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The Finest of Arx: A Fundraising Auction

Join us for an enchanting evening of wine and music as the most prestigious members of our society come together to put an evening of their time on auction. Do you have a favorite protégé or patron you don't see often enough? Would you like the chance to dine with Nobility? Or perhaps you are a noble who would enjoy spending an evening in the Boroughs? Simply purchase an evening with a participant of your choice and the possibilities can be endless. All proceeds will be funding the cities rebuilding efforts.


May 20, 2017, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Larissa Charlaine


Darren Isolde Donella Larissa Alistair Max(RIP) Fergus Silas Antonio Marian Olivia Aislin Freja(RIP) Charlaine Khanne Juliet(RIP) Mason Fortunato Gisele Eirene Anze Dominic(RIP) Agnarr Cristoph Jael Ford Joslyn Arcelia Tikva Karadoc Mathias(RIP) Shadow Armel(RIP) Estaban(RIP) Katarina Artorius Aiden Mira Mikani Carita Petal Kenna Valerion Ysbail


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Estaban has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Gisele quiet bird-like huddling sees a happy end with Tikva's arrival. "Oh, gods bless," she tells the lady of Riven, with genuine relief. "It's so good to see you too. This is... it's all very much, isn't it?" Dipping nearer Tikva, she murmurs, "I've never been in the Whisper House before. But, Fortunato volunteered and I didn't want him to see only nobles, looking out into the crowd."

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, Amethyst - A Cleaver Raccoon arrive, following Arcelia.

Kenna recognizes Watchmen armor if not Estaban personally. She flashes a broad smile at it. "I am, and it's good to meet you," she says warmly, before noting excitedly, "It's a huge turnout here, isn't it?"

Eirene had her name on the announcement so allegedly she's here. But she's not standing out in the crowds, no sign of her leather and fire-bird embroidered overcoat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Mason has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Khanne comes running into the ballroom but stops as soon as she enters, clearing her throat and straightening her dress a little. She smiles and waves at people she knows, spotting Darren at one of the tables, she heads straight there, assuming that is where she needs to be. She finds a seat as close to him as possible, and plops her butt down in it.

Charlaine smiles a little to the Princess, "Thank you her highness, I should be thanking you for trying to be a wingman". She smiles a bit shyly as she sets the necklace to her neck, "thank you for this. I have never recieved a gift from a Princess other then Alarissa." she smiles to her.

Shadow's Wolf Pup arrives, following Petal.

Nose crinkling with the brightness of her humor, Tikva says, "I've been once! I saw Duchess Sylvie here. That was it, though. Never in the ballroom before. It's the fanciest!" She drops both her arms on the table and, somehow, resists the urge to immediately toe out of her shoes.

Shadow's Wolf Pup have been dismissed.

Valerion had walked in fully armored as per usual. Though his normally stoic expression seems a bit concerned. Walking over to the bar he gives his cousin, Marian a nod and orders drinks from the bar. He doesn't waste any time tossing them back. Staring into the cup for a long time before looking around the room and deciding it was easier to just drink. He leans over to the Sword of Sanctum and speaks in a hushed voice.

Warpig, 6 Thrax Guards arrive, following Dominic.

Jael makes her way into the ballroom casually, blue eyes taking in the crowd and the luxury complacently. She notes her brother, at the table with the other lambs to the slaughter, then peruses the room for a place to settle.

Petal has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Arcelia makes her way into the room and heads over towards Estaban at his table.

Arcelia has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Jael has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mason moves into the ballroom, the Eurusi man rather quiet and unassuming as he looks around. When he notices Tikva and Gisele at a table, he heads that way, "Mind if I join you both?" The prince asks with a shallow, graceful bow.

Shadow spots Darren and the growing group of Redrains with the man, The large man from the mountains quickly turning away making his way towards the bar at a brisk pace to settle in and begin searching those bottles for the strongest of things they might have available.

Artorius arrives at the event, merely taking a seat where he could watch easily. He doesn't wear fancy clothes, merely a leather longcoat and nice dark cloth underneath. He moves to a table, and sits down, the Guard Captain watching the precedings with a kind smile to all.

Larissa moves to the stage and stands above the podium, her face open in a bright smile "Thank you all for coming tonight! I would like us to first take a moment and bring forward Lady Charlaine Blanchard! She is the woman who made everything possible tonight and it was her foresight and passion for our city and our home to all come together tonight to take that important step of rebuilding together. Thank you Lady Charlaine" - Larissa grins and lifts her arms in applause. "Not all of our participants are able to be present tonight, however they are all still participating! Their names will be auctioned last, and the winner of the bids will receive a voucher for their time for details to be worked out amongst yourselves. We have A LOT of people tonight and I know we are all excited to get everything under way. I wish everyone the best of luck and enjoyment!"

Mira stands by herself, not really near any table. Tugging at her very red dress occasionally, as if self-conscious about it, she glances about now and then, trying very hard not to look like she doesn't belong here. No fancy jewels are at her throat, or her bust, or her ears, and her makeup is of the normal variety. She does look quite different without her thick glasses on, however, for those who know her.

Artorius has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Shadow has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Shadow before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Petal before departing.

Armel is camped out at his seat alone at a table, humming softly to himself and seeming not at all bothered that he has nobody else sitting there at the time being. He has his eyes on the honor table, both the real and fake one, waiting for the auction to start properly with more than a touch of anticipation and frankly mostly ignoring the crowd, for every time he considers them as a whole, he gets a bit of a twitch.

Antonio has joined the Balcony.

Gisele hums soft amusement. "The fanciest... a good way to put it." Bolstered at having someone she knows-- even if that person is in jewelry and silks amounting to her yearly income-- the priestess adopts a more comfortable posture in her chair. "Was there anyone in particular you mean to bid on?" She has composure enough to give Mason a small, shy smile when he approaches. "Gods bless, your highness, I have no objections."

Eirene has joined the Table of honor.

To Katarina, he nods. "Yes, they did a lovely job setting this entire thing." He notices his sister enter the room and he lifts his hand to wave at her from his seat. He's full of energy about this entire thing. Then he falls back in his seat and awaits his turn to be called up.

Juliet has joined the Table of honor.

"No idea," Tikva confesses. "I'm sort of-- attached? So it's all in fun, but Riven /ought/ to make some kind of showing?" She opens her hands wide, and smiles a bright smile up at Mason. "Prince Mason! Please do join us. This is Sister Gisele, have you met? She used to run the most lovely bookshop in town."

Petal has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Petal has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Marian pats Valerion on the back, gives him a few words of encouragement and then pauses to give her attention to the stage when Larissa walks forward to start the event. She gives a big smile and claps when Charlaine is recognized for her efforts to help pull this charity event together.

Freja checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Jael just follows Mason right to his table, who even knows why, and settles into a seat one down from him with a winning smile to the other occupants at the table. "Hello. Most of the people I would sit with are for sale tonight and I can't find the rest; is it all right if I sit with you?"

"Lady Jael, it's been forever!" Tikva perks. She does not immediately leap out of her chair to throw herself at the other archer lady. "I'm glad to see you again. Do please join us as well. This party is a swarm of people, isn't it?"

Dominic comes escorted by three houndmasters, with visible colors, and their dogs. Held to a chain that wraps around Dominic's fist, is his warpig which the prince leads to the bar after catching the familiar faces of Marian and Valerion sitting there. The guards settle on a table, taking advantage of the drinks and food. A massive hand falls on Valerion's shoulder as the prince greets them.

Dominic has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

_,--._.-, "Our first auctionee of the evening will be Prince Darren Redrain!

( /\_r-,\_ ) He enjoys wrestling bears in his free time and prefers whisky

.-.) _;='_/ (.; to any other drink in in Arx. He is a warrior and a leader

\ \' \/S ) and he inspires his people at every turn. Let us begin

L.'-. _.' ' the bid at 500 silver!"


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Juliet has, perhaps surprisingly, tried to draw as little attention to her arrival as possible, simply slipping inside with her cloak tugged tightly around her, and finding herself a spot at the table of honour with the other attendees.

Freja entered at some point, but her path and means were largely unnoticed and when her voices sounds from being Fergus it is coupled with a grin. "Did you remember to bathe?" she asks with a bark of laughter.

Donella says, "500, done."

Marian says, "1,000 silver."

Now unaccompanied, Antonio heads up toward the balcony to take a seat, settling down to watch the procedings.

Shadow's hand lifts, "1,500 Silver."

Charlaine smiles to Donella as she jumps right into bidding and she smiles "Please give a three count before bidding again, to assure everyone gets a chance, 1,500" she adds

Petal arrives while adorned in her white linen summer dress and while carrying her sewing basket. She moves to take a seat near Joslyn. "I wonder if will wrestle bears when meeting with the winner?"

Darren rises as he's called first, giving a stare over to Larissa when she talks about bears. But then he simply shrugs his shoulders. "It's true, I guess," he flashes a broad grin, before looking out among the crowd.

Isolde raises a hand and softly calls out. "3,000 Silver." She gives Darren a shit eating grin.

Armel remarks quietly, to himself, "Oh come on now, you're nobility, you can do better than /that/." As Isolde bids, he nods, seeming a bit more satisfied, if only a bit.

Anze has joined the Table of honor.

Marian can't resist and continues bidding, "3,500 silver."

Joslyn giggles, sipping her wine and pouring a glass for Petal, shrugging her shoulder. "I don't know. I'm not one for bear wrestling myself. Either way, we're already out of my spending limit for the evening. I think at this rate I'll just be sitting here and getting drunk with you!"

Donella comments to her escort for the evening, "I think I shall buy the redhead. I like the look of him, even though there's something in very bad taste about a Thrax bidding on someone... His mother has assured me he is well made. Enough for my purposes anyway." After a sip of her beverage, she raises a hand "10,000."

Isolde has joined the Table of honor.

Khanne's gaze wanders about the room from bidding person to bidding person, curious and intrigued.

Fergus whistles over at Donella. "Big spender. Hope you know what you're getting into."

Darren golfclaps for Donella as she bids ten thousand silver. "I have a nice ass, too," he calls over to the Thrax princess, wagging his brows playfully.

Dominic looks motions to Donella and then to the group, "I said the same thing." He laughs out loud and orders some a jug of rum for himself.

"Well, turn around and show it to her, if it's meant to improve the bidding," Lady Tikva suggests ingenuously from her table, pitching her voice to carry.

Mira just watches, quietly, tucking a bit of red hair behind her ear. Clasping her hands before herself demurely, Mira swishes her dress from side to side just a little bit.

Charlaine grins as she listens and she smiles to Donella, she looks to be enjoying herself as she keeps the drinks flowing from table to table, "10... anyone willing to beat 10?"

Marian glances at Donella and can't resist raising the price by adding, "10,500 silver."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

"Lies." Freja says about Darren, stage whispering behind her hand. With a ruffling of Fergus' hair to mess up whatever 'do' he attempted for the evening, she breezes past the table to go find a seat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Khanne gets a hand-turned wooden flask from a fur-lined leather pouch with garnet house symbol inset.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Katarina nearly chokes on her glass of whisky when a servant she'd absconded away with to play messenger between herself and Marian returned with a whispered word. She presses a napkin to her lips, cheeks burning red with the force of her quiet laughter.

Fergus grunts at the hair-ruffling. "Should be up here with the rest of us, Freja. Do your good deed for the month. Year. Whatever."

"May your ... royal seat ... always be comfortable, Your Grace." Donella smiles and joins her family. "You make him sound like a snug little palanquin, your highness," she says toward Fergus, with a raise of her brow.

Marian gives a laugh and raises her glass to Katarina when she chokes. She takes a sip of her cider and sits back to see if anyone tries to beat her bid.

Shadowsettles in at the bar lifting a bottle not glass of whiskey up to take a pull as he settles in to watch the bidding on the Redrain Prince. His eyes drifting from one bidder to the next curious about the event having never seen such a thing before much less be part of one.

"10,5000 For Prince Darren Redrain... by Princess Donella Thrax! Going.. once.. Twice.. Does anyone wish to part with 11,00... Princess Donella congratulations, you've won yourself a Prince!"

"You saying he's not?" Fergus says to Donella, then taking a drink from his glass. "I mean, dunno what a palanquin is, but that sounds fitting enough."

"I already did my good deed this past week. Wanting to trade positions? Already regretting it?" Freja remarks to Fergus with a smirk.

"10,5000 For Prince Darren Redrain... by Lady Marian! Going.. once.. Twice.. Does anyone wish to part with 11,00... My Lady, congratulations, you've won yourself a Prince!"

"You better show my sister a good time, Your Grace," Katarina stage-whisper-yells at Darren behind a lifted hand, her laughter bright.

Marian lets out a laugh and raises her glass to Darren with a twinkle in her eye. She takes a drink and sits back, thoroughly amused by this whole bidding on men thing.

Valerion raises his glass to Marian,"Have fun Mari, be nice to the man." Valerion turns to the stage and nods,"What the princess Katarina said!"

"I only know good times," Darren remarks to Katarina, giving Marian a salute before he departs from the table of honour now that his bidding is complete. He flashes the Valardin princesses a broad grin before he heads over to Donella, tilting down to murmur something at the Thraxian Voice.

