola outdid herself with all of this."

Sebastian wanders near the food, glancing around at those gathered in search of familiar faces. Seeing Esoka, he gives a small dip of his head to her and a murmured greeting in passing on his way to take up a plate and gather a few items, a sampling, before moving away from the tables so that he isn't in the way.

Tikva has joined the a table with a dark forest green table cloth.

Hana gets a copper framed flower crown with green ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

"Lord Aodhan." Eilonwy murmurs and smiles to him warmly. She rests a hand on his. "I was trying to figure out how best to represent the Blackwoods here. It seemed like something they would attend, doesn't it?" She asks the man and looks to Khanne and her friend, offering a tight smile.

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"Which?" Khanne laughs to Alarissa, leading her over towards Eilonwy. "I have been on so many lately!." She chuckles some more. Upon arriving there, she motions to Eilonwy. "Princess Alarissa Thrax, please meet Eilonwy Thunderoak, Voice of Crovane." She smiles at Eilonwy then and says, "and hello, Eilonwy! This is Princess Alarissa."

"That's me. The personal artist." Calaudrin replies to Tikva with a crooked smile, one that he holds in place as Esoka goes about the very serious business of fixing the crown on his head. He waits until she's done before giving her a much broader sort of grin. When the call for food comes, he wanders along with them, drinking from his wine along the way. "I do enjoy eating."

Calaudrin has joined the a table with a dark forest green table cloth.

Miles watches Eirene eat and decides it's a contest. So he too starts piling his plate high as though he were a soldier come back from a long campaign.

"Thank you" Leola says to Hana with a small smile. She bows her head, her cheeks flushed pink, to the various people praising her, mumbling her uneasy thanks. She offers a hand to the smith, gesturing "You can thank the Whispers for the most of it" She says cheerfully "Saedrus, especially, has been wonderful. But do wear a crown; we're celebrating spring and offering our intent to rule the year, to take responsibility for it on ourselves"

A warm smile goes to Eilonwy and he gives her hand a soft squeeze. "Happy to see you here. You do the Blackwoods proud....I'm surprised they haven't given you a position yet." he smiles warmly to her before looking around, nodding to Khanne. "Greetings."

Saedrus gives Aleksei's hand a squeeze before he steps way and goes to mingle in with the guests. He passes the banquet table and chuckles to find Eirene and Miles starting an eat-off. "I hope you all enjoy the meal, and wine. There is plenty to share."

Selene is not one for grandiose feasting (she has a figure to watch for!) but she is all about fine flavors and well-prepared delicacies, and, if for no other reason than to honor the event's host and theme, she is certain to partake of everything on offer - lightly! So a slice here of meat and fowl, a bit more of the salds with all their wonderful toppings. She can cheat when it's salad! "It's all delicious, Dame Leola. A wonderful bounty." Then she looks around. "Saedrus, did I hear wine?" Wine is not feasting. She'll do plenty of wine!

"Wine sounds like a plan to me," Monique replies to Corban, threading her hand through the crook of his elbow. "Do you want to lead or shall I? I'll let you lean on me if you like," she teases him laughingly. "In case you faint from your injuries

"Should have just stayed in bed," mutters Corban, because Monique seems to be enjoying this far too much. Nonetheless, he limps his way over to where the wine is and takes one glass, handing it to her, and then taking one for himself. "I'll let you get the artist's attention. I don't know him as well."

    Percephon heard that there would be /food/ here -- and the Scholar-Lord recognizes that it's only natural to go out and seek the food out at a //feast.// Although, now, there's a mandatory need to socialize with others -- because Celeste said so. Ceri. And Cora. Good retainers are so hard to find these days. So, upon walking up, he stops beneath the snowy fall of petals to peer upward. Then, down, to squint over the tops of his glasses at the basket. A crown picked at random - pewter and violet - is set atop his head at an angle. "It's a fine evening for a feasting, isn't it?"

Curtsying, Eilonwy nods her head. "I'm just the voice for the Blackwoods Lady Khanne. Lady Ysbail was the voice for the Crovane. I don't believe they've named another." She comments and looks to Aodhan. "You can be a voice and a commoner. I don't see any more coming my way, it's kindness enough." She murmurs and gestures to Aodhan. "May I present Lord Aodhan Crovane? He's been helping with matters to the north."

