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Lord Valdemar Grimhall

Here. Hold my ale.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Eager Warrior
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Pale

Titles: Sword of Grihem's Point, Voice of Grimhall

Description: Valdemar is tall, strong in build and lean in the manner of an athlete. Hair and skin are naturally fair, with several years of sun and sea leaving his face lightly tanned. Prominent brows and cheekbones give his sharp blue eyes a naturally stern look, a look heightened by a strong jaw sporting a short, well-maintained scruff.

Personality: Hungry for greatness in the way most young warriors are. He is proud of his family and legacy, and wishes to earn an exalted place in the annals of Grihems Point, but it not entirely chained to tradition. He enjoys being liked and is better at it than many might expect of a Grimhall, but loses no sleep if he must settle for being feared.

Background: The oldest son of Harald and Anneke, he was an obedient child brought up in a firmly traditional Thraxian manner. He always knew what his role was expected to be: captain of a ship, with steel in hand. If he did well enough, perhaps one day he'd lead a fleet against great foes in a famous battle. Grimhall boys often dreamt of such things.

Respect for his people's traditions was hammered heavily into Valdemar as he grew out of childhood, though he showed hints of a more intellectual bent, at times. Now a young man freshly given command of his first ship, he has been part of minor skirmishes with petty enemies, but no battles worthy of the name; small raids as much for practice as plunder. He wasn't old enough to fight in the Tyde Rebellion, but fate has delivered a new war, and legendary new enemies. Despite any orders otherwise, no warrior worth his spear would sit at home when great deeds await doing.

Relationship Summary

  • Vanora - So many surprises, yet there is no doubt I can count on her.

  • Friend:
  • Cassima - Few in the city have been as trustworthy.
  • Derovai - Valued teacher and advisor.

  • Family:
  • Harald - Father and Duke, he casts a large shadow.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Ian - A good thing he's not a Grimhall then, isn't it?
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shared a drink with him at the Hart. A delight to meet him, I'd like the chance to talk with him further.
    Aethan Ian respects him, and that counts for a lot in my book. Also probably a good fighter. I'll have to see how good sometime soon.
    Alarissa As stoic and steadfast as his father.
    Cadenza Very charming and easy to talk to! Seems pretty laid back.
    Caith I felt so safe with him around! He was very nice and polite and charming but it definitely felt like something was weighing on him. Probably responsibility! Responsibility weighs /a lot/! I hope our paths cross again soon.
    Caspian Little does he know I'm not down to earth! He explained to me the history of his house's sword, which was pretty interesting. Learned something new!
    Delilah Rather enjoyable company. He seems just as lost as I do in an event as big at this, but he's focused his attention on those around he seems to be enjoying the show.
    Harald My eldest son and the Sword of Grimhall. Though he has a measure of. hiss mother's cheer, he will win his place as young warriors should.
    Jacque The Sword of Grihem's Point, working to earn his place amongst the great champions of our Compact. Humble, resolute. Good traits to have.
    Jordan Brave Lord, and one that spars knowing that practice is meant to teach one how to fight in real situations. I appreciate the candor, and the bravery. He charges like a man possessed.
    Orathy Young Grim, reckon he a chip off his pa's shoulder. He be having a few things to learn yet about opponents who ain't standing still. Reckon he takes a loss well enough, he does.
    Reese He fought with me against Zhayla's killing, coming at his father's side and quite the father he has! Duke Harald is great man, but I think that Valdemar probably is too. He showed great bravery in the battle. He was ready and willing to die. He took damage, but he was so strong about it. Grimhall blood is strong.
    Roxana Such a thoughtful young man, and polite and kind as well. Almost sweet but Thraxians don't like hearing that sort of thing so I won't mention it out loud.
    Saoirse Valdemar was in the bar when Saoirse delivered some of her welcome gifts of wine. He partook and seemed to find her amusing.
    Sorrel Serious and thoughtful, the heir to Grimhall seems like the sort of man it is good to know. Not quite as intimidating as his father, but gives a sense of power nonetheless.
    Theron The Sword of Grihem's Point had one of the most memorable fights at the free-for-all. Good man with a sense of sportsmanship.
    Thorley A worthy opponent in the field of battle. My hardest strikes were absorbed by him, but he continued to impress - I will make sure to break bread and drink with this man.
    Zaina A man of many questions is the Heir of the Grimhalls. He is polite.