Mason checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Aiden gets Cerise de Rum from a spacious wine rack with glass panel cabinet doors.

Donella's eyes don't twinkle; they glint like the edge of a razor fresh off the strop. She pats the arm of the bear that got away, with a laugh and sits back comfortably with a drink.

_,--._.-, "Next up the enchanting Princess Katarina Valardin.

( /\_r-,\_ ) Every moment I have had the pleasure of her company

.-.) _;='_/ (.; has been delightful in every sense. She is beautifully

\ \' \/S ) spirited and I am certain any time spent with her will

L.'-. _.' ' be magical. Let us welcome Princess Katarina to the stage"


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Charlaine chuckles as she and Larissa take notes and keep the coin safe - the ladies looking to enjoy themselves as they get ready for the next auction.

Mira has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mira drifts over to one of the guest tables and smoothes her dress under herself as she takes a seat, crossing her legs and watching the stage with hands folded on her lap.

Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse arrives, following Alistair.

Katarina rises from her seat, her whisky glass slipped into Anze's hand. "We shouldn't let that go to waste," she quips in hushed humor, before she moves with fluid grace to stand along side Larissa. "You truly flatter me with your words, Larissa," comes her delighted laugh, lashes lowered demurely for a brief moment. "We both know it's you who is the most radiant, echanting of companions to have."

Eirene pulls a flask out from somewhere under the table and takes a long drink before chatting with the other auctionees. At least, it -looks- like her.

As no starting bid was named, Antonio just calls out from his place on the balcony- "1000 silver."

Shadowrouses from his thoughts as someone calls out a bid, His eyes falling on the stage and recognition showing briefly as he calls out a few moments later. "1,500 Silver."

"Spirits, I need a drink." Freja says and makes her way over to Armel's table after a punch to both Ferg and Anze's arms. "Do us proud." she says and then asks Armel, "Room for another, Grandmaster? "

"2,500," Antonio fires back from the balcony.

A certain Inquisitor arrives alone, tossing a bit of cheese at a certain rodent in his palm before he motions for the mouse to take refuge in his jacket. "Be good or I auction you off." he rumbles out as he slowly clasps his hands behind his back as he watches the proceedings.

Artorius chuckles softly as some of the bids come to light.

"Three. If she's spirited. That sounds very promising." Donella says primly.

Arcelia laughs up at Antonio as he makes his bid.

Mira glances over at Alistair, smiling from where she sits, wearing a red and white dress. If you auction off your mouse, I am going to win it. Fair warning."

"I live rather dangerously, Your Highness," Katarina quips at Donella. "I dance with fire, after all."

Armel turns his face slightly as Freja approaches the table, gesturing to a seat next to him. "Feel free, Princess. Come, enjoy the show." He fills an empty glass with a bit of whatever is on hand. Probably wine, looking at the place, and offers it to her. "Your Lord fetched a decent price, all considering. Bidding yourself?"

Charlaine smiles warmly to Katarina and she smiles quietly as the Whisperer helps run the event, Charlaine looks to Shadow and she smiles then as Freja offers, she grins "Do we hear 3?" she asks the crowd

"4." Antonio calls out.

"He bites." Alistair responds with a flat tone towards Mira, the mouse disappearing into one of many pockets he has on his scarlet jacket. The rodent seems rather well trained, occasionally an ear or nose pops out... but unless one looks closley they would be none the wiser to the Prodigal's weakness for small animals!

"I may bid on a brother to save them from a boring time, but..that seems to defeat the purpose? Who knows. I'll see what comes up on the slab." Freja says as she slips into a seat, a nod of thanks for the wine.

Prince Mason sits at the table with Gisele, Tikva, and Jael. As Katarina is called and goes up to the stage, the Eurusi man sitting stock still as people begin making their bids. He watches the princess intently, brows furrowed in consternation.

Freja has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Ysbail is late to the festivities, but she is here! Looking around the room, she spots the Best Hat EVER. And grins when she recognizes the face under it! Heading over in that direction, she presents herself at the table hosting Armel, Artorius, and possibly Freja. "Hello! May I join you? I *love* that hat."

Mira beams at the grave inquisitor, "I'll be sure to keep extra cheese on hand. And gloves." The lawyer girl isn't wearing her trademark glasses tonight, and her hair is done up in a twist. Her dress, backless and shoulderless, isn't the most elegant, but it is very red and very white, contrasting with her dark red hair and blue eyes.

Valerion looks over to Katarina and smirks,"1500 silver."

Artorius smiles to Ysbail "Hello there." he does laugh a little as Antonio keeps betting high.

Katarina smiles slyly at Valerion, "You need five, Valerion. Don't be cheap! It is for charity, after all."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Katarina before departing.

Mason checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Valerion blushes and nods,"Fine 6000 silver?" He looks a bit confused as he eyes her.

Armel glances around toward Ysbail, dipping his head in greeting. "Shaman Ysbail! Always a pleasure, and /thank you/, you're the first one to have the balls to say anything. Sit, sit." He gestures to a seat, filling her glass as well as he watches the bidding go up and up.

Larissa says, "4000 to ANTONIO - GOING ONCE.. TWICE... Princess Katarina has been won! Congratulations my Lord!""

Valerion takes another drink from his glass and shakes his head, before looking over to Marian with a look. "I said six thousand silver!!!"

The Velanosa Captain prince doesn't really hesitate before calling out a slightly higher bid- though he's certainly decreased his increments. "6,500."

Freja grins up at Ysbail and kicks out a chair for her. "Come, join us!"

"He bites through gloves..." Pause. "And shoes. Really.. anything. Terrible creature." the Inquisitor declares as he peers down into one of his pockets and deposits some cheese. As the bidding wars are going about, the man simply looks about with little concern except for his typical dour disposition.

Katarina gives a vibrant laugh, turning her eyes onto Antonio. "What say you, Prince Privateer?" she calls ever-so-sweetly up to him. "-- Oh." That certainly quiets the princess down.

Valerion looks between everyone, first Antonio, then Katarina, then Antonio before he shrugs and finishes his drink. "I am clearly too....smashed for this."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Mira shifts her shoulders a bit, her expression a little teasing as she looks up and over at the Inquisitor, "Worried your mouse will like being auctioned off?"

"6500 to Lord Antonio!... 7000?"{

Larissa lets out a round of applause "Congratulations Princess you have been one by the dashing Antonio for 6500 silver!!"

_,--._.-, "Next I will be welcoming Princess Isolde Valardin.

( /\_r-,\_ ) She is famed throughout the Lycene for her

.-.) _;='_/ (.; wit, wisdom and charm. There is never a boring

\ \' \/S ) moment when she is around! Let us welcome Princess

L.'-. _.' ' Isolde to the stage!"


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Isolde stands up to be auction, a polite smile lighting up her face. The Princess’ traditional mirrormask is absent. Instead her face is only adorned with light makeup, just enough to give her pink lips a pale gloss and give her cheeks a bit of color. Her gown is stunning, a masterpiece of white aeterna silk and glittering iridescite. It clings to her slender form, flaring off near her feet with soft skirts that reveal a hint of thigh. Her feet are clad in silk slipper with laces that crisscross up her tan legs. Pearls are threaded onto the ribbons and catch the light. Similar pearls adorn the silver bracelets that wind up her arms and the rings on her fingers. Her long black hair has been braided and carefully arranged over one shoulder. White flowers are tucked between the plaits. “I promise a night full of wine and good food for whoever is kind enough to donate to this lovely cause.” She calls out, grinning.

"He would likely love it. Probably get fed more." Alistair rumbles out to the lawyer as his gaze falls upon Larissa as she announces the next to be auction, and then to Isolde as she takes the stage.

Donella receives a messenger in the midst of her quiet conversion, but only seems to process it as the bid by Antonio is confirmed. She hums and claps her hands together for the winner, and for the next tidbit for the market. "No princess so lovely ought be bid less than 4,000."

The other Hostess is helping with the auction keeping bids flowing and by handing out drinks to people whos cups have gone dry. The Voice of Blanchard easily navigates through the crowd, making sure everything flows. "We do have Flowers for those that have been Auctioned, do not let us forget to give them to you before you go!"

At his table, Mason stands. He gives Gisele a small shake of his head, not saying anything further. There's a stiffness to the man and he looks up at the stage one final time with a long, pensive gaze upon Katarina. Then the prince turns and moves at a measured, but steady pace for the exit in quiet departure.

Dominic turns on his seat and stands up, looking over to Isolde. He sets his gaze at those in the room, curling the chain around his fist. He frowns when the minimum is 4,000 silver.

Artorius crossed his arms, looking like he might bid...but keeps to himself. He already had his an interest after all.

Dominic says, "4000."

Darren clears his throat, speaking up, "I hear Princess Isolde would very much enjoy an evening with an exceptionally knightly Valardin," he says a little too loudly, flashing the Velenosa a broad grin.

Dominic clears his throat, "Um, 6000."

Ysbail has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Valerion blushes a bit when Darren mentions that, biting his lip he looks over to Dominic before shaking his head,"Seven Thousand."

"10,000." The Prodigal Inquisitor, Alistair, remarks in a dull drone. He probably has a cell picked out for her and everything!

Gisele's attention has been stolen from the bidding. She tilts her head to look up at Mason, her expression shading towards concern. Something said at their table draws her attention back and leads to a small nod, a soft murmur made.

Charlaine winks to Dominic, "surely she's worth more

Mira looks rather shocked when the Inquistor she was talking to suddenly bids on someone! Her eyes wide, Mira lays a hand on her chest, as if scandalized.

Ysbail grins to Freja and Armel, dropping into the seat so helpfully kicked out for her. She flashes a grin at Armel and offers, "I don't know why not, that hat is amazing! I want one!"

Isolde turns to look at Darren, just a hint of annoyance on her face. "I'd love to spend an evening with anyone who is kind enough to donate to our cause!" She says politely.

Satisfied with his victory, Antonio settles back down in his seat on the balacony, to watch the bidding for his cousin escalate.

Dominic curls his nose, glancing at those that placed a bet. He then glances over to Larissa, "Will you take a hound worth 35,000 silver?"

Freja remarks to Ysbail. "Please, take it. The man was just talking about charity - I think he may even be swayed to gift it to you."

Valerion is a bit surprised the Inquisitor placed a bid. In fact it put him off enough that he leaned back and blinked a few times before he takes another sip of his drink.

Dominic glances over to his guards and mouths a word, one of them responds with a number. He turns back to Larissa, "And 21,000 silvers worth of fur."

Mason has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Armel snorts quietly at Freja and Ysbail, murmuring to the former, "I will /not ever/ be parted from this wonderful example of tailoring, Freja. I would find out who made it for Carita when she gifted it to me, though, and have a similar one made, if you like. Start a lovely trend in the Northern Ward." He nods firmly, seeming pleased with this idea, a twinkle in both eyes now.

Valerion whistles when Dominic places his total bid," sir..." He just shakes his head and tries not to laugh.

Larissa purses her lips at Dominic and shakes her head "Perhaps the next time we all consider a 35,000 silver dog we all might take a moment think that it could have bought us a Princess instead... I beleive the highest bidder is with Inquisitor Alistair at 10,000?"

Eirene calls out. "So she's worth a furry bitch, eh?" Her grin is wide and amused, a deep cherry red for once.

Valerion is overheard praising Larissa for: For the wonderful auction and the hilarious shadepliment.

The Inquisitor glances to the Thrax man for a moment, "Are you accepting his bid?" he inquires to Larissa, as if he might raise his own bid if that is the case.

Isolde raises an eyebrow at the interesting bids. "Anyone wish to offer two dogs?" She laughs. "I think I'm worth at least one furry bitch and a half."

Dominic frowns to the Inquisitor and ponders for a moment, "I will give you the dog and fur to drop your bid."

"No." Freja deadpans to Armel.

Mira folds her arms under her breasts, looking a little indignant. "I'm tempted to bid just to get a dog."

Armel laughs out loud at the joke from Eirene, looking entirely amused that people are bidding dogs now. "The dog can't feed the people or serve for charity works! Let him sell it first, then talk with silver." The furs don't get a mention, those are actually valuable for straight coin.

Shadowmurmurs out as the bids go to discussion of bartering, "Shadow give sword for.."

"And our lovely Princess Isolde is sold to Inquisitor Alistair at 10,000. I would like to point out that we are accepting writs for resources usuable in building... however no pets, please."

Artorius just kinda laughs.

Charlaine calls out "Do not forget, "We can accept Econ Writs as bids as well" Says Charlie as she smiles brightly.

Dominic growls, "I can offer the 21,000 silvers in economic writs."

Donella makes a face as another messenger comes. "Excuse me."

Isolde gives a little bow before departing the table and walking to Alistair's side. She pauses when Dominic speaks and looks towards the hostesses with a little shrug. "Does that count?"

"Oh! Oh! Oh! 21,000 silver in economic writs... Inquisitor Alistair, I'm afraid I spoke too soon can you match that?"

Darren has left the Table of honor.

"25,000..." Alistair states with a little yawn.

Katarina has left the Table of honor.

Katarina has joined the Balcony.

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Charlaine laughs as she confers with her co-host for a moment, the pair speak for a silent breath as Dominic and Alistair fight over the Princess's date. She nods her head to Alistair "25 going once?"

