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Hope Eternal

This evening gathering is to raise resources to help the Thrax build up their military and also to help give them resources to provide for the families of those who perished on the ships. Donations of military, economic or social writs will be accepted on the behalf of the Thrax. Reese will be giving out favors from her own collection of figurines, artwork, clothing, jewelry, books, perfumes and other items to those who donate at least ten resources. Some of these items are currently hard to find. Any and all proceeds will go to the Thrax. The event will feature delicious food, lots of drinks, dancing and music. Prince Calarian will be serving as host along side his cousin Reese and he has some plans in the works.

House Grayson prayers and thoughts are with the Thrax as they recover. Princess Reese.


Aug. 29, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Reese Calarian


Monique Isabeau Mia Abbas(RIP) Dagon Brianna Ailith Darrow(RIP) Eirene Edward Wash Driskell(RIP) Samantha Arianna Lou Victus Killian(RIP) Sparte Leona Alarissa Alaric



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

4 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Leona.

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon, Leona arrive, following Victus.

Sombra arrives, following Edward.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 4 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Laric.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 4 Veteran Confessors leave, following Laric.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Wash leaves, following Monique.

In through the doors of the Grayson Great Gray Hall enters a man dressed in formal Thraxan naval uniform showing that Driskell isn't an officer nor part of a normal crew, but instead a specialist. In gloved hand he cradles a bottle of something special perhaps, a bow given to nobles he passes as the silver beads dangle and move off his black bandana.

Monique arrives, following Wash.

Leona meanders in on Victus' arm. Or well - they're walking in together, the Lord Commander being almost fully armored would make it difficult indeed for them to walk in arm in arm, really. Her helm is held under one arm though, and her gauntlets hang from her belt. Beyond that she's in full armor, which is more or less what she wears in any case. Moving into the room, the tall woman in gray armor pauses at the threshold. Perhaps to scan the room. Perhaps to give people a moment to see the High Lord of Thrax and the Lord Commander of the King's Own walking in step, and Leona giving her cousin a sardonic grin.

Reese drops Ashwood Liquor Cabinet.

Arianna arrives, following Killian.

Tiny Tom leaves, following Sparte.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrive, following Sparte.

Eirene still wears her leather battle-worn long coat as she steps in the hall, the garment only suitable for the occasion based on the ornate red and gold embroidered Phoenix on it. She has her sword properly peace ties and her braids of black and white pinned up atop her head. The Malvici gives people a lift of her chin in greeting before she looks around at the hall. "Hope I brought enough writ," she says with a scowl.

The High Lord of Thrax has two ladies on either side of him when he enters the hall. Leona, the Lord Commander herself at one side and Alarissa, the Valardin Princess on the other. For once in what may well be an eternity at this point, Victus is arriving with a grin on his face and his head held high. He wasn't exactly armored, but Thraxian noble's clothing left little to be unprotected as is. Blood black leathers that had the shade of past rulers. There's a grin shared to Leona and one to the Princess as well as they move along into the Grayson manor. "Been a long time since I set foot in here. How about you two?"

Reese arrives late to her own fundraiser! Her cheeks are flushed with activity and her blonde locks are loose about her slender shoulders, looking just a touch tangled. For a change she is wearing a silken dress instead of pants, leather or steel. She does have her blade at her side, but Reese always does.

Grayson servants set up a bar with booze and buffet with treats. They also carry two chests into the room.

Reese smiles to those gathered here, looking a bit sheepish. "Greetings everyone and thank you so much for coming."

"Just a few weeks ago." Should be relatively a surprise, Alarissa hasn't spoken about it. "PRincess Katarina came in on the tail end of my meeting." Her arm laid perfectly on Victus' arm, she smiles to Leona then to the room as the enter, her in that dove grey silk dress of her own, those watercolour floral skirts. "It's good to go home now and then."

In comes Sparte dressed in simple woolen garb, with an iron guard cloak on and his right arm resting against his chest in a sling. Beside him is another man wearing garb marked in Iron Guard colors, but without any sign of weapons or armor. The second man has a small handcart, filled with simple sacks that smell of cinnamon. Sparte speaks to the other man for a few moments, and the handcart is veered off to be deposited elsewhere rather than wheeling it into the great hall.

Edward slips in behind the High Lord and his escorted ladies and he motions to Sombra who steps off to the side. The Baron of Whitefrost then begins to make his way opposite the path that the High Lord makes around the room looking at the interior while he finds a place to stand. He is wearing dark naval cut trousers with a matching tunic that offsets the pale blue color of the hilt of his peacebound sword. He keeps his hands tucked behind his back as he wears a light smile when he looks around watching how the mingling shakes out.

Reese drops a charming wooden box with ten compartments.

Reese drops Small Iron-banded Chest.

Wash is escorting Lady Monique Greenmarch to tonight's event. He is dressed as formally as he is able, in white worsted wool long coat with violet piping over formal black clothes. "Thank you for coming with me tonight."

10 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger, Ailith arrive, following Alaric.

Driskell spies his high lord and of course, he gives a crisp formal bow towards the highborn before he steps back to move in the crowd gathered. Just another face in the crowd, looking with stoic interest towards the front where the action will take place.

Killian steps into the Great Hall with far less attempt at keeping unnoticed than might normally be the case, and his accompaniment this evening is far lovelier than his usual menagerie and helpers. With the Lady Arianna Stonewood at his side, her arm lightly slipped through his own, he moves into the Hall confidently. The scars upon his face and neck which he had been taking such pains to try and hide of recent, are easily seen, neither on display nor hidden. The young knight is attired in the deepest black and a dark forest green, the suit he wears bearing some small resemblance to a uniform without quite being one. At his side, Arianna is radiant in an umbra dress of Lycene inspiration, the black lace teasing and tantalizing the gaze. The pair pause, just for a moment, as Killian looks around and then smiles slightly, leaning to say something to the young noblewoman before they head on in and towards the center of affairs.

Leona inclines her head in acknowledgement to Alarissa. Given that last night they were seen as less than friendly, perhaps this sight surprises those more in the know. "Not so long," Leona admits to Victus, "but I also guard the King, and so the halls of Grayson are not entirely unknown. I've always found the place a bit grim," she says, in abeyance of long-standing custom, "but then I'm not a woman who minds a little grimness in any case. And this is for a good cause, after all." Her eyes find Reese and she inclines her head to the woman who is running this event in polite greeting. She is rather carefully neutral today when it comes to the Grayson Princess, it seems.

Monique arrives with Wash, wearing a gown reminiscent of a Phoenix burst into full flame, complimented boldly by the woman's crimson hair, crafted into molten fire. There is no pastel, no blending, only boldness for the Greenmarch Minx and she flaunts it well, turning to the Admiral with a vivid grin. "I only hope your wife doesn't hear of it. Hands above board, Admiral, hm?" The teasing is light, warm. "Beautiful place, this. I wonder where they keep the candlesticks..."

