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Reconciliation with the Goddess Mangata

Seraph Ailith will address those in attendance on the current state with Mangata and to reconcile with the Goddess for everyone, not solely House Thrax. Having House Thrax and its bannerman there is a benefit for Mangata's domain is mainly in Thraxian lands. All are welcome to participate at this public event.


Aug. 28, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Donella Lucita Caelis Mira Calypso Sivard Hellfrog Petal Katarina Leona Alarissa Merek Arcelia Jaenelle Miles Archeron Titania Edward Quenia Leta Darren Shard Margot Melinda



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

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A beautiful event. It was nice to see people be so blessed by it as well.

Mira arrives wearing a fur-lined cloak, a fur-lined velvet skirt, and leggings. Her hands are gloved, she's wearing a tall black bonnet, and she's even got a scarf on. She might be cold

Petal has joined the Southern Dunes.

Ailith stands framed alone by the vast expanse of Mangata's watery domain, on shoreline between the sand and the sea. The ends of her cloak, robes and sleeves sweep to and fro with the tide. Bonfires are set at intervals to provide warmth against the cold of winter and the spray of the sea. She smiles to those arriving and waits until everyone has settled.

Miles comes onto the beach, and looks around. He spies the Lord Commander and goes to stand near here. Then, wordlessly, he turns to watch the Seraph.

Near one of those bonfires, her hands in her pocket and facing the water and facing towards Ailith, Alarissa is buried beneath a lined cloak and like all others, waits for the days ceremony.

Shard arrives alone. She has her hood drawn up, and she's dressed for the weather, although she doesn't look particularly cold. Nevertheless, she's perfectly willing to take the offer of the mulled mead, and she takes up a spot near one of the bonfires.

Leona walks down to the beaches, taking careful steps as she does, armed and armored as usual. She surveys those gathered, storm-blue eyes traveling over the attendees, and perhaps her eyes pause to see which Thrax are attending, and perhaps they don't. In any case, she moves over near the southern dunes and waits patiently, nodding once as Miles comes to stand by her side.

    Merek has decided to ride in on his horse, and then moves to slow as he approaches the shoreline of the long river. Once there, he settles off the creature, and ruffles her side with a smile. Afterwards, he moves with his cloak around him, hood up, to the gathering.

Archeron steps onto the sands of the beach, using the stave of his bow as a bit of a walking stick. Well. Waste not want not. Though still in silks, Archeron has made some accomodation for the weather and has a pair of fur lined gloves on his hands and a woodsman's cloak around his shoulders. Spying some he recognises, Archeron moves closer to Alarissa. He grabs a mulled mead on the way and smiles as he pulls close to her "Your Highness. Part of getting to know the Thrax?"

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Sivard arrives with his sister, Melinda, the two Grimhall's walking side by side, until reaching the beach itself. Once there, the Grimhall siblings part ways, her going to join a larger group of people, while he opts for a quieter place to watch the proceedings.

At the edge where land meets sand, Jaenelle bends to remove her shoes, allowing her bared feet to meet the cold shifting grains. Peering around at te crowd, and spotting her much more armored twin sister, she decides to move towards Leona.

Lucita arrives, following Quenia.

Margot arrived down at the beach, wrapped in a heavy black fur against the winter chill. She offers a nod to the familiar faces before she moves over towards Alarissa and her cousin Archeron. "I am glad to see you both here."

The Marquessa of Igniseri comes a few moments late, but she comes none the less. She's dressed in winter white and blue silks, with a lined cloak resting easily around her shoulders. She wears a pair of snowflake hairpins to keep her riot of black curls carefully pulled back from her face.

Brigid, Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrive, following Darren.

The slow surf of the tide, a melodic soft crash across the sand, passes the time until the Seraph decides to seize the moment. Ailith faces and addresses everyone, projecting her voice to be heard by all. "Brothers and sisters of the Faith and all people of good will, we gather here at the shoreline as a rededication to the Goddess, Mangata." She gestures in a manner to invite the assembled to reflect on her words.

Alarissa regards Archeron at his approach, stepping back from the fires and towards the tree's. "Somet things I do, are not because of Thrax and my impending joining with it. More because of my own relationship with the Gods." Margot is greeting with a nod to the austere Tyde Duchess. "I am glad to see you present as well. It is a good turnout." She murmurs quietly and hushes after Ailith starts.

Arcelia makes her way to the beach wearing a glittering gown made of a light blue silk. Given she is outside in the winter there is a cotton lining beneath the dress and she is wearing a fur-lined cloak over her shoulders but she is no less Lycene in this dress. The gown is flowing and while it is somewhat revealing still quite modest all things considered. It is a loose fighting dress, empire in cut, clinging just below her bust and flowing down to the ground from there. She looks very comfortable in this dress. She moves over to those gathered and pauses to listen to Ailith speak.