Darren has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Dominic glances over to the Inquisitor, "28,000."

Valerion just shakes his head and rolls his eyes with a bit of a smirk.

With the bidding war over Isolde on fire, Darren wanders over to the bar and finds himself a seat beside Marian. He smirks over to the Valardin Sword, flagging down someone to grab a drink of whiskey while he sits.

Armel remarks aside to his companions just loud enough to be heard, "My word, a bidding war. Gild will be delighted." He reaches to refill all the glasses of those at his table, grinning at Freja and Ysbail both as he remarks to the latter, "Well thank you, we do try."

Isolde glances between the two, a little surprised. "28,000! Well, I'm flatter my company seems to be so in demand."

Ford has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"30,000." The Prodigasl man declares and finally glances over to Dominic.

Eirene says, "Honestly, if the Inquisition wanted me that much, I'd be shitting myself." She gives an honest shrug of her mostly-bare shoulders. "And also, shit, wish my salary let me throw that much around.."

Ford enters late, whatever, don't look. He carries himself to an relatively unoccupied table and parks it.

Mira looks over at Eirene, nodding with a bounce of her arched bangs. "I know, right?"

Valerion mutters something about buying a sword for that much but wouldn't even think of spending that on anything else.

Juliet tries to stifle the laughter Eirene provokes, and while her shoulders tremble, there's only a little mewling sound that escapes her throat. Thankfully, she didn't spill rum on anyone either. It was a close call, however.

Dominic fixes his gaze on the man for a moment, sucking on his teeth. He nods his head and steps back, bowing respectfully to the Prodigal.

Donella has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Khanne sips from her flask of whiskey, watching the bidding war with an amused grin.

Carita waves over at her boss's boss.

Armel snorts out loud, shaking his head, but overall looking pleased that the bidding has gone so high.

Charlaine blinks to Allistar and she looks between him and Dominic a moment "30,thousand Going once, going twice...." she pauses just a second as she listens

Alistair doesn't respond to the Thrax seeming to admit defeat, except for the bares incline of his head as he looks back to the hosts and waits to see if anyone else wishes to play. It seems the Inquisitor has been very busy shaking down merchants if he is able to afford this high price. Or maybe he is just frugual... as he lacks the flashy armor and arms of other warriors in the capital. No rubicond or diamondplate on his form.

Charlaine adds then, 30 Thousand, Sold

Dominic moves back to the bar, reaching for his rum and downing it like a shot before slamming the glass on the table. He chuckles and shakes his head. Dominic nods to Donella, and then orders another drink.

Isolde looks like she might be a little concerned about anyone in the inquisition paying that much for a date with her. But she steps towards Alistair regardless, one eyebrow raised.

Eirene lets out a whistle for the win, tapping her glass of rum on the table to make some noise. "For charity, right?" The medic shakes her head in amusement.

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Antonio leaves, following Katarina.

Antonio arrives, following Katarina.

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

_,--._.-, "I am so pleased to next announce a new aquaintance

( /\_r-,\_ ) of mine and a man I fined completely endearing.

.-.) _;='_/ (.; Prince Aiden Grayson! Prince Aiden is auctioning

\ \' \/S ) off an afternoon spent training with an animal

L.'-. _.' ' of your choice, or his expertise in picking

<_`-'\'_.'/ a special companion of your own of which he

`'-._( \ will provide with a dinner date afterwards!

\\ ___ Let us please welcome Prince Aiden Grayson"

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'



Antonio has joined the Balcony.


Once called, Prince Aiden strides up onto the stage, lifting a hand to the crowd in greeting. His smile may not be fully engaged, with a nervous curl at the tips. The Grayson is wearing a forest green short sleeved tunic set over a yellow silk shirt with gold vine embroidery, settled over steel-gray pants with griffin embroidery that are snug fitting and tucked into calf-high leather boots. His springy curls of an afro have been pulled back into a knot looking tail behind his head, floofy as it is, the ringlet of curls are in effect, tamed this way, save for the one forelock curl that bands across his forehead. He presents a small bow once he has made center stage, with a hand swept across hid mid-section and the other tucked behind his back, effortless with the presentation. Upon rising, gray eyes look out among the audience, with a nervous flick of his eyes given to Larissa before he squares his shoulders and gets out in a fashion that suggests he's been put up to saying it, "Let's walk on the wild side together! A day with me, will leave you howling for ...more?" And cue the miserable betrayal of darkening color on his face for the sentiments offered that clearly are not his normal muse to say.


As Isolde steps forward... those who have a sharp eye might catch the Inquisitor winking at her! The mask is broken! The man does feel! At least some type of feeling. Who knows what that means for the poor Mirrormask Princess. The Sentinel brooch on his uniform probably means he isn't to much of a fan of Tehom.

Isolde has left the Table of honor.

We would like to thank you for taking your time and your money by joining us here tonight. We do have some more bids left and we encourage you to stay at least until we can get you all your lovely floral arrangements. House Thrax has donated one Barrel of rum to our highest bidder, for now, that is 30 thousand! Charlaine says.{N

Mira raises a hand, "1000."

The newly bought princess Isolde stifles a laugh and gestures for Alistair to join her at the bar. "The least I can do is buy you some rum." Isolde jokes.

Valerion will smile once he sees his cousin up on the stage. Though it quicly leaves his lips as he hears Dominic, and is replaced with a genuine laugh. "You dog you. That poor Inquisitor had no idea he was being roped into that." Valerion slaps him on the shoulder again and laughs again, shaking his head and looking over to Donella}. "Are you up for auction tonight your highness?"

Isolde has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Valerion raises a hand,"Two thousand!"

"3000 silver," Silas raises his hand.

Mira raises her hand, "4000."

Valerion raises a hand,"Three thousand."

Charlaine smiles, then adds, 4000

"4500," Silas answers again.

Estaban smiles and adds, 5000

Tikva pitches her voice to carry and sings out, "6000."

Marian raises her hand, "7,000.."{

Valerion looks over to Tikva and laughs a bit before he raises his hand again. "8000."

Alistair has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Charlaine chuckles as she drives the auction as she has fun adding, 9000

"10000," Silas answers again.

Dominic has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Valerion looks up to Aiden with a smirk and winks at him. "{11,000."

Dominic has joined the Balcony.

Charlaine looks to Silas then to his prince and then back to Silas, with a little smile twitching on her lips, "11! Do I hear 12?"

Estaban chuckles and adds 12000

Charlaine nods to Estaban, "I am hearing 12, surely a Prince as fine as this Prince, can go up to 13? Do I hear 13? Anyone?"

Marian raises her hand, "13,000.."{

Aiden's having a hard time following all the shouts, looking back and forth between female and male voices, brows lifting. His hands go behind his back to stop them from tugging on his tunic, his eyes darting toward Larissa and Charlaine, then back toward the calls rising the bid higher. "All proceeds go to a worthy cause," he notes and tips his head toward Charlaine. The bids continue and he smirks softly toward the audience.

Silas seems tempted to speak again, but when Marian ups the ante once more, he seems to sink back in his seat. He isn't looking crestfallen, however.

Tikva sings out merrily over her glass of wine, "15,000!"

Ysbail has managed to talk her way into at least a brief donning of Armel's Amazing Hat of Many Colors, the young shaman very nearly preening under the wave of multihued feathers and paste gems.

Charlaine says, "@emit 15! 15 Going once Going twice? Charlaine holds just a minute to see if anyone else calls out"

Aiden's gray eyes scout the audience for the merrily sung bid of 15,000. He finds the voice in the crowd and nods his head toward Tikva, a smirk on his face as he turns back toward Marian, to see if she'll counter.

Marian shakes her head to Charlaine and raises her glass to Tikva to let her know that she's conceding.

Freja places a hand over her heart and says, "She does it more justice than you. Where is your charity?"

15! Sold!

Aiden dips his head to the crowd and more than happily gets off the stage, waving his hand to Tikva who has claimed the highest bid.

Tikva beams, kisses her fingertips and blows this little kiss towards Aiden, before she leans back in her seat and crosses her legs, looking quite pleased with herself.

Kenna claps enthusiastically for the Prince. "Next time he does these, his pitch needs work," she stage-whispers to Silas.

Armel grins aside to Freja. "Where is my honor, if I toss a treasured gift aside, even if to a worthy person. No, I shall help her make another, but that one is mine. Don't look so pleased." He winks, looking pleased as punch that the bidding has gone well so far.

Aiden has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Donella claps her hands together for the final bid and applauds the sum, leaning on one elbow. "Are there more vic-- I mean, auctionees?"

Aiden doesn't rejoin the table of honor and instead heads for a bunch of friendly looking faces, sliding up to their table to hide behind someone, catching Kenna's words, "You should write my lines next time Lady Kenna." He laughs, "They were meant to be terrible. I think." The rest of what he says fades back to table conversation, smiling once more toward Tikva, with a curious smirk remaining.

_,--._.-, "Ladies and gentleman, now is the moment that I have

( /\_r-,\_ ) been most waiting for! Our next auctionee is

.-.) _;='_/ (.; known for her razor sharp wit and her

\ \' \/S ) own unique brand of getting things done!

L.'-. _.' ' Let us all welcome Lady Eirene Malvici!"


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Khanne nods to Donella and says, "quite a few, I think." She smiles and gives applause for Eirene when she is announced as next.

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Charlaine nods her head to Donella, "I believe so, we are having some touble with the sequencing, give us just a minute." She announces then just as Larissa gets the next Lady up "see I spoke too soon!"

Shadow has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Juliet gives a sharp whistle of appreciation as Eirene is announced, gloved hands brought together in enthusiastic applause.

Dominic smiles to him, flashing his gold and silver plated teeth. He looks inside for the princess with an idle gaze before giving up to turn his attention to Antonio, "Hah! Good on you. Well, I will not keep you. Have the cigar as a welcome gift. Drop by the Thrax, we should do some work together." Takes another drink of his rum and returns back inside.

Dominic has left the Balcony.

If it wasn't for the announcement of her name, it may be difficult to recognize the tall tanned Lycene woman stepping up as the Lady Brigadier. The usually pinned braid of her hair in silver, snow white, and ebon black has been separated into individual braids for each of the various colors and set half-up with jeweled hairpins. The crimson silk clinging to her lean curves is cut in the fashion of the city-states; partially bared shoulders with a low v-neck and a slit on the side of the skirt to show off her tall legs and silken slippers tied with golden ribbons. Instead of the customary flames she favors as a design, there are delictately embriodered gold roses on the silk at her bodice and about her shoes. There's even a smoky shade around her dark blue eyes and deep crimson at her scowling lips.

And because she is the Lady Eirene, she has a black leather swordbelt slung low at her hips with her Flame-Mender blade riding at her side. There may also be a shining scalpel tucked into the garter of her black silk stockings. While she looks the part of a Lycene noblewoman, the attitude is unmistakenable. "So which of you fuckers want to hear interesting stories about amputations and drunks falling into firepits," she says in her whiskey-rhasp of a voice, smirking. "Or weird shit I've cut open in the name of science." She motions with her hands lifted, a beckoning of the fingers. Bring it. Her lack of charm is sometimes the most charming thing about her. "I'm worth at least two dogs, or a really stuck-up cat."

Joslyn raises her hand. "I'll bid 1000!"

Ford lifts his hand, " 7000."

Karadoc bust out laughing, "I've got a stuck up cat..."

"And there goes my budget."

Darren casts a glance over to the stage, a hearty chuckle leaving him at Eirene'es speech. "I don't have any dogs, but I'll bid 10,000!"

Armel is already clapping as Eirene is announced, and when she announces herself, he immediately leaps in with, "15,000."

Charlaine nods her head to Ford, "You can spend more!" she chides at him as she laughs

Arcelia smiles up at Eirene and laughs softly as the numbers climb higher and higher.

"20000" Juliet declares, with a quirked brow at the other bidders, shooting a grin to Joslyn. "I'll share," She promises.

Antonio has joined the Balcony.

Eirene looks at Armel. "The fuck is on your head," she says flatly. She looks up as the bids fly fast and furious. "Shit, didn't realize I'm that interesting..."

Shadowwanders away from the bar making his way over to Charlaine to lean in murmuring something to the woman.

Estaban smirks looking up at Eirene and shakes his head then looks back at the people at his table.

Dominic shakes his head with a chuckle, "Not going to let that go aren't you?" He says raising his hands in defeat, "Trying to bring you some culture." The prince jokes and walks over to the bar with an empty glass of rum.

Dominic has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Joslyn grins towards Juliet, nodding her head with a smirk.

Armel peers aside to Juliet, and grumbles, but isn't dissuaded yet. "25,000."

"You are very interesting M'lady." Arcelia beams up at Eirene, amusement in her eyes.

Artorius whistles lightly in support of his aunt!

Mira shakes her head, eyes wide at the dizzying array of bids placed so suddenly. Crossing her legs under her table, a slit along the side rises all the way to just below her hip. The red and white dress is a bit more form-fitting than what the lawyer lady usually wears, and after a few minutes, she eventually reaches into her purse and withdraws her spectacles, slipping them on, with slight adjustments.

Charlaine nods her head to Shadow and she shrugs "Be well Shadow, thank you for showing up."

Kenna flashes an earnest grin toward Aiden, making room at the table, and rejoining the conversation after scanning the next entry.

