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Reconciliation with Mangata

Seraph Ailith will address those in attendance on the current situation with Mangata and the House Thrax's first step of reconciliation. House Thrax is heavily encouraged to attend, but all are welcome to participate at this public event. (OOC: If you wanted to attend but are unable, feel free to IC message to schedule individual RP.)


Aug. 28, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Jaenelle Victus Donella Leona Margot Denica Alarie Fatima Sina Abbas(RIP) Halsim Darrow(RIP) Perrach Harald Turo Ford Venta Octavia Calliope Valdemar Arcelia Haati Sameera Ember Mikani Edward Merida Archene Wash Gideon Titania Declan Melinda Regla Kiaaleia Skapti Skye Lethe Archeron Ian Christine Oliver


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