Leona watches her much shorter and prettier twin approach and smiles at her, waving her over to join them where they stand on the dunes. She looks like she's about to say something in greeting but then Ailith begins the ceremony and she closes her mouth, looking pointedly at a spot next to her and murmuring something to the woman standing near them.

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Darren makes his way down to the beaches, likely knowing he's a touch on the late side and thus not trying to draw too much attention to himself. There's a dip of his head to Leona and Calypso, along with a few others, as he comes to stand with Donella.

Titania is standing in the back under some trees her arms crossed over her chest as she stands there silently watching as people come down onto the beach and Ailith begings to speak, her ocean blue eyes are on the woman just watching.

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Archeron wriggles his fingers at Margot as she comes up, but his greeting is quickly lost as the event starts up, but he still beckons Margot over and lifts his glass of mead and points over to a serving station. Archeron is well on his way to becoming a hand gesture master. Soon he will be directing traffic through the market. Possibly. Maybe not.

    Merek moves to the quieter place where the fringe of people gather, but still listens to Ailith. He watches on with curiosity as he pulls his cloak to him to keep out the chill.

Shard has joined the Beneath Trees.

Edward leans back as Ailith starts to speak drawing his hands off the table and resting them in his lap. He looks to pay attention to the Seraph now. Falling quiet from the talk with the rest of the table group.

Calypso gives a nod to Darren when she sees the Northern High Lord walk by. A slight smirk curls her cool expression as she makes some sort of eyes between Darren and Donella.

Lucita accompanies her cousin as she strides along, She flowing winter-weight skirt flutters against her legs. She glances over the gathering. The speaker having started with guiding thoughts toward reverent contemplation of Goddess Mangata, she remains respectfully silent.

"Rededication. What do we mean by that?" Ailith pauses for effect, giving everyone a moment to consider an answer. "A rededication is a journey, not a single rite, which involves multiple aspects and steps to grow closer in unity with the Goddess. No matter where you find yourself in relationship to the Goddess, whether you are the most devout of her worshippers to someone who knows nothing about Her, this is for everyone. We all have a responsibility towards rededication. For some that role entails reconciliation. And for others some different form. But is a responsibility we all share. Why do we have this responsibility? Because Mangata struggled in our defense against the rising black tide which wreaked havoc and sorrow across the waters." She folds her hands before her waist, then continues. "This journey is one of gradual growth. The aspects of the rededication build upon one another over time."

Caelis waves to the highlord of the north as he goes by, a smile on her face for him and Donella. Her gaze shifting back to Ailith when she speaks again, listening intently.

Leta strolls down the path towards the beach, bundled up under a dark blue cloak, fur trim warming her jaw, largely hiding today's selection of fancy attire. She looks curious, more than anything else, boots treading on sand as she wanders the beach and comes close to one of the bonfires, close enough to accept hot mulled mead. With that in hand, she continues to saunter along, pausing to stare curiously in Ailith's direction. She listens, furrowing her brow in thought.

Katarina brings her hand up in gentle wave toward Donella and Darren when she spies the high lord joining his bride, a girlish noise lost low within her throat before Ailith commands her attention. She leans against the table, arms folded faintly as she listens to the Seraph's opening speech.

Mira watches and listens with an inscrutible expression, somewhere between hopeful, amazed...and nervous. Hands folded on the table, she listens attentively.

Arcelia quietly makes her way over to Edward once she has spotted him and settles herself in at his side while she listens to Ailith continue to speak.

Quenia points over at the northern dunes, and guides Lucita in that direction. From there, they'll be able to watch Ailith's reconciliation. Once there, she turns her attention on the Seraph, tilting her head as she listens to the ceremony.

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Edward smiles to Arcelia, "Countessa...," and he shifts to make room between himself and Melinda so she can squeeze in, shifting his hips so there is room.

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Watching Ailith speak, Sivard cants his head to the side and listens intently. Though, his eyes continue to dart around the beach, taking in all the faces and storing that information away for later.

    Merek continues to listen and watch, while he folds his hands before him a bit with his clawed gloves, and smiles listening to Ailith. He seems to like ceremonies like this. For now he still remains on the fringe though, not really with anyone in particular.

Arcelia offers Melinda, Calypso, and Caelis a smile beore she turns to Katrina and Mira and does the same. Then she looks to Edward. "Thank you Baron." She slips ontot he picnic table and goes back to silently listening.

Margot smiles to Alarissa and looks over the crowd. "It is." She too falls quiet to listen to the Seraph speak, her expression turning somewhat pensive.

Miles listens carefully to the Seraph. He furrows his brows in thought the more she speaks. He folds his arms, when she pauses, and bows his head to consider them further.

Titania continues to listen and watch Ailith as she speaks she seems to have a nutrel look on her face for the moment.

Leona nods once in response to Ailith's words, her expression solemn - until someone says something near her and she coughs, covering her mouth - probably to cover whatever sound was about to come out.