Juliet purses her lips. Exhaling softly. "Thirty-five thousand" She decides, with a grin for Eirene and a challenging stare for Armel.

Charlaine says, "25! No 35! do we hear 40? Remember the highest bidder takes home some fine Thraxian Rum!""

Artorius laughs as the numbers just keep getting higher! "Go Eirene!"

Armel seems to quite literally deflate, a clear sign of defeat, and not one he enjoys. He holds his hands up, drooping out of the running as he tucks the purse away after one last examination.

Ford lifts his chin, "Thirty Six."

Eirene shrugs over at Isolde. Looks like they're tied currently for most desired auctionee. She raises her eyebrows as she looks over at Juliet, keening her head slightly. But then Ford bids, and she glances his way in surprise. "Well that's unexpected."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Mira calls out, "Quick, bid a dog!"

Thirty-seven thousand, five hundred silver." Juliet offers. With another look for Ford. Biting her lip, and looking back at Eirene. "And I'm sure we can find a dog, too."

Charlaine smirks to Mira. "Now now."

Armel suddenly perks up at something, and then declares, "45,000." Suddenly excited again.

Carita laughs, suddenly, "They're _trained_ dogs."

Joslyn blinks at Armel's bid, sipping her wine with interest.

Isolde tips her glass of wine in Eirene's direction. "Someone add three dogs!"

"Fuck, people..." Eirene's jaw is partially open in amusement as she laughs, very much disbelieving her time is worth this much. "I should fucking dress like this more, it'll make getting donations for the hospitals that much easier." Her blue eyes flit about the various bidders.

Charlaine nods her head to Armel, "No Animals just Writs and Silver, stay civil now, dont make us end early!" she laughs "45 Going Once, Twice?"

Juliet blinks, and narrows her eyes at Armel. Fingers curling against the table. "Forty-six thousand.[n"

Petal smiles proudly. "I made her gown." She murmurs over to Joslyn. "She does look very lovely, I must say."

Armel grins right back, shooting out in his own rather more coarse and rumbling voice, "Forty-seven Thousand."

"Three piles of sliver shaped like dogs!" Isolde amends.

For once, Fergus actually barks out a laugh at Isolde's commentary.

Joslyn smiles over at Petal, nodding. "It is lovely. As is the gown you made me. When your waiting list has cleared some, I have another order I'd like to place that I think you'll enjoy making."

Anze snorts along with his brother at Isoldes joke.

Charlaine chuckling, she looks out over the crowd "47& Highest bid Going once!

Eirene grins at Isolde. "I'm a triple-bitch, yes..."

"You know, I'd -planned- to bid on more than one person tonight..." Juliet declares over at Armel. Then looks back to the stage, shooting Eirene a bright smile. "50000"

Artorius cannot help but clap his hands in sheer amazement at these numbers.

Arcelia cracks up at Eirene's comment and then laughs more when Armel moves the bid to 50k.

Tikva puffs out her cheeks and blows out her breath.

Eirene's fairly speechless which says a -lot-.

Gisele's hand slips over her mouth, which may or may have sagged open. Either she is appalled or impressed by the numbers being bandied about.

Armel appears to, at last, be done, and his energy glows from him once more, sadly. Whatever last-minute infusion of funds he had has apparently been expended, and he drops out of the running.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Charlaine nods her head "50! Last chance - last chance!

Armel blinks a couple times, peering at a missive he receives. "Oh, for...Fifty-five thousand!."

Petal's brown eye widen and she smiles happily.

"I can keep going all night, Grandmaster," Juliet declares. "Fifty-six thousand."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Mira stares at Armel as well, fairly bewildered. Slumping a bit, elbow on the table and her cheek on her palm, Mira lifts her eyebrows. "I am clearly in the wrong business..."

"Gods woman." Ford says, "Let the man have his day.."

Armel receives another missive. "Well....Apparently some people disagree, we shall see. Sixty thousand." He looks completely bewildered at this point. Bit excited too.

Cristoph looks up from his cups, watching the bidding war with interest. He looks between the man and woman before grabbing a server and handing something off to him.

"If someone breaks a hundred for Eirene, I'll eat my fucking boot." Fergus grunts, refilling his glass yet again. "So long as someone seasons it good an proper."

Charlaine giggles as she looks between the pair, "My my, quite the bidding war, What is your highest counter Lady Juliet?"

Donella says, "Dearly beloved Gild watching over us. They really really want their rum keg."

Artorius looks like a freaking child on his birthday. He is laughing so hard right now he's almost crying. He's just clapping and eventually whistles loudly in support of Eirene.

Valerion has left the Balcony.

Juliet shakes her head. "I'm not giving you my highest counter. I'm outbidding him. Sixty-five thousand"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Joslyn looks at Juliet in surpise, laughing. "You are... gods," Joslyn laughs. "Gods I love you."

Eirene claps her hands in amusement as someone seems to be funneling Armel money. "Sweet Gild! Someone's being nice to you ain't they?" She just blinks in sheer amazement as the bid goes up again, covering hand over her eyes. "I cannot believe this, shit..." She sighs as she looks up, the bid ongoing.

Khanne leans her elbow on the table in front of her, and her chin on that fist, watching with rapt interest.

Armel receives /another/ bundle, looking like he is torn between fainting and laughing his ass off, let alone his hat. "Okay..Okay...Seventy-five thousand!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Valerion has joined the Balcony.

Valerion has left the Balcony.

Valerion has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Estaban claps his hands and cheers on the bidding for Eirene letting out a laugh.

Juliet closes her eyes. She exhales, softly. Then rises. "Eighty-Thousand." Once those eyes in dark jade open again, she's looking straight at Eirene.

Charlaine looks between Juliet and then Eirene, then back to Armel.. "Ser?"

Rickard has left the Semi-circular Bar.

At this point even Larissa was beginning to lose her shit a little bit and she lets out a shrill whistle of encouragement and cheer!

Mira produces a fan from her purse, flicking it open and rapidly fanning her neck. "Goodness..." She looks a little alarmed by the whirlwind of bids!

Armel hesitates. Is he beaten? He's not speaking, looking at all the bundles he has received that look an /awful/ lot like bundles of silver, as if frantically counting in his head. Let's hope he's good at math.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Armel offer out finally, "NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND." In a hopefully triumphant tone.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Cristoph sits there and drinks from his cups. He's quiet. Except for the part where he's laughing quietly and near hysterically into said cups.

Fergus blinks. "Fuck me. I'm going to have to eat my boot, aren't I."

Ninety. Five. Thousand." Juliet declares.

Charlaine looks between them "whomever can give me 100 thousand gets the lady!

Freja shouts across to Fergus. "I'll grab the salt!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Artorius just dies at this point with laughter and pure shock.

"Gods above," sighs Gisele, through the weave of her fingers over her mouth.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Armel before departing.

Juliet nods. "Deal."

Valerion whistles a bit and looks between Juliet and Armel with a smile on his face.

Armel is in too deep. He cannot go back now. "I can as well!"

"Lagoma's flaming bush," Eirene says, stunned. She reaches out to grab a chair to steady herself.

Shadowgrabs a nearby server and hands them a bag of silver before sending them off.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juliet before departing.

Fergus looks at Armel. Looks at Juliet. Looks at Eirene. "Threeway?"

Charlaine calls out loudly "Sold for 100 Thousand... to BOTH Armel and Lady Juliet!" She looks to Larissa and she grins.

Freja loses her wine there, pounding a closed fist against her chest to help clear her throat and airway."

Alistair is now staring rather pointedly at Juliet as she puts up 100,000 silver to bid on Eirene. The Inquisitor stares at her in a not so flattering way. Perhaps... recalling how the Inqusition money books look in regard to the Fidante family.

Joslyn glances at Juliet. "Think you'll still be able to share?" she asks with an surprised look.

Larissa stands up "Ladies and gentleman. I begin to wonder if our two contestants and the Lady Eirene might be agreeable to an evening spent with each? Lady Eirene, Lady Juliet, My Lord...?"

Fergus says, ""Does that mean I eat two boots, or just the one?" Fergus asks. For clarity's sake, of course."

Juliet turns, glaring daggers at Armel, accepting a messenger which hardly seems to improve her mood. "I challenge you to a duel, Grandmaster Armel Godsworn."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juliet before departing.

Freja offers said clarification for Fergus. "One boot and one glove."

Donella can be heard asking at the patrons at the bar, notably the Inquisitor, with crinkled brow, "What's a thruway?"

Joslyn gives Juliet a look then.

Karadoc grinned to Fergus, "Hm... 2 wins. I'd go for a boot and a glove."

"Not the one you puked on." Fergus points out to Freja.

Armel stands his ground, raising an eyebrow at Juliet now as he tugs on his tunic, standing up to face the woman. "On what ground, might I ask? For bidding at a charity is hardly grounds for a duel."

Shadow blinks as mention of a duel is made, Shadow's arms crossing over his chest as he looks around to find a seat as things seem to be getting far more interesting.

Karadoc laughed, "I'll even cook it for you."

Ford sits up straight in his chair. A duel?

"I didn't -puke-, I simply spit out that abyssal vodka of Mydas'. I drank the other three shots though!" Freja is quick to remind her brother.

"The fuck?" Did Juliet just call for champions. "No, fuck it, Julie, stop." Eirene's amusement quickly fades. "I can spend time with him AND with you, it's no big fucking deal..."

Mira cringes in her chair, however. "A duel...?"

Fortunato raises himself from the table. "Juliet! What are you doing? Just both of you pay the money, everyone wins. /Clearly/."

Gisele's eyes gather in a wince. "Ah... a duel over... such is not..."

Carita slouches back into her seat, looking up, "Please do not let me follow this."

Darren chokes on his drink, though whether it's from Donella's question or the sudden throw down of challenges, it is anybody's clue. He does roll his eyes though, leaning to whisper something to Donella.

Larissa grins at Carita.

Joslyn rises in her seat then, a look given to Juliet and Armel both. There is a curious quirk of her lips.

Artorius slowly leans forward from his chair, the laughter dying.

"A /duel/? Are you fucking kidding me?" Yes, the lady swears. Jael frowns deeply at Juliet's words.

Juliet is ready to name the reason - and her terms, though Eirene's words stop her. "I'd like a word with the Lady Eirene."

Anze eyes Juleit and then looks to Armel and then leans to mutter something to Juliet.

Gisele steals a glance at the table of remaining auctionees, her brow creased with worry.

Cristoph stops his hysterical giggling when someone starts talking about duels. "That's not fun." He mutters to himself, glancing around and tugging on his shirt collar uncomfortably. "I'm jsut going to go back to drinking now."

Arcelia looks between Juliet, Eirene, and Armel.

Charlaine nods her head "No duel's here, its just a date night.." she says a moment, as she looks to Juliet then back to the others she shakes her head "I would allow that." she says as she nods her head to Juliet "keep it nice."

Eirene motions Juliet over, folding her arms over her chest in growing irritation.

Artorius slowly rises from his seat, looking between the three.

Armel just waits, spreading his hands. He looks frankly more than a little confused by the sudden throwdown of a duel, but he has his purse of silver, remarking, "I would wonder at turning a charity event into a duel, but as you wish." He doesn't seem particularly concerned, rocking back on his heels and looking more irritated at the sudden change, for he was having fun, previously.

Shadowwhen there is that sudden diminished prospect of a duel Shadow just mumurs under his breath, "So.. place bets.. not place bets.. If bets.. say 2,000 on one in dress."

Juliet exhales, and steps over to the stage, giving a small nod of thanks to the hostesses, before moving in to murmur to Eirene.

Joslyn quirks her lips and watches Juliet closely, frowning as she moves over to Eirene.

Khanne just shakes her head, taking a deep breath. She leans back in her seat, reaching up to play with the feathers in her hair idly.

From his place on the balcony, Antonio continues to watch the biddings, a smirk on his face.

Ford puts up his hands, palms upwards, "Can we move things along? Surely they can handle that nonsense -off- the stage."

Charlaine nods her head to Ford as she was already working with Larissa on the next

As soon as Juliet moves to speak with Eirene, Armel turns and shoots the room in general a bit of a 'I don't know either' shrug. "Yes, please, move along. If Juliet insists, we will deal with it off to the side."

"Shit, if they want to duke it out over it, I say let'em. The worst that'll happen is somebody gets a cut." Fergus comments idly, drinking. "Seems kinda silly, but eh. Date to remember, at least."

Mira glances sidelong at Ford, "You know, maybe you should have wagered yourself on the stage? It sounds fun. If a little murderous at times."

"Ladies and Gentleman we are going to take a moment and sort out Lady Eirene's exciting fate. I think we can all understand the passion shared in the heat of the moment and after all this is all in the name of charity! I for one am so thankful for all three of them. In the mean time I will call up the next Auctionee.. or rather.. Auctionee's"

Ford laughs, looking over to Mira, "I couldn't compete with those prices."

_,--._.-, "Our next auctionees are unique in that they

( /\_r-,\_ ) come as a matching pair! These two have been

.-.) _;='_/ (.; at each others side since the moment I met

\ \' \/S ) them. Prince Anze Redrain and Lady Calypso Malvici

L.'-. _.' ' will be auctioned together! Let us welcome

<_`-'\'_.'/ our daring duo to the stage!"