Reese peeks over to Alarissa. "You look lovely cousin, but then you always do, so that is no surprise." She says gently in her direction. She then turns her focus to Victus. "High Lord Victus, I am honored to see you here." She glances over the Grayson mansion an then speaks once again. "Welcome everyone. Please help yourself to drinks and food. Anyone who donates is welcome to choose an item or two from my chests of stuff. I shop a lot as some know."

white-tailed eagle, other white-tailed eagle arrive, following Mia.

Alaric arrives a little on the fashionably late end of things, along with the usual contingent of King's Own and the Palace Seraph. "Just take your cues from me and you'll be a natural at parties before you know it," he advises Ailith confidently as he enters, regarding those gathered with a bright smile. "Greetings, my subjects!" he declares regally. "It's fantastic to see so many of you here at tonight's benefit for our comrades in House Thrax."

Whatever Killian says earns him a small smirk and after a quick word Arianna walks along at a leisurely pace. A smile is given to Princess Reese as she softly tugs Killian in her direction. Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, the svelte noblewoman gives the High Lord and the two women whom accompany him a respectful bow of her head. Once they were by Reese's side, Ari disentangles herself from Killian and gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for hosting this event, it's a wonderful notion of charity. Where should I give my donation?"

"Princess Reese." Alarissa beams at her cousin. "Though I must admit that I am in love with your own dress" Reaching over to gently graze her cousins arm before it would seem they should let the hostess go to her duties. There's a glance to other present, looking serenely about with a glance ot Arianna when the other woman asks where to give donations to.

"It could use more color." Victus replies to Alarissa and Leona both in good humor, his eyes slowly moving around the room to everyone gathered. He looked almost a bit surprised to have such a turn-out. "I have a feeling I'm gonna be roped into making a speech at some point tonight..." As if on cue, Reese approaches and Victus greets her with a wry grin of his own. "Princess, my gratitude for hosting us and the rest of this get-together for Thrax's rebuilding. I'm more happy than I can put to words to see the Compact getting together for an effort toward Thrax. I know we ain't the favorites, but we want to help as much as anyone." Next his eyes turn toward the King as he arrives with a similar entourage. He gets a nod of his head and another grin as well.

Eirene raises a hand to Driskell and moves to join him, offering her hand in soldier's greeting. She snorts in amusement at the woman -also- wearing a firebird, though one is more adornment than raiment. "Driskell, I haven't seen you since before... well." Before Max died but she leaves it unsaid. "Are you well?" Ah crap, the King. She offers him a proper Southport salute, fist to heart.

"Perhaps if my wife learns that I have to make do with other company, she'll respond favorably to my entreaty that she will join me here, or at least nearby." Wash replies to Monique. "She's not the jealous sort, but she is dedicated to pursuing her duty. Which hopefully still includes attending events like these on my arm."

Ailith raises those doubts by a faint arch to her eyebrows, but smiles brightly in response. "Cues. Right. Such as?" And the first lesson is shown, greetings. The Palace Seraph murmurs to herself while following in a softer method. She grins, from afar, and nods greetings to the already engaged in conversation -- Reese and Leona -- before turnings to notice Eirene. "Lady Eirene," she calls out. "I've something to ask you if you have a moment later."

With proper decorum Edward smiles and then he bows as the King goes past him. Otherwise he resumes his position and goes to find the buffet table. A lone man out for the moment it seems. He merely continues to watch people while he gets a plate and puts food on it. The process of building a proper buffet food mountain in progress.

Leona turns and bows deeply as Alaric enters, fist over heart. "Your Majesty," she says, the restpect in her voice quite obvious. As she straightens, she reaches out to squeeze Victus's arm and murmurs very quietly, "Nicely said. You'll do, cos. Even if you do need to make a speech." Her eyes move to the escort of the King and she notes who is there and who is in the proper position. One eyebrow raises, and the youngest of the escorts coughs and shifts about three inches left suddenly, her cheeks flushing as Leona watches. Leona nods once and then adds a greeting for Ailith as well, a polite nod of acknowledgement with a warm smile.

Reese nuzzles her cheek into the kiss from Arianna and wraps her arms about the lady, returning her hug. "You can give the donation to me. I will pass everything onto High Lord Victus to use for rebuilding the Thrax navy and helping those harmed in the crisis. I will make sure to credit what each person gave, so he knows." She says, looking over to the high lord at that. "Thank you for coming. I am glad you are here." She adds softly to Arianna. She then notices the king. "Your, Majesty, I am honored." A moment later she smiles to Sparte. "Master Sparte, did you want any of the favors? Master Sparte just gave a generous donation."

Driskell looks as Eirene steps towards him, the two seem quite martial today. Returning the soldier's greeting, he gives a dip of his head to her, the golden eyes looking across her face, "Storms make the sailor, a phrase that I recalled today in a messenger to someone." as he responds regarding the unsaid business. "You look like twilight on the calmest of seas with radiance that is surrounded by mystery. The feathers are a nice touch." he offers.

Monique sketches a curtsey to Alaric's arrival, a grin on her lips even as she guides Wash over to Reese to greet the Princess. "Your Highness! It's good to see you again. Are you recovered from the mock fight you so skilfully staged? And now this? Your talents are legend, Princess. Thank you for hosting the event. You've met Lord-Admiral Wash Kennex?" She introduces her escort.

When the Countess arrives, it is quietly and with little fanfare. Mia was unaccompanied, after all, and so it was quite easy for her to simply appear where she hadn't been a moment before. Dark eyes scan the room slowly while she hovers at the edge of it, drinking in all of the nobility assembled for philanthropy's sake. Her lips pursed faintly; so few of the faces were familiar.

Reese turns her focus to Victus. "Oh, I am glad to be able to help, even if in a small way." A smile is given to the Seraph. Reese then turns to Monique. "Thank you, Lady Monique and I love your dress. Very well suited. I have met the Admiral, he is actually a cousin of mine." She says and smiles. "I have so many cousins. Welcome Lord Wash."

Killian approaches Reese with Arianna, smiling at the Grayson Princess. Once he's somewhat less entangled, he gives Reese a small smile and a nod, "Princess," he says in a cheerful sort of tone. "She's right, it's a splendid idea entirely." His voice is quiet, and he looks over to where the King is. If Alaric's eyes drift towards him, he'll bow his head respectfully, but he doesn't approach across as he listens to Reese answer about donations. A small smile plays at his lips, then he's slowly moving his gaze over those gathered, passing a glance over each, nods offered here and there.

Reese's blue eyes brighten as Mia arrives. "Countess." She says, seemingly pleased by her presence. "Lord Killian, a pleasure, I am glad you came." She says gently. "Thank you, Lady Arianna, for the generous donation. Please pick out any items that you like." She says, pointing to the chests with figurines and the like.

"If you see somebody, be welcoming! That's most of it right there," Alaric declares to Ailith while he offers several smiles and a wave or two in acknowledgment of all the salutes, bows, and the like before he stops by Victus and Leona on his eventual way to (the presently slightly swarmed) Reese. "Your Grace, Lord Commander, wonderful to see you both here. If you're in need of any last-minute speech consultations, I know a thing or two about public addresses," he offers to Victus confidently with a grin.