Melinda:looks up and she nods her head to the countess "Thank you for allowing use of your hall." she saysto the woman before she turns her eyes to the woman speaking.

Donella moves over, slightly, and with one hand joined with her new husband's she draws his other arm around her, and stands in his shelter. Her face, scrubbed by Mangata's icy breath, is still very pink.

Mira smiles up to Arcelia and offers her a small wave, quiet as a mouse at this ceremony. She's wearing layers of velvet and fur, along with a black bonnet, matching gloves, and a scarf of brilliant crimson.

Lucita settles into place beside Quenia, a pleasant nod given those nearby while she listens to Ailith's words carefully.

"In the spirit of this being a journey, we will take our first steps today that we are going to offer prayers demonstrating our humility. Often, the beginning of our relationship with the gods starts with humility and moves to an expression of love. The prayers should include your devotion and love for the Goddess, your plans on how you wish to do more for Her, and your desire to move forward in that growing relationship. For those who want reconciliation, ask for forgiveness." Ailith makes a prayerful gesture. "I invite you now in the quiet of your hearts to offer these prayers to the Goddess. These prayers are a preface to the Rite of Mangata, the Invocation of Gratitude. In the intervening days, in your daily life, carefully reflect on what has been said today as well as your prayers. And then, search for something in your lives that represents your devotion to the Goddess and offer it to Her by casting it into the sea. These prayers and offerings can be done now or in the intervening days. You may choose to do it alone in private or shared together among peers." Ailith bows her head for a long moment and in lifting it, intones, "Those who wish to pray now may approach the shoreline (+line/getinline) and state your prayer aloud or in private. After the prayer, I shall anoint your brow."

Ailith checked command + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

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Shard's eyebrows faintly lift. She makes no move herself, though she continues to sit at her mead, and her gaze moves about the gathering, looking for those who are moving forward.

Edward stands seated, watching those who move up to get into line along the shore. He lowers his head some so he looks from beneath his brows a moment and then he drums his fingers on the table.

It is now Merek's turn to speak.

Jaenelle's attention is brought forward after her greetings are done, and despite Leona's cough and whatever made her do such, her exression remains collected and relaxed as she listens.

For his own part, Darren seems content with listening to the Seraph's speech while he tugs his wife closer, obviously with the pretense of keeping her warm. He leans his cheek against Donella's pink one, murmuring something quietly to her with a light grin before his focus returns to Ailith.

Arcelia has joined the line.

    Merek moves up when the call for a line starts, and likely behind a few other folk. Once they have been finished with, he steps forward to the shoreline and nods to Ailith, before he thinks on his prayer. He then kneels, and offers up his quiet supplication. It is one that seems fervent even in private, his lips moving to the words but low enough few can hear him. Eventually, once he has finished with that he dips a nod to show he has finished to Ailith.

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Arcelia rises to her feet and goes to get in line. She is quiet while she waits for her turn to say her prayer.

Ailith accepts a flask from a disciple who approaches. Her attention turns to the first in line, Merek, while she uncorks the flask. Holy water is trickled across her fingers before she lifts them to anoint Merek's brow in the symbol of the three interlocking rings. "May the Grace of the Goddess give you strengthen to fulfill the prayers you've made today."

It is now Margot's turn to speak.

Titania seems to get a frown that starts to tug at the corners of her mouth as she listens to the Seraph and starts to watch the people move to get in line to pray, she shakes her head at something as she listens.

Melinda stands then and she moves to get in lne, she leaves her table with a nod of her head to those that joined her.

    Merek stands up once he has been anointed, and he bows to Ailith in respect, "So it shall be," he states, then he pulls his cloak to him, and makes room for the others that are in line, as he moves back to his area and watches.

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Margot shrugs off her cloak and lays it down carefully over a peice of drift wood. Her boots come off next, heedless of the snow and winter chill. And Margot takes something out her bag before she walks down to the shore, not stopping at the edge of it, but walking out the freezing waves, until she's mid calf deep in the surf and there she drops down her knees, not caring a wit it would seem that her dress wicks up the cold salt water. She unties the ribbon she has on the cutting of short, baby soft blond hair in her hand, letting the locks spread in the waves. A couple of soft words are washed away in the wind and she lingers a moment before, rising, drenched to walk back up to where her furs are, skirts clinging to her thighs and calves.

Curiosity filters through Quenia's features as she continues to watch, first going to Ailith and then to Merek. Her expression is thoughtful and considering, as if she's trying to decide to join the line or not. She reaches up a hand and taps her chin, making small hmming sounds to herself, and at one point quirks a questioning brow at Lucita, as if silently asking her opinion.

Leta finds herself a quiet place to observe the ceremony and stands there, drink in both hands, raised for a sip at lengthy intervals. Not too lengthy, she wouldn't want it to go cold. She makes no motion to step forward, but watches those who do, then glances thoughtfully out to sea..