`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'



Khanne smirks towards Ford and says, "neither will the rest of us, likely."

Anze stands from the table and looks out at the crowd "remember, Calypso is included in this, it ain just me"


"10,000." Arcelia raises.

Isolde calls out, " 11,000"

Fergus cannot contain himself. "14,999 for Calypso, and 1 for Anze."

Kenna has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Darren raises his hand, calling out, "20,000. There are two of them, after all."

Artorius looks at Arcelia with a light glance and shakes his head lightly.

Mira raises her hand excitedly...but doesn't even speak as the price suddenly spikes. Her eyes a little wide, like she just got shot by an arrow, Mira sighs and lowers her hand, looking at Ford. "Geeze."

Freja raises her voice and then adds to it, " 25,000."

Donella exclaimes delightedly "Its a twofer!"

Marian calls out, "30,000.."

Karadoc bust out laughing at Fergus's offer.

Larissa tries really hard not to laugh at Fergus. It shouldn't be that funny but it kind of was.

Charlaine smiles as the Auction once again gets going, "11 thousand for this fine couple! no, 20... Wait No 25!" she calls out "All the money is going to help siege repairs!

Anze snorts at his brother and finds something (not too heavy) to throw at him.

Joslyn's attention is locked still on Juliet and Eirene, still on her feet as if ready to jump into action.

Thunk. "Ow." Fergus gets smacked with something.

Armel has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Isolde pauses to look into her coin purse. "31,000" She calls out!

Eirene speaks in a low quiet voice to the Fidante girl, words intense but earnest. She places a hand against Juliet's cheek and smiles slightly as a question is asked.

Charlaine looks over the crowd, "Do I hear 30?! Oh yes! 31! Thank you Isolde!"

Anze grins at Isolde "really lookin to catch up with me an Calypso that much eh?"

Marian calls out, "31,500.."

Mira calls out, "Don't forget to bid one extra for Anze too!"

Fergus fingerguns at Mira.

Anze snorts at Mira

Isolde shakes her head at Anze, amused. "31,501 sliver. Delivered in the shape of a boot."

Marian roars in laughter and shakes her head, raising her glass to Isolde to let Charlaine know that she is conceding because of Isolde's clever quip.

Juliet has her jaw clneched tight, but nods at Eirene's question. Taking in another deep breath, and leaning into that touch, raising her gloved hand to brush against the older woman's fingers.

Armel shakes his head slowly, moving to Larissa and passing over a /considerable/ purse of silver. "Keep it, whatever the outcome," he decides. He shakes his head and moves back to his table, plopping down on his backside and looking a bit disgusted with the shape the night has taken.

Darren lifts his hand up, "31,502 silver." He flashes an innocent grin to Isolde.

Khanne chuckles at Isolde's boot shaped bet, then laughs at Darren.

'Prince Darren, does this mean you think Prince Anze is worth 2 silver?"

Dash the Guard Corgi have been dismissed.

Mira shrugs to Khanne, "That's twice the previous bid."

Charlaine looks over to Darren then she laughs "really?" she asks him giggling "alright the bids must be at least 300 increase"

Aiden has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Arcelia has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Aemily - A Black Hound, 1 Saik Guard, Amethyst - A Cleaver Raccoon leave, following Arcelia.

Valerion has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Arcelia, Valerion leave, following Aiden.

"To be fair, I was underselling my brother. He's worth at least two bits." Fergus quips, giving a wink to his younger brother.

Darren laughs over to Larissa. "Prince Anze is worth at least /three/ silver in my book," he winks.

Isolde looks at Darren and sticks out her tongue again. "31,702."

"Don't," Eirene says to Juliet with a dry laugh. "You have my nephew's wedding to pay for, yeah? We'll work it out sometime, sweets. One night, as owed." Her eyebrows raise in amusement and she looks over to Armel, raising a hand towards him. "You won too, dumbass. Don't look so glum. Or am I really that worthless." She moves away from Juliet to grab the chair beside him, turning it around and straddling it. In her dress as opposed to her pants so it's a much different look.

Antonio has left the Balcony.

Estaban has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Freja pinches the bridge of her nose and mutters to herself.

Charlaine says, "31.802! Going once Going twice!"

Anze laughs as he's moved up to two silver "always knew i'd make somethin of myself when I came to tha city, an look at that, apparently I've already doubled my f'an value"

Charlaine giggles "Sold!"

Darren tips an invisible hat to Isolde. "It was a good fight," he chuckles.

Artorius eventually just stood and left, looking rather...meh. He mostl ikely left to see his daughter.

Artorius has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd leaves, following Artorius.

Juliet gives Eirene a nod, and moves over to Armel as well. "After discussing it with the Lady Brigadier, we've decided that she's worth at least two-hundred thousand silver. And so, she has graciously agreed to spend a night with us each. Thus, I withdraw my challenge, at the lady brigadier's wishes."

Gunther, a Rottweiler leaves, following Estaban.

Isolde has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Joslyn croses the room, setting her wine down as she moves over to quietly murmer something to Juliet.

Armel leans over and murmurs something to Eirene, his hands to himself the entire time, before he stands, politely bows to all present, and turns to exit the hall, shaking his head and waving for Ysbail to keep the hat for the time being. "Glad to hear it, Lady Juliet," he says shortly to Juliet, on the hairy edge of politeness as he moves off.

Anze beams happily "delightful. I'll even make sure to wear a shirt... or not wear a shirt, whatever tha princess wants" Anze laughs and then drops himself back at the table with the other bids.

Mathias steps in just in time to hear mention of a duel. "What the bloody Abyss did ye get into this time?" is the man's eloquent words towards Armel, while giving Juliet a frowning look. Still, she's dismissed in favour of his commanding officer.

Larissa laughs at Anze and Darren both, clapping her hands as the bid was one "Anze, I'd have given you 6. Never sell yourself short" she grins "Congratulations to our winner. And it seems as though Lady Eirene has been won by both Lord Armel and Lady Juliet. I would like to thank you both so, so deeply. I know you will each share a fabulous evening with Lady Eirene and! you have both given so much back to our community and this is what we are all here for today. A city is being built tonight. Thank all of you!! And with that I will next call upon...."

Juliet shoots Joslyn a smile, reaching out to curl her fingers to the woman's shoulder, murmuring back at her.

Ysbail cocks her head at Armel's departure, frowning lightly. Looking to Eirene and Juliet, she bobs a nod and murmurs, "Excuse me, my ladies." Then rises and hustles to catch up to the Grandmaster.

_,--._.-, "I'm afraid I know very little of our next auctionee.

( /\_r-,\_ ) I can only assume he is as mysterious as his

.-.) _;='_/ (.; namesake! Let us all welcome SHADOW to the stage!"

\ \' \/S )

L.'-. _.' '


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'



Ysbail has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mira raises a hand, "One silver!"

There are those who are born with social graces and that air of confidence when it comes to such matters as auctions for charity and time around so many nobles and other people.. And then there is Shadow. The large man from the mountains blinking as his name is called and beginning to move towards the stage only to realize he is still holding a bottle of whiskey, The man glancing around quickly before he is making a little rush like a bear through a shop towards the bar to set it down. A sheepish grin showing as he turns around and tries to calmly head for the stage. Shadow's steps guiding him up onto it as he looks around. The large man shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously clearly not sure what to do in such a situation. After a moment though he seems to spot a small que and he ahs softly. "Am Shadow, Not speak best Arvani but will make good talk if know Northlands or Oathlands.. Will drink with, talk with and make sure have enjoyable time. Shadow know not as nice to look at as others, But is strong.. So if need heavy thing lifted? Shadow do for. Is no problem" A warm smile given though there is that nervousness still in his gaze.

Being that guy to the gods-damned maximum, Agnarr had made no attempt to dress whatsoever. He watches the stage, wrinkles his nose, and looks for a place to sit.

10 Silver!

Mira raises her hand again, "20 silver!"

Agnarr has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

22.2 Silver!

Eirene shoots Juliet a stern glare as Armel departs, standing and going after him in her quick paced stride.

Eirene has left the Table of honor.

Larissa pipes up "I will bid 1500 silver"

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Mira aws, laughing a bit as Larissa cuts in.

Marian calls out, "2,000.."

Charlaine laughs "1500 For our Shadow and our only commoner here!" Do I hear any more? 2? It is for Cherity folks." She nods to Marian, "3?"

"Hmmm I will have to go 3,000. I excel at etiquette lessons and I do so love a challenge."

Juliet sighs softly, looking after Eirene, closing her eyes tightly and leaning into Joslyn.

Shadowmutters as he hears the bid from Larissa about etiquette lessons, "Think might take more than night.." A chuckle leaving him moments later as he shrugs and looks over the room.

Mira looks amused, glancing sidelong at Marian, then Larissa. "Ooo, a challenge." She beams. "Good luck!"

Marian calls out, "4,000.."

Isolde has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Marian calls out to Larissa, "'re wasting his talents. I'd rather spend some time in his shop and see how he makes his creations."

Larissa twists her lips up and considers "I hadn't considered that... very good point my Lady. 5,000"

Charlaine says, "Any more bids for Shadow? at least boost him to 5? anyone?"

Shadow's cheeks darken as he hears Marian's comments about his work and the shop, The man calling out. "Not sure would be fun time for..But do whatever want."

Isolde glances at Darren and then raises her hand. "5,000!"

Charlaine nods her head and she grins "surely a leather working class is worth that much yes. "We are at 5 now, shall i hear 6?"

Mira folds her arms, still looking amused. "Sounds like a lot of work to me."

Charlaine says, "We are at 5,300 for one leather working class from Shadow. Any more bids?"

Larissa inclines her head and concedes to Princess Isolde

Charlaine nods her head "Sold!"

Marian raises her glass to Isolde for again taking the prize.

Juliet gives another nod to Joslyn, then smiles brightly, apparently calming down, some.

     When it is called for 5,300 Shadow actually seems very happy with the ammount, The man moving down to begin heading off from the stage. His movements guiding him off in the direction of Isolde as he looks down to begin working at one of the larger pouches on his belt. The man lifting from it carefully a leather rose as he walks over and sets it on the bar. "Is um, Something Shadow make. Hope is okay. If not like color have others at shop.. Can switch out for."

Celeste the Realist Messenger arrives, following Percephon.

_,--._.-, "Next up will be the lovely Lady Juliet Malvici! She is the

( /\_r-,\_ ) Voice of her house and is known for her beauty and

.-.) _;='_/ (.; kindness and her willingness to help and support

\ \' \/S ) any in need. Let us welcome Lady Juliet to the stage!"

L.'-. _.' '


`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Dominic chuckles, glancing over his shoulder at Shadow as he drinks his rum. He shifts back to join the conversation at the bar.

Lady Juliet Fidante. Voice of Tor, Paladin of Reflection. And now, she's here.

She steps onto stage, the sharpened stygian heels of her knee-length boots clicking against the surface of the floor. Stockings in sheer black with rose adornments in crimson cover her thighs, exposed by the slit in her skirts that go all the way up to her hips. Her dress is edged in silver, and shimmers splay across the midnight silk when she moves; covered from hip to neck, with skirts dancing all the way to her ankles. The garment is form-fitting, and there's a heart-shaped panel exposing a fair amount of cleavage behind sheer reds.

The cloak she wears is equally pairing the two colours for contrast, with a wine-coloured lining as a fluttering backdrop when she makes her way, putting herself on display.. A pair of dawnstone roses glitter, one on either side of the collar.

Her make-up is equally striking, with deep crimson lips, a hint of blush to her cheeks, and dramatic lines with sweeping wings for her eyelines. Her hair is braided in a lycene plait, slung over one shoulder, with iridescite thread glittering within her ebony locks, and thirteen roses in alternating black and deep reds adorning the braid. To cap it off, she wears duskstone roses in her ears, against her bosom, and as the centrepiece of the buckle in her swordbelt, the rose-tanned leather resting low on her hip, and her alaricite rapier sheathed at her side.

Once she's in place, in the middle of the stage, she offers a sweeping curtsey, tugging on the edges of her cloak as she dips low. The dark jade of her eyes glittering as she regards the crowd, and a coy smile touching her lips. "My lords. My ladies." She rises slowly, her voice a sultry purr. " I have a reputation for scandal and I indulge in many vices. I can only hope that you will be willing to pay for a memorable ride. Remember - it's for charity."

Isolde stands and accepts the rose with a polite smile. "It's lovely. Thank you." Then she briskly heads to pay Larissa, handing off the silver. She's trying not to laugh as she whispers something to Larissa.

Celeste the Realist Messenger leaves, following Percephon.

Petal rises to her feet and quietly slips out.

Petal has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Karadoc put his hand up, "2,000 silver. " He offered, to get the bidding going.

"Now, that *has* to be an innuendo." Fergus offers, having been quiet for some time now. The Redrain considers a long moment, shrugs, and then toasts Juliet. "10,000."

Donella says, "15."

Marian calls out to the crowd, "She ran the Gauntlet with me in a shirt and nearly beat me...16,000."

"Fuck it." Freja says, totally not related. " 20,000."

Larissa smiles at Juliet "I will offer ... oh. well. Now, I will offer 30,000"

"{lg 25,000 " Josyn calls out.