Tikva seems quite ready to tuck into the feast with all the appetite of a campaigner; there are many around here who share this trait, it seems. Soldiers are always hungry, right? Forking meat to her mouth, she says, "My one regret is that the kiddo is really too young for this sort of thing. He'd be a shrieking overstimulated mess, but I'll definitely be taking the flower crown home to inflict on him later."

Aleksei watches Saedrus slip away, his warm gaze lingering on him for a moment. And then he looks about the crowd, considering those gathered, and eventually sets his sights on Shard. Hm. He makes his way over and offers her a bright smile as he settles in next to her.

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Saedrus' head lifts to the sound of his radiant's voice and he cuts a look to one of his attendants. The young woman he looks to is quick to see to Selene with a tray of subtle dry whites, dark loamy sorts of reds and a pink sparkling in flutes. "We have a selection," Saedrus says to Selene happily, "from eastern vineyards and others from the south, I believe the sparkling white is from the Oathlands -- and the rose is Lycene."

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Hana selects a crown from the wicker basket, offering Leola a smile. "Then I'll join in the celebration," she assures the Horn of the Lodge. "And if there's anything I can help with -- weapons for the lodge, anything else -- just let me know? I've been in my shop too much, and I need to get out more. So I'd like to help /you/, because this... it matters, you know?"

Sebastian glances over at the mention of an artist, but then follows the gaze over toward Calaudrin, studying him thoughtfully for a moment as he takes a bite or two from his gathered plate. With no other familiar faces present, he drifts toward a table to settle at after acquiring a glass of wine, to watch people come and go.

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"Crovane. Ahh." Alarissa seems to be figuring out families in her head. "Lady Eilonwy, a pleasure to meet you and you may." Alarissa looks to Aodhan, offering a faint dip of her head in greeting. "Lord Crovane. If there is anything that Thrax can do to aid in the matters to the north, please do not hesitate to send word. We would do al that we can to aid the others within the compact."

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Shard blinks, stirred out of her silent eyeing of everyone else by Aleksei's proximity. There's even a flicker of surprise that cracks some of that suspicious expression she has lingering on. Her eyebrows lift, silently questioning.

Sabella gets a pewter framed flower crown with purple ribbon from a wicker basket filled with flower crowns.

Nodding a few times to Eilonwy, Aodhan would smile "ah, so true, so true." he looks then to Alarissa and Khanne, bowing his head in greeting. "A pleasure." thoug hhis immediate attention is stolen by Alarissa. "I thank you for your willingness to help. Every hand willing will not be turned away." he smiles with a soft bow of his head to the Princess.

Oh, so many choices. This sounds like an excellent excuse for Selene to drink excessively! "Such a variety. I shall have to try them all." A quick smile flits across the woman's lips, and she settles at a spot at the feasting table so she doesn't have to juggle plates and glasses in hand.

Calaudrin may just feel that someone's eyes are on him and between bites of food and drinking from the glass of wine, happens to notice Sebastian. There's a brief lift of his eyebrows, questioning as he peers at the other man curiously from where he sits.

Esoka ends up claiming a chair not far from Tikva's. Her is promptly stacked with a mix of ribs, lamb, and pheasant. Why pick just one? Some cheeses and nuts and greens are added to garnish the whole affair. The fruits are eyed as well, but her plate is full by this time. A shrug. She'll be back for more later. And she digs in. Sebastian's greeting is noted, and she offers him a quick wave in return. "Lord Sebastian. A good eve. Isn't this all pretty!?"

Leola nods, thinking a little, as she chatters to Hana; watching the room and listneing to folk. She curtsies to Percephon on his entry, smiling a welcome, and then looks back to the Smith "Well, I can work with you on a few designs, if you want" She suggests "Simple things, but useful."

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    Avoiding alcohol entirely, that's the first thing. The second is to acquire a glass of water that's bobbing with lemon and orange slices, balancing that as he piles a plat with all sorts of things -- things that he might even remember to eat, even. Roast duck, pheasant, fruits, cheeses and bread. After which, yes, it's time to find a place to sit. Percephon turns cleanly away from the table, briefly smiles at Leola, and he offers a formal bow in a silent response.

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"Mistress." Eilonwy corrects automatically. "Mistress. I'm prodigal through and through, highness." She tells Alarissa. "That lady nonsense started in Maelstrom in the triage. Apparently most of your healers are noble born." She frowns.