Lucita murmurs to Quenia softly, ever so softly, so not to interrupt the prayers of others. Her expression is thoughtful, manner serene.

Ailith observes as the Duchess of Tyde settles in the surf. Turning as well, she bows her head in reflection and murmurs softly to lend a prayer of aide for Margot's private communion with the Goddess. She then motions to the next person to approach.

It is now Leona's turn to speak.

Leona moves away from the dunes to step to the edge of the water. She sighs as she approaches - perhaps she's thinking of the effects of water and salt on the armor she wears, but when it is her turn she moves to stand in the water anyway, letting the waves brush up partway up her greaves. "Goddess, I give thanks for your aid, you who already do so much in giving us the wind and the rain, calm seas and fair winds. You gave of yourself to keep us safe, and I vow to help where I am able in aiding you now." Here her prayer goes silent as she remains still for a long moment, letting the water continue to lap at her armor and ignoring the cold until she is done. Her head raises and her expression is calm and inscrutable as she returns to the dunes.

Calypso rises from her seat at the bench as the others start to line up for prayers. She gives a respectful incline of her head to the Seraph conduction the prayer line and finds her way back up to the city.

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Ryder the falcon, Matteo, 6 Malvici Guards leave, following Calypso.

It is now Donella's turn to speak.

Margot steps back into her boots with a bit of a shiver, and then wraps her cloak around herself tight to watch the rest of the prayers.

Ailith smiles softly as Leona publicly states her prayer. "As she sustains us, let us sustain her," she echoes in support of the prayer. The next person is called forth with a motion of her hand.

Katarina rises quietly from her seat beside Caelis, pressing a chaste kiss to her dear friend's cheek before regretfully taking her departure. Like Calypso, she offers her prayers when an opportunity arises as a show of faith, and then she is to depart.

Melinda gets Menagerie Plush Series - Blacktip Shark from a willow woven basket lined with blue wool.

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Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl leave, following Katarina.

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Lucita leaves, following Quenia.

Donella watches those relatives that go before her. She presses her hand on Darren's arm and goes down to speak ti the lapping waves."Mangata, ocean-mother, wind-whisperer. The words I say do not matter, when you can hear the ones written on my soul. I was born in your long, cool arms; was raised with your song in my ears. I have wept salty tears with you,. Your bounty has filled many a hungry mouth, and your swaying dance has rocked me to sleep like a baby. Your heart is your own, secret, and sacred and deep... it was your pursed breath that has brought me to a new life. In thanks for all these things, I will keep you sacred to me and mine. I will never suffer you to be mocked, unanswered. I will remember," Donella says, as the sea-breeze tugs at the dark strings of her hair, and her fingers pluck at a necklace of smooth, red coral beads. "-that all breezes build to gales, that all rivers eventually find the sea." The beads skip once across the tidal barrier, and her footprints are taken as she returns up the bank.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Ailith raises her hand outward in support of Donella. "Blessed words. May the winds and seas of the Goddess deliver those words safely as a strong as is your devotion." In turning, she then motions to the next person to approach.

It is now Arcelia's turn to speak.

Removing her shoes and leaving them by her seat, Arcelia steps up to the shore line and looks out at the ocean while she prays. "Mangata, Goddess of the air we breath and the water that flows through our veins. I ask that you forgive me for my lapses in faith and ask for your embrace when I need strength. Tonight I also ask that you forgive those that trespass against us by filling our ears with words of abandonment and hate in your name. I know you are a loving Goddess, a forgiving Goddess, and that you are here with all as we walk through these dark times. Forgive me for even once doubting your love for all your children. Thank you for all you have given us." When she is done she lets Ailith anoint her, if she chooses, and then moves forward to the water so she can walk into the chilled water, lifting her gown to her knees so she doesn't get it wet. She stands there silently with her eyes closed for a couple seconds and then moves to leave the gathering, heading back up towards the city.

Ailith grins softly and as she anoints Arcelia's forehead in the same symbols of the Faith of the Pantheon, words are whispered in support. In following, the next is called forth.

It is now Archeron's turn to speak.

Archeron walks down from the dunes and to the beach by the shore and Ailith, rather desperately not looking at his now wet-clothed cousin. Ye gads! He doesn't get into the water, but he does kneel, his fingers reaching to touch the surf "People think I dislike travelling on your waves. I do not. It is just that the last time I crossed your seas, the world changed. But, I will return to your waters, and I hope you will forgive my absence, and know it was not because I was unbusy." Archeron reaches into a pocket with his wet fingers, pulling out a broken arrow shaft which he places down into the water, closing his eyes and saying a few quiet prayers.