"{ 25,000 " Josyn calls out.

Juliet beams brightly, curtseying here and there, to the bids, blowing a kiss to Joslyn and Larissa. "You all flatter me darlings. But surely there's a little more in the coin pouches?" She asks, fluttering her lashes. "If you need to pool your money, I'm happy to entertain a party..."

We have a high bid 30 from Larissa! any more?

Wrinkling her nose for a moment and considering, Joslyn pipes up again. " 35,000 "

"I will bid 50,000 for you to host our next auction in a few months time!"

Charlaine blinks a little as she looks around "Who? Me?" she asks as she blushes to whomever voiced such a thing.

Ford lifts his flag down a server. He didn't even have a drink yet!

There's a little laugh at that, and Juliet curtseys. "How can I turn down such an offer, mm?" She purrs. Giving Larissa another wink. Spreading her hands, and cocking her hip, then slowly hugging herself and running her arms down her body and sides, resting her knuckles against her hips.

Charlaine says, "50! Going once going twice, and sold to Larissa!"

Shadow's head dips to Isolde as she moves off the man stepping away himself as he turns his focus to the stage watching the new auction taking place.

Juliet beams, taking Larissa by the hand, and stepping down off the stage, leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek, murmuring her thanks.

Marian raises her hand as if to let Darren know that this is all a friendly game here, and she has no interest in upsetting anyone at the table, "Now...let us keep things light." She gives a smile to both Darren and Isolde.

Shadow has joined the Balcony.

Larissa Cheers! "I will pay myself when we are finished. And I thank you all for letting me play a little also. We have just a few more people! I am so very pleased and so completely grateful to everyone who is here participating tonight. Not only am I indebted to all of you, but so is our entire city. Thank you!"

Larissa takes a moment and returns a kiss to Juliet's cheek as she gives the Fidante Lady's hand a squeeze and murmurs quietly to her before calling the next contestant!

Charlaine smiles and she nods her head "Thank you all for the amount of charity you have shown to help this fine city!"

_,--._.-, "Our next auctionee tonight is Fortunato Grayhope!

( /\_r-,\_ ) I am particularly excited to be hosting him this

.-.) _;='_/ (.; evening as his artwork is known and hangs all

\ \' \/S ) throughout Arx. I am certain an evening

L.'-. _.' ' spent in his company will be not only

<_`-'\'_.'/ beautiful but thoughtful and enlightening

`'-._( \ as well."

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'



Fortunato stands, holding his hat in his left hand. He's short and slight, a small man in repaired leathers. And it's probably a transmutation of discomfort that has him looking out over the audience with challenge that borders on aggression. "Fortunato, artist. I'm scintillating." That's it. Bid, I dare you.

Carita raises her hand, 5,000

Ford lifts his hand, "Six thousand."

Gisele steels herself to lift her voice and call, "(yTen thousand!"

Mira raises a hand, "7000."

Freja offers then, voice lifting in a bet, " 12,000."

Khanne raises her hand and not very colorfully, but enthusiastically nonetheless says, "fifteen thousand."

Charlaine nods to Ford, "12.5

Marian calls out, "13,000.."

Joslyn smiles and shrugs her shoulders with a grin. "I figured it was a more fun night to be had hosting an auction than the nights you'd get from me for free anyway. Besides that was more silver than I have to spend!" there's a chuckle, she inclines her head towards Petal, moving to join Juliet then, smiling softly as she whispers to her.

Charlaine giggles as she is outbid by Khane, "its 15 now folks!

Carita sits back, primly, lips pressed into a very fine line.

Darren lifts his hand, calling out, "25,000

"Hey, save some coin for the rest of us." Fergus calls out. "Gonna be put out if I just get some spare change tossed at my feet. Mean, expect that from my siblings."

Gisele draws a breath and holds it, glancing startled at the larger room. She looks down into the pouch she holds, weighs what's there, and ventures hesitantly, "28,000."

Donella sips from her glass. "26,000."

Donella rolls a hand. "Thirty, then."

Charlaine nods to Gisele "281 do I hear 30?"

Freja reassures Fergus with a hand placed over her heart, a flutter of her lashes. "You're worth three silver, Anze two."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

Darren shrugs his shoulders. "32,000."

Fortunato turns a lopsided, why, slightly strained smile toward each bidder, one that softens for Gisele and stays at least half-soft as the bidding increases. He scratches the back of his neck.

Charlaine Echos "32, going once, going twice....."

Tikva sings out, ""33,000."

Juliet grins to Larissa, and gives her another kiss on the cheek. "We'll have the best of times." Nuzzling at her nose, before leaving her be, to watch the bidding for Fortunato, leaning back into Joslyn. "Bet you he'll go for more than me," She offers, with a grin. "And yes. You can always spend time with me for free. I promise." She shakes her head. "Gods, I did -not- expect to spend that much money. Maybe I should sell some of my dresses."

Gisele sinks back in her chair, chin tucked and lower lip once more caught between her teeth. Tikva's bid earns the lady a look, smiling.

Karadoc chuckled to Freja and Fergus, "Hey, bid on me, and I'll bid on you, so at least we both wont looko bad."

Charlaine giggles! "Sold to Tikva for 33 thousand!"

Joslyn looks mortified at the suggestion. "You will do no such thing! Who else's wardrobe will I raid when I have nothing else to wear?" she asks with a lift of her eyebrow, leaning into Juliet in turn, looking to the rest of the auction.

"Done. Think I can swing that." Fergus nods at Karadoc. "We get to play the leftovers at this point. I'd say best for last, but I think all the coin has been spent by this point."

Mira sighs, "One day I'll get a portrait." Crossing her legs the other way, Mira snaps shut her fan, snaps it back open, and tilts her head, waiting for the next contestant.

Fortunato ducks his head and clears his throat. To those beyond Tikva, his eyes darting, "We'll spend time even so, hm?" And he moves tables, quite.

Fortunato has left the Table of honor.

Fortunato has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mikani has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fergus before departing.

Mikani walks in and goes over to have a seat at an empty table.

Charlaine calls out Please get your money or Writs over to Larissa for bookkeeping while we wait for our next Auctioneer It wont be long.

Mira shrugs, "In the office. Near my desk."

_,--._.-, "Lord Karadoc Saik is our next auctionee. He is a

( /\_r-,\_ ) bit newer to Arx than his other relations but

.-.) _;='_/ (.; is certainly not letting that slow him down.

\ \' \/S ) Beneath his lazy smirk is a cunning mind that

L.'-. _.' ' I am certain will prove to be very entertaining!

<_`-'\'_.'/ Let us welcome Lord Karadoc Saik"

`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


The lights dimmer just a bit, and a merry, quaint song started to play from the musicians in the back. It started with a single flute, but quickly built up into the entire band, drums pounding, the music filling the air.

The Lord Karadoc Saik, well known for his green and white atire, had on tonight a well cut green suit, a dashing shoulder cape draped over one shoulder, and a flower in his hair, tucked behind his ear. Looking smashing, his entrance was more strut than anything, seeming to get into the mood for the occasion. He stepped in time to the music, and even did a few quick dance moves, as he finally moved to stand where he was directed.

He looked around the ballroom, and grinned, "And please... No dogs. I'm more a cat person myself." He brushed his shoulder off, and then tilted his head to see who'd start the bidding.

Dominic has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Marian calls out, "5,000.."

Mira calls out, "A stray dog from the Lowers!"

"What a dreamboat. Just about to fucking swoon here." Fergus says when Karadoc steps up to be next on the selling bloc. "Put me down for 15,000."

"Do we get to chose the date if we win?" Mika asks curiously.

Juliet snickers. Bowing her head, and giving Karadoc an apologetic smile. No bids from Jules, though given the amount she's already put in, that may be understandable.

5.5 thousand!

Tikva has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mariah, a nanny leaves, following Tikva.

214 Larissa turns "The details of the date will be worked out between yourself and the auctionee."

Mikani nods her head and looks over Karadoc for a moment. "Hmmm...6,000."

Mariah, a nanny arrives, following Tikva.

Tikva has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"6,000... do we hear 7,000?"

Charlaine smiles to Larissa before she nods her head as she looks around "5.5" Going once?, 6!" She grins "Last chance to catch a date with this fine gentleman!

Mikani nods her head and looks over Karadoc for a moment. "Hmmm...20,000."

Karadoc raised a brow, looking out over the crowd to see who was bidding. He narrowed his eyes, and then laughed at who it was, giving a small nod.

Tikva has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mariah, a nanny leaves, following Tikva.

Joslyn chuckles, leaning against Juliet as she murmers quietly to her, an arm snaking around the Fidante lady's waist.

Mariah, a nanny arrives, following Tikva.

Tikva has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"20,000 to this young lady here... Going.. Going... Sold to Mikani! Congratulations. Please give money to myself."


_,--._.-, "Next up with have Lady Khanne Halfshave! I am almost

( /\_r-,\_ ) certain that an evening spent with her might

.-.) _;='_/ (.; be best enjoyed under the stars with a roaring

\ \' \/S ) bonfire. She is an elegant wilderness that I

L.'-. _.' ' have been utterly charmed by. Let us

<_`-'\'_.'/ welcome Lady Khanne!"

`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


"3000!" Silas suddenly calls out again.

Ford raises his hand, "3500"

Gisele, emboldened by having successfully bid previous (though without winning), calls out, "Five thousand!"

Khanne rises up from her seat and gives an awkward sort of bendy-knee-curtsy-resembling-thing. It is growing late, and perhaps that is why... or perhaps she's not quite in the habit of actually acting like a dainty woman. She is dressed in a mildly revealing silk dress, marbled in shades of blue and green, showing off her lightly freckled, pale arms and back, as well as a bit of leg at the slit. It is adorned with leather and fur, however. The woman has to have some semblance of northerness about her. Wine-red hair is swept up and kept in place by a pair of beautifully painted hairpins, though a strand of beads and feathers hands from the tresses as well. She's not a woman full of flash and glamour so much as just being naturally her. "I look forward to spending time with whomever wins this bit of the auction... Even if there will not be any dogs bid, duels called, or boots eaten over the bid." She smiles and rests her hands on her hips in a casual pose, before clasping them behind her back to wait for the bids.

Fortunato raises his head with a careful, "8,000."

Darren lifts his hand, calling out, "20,000."

Ford drops his hand on the table.

Juliet gives a little smile to Silas, and Gisele, considering the bids, and murmuring with Joslyn. She's about to make her bid when Darren speaks out, and shoots him a pouty lip, but sinks down in her seat again, shooting Freja an apologetic look as well.

Charlaine has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Considers for a moment and raises her hand. "I'll bid 25,000 " she offers with a nod.

Karadoc had made his way down, giving a grin to his fellows at the table of honor, before going to join Mikani.

Karadoc has left the Table of honor.

Karadoc has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Silas opens his mouth, then closes it, doing an impressive landed fish act.

Gisele shakes her head, clearly also learning the lesson much taught this evening about trying to outbid nobles. She turns back to those at her table.

Charlaine looks to the bidding ad she smiles a little as she speaks to the table she murmers as she watches the auction, with a grin, she was taking a break from driving for a momet

Ford speaks out anyway, "Thirty thousand."

Agnarr has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Isolde covers her mouth to hide a smile. "Good strategy, Marian." Donella's quip results in a raised eyebrow and then Darren almost feeds her ammo. "So you're looking for a one on one with Lady Khanne, Darren?" She bats her eyelashes, innocently.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Shadow before departing.

Darren squints at Isolde and just shakes his head, lifting his hand up into the air once more. "Fifty thousand," he offers helpfully.

Khanne grins lopsidedly as each person places a bid for her, her brow raised at Darren before blinking slightly in surprise at Joslyn. She smiles and gives her a nod, and then to Ford. "All to a good cause. Each sil..." she then blinks at Darren.

Ford makes a face.. really.

Anze has left the Table of honor.

Anze has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Joslyn grins at Khanne, looking then to her purse and shaking her head sadly. "Afraid I just can't beat that," she says. "But I hope I can get some time with you again in the future, free of charge," she adds, winking towards the Shaman.

At one of the tables, Mira Matessi, in her shoulderless, backless dress of red and white, lazily crosses her legs, watching the bidding war with bemusement. Taking off her glasses to clean them idly, the fox-haired lawyer tilts her head a bit, wondering at the sudden pause in bids.

50 GOing once twice? and sold!

Khanne smiles to Joslyn and says, "thank you for trying, certainly. I am sure we will soon as we can. Lots of interesting things coming up, yeah?"

Juliet nods in agreement with Joslyn. "I... Don't think anyone's surprised to hear my purse is empty. Or close to it, at least." Shooting Khanne another apologetic smile.

Charlaine has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"50,000 To Prince Darren! I beg your pardon I was attempting to do math and that might be my one and only flaw.!"

_,--._.-, "I am so pleased to announce that we have Lady

( /\_r-,\_ ) Carita Darkwater next. I have only met the

.-.) _;='_/ (.; Lady Darkwater a few times in passing but I

\ \' \/S ) have been absolutely charmed with her finely

L.'-. _.' ' honed wit and charm! Whoever has the

<_`-'\'_.'/ fortune of winning an evening with her

`'-._( \ should hope to be sharp enough to keep up!"