"Thank you, Princess Reese," Monique replies, giving a little twirl unasked for, her hemline spinning out like a riot of flickering flames. "I had it made at Mistress Petal's." She fishes for a note from her... well, no one wants to know where she got it from because she's not carrying a purse. "Greenmarch's contribution."

"Dame Leona." Everyone, almost everyone, occupied with greeting Reese, the King, Ailith, Alarissa remains still on Victu's arm, murmuring quietly with him, looking to Edward who is loading up on food. "Does he often come for the food?" Inquired to Victus, though she drops intoa curtsy for Alaric when he passes on his way tor eese et al.

Arianna was not one for blushing but when Reese asks her to pick out any items she tenses up and laughs softly. "Oh, uhhh no no. I just wanted to help. In fact I would have liked to donate more, but my mother told me not to be an overachiever." A grin is given to Reese before she links her arm back through Killian's and peers about the room. The hand that held her dress clenched it tightly in a moment of anxiety.

Eirene rolls her eyes good naturedly at Driskell's turn of phrase. "I am in the calm before a storm, I'm afraid. I leave soon for an expedition. Back to the sea, the soil of a distant shore, someone wanting to kill me." A feral grin appears. "I'm going to be myself finally. Back into that storm where I thrive." She raises a hand to Ailith and calls back, "before I go, certainly Seraph!"

Victus cants his head toward Leona with a shrug. "I can try, when I want to. Is it working? I read a book yesterday." Yes, a whole book. That was an accomplishment. "Helped with finding fancier and nicer sounding words than usual." Then his gaze was back onto Alarissa, a soft murmur between the two of them being shared as the High Lord craned his head so he might kiss the top of her head between them. Once again his eyes find the King as he approaches, a similar grin offered in kind. "If I need any speeches I'll default to you first. We'll assign you the role as 'hype' man. I'm told they make a lot of coin doing what they do." A shrug is offered to Alarissa then. "The new Baron comes and goes for many reasons. He's a mystery to me, but I also come for food more often than not."

Sparte gives a stiff and awkward looking bow to Reese. "Princess Sir, thank you for the offer, but I don't need anything. I just hope what Wilhelm is dropping off makes a difference." He gives a nervous smile, trying to make his way off to find a spot to stand at that is out of the way of the better dressed and more important people in attendance.

Eirene has a note sent to the Princess in charge offering the help of the Physicians Guild as needed, making sure Thraxian doesn't mind of course.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

"We are acquainted." Wash says with a smile. "I am grateful to be here. And to know that there is such strong support for our house." Wash says. "I do feel like the restoration of our naval powers is within sight. Which is a sort of hope, I guess." Wash is, for the record, sober in every way at the moment.

Eirene gets Inquisitor Narciso Artiglio Figurine from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Driskell gestures for Erin to stand near him by the map table so they can converse quietly while watching the event.

Driskell has joined the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

Leona mirrors Alaric's grin, clearly glad to see him there. "I thought I'd take a moment to relax and try out my casual clothes," she says, pretending to model. "They're the same as my regular clothes, but without the helm and gauntlets actually worn," she adds sotto voce, a soft chuckle offered at the joke. "As for you, cos, make sure I'm sitting down the next time you lay a shocker on me like that, hey? It's hardly fair otherwise." She hands Reese an envelope with her own donation as well as the Grayson princess circulates.

Monique gets Black Iron Serpent Band from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Killian briefly moves closer to Reese, passing her a small folded bundle of parchments, "I hope these can help in some small way," he says quietly, before he entwines his arm with Arianna once more and moves slightly off away from the press around Reese. He leans and says something quietly to Arianna, his eyes still roaming the crowd as he speaks to her.

Eirene has joined the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

"His Majesty is quite on the roll with teaching," Ailith politely says. "An aficionado, you might say. And as his apt and wide-eyed student, it would be rude of me not to greet." She bows properly and deeply to the nearby assembled. "Your Grace, Lord Commander, Princess Alarissa, Princess Reese, pleasure." Her eyes then dart to spot Eirene, raising a hand back in acknowledgment. "Deal!" Chuckling, she brightens before commenting to Leona. "Lord Commander, you may be roped into a most important tasking in which had unanimous approval in His Majesty's involvement."

Edward continues to stand by the buffet table eating from his plate. He smiles watching the interactions like a distant people watcher that is well entertained. He does stop a moment to get an empty glass so he can empty the contents of a flask into it.

Reese starts collecting writs and seems focused on the task of counting them up for the moment. "Thank you, Lady Monique that is very generous and Lady Eirene and Lord Killian and Princess Alarissa. Please help yourself to the items in the chest." A Grayson servant draws near to her and starts helping Reese count. The man's eyes widen in surprise as Leona gives her donation.

Darrow enters the great hall, near silent. He glances around at those present in the hall, starkly alone for a moment before he paces further in. He focuses on Victus and Alarissa, but doesn't move to get near to the busy pair. He sidles near one of the green walls of the great hall, and folds his hands upon one another. He, unlike Edward, seems to be a distant people watcher that seems to be not entertainable at all.

Leona shrugs, running her hand over her hair and looking faintly embarassed.

Mia's lashes fluttered in surprise at Reese's greeting; it seems she had expected to get away with going largely unnoticed in the press of people gathering around the Grayson princess. "Your Highness," she said, dipping into a faint curtsy. The motion had a delightful effect on her dress, making the layers of blue lace shift over the gauzy white underlay. It looked so reminiscent of a cresting wave that it wouldn't be much a stretch at all to assume that she had, in fact, dressed for the occasion, to honor the Thrax. Or Mangata, perhaps. "It is a wonderful turnout, and very encouraging, I think." And then she paused, looking at all of the paperwork. "I -- would like some assistance with all of that?"

Alarissa gets Copy of the Second Nox'alfar Treaty from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Alaric smiles brightly to Alarissa, who's right there as well. "Alarissa, lovely to see you again as well," he declares brightly before shrugging a shoulder negligently. "Just give me a topic and I can talk on for hours. It's a gift," he tells Victus quasi-modestly. "But I wouldn't want to totally deprive you of all the fun of speech-making. I'll let you make the opening remarks and follow you up, how about that," he concludes impishly. He glances Leona up and down, pretending to study her wardrobe. "The lack of gauntlets make for a striking difference," he agrees far too seriously to actually be serious. He glances briefly at Ailith before nodding at Leona. "Indeed. There's something of a unanimous consensus that I need to participate in a snowball fight before the spring rains arrive for good," he explains helpfully.

Eirene nods back with a grin. "I can loan more of my doctors if it helps, ships surgeons to oversee the work sites or lend a hand of two." The Princess of Ribbons is also given a salute. And then she motions for whiskey for herself and Driskell from a passing servant so they can catch up.

Monique chooses a ring from the chest, grinning brightly at its serpentine divinity. "This is extraordinary! My thanks, indeed, Princess Reese." She turns back to Wash, smiling reassuringly, "I'm sure your might will be double after tonight. Start picking out a ship. What sort of figurehead are you planning, lord-admiral?"