Darren squeezes Donella's hand before she moves to approach the ocean. His expression is solemn, and he watches her on the shore, inclining his head slightly at her prayer. When she returns, all anointed, he presses a quick kiss to her cheek, flashing her a wide grin and saying something quietly to her.

:murmurs softly. "I don't know if I should prayer or not. I don't know her and she might not like me. I heard the Thrax killed many of their Shavs. It might not go so well. I don't know."

Mira waits patiently as the dedications are being given. She doesn't rise to join the line, but she does seem to be waiting until the ceremony is over to leave. For whatever reason.

It is now Jaenelle's turn to speak.

Ailith softly speaks in response to Archeron, "The Goddess forgives when there's honesty in your heart. She is not solely of the waters but also of the winds which guide your arrows. She is never far apart. May you find renewal in your devotion to Mangata."

Jaenelle moves towards the line somewhere behind other Thrax and former. When she is motioned forward, much like the other Thraxians, she kneels fully in the freezing water to allow the slowly rolling waves to lap around her form. With her eyes closed, head bowed, "all too often we take forgrated the calming of the seas after a difficult journey. Without your aid, most would surely never make it safely to port. We honor and thank you, Goddess, for all that you have done. And about that ship stealing thing, we're still on for that." There is a moment of silence, as if sharing something quietly at the ending of her prayer before she gracefully stands from her position and moves towards Ailith for the anointing, dipping her head politely for it to happen even if she is short. Once done, the woman slips back to where her family has gathered, placing a wet hand on her sister's pommel covered one, hearing somewhat but seeing the unmistakable straightening.

Leona suddenly puts her hand on the pommel of her sword, her eyes cold and hard as she speaks quietly and firmly to the woman near her. She doesn't seem mad at the woman but as she finishes speaking she scans those assembled for the ritual, hand staying exactly where it is, back straight, seemingly even taller than usual as her sister moves forward to pray.

Petal's words carried a little too far, probably further than she intended they could even be overheard by others .

Alarissa remains where she is by the dunes, though head bowed low as she seems to be in prayer on her own, not getting in line like others.

Katarina and Calypso gone, Caelis resumes propping her chin in her hands as she watches things from the table she sits at. Her dark brows arching with interest as she studies people.

Jaenelle's hand on Leona's seems to settle the tall woman in armor, and Donella's soft voice, though it does not carry, settle the Lord Commander even further. And yet she remains still, and if she is not radiating an active need to do violence any more, she is yet prepared for it, a statue carved in metal and flesh as she keeps watch over the ceremony now.

Ailith raises her fingers and brushes the holy water upon Jaenelle's brow, the symbols of the Pantheon gently swirled. "It is a tradition by sailors to say a prayer or pour holy water in her honor for that sentiment - that she guided ships safely to port. May the joy and strength in this renewal of your devotion carry you through your difficult journey."

It is now Melinda's turn to speak.

Ailith overhears Petal's words and a soft sorrow grows. Her hand is held out to the woman. "The Goddess only cares what is in your heart. The light is never denied to those who seek. If you wish to say anything in your earnestness to learn more of Her, you are ever welcomed in her warm embrace."

Petal has joined the line.

Petal looks toward those at the dune, having a conversation with them that now is quieter, which was likely the point all along. Her cheeks are pale and her brown eyes are gravely serious. She then looks over to Ailith, giving the Seraph a nod. She then rises to her slippered feet and gets into the line. Petal seems quite sheepish about this.

Melinda has taken her shoes off, she takes off her cloak and a few other layers of clothing, until it is just her silks she wears.. She walks to the edge of the beach carrying the shark plush, with a lock of her hair tied onto it. "Some have said hateful words about the Gods turning eyes away from those born of the sea. A God dose not hate one family and thinking so shows a shortcoming of mindset. Take my gift onto your waves, and forgive me and others that have sinned against you, show us the way that you need - to heal. Show us, what you need and it will be done".. SHe then falls quiet to pray a moment or two in silence as the waves of cold lick her feet.

Melinda drops Menagerie Plush Series - Blacktip Shark.

Nyx, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Leona before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mira before departing.

Ailith bows her head to join in the prayer by Melinda. She murmurs a few words, "May her waters accept the gift and bring it and your devotions to Mangata." Then she turns to motions to the next person to approach.

It is now Petal's turn to speak.

Petal steps up toward the front, seemingly still more than a little uncomfortable with this. "Dear Goddess of the Sea. I never spoke to you before. Now that I have spoke with you, I will probably speak with you again. I come form the mountains where there are many streams but no sea, but maybe those streams came from the sea. I do not know. But I know that water is life. Just as earth is life and the mountains are. I don't know why the Thrax who live on the sea thought it was okay to kill those who live more widely, like I once I did. They have reasons, but I think of the babies they sickened and I cry for them. It was not all of them. Some of the Thrax wear the most lovely dresses and are so beautiful. They ask for collars and shells and blue like the ocean. There is a watery passion their hearts, lulling like the the waves or rising up like a storm. Please don't drown them out, but please help their hearts to find a way to care for the wild ones, to find a way to stop killing the children, the babies and those who are not fighting them. Please take care of any of those they killed that are in your arms, that were given to the sea and to the water. Help their souls that didn't get a chance to live, to find a new way." She says, pulling a bottle of lavender mead from her basket. "I made this. It is soothing. I think you could use soothing after all this."