Khanne nods to Aodhan and smiles. "Hello, Aodhan. How are you?" She gestures to Alarissa. "Have you met Princess Alarissa?" But, Eilonwy has beat her to it. She bites her lip and says, "oh, I am sorry. I misunderstood. That's too bad though, you'd do well..." Looking up, she waves across the way to Saedrus, Leola, Percephon... and well, she keeps waving, to Esoka, Calaudrin, Tikva, Shard, Aleksei, Monique, Corban.... just... waves all around.

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"It is indeed, quite the spectacle of spring color," Sebastian says to Esoka from where he sits a table over or so, his flower crown perched upon his head without an ounce of self-consciousness. The ribbon nearly matches his eyes. Glancing over toward Calaudrin to see the questioning look he says, "I'm also an artist. I was just curious, as someone seemed to be mentioning another present." He lifts his glass, and then takes a sip, returning to sampling a few items from his plate.

Tikva waves with vehement good cheer back at Khanne, apparently using a half-eaten rib to do it, but nobody ever said she was the most mannerly princess in the royal princess stable.

Saedrus smiles brightly, catching the wave from Khanne and returning it with a delicate bow. No doubt he'll be over there soon enough for chats!

    One should note: Khanne waves so much that willows in summer breezes get super jealous. Percephon pauses, as though his inner monologue has suggested that it's poetic enough to merit writing down. So, as he carefully sets aside his plate and glass to retrieve his notebook -- he does write that down. Waving with a wiggling of fingers back at Khanne, and well, everyone else too.

"I'd be happy to," Hana assures Leola with a smile. "But we can talk about it later. Along with... uhm, some other things." For a moment, Hana actually sounds hesitant, self-conscious. But then she pushes past, her smile brightening once more. "But later. Right now, we have your Feast to enjoy!"

"Oh, there's Lady Khanne!" Esoka ways back to the Halfshav woman, with feeling. She notes her position in the lodge, for future mingling, though her plate has her full attention now. And the glass of wine she's acquired, which gets sipped on between bites of lamb. Calaudrin receives a hearty pat on the shoulder, at his exchange with Sebastian. "Yes, he paints things! His trees have gotten a lot better!"

    A slender young figure sweeps leisurely through the entranceway in a soft flow of white linen that grace Sabella form to trail behind in her wake. Soft slipper laced with pink ribbons peek out beneath the long hem of her light, airy dress as it molds to her form. She slows as delicate feet slip over scattered petals that stir upon the floor and float a moment in her wake. The veil of her lashes lifting along with her gaze towards the flower netting ceiling even as lazy swirls of petals fall here and there about the room and those gather. A slow breath is drawn in through parted lips as the sight even as one hand presses against the front trim of her waist, "Beautiful.." she whispers softly to herself.

"Do talk to people" Leola smiles to Hana. She reaches out to touch the smith's hand, gently, before she steps to Selene, and dips a small curtsy "Thank you, Radiant, for your aid and the aid of those of the House of Whispers in this work. Truly, it's a wonder."

"Oh," Sebastian says, glancing from Esoka toward Calaudrin, "So this is the one you mentioned who is painting the trees." There's recognition then, perhaps of some conversation passed. Then after a pause, "Would you mind if I joined you?" he inquires, though seems prepared to remain where he is if declined.

Saedrus is overheard praising Leola for: A most wonderful feast and excellent hostess -- also adorable in a flower crown.

"Oh, yes. Being an artist isn't my main trade I just uh-" and here he glances at Tikva and clears his throat. "Painted a rather popular painting of Princess Tikva and some people are still talking about it. I suppose." He ruffles his own hair and finishes the glass of wine. There's a wave to Khanne as she passes and then to Lady Monique and Lord Corban as well. He laughs at Esoka's assessment of his tress. "Yes, I paint some very nice trees." When Sebastian asks to join, he gestures to one of the chairs. "Please, sit with us."

When Mia arrived, it was with a look of curiosity writ plain across her face. She had not yet seen the Lodge and given the festivities, seeing it in its greatest splendor seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up. Pausing in the entryway, both of her brows shot up as she considered the basket full of flower crowns, eventually selecting one with sunny yellow for herself.

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Aodhan nods to Khanne "I am well enoug has I can be I believe. How are you?" he asks kindly, before looking to others taking their seats. "Oh, I think somethings happening. Will yo usit with me, Mistress Eilonwy?" he asks respectfully to the young Shav woman.