Samantha makes her way into the great hall. She's basically a giant weight ball with feet (that look like potatoes with toes) right now, but she's determined to get some socializing in rather than be cooped up in the manor. She's got a leather satchel under her arm, taking a moment to determine where might be the best spot to place her donation.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edward before departing.

Reese has her hands filled with papers. She gives Mia a sheepish smile. "Oh, sure." She says, handing over some of the writs to sort through. "Thank you." She says gently in her direction. "Dame Leona, wow, that is so amazingly generous." She says. "And Lord Wash thank you as well."

Reese has a gentle smile for Samantha that touches her blue eyes. "Welcome Marquis Samantha." She says in her direction. She hands of more writs to Mia and the Grayson servant.

"He truly can speak about it for hours. His Majesty is also very skilled at closing and sealing thank you letters. It is a pleasure as always your Majesty." But Ailith gets a brighter smile and Alarissa parts from Victus' side so she can embrace the palace seraph and murmur into the womans ear when pressed cheek to cheek.

Arianna looks over to Marquessa Deepwood and smiles to her in greeting. The hall was too large to say anything at a respectable volume and be heard, so she waves instead. After which she looks around for the refreshments,"Killian, would you care for something to drink?" Before she moves away a small gesture is made around the room. "We could always go for a walk." An amused look is offered at Reese's struggling to manage all the writs.

Eirene has a messenger relay a note from Eirene in her role as Voice of House Malvici, pledging some of their own sailors and shipbuilders to help rebuild and restore the Thraxian fleet on behalf of Southport and Duchess Calypso.

Victus shares some more words in private with the Valardin Princess before cocking his head right back to his Majesty. "And I'll pretend you do got some modesty in you, my King. Enough to make us both look good by the end of the night, yeah?" With a humorous snort, Victus offers his forearm to the man to clap. A gesture usually between soldiers. "Speaking of lookin' good, your armor has been making my cousin look fuckin' dazzling lately. Should see about setting her up with someone handsome too."

Reese cheeks are quite pink as the king gives his donation. "Your Highness...thank you." She says, sounding quite flattered. The more empathic would believe he gave a large donation or maybe even the mildly empathic. "And thank you Marquesa Samantha. We are raising so much. It is overwhelming."

Leona smiles slightly. "Despite our sometimes rocky, turbulent relationship," she says quietly to Reese, though here she throws a smile at Victus in some shared understanding, "they are still my family. I cannot change them." Then Victus' last remark hits her ears and she frowns. "You'd best be thinking of some other cousin," she says to him, elbowing him very lightly in the ribs. "Who has time for that nonsense with all the rest going on?" She shakes her head.

Killian drifts towards refreshments with Arianna, a smile on his lips and a nod given towards Samantha when Arianna waves. He grins at Arianna's comment, "and miss seeing the inevitable avalanche of writs and papers, from how generous the people of Arx are?" he asks in a faux shocked tone. He slips in closer and looks at the refreshments, "can I get you something?" he asks of Arianna as he does.

Eventually the man who came in with Sparte returns, and joins him off on the side of the room. Sparte smiles. "Thanks for the help Wilhelm." Wilhelm and Sparte settle into their out of the way spot to watch others and see the gifts they brought, quietly talking back and forth. Sparte seems more relaxed, now that he isn't by himself.

"It's something I came across. Not as useful to me as it will be to the cause." Wash says quietly to Reese before he turns his attention to Monique. "I actually have locked down a shipwright. So as soon as the Kennex fleet is restored I shall have him start on a replacement for the Serenity's Kiss. A figurehead... that's not currently in my thoughts."

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Ailith smiles in return to embrace Alarissa. Murmurs and greeting aside, she then adds to Leona, "Even his physician agreed. If it has Sir Miles' approval, well then."

Reese nods in response to Leona's words. "It is very generous of you. The Graysons and Thrax have not always been in accord, but I think it is important that we work together. We have one enemy in the abyss. The injury to the Thrax's navy hurts us all. The donations tonight have been so amazingly generous. Nad Countess Mia, thank you, for your donation as well."

"Thank you, Princess Reese." Samantha offers with returning warmth. Arianna's wave is returned with an amicable one, albeit tiredly. She takes a moment to consider the food, steps taking her closer while she sideeyes the offered fare. She sees you, little numnums, yes she does.

"I do have some modesty! Somewhere," Alaric tells Victus with a breezy grin as he rather naturally bangs forearms with the High Lord. He turns to Leona. "That'd be a badly neglected handsome somebody," he observes approvingly. "The Lord Commander doesn't have much time left over after having the King's Own training around the Palace every day."

With her eyes on the refreshments table, Arianna seems pretty focused on her selection. "You know what Lord Killian, you are such a gentleman. Now I see I can trust you so..." an offhand gesture is made in direction of the table,"...surprise me. I promise not to complain if it's not to my liking, in fact you might never know." A soft laugh is offered before her eyes are around the room. Though when Samantha comes closer to get at the delicious display of food, Arianna can't help but also be a bit curious as well.

As Killian and Arianna come close to the buffet table where he stands, Edward smiles to the pair and he gives his head a nod, "My Lord, my Lady." he motions, "The meat pies are quite delicious." he then picks one up from his plate and pops the small thing into his mouth. "Mmm." and then chases it with whatever is in his glass.

Driskell listens to Eireen speak and takes the glass of whiskey, raising it up, "To those who sailed and haven't returned." before taking a slow but long sip. Back to their conversation he goes, watching the activity.

"Of course, Your Highness. An existential threat to one of the great houses of the Compact is a threat to us all," she murmured as she tried to balance the growing pile of writs she was amassing in her arms. Fortunately, that did make the work a bit easier for the servant that Reese had called up to manage. It was a matter of Mia sorting and murmuring the numbers to them to total up rather than try to juggle and sort and keep tally fully recorded, all at once. Somewhere in the midst of her work, she offered a deep nod to Samantha. A curtsy would be a bit more difficult with her arms full. "My lady."

"Careful with that excuse, Leona. I used the same one for a long, long time too." Victus gestures over to Alarissa while his eyes stay firmly planted on the Lord Commander's own stormy gaze. "Sometimes it just happens. Ya' never gonna know till it hits you like a ton of bricks. Or a tray of cherry tarts." He moves back to look upon the King while keeping an eye on Reese as well. "I have to say. I ain't a man with a big heart but this is pretty fucking moving all the same. Don't know what else to call it without lookin' like a frump."

Ailith quips in response, "His Majesty modestly declares his modest actions. If you don't believe me, ask him." Amused, she then converses with Arianna quietly and nods every now and again.

The comment of cherry tarts bring a looks from Alarissa's conversation wtih Ailith and light laughter. "That is what did it? The tarts? And here I thought it was my breeding Prince Victus, and my smile."

While it's true that Princess Isabeau Valardin isn't the sort of woman who often goes unnoticed, even in a considerable crowd, it seems that she's managed to slip in amongst the throng, quietly whisper a few words to Princess Reese while she hands over several writs and then slips off to where there might be wine.