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Carita stretches to a sinuous stand, tucking her chair beneath the table. She brushes her hands down over her skirts to tidy them, humming lightly, then she flicks her hair back over her shoulder and coolly considers the room.

Lady Carita Darkwater steps down, all unblemished pale with her white-gold hair falling unbound to the middle of her back. No cosmetic or artistic highlights, she just is. Sleek, honed bones and the fluid suppleness of form as she sways out in pastel seafoam and tranquil aquamarine silks .

She chances a look around the auction and laughs, her sea-blue eyes bright with mocking mirth before falling into a respectful hush as she offers a perfectly executed curtsy to greet the room. After that, her hands clasp behind her. Carita simply smirks, "I'll bid 6,000 on myself."

Ford lifts his chin, "6500."

Fortunato clears his throat. "8,000."


Carita quirks an eyebrow, shrewdly scanning the biiders, "Who offered the ten?"

Karadoc chuckled, and put his hand up, "I'll bid 12000."

Karadoc says, "s Silver, that is."

Ford lifts his hand, "Thirteen thousand."

Charlaine looks to Karadoc and she laughs, before she nods her head to Ford, "Im out." she laughs

Fortunato meets some person's eyes in the crowd, shrugs, bids up. "15,000."

Khanne smiles and abandons her seat at the table to waner over to where Darren sits. "Why, thank you, High lord Darren. Will Squee be joining us on our get together?"

Carita snorts, setting a hand on her hip to glare icy eyes at Karadoc, then she rolls her eyes at Ford. "I'm worth more than that." She tilts her head toward Fortunato with a smile, "See. Fifteen is much more reasonable."

Charlaine says, "15 going once going twice?"

Karadoc thought about it, "17,000 silver."

Khanne has left the Table of honor.

Khanne has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Ford says, "Eighteen Thousand."

Karadoc put his hands up in an 'im out' gesture.

Fergus tosses his hand up. "Why the shit not. I don't know her, but I'll put 20 thousand."

Darren looks over as Khanne comes to sit at the bar, laughing a little. "Would you rather just go on our date with her?" he questions her with a smirk. "She's a good date as long as you bring nuts."

Fortunato puts both hands up, a gesture of surrender.

Charlaine says, "18! going to Ford, going once twice and sold!"

Carita sighs, and she offers Fergus a curtsy. "Gods above. No. Twenty, to Fergus."

Charlaine says, "Twenty to Fergus, I am sorry..." she blushes"

Larissa cheers as Fergus puts up 20! "Well done Prince Fergus! Any higher takers? I promise she's worth it!"

"With Rogue around, I never have any. Perhaps Fuzzy Wuzzy instead?" Khanne grins a little tiredly.

"Prince Fergus it is! Congratulations!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Isolde smiles at Khanne as she approaches the bar where they all sit, raising her glass at the noblewoman. "He should have auction Squee instead. I would have paid hundred thousand for that."

Karadoc clapped in applause.

Carita returns to the table in order to bid her peers a farewell.

_,--._.-, "Next up we have with us the Duke Cristoph Laruent.

( /\_r-,\_ ) I have worked with the Duke in the past

.-.) _;='_/ (.; and have been completely charmed by his gracious

\ \' \/S ) demeanor. He is a companionable conversationalist

L.'-. _.' ' and I am certain will provide an excellent evening.

<_`-'\'_.'/ Duke Laruent, welcome to the stage."

`'-._( \

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


When Cristoph's name is called, he'll stand up and stroll on up to the stage. He gives a goofy little dance and a 'tada!'. He certainly doesn't seem embarassed to be on display, maybe he's drunk! He's been drinking for quite awhile. "Duke Laurent here. Bid money if you want to listen to me drone on endlessly about bees. I'm a laugh a minute, ask anyone. Except my sister, don't ask her. Or Princess Alis." There's a waggle of his eyebrows. He's either funny or an annoying idiot, it's up to a person's perspective! "Though if you've all spent your money on Lady Eirene, I certainly understand. I know that I have. ...Indirectly." He coughs into his hand and rocks on his heels.

Mira raises a hand, "5000."

Charlaine tilts her head, "10,000" she offers for the one thats up on the block

Gisele's head turns back towards the stage. That last comment? It draws a low burble of amusement. She follows the first bid with her own: "12,000. For the bees."

Mira sets her lips into a line and sets her hand back down on the table.

"Well, I was going to bid on him, but now I'm just going to hold a grudge," Juliet opines, with a little grin, at Cristoph's salesmanship.

Marian raises her glass in agreement with Isolde's sentiment, "Yes...the bidding would have gone much higher." She grins as Cristoph takes the stage, clapping when the bids quickly escalate to 12,000.

Jael sits up straight when her brother's name is called. "Oh excellent, we can go home soon. I'm getting sleepy."

Darren chuckles to Khanne, patting her on the shoulder. "Ah, we'll figure something out. Maybe we'll take Rogue and Fuzzy out into the forest or something. You can even bring Rowan."

Charlaine says, "13"

Freja has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"I'm disappointed!" Called to Juliet from Cristoph.

Tikva laughs aloud. "14,000."

Gisele steals a glance at Jael. "/Is/ he a laugh a minute?" she wonders. Buyer's remorse? "15,000 for the bee lord!"

Charlaine laughs a little to Tikva "16!"

Mira sighs, sititng back against her chair, hands on her lap. "I think bees sound interesting, at least..."

Juliet lets out a -sigh- "Well, technically, he is family. By marriage. One of his cousins to my cousin, I think." Juliet speculates. "What do you say, Joslyn?"

Khanne laughs and says, "merely mention 'woods' near Rowan and he will be all for that. We were cooped up for far too long..."

Carita drifts down, and prepares to make her leave, "Your Highness, Prince Fergus. I will look forward to our evening. Expect a magpie, very shortly." As she sways out.

Gisele calls, "Thirty thousand!" Someone must really like bees.

"Looking forward to it." Fergus tilts his glass at Carita. "Take care now."

Carita has left the Table of honor.

Gisele is suddenly taken with a fit of giggling. Hopefully she need bid no more, coughing into her fist as she is.

"Thirty Thousand! Any Higher takers... Going? Going...? Thirty Thousand to the lovely Gisele!"

Charlaine tilts her head a little as she looks to the woman and she shakes her head

"Women just like me for my honey." Cristoph says with a loud sigh. It sounds overly dramatic.

_,--._.-, "Our last Present Auctionee of the evening

( /\_r-,\_ ) is Prince Fergus Redrain. Do not! let

.-.) _;='_/ (.; let his perpetual frown dissuade you! Unless of course

\ \' \/S ) you enjoy that kind of thing. Beneath that rough

L.'-. _.' ' rugged exterior is a man of excellent company,

<_`-'\'_.'/ and like as not more hidden talents than

`'-.__-}) I could name. Prince Fergus Redrain!"

\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Tikva is overheard praising Cristoph for: 'Cause he's super sweet. You can just _tell_.

Marian calls out the opening bid, "5,000.."

Hearing his name called, Fergus rises up to this feet. The man is large, impressively so. The sort of frame and gait that suggests the Redrain has seen and been through more war than most and has the decency to not share stories about it. The glass he was drinking out of is drained, and set on the table. Hair is shaggy and unkept, dark with silver streaks wound through it, the same could be said of light beard around his jaw. Doesn't stop to hide the rather long and large scar that runs along the side of his head. Eyes are dark through a deep brow, that scans the crowd with a lazy but somewhat careful gaze. His clothes are northern in origin, not a lot to write home about there.

He wears a pair of swords at his waist. One is the fabeled Sword of Valeria, known as Demonslayer. Another is perhaps a more simple, but brutal rubicund blade, both well cared for. Arriving on stage, he looks a bit more out at the crowd. "Saving the best for last? Smart move, Whisper Larissa. Alright, here for some prime-cut Fergus, eh? Well, don't let me stop the bidding, then? Small bid, large big, I ain't too picky, so lets get this going. Charity, right? Yeah, charity." And a rare showing of the sense of humor beneath all the grumpy and jerkness, the large man does the only thing he can think of. He starts to flex like some kind of scruffy bronze Olympian. The Hulk Hogan type of flexing. Does his shirt tighten at all the flexing? Totally. Start fanning yourselves. He hasn't torn off his shirt. Yet. Fergamania running wild.

Mikani has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Freja ups that for the hell of it, " 15,000."

Darren is about to lift his hand to bid, when he hears Fergus calling himself prime cut. He just makes a face, and sets his hand back down.

Charlaine ups it 20,000

Jael lets out a loud whoop when her tablemate Gisele wins the bidding. "Oh, this'll be fun. Can I come too? I make a mean honey sandwich."

Marian isn't about to be beaten by the other ladies and ups the bid, "25,000.."

Karadoc grinned over to Fergus, "Looks like we both are going higher than we figured."

Juliet lets out a little whistle - and is about to speak - and then shoots a quick pout to Charlaine and Marian.

Charlaine smiles softly to the princess, "26"

Anze shakes his head at his brother "f'an spirits. Prime cut" he looks to Freja "our brother is a f'an idiot."

Gisele sifts through her pouch, counting silvers-- and perhaps accepting a few from others at the table. "I /do/ like honey sandwiches."

Freja counters, " 30,000."

Khanne chuckles and shakes her head with a laugh. "Forty thousand for the... prime.. cut." She can't help but laugh.

Marian calls out the opening bid, "45,000.."

Charlaine giggles "50."

Joslyn considers Juliet, leaning against her with a considering smile. "Well..." she says. "I say go for it if you can. I'm waiting for more pretty ladies to be brought out before I bid," she adds, chuckling.

Marian thinks about it for a moment and then adds, "55,000.."

Charlaine inclines her head "your win Princess

"Come on Ladies! Look at those bulging muscles! Surely we can get more out of him than this! Do I hear 60,000?"

Cristoph hops off the stage, a bit drunkenly. It's true. He waggles his eyebrows at Gisele with a little smirk. "I'll come calling for you." Then he's hauling his sister out of there. "Lets go, I have a place we need to check out tonight. It's going to be awesome." Oh yes, definitely wasted in his cups.

"Thought I might have to bail him out if things went south, but this turned out just fine." True to her word, brother safely sold, Jael puts her purse away and gets to her feet. "I believe I will call it a night. Lovely to meet and see you all," she tells her table before making her way to the exit.

Escape attempt failed. Jael rolls her eyes and follows Cris out.

Freja crinkles her nose, "I was going to raise my bid, but not after you talk about my brother like that."

Shadowslowly makes his way away from the activity and the calls of bids, The large man of the mountains heading for the doors leading back to the main room of the whisper house.

Cristoph has left the Table of honor.

Jael has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Charlaine says, "55 Going once!"

Larissa laughs and claps "Lady Marian is the winner this evening! Congratulations my Lady. Our next and last two contestants are not with us this evening, however their time will be honored as you wish."

Willen arrives, following Aislin.

Freja stands up and applauds Marian. "A fine woman! Knock him on his ass again. Might knock some more sense into him."

_,--._.-, "Unfortunately our last two auctionees were unable to

( /\_r-,\_ ) make it to tonights auction but their time is available

.-.) _;='_/ (.; none the less. The first of the two will be Prince

\ \' \/S ) Edain Valardin! He is a man of few words but

L.'-. _.' ' when he uses them, it is to inspire."



\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Freja finishes her applause and offers for Edain, " 20,000."

Marian gives a deep laugh and then steps outside for a second to make arrangements for the second man she bought from the auction.

Charlaine looks up and smiles, "50,000

Marian has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Shadow has left the Balcony.

Fergus looks rather pleased with himself. "Shit, didn't think I'd go for that much." There's a little head tilt for Marian, stepping down off the stage. "I am not an idiot, Anze. But I do know when to have a fucking good time." A finger is pointed to Freja. "Keep talking, sister."

Freja offters to that, " 70,000."

Donella considers thoughtfully, ticking her short-pared fingernails upon the table. "There's something about a man that can barely bring himself to swear properly, that spends that much time kneeling... 70,001."

Fergus has left the Table of honor.

Darren looks up as Donella bids, and squints at her.

Joslyn considers the room, lifting her eyebrows and chuckling as she leans in to whisper to Juliet.

Charlaine tilts her head, "Eighty"

"I did promise him swearing lessons." Freja says to Donella. "I am only keeping up with my offer. 90,000."

Mira bobs a foot idly, her legs crossed under the table, enjoying the bidding war as she gets a drink from a server. Her first tonight.

Juliet lets out a soft little whistle. "Gods, I wish I had money," She laughs. "I was going to spread it around a bit, y'know. But I just... Got kinda lost." She admits to Joslyn. Then scoffs, and whispers to Joslyn in turn.

Karadoc chuckled idly, shaking his head.

Charlaine bites her lips "I am afraid Blanchard can not offer over 90"

Larissa Laughs and claps her head at Charlain, then looks at Donella and grins. "Highness, did you just make a dirty joke?.. I rather think you did. We are at 90,000! Can we take Prince Edain to 100,000?"

Marian has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

Silas has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

2 Iron Guardsmen leaves, following Silas.

Anze whistles lowly when Edain jumps up to 100,000 in just a few moments.