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"Most of them tend to be. But Mistress I shall call you then." There's a nod to Eilowyn. But yes, something seems to be happening and there's a murmur to Khanne before Alarissa breaks away to do a drive by of the candied citrus.

    "He paints --" Percephon mouths, calling out and over toward the table with Esoka, Tikva, and Calaudrin. "-- Paints trees, you said? I am an artist of some skill." He just throws that out there, as matter-of-fact and serious as possible before he delicately tears the meat from the roast pheasant leg with his fingers. "Happy little trees. Happy little portraits. You ought to ask the High Lord about his reception gift. I painted it on velvet."

Selene glances up briefly from the table to smile back at Leola. "Oh, you're most welcome, though the credit largely goes to Saedrus. He's very good at putting this kind of thing together."

Khanne overhears Percephon's words and coughs, covering her mouth to supress... a giggle? Yes, a giggle from the Halfshav. "Ah, yes... dinner.. we should all find out seats," she says after she is able to regain composure.

Looking to Aodhan, Eilonwy smiles. "Only for a moment." She murmurs and curtsies to Khanne and Alarissa before going to join Aodhan.

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From the banquet table Saedrus moves through the crowd towards Khanne and those she's speaking with. "Lady Khanne," he greets softly with another bow, "the flowers suit you perfectly. Thank you for coming this evening, it is good to see you again."

Did someone say happy little trees? Calaudrin perks up and looks for the face to pair with the unfamiliar voice, finally setting on Percephon. "I've painted some /very/ happy little trees! And cats. A lot of cats lately. This city /really/ likes paintings of animals." If anyone looks at him a little strangely Calaudrin will explain it with: "My new armor isn't going to buy itself."

Hana nods to Leola. "I will," she promises. "And we'll talk soon, okay?" And then she turns to make her way over to one of the tables.

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Esoka beckons Sebastian over with a firm wave of her hand. "Of course! There's plenty of room. And this is a good angle to catch the petal showers." She tilts her head back, trying to catch one on her nose. It flutters past her head, though. And this act makes her flower crown crooked. She doesn't notice right away, and so she proceeds with her dinner with an un-aligned headpiece. Percephon is noted, and given a firm nod. "Yes! Happy ones! His are very chipper. I like them. I don't know about velvet, though. How does that even work?" Before she can wait for an answer, though, she spots Mia and yells out a, "Countess!" at the Riven woman.

Khanne stops in her tracks when Saedrus comes up to her. She smiles and leans in to hug him. Wait, a giggle, now a hug? Is Khanne drunk already? No, certainly not. "It is good to see you too, Saedrus. You are doing very well it seems. A lovely event here tonight." She looks up to the snowing flower petals. "Your idea? They are beautiful. We really should try to talk sometime when you are not playing the amazing host that you are."

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Sebastian glances from Calaudrin to Tikva at the mention of the painting, "I'm sorry that I missed it if people are still speaking of it." Then to Calaudrin he says, "I was sketching some in preparation for a painting that I am working on when I met Dame Esoka at the practice grounds. She had mentioned you then, though not by name, and your trees. It's a pleasure to meet you." Though when Percephon calls out, he glances in his direction and there's a smile of amusement. "Oh, it's possible, I've seen gowns so painted from time to time, though cleaning them becomes a challenge." He then says, "Join us if you like," to Percephon, inviting him to the table as well.

    As she passes, Sabella lifts her free hand towards the basket of crowns. A finger is curled and hooked through one with a purple ribbon, it's tail slipping over the edge with a flick and curl as she moves further into the room. Her gaze finally lowers to those enjoying the feast and drinks, her own form slipping through the rally of patrons. She tips her head back and lifts a hand to slide through her golden tresses, dragging stray waves from over her shoulders to cascade down her back before setting the pewter crown in place. She moves quietly for now, so many unfamiliar faces and but a few known in passing. A fluted glass to snagged from a passing server even as she approaches the large table, circling it slowly as a sea of voices wash over her.

    Deadpan, towar Calaudrin, "Unfortunately, dreadfully allergic to cats. But, yes, they seem to be a popular subject. I did paint a pet portrait of Duke Arn's little dog companion. It's incredibly detailed, hyper-realistic --" Percephon gestures huge, abstract blobby shapes in the air with his hands. Nods firmly, "I would suggest moving onto the mythic animals and First Children. Huge, limpid-eyed unicorns and cute, fluffy little griffon. It's going to be the next trend." Rising to head over and join them.