Leona shrugs. "For all that I'm happy for you," she says to Victus, "I'm oathsworn otherwise. And I've always taken my oaths seriously," she says. "Though I like cherry tarts as much as the next woman, to be fair. And the word you're looking for is humbling I think, cos. For all that it's a hard word to swallow for a Thrax, this much outpouring of aid and help and love for the Thrax in your time of need is humbling, as it shows how much a part of the Compact Thrax truly is." She smiles at Victus encouragingly.

Cherry tarts. Samantha zooms in one of them like her owl zooms in on a tidbit of tripe. Just as she's about to take what is most likely a very uncouth and overlarge bite of it, she catches Mia's greeting, and inclines her head. "Countess." she greets, and then takes a more moderate bite. Saved by distraction!

After a while his nerves get the better of Sparte, and he makes for a side exit with Wilhelm a short way behind him. They don't exactly run off, but something in the room seems to have spooked Sparte.

Tiny Tom, Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leave, following Sparte.

The fundraiser is in full swing. A bar is arranged with a good deal of booze and the buffet has lots of treats. It also features an impressive assortment of tea. Reese stands close to Mia and a Grayson servant as she manages a good deal of writs. She smiles to Isabeau. "Thank You, Princess Isabeau. Your offering is so generous."

Killian gives Arianna a little grin at her challenge, "This won't end well," he muses aloud, "but thanks for the advice none the less my lord," he offers to Edward. He moves bravely off to the refreshments to make a small little plate of various things. A practiced hand captures two glasses of wine as well, before he makes his way back over, weaving past others coming to the table, and returning to Arianna to present the pair of glasses first, "at the least, I certainly can say I know which wines are good," he says with a wink. The plate itself is held so that she can easily reach it, his own hands full with glass and plate.

"Don't say 'breeding' around me, ever." Victus immediately shoots back the Princess' way, a narrow gaze shared in her direction before he's setting his eyes back upon Leona. Her words draw out a sort of attention from him that previously would have been glossed over, or at least forgotten in a drunken haze within the next twenty minutes. Not this time though. This time he's actually listening, no less. "Wish I could've been blessed with the same sense and intelligence you got, cousin. Would've made my life far easier up to this point. Wouldn't look like such a strange giant standing here now either."

Eirene waves over at Ailith. "I have to go! We'll catch up in a few days, I promise!" She's tucking the bottle from Driskell away and buttoning up her coat to head out into the cold. "I have to get going..."

Driskell bows to Eireen after handing a bottle to her. When she steps away, his gloved hands clasp behind the greatcoat, turning his attentions back to the activities and people.

Dagon slips along the hall, coming around that great mapped table towards Victus, who nets a polite smile. "High Lord," Dagon bows his head to his liege and those around him by way of greeting, hands coming to clasp in front with a light military pose. Those icy blues skip to the spread, and his smile softens into something more sincere. "Heartwarming... would that it had no occasion to occur."

Ailith twists in turning to call back to Eirene, "If it's a week, you owe me a bottle of whiskey, Lady Eirene. Good day!"

Eirene has left the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Alarissa slides her arm in Ailith's arm, having abandoned Victus for now, to others in the room and steering the woman toward the food and toward Samantha in her pregnant glory, and those cherry tarts. "When I first acutally met with Prince Victus." Once Samantha is near. "I brought him a box of cherry tarts, as a jest. To words exchanged in letters. Who knew. Marquessa Deepwood. Any day now I suppose yes?"

Enter Abbas Thrax. The armored Thraxian Warlord enters but his weapon has been peace bonded. He is adorned in his nautical themed red hued exotic leathers. His dreads are cast free and the tentacle helm is strapped to his hip and not, thankfully, adorning his melon. The premature greying leader of the Leviathan wastes no time in locating the wine. A flash of white teeth through his dark beard finds Isabeau and he approaches her. The swagger in his step is evident as he leans in and whispers to the woman before looking around to see the assortment of his adoring public present.

A small smile touches Arianna's lips when Edward suggests the meat pies. "Oh Baron Stormbreak, you look dashing as all Abyss." Offering him a sly grin, she pats him on the arm. "I hope you've been well, it's been some time my dear." Turning her head to Killian, Arianna offers a private look and a whispered word. Though when she spots Isabeau she practicaly beams,"Princess Valardin! You look so beautiful, I love your dress." Quickly closing the distance she wraps her arms around the other woman's waist and pulls her toward Killian and Edward. "Let me get you something to drink beauty."

Arianna notices Abbas and stumbles for a moment. "Oh Prince Abbas, forgive me...believe it or not I didn't see you there."

Edward smiles to Killian, "Of course." he inclines his head and then he sets his empty plate aside for a servant to take up while he sips the dark red fluid from his glass. The thick liquid clinging to the sides while he savors the unique flavor of it. He takes his flask out a different flask and upends it over the glass pouring more into it to refill it up. Then he tucks it back into place. "Thank you, Lady Stonewood, I am doing quite well thank you. It is good to see you are as well."

Reese takes a deep breath, seemingly gathering herself together. "Wow.." She says looking over to Mia. She then turns her attention to Abbas. "Greetings Prince Abbas."

"Gild bids us to be generous, your highness, and it is my pleasure to serve such that it strengthens the Compact," comes Isabeau's bright reply to Reese. Once she had glass or goblet in hand, the Valardin princess lifts the vessel so toward Prince Victus, though the gesture may well be missed in all the other goings-on. A toast to the Prince of Maelstrom and his House. Of course, in nearly the very next moment, she is approaches by Abbas, and turns to greet the Thraxian prince with a marvelously sunny smile. "...and a very good evening to you, too, Prince Abbas." The two conspire for a few moments, exchanging whispered words, before Isabeau is embraced by Arianna. "My lady! What a pleasure to see you here...!"

While most people might be clad in their finest, there haven't been many around to school Lou in how to properly dress - and so she comes dressed in her explorer leathers and clothing, and normal boots. She's also not-so-fashionably late to the event. But then, she also lives here.

Killian's drink gets downed fairly quickly, and deposited smoothly on the tray of a passing servant as he frees a hand. One of those cherry tarts meets its final fate then, his hands freed to capture something to eat. His eyes had followed the departure of Arianna, watching the encounter unfold before his gaze sweeps away to look around the gathering again and people watch a moment.

The familiar voice makes Victus' head whirl right around, peering around Leona so he might look upon Dagon directly. "Holy shit, it's our Sword of Thrax. I was worried you might have gone missing too after the harbor." He takes one step to the side to greet the man with a clap on his shoulder, that grin of his never fading for a moment. "Just the ball and chain I'm guessin', eh?" His eyes return to the rest of the room, returning Isabeau's gesture with one of his own before he's looking back toward Reese. His voice drops to a bit of a murmur as he steps closer to her for just a moment.

Driskell has left the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

It seems that with a bit of effort and more than a little ruthless organization, Mia was finally managining to get all of those papers in order. A bit like trying to arrange a colony of feral cats into line by color and size without getting clawed, but progress was made. Eventually, she leaned towards Reese to offer her -- quietly and discretely -- a running tally of what had been collected on House Thrax's behalf. And for a moment, she even looked towards Victus, as though she was considering the same, but paused. It seemed she thought better than to interrupt his present conversation.