Petal gets a bottle of traditional Shav honey mead with lavender from a woven willow basket lined in white wool.

Petal drops a bottle of traditional Shav honey mead with lavender.

Mira blinks and looks over at where Petal is praying, her eyebrows lifting high. She looks slightly concerned, but her face is mostly neutral as she remains at the table, hands clasped together.

At Petal's words, Leona twitches slightly and there is a sudden smile on her face. Her eyes are as cold as the winter's wind, but her smile - oh, her smile manages to somehow be so wide and bright.

Melinda checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Alarissa checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Titania checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Edward looks at Petal and he laughs softly though it might echo across the way a little. He grins a little and then he looks back to the two who still sit at his table and says something softly.

    Merek looks amused after a moment and pulls his scarf around his upper face. He doesn't have many words to voice about all that.

Sivard checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Ailith whispers quietly to Petal, then says aloud. "The Goddess is also of the air which sustains us, reaching every to the heights of the mountains. I think she understands the heart of what you say -- that children anywhere may not be exposed to any tragedies and be protected by their families and Great Houses."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Melinda before departing.

Alarissa glances toward Petal a slow blink of her eyes, watching the seamstress after her words.

There is a soft sigh from Jaenelle, though its more of a 'its going to happen regardless' sound and not one of disappointment. And she removes her hand from Leona's sword.

Margot checked composure + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Margot doesn't even blink.

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Melinda stands still, looking at Petals words and she looks a moment deadpan, she draws a little sigh as she shakes her head. She murmers to Alarissa as she stands beside her.

Melinda has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

    Merek moves over to one of the other places within the crowd, just in case. For now though he just seems observant while he watches people speak or react for the time being.

Gently, Ailith steps aside and addresses those who remain. "Let this be your time with the Goddess. Only you can determine what relationship is sought with Mangata. I hope this night has restored or rejuvenated your hearts towards the Goddess. I shall stay for any who have questions or seek counsel. Thank you for coming and may the Grace of the Gods be with you."

Petal leans into Ailith, listening to her words. She then gives her a nod. She uncorks the bottle and pours the lavender mead into the water. She then looks over the gathered crowd, her cheeks very pale and her brown eyes very serious. "If you like the mead, I will bring you more, Sea Goddess." She says in her heavy accent. She doesn't seem quite sure what to do now, but her slender shoulders are taut as she heads back to the dunes.

Titania was leaning back onto Sivard as they spoke and watched the goings on but when Petals words hit the young womans ears she is pushing off of the man behind her, she is starting to take steps across the sands away from the trees that she was leaning under, "This." she waves a hand around, "This is insulting, It's a mockery having people line up like sheep to slaughter. Offering humility only when called to do so by someone else, and ultimately defeating the purpose being doing so in the first place. Humility is something to be giving at one's own time, on one's own terms.. not when told to do so like child. It teaches nothing." she stops short of Ailith and Petal.

Leta blinks a few times, but she's just an observer enjoying her mead and trying to make sense of the ceremony. This is worth a lengthier draught that finishes off her mead, and a quick glance towards the various figures of Thrax nobility nearby. If she's got a little startled grin or anything, it's hidden by her drink.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Shard's eyes follow Titania carefully, though she remains where she is. Her mead is mostly gone at this point.

    "..." Merek watches Titania and listens to her words. He gaze narrows a bit but he makes no moves and speaks no words. All-in-all though her words seem to have upset him.

Melinda shakes her head displeased, her eyes move to Titania and she gives a shift of her shoulders, she says nothing more as she turns to leave.

Petal stops heading back toward the Sand Dunes and stands near Ailith when she approaches Titania. She looks in the lady's direction. She doesn't speak quiet yet, maybe she will soon.

Alarissa's moving forward after Melinda's murmur, moving forward to Titania's side, to interpose herself between Ailith and Petal to Titania. "This is not the time, not the place Lady Kennex. We can converse with the Seraph or the LEgate or the Dominus upon the propriety or lack thereof at another time."

Alarissa checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Leona turns her attention to Titania. "And who are you to question how we choose to worship? Are you the arbiter of who may pray to Mangata and where? You choose to be insulted, and that is your choice, but you were not forced to come here today. Did you come to mock those who offer genuine gratitude to Mangata?" Her voice carries from where she stands at the dunes, her back straight. "No one forced you here. Seraph Ailith offered a ceremony for those who choose to attend. For anyone in Arx who wished to attend, and some chose to come. This woman," here she indicates Petal, "has changed her way of life and bent the knee and joined the Compact. Now she chooses to offer a gift to Mangata. It is not yours to accept or reject. Let go of your ego, Titania Kennex. This is not the place and you are not the Goddess."