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With great care, perhaps far more than is necessary, Mia brings the flower crown down to rest atop her head. It's quite unlikely to disturb much, given that the woman most often wears her dark hair in some manner of braid trailing down her back. But then a familiar voice -- likely one of the most familiar to her in all of Arx -- is calling to her. She turned, and rose up onto her toes, and spotted Esoka. No smile came to her face, but a sharp nod of recognition preceded her making her way to where her Sword sat, apparently surrounded.

Saedrus blinksa and returns the hug with a chuckle. "Thank you, and yes," Saedrus looks up towards the fluttering petals, "I think Khinn was about ready to just jump off the ladders trying to get that net up, but he perservered and it looks magnificent, yes? How have you been, my Lady? Terribly busy I hear." the courtier asks of Khanne with a warm smile, "have you gotten any food? Come," offering the woman his arm to lead her to the banquet table.

Aleksei is tucked away in an alcove with Shard, chatting with the serious-faced woman on what look to be thoughtful, curious topics. He does look out at the crowd every now and then, offering Khanne a smile when she waves, and then Mia a friendly sort of expression in greeting when she makes her way in.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

"Gowns, really? That's interesting. I've never seen that but then I don't wear many gowns or go to things where people are wearing the very expensive kind." Calaudrin admits with an easy roll of his shoulder. Not surprising, since he's sitting at the table in his guard's armor still. He's clearly not very fashionable. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well then." He grins over the table at Sebastian before his attention is pulled by Percephon again. "Would you? I'll keep it in mind. I heard Baron Audric had a rather colorful description of unicorns in his white journals. Perhaps I'll use that as inspiration for my next piece of art."

Khanne tucks her arm in Saedrus' when it is offered. "Me, get food? Pish posh... food is for the.. um, people who remember to eat more often than I do. I could probably eat a little something...." She smiles, talking as they walk. "Yes, very busy. Not sure if I am coming or going half the time anymore. I had to bring Drysi down from Whitehold to help keep me a little organized." She looks to the table and asks, "what woul you suggest?"

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Saedrus chuckles and leads Khanne to the banquet table. "Well, it is even better then that you were able to come tonight and have a little time of rest and relaxation, mm?" The courtier considers the table, "the slow-cooked pork belly is divine," he suggests. "Though the lamb is terribly tender, northern spices and method of cooking too, you may like that."

Saedrus brings Khanne to the banquet table, with an introduction of the Northern Lady to Miles, Selene, Eirene and Hana before he excuses himself shortly. "I am sorry, I just need to speak to the room a moment."

Saedrus draws to the middle of the room, nearest the banquet table as it seems people are settling with their meals. "Most Honoured Guests," Saedrus speaks out to the room, his voice calling off the stone of the building nicely. "Thank you, everyone for attending the feast this evening and please know that there will be food enough, and drink too, to last well into the night for those that wish to. This is a night of enjoyment, togetherness and thanks to the Gods for everything we have, each other for one. It is a night to be grateful for that which we are blessed with and to bolster spirits against dark horizons."

With a dip of his head he gestures to the crowds to Selene and Leola, "Special thanks goes to Radiant Selene and her generosity without which this could not be possible, as well as Father Orazio. The bulk of the thanks though goes to Dame Leola and the Lodge who has brought this wonderful feast to you all with the later winter harvest and some of the earliest spring hauls. And I do hope many of you will be able to make the hunts tomorrow, the game felled in the hunts will go towards the city as trade has been somewhat lacking due to disruptions by land and sea and so, we can give back to the city from the separate wards to the Lowers. And, I would be honoured if Leola could step forward with a prayer for the hunts tomorrow."

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Shard turns her attention from the quiet conversation she's been having with Aleksei to the room at large at this announcement. She looks...blatantly curious, is probably the best description.

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A scouting force heads out from the Gray Forest base. There have been a lot of these of late - small groups, meant to find shav, to treat with them as possible, to stop any flocking to the Horned God's banner. Tonight, Arianna, Joslyn, Zenix, Olivia, Kaldur, Silas, and Faelan are headed into the Forest. When they return, it is with a single shav and tales of the hideous creatures that were going to eat the woman's dog (and possibly the scouting group too). They are bloody and battered but alive. And hopefully the very grateful woman who is now swearing dutifully to the Compact is willing to give them information on the movement of the Horned God's armies. And the dog? The dog lived.