At the arrival of Abbas Thrax, Darrow drifts over, although unlike the armored warlord his own archaic headsman's blade seems to bear nothing tying the hilt down on its plain enameled scabbard. "My Prince," he greets in his hollow, quiet manner, eyes of a pale pool blue flitting over Arianna and Isabeau, to whom a slow and spare nod is given.

Driskell steps away from the grand map table and begins to discretely make his way through the crowd towards the exit.

Wash continues around the room, a casual drink in his hand that he pays nearly no attention to. He is greeting those that are present but when Lou appears, he heads in her direction, getting her attention with the glass.

Reese has a warm smile for her sister as she arrives, seeming pleased by her presence. She turns to Victus, whispering softly in response to his words.

Edward's glass is filled with something not offered among the variety of liquors available. A potent something that he drinks while he smiles and continues to watch the people gather and intermingle.

Leona starts to respond, but then Victus is moving off to greet Abbas and she watches, her storm-blue eyes chilling considerably as she considers the Thrax prince. She moves over to Alarissa and murmurs something quietly.

Ailith murmurs briefly to Alarissa before separating to make a departure. She bows respectfully and in leaving, she grins and waves greeting and farewell to Lou.

The Warlord flashes those blunt whites at Arianna as she stumbles. Abbas settles his gaze on Arianna for a moment, "Fret not." He offers with a grin that hangs in the shallows of his bearded mouth. His gaze lingers before he adds, "It is good to see you again, one cannot help but stagger at the sight of me I'm sure." Abbas breaks his gaze and acknowledges Reese and his arrival, "Thank you for hosting this event. The fleet will benefit and we will endeavor to keep Arvum's shores safe of the dangers that lurks in the deeps."

Abbas greets Darrow (after a drink of course) with a forearm clasp and stern nod. "Lord Darrow." He offers the man a most respectful tone. There is a clear fondness for the Knight of Sorrows from the Reaver Prince. Isabeau capture's the man's attention, "I have missed you, princess. It has been a few weeks. I trust all is well?"

"Issy where have you been? I have something I need to share with you. The research we were conducting? There's been a significant breakthrough. Before I set out on my next expedition I was hoping we might discuss it, but...we're at a party so...." Arianna taps her glass against the other blonde's and takes a drink before making her way back to Killian's side. Leaning against him and elbowing him playfully as she gestures to the Valardin princess. "I assume you two know one another yes?" A glance is given to Lord Darrow as Arianna tries to place his face and name. Though it was a momentary thing, and her eyes look to Edward,"Lord Edward you are familiar with Princess Isabeau yes?"

Lou gives Reese a warm return smile, and she starts to head in her direction, but she's distracted momentarily by Wash. She quirks a brow in his direction, and inclines her head toward him, waiting for his approach.

A parting dip of her head to Ailith, Alarissa turns to give dher full attention to Leona, listening to the woman speak.

Dagon smiles back at Victus, a little light missing from his eyes: "Had to make arrangements for some of the Tyde soldiers lost in it all. Not quiet a letter I thought I'd ever write, considering the circumstances..." he shakes his head, and his smile renews upon Victus -- that is, until its stolen by the bar, in a pensive, considering sweep.

Arianna gives the massive Thraxian Warlord a smirk before shrugging lightly. "Someone's overconfident. I think it's probably because I haven't had the chance to hand you your ass, but...I am always willing to make time for you your highness." Arianna winks to him before sashaying away. (Posted for Abbas' missed pose!)

Reese whispers with Victus and starts to hand over the writs to him. Once that is done, she goes to get herself a large mug of raspberry mead.

"Just so." Samantha says to Alarissa. "Rymarr has some tasks that will take him out of Arx, and I'm hoping he or she will make their first appearance before he has to leave." There's a brief dart of her eyes toward Abbas, the corner of her mouth quirking with a grin. There's a little nod to him before her attention returns to Alarissa. "This is a marvelous turnout. It's good to see the Compact supporting itself as a whole."

There is a moment of sipping and then Edward smiles to Arianna, "Hmm?" and then he looks at the Princess, "We have met in passing. Twice perhaps. Nothing more than that though." he remarks as he takes another drink from the red in his glass. "If I recall correctly the first time was with Prince Dominic." he taps his finger on his glass and then he frowns for a moment and then says, "Well. Briefly."

The High Lord gets a military greeting from the Warlord. The clash of arms and the like. "High Lord." He offers with a grin, "A pleasant evening. When It concludes I will be unavailable for a time. I am going to fast before the statue of Mangata upon the beach and pray. I shall stay as long as necessary." Or until dehydration and passing out gets him carted off. "I will not be taking messengers or conducting my affairs during that time." Samantha gets a wink from a distance of course.

Wash stops next to Lou. "You said something about losing a ship." He opens. "Are you a sailor yourself or were you referring to sailors in the Society that reported to you?"

Killian gives an exaggerated wince, oofing quietly as he's elbowed before grinning. He glances towards where Arianna indicated and shakes his head, "I did tell you I don't really come to these things after all," he points out in a slightly defensive tone. His smile is amused though, "in all honesty, most everyone I know is from either the training grounds, explorers society or the battles of the silent war.." He shrugs, "all work and no play does let one get quite a bit of work done sometimes," he says simply.

"I cannot imagine such a thing. To miss on the birth of your firstborn. I shall cross my fingers and pray that he has the chance to hold she or he before he has to depart." Alarissa offers softly to Samantha. "Have you chosen names, or do you hold them close and dear?"

Darrow stares at the back of the departing Arianna, then turns his stoic look towards Victus and Dagon, to whom he bows his head in turn. "Your Grace. Duke Tyde." Considering the former's words, he adds, in his flat manner, "Fasting and self-deprivation brings one closer to the gods. Comfort is not conducive to one's faith."

Reese has her mug of raspberry mead and she takes a much need sip of such, maybe it is more of a gulp. She seems pleased, her blue eyes are bright and her cheeks are pink.

"Perhaps not so much as I have missed you, your highness," Isabeau offers Abbas in return. Her voice is quieted, but not so hushed as not to be overheard, especially by those close by. The blue-eyed princess regards the warlord with a significantly soft sort of gaze before she turns her head and addresses Arianna. "Indeed, my lady, I am most interested in what you have uncovered. We will have to conference soon, perhaps before the week is out? I will send word." She offers the other woman and gentle, one-armed sort of hug using the hand that isn't currently clutching her wine and then allows the lovely lady to slip away to continue her socializing elsewhere. Isabeau, for all that she is a social creature, looks to finish her wine and then exchange a few more quiet words with the Thraxian warlord.

Leona murmurs something to Alarissa, her expression calm and serene, but her eyes are very hard. She seems withdrawn, for all that she is out and about and committed to staying the course at the party proper. She does spare a smile for Dagon though, and a nod of her head in greeting.