Ford has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Dash the Guard Corgi arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Charlaine says, "100"

Charlaine smiles to Larissa and she smiles

"Ah, who am I to argue bidding with the hosts? I concede, but I thought you said you could not offer over 90,000. Enjoy!" Freja says.

Marian stepped out for a second and missed most of the bidding on her liege but when she hears that Prince Edain is going for 100,000 silver, she raises her eyebrow and then retakes her seat at the bar so she can get another drink.

Charlaine laughs a little to Freja, "I had a little bit of support at the last minute!" Thank you all for coming!"

Fergus walks back in, handing over a decent sized sack of coin to Larissa, hearing the ending bids on Edain. "Damn, and here I was thinking I was hot shit."

Karadoc laughed, and gave a nod to Fergus, "Not even here and he put all us guys to shame."

"Shocking." Freja says and rising, moves to ruffle Ferg and Anze's hair once more. "You both did well. I'll see you around, eh?"

Olivia arrives in her sister's company, eyes a little wide as they pass into the balroom. A first visit? It is, at any rate, a visit of curiosity more than anything, at least speaking for the younger Ashford. Because, uh, she does not have 100-plus thousand spare silver laying around to bid on any spare Princes, and blinks a little when she even hears such numbers. "Oh my! It is a shame we were only able to come late, it seems as if they are ran out of cheaper people." Were there even cheaper ones to begin with? Is it OK to say that? Who knows.

Gisele has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Joslyn lifts her eyebrows a touch and chuckles smirking at Juliet. "Well I mean, that much I can understand," she says, grinning, whistling as the total increases again.

Anze nods at Freja "later, don't get into any trouble"

Fergus punches Freja lightly in the shoulder. Lovingly. "Take care, Freja. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Freja snorts, "There will be trouble but you won't hear about it. And that -is- my job. I do what you won't, and you do what I wouldn't. That is how this works."

Pariah, The StormCrow, 4 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Maximilian.

_,--._.-, Our last contestant of the evening is one of my

( /\_r-,\_ ) favorite men in all the city. He is clever,

.-.) _;='_/ (.; cunning, compassionate and funny. I strongly

\ \' \/S ) recommend requesting your time with him

L.'-. _.' ' be spent with a bottle of run and his

<_`-'\'_.'/ uncanny gift for dirty limmericks"


\\ ___

\\ .-'_. /

\\ /.-'_.'


Marian calls out, "5,000.."

Mira raises a hand, "2000"

Mira shakes her head a bit.

Freja checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Aislin gives Olivia a Look. It's that universal look of older sisters everywhere, the one halfway between amusement and exasperation. The one that says 'I cannot believe you just said that'. But then the 'last contestant' is called out, and she turns to remark to her sister, "It seems we actually missed pretty much the /entire/ auction."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

Donella says, "Mine, back-off. 10,000."

Mikani has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Isolde has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Mira glances sidelong at Donella. "15,000."

Maximilianis on cue - as if. His ship came back to shore just in time to enter on the call of his name. "Oh my." Says Maximilian, moving further into the room. "Rum and limericks, thats all I am known for, Larissa?"

Darren considers Donella for a moment, before he lifts his hand in the air. "30,000."

"Sadly so," Olivia laments, although she brightens as they do seem to have a cheaper person! At least she doesn't call him that. "Oh, there's one left."

Khanne watches Mira and Donella with a chuckle and says, "forty thousand."

Mikani has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mikani has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Mira's look of determination just melts, and if she had tall ears atop her head, they would droop aside. She slumps a bit and sighs, sitting back against her chair.

Larissa laughs and runs over to kiss Max on the cheek "You made it! And of course not. Those are just my two most favorite attributes... out of the hundreds, clearly.."

Comes back and sits at an empty table once more.

Marian sits there tapping her glass, looking between Donella and Darren to see if she wants to add another bid to raise the price. Then she regretfully shakes her head because she's already spent her coin on two men for the evening.

For some reason that may not be entirely clear, Freja flushes, her ivory cheeks a bright pink as she glares at something Fergus says to her. Her eldest brother gets shoved and the Shaman is cursing at him under her breath in what can only be the beginnings of a sibling spat.

"Thousands." Suggests Maximilian, with a level of humility that suggests he is AMAZING at humility. "Whomever bids on me and wins, will have a lovely cruise around the Bay of Thrax aboard the Enrapturnator, a vessel with Black Sail Honors, named by the late Nekarris Darkwater. The most elite ship in my fleet... there will be drumming, dinner and perhaps some adventure." A pause.

"Full service."

Donella glares down the bar at Darren. "Blond. Sails. Mine. 41,000."

"Hes gonna make yah ride a boat, take your money back while yah still can" Anze blurts out

Donella wiggles her fingers at Khanne.

Maximilian eyes Anze, pointing to his eyes with two fingers, then pointing back to Anze, then back to his eyes. Watching you, foo'.

Khanne seems almost relieved when Donella outbids her. The mention of a boat ride seems to have made her more pale.

Karadoc smirked.

Mika raises her hand. "50,000."

"He's not blond. He's got brown hair," Darren scoffs to Donella. He was about to bid again, when Mika raises her hand instead.

Poking the bear is one of Fergus' favorite hobbies. In this case, the bear is his sister and he staggers a little at shoulder check. "Oh, it's like that, is it? Don't start something you can't finish." He then proceeds to reach for Freja, getting her into a headlock and noogieing the hell out of her head.

Charlaine looks over to Max before she watches Mika and she smiles a little as she murmers to her friend

"High Lord Darren, for my Princess Donella, I would bleach my hair in the Lenosian fashion." A pause from Max. "If she wins."

Larissa gives Donella a pointed look "I would like to see a blonde Max. My faith is in you, Princess."

Marian calls out to Max, "If you die it green then I'll bid 55,000."

Maximilianturns to point to Marian... "Make it 60."

Charlaine looks from Marian to Max, and she snickers

Donella says, "Don't change a hair for me. Not if you care for me. But I believe I have been outbid."

"NO! MY. CURLS. FERG! YOU JACKASS-" Freja is punching at Ferg's arm, but the man is far stronger than her and while they are close in height, she is not a physical match for him in sheer strength. She brings up her knee to try and catch him in his leg.

Marian shakes her head and tells Max, "Your hair...being green is not worth 60." She looks to Larissa, "I withdraw my bid."

"There is," Aislin remarks to Olivia. "I don't think I'll bid, though. Nia would be so put out. And..." She trails off, glancing over at Freja with her eyebrows raising. She's clearly not even going to ask.

"Redheads have way more fun," Darren remarks with a laugh, sliding off of his barstool as the bidding war seems to be drawing to a close."

Joslyn curls up beside Juliet, holding her close as she watches the auction go off, smiling sweetly in Juliet's direction for a few moments. "Still... all in all, this has been an interesting evening to say the least."

"I heard Mika at 50,000 ... Princess Thrax? What say you?"

Max eyeballs Marian for a moment, then shakes his head. The redrain duo are given a once over. "The Princess Marian, if she will honor the previous bid, will have my hair green. Its for charity... not vanity."

Khanne seems half asleep at her table at this late hour. But she hears a voice that makes her perk up, calling out, "Aislin!" She waves to her then nods to Darren. "Damn straight we do!"

Juliet looks over to the sisters Ashford, giving a wave of a gloved hand. Exhaling softly. "I think I'm spent," She agrees, with a quirk of her lips. Leaning in against Joslyn.

Mira nods to Joslyn, "And no one died! So far."

Larissa nods "So far.."

Olivia is totally oblivious to all this back and forth, or at least, to any meaning behind it all. Though naturally, her sister seems in on the joke, earning a curious glance, even if she doesn't go so far as to ask. "I need to concern myself over getting a few nice dresses first, so thrift seems wise."

And down Fergus goes, but not without taking Freja with him to the ground. It some kind of sibling fight that's turned into the brother grabbing the sister's arm and put it into a lock and an impromptu wrestling match. "Who's sorry?" he grunts in a sing-song fashion. "C'mon, say who's sorry!" It might sound like he's laughing over it.

"Lady Marian? Will you reconsider?"

Mira glances over at Olivia, "You might want to consider Wilhem, the Whisper. Or maybe Petal, for thigh-high stockings."

Donella says, "Too rich for my blood, Madame. I shall have to be content with my drink."

Marian laughs and shakes her head, "No...I have enough men on my hands for the evening. I will have to concede to another."

Mika snickers at the hair comments and then up to Max and looks over to the Princess in question. "For his hair green I will stop bidding and let you have it at 60,000." She snickers.

"Blondes have the most fun," Aislin retorts to Khanne; the platinum-haired explorer has to represent for both Niamh and heself. "And also hello."

Anze snorts as Freja and Fergus go down together "you two better be careful, Darren might send yah to your rooms"

Maximilianshakes his head. "So confusing. I think the current bid is 50,000 as Marian withdrew her bid entirely... I tried for the upsell."

"I feel neglected, on behalf of brunettes everywhere. Tell me I'm pretty?" Donella says, exasperated.

Alistair has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse leaves, following Alistair.

"I"m not! YOU STARTED IT!" Freja points out, scowling and in a rare temper that only her brothers seem able to kindle in her. "YOU apologize!" she counters and trying to grapple against him. It ends with her -headbutting- him, but with how thick both of their skulls seem to be it is anyone's guess how this will end up.

Mira, the redheaded lawyer remains very quiet on the matter, just bobbing one of her crossed legs idly under the table.

Larissa throws her hands up in what she imagines to be a ferocious battle cry... So she basically just said "Woohoo!" very enthusiastically. "60,000 for Count Max as our final prize! I confess I was not keeping up to have the grand total in my head but I will be posting it publically this evening. I cannot.. absolutely cannot express my gratitude and thanks to all of you. I am so deeply humbled by all of your generosity and strong, strong hearts! Thank you a thousand times over!"

Maximilianmurmurs to donella... "You are gorgeous, my Princess. And not just because I have to say that or Victus will kick my ass." Max isn't sure he actually got 60k, but its charity. If theres a descrepency, he'll cover it himself.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Khanne is completely distracted by the siblings fighting at another table. Her being tired makes her a bit lacking in the attention department, and so, like something shiny to a raccoon, the commotion has her rapt.

Juliet rises, giving a curtsey and some applause. Stepping over for a final murmur to Larissa, before she moves to offer Joslyn her arm so the pair may leave.

Francis, the Inquisitorial Mouse arrives, following Alistair.

Darren smirks over to Donella, shifting over to her now that he was off his barstool. "Gorgeous?" he scoffs at Max, shaking his head. "Gorgeous doesn't even begin to define the Voice of Thrax," he grins to Donella.

Juliet has left the Table of honor.

Joslyn has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Joslyn leaves, following Juliet.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Larissa grins, her job was over so she didn't mind plopping down gracelessly on a chair and grinning at Darren and Max "She extraordinary in all things, beauty and otherwise."

Olivia does glance aside as Mira (or really anyeone other than her sister) addresses her. "Oh, is he a seam-er, tailor?" She's not even sure how that division of titles works. But the idea of the stockings seems to intrigue her, albeit in a way that has her glancing at her sister as if to confirm such a thing wouldn't be too scandalous. "Isn't miss Petal Shadow's... friend? I suppose it would be easy to ask her."

Marian shakes her head and is laughing, giving Max a raise of her glass and takes a drink. She turns to Donella and tells her, "You make the angels weep with how your beauty shines and leaves us mortals feeling the emptiness of our own visage."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Aislin watches the auction begin to wind down, and offers Olivia a shrug. They arrived a bit /too/ late, it seems; she settles in off to one side, to wait and see if her sister wants to head back home, or sit and chat with a few others.

Crack goes the foreheads. They're Redrains, what does one expect? "I'm so *sorry* you can't take a joke!" he stammers, shaking his head, a little dazed. He reaffirms his grip on his sister, trying to pin her to the ground. And what does a horrible brother do to the little sister? Sticks his finger in his mouth, which then gets put in her ear. Wet Willy, that's what. "Don't start nothing, won't be nothing!"

Donella bursts out laughing. "One brief, shining moment..." she flicks her napkin at Marian. "Thank you all. That was illuminating, don't you think?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fortunato before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fortunato before departing.

Darren checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Marian nods to Donella, "It absolutely was and I am changed for it. Thank you." She gives her a grin and tells her, "Now...I better be heading off because when I drink this much I start speaking in poetic verse."

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Mira before departing.

"That's beautiful spoken," Darren says to Marian, though he tips his head to Donella after. "Though you are far more than just your beauty, no? Smartest woman I know," he winks at her, before he turns rather stiffly and suddenly to Fergus and Freja. Whatever soft expression he has, abruptly hardens, as he clears his throat and raises his voice so it takes on a commanding, authoritative sort of tone. "The two of you break it up and go home, right now."

Mira receives a folded letter, and her cheeks rise to a crimson blush at the contents. Looking a bit struck, she glances about furtively before cautiously folding the letter and slipping it into her purse. To Olivia, Mira nods, "Yes, on both counts! They seem very capable, both of them."

Maximilianbows his head to Donella, then turns to Mikani. "Well. It looks like you get to spend more time on my ship, Mikani. Its almost like every tuesday."

Mikani smiles up at Max. "It would seem so. I'll have to steal an extra Tuesday."

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