1 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Melinda.

"I am sorry that you were offended. This ceremony is not about any Great House, but for the Goddess," Ailith calmly says. Those who stand up to speak against Titania are quietly observed.

Petal checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Darren shares a few quiet words with Donella before he tips his head in a quick nod. He places his hand on Donella's back and quietly starts leading her to the path back up to the city.

Jaenelle reaches an outstretched arm in Petal's direction, fingers wiggling in a quick pattern while her smile remains warm as her sister goes all growling. "Come, Petal. Lets talk about that mead." Is her tone a bit more on the commanding side than gentle curiosity for the other woman's sake? Maybe.

Archeron pulls the hood of his cloak up and the peak down as the evening moves into social combat. Archeron meanders over towards Margot, sipping at his mulled wine.

Jaenelle checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Mira hmms as Titania takes off toward Petal, and Mira rises. "Yup." She doesn't clarify what her 'Yup' is about, she just starts moving to put as much distance between herself and the water as possible. At Leona's words, however, Mira slows down just a touch, glancing sidelong at the Paladin. Mira still looks guarded, like a fox about to bolt, but she doesn't run just yet. She does eye the water carefully, though.

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Mira eeks, realizes she mis-recognized someone, and she's moving for the safety of Arx still, at a swift walk!

Petal seems frightened. She tries to hide it, but she fails. Her cheeks are drained of all color and her lower lip trembles. She looks over the Thrax nobles, seemingly fearful that they might harm her. She looks toward Leona at her words, nodding in agreement. "The goddess will respond to my words how she does. I will live with her response, just as we all do with results of our choices." She says and quickly makes her way toward Jaenelle. She is shaky in her movements, clearly still very nervous. At least she hasn't fainted!

Titania jaw line tightens when Alarissa moves over to her and she speaks, the young woman looking to the Princess there is a fire in her eyes. She breaths deeply nodding her head, "Yes, your highness." she gives Petal and Ailith another look and ignores Leona's words to her, she has a hand clasped on the hilt of her sword as she moves to walk off with the Princess, she does not look at anyone just straight ahead of her.

Titania is backing down, Jaenelle is easing the shaking petal away. Alarisa looks to Leona and there's a shake of her head as if saying now is not the time, a pointed look. An apologetic look to Ailith and the Valardin prinncess carries on with Titania, guiding her away from the beach, talking quietly to the angry woman.

"Well, that went well I suppose," Merek states, with a small frown while he looks to those about to leave. "Why can't these things ever just... Go normally?" he asks. He looks from beneath the hood of his cloak at the waves.

Margot smiles to her cousin and offfers a nod, speaking to him quietly.

Then, a soft breeze blows in off the ocean. It is unseasonable, this breeze, in its warmth. It is balmy, and carries the gentle scent of salt tinged with lavender. The warm air current whooshes past those gathered, to swirl gently around Petal in a soothing whisper. It lifts some small strands of her hair, playing with them before easing them back down to frame her face.

Jaenelle can only give Petal a reassuring smile as she watches the air beside her change where the other woman stands now. "You are safe" is said gently, hoping the shaking stops.

Edward steps from the table and looks at those gathered before he takes note of Mira fleeing. Then he looks at Alarissa as she takes hold of Titania and begins to lead her off. He nods slowly before he then looks at Caelis, "Forgive me my Lady, I think perhaps it is time to depart. I will seek to meet with you soon."

Caelis sits up and levels her hands on the table as the argument settles and she lets out a breath. She smiles a bit, turning her face into the breeze. She nods to Edward. "Of course. Nice to speak with you Lord Edward. May your hopes find safe harbors."

Ailith elates in seeing Petal be kissed by the breezes. "The Goddess Mangata has responded to her prayer and welcomed her. May that joy be carried in your heart, Mistress Petal."

Miles murmurs to Leona as the breeze favours Petal, "Well, that's hard to miss." He takes a breath and watches the others to see their reactions.

Leona looks at Alarissa and one eyebrow raises way, way up. Now seems to be exactly the time for her and she looks over at Merek as he says something. She opens her mouth to respond and then suddenly the wind is moving and whatever she would say next is cut off in a warm breeze. As the strands of Petal's hair start to move in the warm breeze, Leona smiles suddenly and bows deeply toward the ocean, fist over her heart in reverence to the Goddess Mangata.

    Merek watches as the breeze seems to blow upon them, then he watches as it seems to gather around Petal. He then turns around and looks to the sea once more, "Well, I suppose that answers the goodness of these things," he admits, with a thoughtful nod, and he bows in reverence.