Khanne takes the seat Saedrus leads her to before he speaks to the room. She looks for Leola, spotting her she immediately applauds with a smile.

Leola nods to Saedrus, her own voice melodic, carrying the rural rhythms of the saik greenlands. She steps forward, and gestures to a text on the table "Over the past years, we have discovered more of the old lore of the faith. One of the prayers we found was the Appeal for Bounty; a prayer that the hard work we put into the land is repaid." She closes her eyes, and begins to recite, calmly and precisely " King Stag, Forest Lord, Monarch of the Soil,

From one make three,

From three feed ten,

Bless this field,

Bless this copse,

Bless this sacred glen.

King Stag, Forest Lord, Monarch of the Soil."

Tikva is overheard praising Leola for: A lovely prayer for a lovely festival!

Saedrus dips his head to the prayer, and once said, smiles on rising with an applause for Leola.

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Selene is overheard praising Leola.

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As Aleksei's face warmed at the sight of her, Mia lifted one hand -- palm out and open -- in greeting to the archlector. And then she gathered up her skirts and sank into a place at a table. "Princess. Dame Esoka. Lieutenant," came her greetings, as she smoothed out blue lace once more. To Sebastian and Percephon who were unfamiliar? Well, there was nothing to offer but a fleeting smile.

    Sabella pauses with a small plate in hand, though it bears but light fare, only turning towards Saedrus as he speaks to the crowd before Leola steps forward. The veil of her lashes fall along with her gaze, her form remaining poised as the woman's voice flows through the room. It is another moment before she slips towards the hearth and the couches there. The soft dance of flames dancing across the white linen of her dress. She sets her glass down on a small table nearby before slipping her free hand behind her to smooth her long skirt. She dips then to settle onto the edge of the couch, slipping backwards onto one hip as one knee slides over the other.

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Once the prayers are done, Selene rises from the table with a wineglass. Thanking some of those there, she moves off to circulate through the rest of the gathering, eventually melding into the crowds

Khanne quiets when Leola begins the prayer. She closes her eyes as she listens, then, applauds again with a smile to Leola. "That was beautiful, Leola."

Shard watches the recitation, eyebrows drawing slightly together. That's about all she does though. No head bowing, no applause.

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"Thank you all again, and thank you Leola for the prayer. It is with the skill of the hunters and blessing of the Gods now to what sort of bounty we take in the hunts tomorrow, but a final toast to good company, fine food and plenty of wine." Saedrus says finally with a lift of his glass. "Enjoy!" and he's off swanning about the guests again.

Khanne is overheard praising Saedrus for: Made it snow flower petals. Who else could have thought of that?

Saedrus moves from the center of the room then and towards the table were Aodhan is settled, probably with a meal, maybe and greets the man with a bow. "My Lord," he smiles, "I hope you are enjoying the evening?" Evergreen eyes turned to consider the guests are well fed and watered.

Turning his head to Saedrus, the Crovane Lord Aodhan would bow his head softly at the Whisper. "I enjoy it well enough as I can I believe. It's good to be here." he looks to the meal "Thank you kindly. This has been a good event." he nods.

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Aleksei is looking positively /victorious/ over in his little alcove, because he has just made Shard /laugh/. Short and choked and quiet, yes, but undeniably a laugh. VICTORY.

Leola gives a wan smile, touching Saedrus's arm gently before he goes. She moves to carve some of the meats, gently setting pieces aside for people. She looks at the serving staff with a wry amusement, settling to watch the event with a nervous expression

Khanne smiles to Hana then and offers her a wave before she places some food on her plate. Just a small amount of this and that, nothing too much, and very little meat. She nibbles at a bit, then asks, "so, how have you been, Hana?"

Eating, drinking and making merry, but then Monique and Corban slip out, clutching their beautiful floral crowns.

Kit, the grey fox, Brigid the Genet leave, following Monique.

"I've been... alright," Hana replies to Khanne, though there's a slight delay as if she needs to think about the right term for a moment or two. "And you? It seems like it's been a long time since we talked."

"Forever," Khanne answers, turning back to Hana after looking around. "It feels like forever, another age ago... Goodness... this past year seems like a decade..." She laughs and shakes her head gently. "There is never enough time in a day to speak to everyone I want to talk to... need to talk to."

Leola nods to lindsey as the disciple passes her a note. She glances to Saedrus, and lifts her fingers in a small wave; one hand wrapping in her skirts and hurrying on out

Lindsey, a rosy-cheeked disciple of Petrichor leaves, following Leola.