Looking back after all the greetings are finished, Victus takes a deep breath and moves to the closest spot to get some higher elevation. He was already quite tall, but standing up on a chair or some such would make him that much more noticeable. He cleared his throat loud enough to be heard over the hustle and bustle of conversation and looked out over the crowd. "I'd like to say a few words for everyone who took the time to come out here tonight and give support to the Isles. This is not something any of you had to do, nor were obligated to do. But all the same, from Thrax and everyone else who flies the serpent's blood red banner, I give you my gratitude. To the ones who gave the most - Our King Alaric Grayson, Lord Commander Leona Thrax, a donor who prefers to remain a mystery, and Princess Isabeau Valardin. I give you the most thanks of all."

Victus folds his arms over his chest and puts on a far more neutral expression as he continues. "Let it be known from this showmanship tonight and generosity across the city, that any attack made on Thrax is an attack on the Compact itself. Likewise, any who would spit in the direction of any Great House beneath the King's rule is a figure that spits on Thrax as well. The men and women of the Mourning Isles who give their salt and blood for us do the same for all of you. We stand united with the Compact. Now more than ever and so long as there is wind in our sails." With that done, he raises a glass of wine and greets the crowd with a smirk. "Tears in our wake, never at our wake. Thank you."

"Nara, if it's a girl. After my birth mother." Samantha admits. "We're still making up our minds if it's a boy, but most likely it will be after Rymarr's elder brother who's passed on, or some other name traditional for the Lyonesse family. How are you, Your Highness?" Leona is regarded a moment in passing, and Samantha gives the Lord Commander a nod before turning her attention to Victus.

Victus is overheard praising Reese for: For putting together this fundraiser

Victus is overheard praising Mia for: For the math!

It is a flaming figure that slips quietly into the great hall of Grayson's mansion, a face that hasn't been seen for quite some time. Brianna moves quietly, her fiery silk dress moving around her as she walks, at odds with the waraxe that is slung over the bare expanse of her freckled back. As the Thraxian Highlord makes his speech, she slips quietly to the edge of the hall, hugging the wall even as her blue gaze sweeps towards Victus and then past him.

Reese is overheard praising Mia for: An Organized mind!

Reese is overheard praising Victus for: Fine Speech

"Ah. Yes. That. Well, I lead an expedition of my own, not part of the Society. I wanted to see if I could find the mythical island in the Eventide. My expedition included three ships, and a two month journey. One of the ships was lost at sea in a violent storm. I found a few abandoned Islands, with some strange cairns engraved in a tongue I didn't recognize, but not THE island I was looking for." Lou replies readily enough to Wash. "I have no expertise in sailing myself. I was mostly a passenger, and directing where I wanted us to go, and trusted the Captain to see that we got there as safely as possible."

Abbas calls out, "Tears in our wake." And he then drinks the rest of his wine. He then maneuvers for a refill while conversing quietly with Isabeau.

Alarissa takes up a glass from a passing tray and when Victus makes his toast, she lifts her own glass. "Tears in our wake never at our wake." Murmurs softly before taking a sip, looking to Samantha after. "A lovely name. I am well. I am finding life in the company of the Thrax interesting. I have snuck a figurinie of Prince Edain within it's walls and I am waiting for the screech of it to be found." A smile on her face, biting her lower lip as she does, a bit impishly.

"Very good your highness, I look forward to hearing from you." Arianna squeezes Isabeau's side before stepping away from her and taking a deep drink from her own goblet. Crossing an arm beneath her bosom and holding the goblet in her other, the young noblewoman listens to him speak. Offering a raised goblet in a show of solidarity but keeping her piece. A small aside is spoken to Lord Ashford,"All work and no play, I might have to take a page out of your book." Chortling softly, the lithe young woman squeezes his arm and takes another sip of her win as she eyes the rest of the room, giving some notice to Princess Lou's words of adventure on behalf the Society.

Abbas leans over to Darrow and grips the side of his arm for a moment. He offers some quiet words with the man.

Something draws Edward's attention and he stares across the room for a moment before he tips his glass up and empties it. He sets it down on the table and then he says, "Well. It seems time for me to depart." said to the closest, Killian and Arianna, "Have a good evening." he steps away from the table where he was and begins to make his way out.

Leona pauses in what she says to listen to Victus' speech and then grabs a glass of - something from a nearby waiter before raising it as a toast. "Well spoken, Your Grace," she says of Victus, and if she was cold before she is certainly not now, nodding approvingly. As Samantha nods to her though, she makes her way over to the very pregnant woman. "I don't think we've actually met, my lady, though I certainly have heard quite a bit about you - all of it good, I'm sure." She smiles at the other woman. "It's a pleasure."

Killian looks over towards Lou as well at the recounting of the troubles at sea, a small frown on his lips. Looking to Edward he offers a smile then, nodding, "A good evening to you as well," he politely responds before his look moves back to Arianna. he leans closer at something she says, giving a slight nod and responding too low to carry.

"Are you interested in learning to sail?" Wash asks Lou. "Because once I have a ship, I'd be happy to show you the ropes, let you peruse my depth charts." Which is not the innuendo it's sounds like. Wash is trying to tempt an explorer here.

"Oh! My manners. Dame Leona Thrax. The marquessa Samantha Deepwood." Alarissa turns to make the introductions. "She has helped me in my quest to better understand that which I will marry into."

Inquisitor Jonathen, 4 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Laric.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 4 Veteran Confessors leave, following Laric.

Sombra leaves, following Edward.

Samantha grins aside to Alarissa. "Everything I've heard from Thrax has spoken quite admirably of the Prince. You may wind up with a brawl to own the figure instead." There's a chuckle before she regards Leona. "It is a pleasure." She affirms, "I've long desired to meet you. And I've wanted to thank you for your service."

Darrow speaks in an undertone to the prince Abbas.

Dagon reaches up to clasp Darrow on the shoulder in greeting, his smile reserved in the situation, but sincere -- and he notes the man with a simple, "Lord Darkwater." Leona's smile is met in kind, and the Duke raises a hand in a fond waves before picking Victus and his words out of the crowd.

"Tears in our wake," he echoes, softly.

Reese smiles over to the High Lord at his words. "Well spoken, High Lord Victus. We have a late donation from my sister, Princess Lou and a very generous one at that." She says, giving the princess a warm smile that touches her blue eyes.

Victus jumped down from his seat with a firm crash as his boots hit the ground. The tall man downs the entirety of his wine in that moment all eyes were off of him again. "Shit, that wasn't so bad." He'd murmured aloud as he moved to join the rest of the crowd again, the stack of writes in donation being handed off to a few of his guardsmen to ferry on their own time. He was wiping his brow from the sheer volume of them, humbling an experience as it was.

"Yes, and a thank you to Princess Lou as well. You won't be forgotten among the pile, I assure you." Victus called to the other Grayson as he hunted for another glass of wine.

Arianna gives Baron Stormbreak a small smile,"I'll catch up with you no doubt. Take care Edward." Blowing him a kiss before he departs, the teen Voice of her House quirks a brow to Killian, perhaps at something he said. Though she chuckles and offers a shrug before clearing her throat and responding. Though she does tug his arm a bit, as she speaks to him. "I have to use the lavatory, would you perhaps accompany me through the estate? You've probably been here longer than me."