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Shard shifts uneasily in place. She fidgets, one hand tightening around her mostly-gone drink, and eyes Petal for a moment, before her attention shifts to the others speaking.

Petal sucks in a soft breath as she feels the gentle breeze. She seems to calm down and color returns to her cheeks. She continues to stand near Jaenelle. Petal notices Leona's bow and then looks to the air in front of her, bringing her to speak. "You are of the air also, like the Seraph said." She says softly and in wonderment. "Thank you. I am glad that you liked the mead, I can bring you more, every week, if you want." She says, sounding a bit awkward, like she isn't sure how to speak with a god. Her brown eyes are bright now.

Ailith grins brightly in being witness to Petal's discovery of Mangata's love. She intones joyfully, "Prayers, devotions, intents. These things are heard by our Goddess. Let us all be joyful in our sister's new discovery and be elated in our new journey to becoming closer in unity with Mangata. Praise Be To Mangata."

"Praise be" Archeron intones, some good Seraph-whapping-on-the-knuckles-of-kid-archeron inspired automation to that response. He reaches up to flip his hood back down and he turns to Margot "Enjoyable I thought. Thought provoking at least - maybe I should go bother Victus sometime soon about training. Might be a good way to get to know him if he has the time to spare. And he seems not to hate my company."

Edward takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, as he finally nods and looks at Caelis, "Thank you my Lady, may your hopes also find safe harbors." and with that said he begins to walk away from the gathering, departing up the beach towards the city.

Leta adjusts her cloak, and scratches lightly at her neck, glancing from the gathering and back out to sea, then up at the sky. She crooks her nose, sniffs a few times, then presses her lips tightly together. Thinking, she starts to trudge off back up the beach.

That warm breeze does not so much flee as diffuse out, warm current of air spreading to offer a bit of soft respite to everyone who has gathered to pay respects, next. Almost in entreaty. And then, it is gone, and the chill of winter returns in all its stark, nighttime clarity.

"In your name we pray calm seas, in your name we pray strong winds, in your name we pray full sails." Caelis murmurs quietly from the table and rises, reassured things seem to be more peaceful than the events with in the shrine. She nods to those remaining and takes a last look at the water before heading home.

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Titania shakes her had as she walks with Alarissa back to the city, putting a hand on the womaans arm while she speaks with her.

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Margot nods to Archeron, "Now, I'm freezing. Shall we get back to the house?"

Miles fidgits a bit in his armour as the breeze seems to spread over all the assembled. He purses his lips and furrows his brow, and then somewhat awkwardly he bows to the ocean. He murmurs under his breath.

Leona straightens and smiles encouragingly at Petal, moving a few steps forward to make sure she's well between the former shav and any of her more-insulted former brethren. "I did tell you She would hear your prayer. You did well, Petal. Thank you for offering to Her even though you were scared." She pauses and adds, "If you have problems with the Thrax in the future, do let me know. I'll be happy to have a word with some people." Annnnnnd she's back. And not really bothering to lower her voice.

Petal shivers as the soothing breeze seems to leave. She feels the bite of winter once again. Petal seems a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure how to respond. She gives Ailith a gentle smile, before turning to Jaenelle and Leona. She parts her lips as if about to speak, but seems to find it hard to find the words. "She certainly heard me." She says, awe in her voice. She then looks over to Leona. "Okay, thank you, hopefully there won't be an issue." She says, but she does sound a little worried.

    Merek pulls his cloak about him, and decides to take his time to walk on from the gathering and mount up. He looks to feel better with Mangata's power seeming to have eased up the chill from the place. He rides on back to the city.

"Diplomatic words" Jaenelle slips in easily enough to the end of her sister's words. They are very different in many ways.

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Archeron lets out a contented sigh as the warm breeze passes and then his eyes bolt open as the cold hits again in full force "Yes. The tower sounds ideal, Margot."

Shard frowns oceanwards for a few moments, before she finishes off her drink with one last gulp. Then she turns to make her own way back up to the city.

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Leona smiles at her twin. "Yes, that's what I said, Jaenelle. Diplomatic words." Diplomatic, says she, with one hand clenched into a fist, the other on the pommel of her sword, and her teeth shining as she smiles so widely. Making an effort, she relaxes one hand and the smile dims to something a little less deadly. "I do mean that, Petal. I am glad She heard your words, and that you made such a heartfelt offering. I will aid you if you need. I have never approved of what we have done." She pauses and adds offhanded, "I am Lord Commander Leona Thrax properly, if you need to find me."

Ailith begins to joyfully chuckle. "It certainly knocks one's sails. No one anywhere can take away your experience with the Goddess. Remember that, Mistress Petal." The conversations between Leona and Jaenelle are met with an arch of her brow. "I think I shall leave such business to you, both. There is more to do for Mangata. Thank you for coming."

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