Though it seemed Saedrus only sat down a moment ago the courtier is back up and to his feet, with Aodhan beside him. The courtier speaks quietly to the man as he leads Aodhan towards the large banquet table in the center -- sadly though, it would seem Leola is hurrying out and Saedrus blinks. "Alas," he chuckles with a smile to Aodhan, "she tends to be caught up quickly. As you say for your own busy-state, you can understand I am sure. Have you met Lady Khanne and Mistress Hana before?"

"It really does," Hana offers Khanne. Then she tilts her head, taking in one of the last parts of that. "/Need/ to talk to?"

"Well... I have a list of people I need to talk to about a million things," Khanne says with perhaps a slight exageration. "And trying to pin them down, or to fit into my day, well, it is difficult sometimes."

Aodhan would nod to Saedrus "I've met the Lady Khanne, but Mistress Hana, I do not have nay recollection of meeting. If you would lead me there, I would be grateful." he turns to see Leola running off, but doesnt seem offended.

Now that he's earned that laugh, Aleksei clasps Shard's shoulder as their conversation seems to wrap up. He offers her a warm smile before peeling off, considering the crowd before making his way over to the table currently occupied by Esoka, Sebastian, Percphon, Tikva, and Mia. (What a crowd!)

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Saedrus leads Aodhan to the banquet table with a smile to Khanne and Hana, "Lady Khanne, you have already met Lord Aodhan I believe?" a dip of his head towards Khanne first before a brilliant smile is passed to Hana, "Mistress Hana Grayhope this is Lord Aodhan Crovane, as I have just been made aware he is incharge of the Crovane military operations -- and my Lord, this is Hana Grayhope, easily one of the best weaponsmiths in Arx. I believe she has had a part in creating the prizes for the hunts tomorrow." Saedrus gestures to a seat at the banquet table for Aodhan to take up if he wishes.

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"Oh, I know how that is," Hana admits to Khanne. But then she turns to Saedrus and Aodhan, offering the former a bright smile in greeting, and the second a polite nod. "Lord Aodhan, hello! It's an honor to meet you."

Shard seems content to remain leaning against her chosen spot of wall, and she even recrosses her arms, but she does look distinctly more relaxed than she did before. There doesn't seem to be any danger of another laugh coming on, but she's not regarding the rest of the room with dour suspicion either.

As the room mostly quiets into places, Sabella rises from her own after her glass and small plate are set upon a server's tray. She runs her hands along the sides of her dress, straightening the soft linen even as she moves back into the larger area of the room to slip through the circling nymphs that make their rounds. She moves gracefully, the white trail of her dress stirring petals in her wake.

Khanne gives a smile and a nod to Aodhan. "Yes, hello again, Aodhan." She smiles and starts to eat more, letting Hana and Aodhan acquaint themselves.

Aodhan would smile, looking to Saedrus as he introduces him to people. "Hello." he says in greeting to Hana, bowing his head softly to be a gentleman. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." he looks then to Khanne, smiling warmly to her. "Good to see you again so soon, Lady Khanne." he smiles, recalling how long it was since their last meeting...which was maybe an hour.

"Do excuse me," Saedrus bids softly, sure that Aodhan, Hana and Khanne all have food, wine or whiskey, as they like before he slips off again. Host be hosting. Evergreens catch sight of Sabella and the courtier makes his way towards the princess, "your Highness," Saedrus greets with a gracious bow, "lovely to see you again. The flowers are very fetching on you, have you been enjoy the evening?"

"I can't stay too much longer," Hana admits to Aodhan and Khanne. "But Lady Khanne, we should speak again sometime soon. And Lord Aodhan, if you need weapons, please, feel free to seek me out at my shop. It's the Storied Blade, in the Ward of the Compact."

Khanne nods to Hana. "We should, yes. I would like that." She smiles then closes her eyes, taking a breath and exhaling softly. "I am feeling some tiredness slip into my being, so may have to leave shortly myself."

Nodding softly to Hana "Likewise, I merely came to say hello." he nods a few times, offering a small bow to the two women. "You ladies have a pleasant rest of your evenings. I will retire." he nods to them, before turning heel to head home.

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The evening no doubt was not over yet, there are still guests, still food and whole lot of drinks to be had -- and perhaps even dances! It just a night for relaxing more than anything else and for good conversation with lovely company.

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