Darrow tells Dagon, gripping the other man's arm as well. "It has been far too long since we've spoken. I hope your children are faring well, and that the hearts of the Tydelands stand strong in the face of our ward's sorrow. Tears in our wake," he repeats for the Duke.

Wash gets ugly green, orange, and red scarf from Small Iron-banded Chest.

Leona shrugs at Samantha's words. "It is what I was called to do," she says simply. "I give no more or less than anyone else in the Compact. But for what it is worth, you are welcome. And I am glad to meet you at last. I'd actually like to talk to you about something different at some point, but in," here she pauses and looks around, "a quieter setting than this."

Mia inclined her head as she listened to Victus' speech. A pensive moue on her lips as she considered his words, then simply nodded once. She had no glass to toast with and even if she did, she was in the process of passing over the last of the writs to one of the Grayson servants to be stored safely until they could be transferred to their intended recipients.

Lou manages to offer a donation over to Reese, who passes it over to Victus, and then suddenly they are announcing it, all the while she's holding a conversation with Wash. She blushes faintly, giving Reese 'a look' that suggested maybe she wanted things quiet. Of course, Lou could have said that. She inclines her head to Victus. "It's for a worthy cause, and I hope that it helps with the rebuilding efforts, your Grace." And see, the Princess who hates titles can actually use them correctly, sometimes. If she wants. She looks back to Wash and gives him a considering look at his question. "Well, I hadn't considered it... but there /are/ a lot of unexplored areas, and islands, beyond Arx. Continents even...." And, just perhaps, Lou is already calculating what she could do if she had a ship that allowed her to sail away and explore other things.

Mia gets Queen Symonesse Marin'luna figurine from Small Iron-banded Chest.

After concluding his conversation with the Knight of Sorrow. Abbas tends to more wine with eager lips. He nears Isabeau and continues to engage in pleasant conversation.

"So I wanted to talk to you about mermaids? What's the possibility that they really exist?" Wash asks Lou. "Oarsmen never shut up about them."

Killian is tugged a bit closer, and then smiles slightly at Arianna, nodding. "Of course, unless they've rearranged rooms or moved the furniture about just to set surprises," he says in a quiet but cheerful tone. He'll then start to slip away, leading her towards a side door, giving a polite nod as he passes near to others.

Reese takes yet another sip of her mead. She then gives Lou this happy smile. Finally her attention settles on Brianna. "Welcome. Can I get you a drink or maybe a piece of a pie?" She says softly in her direction.

"You're welcome at any time at the manor." Samantha assures Leona, noting, "And I'd welcome the company, with the Marquis called away. I look forward to our conversations." She sees the Symonesse figure being removed from the chest, mouth quirking in a touch of disappointment, but she doesn't seem too distressed at missing out. After all, there are still hideous scarves.

"I should return to his side." Murmured to Leona and Samantha, parting from the pair with a quick grab of a tart and making her way to Victus's side, offering the tart up on a palm to him with a lopsided smile.

Arianna leaves, following Killian.

"You know, Prince Abbas... it's my nameday," Princess Isabeau nearly sing-songs before finding her way to the bottom of her wine glass and setting it aside. One cup shall suffice for tonight's festivities, it seems. "...would you allow me to accompany you to the beach for your vigil?"

Lou scrunches her forehead a moment as she considers Wash's comment. "Well..." she begins. "There might have been a time I'd believe they didn't exist, but with all the things we're hearing about lately, I am going to assume that the possibility exists. Just... I wouldn't necessarily consider them happy, friendly things, if they did. I'd use a good sense of caution should you find any, and decide to approach them." Lou warns Wash. "After all, as I've always said.... The best thing about being an explorer is getting confirmation that all your nagging fears about terrible horrors lurking in the world are completely justified!"

"She grows as quickly as the Tyde household itself," Dagon tells Darrow, his grin bright, but tired. The eternal exhaustion of a new parent weighs heavy on his shoulders. "Her vigorous lungs, unfortunate as they may be sometimes, display a strong health."

Victus promptly chomped on the tart straight out of the Princess' hand with a wolfish grin on his face. "Decent enough, eh?" He muses to her as he moves to loop an arm around her shoulder.

Alaric is overheard praising Victus for: See, that wasn't so difficult, was it? You did just fine with that speech!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Wash before departing.

With what aid she could give now given, and a figurine of the Queen to match her figurine of the King in hand, Mia quietly murmured her excuses and departed from her present company. Winding her way through the assembled, she found a path to Samantha's side and offered a quiet, "My lady." And then her eyes drops, almost in reflex, to the Marquessa's swelling belly. "Is there anything you might be in need of tonight?"

"Excuse me, my lord," Dagon murmurs sidelong to Darrow, before moving for the exit of the hall. "I should return to my duties."

Jordal, a bodyguard, Abbas leave, following Isabeau.

Reese is overheard praising Leona for: So Generous!

Leona nods at Alarissa as she moves back to Victus' side, an approving look on her face before she answers Samantha. "You're welcome in the Tower as well, of course. But let's not pretend that you want to trudge up all those stairs in your present condition. I'll drop by this week or next, if you're available. I'm sure your husband won't be at all concerned about the two of us in an unmonitored conversation about absolutely anything." She smiles blandly.

Samantha is overheard praising Reese for: Lady knows how to throw a bash!

a wry look for eating it right out of the palm of her hand, Alarissa's taking a napkin from a server so she can wipe her hand and sighs softly before that hand is thrown around her shoulder. Which leaves her pressing a kiss to his cheek and smile.

Reese is overheard praising Alaric for: Such a generous King!

Reese is overheard praising Lou for: My sister is very giving.

Alaric's schmoozing tour continues along, until he pauses and looks curiously towards the walls. Gesturing for a servant to pause, he takes two goblets of wine and brings them over towards Brianna. "Being a wallflower doesn't suit you at all," he tells her with a quiet smile as he hands her one of the goblets. "It's good to see you, Brianna."

Samantha dimples at Leona. "Of course not." Arianna is nodded to as she departs, and then Sam's gaze turns to Mia. "I'm fine, Countess. A little tired, but I believe that's quite normal. Thank you for helping Princess Reese."

Reese smiles over to Mia. "Yes, thank you, it would have been impossible to keep track of that all without you."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Wash admits. "So... what sort of thing do merfolk like? Aside from tasty tasty sailors?" Wash asks. "Say, if one was trying to have a conversation with one."

Even as some of the crowd begins to slide away, Brianna Halfshav does not. Those blue eyes catch on Alaric as he approaches her, only flicking briefly, dismissively to the wine he offers her. She doesn't take it. Instead, in the middle of the hall and even as others move around them, she hisses sharply, "Has no one /told you/ yet? I left the city to attend to Whitehold and you awaken and no one has even /told you/--?" She cuts herself off, her jaw tightening in anger as she makes a tense wave away of the wine.

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